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Various - The Whistle Of The Missile (VHS)

Shorty after Shin's promotion, Shin is surprise to found out that McCoy has moved his activity to the African nation, explaining to him that due to the remoteness of the new area 88 location, it was almost impossible for him to procure his usual supply line for the base, therefore he has decided to move out, but he reassure Shin that thank to a stolen submarine in McCoy arsenal liminal supplies still reached Area Shorty after, however the rebel attacks soon grown in sizes and more weapons started to reach rebel hand, including several modern ones, while regular army soldier started to defect to the rebel side, sensing betrayal Shin advert Mccoy of his suspicions and to prepare him for the worst.

As originally planned, the mercenary group try to cross the border but they are ambushed by the rebels, which are surprising led by a foreign mercenary unit of ten men, as result of the ambush the presidential family and Mark III are decimated, but fighting back, managing to eliminate the rebels and nine of the mercenaries, while the tenth who is the commander of the mercenary unit is captured and gravely injured by Shin, who he merciless interrogated, revealing to Shin that the unit was part of Project 4 and under the direct order of Mr.

Farina who Shin confuse probably with Giuseppe Farina, instead of Kanzaki to assassinate them in order both to gain the raw-mineral deposit of the country and to take revenge on Shin who had interfere in their plan in the past. Executed the commander, Shin returned to the ambush site, meeting again with McCoy, who was the only other survivor of their group, while the President of Bambala is barely alive and manage to give at Shin a Swiss bank card as thanks to have avenged his family.

In the meanwhile, Saki and Area 88 continue to fight against the Rebel government, however due to the diminished supplies, they are suffering from a poor state of life, forcing them to stealing supplies to the Rebel Army and using their own rebranded equipment and fighter jet to continue the War, while Saki has all the economical support from the government-in-exile and his uncle who before leaving the country managed to escape with the treasury of the Aslan kingdomit has been simply almost impossible to receiving constant supply of equipment, supplies, weapons, pilots and other necessities for the correct administration of the military camp.

The operation well pass over its initial previsions thanks to Sera initiative, who, due to her previous experience as pilot of the Rebel Army, is able to liberate a POW war camp for the Brasua Air Force, which the Rebel Army had originally receive orders to execute in order to prevent any meaningful resistance from the Brasua government, in gratitude the Brasua pilots accept to join forces with Area 88, in exchange of Saki promise and that of the Aslan government-in-exile to restore Brasua's independence, once they have defeated the Rebel Army.

However, while the operation allow Area 88 to replenish their previous losses and it's an huge moral boost for the base, unfortunately led also a rethinking by Kanzaki of the Area 88 danger to his plans, deciding to launch a full-scale assault to the base with all his forces of Project 4 and while the pilots of Area 88 manage to break the assault, due to the attack of the mountain base of Area 88 is destroyed, negating to the pilot a Various - The Whistle Of The Missile (VHS) where to land.

Saki, who is overwhelmed by despair, it only bring to reality when a wireless contact from McCoy informed him that " Someone" has provide an Enterprise-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to Saki and the Area 88 warriors, free of charge, which is even already equipped with a crew and carrier-based aircraft. Saki heads on and almost incredulous managed to land on the carrier follow by the remaining pilots, heading to the ship bridge, Saki meet with McCoy, who while question about the ship, continue to stick with his original story.

In a flashback, it is actually revealed that after their misfortune in Africa, Shin and McCoy had manage to reach Switzerland, where Shin has found out that the bank card contain the entire year budget of Bambala, making him a billionaire, when found Various - The Whistle Of The Missile (VHS) by McCoy, he offer to him a deal to change his identity in order to allow him to live quietly without worry about Farina's henchmen and also an unique opportunity to help Saki and Area Despite so McCoy decided to buy the hull with his own money, believing that a business transaction like this would never happen again in his life and to complete the carrier little by little, however to maintain the high cost McCoy was forced to continue his activity in other war theater of the globe and therefore he elect to go to Bambala, where fortune willing he had found out about Shin, thus he could never have imagined at the time that Shin would manage to become billionaire thank to only one "little conflict".

Shin realized that therefore Mc Coy presence on the African nation was no accident, but he is grateful of McCoy's plans allowing him the chance to both repay Saki for having him pardoned for his previous attempt assault and to settle at least indirectly his score with "Farina", agreeing with McCoy's proposition.

Back to the carrier, Saki had his suspects but he is grateful only to have the chance to prevent Project 4 's ambitions and decide to rename the ship's name "Area 88 ", when he discovered that the ship technically had still no official name, however Saki is also informed by McCoy that the same "Someone"had informed him that the mercenaries of Project 4, want to use the New Aslan Kingdom, in spite of the possible retaliation move from the UN, as "platform" to occupy the Suez Canal, in order to control the world oil-tanks supply.

Saki, realizing that such hazardous move by Project 4, would only result in the destruction of Aslan, promise to block their plan at any cost, and prepare himself to organize the new Area Meanwhile, Shin, with a new identity, has returned to Japan in order to investigate Project 4, shocked by the revelation of Yasuda, who he had accidentally Various - The Whistle Of The Missile (VHS) while in Europe, of Kanzaki new "ascension"as Mr.

Farina realizing better now the reason of "Mr. Farina" involment in the Bambala Civil War, as well of his last attempted assassination. At the Airport, Shin is surprised to meet an old man named Kaionji Hachibei, who invite him to a garden party.

In fact, Hachibei is the new owner of Yamato Airlines, having acquire the company at low cost after Kanzaki previous downfall, however Hachibei was surprised when a previous unknown billionaire Shin has offered an insane amount of money in order to bought back the company and curious of the new "businessman", he had decided to invite him to the party in order to study him better. Moreover, the situation is further complicated when Shin found out that also Ryoko, who has a relationship with Hachibei, who was an old acquaintance of her father, was also invited to the garden party.

Shin and Ryoko have a therefore a fateful reunion, where despite the beginning coldness between the two, eventually Shin open up, revealing to Ryoko is personal struggle and horrors he had witness and done in order to survive, as well his reluctance to return to civilian life and to her.

Suddenly, a phone call from Kanzaki comes in to Shin, who reveal to him, have found out about Shin new identity, by tracing back the payment for the aircarrier he had donated to Area 88, mocking him for his lack of ambition, noting he would never have wasted such an amount for a "lost cause". In the following conversation, Kanzaki talks about his deep-rooted relationship with Shin and his revenge drama, declaring that he will destroy all the peaceful everyday life created by Shin and Ryoko, and as a souvenir, sells at a cheap price, huge stocks of a major Japanese company own by Hachibei, but quoted in Europe and in the United States, considerably hurting Hachibei's stock pocket and revealing also Shin's truth identity to him.

Hachibei, who took this seriously, disguisted [ clarification needed ] of Shin "war founded" elevation to the business world and that Shin had hurt his stock pocket and ruin his companies, told him that he would better to him to never return to Japan, threatening him with serious repercussion, before breaking up with Ryoko.

Realizing that the battle at Aslan is no longer irrelevant to him and that true peace will not Various - The Whistle Of The Missile (VHS) to him unless he settles his score with Kanzaki, Shin decided to return to crushing hell to Area Ryoko is disappointed when she learns of Shin's decision, but she is no more silent and is prepared to face the "fight of a woman" to support Shin's battle, reconciling with him, who before his departure donate all his remaining money to Ryoko, as an apology of his previous let down, but, asking her to use the money for "something truly worthy".

Concurrently, Saki decided that Area 88 will do everything in its power to prevent the invasion of Suez by Project 4, in order to prevent the invasion, Saki plans to rebuild the old Area 88since the residual radiations of the land carrier have subsided, in order to use it as forward base in the upcoming battles with the ultimate goal to eventually reclaim the Royal Capital. While inspecting his former base, Saki suffer an hallucination unclear for the hot temperature or the still lingering radiations where he meets the ghost of Hoover who died there, who sadly predict to Saki that at war end, he shall go to the Netherworld with seven of Saki's most trusted subordinates.

Returned to the air carrier, Saki is surprised to find out about Shin's return, who is even equipped with a state-of-the-art warplane, a F20 A Tigershark, but before he can ask further question, Shin is assaulted by Mickey, who in rage and in part out of jealousyraise his hand against Shin, when the fight is put to an end by Saki, Mickey admit that he hit Shin because he didn't want that his best friend returned to experience the same hell as himself, revealing also that him and Sera were in a mutual feeling relationship that promised a future but, seeing Shin returning to area 88 recalled him of when returning to the States after the Vietnam War he had difficulty to readjust to civilian life.

Understanding him, Shin forgive Mickey but, also reveal to his friend what he had found out about Project 4, especially of Kanzaki's involment, telling to his friends, what he meant for him to joining the battle and the purpose of defeating Kanzaki's ambitions. Area 88, united at last, discourages and prevent the invasion of Suez. As result, a series of air and naval battle happen between Area 88 and the forces of Project 4, which, despite the fact that Kanzaki remount his efforts and intensified the military attacks, eventually the situation on the Suez canal end in a tactical stalemate to Kanzaki, but soon he found out that de-facto, he had lost on the strategic front.

In fact, while the Battle of Suez rage on, Ryoko had used Yasusa's information on Kanzaki and Shin's money not only to reveal the true ambitions of Project 4 and of Kanzaki involment but, also to effective organized an effective protest campaign against the companies that support Project 4, since the UN and the international community in general were already worried about the violent escalation in the area these have the effect to intensified the already imposed sanction on Aslan and also the other companies involved.

As result, not only Kanzaki found out that his influence had been sensibly reduced but, also had increased the internal frustration of the New Aslan Kingdom, which due to the repeated wars of aggression and the heavily involvement of foreign mercenary, even the New Aslan Kingdom Army the former Rebel Aslan Army grown with dissatisfaction among the ranks.

The final showdown is finally here and Saki orders the members of Area 88 to make the final sortie with the aim of regaining the royal capital using the original Area 88 as forward base, he also announce that he will participate in the battle, while Roundel decide to remain on the air-carrier in order to use it as recon and supply base for the operation, as well as "second line defense" in case things goes sour.

Despite Roundel's consideration and Saki's skill, Saki is shot down near the royal palace and despite surviving, Shin decide to eject from his plane in order to support Saki, while so, also Greg is forced to eject from his plane after a low-altitude bombing to support ground troops, but unfortunately is run over by a coupist truck who fail to stop in time, meanwhile all pilot are shocked to receive the news that while protecting the air-carrier from incoming anti-ship missile, Roundel has been killed in action.

Realizing an ominous premonition of Greg and Roundel's death, Sera, with whom Saki had confided his previous hallucination of Hoover, recalls Mickey to be caution, who instead was trying to identify Mack personal Mig in order to settle his score with him, but an enemy plane is able to use Sera and Mickley's distraction to intercept them both, while Sera is able to quickly respond and shot down rapidly the boogie, the debris of plane engulf both hers and Mickley's plane causing them to explode, only Kim manage to survive the ordeal, since while Kim's Harrier was also damaged by the explosion, thank to the VTOL abilities of his plane, he manage to land, despite still shocked and saddened by their deaths.

Simultaneously, Kanzaki who was at time residing in the capital, tried to escape by a secure route, while ordering his troops to launch a ballistic missile against the oil reserve of Aslan in order both to reduce the country to ash and to use the subsequent confusion to fake his own death and create a new identity for himself, in order to escape the UN investigation, however surprisingly Kanzaki is stopped by Abdael who mock Kanzaki telling him that Various - The Whistle Of The Missile (VHS) is less clever that he think he is, revealing that while Kazaki was plotting his personal ambitions, Abdael had acquired a informatics virus, which he had used to infect the mainframe of Project 4, thank to it, Abdael had found all Kanzaki's secrets; including his secret account and deals, the fact that his identity as "Mr.

Farina" is false, that his threat of the bombs in the capital is faithless and in particular that he had fabricated evidence of Mack's daughter wellbeing in order to maintain his loyalty, while she instead was already death, revealing that he also already sent all the relevant information to the Un, the Interpol and Mack.

Infuriated, Kanzaki order to a nearby mercenary soldier to shot Abdael, while he tried to contact Juniola with a satellite phone, but no one answer, meanwhile using Kanzaki's commanding frequency, Mack who evidently was in liege with Abdael order to his subordinates and to the other soldiers to escape in contravention of Kanzaki previous order, while he destroy the command module of the ballistic missile.

Only at the moment, Kanzaki realized that he had been play out and that his army no longer existed, without mention his riches and now he is mostly likely entrapped in the capital city with no way out, panicking heading on to the airport, where he hope he can steal one of the parked plane.

Shorty after, Kim who has got lost while trying to reach Shin and Saki, who he had previous seen them eject, stump upon Abdael, who despite been gravely injured, is still alive, therefore Kim use an emergency flare to call upon a rescue helicopter, due to light, Abdael recognize that he had unknowingly confronted Kanzaki just before the ruins of the mausoleum of his wife, Sofia where he is subsequently confronted both by Saki and Shin, who thank to Kim's flare manage to reach their location.

Abdael realizing that his time is ending finally reconciled with Saki before dying, but Saki surprising everyone embraced his father's corpse and entered the ruins of the mausoleum, where despite Shin's plea, he commit suicide. Shin, who wanted to build a peaceful Aslan centered on the intelligent Saki, loses himself at the unexpected end of Saki, telling Kim to contact Roundel for sit-rep of the situation, Kim, realizing that Shin doesn't know, informed him of the death of several of their friends.

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    Area 88 (エリア88, Eria Hachijū-Hachi) is a Japanese manga series by Kaoru Shintani serialized between and The story is about a young pilot named Shin Kazama and his experiences at Area 88, a mercenary air force base secluded in the desert of a war-torn country. Shin goes from head of his class at a world-renowned aviation school, dating the beautiful daughter of an airline.

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    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is a epic fantasy adventure film directed by Peter Jackson, based on the third volume of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the film is the final instalment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and was produced by Barrie M. Osborne, Jackson and Fran Walsh, from a screenplay by Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Jackson.

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    Area 88 (エリア88, Eria Hachijū-Hachi) is a Japanese manga series by Kaoru Shintani serialized between and The story is about a young pilot named Shin Kazama and his experiences at Area 88, a mercenary air force base secluded in the desert of a war-torn country. Shin goes from head of his class at a world-renowned aviation school, dating the beautiful daughter of an airline.

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