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Squeeze - D.I.S* Alongside Sheen (2) - Trouble Again (Cassette)

Vandalised hotels. Even the Ku Klux Klan. The noise. In Georgia, home of hot Tabasco sauce and even hotter apple pie. Imagine the Beastie Boys — just for the raising hell of it. Imagine the tranquil, conservative buckle of the Bible Belt — just for the burning hell of it.

Imagine two hells colliding head-on. Halfway through the third chorus the road crew tackled the trashcan kids, hurling them toward the discreet side exit where a revved car was waiting to accelerate the band away from jail.

The police raced to block their impromptu departure, but they were too late. Time to change the celluloid The chaos cauldron almost boiled over when the band arrived at the stage directions.

Peace, quiet, and room service. Anything could have happened. Almost everything did. The Beastie Boys had other ideas. There were still all those Miss Apple The band leave the hotel for the venue carrying the only two books they Pies to terrify. A score of Southern Beastie Belles had yet other ideas.

Must be something in acts of indulgence, and Extended Sexual Orgasm, a literary delay spray. At the moment, the bookmarks are Take Four and take four more. Also on show — nipples, two people T tongues following their obtrusive appearance on TV during the American Grammy Awards two days earlier.

With his stubble. The trio diss [trans: slag off] anybody. I hate entered the limelight again for Barbra Streisand more than anyone in the world! I wonder why? Like they say — anything can happen. The boys have learnt to expect the worst from charts. He left because we were laughing so hard at him.

Then the organisers asked us to leave. Park benches in Georgia are notoriously uncomfortable and there are few hotels this side What a prick! Without warning, without any grabbed our of Murmansk that will now accept their custom or their costume.

A small matter of drilling through the At once. We never made the album in order to do it. It just happened. We That is, until the rest of this story. Being this they screwed up our reservation in ordinary rooms.

We closed the glass shower door out of his toga. There are swimming pool. It was so def. Then we got in over the door — there were still more people who hate us than are into us, but who cares?

It was that counts. It was so incredible. The hotel then claimed the erstwhile swimmers like TV. Their tour even has commercial breaks… party. In fact, Paul Simonon and Steve Jones came around for tea. En masse, one eggs on the other, eggs on the other, for acting the way they do. Not one of the and the police are called. The police are just dying for the papers say believe that the gleesome threesome all play several opportunity to kick the kids out of the playground and teach them a lesson.

In Texas, there were narcs at wallpaper cares. You need something to pep you up? That went out with fat faces! You gotta became president.

Like they say — in America, anything is possible. The last A clean-cut teenager approaches the table, asks the band politely if thing in the world they want is tits on stage. That was serious stuff. Why Massa Yauch he Take three, four, five and six. Take anything, but take it. Another day, been so good to me, he pulled me outta dem cotton fields and told me to another state, another state of confusion. Where too frequently. This may tell you something the hell do these people think they are?

An English football match? Russell Simmons tells them something else. No shit. I was saved out of here! Same story, same excitement, different police. Bad thing with this tour and with life in general is to have as much sex in business is good for business. Restraint from last night soon begins to tell public as you possibly can. When there are girls every night showing after the show. Back at the hotel, the scenes of carnage are all too you their tits and wanting to get down with you, what the hell are you apparent.

A layer of cotton, rubber, and glass carpet the floor as various supposed to do? Take up raffia-work? Say no? Southern hospitality. Who would want to wailing louder and in the midst of the pandemonium a poor middle-aged be with Duran Duran!

Mike close the door on the mayhem and smile. Annie Lennox Mason. Despite their nocturnal wanderlust, the Beasties themselves are appears like Grandma Moses and Bono smells ready for embalming. Their tour contract even asks that promoters Youth is on sale 24 hours a day and ideology can be purchased at below- supply at least 12 rubbers backstage with the liquor. Do you The mayor was even given tapes of know what the penalty for this kind all their MTV interviews in order to of thing is in Alabama?

The Beasties are amateur the discussions. The boys were naturalists and can spot a fruit bat understandably annoyed. Though the band were situation. Just like on the until the phone-in. Just the wanting blacks at the gig. By now Russell had checked his cool hear the reading of a will following a death in the family.

Ad-Rock is still into the left-luggage department at the airport. Scared and scarred, the bus pulls off to Israel Horovitz go back a long way. Probably not long enough. The Beatles by megabucks. The movie will stand out on its own and will contain Mormons. The mischief. Why not erect a burning cross and piss on it too? Where are we now?

It was pathetic. Fighting will only be permitted with baseball memorabilia. Is that right? The penny finally dropped as the shaken manager slowly lifted everything connected with Beastie — from the merchandising of caps to his jaw off the Formica table. The bus: three Jews, four blacks and three limeys. I opened the door and found freedom. B something different. One of the rock names.

The looming of shit about it. The black hole of noise. Go blow up a whole load of stuff can muster in our attempts to master the experience. They are drawn, pleasures. If fascination is a no power is extreme moments of reality — madness and death — as an escape from their reality. And that if they try to it, the unaccountable. Like Swans, they months. Becoming familiar with our material is helpful, because it have turned themselves into a pop abattoir, a concussion machine whose allows us to improvise.

Knowledge is not a to have a fascination for certain kinds of human interaction — where problem, knowledge is power. What you need is the right mindset, the people try to dominate each other, or the means of expression people attitude to use that knowledge well.

The studio is just their training and morals and do exactly what their urges tell them to do, a big instrument. Our idea is to tamper with my others, over your own drives — facing that, accepting it, is a step to voice as much as possible, and then bury it at the back of the mix. Big Black are transcendence through noise and horror. My life is so boring have a strange other-life on stage, where they metamorphose into a and regular, I need this kind of disruption. What went wrong?

Like the first time me and my friend heard the Ramones. You could define violence as the refusal to argue, to give an account, to justify. The kind of potency and singlemindedness that is missing from our aimless, debilitated lives.

Tell us about the new material, Steve. Some were and AC Temple woken up as late asawoke to find themselves old people, their entire productive Sounds like the classic course of development for rock musicians, rock life just slept away. And rather than live with that, he beats his way into themselves through rock noise. S teve alBini lOOks like a fanzine editor — stoop-shouldered, a bad thing to smash a baby on a hospital floor because he was too dumb with arms as thin as twigs and an air of bespectacled intensity and ugly to be in your family.

Any of you guys woulda done the same. Can you imagine this guy thinking it through, carrying out won him notoriety, even persecution. Each day he returns home from the whole operation — punching out nurses, swerving through the work as a photo retoucher in Chicagochecks his answering machine hospital corridors and bouncing his child off the floor. Their music is as desperate a response was printed under his name, 90 per cent of which had been written by to these things as any in the stories of their songs.

They are drawn to someone else. So, what annoyed me was amateurs you have to face the fact that you too could be driven to these lengths. Anything more specific Live, when Steve Albini plays guitar with his teeth, than that is misleading. We start from the same I think I see God. The Mission, meanwhile, went off to America this week for a six-week headline tour following their recent British dates. They return to Britain in the summer to go into the studio and begin work on a new album.

The projected Reading date would be their only appearance in this country for the rest of the year, apart from a fan club-only show which has yet to be arranged. Wayne hussey left a typically flippant message behind in england for anyone who Phil Nicholls.

T vinyl LP came a step closer this week with the news that Virgin. Free to continue MM JUN 6 Beastie Boy have raised the prices of their albums — a move that traditionally inspires other majors to follow suit. The price. B continue to fall below a tenner. Ad-Rock, is made regarding refunds. The Beastie Boys came on stage to home by journalists who believed she would be showered with an assortment of objects, lead them to the Beastie Boys. The Sun said Merrick. But it became clear that they were stripped and humiliated by the band.

Until the last minute, when reporter used to work on The Sun, apparently. I was talking to the quite wrong on ethical grounds to sell they had done nothing to incite any trouble. And what happened was she came along said college secretary David Edwards.

Panic grew as a tear-gas you really want to do this? They are supposed to have come into The weird year-old singer has left in the building, still causing trouble. A Beastie Boy did, understandably, after his original got the Beasties. Nice girl. Let set myself apart from anybody else. Go away, you a great question. Stumped me. It comes to us all in the end.

Keep your books properly next time. Usually insignificant little people breaking the cultural boycott of South who smell power. Tory councillors stink. Africa by recording part of his Graceland Madonna album in the country. Beautiful, talented, wonderful. Dig Guitar solos The letter, signed by Dammers along with your navel. I think if any band public masturbation.

Royal Albert Hall. Eddie Kendricks, Really good. We also call on you to be deadly sincere, so good to give an assurance that you will not breach Ego watch, turning out to be deadly these boycotts in any way in the future. Thing comical. Squeeze - D.I.S* Alongside Sheen (2) - Trouble Again (Cassette) Movement, and the London it?

Just stay humble. Definitely something watch Star Trek. Black Sabbath, Ozzy you trim the excess when Osbourne, what a god! He can talk. I see us in levels all the time. There are more levels yet. Whatever happens, you have to ride on the crest of the wave and that precipitates the next thing. We will reach the point beams. We will never in The Housemartins, the non-gay one!

The beautifully performed. Not wanting to horse race. The album should be and does some funky stuff too. I keep repeating it, but I am horrified by the lack of competition. I wanted some records sent over and was reduced to having to listen to the new Deep Purple album. That is my goal — to be rid, in the end, of all the fetters.

If we get in the charts, fine. I can never decide where we fit in. T sensitivity, romantics heroically wounded out there in the big, harsh world. In other words, gloriously miserable bastards. I mean, the album reminds me of when I was 15 and I up destroying yourself. Perhaps the way we work now is a bit more… well, went to school and then the summer holidays come and I went to France not cynical — cynicism is personified by The Smiths, who I hate.

We may seem flippant on the single, but I When I listen to it, I take it as a little diary of the things I went through in think anybody who liked us for the other, deeper side will still like us.

I think people feel that, never allow us to release a song that had emotion in the words and was people can understand if you mean it rather than just playing for effect or interpreted like, say, Paul Young would… A complete waste of time. I feel less suddenly start to think about things in a certain way. We then took the away the mantle of professional moaner a long time ago. Smith has gathered a gang around him, football pitch and we played the locals every day — and then we drove a comfy working environment of camaraderie which allows him to relax across to Mirabelle where we recorded at least a song a day, sometimes as the undisputed leader.

Most of them were first takes, almost jamming the songs to get the precious thing in his world. If there own vineyards? I astounded myself. I suppose. What upsets you? It has to be personality compatible. It started off which I would never have tried before. The way he fits in and contributes towards the atmosphere of the group is immeasurable. Beethoven in London. We gave each a score out of 20 and commented and, at the end. American or whatever.

Very is a bit confusing sometimes when few singers will try to become we change it round, but I think more difficult or worse. It was more of a group effort. There are so few in the sullen and aggressive than people expected.

A good five songs on Head On matter if Lol looks years old, we can still do The Door would struggle to get on this album. It works that people will accept it.

If we were looked at by of falling foul of fashion, and any track from Kiss Me could conceivably another planet, it would be hilarious. It makes people feel one way or the other all the time, so if you I want the group to be. Any vestiges of reality that surround a grotty American bar at Compass Point.

The Cure dancing! Maybe it were… Five Star! JUNe T so, of course, they deserve to die like dogs, but there was enough about the stalking swagger and grinning sweat of Roses actually doing all the screwing their songs claim — something Ozzy or Coverdale can doubtless barely remember. At has affected a much bemoaning poor current pop currency be loud least in reclaiming heavy rock from the bottle and rather winning Hanoi Rocks who, apparently, did it bolder and proud and egocentric.

But, for all their noise, male menopause and reintroducing it to dizzy Neanderthal lumber and better and far more beautiful a few years back. But more James and JB. They must be doing something right. The band still, bring in a clavinet and some sloppy tumult seemed to apply themselves to the task in hand with an John Cale viola. It was not dreamy. With its granite cryptic beauty that has somehow come mike morton.

Will public perception catch him before the press does? Predictably enough, the ensuing controversy helped the record to ease comfortably into the No 1 spot on British and international charts. People will be bombarding me with all these instructions not to have surprising, is it? That is the point of a single. The dancefloor crushes and Or maybe the whole thing has been a carefully thought-out marketing clinches it will inspire will have nothing at all to do with the desire for strategy to ensure maximum sales for an otherwise lacklustre single?

Poor George. Might he not, at the very least, think that they fancied longer. In Britain, this single went in at four, and in a couple of weeks themselves a bit too much? People are sometimes uncomfortable when they see men doing it. For all the rumours and shit about myself that themselves in the manner that women do all the time.

But still the hypocrisy continues, and the circulation war is won on lies and innuendo. What if they do resort to fiction? All I have to do is be myself.

Avoid being pasted for he says. I never make decisions just for monetary reasons. How do you live with that pressure? And what does that mean? I do take credit for my career.

But how can they reach more people? The Smiths, at least, make a drama of their exile — their anti-glamour can be consumed as glamour. Two rival definitions of performances of the songs. Seeing as none of impact — purity of vision or breadth of effect. Perhaps this is because American daily life is as honest as of inner turmoil. That the music is too imposing, while the band, as individuals, are too self-effacing, environment of kitsch, escape from the hiding behind the noise?

Probably, it has a lot to do with the violent, while the feelings that inspire it are too sensitive? Somewhere along the way, pop ceased to be something that gave people Only AR Kane come close as sublime choreographers of harmonic a heightened sense of their own agency, and became something that haze.

The stricken voices, the almost unbearable candour of their programmed desires. Our records get played on But what do they think is the most unique thing they offer?

Whereas all the people beings, not pop idols. Something that wreaks about too, but not to the exclusion havoc in the private lives of a few of everything else.

And the next. But what you do lose is the ability to live for the moment, because life gets so bound up with A benchmark for rock planning and providence.

People cease to be able to take on such music. Yet there is a been foregone. It becomes unbearable to listen to music, after a while. So even to hold out for a while is not so bad. Certainly, Who do they feel are their kindred spirits in rock? And Stories. No, there are some like-minded groups about, groups that away from the mainstream Utopia to aim for.

Happiness and Bands who can be widely successful in their own minds because traditional rock records blows my harmony come through a of the psychic rewards of what they do. A band like REM that has mind. In what enough, an upbeat album: peace having refused to move to New York or LA. Similarly, we decided to tradition is that? In a tradition through release.

Is it How do you want people to be affected by the music? Or indeed because reality of deadlock and impasse? Holly in The Beatles. Things like time interest me. Now world without fulfilment; a world as authoritatively as did the which 25 years did he mean — toor to ? How do of problems but no solutions. The pioneers who influenced them. Up, away, Are You Experienced, and that so much better than a bad into the clear came out before some of us were answer. If you had all the blue yonder even born.

Warehouse is music answers, why go on? Turn on, comparisons with the past. Mat Snow. A year ago, they stuck out from the effervescent hammer-it-down-and-turn- it-up of their C86 contemporaries by having the temerity to attempt something that was carefully constructed, lovingly polished.

And now their insistence that whatever it is that turns Rock to Magic can be found in crafted quietness, in harmony and melody, puts them at odds with the Cult Missionaries On Acid Will Eat Themselves, and the designer dandruff brigade.

Primal Scream truly are the sore thumb of British pop. And yet for those who, like me, still cling to the battered belief that guitars, bass and drums can free your soul, this uncomfortable, unpromising mixture has been the subject of a prolonged act of faith, of a blind investment of hope.

Mind you, there have been plenty of others who see ». They are pop fanatics. People deserve better than that. But he looked like a total master God-star, and I think other night at Wembley. Tube — what a man! Those snakeskin boots! And like other great groups, we give people — how can I put this? Some weeks afterwards, back with the relative sanity of The Smiths, Street frontman now collapsed in fits of helpless was still shaking his head in amused disbelief.

Confronted with this, Bobby Gillespie casts aside his customary calm Nine times out of 10, a band like Primal Scream would have me reaching and snarls defiance. First time round, it gave me that hit — indefinable but combination of disgust, impatience and resignation born of familiarity. It was proof that in all their care and craft and calculation, No!

I used to know how, I used to make cakes and things when I took cooking at school. And Casey Jones is even worse. Baby Amphetamine I never, ever liked that record, and I never thought the girls were good-looking, either. It was a scam by McGee; he did it prostitutes and McNuggets for a complete laugh, just to see how far it good; pee stains would go. A lot of people went for it, but and smack when they heard the record and read the dealers bad interviews with the girls, they realised they had no brains at all.

Prostitutes Obesity from doing it. I he was sweating. He was fucking gross. Patti Smith once said that the only or a journalist. The suburbs thing that kept her alive as a teenager was You can walk down the street wearing waiting for the next Stones album to come leather trousers — which, to me, is offensive out, because she had a crush on Keith.

Proclaimers — This maggots that never quite say Is The Story is a what you expect. Get the dirty dance pack. Sometimes yourself saved. Loose limbs helped you with things that can see with my eyes shut. At least it could flatters to deceive. Bloody closing time. So, please believe me anger, shame and regret at insufferable politeness. If supersedes style, cleanses me of unemployment. Then, of street siren. Street teamsters? The sheet-metal Chris De Burgh. I mean, J sobbing in the wings.

Sure, his venom can their pale shades. As the smoke clears and you? MM Jun 13 education and liberation. Buy it, you Laugh long and loud at the joke of sluggish people. This hip hop some kind of record — with its emergency. Month by month, it builds up into an unprecedentedly detailed chronicle of the music and musicians we love.

ViSiT www. Just Why does Johnny Marr condemn anything about the album — surely when these Azanians manage to The Housemartins for ripping the point of a review? I have worked Morrissey can afford not to steal with black musicians in SA. I have things. I have shoplifting, he would benefit black friends in Soweto, I visit from the publicity.

I week? Also, why do you give so much constructive analysis of the The music scene in is space to black artists? Jackanory time. Happy of questions about sock colours, Lancashire MM Jun 13 Mondays, like a lot of northern sex lives and guitar strings, then I bands, have never been given their suggest they buy Jackie or Smash There but for the Graceland fair share of coverage through the Hits for their pop news.

Return to Paul Simon came to South Africa seeming indifference of those who your intellectual fleapit, dullards, and together with Azanian people are supposed to recognise Reynolds rules, OK! Promoters have been instructed lawrence watson. He has nothing to say. Shelagh Delaney is the sleeve Squeeze - D.I.S* Alongside Sheen (2) - Trouble Again (Cassette) star.

It was recorded in Bath, produced by Morrissey, Marr and Stephen Street, though not necessarily all at the same time. A stark, eerie silence met him, and it was this silence that brought Nathan out from hiding, to stand to one side of his brother, the dark door of apartment jeering at them with its domestic calm.

He petted the surface of the door, the black lacquer smooth beneath his palm. He swallowed deeply as he turned, his mouth dry, speech failing him.

Mark could feel it, like a stone in the pit of his gut. It rolled around in his stomach, making him queasy. Awkward moments.

They never did digest well. On the best of days, Mark was merely uncomfortable around strangers. Adding a sense of conflict to the mix only served to increase his impending anxiety levels to a near hysteria, one which he aimed to quell by instantly chewing on his thumbnail, his mind searching in an endless, helpless loop for words that might ease the discomfort of the moment.

The stranger stood in front of him, expecting more. He was a tall, gangly man in his late thirties, his eyes rimmed in dark circles that hung in limpid welts just above his hollow cheeks. His face was lean and unsmiling, and his thinning black hair was heavily contrasted with the thick black eyebrow that ran in a singular line above his hooded eyes.

We thought someone had broken in. From the evil glint in his black gaze, Mark figured he was planning on how best to fillet this unwanted interloper, to make him suffer like the thing that bashed itself over and over against the common wall between the two apartments.

He clutched his grocery bags tight against him, and fumbled with his key at the door. Are you sure? Dammit, this is the whole reason I left my last apartment. Break and enter crime ring, over on the east side. If anything, he looked more the timid victim. Feeling a wave of pity overtake him, Mark took the key from his tremulous grip and slid it with ease into the lock.

I have the same problem. There was a layer of dust on the coffee table, and Mark absently ran his finger through it, leaving off with a small swirl at the end. My buddy is. The apartment itself, however, was another story.

The apartment was currently comprised of fairly large kitchen and living room area, with a master bedroom accessible through a door in the din- ing room. There was no evidence of any violence struck upon the place, its dusty air and stuffy cleanliness suggesting neglect and abandonment.

He carefully looked beneath the coffee table, and did a quick sweep of his arm underneath the couch situated at the sole win- dow. No broken glass. No splatters of blood and guts.

No bullet holes. No chips or dents in the plaster. From floor to ceiling, the wall was covered in a myriad antique mirrors, their frames embedded deep into the plaster that covered the red brick. The wall had been painted afterwards, messy black and red streaks with the odd shock of white peeking out from inex- pert, sloppy work.

The rusted surface of many of the mirrors suggested they were old, antiques of the era from when they were first embedded. Mark ran his hands along the gilded frames, some of which were so in- tricately etched they depicted entire forest scenes in scrolling, windswept brass.

He stood back to get a proper overview, his reflection cast in several rusted mirrors, an imperfect rendering that left him shrouded in a grey mist. My brother and I just moved into Crescent Manor a month ago. Some of these look very old. I hate them, but what can I do? He escaped into his bedroom, and when he came out again he held a large, yellow box- shaped object in his hands.

He held it in front of the wall and pressed a black button, a series of strange clicks and whistles emitting from it. Measures radioactivity. Kind of freaky. Boxworth Electronics. Check it out, Russian instructions on the side. You should check it out some time. He nodded a quiet apology. He turned away from them, his hand roughly rubbing the back of his neck in weary resignation. He pouted in expectation.

Complete with Marilyn Manson posters and fake corn syrup blood? Try neglected empty apartment with thick layers of dust and not a broken thing in sight, human or otherwise. What was it? He blinked and brought the present back into focus. He said they were they when he rented the apartment. The landlord, of course, has deemed them historic and refuses to remove them.

Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Those glimpses of himself in the grey murk played on his em- pathetic imagination, his reflection so distorted it was difficult to discern who he really was. As for all the bumping and thumping, this is an old building. Pipes and. No, wait! He inched away cautiously, but his brother reeled him back in with his usu- al expert cloying need.

It sure beats the soup kitchen. Disconnected and unfamiliar as they were with each other, he was still sharing a good portion of his DNA, a trait that very few people on this planet could claim.

The cheapest place to live in the whole city, and yet central enough to walk to work. My treat. He closed the door on his brother, shutting him and his generosity out with nothing more than a grunted thanks and a half-hearted nod. Inwardly grumbling about this, Mark trudged down the main stair- case to the ground floor, careful to avoid the loose step thirteen up from its base.

The landlord claimed it was fixed, over and over, only for it to stubbornly remain loose. The name Gerald Gain—Superintendent marked in simple letters on an equally plain brass plaque at eye level on the apartment door glinted in the half light of the hallway. Mark braced himself, the new cheque in hand, his heart heavy at the thought of this unwanted interaction.

He knocked on the door, and it was instantly wrenched open by a hunched, thin man who had to be in his nineties, his overly large head bobbing up and down on his neck like a dashboard toy. Is there a note of any sort I should attach with it, to ensure it goes through properly? He took the cheque back and pointed to the date in the upper right hand corner. October third. Mark could hear the distinctive buzz and click of an ancient tube television being turned on accompanied by a slouch of fabric and the spring-loaded laziness of an armchair.

Gain, I have to explain the cheque. Her nails were immacu- late and of the same pink as her lips, her rosy hand holding onto the en- velope containing her rent cheque.

Her grip was strong and unwavering as she tossed her cheque into what looked to Mark like a Christmas bal- lot box, complete with candy canes taped on the edges, the exterior wrapped with garish, Santa Claus encrusted gift paper. He watched as she wrote her name on the dirty scrap of paper tacked to the wall behind the box, and finished her signature with three numbers.

Just moved in, have you? My brother and I—I live on the third floor, and Nathan is on the second. Token octogenarian. I live on the fifth floor, as you can see. In the background, Gerald Gain shifted in his La-Z- Boy and grunted, an indelicate stream of flatulence clearly forming an opinion on the matter. Leaving so much responsibility in the hands of someone who is incapable of fulfilling it is a strange form cruelty, in my opinion.

The landlord would be more than happy to tip the old soul onto the street. Do you really want that on your conscience? No, not when she put it that way. Mark rubbed at the sore spot on his arm where her moral high ground had left a growing bruise. The desperate seek out a place of desperation. But every now and then, like a little viral. The apartment door nearest to the entrance opened, but no one left. Just past this door, on the wall leading to the front foyer of the building, were exactly four holes, the ancient wallpaper peeling around them, revealing the white plaster beneath.

En- trance wounds, Mark thought. Their exit would be on the other side of this wall, inside of the apartment. She shook her head as she looked on Mark, her pale, pink lips pressed tight in disapproval. She moved closer and Mark flinched, wary of her freakishly strong grip. It were murky before. You got a keen spirit under all that nervous tension.

You already got a warning, but you just took it for a puzzle, and you have the kind of mind that needs to figure them out. How else will you find it, poor soul. You will. Like I says, you watch yourself. Them talons are deep.

He was a cop, if Mark went by the rumours the landlord enjoyed spreading, this tidbit of gossip confirmed by the conversation drifting angrily into the main hall. They been calling you Ostrich Nash. They call you that on account of you burying your head in the sand instead of facing your trouble. He ran his large palm through the waves of his thick white hair, the buckle on the sleeve of his beige trenchcoat catching at his temple.

He swore as he tore his arm away, his eyes roving in irritation over Mark, who was wearing the exact same coat. The visitor answered Mark with a tired sneer. He looked away, red faced, when the overbearing stranger beside him gave him a proper scrutiny.

He held out his meaty palm, his fingers thick and stubby, like Serbian sausages. Then, as though recognizing Mark was of those unfortunate beings who actually did reside at the Manor, he back-pedalled with banal, half-hearted reas- surance. Which rumour might that be? The shadow of disquiet was quickly erased, however, by his sudden, large, magnanimous grin. His teeth were large and white, accentuating his giant status. Jim laughed again. You a cop, too? I work at the hospital. Benedict, to be exact.

He was a fit man, Mark observed, shorter than himself by about three inches, a stockier build that boasted of layers. Though he was wearing casual attire, a white tank top and a pair of baggy jeans, there was nothing sloppy about him, if anything he exuded a sense of neatness that Mark could find kinship with. His Squeeze - D.I.S* Alongside Sheen (2) - Trouble Again (Cassette) head retained a layer of thick stubble, but his most out- standing feature were his eyes—two blue shards of ice that pooled all they surveyed into a thick clutch of frostbite.

Mark Con- nor. Mark faltered, his hand retreating as though it were unsure if it wanted to be a part of the rest of this highly embarrassed body. He hated introductions, an openly unwanted one all the more.

There was no doubt the man could pack a wallop if he wanted to. Mark was very, very unhappy with himself for allowing curiosity to drag him into this situation, and even more unhappy with his twin, who as usual was the root of the conflict.

Mark conversely earned a hearty grin. They share a wall. When I took a look, there was no evidence there was anyone there at all. A tough guy, a cop even, terrified of noise in an apartment. He ran his palm over the circumference of his head, fingers roughing up bristle. Machismo jackass. No doubt he was one of those live-at-the-gym types, all brawn and mouth with little to show for personality. With a huff of indignation, Mark left the first floor to make his way up the grand main staircase to the fourth floor, his near terminal case of curiosity officially cured.

There could only be one cure, Mark knew, and he relished the thought of entering his apartment, running a hot bath and making a cup of weak tea to accompany him. He was eager to read his new copy of a profes- sional text on blood diseases, the thought of poring over mutated red cells and devastated immune systems calming his outlook. He was careful to step over the loose board, thir- teen steps up from the bottom, his long legs taking him easily over it.

He wondered how the elderly woman Bonnie McDonald managed it, with her short legs and wobbly gait. It was a shame the elevator was on per- manent hiatus, and he pitied her for having to walk this gauntlet every time she dared to venture outside. The vast, stained glass mural that decorated the outside wall from the ground floor up to the fourth allowed in little visibility, making the jour- ney more treacherous than it had to be.

Mark fought through the dark- ness to find his footing, each step carefully hunted for within the dim, sepia glow that served as lighting. He might as well be using a candle, he thought. How in the hell did Bonnie manage? The mural, and its upside down tree, bore down on him with oppress- ive judgement, its long, black roots crawling towards the ceiling with spidery malice. An unusual mistake, and on such a grand scale—Mark wondered of the construction crew was ever taken to task for it.

The car alarm continued to bleat outside, accompanied now by a swearing tenant, whose location could never be properly iden- tified. This routine was set to continue for the next half an hour, and without glancing at his watch, Mark was aware that the evening was aging, approaching well on eight-thirty.

He was halfway up the flight of stairs leading to the fourth floor when it happened. Was it the long crack that suddenly appeared at his right, the plaster ripping apart, spewing arteries of steel cables and snapping wood? Was it the rain of stucco that descended on him from far above, the ceiling collapsing in a kind of cruel slow motion, promising him a battered death? As in all catastrophes, the horror was measured in the slow, Squeeze - D.I.S* Alongside Sheen (2) - Trouble Again (Cassette) count of fractioned seconds, the single beat of a heart pulled into molecular time stamps, the blood halted in its flow, his face paling, lung capillaries collapsing.

Even in this moment of stark mortal clarity, Mark remained half-hearted, an incomplete understanding dawning on him. The building was collapsing. The bricks and mortar of Crescent Manor was breaking down all around him, set to bury him beneath their weight and crush every bone in his body to dust. He was going to die. It should have frightened him.

Even in confusion, fear lurks. In that second of mortal de- struction he was faced with an exact image of himself, and this self was strangely ghost-like, a willowy image that made little impact on its sur- roundings. A person as fractured as the building was, a soul not made properly whole. Mark sucked in a breath. His lungs, deprived of oxygen for a good few minutes, latched onto this injection of life with healthy gusto.

He blinked, staring at the step in front of him, the one leading to the top landing of the fourth floor. It was old, yes, the carpet worn and with. With tentative steps he managed to move forward, his legs not quite co-oper- ating, as if they carried a much lighter weight. Still shaken from the Event—for what else could he call it? A hallucina- tion? The first signal for his impending madness? How strange, he thought, his heart still hammering a grateful rhythm in its joy over being alive.

It was all so real. He rubbed his arm, a kink still in it from his imagined fall. No bruise met his touch, no soreness. Imagined, then. An unfortunate conscious nightmare. Where was his brother? Did he experience this, too? Was Nathan all right?

Odd thoughts, Mark remarked to himself. He felt smaller. Unquestion- ably not himself. He needed a stiff drink, one that preferably came with gin. Seeing a building topple around you and drag you down with it, only to blink and have it all built back up again had to be a sign of stress. No doubt, a stress that was Paul Nash and St.

Benedict Hospital and Nathan and dotty Gerald Gain in- duced. It had been a terrible day. He was to put on a classical CD the minute he got home, pour himself a strong drink, run a bath, curl up in bed with Meister and his new book on blood diseases. Another rush of feeling hit Mark, and he had to shove it out of his con- sciousness with effort. How odd, how strange to be worried like this about his twin. Mark scoffed. Still, there was definitely something off balance about himself, though the more he concentrated on it the more nebulously correct it seemed.

After all, if one was involved in a catastrophic Event, it would be normal to worry about your one relative, who may also have fallen victim to it. If anything this was an improvement on his personality, one which he should cherish. A sudden, remarkable un- derstanding of the plight of his fellow man, especially in connection with his hitherto emotionally estranged twin. He was thinking deeply on this as he made his way down the hall, memories of himself impatient and anxious at their imposed half hour dinner meetings during the week were now recognized as being hollow.

This had to change, of course. They had things to talk about now, Mark was sure of it. He paused at last in front of his home, the door of apartmentand quickly unlocked it with the skeleton key held firm in his grip.

Mark reached down to give him a reassuring scritch behind the ears, only to earn a harsh, frightened hiss and a nasty bite to his hand instead. Damn you, Meister, you drew blood! He touched his throat, wondering if he was coming down with some ailment or other. Working in a hospital one never knew what one was bringing home. He stroked his throat delicately, feeling its smooth contours, a terrain he knew was normally rough, with a dis- tinctive hill that jutted out sharply about an inch beneath his chin.

He slid off his beige trenchcoat, his body nearly lost in the massive length of the sleeves. He hung it carefully on the hook beside his door. Something had changed. Most terribly and obviously. Mark Connor, for all his inward insecurities, can be counted on to go to battle when necessary. He stood at the door of his apartment, his fore- head pressed tight against the peephole, the truth waiting with just the merest glance at his shoulder in the mirrored closet doors beside him.

He cast a tiny, peripheral glance at the woman in his mirror. It was all hallucination, of this he was sure. Terrifying, yes, but it did cure her unexpected worry about her broth- er. How much easier it was to chalk it all up to simple hallucination!

A cursory physical inspection failed to prove this dream-state, especially with the addition of two rather small, soft bumps at her chest and a de- cided lack of one between her legs, but Mark had full confidence that the power of the mind often superceded reason, as was presently the case. She placed her hand over her hammering heart, the small boned woman in the closet mirror doing the same, her naked, panicked expression so bare she felt embarrassed by it.

Mark suddenly thought, her jaw clenched tight, the tiny chin inspected by her new, thin fingers as they tapped around it. Nathan insisted he had nothing to do with drugs, and Mark had been inclined to believe him, but with this unexpected trans- formation, one had to have suspicions. She frowned, her brow furrowing into tiny rivulets. Strange how the more she looked on this version of herself, the more she could see her original male version superimposed upon it.

There was a softening of the harsher angles of her face, a muting of the broad width of the shoulders, and while the height remained the same, the muscle mass was slightly diminished, replaced with lean curves and gently rounded hips.

A renewed pang of guilt tugged at her for even suspecting Nathan, and it was quickly replaced. Meister chewed on the corner of it with gusto, his purring increasing in volume the more he managed to gain access.

With a few expert tears he chewed the corner off and began sneaking strips of pork into his greedy maw. Nathan was right. No more fast food, from now on everything put into their mouths would be from quality establishments and clean environments. Perhaps he would even press charges. It was a dangerous thing to do to innocent people, and who knew how many were currently affected. The hospital was going to be over-run with these cases, Mark was sure of it.

Irresponsible, criminal jerks! Thus justified, her strange female body beginning to fit properly the more she moved with it, she forgo her bath for a stiff drink and a march into her bedroom. The book on blood diseases was waiting for her, as was the warm comfort of her bed, and the purring fat body of Meister, who was already perched on the pillow beside hers.

The best course of action when presented with this kind of hallucination was to ride it out, with reason superimposed upon it. What was happening was not real, and was in fact the result of a criminal act. She would test her own blood at the lab in the morning to see exactly what drug had been ingested, and she would then go immediately to the police. Perhaps she would run into that nice Jim fellow he had talked to earlier. Not his friend and fellow tenant Paul, however.

He had proved himself useless. The shade of carpet was now a dark bur- gundy instead of red. The lights were slightly less opaque, giving off a. The main stairs, once drenched in darkness were now flooded with fluorescent brightness, illuminating the most vast transformation of all. With its branches crawling upwards, as though stretching in awkward wakefulness, the stained glass tree remained a proud focal point from the ground floor to the fourth, its dark colours devoid of their usual op- pressive weight.

The roots stretched deep towards the lobby, its central maw yawning. The reason for this was obvious. Though Mark longed to deny its resurrection, the Manor was set to present her with another proof of profound change.

One of these days he was going to have to have a proper blow out with Mark and completely cut all ties from his twin once and for all. There was no sense of animos- ity in this, no real rivalry that pushed them apart. It was simply a fact that nature had never quite gotten the gist of them being together. Even with the pull of this idea of breaking free of his stranger-brother, Nathan knew there was no hope in it.

Being around Mark was increas- ingly frustrating, but he also held a strange thrall, an expectation that someday this weird hole in their relationship would be filled. They were quiet now, and Nathan was cautiously grateful, the mess of his papers slowly picked up and placed into the trash, the broken glass from his beloved Solidarnosc poster swept up and dumped in the bin.

That sweet little dominatrix waif was showing up at eight, and he was keen to make sure she was a repeat performance, if only to prove his snotty brother wrong. He could string a bird along for a week as good as the rest of them. Let Mark chew on that for future reference. After all, the birds loved him. Once he strung them the starving artist line, they all came flocking, every one of them envious and flattering in their praise, even the ones who pretended to be churlish and mocking.

There was no question he was good at what he did, he had a cult follow- ing not long after he completed art college, and this certainly banked a long string of Friday nights that he never spent alone.

The younger Goth Girls fresh in their second or so year of college were naive enough to think his lack of funds and torn jeans and obvious smarts against the rising proletariat made him a decent enough lay.

These black eyeliner girls who drifted in an out of his bed were pleasant enough company, even if they did tend to disappear afterwards, and never call or drop a note or so much as leave a dime for coffee. Sure, the trysts were fleeting, the responsibility nil—But this was hardly a bad arrangement, as far as Nathan was concerned.

Not for him was that kind of choking responsibility, no way, Nathan Connor lived his life off the grid. He was a living example of his art, a free man who. He ignored the tiny, barely perceptible voice of derision that sounded oddly like Mark. Nothing pisses off a Goth chick junkie whore like a secretively healthy lifestyle. The slam of a car door captured his fractured attention, and he jumped on it, scuttling to his living room window, and opening it a tiny crack. This window ran in close parallel to the one in the tiny corner that served as his dining room, the only difference between the two being that this window had no black screen filtering the outside world from his small acts of mischief.

He rubbed his hands together in eager glee as the driver of the pale blue Toyota Corolla opened the car door, his arms laden with piles of manila folders and a battered green briefcase with a broken plastic handle.

The rain and wind had increased in scope since his dull dinner half hour with his brother, a seedy darkness made all the more unpleas- ant by the torrent of ice pellets that formed within it. The driver struggled with the files in his arms, his car alarm blaring a warning of his arrival.

It was awkwardly silenced after five struggling presses of a re- mote button attached to his key chain. A vicious snarl of wind attacked him in the updraft where the corner of the Manor and the parking lot met, pulling a thin sheet of paper free. Nathan heard a soft, but audible, curse. If Mark was a proper brother, and not the staunch, boring, anxious and utterly humourless human being he had grown up to be, Nathan would have happily invited him in on his private joke against this unfor- tunate innocent citizen.

Other brothers, hell, siblings in general, under- stood the measure of what it was like to join together on some not so wholesome fun, to play harmless maverick and banter back and forth over the results.

It was at times like this when Nathan felt a genuine longing for family connection, one that had been so cruelly denied them. He doubted it. He had no room in his analytical mind for why silliness was an important facet of creative expression. He would call Nathan cruel, or at the very least, ju- venile. And perhaps he was right. The accusation would be bland, the protest against his actions half-hearted and bored.

Like when you passed a stranger pissing against a wall, but refrained from commenting on how disgusting it was to use the open street as a public toilet. What hap- pens to that pisser is not your concern. He has a different world from yours. He will never become a part of it. It hit the roof of the car with a tiny ping.

The car alarm violently roared back into life. Nathan ducked beneath his windowsill, hiding his mad giggling beneath his palm. He lifted his head cautiously after a few moments, his eyes level with the windowsill as he peeked out to get a good view of his handiwork.

The driver was re- turning to his car, his fingers stumbling around the key chain, the low battery within it making turning off the car alarm a difficult process. He was soaked beneath the icy onslaught of wind and rain, his manila folders once beige now a deeper, yellowed hue, the labels smeared with wet, blue ink. Nathan watched as the harried man turned away from his finally silenced vehicle, another muttered curse against the rain and wind carried along the updraft. Nathan flung another penny out the window.

The car erupted into a howling wail, one that seemed louder, though by acoustical standards this was obviously impossible. Irritating noises always had fluctuating decibels to the untrained ear. Out of habit, Nathan checked his watch. Seven thirty-seven. His gravel voiced neighbour was nearly fifteen minutes late this evening. He wondered what could have caused the delay. He really should be getting ready for a night of debauchery instead of this idle mischief, he thought, but the lull of juvenile antics was a strong.

Unfortunate tenant would arrive home either at seven p. Nathan would wait until he was near the front entrance of the Manor before pinging pennies off his car and setting off the alarm. Or he would allow said tenant to get all the way to his apart- ment before pinging pennies off the car usually at eleven p. Then there was his favourite, which was rare but well worth the wait. The frazzled, had a bad day and is overloaded with work tenant who would lose his mind and have a proper fit after the third penny was dropped.

Nathan was poised to throw the last cent, but it was the sudden burst of hail and wind that worked its magic, not him. The car alarm burst into furious rage, the neighbour two floors up from Nathan showering the heavens with his own gravel ob- scenities, in a language that sounded distinctively Prussian in origin. He lay on the ground, his fists pounding into the puddles sur- rounding him like a mucky halo.

Fuck a duck! Someone had to give the poor slob a slang dictionary for his birthday. It was wrong to be that stunted when it came to cursing. He crawled out from beneath his car, his palms deep in the puddles that surrounded him. He was a rather petite fellow, Nathan observed with detached in- terest, about five foot five, with quick features and a dark shadow per- manently etched across his chin, as though outlined in ink. The polyester dark blue suit he was wearing was one ruffled shirt shy of a seventies leisure suit, the little crest at his breast pocket doing little to ease up on the geek factor.

Nathan braved the howling wind to open his window up a little higher so he could gain a better view. His fellow tenant was now gathering up the soaked folders, every facet of his being drowned to the core. The crest on his. Happy Employ- ee of Boxworth Electronics! So this was the bastion of such horrid taste in uniform. This fully grown man in his, what, thirties?

Pushing forty? It was a strange horror of fashion to see on a full grown man, turning him into a metaphor of broken dreams. Blue polyester suits belonged on people who had been forced to quit any sense of lofty ambitions early in their lives.

They made a man reek of unrealized potential. His victim dutifully got to work scrambling to gather up the pieces that comprised his destiny of drudgery and unappreciated dif- ficulties. Nathan watched as the man got up from his knees, the folder wiped on the knees of his polyester pants, leaving thick streaks of pol- luted muck on his person.

The poor fellow below looked to be a person needing to be cared for. To have someone looking out for him, like a wife, or a girlfriend, or a sister or a brother. They were all bereft of this in this lifetime, set to go it alone, like newly hatched prey thrust upon a vast desert of sand before finally being gobbled up by some predator wind.

Nathan leaned on his windowsill, his chin balanced in his palm as he looked down on his struggling fellow tenant who had forgotten his broken briefcase in the deep puddle near the front bumper of his car. It was all so futile, Nathan thought, a sense of uneasy depression hitting him. The smeared black ink had made them abstract, grayscale watercolours. Survival is a minimal requirement. What we are really after is striving. I break your windshield with shoe you stupid fucking existential bastards!

In Spacetown we don't have full authority. Spacetown police are totally corrupt; there's no way around that.

At least five of Squeeze - D.I.S* Alongside Sheen (2) - Trouble Again (Cassette) operations were deep secret, level three. Nobody in Spacetown police should have known about them.

We're dealing with a leak from this building, sir, from our own goddamn side! One had to play Griks carefully; he was a wild bull, with a bull's energies, and a bull's wit.

Once deflected he could be sent hurtling down harmless paths until he exhausted himself and his rage. So we can't stop the smuggling inside-it's impossible given the value of the merchandise.

Taken on an accusing tone. That and some dumb stunting pulled by operatives who refuse to obey the rules. Those missions were the result of a lot of hard police work.

Our teams set them up immaculately. We had experienced, high-quality smugglers coming in to sell. We had video, audio, samples in personal possession, virtual confessions in some cases.

All down the tubes, ten times. Tusseau cast a weary eye to the ceiling. How boring this infantile youth was. But they needed him. He was so blatantly honest that he was invaluable to the shaky credibility of the entire DEP downtown section.

And this kind of unshakable stupidity was essential when it came to sending someone to defuse the offworlders at police conferences. In fact there was now about forty-five grand a week in Universal Credit Units, coming out of the current "contracts" with the gangs in Spacetown and BV City. Tusseau knew well that at least half of his downtown unit were regular users. If pressed they would even say that the drug made them better cops, that they thought more clearly under the influence.

Griks raved on. Tusseau tried not to show too much impatience. It was true that some operatives paid for it all with their lives. Necessary casualties in the war with the Offworld Drug Authorities who demanded more action in shutting down the flow of TA45 through the spaceport.

But every grain company demands a separate launch window, and they put in the ships to go with that window. What does that suggest to you, eh? We ship grain cargos by Baada drive to Nocanicus and some other nearby corporate systems.

But that trade could really be handled pretty much the way it used to be, thirty years ago. Five ships a year, five crops a year. One big ship for each big crop. Now what do we have? We have three hundred ships a year, and dozens- of small ships leaving for the space station every day.

Thousands of opportunities to smuggle out. The head was lowered, the picks in place. Tusseau continued, calmly, as if lecturing a child. The ITAA would lose control of near-orbital space altogether, and then we'd have no way to even regulate the trade.

Eventually things would get so bad that the offworlders would interdict us, they'd shut us off, total quarantine. You know how it is, all or nothing with them; it's the only way they can ever reach agreements.

Just think back to the ITAA itself. Now he knew that Tusseau was in on it; the corruption was right there in the room. But the Tusseaus were a powerful family, one of the mightiest in the colony, so he hunched his shoulders and refrained from administering the punishment so richly deserved, because if he slugged him that would be it and Johan would be out of a job and he'd have to go back to the tundra farm.

And that he'd sworn he'd never do. His brother could handle the farm; Johan wanted more, and to start with he wanted this Tusseau, and as many of the others as he could get.

But, you had to stalk such game very carefully, had to stay well upwind. So he continued to wear the mask of stupidity, continued to hunch his shoulders while the warm goo was poured.

Later-it seemed to take an eternity-he got out of Tusseau's office. It felt cleaner in the elevator, and a lot cleaner still, once he was back on his own floor.

The corruption was devouring the little frontier planet. Millions of thrill seekers wanted TA45 and would spend anything to get it. The Saskatchers were all too happy to be bought. And now there were three million illegals, each of whom had paid heavily for a faked residency permit. TA45 exports and illegal immigrant imports-together they had made the elite families incredibly rich and powerful.

In his office his assistants were waiting for him. Constables Young and Moulin, a pair of bright-eyed college kids from Blue Lake, rushed with him through the corridors to the garage car pool. A big, old-fashioned, blue groundcar was waiting for them. Nicola Moulin had given him a gray folder to refresh his memory about the inspection procedures that had to be followed at the spaceport that day.

He flipped through the folder as the car headed north on the bridge road and crossed the Elizabeth River, wide and gray, into the old town with its blocky stone buildings, wooden porches, gray-slate roofs.

They passed within a block of the old police building, a four-floor stone block, with slit windows and metal grills that loomed over the old houses along this stretch of Cotes des Neiges Avenue. It had been designed as an urban fortress; the early colony had been an unruly place, and heavily armed gangs of bandits and woodsmen had sometimes gone there to forcibly eliminate their legal problems. They passed some laborers filling potholes along Cotes des Neiges, and then climbed the ramp to the modem elevated highway that ran along the top of Beliveau Heights, with the towers and spires of the Chaebol city around the spaceport looming ahead.

The highway bore the grandiose title, "Trans Colony Highway," but it was a joke highway, existing inside the city limits. Even there the sections were unconnected, stopped dead by the environmentalists' lobby. From the folder Griks noted that they were supposed to inspect all twenty-four blast-pan sites that day.

In addition they were to check all the official interior structures. This was standard ITAA practice for a small installation, and it conveniently ignored the fact that Saskatch spaceport was large enough for a Class A rating. It goes all the way up, who knows how far.

Her brother had died in a covert operation five years previously; Griks was sure he could trust Nicola with his life. Then the car pulled up the ramp into the spaceport terminal, a U-shaped five-story structure in functional concrete and glass, that appeared to crouch in front of the four glass towers that had been built directly opposite it on the other side of the portal access road.

They climbed out into the hubbub of the terminal. There were three liftings in the next hour; hundreds of passengers and their bags were being moved through.

The well-greased official from the ITAA was waiting, a smiling plump fellow, with his green uniform pressed immaculately. Griks gritted his teeth. Darnay was the fourth of the Planet Ranks that Griks had known in his years on the force.

They came, they got very rich, very fast, and they went away again, creatures of unknowable offworld manipulations. Darnay was a man fond of good food; every time Griks saw him the captain tried to invite him out to lunch, or dinner, or both. You and your unit are such modern-day heroes, Lieutenant, aren't you? Captain Darnay swallowed and groaned. He pulled out his communicator and informed his aides that he would be accompanying Lieutenant Griks on an inspection of all the blast-pan sites, beginning with Number One.

As he switched off he imagined the panic that piece of news would ignite. A lot of packages would have to be hidden, unauthorized personnel dispersed. It was going to be one hellish, uncomfortable day. From a distance, everything seemed secure. Carney had the computer analyzing the images as they came in; nothing had triggered any alarms yet. Still, this was the riskiest time. The last cache before he got home to Boldover.

He'd cached way up here, because it just wasn't safe in the southern part of the park anymore. Hundreds of bandits combed the approaches to Beliveau City, hunting the walkers, and a cache was a perfect place for an ambush. The walker picked its way down the slope, revving back, tanks virtually empty. Carney hesitated; fifty meters more and he was there. Did he commit? There didn't appear to be any danger. He sent the machine forward. At the bottom of the ravine a small rivulet wound through pools worn in the volcanic rock.

The northern bank had been undercut, forming a shallow cave. Under the black sand along the wall of the cave, Carney had buried his hydro cans. In the deepest part of the cave a black perma tent blended in nicely with the dark slate walls. It was invisible from the air, even from the top of the canyon, from anywhere in fact except the bottom of the ravine. All was looking good. The walker crept in under the rock and idled, its motor expired with a gasp. Carney let out a little whistle of relief.

Let's see about that refueling now. It felt great to be able to stretch his legs, exercise his back, move his arms up and down. He had his sidearm strapped to his thigh, with the retainer clip off. Carney was a quick hand with a gun, and he carried a big WAK. Slug carried enough punch to penetrate military-grade body armor. Heck he'd even seen a charging gigacrab stopped dead by one shot. Still there was no sign that the cache had been visited.

The alarms were still set. Carney pulled a small trench tool out of the cab of the walker and dug up the cans of hydro. He attached the pumpers and sank their nozzles into the walker's fuel intake.

While the walker guzzled gas, Carney strolled down the rivulet a few meters, to a point where it dropped over a waterfall twenty-meters high and sank into lush forest on the lower slope. An opening through the kinkpines there allowed a view across the Lisette River to the plains of the Beliveau Valley. Some carrion feeders were spiraling far off on his right, to the north. He was thirsty and hot and hungry and grievously in need of a wash, but for a moment Carney hungered for just standing and stretching and breathing in the mountain air.

The view was inspiring. Philosophically you had to admit that though the gig was getting far too dangerous, it also took you through some beautiful country. The air up here was so fresh, the sun shone, the trees whispered in the breeze. He breathed it all in. An ominous buzz broke the peace of the mountains. He looked up instantly. An inch-long redfly had swooped into the clearing, was circling, drawn by the smell of sweat.

Carney backed slowly up the ravine to the perma tent. The damned redfly was a big one, and they were terrific biters. Redfly were actually flying crabs the size of hummingbirds, who drank blood the way hummingbirds drank nectar.

Their bite was like being jabbed with a small hypodermic. The welts they left were the size of tennis balls and lasted for weeks. The redfly was swinging up the canyon in big questing loops, seeking the scent.

Carney backed away. The blasted redfly had his scent! It swung toward him, buzzing excitedly, and he batted it aside with his fist. It buzzed angrily and extruded its centimeter-long proboscis and came back at him. He knocked it away with his boot when it came in low.

It circled, then tried again. Carney missed, the fly swooped, he ducked, and it buzzed along his ear and fell away. Carney broke and ran for the tent. He had to crawl the last couple of yards under the overhang. There was a loud buzz of triumph-the damn thing was on his neck! He ducked and scrabbled frantically at it, felt it on his fingers for a moment, and then there was an angry buzz and he was inside the perma tent and had the doorflap slapped shut.

With an audible thump the redfly landed on the outside. Determinedly it stabbed away at the door. He watched with little trembles of horror as the brown proboscis punched through the flap.

He felt weak, sick to his stomach. Then he felt a cold metal object press into the back of his neck, and a deep voice grated in his ear. Just put hands behind back, otherwise I'll be forced to just blow your head off and take my time finding your load.

He'd even bet this bandit had released that redfly. The gun barrel prodded harder. Handcuffs clicked into place. The WAK. Carney was pushed outside. The redfly was still buzzing in circles around the clearing. Carney turned, finally got a look at his captor, felt his heart sink another notch. He was the prisoner of Mad Yagu, a wide-faced Sino-Caucasian bastard, a legend among the bandits of Spacetown.

Carney had seen Yagu many a time, drinking it up with his equally horrid cronies in the big Spacetown bars, like the Toxi and the Kaizer's. Yagu never touched TA45; he was an anachronism, he liked booze and women.

Yagu was wearing a green-gray camouflage suit and a bush hat. On the brim Carney saw a pair of tubes and a couple of hawkwasps crouched in their usual manner, with the thick black wings drawn up to their heads in an uncanny imitation of a tiny terrestrial vulture at rest. The hawkwasps spied the redfly and were off in a flash, in a moment they formed a fury of buzzing wings around the redfly.

Now you show me where your stuff is hidden, or I kill you and take a little longer to find it. The hawkwasps now cooperated in butchering it, severing those parts that they ate and removing them, then flying with them up to the branches of a nearby donkey tree where they settled to feed.

When they'd finished they would return to their roost tubes on Yagu's hat. A scavenger crab ran out of the underbrush and dragged away most of the remainder of the redfly. Carney felt sick. Caught so damn easily, after slogging for so far in that damned walker. The trip had become a total disaster! Yagu prodded him forward to the side of the walker. The refueling was almost complete. Carney couldn't help but feel bitter. Busted, probably dead, when he'd been so close to a big score.

Yagu wore a strange little smile; he extended the gun and pointed it right at Carney's head. Yagu whirled around, dropped into a firing crouch, fired, the gun booming. Bullets zinged off the rocks farther up the ravine. Carney looked the other way, and his eyes widened. A slim young man in brown woods gear stood swinging an axe handle in both.

He seemed to have come from nowhere. The next moment he'd rapped Yagu sharply over the head and dumped him unconscious on the ground. On his bush hat three hawkwasps rode unconcerned through the turmoil, their wings hunched. More people, in brown woods suits, with packs and camera equipment on their backs, emerged into the space around the walker. The marks of Ultraextended Life were obvious all over the fellow.

He inspected Carney with a curiously penetrating glance, seemed to see right through him. Carney choked, then scoffed. Destroy it! You just want it for yourself.

Admit it. At least be honest thieves since thieves is what you is. Stop this damage to the ecosystem. So I'm going to dump the computer files, put the software on a disk, and leave the machine here for the park rangers to deal with. You're killing me, man, I gotta get all the way back to Boldover. Another Boldover walker jock.

You guys are the limit. The girl grimaced. You never tried it, sister. You should; it'd change your views. He's about as interesting as a patch of spinach these days. Self-appointed saviors were pretty common. The one called Sebastian and the Chinese one were getting ready to dump the walker's controlling software. Without it there was no chance of getting the ungainly machine ten kilometers through this kind of country let alone the two hundred or so that still lay before him.

What if I tell you where it is. A cooperative walker jock, now that would make it easier for us to forget about this machine's being in the park. Meanwhile, the girl and the older man had been cutting brush, which they soaked well with some lighter fluid. They laid the plastic bags over the wood and set fire to it. Carney watched in considerable despair as the wood caught fire and began to blaze.

The bags melted, their contents spilled out into the flame and were consumed, forming a nauseating smoke with a strange scent. What was he going to say to the Fixers? The smoke continued. They cut him free, and revived Yagu the Mad, who stumbled away into the. Then the brown-suited folks disappeared, leaving him with the fire and the refueled walker. Gathered in front of it were the Xermins and the Beshwans.

Everyone wanted to stare at the silver pumpkin, two meters across, that floated against the starfields. The material of the surface was extremely tough and hard to penetrate. The crawler had only managed to gouge a few molecules out of it with its hardest cutting blade. From what could be determined from this tiny amount of evidence the computer software projected the surface to be made of an unknown class of ceramic, possibly a poly-ceram, duodec matrix.

The molecules fitted perfectly but slid over each other at maximum stress. It was nearly impossible to cut. Roger Xermin shrugged. It's hard to get much of a handle on it with this little data.

The thing glittered so, there was something uncanny about it. It's from outside," said her mother, tightening the grip of her arms around herself. Pramod Beshwan had a heavy frown on his face.

The pumpkin made him very uneasy. This could be some kind of bomb, it certainly doesn't seem to have doors or openings of any kind. If we try to open it, we may set it off! Nor do I think it's a bomb, looks too pretty to be a bomb. How he hated this business; the damn thing made him very uneasy.

This is exactly what the Proscription is about. But Xermin was intent on asking the computer what the likelihood was of the pumpkin being a solid. The reply was an almost immediate negative-"Probability Status very low. I mean what could it be, a big bar of soap? Gotta be a container for something, but what? Pramod groaned and put his hands over his eyes. If we can then I propose investigating further. With maximum caution, of course. Xermin was mad!

Determined to blow them to atoms. You set off a charge and it will explode. I'll be quite happy to haul away ten or even twenty-million klicks if that'll satisfy you. No nuclear weapon this size could possibly harm us if we're ten-million klicks away from here when it goes off. I mean, we got some pretty good shielding on the Seed. Beshwan however was still agitated.

This is exactly what it's about. The War of the Starhammer, the original war I mean, long, long ago. When it was first built. Got about as much guts as a handful of peanuts.

Come on, Pramod. If this is a bomb from that war, it could be some kind of system-destroying device. You'd think you'd remember that. I spent five years working with Nuke charges for ice engineering, so I know a few things about explosives. And nothing this size could harm us if we're ten-million klicks away, not even hi-grade phoenix fusion devices could do that. Not that size, anyway. So let's stop worrying about it. Listen to me, think of the Hammer, my friend.

Everyone knows what that can do. Ended the Tyranny. It's been a lot better ever since. Better for them, too, I'd say. At least they have a variety of government types now the Empire has dissolved. It was the ultimate weapon against star-dependent lifeforms.

This is no bigger than a big roid charge. No nuclear device known could harm us much at that distance. And then we'll blow a hole in it and then we'll watch it and then if it doesn't explode we'll come back and have a look at it. It is exactly this sort of object that the Proscription is against.

We don't know what's in there. We're going to puncture that thing; I want it opened to vacuum, that'll sterilize it. And you dynamite it?! Could he accept the guilt that came with this terrible burden? How could he live with the defilement of such corruption of spirit? The surface is crystallated, but the shape is so complex, with those heavily fractalized curvatures, that it can only be a thin layer. Underneath there must be something more flexible, so a microcharge should just poke a drill hole through and let the air out.

We'll just have to settle for being rich, not fabulously wealthy. We've got no big planet anywhere near where it would have to be to get any astronomy buffs on Saskatch looking out this way.

And we're too far for any satellite around Saskatch to pick up more than a burst of static. But if it is a bomb, some warhead lying around after that weird old war"-he chuckled-"I ask you, could there be anything crazier than that war, frogs against jellyfish, wasn't it?

A billion years ago, too! I mean, if this is some kind of bomb, then we'll have done our duty in destroying it. If they call us on it, if they notice it way out here, then we'll just say it blew up as we approached, for no reason, that we were scarcely aware of it before it blew.

But he knew that if it were some work of art or a piece of alien technology then they were fabulously wealthy. He and Tili would be able to afford megahabitat lifestyle when they got back to Nocanicus. The ultimate dream of fabulous wealth, a private estate, hundreds of square miles in extent aboard one of the luxury megahabs.

Pramod had always dreamed of a space on one of the Marwar habitats. Marvelous re-creations of ancient India, with slave clones instead of the untouchables and forty-square kilometers per person. He would keep a white mare and ride her through his own park. Tili could build her Taj Mahal, he his Red Fort. They would be legendary in their own times.

A couple who had come back from economic exile on the frontier and stormed the heights of society in the Hindi milieu of Nocanicus. He had defiled himself in joining with Roger Xermin three years before, and he agonized endlessly over it. But to have continued as the manager of a tree farm in the boondocks of Saskatch colony would have been a kind of death for him.

And this was a great chance, a chance that could only come once in a lifetime. If he'd turned it away he might never have had another and would have ended his days, early, in brutish circumstances, on a dim frontier planet.

So Pramod had joined. So he was here. So there was no end to the impurity, the disgusting acts that he must do in order to redeem himself in his own world, the world of "illusion. If Xermin was right then it would be to the good. The crawler was loaded and sent across to the pumpkin. It placed three micro charges, the second and third set to blow only if the first failed. The crawler was retrieved.

A small drone with sensor equipment was dropped. The Seed of Hope got underway on booster rockets and then swung around and ignited main drives and pulled away from the pumpkin, ahead of it and above it in the ecliptic.

When they were far enough away, they detonated the microcharge and watched the result via the TV from the drone: The charge produced a puff of dust as it opened a small hole, and there was a sharp release of vapor. The drone collected samples. The gases included oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, and some exotic organic chemicals including amino acids.

They waited, their eyes glued to the pumpkin. Seconds ticked away, and slowly they released a collective breath. It wasn't going to explode. A puff of escaping gases, a small hole blown in one side. It continued to float, hardly even pushed out of its orbit by the detonation. Perfectly safe now, Pramo-you'll see, and we'll be rich!

Watching him on the main screen in the bridge were the Beshwans and Sally Xermin. Roger soon became a bright dot, slipping silently across the gap. Windowed at the bottom left-hand of the screen was the video from the probe, inserted into the interior of the alien object. Unsettling video, presenting a weird jungle of bizarre, organic-looking shapes.

Stalactites, stalagmites, balls, tubes, coils, wires as narrow as floss, things that looked like spider webs, massive knuckle shapes, shining instruments that resembled knives. It was all rather inexplicable, and it made Pramod Beshwan very anxious, but his anxiety was balanced perfectly by the thought that every bit of that alien interior was incredibly valuable.

Not only was it very old but it was very alien, very alien indeed. Broken up into frame-able pieces it would be worth untold fortunes on the antiquities market where collectors would pay first and worry about questions from the authorities later. Scrapings had been taken from various places inside. The samples had been examined in the laboratory by Xermin. Analysis had revealed a number of unusual alloys, cerams and in one case a superpolymer of complex array texture.

Beshwan had shrugged. He was worried about long-dormant disease. That's a total vacuum in there. Pramod, you promised me not to go on about 'disease organisms' any more.

And now here you are starting up again. We've exposed it to vacuum for fifty hours. We've sampled the expelled gases and we found organics, but we haven't found any inside, except this paint coating on the interior walls. The temperature in there is just a degree or two above absolute zero. There can't be anything living in there. You will not collect any specimens yet, you will not bring anything into the ship.

We must have a full rock miner's tent set up and all the tests must be made in that. Some alien virus may be in there. I want everything examined and irradiated before it is brought into the ship, even into the cargo sector, let alone the life-support module. You know I hate it.

Quiet Determination - Various - Motivational 1 (CD), You Call Everybody Darlin, Flower Garden - David & Steve Gordon - Hidden Gardens (Cassette), Break Out - Anger Flares - Keeps On Burning (Vinyl, LP), Mr. Pride - Brook Benton / Chuck Jackson / Jimmy Soul - Stargazing (Vinyl, LP), Farewell - Kamelot - One Cold Winters Night (DVD, Album), No. 20 (K. 133, Longo 282) In C Major - Scarlatti* / Ralph Kirkpatrick - Sixty Sonatas In Two Volume, The Zeros - Dont Push Me Around (CD), Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) - The Doors - The Doors (Vinyl, LP, Album), Love Fire - Simply Red - Original Album Series (CD, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album), Shir Hanoded - Esther & Abi Ofarim - Morning Of My Life (Vinyl, LP), T. Evans* - Crazy World (Vinyl), Three Days Of The Condor - Geoff Love And His Orchestra* - Big Terror Movie Themes (Vinyl, LP, Album

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When I Live My Dream

You need dreamers and cheerleaders around you not the people who will pull you down…so choose our company wisely it makes such a vast difference when you are trying to put your dream life into being. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. Believe in your dream life and give making it happen everything you have in every way possible.

Your life is precious — especially your dream life. Time to get started taking steps towards it. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Have a listen for m some more great tips and ideas to bringing your dreams int oyour reality. How to get the house of your dreams.

How to remember your dreams. Too blessed to be stressed. How to find the silver lining. Unique ways to upgrade your life. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Home » How do I live my dream life? How do I live my dream life?

Do you ever wonder about this? Set your clear mindset When it comes to living your dream lifemindset plays a major role. Learn how to stop negative thoughts and you are half When I Live My Dream there Let go of negativity to live my dream life While pursuing your dream life, you may encounter different beliefs that may work against your firm mindset.

Build valuable connections This is an era of collaboration over competition and people are more welcoming than ever.

Learning to live my dream life When I Live My Dream when I value my time Time is money and you need to treat it like one. It is time. You may also enjoy:. And last but not least, the shops! You can go from store to store looking at the amazing items they have for sale.

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My dream place to live is Florida because When I Live My Dream all these things they have there. Unknown July 9, at PM. Unknown January 10, at AM. Jennifer Thompson February 1, at AM. Unknown April 5, at AM. Sienna Nelson March 14, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

This is a valuable tool to my soul. Sanjay Gupta, CNN: Dream expert Lauri Loewenberg is in high demand these days because she has struck a nerve in the American psyche by giving us giving meaning to our dreams. Great stuff here! We must have you back. Finding out what my dreams When I Live My Dream telling me When I Live My Dream like a Christmas gift to open. My dreams have became tools for me to understand my life and to change it — to the better.

Trust me, when you understand what your dream means you gain a powerful self help When I Live My Dream that will guide you in all aspects of your life, from personal and work relationships decisions to ideas and inspiration to achieve your goals and wildest dreams.

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Personality - New Toys (2) - Personality (Vinyl)

Instead, you should check the internet and sites like eBay, and the truth about their value will be revealed. These games are adult-themed, and if you have a few lagging around, you will want to get your selling fingers on as they will get you a lot of cash. The s was amazing, especially when it came to the Masters of the Universe release, where He-Man defended justice against Skeletor and his team.

Well, you may want to consider this move as most collectors would pay you top cash to take them from you. However, one of the best parts of Masters of the Universe is the Eternia Playset. She-Ra was as popular as He-Man in the s, and for today, they have a similar resale price in the higher range. However, if you own a few of the horses still in their original boxes, then you know you stand a chance of raking in a large value for them.

For those who lived in the late s to early s, they will have an idea of what the Strawberry Shortcake Doll was all about. They were figures originally added to greeting cards, and as they became popular, a toy company of the day, Kenner Products, decided to make them physical figures.

As such, the Strawberry Personality - New Toys (2) - Personality (Vinyl) Doll came to life, and many people were excited about them. Created back inDigimon has been a popular thing like Pokemons even though there have been rip-offs of this kind. These figures were virtually created and appealed highly to boys who were eager to get them. When you have lego and train lovers in one place, you are bound to have some extreme love and passion swirling around.

For collectors, they will open a market for your vintage toys to include the freight train sets, steam cargo train sets, and city train sets. These toys include the G. Joe action figures an upgrade from earlier versions manufactured by Hasbro, the toy company.

The toys were loved during the time because they were able to be bent, swiveled, and turned in numerous ways as well as other body movements. All thanks to the Marvel Comic series and the animated versions that included the characters that made them as popular as Personality - New Toys (2) - Personality (Vinyl) are today in value.

Snake Eyes may be the most popular among the Hasbro G. Joe toy collection, but the others still have value today on the sale market. If you have any of the others laying around still in their packages, you could stand a chance Personality - New Toys (2) - Personality (Vinyl) getting some Personality - New Toys (2) - Personality (Vinyl) cash in your hand.

However, you should ensure they are in their original packaging so the real value will not be lost. By now, everyone should have seen or is aware of Funko Pop figures and must know the story behind their existence. They are these amazing and adorable little figures with cute faces that have drawn the attention of many across the world and, if set on the market today, will give you lots of cash. There are other Dumbo Funko toys with valuable returns you may want to sell out, and if you desire to hold on price, maybe you can watch the prices as the years go Personality - New Toys (2) - Personality (Vinyl).

It was a hit for most young during that time and still is to this day. In contrast to the disturbing Garbage Pail Kids, which parodies the Cabbage Patch Dolls, we have the original dolls that are far sweeter and more wholesome. If you own a Cabbage Patch Doll, then you could be sitting on a lot of cash as we speak. The most valuable collection belongs to Pat and Joe Prosey, who owns over 5, dolls that they hold in the custom-built museum.

The decoration and the…. It is one of those things where a majority of people find themselves in a dilemma. The need to give a furnishing touch to the house…. Vacation Homes Unique Living Architecture.

Garbage Pail Kids So, the next time you are doing some spring cleaning, and you come across a vintage toy, you may want to get it appraised and list it on eBay.

We have identified a few of the most exciting and valuable toys that you may want to keep an eye for in your closet, garage, or attic… Garbage Pail Kids. Pokemon Cards. Luke Skywalker Action Figure PEZ Dispensers. Vintage Game Boy. Hot Wheels. Pound Puppies Plush Toy. Sega Genesis Console. Fisher Price Push Cart Pete. Skeletor Action Figure.

Lite Brite. Happy Meal. Beanie Babies. TrailBlazer Train Set. Strangeways scrambles to find answers before it's too late. Featured Shows. It will be up to those who survived to decide what "The Beginning" will look like. Each episode's character-based shorts draw viewers into "Portlandia," the creators' dreamy and absurd rendering of Portland, OR.

Binge Season 1 The Beast Must Die After learning the police investigation into the fatal hit and run of her young son Martie has been dropped, Frances Cairns takes matters into her own hands.

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The Althea Tapes In this digital companion series, Al interviews survivors and reveals why her interviews are so important. A Discovery of Witches: Author's Notes With Deborah Harkness In this five-part companion series, Author Deborah Harkness discusses her inspirations for creating the All Souls trilogy and the experience of having her books adapted for television.

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AMC Talk. Eugene's Most Awkward Moments September 1, Popular Movies. Halloween An escaped killer returns home in John Carpenter's classic. The Shining A family moves into a hotel for the winter when an evil supernatural presence Personality - New Toys (2) - Personality (Vinyl) the father into violence. The Exorcist A mother asks for the assistance of two priests in order to rid an evil spirit from the body of her teenage daughter.

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See All - Shop by Brand.

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Gelatine Drops - Poborsk - Waiting For Junior (File)

I turn on the light and read Adam Gopnik for a while. The bad news every day is more of the same predictable evil and incompetence from the administration, things that would have been unthinkable a mere few years ago. Trump visits a Honeywell plant that has been given over to making N95 masks, but he alone is not wearing a mask because he fears it will make him look silly. Instead of a mask, inexplicably he wears goggles. That is out in the world.

Here, the streets are nearly empty, except for the Amazon vans and garbage trucks, and though we hear rumors that people are drag racing up I, they are unconfirmed.

We are each of us confined to quarters, inhabiting our discrete little worlds. Journal entry April 15, The nest was empty for nearly five months but now both of my college-age sons are back home. DJ reads all day. Dal struggles to follow his online lectures. He struggled mightily throughout high school. I try to distill the strands of his distress, wondering how I contributed to his difficulties and how I could help now.

A few days ago, he melted down. High school sucked, then I went to college where I could start over and make friends. I have no one to talk to you except you! Journal entry August 31, Since March 11, I have not gone inside any store.

I pay a shopper named Amy to get my groceries. She is a sweetheart and shops for about 25 customers each week. Last week I asked for a cantaloupe. The one Gelatine Drops - Poborsk - Waiting For Junior (File) picked for me was the size of a basketball. I live alone. This cantaloupe could feed an affinity group for a week. I wonder if it will outlast the pandemic. Journal entry May 1, Tonight, another faux reunion on Zoom.

This pandemic has only bruised our family. Still, we miss our first-hand verbal brawling. But things are going to change. Time and address? Noon on Zero Avenue, a rural stretch of the U. S-Canadian borderline between B.

Some of us are going to bring planks so we can use garden rakes to slide food and drink back and forth on. Journal entry May 8, Looking back on the past year, I marvel at how well I tolerated the stresses of sheltering-in-place. During the lockdown, I wrote a draft of a memoir, experimented with new recipes, organized drawers, and watched way too many home improvement shows. I discovered the joys of my backyard, spending most sunny days on my lounge chair with a book.

By keeping busy, I missed life on the outside far less than I would have expected. Now vaccinated and eager, the time has come to resume some measure of pre-pandemic life. On my walks outdoors, I anticipate an oncoming walker and adjust my route. Getting prepared for any outing requires planning: a clean mask, a bottle of sanitizer, and a dose of courage. Normal never looked so abnormal. I imagine, in the next few months, I will think more about the things that, a little over a year ago, I took for granted.

I sense something magical in rediscovering the everyday activities I quickly abandoned in the interest of staying healthy. I welcome a bit of magic as I figure out my new, less isolated life. Storefronts behind them either pulled shut with garage doors of gunmetal grey or barred-window glass.

Glasses point forward. He sports a beard. The oldest has his hands in dark brown corduroy pockets. Jeff cap over gray hair starting to creep down the back of his neck. No glasses. Cleanly shaven. Wears orthopedic shoes. The last in line is a man, mid 30s. Left leg supports most of his weight, as he tilts left, with arms crossed at mid-chest. Looks off into the unknown. Journal entry April 22, During pandemic stay-at-home, year-old granddaughter Vivian has felt isolated, yet she continues to surprise and to stage.

She redecorated her bedroom according to holiday and season, designing her outfits to suit the occasions. A Chanukah shelf with menorah, candles, dreidels, and gold foil coins — her Chanukah gelt; a miniature Christmas tree gathering for her American Girl dolls, with tiny, wrapped gifts, and dolls attending in face masks. She embarked on theatrical cake baking: an imaginary trip to Paris with a packed suitcase and celebratory Eiffel Tower cake, for one.

For the first day of Spring, a powdery blue Wedgewood china cake. A recent recipe for a coconut cream cake suggested by a friend, a former restaurateur, was so complicated that when she completed it, she flopped flat on her back on the kitchen floor, arms spread like a champion tennis player.

Vivian inspires me to bake with images of my own. My recent efforts have been a blueberry clafoutis and a key lime pie. This has been fun and a very unusual grandma communication, without hugs and kisses. A limited kind of bliss and not even a taste. He disappeared before I opened the door. Deliveries constitute the unexpected in endless humdrum days. A new catalog, a birthday card, a wine delivery. A box with three red labels, Cremated Remains, arrived today.

I sunk into my wingback chair and stared at the box on my coffee table. College beauty queen and part-time model, she never lost her flair for florescent pinks and frosty tangerines, for frilly blouses and form-fitting slacks. She quit singing altogether and gave me her piano because Bill acted jealous and petulant about her love of music, like she was the unfaithful one. Her dashed dreams delivered my good fortune — I married her beloved son who serenades me every day.

Above her mask, one beaming woman gazed at the bundle in her arms, a newborn ignorant of disease and death. How fast did her heart beat when contractions started and her water broke?

I read this morning that with rising cases and deaths, births plunged in the same period. Journal entry April 10, Today I walked under a tunnel of wisteria in the park in Marseille, and tried to smell them, putting my nose deep in. Something from faraway said, I am wisteria. There was a couple sitting on a bench close to the wisteria tunnel.

I could tell courtship was new. I asked them if they could smell the wisteria from the bench. They needed to be French to smile at me for that question without wearing a mask.

I am a superwoman who survived this. I asked the good looking guy if he could stand up, go to the wisteria, smell it for me, and tell me how strong the scent was. He smiled at the young woman who encouraged him to do so. He knew he could score high with her if he did the right thing with the old woman, me. He smelled the flowers awkwardly and blushed. I thanked them, laughed, and told them I had lost the sense of smell.

We said goodbye and I turned away, weeping. I cry all the time, it is not a big deal, but this time it was so romantic! I guess I would have changed the loss of smell, if I could change one thing inbut then, how would I justify bothering a burgeoning love story with my strange question?

Journal entry, April 10, Over the past year, many of us Boomers have become Zoomers. And for me, at least, Zoom magnifies the awkward, as well as the isolation! I have a weekly Zoom meeting with my business partner whom I have known for 25 years.

I have to work extra hard to keep a straight face. Journal entry March 26, Fully vaccinated, I stepped out into the world yesterday. First stop, the hardware store, for a mousetrap. With some trepidation, I crossed the threshold after months of curbside delivery. What a relief to see everyone masked, except for Munster, the old shop dog, who nuzzled and sniffed with pleasure at my return.

Next stop: the library, which reopened for minimal service last Tuesday. A masked librarian greeted me from behind plexiglass and laid out the rules.

No settling down to read, though browsing the stacks was okay, and of course, checking out books. On to the bakery, where in my absence, the bread had migrated from a rack near the door to a shelf behind the counter. I paid by credit card, though I could have set my money in a basket with a hand-printed CASH sign nesting on a gingham napkin. Instead, I would put my money on a lazy Susan, watch it revolve out of sight, then wait as a packet of candied almonds slowly circled into view.

It felt something like that, circling back into the material world, after a year of virtual living. This piece is part of 16 modular works featuring 16 pairs of vintage pajamas. It was fun coming up with random words with the tiles on hand.

Journal entry April 2, I had a sort of disastrous phone conversation with Thea last night. Anyone can become infected and get sick; anyone can die, even if people in some groups already eligible have a higher a rate of complications. I talked to Thea again on the phone this morning and she said she understands the anxiety of waiting, especially when it seems like everyone else is getting vaccinated.

Being left behind is harder than when nobody was vaccinated. I resent confronting my spot in the hierarchy, too. The war has ended for some people.

What time is it for the rest of us? Journal entry March 22, Yesterday two friends and I drove for twenty-five minutes to Turners Falls to walk on the canal path. We rode in one car, something that has rarely happened in this past germy year. We wore masks and opened windows. We felt safe. Before the trip, as I cleaned my car of the mess that had accumulated through months with no passengers, I thought about the last time we traveled together, early Marcha Sunday afternoon trip to buy apples before the orchard closed for the season.

We were just beginning to realize the danger heading our way. That trip marked the end of casual, close contact and the beginning of these long cautious months. I washed windows once and they are dirty again. Journal entry March 29, Yesterday, I got my first vaccine shot in Marseille. This morning, I woke up from a dream. I was with my sister, mom and grandma, seated and leaning against large cushions on a Persian rug. The rug covered a wooden bed, set up across a narrow mountain torrent in the north of Tehran.

There was tea steaming on a samovar, and white fresh walnuts, along with slices of watermelon on a tray on the bed. There Gelatine Drops - Poborsk - Waiting For Junior (File) a long water basin in front of the palace, long like my Persian hair. Its numerous fountain water jets shuddered like my abundant curls. The water was soft and clean, I could wade in it when it was hot. It was refreshing. An alien animal showed up, a cross from the character and aspect of a female cat, dog and horse with the head of a magic taurus like the ones on top of Persepolis columns.

She brought me unconditional love, freedom, suppleness, sweetness, closeness and melancholy. They pour out. They protect you from keeping sorrow inside you and stopping your little heart. Enjoy them, let them run. Journal entry March 22, I got my first vaccination today. As I waited my turn, I remembered my little brother, a few months old, lying on his belly naked on the examining table, getting his first shot, screaming.

I was 4. I remember the sugar cube with drops of polio vaccine in it, that we took gladly, greedy for the sugar, in Most kids got the vax on their arms, but our doctor thought the rough scars were disfiguring, so for girls, he jabbed them in the chest.

No one will see it therehe told my mother. I think about that and count the many biases and assumptions inherent in that decision.

But ultimately, I am free from smallpox and polio, never got diphtheria, managed to evade the mumps and measles my brother and sister got. Chickenpox we all got together. Tetanus I have avoided. I waited the requisite 15 minutes afterward, with no reaction. The coffee was still hot when I arrived home. Journal entry March 23, I am I am so glad I lived this long because if I had not, I would never have known what it is to be truly happy.

I have five great kids and seven wonderful grandchildren, and my wife of 49 years has ensconced me in a chair of contentment. I have lived through many vicissitudes but here at terminus have emerged victorious over time.

I was emerging from the malaise of life in which I was a misfit even before the pandemic, but the pandemic hastened the transformation. It enveloped me in the bosom Gelatine Drops - Poborsk - Waiting For Junior (File) family, where I was permitted to flourish without lets.

I live in a big house with my wife and my youngest daughter and her husband and child and am visited often by two of my other daughters who live here in Atlanta. My daughter in New Jersey sends me her regards when she talks with my wife by cellphone, and my son who lives in North Augusta, S. For many Americans, the pandemic has produced anxiety and near psychosis.

But it has nestled me in ultimate concord. Journal entry March 23, This pandemic seemed to simplify many things: nowhere to go, no one to talk to live, no hanging out at a coffee shop.

Complications in making sense of the onslaught of news — national, local, and personal. Too many hours with only two dogs to talk to and too much snow on the Vermont landscape.

Flimsy as in expectations of safety. Nothing stands still. I just learned my daughter and her husband are going to have a baby in late September.

A grandson I may be able to hold month after month without having to let go for a year. Tomorrow I get my second Pfizer shot. I had a bad headache after the first shot. Blue sky. The frog pond is almost ice-clear. I took some pruners to the wild roses bushes and hung up my ergonomic snow shovel. The Canada geese are coming back. Journal entry February 13, I forgot my mask in the car last night. Only realizing the requirement as we entered civilization. In the icy preoccupation of weather, getting take-out before the snow grew too bad to drive.

My heart strings pulled walking fast, jacket zippered, gloved and hatted, past the homeless tents covered in snow, the short distance from our car. My partner ordered at the window. We returned to wait for our food. How many will die these next two days? Emergency shelters opened for the storm, with not nearly enough beds.

The number in the notice said fifty-six open, but the last night count was well over three thousand. Whatever will we do to fix our world? Homelessness built into a business that must be supported. Housing now a bureaucracy with high paid executives who live in gated cities with lost perspective. Meanwhile yearly volunteers comb homeless camps deep in parks in the middle of the night to count, to keep track of our lost citizens who fell out of society.

Some hang on, make it to a job, live in their car, engine running for heat till they run out of gas. Now so many tents in every neighborhood in every city I know. Journal entry March 14, It is now one year since my wife and I last hugged our grandchildren in California. Like me the suffering of many people caught up in the quarantine depends to a certain degree on their past.

I was born in Pilsen Czechoslovakia, a child of the Holocaust and a survivor of the last great American epidemic, the polio outbreak of For more than forty years, however, I performed brain surgery on that leg, danced the Lindy with my wife, went diving with an aqualung and sailing on the Chesapeake. I was fortunate in some ways to have closed my medical practice on September 30, after fifty years, just a few months before the virus struck but had terrible timing in regard to my new poetry collection which came out in June of I also take care of my correspondence with writer-friends, journals, and invitations to give readings.

I spend no time on so-called social platforms. In other words, I am fully committed to the seclusion and ordinary life of most writers, an experience that is completely novel to me. Journal entry March 2, The most positive part of my safety net as a writer during this virus-time is to write with fellow poets via the telephone.

At a scheduled time, I telephone my poet friend. We check-in, share poem we wrote the past quiet week. We may read a poem of a poet we like, Neruda, Nye, Harjo, etc. OR we may wish to write from a writing we wish to continue to explore. We hang up, write for minutes, telephone, share what we have written with little or no appraisal or commentary. We continue this process for a s long as we have scheduled it. With Morgan Farley, our time on Thursday is 2 hours. With Cynthia West, our time on Tuesday is 3 hours.

With Catherine Ferguson, our time on Saturday is 6 hours. This is how we share our social writing time without a mask. Journal entry March 15, The threat feels nearer, on the verge, the doorstep, down an icy slope; the signs of spring come anyway, bird feeder and the window box. Manoeuvre trolley, errant wheel, pick the wrong queue, fear credit card, when van has come with all pre-packed? I have become a hermit crab, with no one else to bear my grumps.

Recluse, each day brings no demands. Though poetry has ruled my day and now I cannot think without the rhythms flowing through my mind. Blank verse to fill these long blank days, a substitute, more active ways. Pandemic tinnitus holds sway. Journal entry March 22, Last week was the one-year anniversary of the imposition of the confinement, our initial lockdown. People worked and went home, or worked at home and stayed at home.

Dog ownership went up, since dog walking was one of the few permissible excuses to be out after curfew while we non-dog owners remained hunkered down inside.

Journal entry March 20, Yes, she says, your mother was four years old and she had diptheria. There was a big sign on the door that the health unit put there it said no entry. It said Quarantine. No one was allowed on the farm. Your grandpa, she said, had to sleep in the barn. We did not want to give the disease to the cows or the milk would not be good. He would not be able to sell the milk or the butter or the cheese. We took his food to him at the post between the house and the barn.

He would get it there and eat. It was Oh, yes, she said I do get lonely, stuck here in my apartment. I do have someone who comes in and brings me my lunch. No, no we did not eat in the dining room.

It is too dangerous. I am so glad for Karen, she is my PSW she helps me with my bath, with my hair. It is so nice to be touched by someone. My year-old aunt has been sheltering in place since April when the first outbreak took place in the long-term care community she is a part of. As a kid, I read articles, and thumbed through magazines and books looking at photographs of men and women wearing masks.

The men were often in uniform and the women wore long skirts and straw hats. Sometimes posies were tucked into their hatband ribbons. Did any of these people in the photos die from it? I always suspected the world would one day experience another plague. I was right, of course.

I read for the first time about her pandemic experiences. Grandmother was a hero. She contracted the flu in Europe while nursing the wounded and — she survived. Today, if she and I could sit down, have a cup of tea and talk, would she approve of how I have behaved during this Covid 19 crisis? Journal entry March 19, Waiting for the light to change, my daydream pulls me into the enveloping calm of my pink and purple yoga studio, and towards the weight, the damp, the chatter of other humans with me and around me in that tiny space.

I move and breathe and gag ever so slightly from the too-sweet incense, and the sweat from the man with the hairy back giving off that soupy aroma that repulses me on the steaming subway platforms of summer, but connects me during the asanas, smelling of shared virtue.

We are doing right by our aging bodies; we are stretching, and sweating, and pushing beyond our limits. We are really something, my hirsute friend and me. My skills will be rusty, and I may bungle my way through the small talk, but my corporeal longings will override the awkwardness, sending me headlong into the jumbled joy of the ordinary, reveling in the sensory overload, the sounds, the nervous Gelatine Drops - Poborsk - Waiting For Junior (File), the noise and yes, the bodies, that find their way back into my sphere, clumsy and fragrant, together.

Those that go over and beyond to help others are my heroes. Due to distance, fear, time, attitudes. Nothing is forever. If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when? Pandemic Anniversary, March 11, My first memorable image of the recent papal visit to Iraq was of a dark-featured young man with anguished eyes, wearing a light blue face mask like my own, straining for a glimpse of the Holy Father; one of my last was of an aged Chaldean archbishop in embroidered robes, standing on stage at the stadium in the ancient city of Urbil, thanking the pontiff for coming during the pandemic.

Sheltering in place since March 7, Journal entry March 10, Since isolation began, my torn retina took me to the eye doctor six times. Worries about my vision woke me before dawn today. Checking my eyes for dangerous floaters, I saw, instead, the remembered face of a grandmother I interviewed thirty-five years ago when I was doing fieldwork in Yunnan Province, China.

The grandmother was a Naxi, a member of a proud, ancient matriarchy. I remember the story she told of her traditional Naxi cape — the Firmament Cape. Worn only on the backs of women, the cape was made of dark sheepskin embroidered with stars and moon. Their labor made life possible. These women believed that just as they could not see the stars and the moon they wore on their backs, so too, the night sky always carried light, even if hidden behind clouds.

As the sun rose this morning, I knew it would be a heavenly day. Journal entry March 10, Remember the times we took for granted over a year ago when it was routine to see lips and teeth situated between nose and chin on the faces of everyone we met? In these days of masking it seems only yesterday, or rather maybe long long ago before this Virus which now remains a part of our daily existence.

A new awareness of eyes and foreheads has come instead, insisting that we look for unique signs there which will guide us to know who we now see. And we need to listen better to any person we may encounter as they talk to us muffled from behind their mask and help us to know who they and we are. Infographic reads: Then, deprived of human touch.

Turns out, cow-cuddling boosts oxytocin, the hormone released during social bonding. Cows are warm, with slow pulses.

Physical contact can also reduce anxiety. Some cows are not feeling it. Cow-cuddling began in the Netherlands pre-pandemic, but has been spreading worldwide this year as hug-starved humans gravitate toward the warm, comforting bodies of cows. Watching unmarried friends suffer from a year without hugs, I am fascinated by this phenomenon — and wonder how the cows feel about it. Journal entry September 26, First visit with Mom. The director told me to wait at least two weeks, but after eleven days without her, I could not bear it.

There she sat. I felt my chin drop when I saw how changed she is. Her eyes have become sunken, and her mouth chatters rapidly. I stood paralyzed, trying to make the changes in her make sense. Were they mistreating her? A caregiver came to the window. She keeps calling for Cynthia. I said it was me. She told Mom that Cynthia was at the window. Mom glanced my way, smiled, but did not know me.

Eleven days ago she was my mother, reciting the poem I wrote for her. Now the strain of unfamiliar surroundings has actually changed her face and mind. Not since she fled the Nazis has she lived away from her own home, but then she was young and with her family. Not now. Maybe she would rally if I could sit with her, play her favorite music, talk face to face. But I put my mother away from me during a pandemic, because I was desperate for sleep, because she would not stop calling my name.

Yet somehow the days bleed into each other — time measured in empty bottles, dust on dressers. Trees drop their wasted leaves. Groceries arrive and arrive. Meeting their pets, or seeing them in their bedrooms or cars is unexpectedly intimate. One evening, the word crepuscular floats through my mind when I creep to bed just as the light fades. No one needs to know my schedule.

Journal entry March 8, I worked remotely in March to May of but returned to work as part of a skeleton crew in education since I am the student records clerk and compile state reporting for our school. My younger son is an ICU pediatric travel nurse working with Covid patients across the country.

Our family phone calls are much more meaningful and mature as the pandemic has shaped our lives to cherish today. Without the deadening constraints of the National Curriculum, Maddy and I were free to do our own thing. Dressing up was compulsory. Maddy was Minnie the Minx, red and black stripy top, short skirt, knee-length socks, and hair painted orange with special hair crayons.

Who knew they even existed? Maddy challenged me to choose a character from one of my books and I decided on Aunt Beulah a prim Victorian spinster, who does her best to keep her wayward niece under control. It was a scramble to get ready, but finally hair pulled back, gold rimmed glasses perched on my nose, high necked blouse choking my throat I was in role — with seconds to spare before our Skype call.

Maddy had to find a funny and a scary piece, a spell and a favourite poem. There were no learning objectives, no plenaries, no fronted adverbials, or expanded noun clauses, just a child and her grandmother sharing a love for and a delight in books. Sheltering in place since March Journal entry February 11, This morning I sat with my grandsons during virtual school while mom and dad went to dental appointments.

Bence, fourth grade, had art class first off. Last week Mrs. Henderson had introduced gesture drawing, and this morning she showed how to sculpt using aluminum foil and assigned the class to create gestural sculptures. Bence got right to it. Working on his sculptures, he was immersed, intense — yet the figures are open, full of energy.

Watching Bence, I thought about my own painting process during this sensory-deprived time. The pond offers respite; being there is an out-of-time, whole-body sensory experience.

Painting from them now in my studio, I am immersed in the mood, how it feels to be there. Sheltering in place since March 17, Journal entry January 5, My desk calendar is stuck at a mail sorting center somewhere between there and here. Occasionally, I write: Zoom yoga, Zoom happy hour, curbside grocery pickup. Most days, though, I write Nothing or some variant: zip, nada, rien.

Yet even Nothing Days are filled with something. Yesterday, Sarah phoned. Ditto her photo albums. Busy doing what? Starting a new project when you grow bored with the one at hand? The eponymous snail had hopped aboard a plant given to her by a friend.

From her singular, narrow vantage point, the author drilled deeper into all matter of snails and her small world flourished. Hers is a lesson in the rewards of stillness. And yet running hither and thither has its appeal. As I write, a train whistle sounds in the distance. It calls to me. I want to call back. Have a look: The share of teachers in educational institutions who have expressed a desire to be vaccinated at this stage against COVID is 21 per cent, said the Health Ministry press centre.

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Pages: words. Two working cars were made, plus a third, non-functional one that was used when the vehicle was shown to explode. RoboCop contains seven matte effects painted mainly by Gioffre. Each matte was painted on masonite. Gioffre supervised on-site filming to mask the camera where the matte is inserted. He recounted having to crawl out from a 5-story high ledge to get the right shot of the Plaza of the Americas.

Kuran created a scaled-up matte version and backlit it. A second pass was made with a sheet of aluminum behind it to create reflective detail. Several attempts had to be made to get the line thickness right; at first, the lines would appear too thick or too thin. Industry experts were optimistic about the theatrical summer of June—September.

Along with the musical La BambaRoboCop was predicted to be a sleeper hit[] [12] having received positive feedback before release, including both a positive industry screening which was considered a rarity and multiple pre-release screenings that demonstrated the studio's confidence in the film. Marketing the film was considered difficult.

It's nothing like that. Orion promotions director Jan Kean said children and adults responded positively to the RoboCop character. The character appeared at a motor racing event in Florida, a laser show in Boston, a subway in New York City, and children could take their picture with him at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Los Angeles.

An incomplete version of the unrated film was screened early for critics, which was outside the norm for an action film. Glenn reasoned that critics who favored Verhoeven's earlier work would appreciate RoboCop. The feedback was generally positive, providing positive quotes for promotional material and making it one of the best-reviewed films of the year up to that point.

RoboCop began a wide North American release on July 17, Unlike that earlier summer, which featured multiple blockbuster successes such as Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doomthe summer of delivered only one: Beverly Hills Cop II. RoboCop opened to generally positive reviews. Some saw RoboCop as a self-aware comic-book film for adults that combined extreme violence with humor and technology.

He Gelatine Drops - Poborsk - Waiting For Junior (File) that Verhoeven's European filmmaking style was different but lacked any rhythm. Rita Kempley, also of The Washington Postdescribed Weller's Robocop as the best turn since Schwarzenegger in The Terminatorpraising Weller's ability to convey chivalry and vulnerability in a physically limited role. She concluded he offered a certain beauty and grace that added a mythic quality, making his murder even more horrible.

Reviews discussed the film's violent content. He said the scene subverts expectations and puts the audience off guard because they no longer know what type of film they are watching.

He believed following the violence with a sarcastic remark to provide the audience with relief was a "mechanical and underhanded" way to elicit audience emotions. He said it was good to see a fable about a decent hero fighting back against corruption, villains, and the theft of his humanity. She concluded that "with all our flesh-and-blood heroes failing us—from brokers to ballplayers—we need a man of mettle, a real straight shooter who doesn't fool around with Phi Beta Kappas and never puts anything up his nose.

What this world needs is 'RoboCop'. At the 15th Saturn AwardsRoboCop was the most-nominated film. The extended violent content removed from the theatrical release was restored on a The Criterion Collection LaserDisc that included commentary by Verhoeven, Neumeier, and Davison. This edition included featurettes about the making of the film and the RoboCop design.

The scheduled Blu-ray disc debut in by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment was canceled only days before release. Reviews indicated that the video quality was very poor.

A new version was released in by Fox Home Entertainment without any extra features. The release included limited edition collectible items a poster and cards ; new commentaries by film historians and fans; deleted scenes; new featurettes with Allen and casting director Julie Selzer; and the theatrical, extended, and television cuts of the film.

RoboCop was considered easier to merchandise than other R-rated films. Merchandise included cap gunscomic books, other assorted toys, [50] [64] [] [25] theme park rides, novels, [64] and the RoboCop Ultra Police action figures released alongside the animated series adaptation RoboCop. The film's poster was reportedly more popular than the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ; [] and its novelization, written by Ed Nahawas in its second printing by July.

The story of RoboCop has been continued in comics, initially by Marvel Comics. The adaptation of the film was reprinted in color to promote an ongoing series that ran for 23 issues between andwhen the rights were transferred to Dark Horse Comics. Studios Several games based on, or inspired by, the film have been released.

A side-scrollerRoboCopwas released for arcades inand ported to other platforms, such as the ZX Spectrum and Game Boy. RoboCopa first-person shooterwas poorly received, resulting in the shuttering of developer Titus Interactive.

A central theme in RoboCop concerns the power of corporations. Those depicted in the film are corrupt and greedy; their goal is privatizing public services and gentrifying the entirety of Detroit. Michael Robertson described the media breaks throughout the film as direct criticisms of neoliberal Reagan policies. The police are deliberately underfunded and the creation of RoboCop is done with the aim of supplanting the police with a more efficient force. Jones openly admits that it does not matter if ED works, because they have contracts to provide spare parts for years.

He plots with Boddicker to corrupt the workers brought in to build Delta City with drugs and prostitution. OCP sees the strike as an opportunity merely to develop more robots.

Vince Mancini describes the s as a period in which cinematic heroes were unambiguously good, as depicted in films that promoted suburban living, materialism, and unambiguous villains: such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Back to the Future Susan Jeffords considers RoboCop to be among the many "hard body" films of the decade that portray perfect, strong, masculine physiques who must protect the "soft bodies": the ineffectual and the weak.

RoboCop portrays strength by eliminating crime and redeeming the city through violence. Bullets ricochet harmlessly off RoboCop's armor; and even attempts to attack his crotch, a typical weak point, only hurt the attacker, demonstrating the uncompromising strength and masculinity needed to eliminate crime.

RoboCop's body incorporates technology, a symbolic addition that makes him more than an average man. Another central theme centers on defining what is humanity, and how much of Murphy is left in RoboCop.

Even so, Murphy does the right thing and fights against the demands of his corporate masters. As he regains his humanity, he transforms from a state of being programmed by others to his former state as a being of desire.

Murphy's death is prolonged and violent so that the audience can see RoboCop as imbued with the humanity taken from him by the inhumane actions of Boddicker's gang and OCP. He was impacted by his childhood experiences during World War II and the inhuman actions he witnessed. He believed the concept of the immaculate hero died following the war, and subsequent heroes had a dark side that they must overcome.

Murphy's brutal death is referred to as the Crucifixion of Jesus before his resurrection as RoboCop, an American Jesus who walks on water at the steel mill and wields a handgun. So from an artistic point of view, it's absolutely true. Brooks Landon describes the film as typical of the cyberpunk genre, because it does not treat RoboCop as better or worse than average humans, just different, and asks the audience to consider him as a new lifeform. Paul Sammon described the scene of RoboCop shooting bottles of baby food as a symbol of the relationship he and Lewis can never have.

RoboCop is considered a groundbreaking entry in the science fiction genre. He said, "We are now living in the world that I was proposing in RoboCop Weller described the filming experience as among the worst of his life, mainly because of the RoboCop costume.

The website's consensus reads: "While over-the-top and gory, RoboCop is also a surprisingly smart sci-fi flick that uses ultraviolence to disguise its satire of American culture. Rotten Tomatoes listed the film at number on its list of essential movies to watch, and one of essential movies. Several filmmakers have spoken of their appreciation for RoboCop or cited it as an inspiration in their own careers, including Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck[] Neill Blomkamp[24] Leigh Whannell, [] and Ken Russellwho called it the best science fiction film since Fritz Lang 's Metropolis It covers the technical production of the first three RoboCop films and features interviews with many of the cast and crew involved, except Weller who declined to participate.

The 10 ft 3. RoboCop launched a multimedia franchise that includes film sequels and a reboot, animated and live action television series, and expansions of the RoboCop lore in video games and comic books. By NovemberOrion had greenlit development of a sequel targeting a PG-Rating that would allow children to see the film unaccompanied by adults, [] [] [] and tying into the episode animated series RoboCopwhich was released by Marvel Productions in RoboCop 3directed by Fred Dekkerwas targeted mainly at younger audiences, who were driving merchandise sales.

Robert John Burke replaced Weller in the title role, and Allen returned as Anne Lewis for the third and final time in the series. The series is set 10 years after the events of the first film and ignores the events of the sequels. The film received mixed reviews but was a financial success. The film is set to be directed by Abe Forsythewho is rewriting a script written by Neumeier, Miner, and Justin Rhodes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Clarence Boddicker. This article is about the film. For other uses, see RoboCop disambiguation. Edward Neumeier Michael Miner.

Orion Pictures. Release date. July 17, Running time. The main theme of RoboCop by Basil Poledouris. Performed by the Sinfonia of Londonthe score combines orchestral music with synthesizers. Main article: RoboCop character.

Main article: ED See also: in film. See also: RoboCop video games and RoboCop comic books. Main article: RoboCop franchise.

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Steppin To The Bad Side - Tom Eyen, Henry Krieger - Dreamgirls - Original London Cast Recording (CD,, Me Enamoré de Ti (Bolero) - Trio Vegabajeño - Trio Vegabajeño (CD, Album), Nema - MUUI - Seminal (File, MP3), Lovers Forever - The Brothers Johnson* - Out Of Control (Cassette, Album), Chez Les Yéyés - Chris Evans (7) - Chez Les Yéyés (Vinyl), Purple Haze - Various - Stairway To Heaven / Highway To Hell (CD), Reunion - Hot Club Of Cowtown* - Wishful Thinking (CD, Album), Tarantos - Michael Raven (2) - A Miscellany Of Guitar Music (Vinyl, LP), Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band* - The Hague, Holland, June 14, 2016 (File), Domu - Up + Down (CD, Album), Various - Keep On Dancin (Vinyl, LP), Tazz & A.M.S.* / Dodgee & UFO - Gettin Dirty / Timespan (Vinyl), Straight Out The Jungles - Various - 10 Years Of Deep House (CD)

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Be Somebody! - Tina (35) - Original Albums 4CD (CD, Album, Album, Album, Album)

Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording. Not all volunteers read for LibriVox. If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVoxyou could lend us your ears. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process. Readers record themselves reading a section of a book, edit the recording, and upload it to the LibriVox Management Tool.

For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set up works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards. There were no breaks. We just switched around. Turner's vocalist Johnny O'Neal had left to sign a solo contract with King Recordsso Jackie Brenstona saxophonist in the Kings of Rhythm, sang lead vocals while Turner was on piano.

Phillips licensed the recording to Chess Records in Chicago. The success of "Rocket 88" generated tension and ego clashes in the band which culminated with Brenston leaving to pursue a solo career, causing the band to fall apart.

Turner, without a band and disappointed his hit record had not created more opportunities for him, disbanded the Kings of Rhythm for a few years. Soon after the release of "Rocket 88", Turner moved to West Memphis, Arkansas and played with various local bands. Wishing to exploit his Delta music connections, the Bihari brothers at Modern Records also hired Turner as a talent scout, paying him to find southern musicians who might be worth recording. He said, "Ike wasn't more than sixteen then.

He would send dubs of things he cut to us, and if we'd like them we'd make a seal or sign the artist. That's how we acquired B. Unaware of songwriter's royaltiesTurner also wrote new material which the Biharis copyrighted under their own names.

Turner was contracted to the Bihari brothers, but he continued to work for Phillips, where he was effectively the in-house producer. This sometimes created conflicts of interest. Trumpet found out and Modern had to cancel the record.

However, James did eventually sign with Modern, and Turner played on his recordings that were released on Modern's subsidiary label Flair Records. Turner married Lee in September He would come in and stand behind the piano and watch me play. I never knew he was no musician. To accommodate his then-wife Bonnie, who also played piano, Turner taught himself how to play guitar by ear and Willie Kizart taught him blues guitar techniques.

Some of the artist Turner backed on piano and guitar during this period include Elmore James, Johnny Ace and the Flairs. He brought Emerson to record at Sun Records and backed him on guitar in Louis, Missouri. During his stay, he went clubbing at Ned Love's in East St. Louis, Illinois. Love invited Turner and his band to play at his club. Turner maintained strict discipline and Album band lived at his home on Virginia Place in East St.

Louis which doubled as a studio. Louis club Album, vying for popularity with their main competition, Sir John's Trio featuring Chuck Berry. Louis, then cross the river to the clubs of East St. Louis, and continue playing until dawn. Initially, they played for segregated audiences at the black clubs in Illinois: Manhattan Club in East St. In St. He played at Johnny's Lounge and the Club Imperial which was popular with white teenagers. After Turner gained a strong following among both whites and blacks, he demanded that the clubs should be integrated.

Louis radio station KATZ. In between live dates, Turner took the band to Cincinnati to record for Federal Records in Like Brenston years prior, Gayles left Turner's band to pursue a solo career.

Turner befriended St. He intended to use the demo as guide track for Art Lassiter who did not attend the scheduled recording session at Technisonic Studios. The single "A Fool In Love" was released in Julyand it became a national hit, selling a million copies.

It peaked at No. The success of the single was followed by a string of hits including " I Idolize You ", " Poor Fool ", and " It's Gonna Work Out Fine " which gave them their second million-seller and their first Grammy nomination. The single, released on King Records, peaked at No. However, it was a hit in Europe, reaching No. Soon they were booking bigger venues, and by they were headlining in Las Vegas.

Their mainstream success provided Turner with the finances to open his own recording studio, Bolic Sound in Inglewoodin He fitted them out with state-of-the-art equipment.

Inthe duo released " Nutbush City Limits " penned by Tina. The single peaked at No. United Artists responded to the Turners' separation by releasing albums of compiled recordings from their last sessions together, Delilah's Power and Airwaves After his breakup with Tina, singer Holly Maxwell sang with Turner on occasion from to and again for eight months in She reported a positive working relationship with Turner, and later released the memoir Freebase Ain't Free about their close friendship.

She told Jet : "He's been real inspiration and a catalyst emotionally and in other ways as well. We plan to record together. The song reached No. Produced by Rogers, the remake received favorable reviews. Vera Clyburnwho was an Ikette in the s was the lead singer. They toured the US inand headlined a showcase at South by Southwest where they were hailed as one of the highlights of the conference.

The album received positive critical reception, and was nominated for best Blues Album at the 7th Annual Independent Be Somebody! - Tina (35) - Original Albums 4CD (CD Awards. Turner began working on a collaboration album with Gorillaz's producer Danger Mouse and the Black Keys in early He found the experience terrifying and from then on preferred not to be the focus of attention, but rather to be in the background controlling the show.

He considered himself an organizer rather than a performer. What Ike excelled at was leadership: conceptualization, organization, and execution. Turner's guitar style is distinguished by heavy use of the whammy bar to achieve a strong reverb -soaked vibratostring bending, hammer-ons and triplets in his blues phrasing.

Houk's Piano Co. Ike modestly terms what he does on the guitar as 'tricks', but make no mistake, he attacked his axe with the conviction of a man who knew precisely what he wanted to hear come out of it. Studio-psychedelic New Orleansechoes of the Band and Dr.

My God—at the moment he's more interesting than Tina. This man was playing the blues, rhythm and blues. Rock 'n' roll came from rhythm and blues: rock 'n' roll ain't nothing but rhythm and blues up-tempo.

Ike Turner was the innovator, for rhythm and blues and for rock 'n' roll. We just came and took it home. Turner was praised by his contemporaries for his influence. Turner was also a big influence on contemporary Little Richard, who wrote the introduction to Turner's autobiography. He defined how to put the Fender bass into that music.

He was a great innovator. King was a great admirer of Turner, describing him as "The best bandleader I've ever seen. Phil Alexander, editor-in-chief of Mojo magazine, referred to Turner as the "cornerstone of modern day rock 'n' roll" and credited his arrangements of blues standards as being an influence on s British Invasion groups: "He proceeded to influence British rockers from the mids onwards.

Without Ike you wouldn't have had the Stones and Zeppelin. People like that wouldn't have had the source material on which they drew. Speaking on "Rocket 88" being a contender for the first rock 'n' roll record, broadcaster Paul Gambaccini said:.

In musical terms [he was] very important. But "Rocket 88" does have a couple of elements which "The Fat Man" did not. The wailing saxophone and that distorted electric guitar. It was number one in the rhythm and blues chart for five weeks, it is in the Grammy Hall of Fame and it was an indisputable claim to fame for Ike Turner To critics he will be known as a great founder, unfortunately to the general public he will always be known as a brutal man.

Nigel Cawthorne —co-author of Turner's autobiography—said:. Although there had been black rock 'n' rollers who had made it big already, they really only played to a white audience. Ike and Tina played to a mixed audience and he deliberately desegregated audiences in the southern states and he wouldn't play to any segregated audiences at all.

Because he had such a big band and entourage he desegregated a lot of the hotels because the hotel chains wouldn't want to miss out on the money they would make from him touring the southern states. Turner's songs have been sampled by hip hop artists, most notably Salt-n-Pepa used "I'm Blue" for their hit "Shoop". The track " Funky Mule ", also from A Black Man's Soulhas been sampled extensively by jungle DJs, with the drum introduction being a very popular break.

Ina Nashville-based band, Mr. Turner won two competitive Grammy Awards. He is also inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame. Louis Walk of Fame in Handy Blues Awards in The model has an alder body in Sonic Blue with an Ike Turner signature in gold ink on the body under the clear-coat, with a maple neck in a s "C" shape with a rosewood fingerboard, with 21 vintage frets.

It had three custom single coil s Strat pickups. In AugustTurner was posthumously celebrated in his hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Although Turner considered himself a pianist rather than a guitarist, [30] Rolling Stone magazine editor David Fricke ranked him No. Inthe Mississippi Blues Trail honored "Rocket 88" for being an influential record with a marker in Lyon, Mississippi. InTina Turner released her autobiography, I, Tinain which she recounted Turner's volatile behavior. He received negative publicity that was exacerbated in by the release of the film adaptation What's Love Got to Do with It.

After the release of the film, the fictionalized version of Turner from the movie was seized on by comedians, who reused the persona in sketches. These sketches were collected in a comedy album Ike at the Mike. Commenting on the historical accuracy of the film, Tina told Larry King in "I would have liked them to have more truth, but according to Disney [owner of the film's production company], they said it's impossible, the people would not have believed the truth.

InTV One 's Unsung offered some redemption with " The Story of Ike Turner ", which documented his career along with his trials and tribulations. Turner claimed to have been married fourteen times. In those days blacks didn't bother with divorces. Records show that Turner added four years to his age. Velma claimed that Turner is the father of her daughter Linda Turner Bullock, born in Rosa had mental issues, so her family put her in an insane asylum. Turner tried to get Rosa out, but he never saw her again.

She co-wrote both tunes with Turner. It was a job staying ahead of this chick, man, cos' she was always trying to outdo me. Their divorce was finalized in According to Turner, they did not consummate their marriage. Alice was dating his vocalist Johnny O'Nealbut Turner liked her so he married her to avoid locking heads with O'Neal. She was a pianist in his band, and they married in the mids. Annie Mae left Turner for a policeman after they moved to East St.

In East St. Louis, Turner lived with Lorraine Taylor. Her parents owned the Taylor Sausage Factory in St. I wrote her a letter five years ago. I never sent it I was telling her in this letter that I'm sorry for putting her and the kids through that kind of stuff.

I was stupid. I was inconsiderate about her feelings. I understand today. She came from an abusive relationship and went straight to the top. When Bullock became pregnant by Hill, they lived with Turner and his live-in girlfriend Lorraine Taylor. Following the birth of their son Ronnie in Octoberthey were married in Tijuana in Following a violent altercation in JulyTina filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

Tina retained songwriter royalties from songs she had written, but Turner got the publishing royalties for his compositions and hers. She also kept her two Jaguar carsfurs and jewelry along with her stage name. In her autobiography, Tina revealed that Turner had been abusive during their marriage. At first, I had really been in love with him. Look what he'd done for me.

But he was totally unpredictable," she said. We had fights and there have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I never beat her. He asked for one more tour with me, and I said, 'No, absolutely not. They had met in the mids at a concert in Bakersfield, California. They rekindled their friendship years after their divorce, and she found Turner unconscious at his home the day he died.

Turner was introduced to St. According to Jeanette, Turner called her his "backbone". But more than that, it broke his heart". She added, "Ike doesn't get any recognition because of all the negative things [shown] in that movie and in his relationship with Tina I went through things with Ike, too, but there's a time to forgive and to let go. To strip him from having the opportunity to get recognition in an area where he was entitled to deserve it, it's so wrong to me.

Turner met San Francisco native singer Audrey Madison through a mutual friend in She started as an Ikette before becoming his lead singer. Also, I wanted the general public to have a better outlook and perspective on where Ike was mentally and emotionally, because so often, as a nation, we turn on people who have mental health issues and define them by their behaviors rather than their condition.

Turner had six children: sons Ike Turner Jr. Craig died in an apparent suicide in Thelma was pregnant, not by me, but I liked her. Album)Turner discovered he had a daughter named Twanna Melby. Ike Turner Jr. You can talk 5 or 10 minutes about the bad he's done. You can talk all night about the achievements he's had. He was successful with my mom and after my mom. He won a Grammy before he died. That's a lifetime achievement.

InTurner was charged with what he Album) as "interstate transportation of forged checks and conspiracy" and was forced to stand trial in St. At the first trial, the jury failed to reach a verdict, and at the retrial a year later he was found not guilty.

InTurner was arrested for using illegal blue boxes at Bolic Sound studio to make long-distance phone calls. From beginner-friendly options to driving modes that'll challenge the most expert drivers, all players can tackle the races using their favorite rally driving tricks: Scandinavian flick, counter steering, left foot braking The 80 Greatest Dylan Covers of All Time The Best Audiophile Turntables for Your Home Audio System If you were one of the artist's friends at the time, you might have worried about him.

Swept Away Aroop Roy remix digital only Jazz and soul beat-magician Vanilla turns his hand at disco with stunning effect! High Beams What Is The Disease Conversion Of Purulent Ulcers 4. Of note that I replaced the x jpeg album cover with a x jpeg album from Apple Music for slightly higher res. I Wasnt There live MoMoNarNarChy 2. Summer Breeze 3. Heart London. Zombie Ritual Remastered 4.

The band continued to push their musical boundaries, producing a collection that is filled with quick rhythms, catchy choruses and stellar guitar-work. Absolute Bomber 2. Debut mini album out soon! Download torrent. The Chase Demo Track Powerful retro 80s tunes glazed with layers of arpeggiating synths!

The Reckoning by Replicant, released 08 November 1. Kraftwerk - Autobahn. Widowed 9. Hawaiian Music Live. Service Merchandise 8. Deep Circuits 7. Troubles 3. Lloyd Banks - V. She's a Dancer 3. Listen nationwide on DAB radio, online, and on your mobile phone. Stronger Than Your Pain 8. The Getaway 5. The band's name was inspired by Tom Verlaine's emphasis of the word "felt" in the Television song "Venus".

Here Comes Your Man Pixies 6. Harmony Of The Spheres 6. Numbers 14 Plastic Promise After a well received debut LP Modern Medicine in lateSchool Drugs had big touring plans for until all was cancelled due to the world pandemic. Access the free radio live stream and discover more radio stations at one glance. UploadedSize 1. I Can Save The Universe 3. September 28, Dr.

Zera's Shadow 5. Absolute Radio 80s launched at 7. Absolute 80's. Please download one of our supported browsers. In London, four very different people team up to commit armed robbery, then try to doublecross each other for the loot. Waving Hands 3. Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Track. Once again the Devon darksmith rises on Kingpin with a clutch of MC-focused big bassline tear-ups. The UK's 80s radio station.

This one is for FLAC stations in particular. Forces Of Death 6. Listen to Absolute Radio 80s internet radio online. Here's a GB torrent of the archive from Smithstorrents.

Originally released inthis SP classic has finally got the physical treatment it deserves. Radio Paradise San Diego, California Duran Duran - Planet Earth Adaptive Mode. Tracks taken from rehearsals May Listen for free to their radio shows, DJ mix sets and Podcasts. July 23, The gay man narrates the stories of two fake movies and his own life. Y: Absolute 80s Schedule. FLAC and more. Download your free app now from the Windows Marketplace and listen live to your favourite station on any phone running Album Phone 7!

This is "Absolute 80s" by Soniqplay on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Alphaville - Forever Young Magnet Download. Absolute Radio 40s was a pop-up station in Maywhich celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Growing Venomous Trichomes 2.

Sledger (Extended Mix) - Deejay Davy T* Presents Porn Kings - Sledger (Vinyl), As Long As The Grass Shall Grow - Johnny Cash - At Madison Square Garden (CD, Album), Forget It - Rodriguez* - Cold Fact (Vinyl, LP, Album), 人間とはなにか - 三上寛* - 寛 (CD, Album), Escape To Space - Longy - Escape E.P. (Vinyl), Rock n Roll - Status Quo - Top 100 (CD), Closer - Nine Inch Nails - Live: Beside You In Time (DVD), Chaka Khan - This Is My Night (Vinyl), Youve Got To Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles - Help! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ain Soph / Sigillum S - Ain Soph / Sigillum S (Simulacra) (CD, Album), I Cant Stop The Feelin - Pure Prairie League - Firin Up (Vinyl, LP, Album), Introduction: The Open Prairie - Copland*, Dorati* - Dorati Conducts Copland (CD), Gilles Brown - Ce Danger Cest Moi / Mon Ange (Vinyl)

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Ritmo De La Noche (Original Radio Edit) - Nimbus (5) - Ritmo De La Noche (CDr)

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Liberazione N. 2 - Claudio Chieffo - La Casa (Cassette, Album), Melancholia - Nocturnal Pestilence - Evangelium Aeternum (CD, Album), Steryle - Severance (CD, Album), It Must Be Magic, Over My Soul - IISO - Skip September Vol I (File, MP3), Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden - Live After Death (Vinyl, LP, Album), Musica é - Star Inc. With The London Starlight Orchestra & Singers - Tonight (16 Hits For Lovers, The Second Time Around - Various - The Greatest Sounds Of Our Times Volume 3 (Vinyl, LP), Billie & Harry / Dont Explain - Diana Ross - Lady Sings The Blues (Original Motion Picture Sound, Maintain - 77 - Unit (File, MP3), Idi Samayam - Susheela Raman - Music For Crocodiles (CD, Album), The Aged And The Rested, Cesar Swing - The Gypsy Swing Project - Paris - Dubai (CD), Freewheel Burning - F.T.G. (2) - Made In Malaysia - Volume 2 (CD, Album), I Was Made For Dancin - Various - Circuit Breaker (Vinyl, LP)

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Dead Or American - Shibboleth (CDr)

By the time it came out, Dead or American had already completed recording on their second album. At the end ofEnds was voted the 48th best Scottish album of the past decade by 'The Skinny' magazine. Having secured the backing of The Scottish Arts CouncilDorA were awarded a grant towards the costs of recording their second album in SalemMassachusettswith producer Kurt Balloualso guitarist in progressive hardcore band Converge.

Sessions for the second album, entitled Dead Or American - Shibboleth (CDr)began in mid-October Ten tracks were recorded in ten days using a combination of digital and analogue technology insisted on by the band.

Ballou's studio, Godcity, was known in musical circles for having very high quality, rare equipment which the members of DorA were given access to.

The common perception afterwards was that this record benefitted greatly from Ballou's mentorship and the superior gear at the band's disposal. The release was delayed to allow Dead or American to tour in support of "Ends" which, by this stage, had only been widely available for a few months. Thaumaturgy ultimately came out on 6 November and was accompanied by DorA's first European tour. He was quickly replaced by former engineer Flett, who's familiarity with the material made him an obvious choice.

In the group released three collections of rare, unreleased and remastered recordings, divided into three distinct eras. Volume 1 of the collection covered the earliest, out-of-print demos, alternate takes, live improvised demos and a broadcast session for Glasgow University's Subcity Radio station. Volume 2 is made up of alternate versions of songs featured on the band's debut album "Ends" plus one previously-unreleased recording. Volume 3 incorporates alternate version and demos for their second album "Thaumaturgy" as well as cover versions of the bands Bad Dancer and Fugazi.

The band chose to play two tracks from the album "Thaumaturgy": 'Shibboleth' and 'Creep Eastward'. However, being a special Christmas edition of the show, Galloway requested that the band write two new tracks exclusively for the show, with a Christmas theme to them. The band wrote the tracks, "Relanativity" and "Unwanted Presence".

Obviously ensure the achievements disabled message doesn't come up for having to many weapons disabled etc. Posted by ColdCutter on 05 Aug at Leave a comment.

Sign in and add a guide. Archer Spense's solution is excellent. I just want to add a visual representation how The Hand of the King can be defeated easily with the Cursed Sword.

As expected I went all in with tactics. I was able to destroy him so fast he only got to swing his sword once. Very easy if you follow the vid. It's also worth noting that by re rolling the cursed swords perks it can Dead Or American - Shibboleth (CDr) the deal x2 dmg while receiving x2 dmg making it a monster weapon. I've been using it with great success on the next higher difficulties. I love the 2x for 2x solution. Posted by buttmudBrooks Dead Or American - Shibboleth (CDr) 09 Aug 20 at Yes, if I recall I would use the same traps and a quick bow to finish them off quickly.

Since the game gives multiple save slots you can exploit this to reroll your upgrades so you can optimize your dps. This set up it is how I pretty much got the whole g. SETUP This achievement becomes significantly easier if you obtain the backpack perk under general upgrades and wait to obtain the cursed sword right before the final boss.

It should be mentioned that you do not have to actually kill the boss with the sword in your inventory, but instead you just need to go down the Dead Or American - Shibboleth (CDr) with it after the fight concludes. Many unexpected infant deaths are attributed to accidental suffocation during sleep. Nutritional deficiencies -- disorders that prevent people from absorbing nutrients -- killed 7, people in In8, people died from skin cancer.

Lizzie Tenney, who suffers from a severe sun allergy, shows her latest scar from skin cancer surgery. In9, people in the U. Perinatal conditions such as birth injuries, prematurity, neonatal jaundice and neonatal drug withdrawal caused 11, deaths in In12, people died from blood cancers, such as multiple myeloma, a disease that causes cancer cells to build up in the bone marrow.

Star chef Anthony Bourdain was found dead from hanging in his hotel room in Dead Or American - Shibboleth (CDr) in June Doctors blamed benign and other non-malignant tumors for 15, deaths in Such tumors can block intestines, cause bleeding or otherwise prevent systems from functioning.

Andrew Archuleta of Morrison, Colorado, takes an immunotherapy drug called BCG to help treat his bladder cancer, but there is a global shortage of the drug. The NASH Education Program works to spread awareness of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, Dead Or American - Shibboleth (CDr) advanced form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This plush, named Mac'Liver, is a mascot. Doctors blamed pneumonitis -- blockage of the air sacs in one or both lungs -- for 20, deaths in Studies have linked one form of pneumonitis to vaping oils with vitamin E acetate.

Here, Gregory Rodriguez show scars on his neck from where oxygen tubes were inserted. Party Member Stats. Deactivate to use the next two scripts. Hopefully fixed to affect only Party Members including Player Character. Use this to view a specific Party Member in the field. Use this to view a specific Party Member at the base. Removed Hotkeys which were accidentally left in.

Shelter Jobs Stats. Shelter Build Stats. Shelter Repair Stats.

Fools Parade - Zerfas - Zerfas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Crucifixion In Wine - Malignant Tumour - Burninhell (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sweet Blindness - Laura Nyro - Time And Love: The Essential Masters (CD, Album), Manou (5) - We Are (CDr), Jet Over Frogs - Various - Extra Sensual Perception Volume 2 - The Trance Groove (CD), Back At One (S.A. Town Raw Mix) - Brian McKnight - Back At One (CD), Ground Zero, Inertia (4) - Negative Prime (File, Album), Patchy Moss - Albert Järvinen - Guitar (Vinyl, LP), A Little Time - The Beautiful South - Solid Bronze - Great Hits (CD), You Rock My World - Michael Jackson - Number Ones (CD, Album), Flowers In The Rain - Various - Hits Of The Sixties (Vinyl, LP), In The Company Of Miss Ory - Measax - Avocado Nuts (File, MP3), Bus

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Take A Bow - K-OTIX - The Reckoning (CD)

Play trailer See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated. Trailer Photos 8. Top cast Edit. Nic English Brad as Brad. Di Smith Dotty as Dotty.

Boot Camp 4 Life feat. Black Tie Affair feat. Roc Marciano prod. Donizm feat. Conway prod. The Recipe Intro feat. DJ Babu. Turning up Tonight feat.

Mind Right feat. Big Steppa. Last Dance! Intro Red Cover. Imported Goods feat. AM 90 feat. Salvador Take A Bow - K-OTIX - The Reckoning (CD) feat. Josiah The Gift prod. Guy Grams prod. Tales From The Stove feat.

Olga Korbut Intro. Engraved Instrumental. Peter Rosenberg Intro. James Bond Sturdy feat. Rose From The Concrete feat. Never Fold feat.

Mercy Skit Skanless Lords feat. The Deal. Gracias Ascension Theme. I Shot Ya Pt. II feat. One Of These Days feat. Bullseye G-mix feat. Silverback Symphony feat. Laps Around the Sun. The People Remix feat. Ole Times Two. By DJ Preservation. Slam Dunk Contest Feat. Pharaohe Monch Prod. By Nottz. Brrt Simpson Feat. Left Lane Didon Prod.

By Theravada. By Ghost McGrady. A Renegade Airman. A Toxic Trait feat. A Billion Dollar Billy feat. CD The Town. The Workin Man feat. Something I Said. Cloud Pour. Still Here feat. Was a Beat. Wolf Spider. Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. Masego - Somethin' Ain't Right feat. No Good For Me. Microphone Mike feat. DJ Essential. Satisfy My Soul feat.

Killer Couple. Funky Fresh Face Melt feat. Trill Is An Onomatopoeia feat. Kaiser Permanente feat. Keisha Cole Slaw feat. Gut Feelings Just Guardian Angels feat. Lil Keisha. New Days Old Ways. Snakeskins feat. Ace Cannons, P. When The War Ends feat. Ill Bill. Welcome To Calidelphia prod. Seguir Em Frente feat. Nex Millen prod. Progress feat. Love Is Love feat. Ursula Rucker prod. Mogilevich feat.

Dumponem feat. Horseman Of Apocalypse feat. The Warriors 3 feat. Josiah The Gift, P. Soulful Distance. Real Voice Messages. Natra Average. Falling For Potential feat. Sochi Gold prod. Dock Ellis Tabs feat. Crucial The Guillotine prod. Hollalu-Jah feat. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon prod. AmeriKKKa's Nightmare feat. City Under Siege feat. Border Wars feat. Fly with No Air Play Intro. Lore feat. The Rite Kids feat.

Take A Bow - K-OTIX - The Reckoning (CD) Joint feat. Just You. Protect feat. Jack Stephenson Oliver. In The Crib Dancing. Sdskit prod. Scheme Team Donut Shop feat. Big Kahuna OG prod. Opening Remarks prod. Porkchop Sandwiches feat. Nick Gonzales prod. Billy Pilgrim Stuck In Time prod. Reclining Pleather Seats feat. The Fresh Sisters prod. Charcuterie feat. Pseudomocracy feat. Beautiful Payne Intro feat. Cee Brown. Entro al Baile. Front Center. Intro feat. DJ Grazzhoppa. Nitrile Gloves feat.

Till Death Call Us Pt. Take A Bow - K-OTIX - The Reckoning (CD) Is No Time Prelude. Think Carefully Intro. The Deranged feat. All Bidness. New Pig Order. The Uninvited. All or Nothing feat. Natural Within feat. Theme Music feat. Piano Take A Bow - K-OTIX - The Reckoning (CD).

The Black Eyed Peas. Mikkel Storleer Eriksen. Take a Bow Rihanna. Unfaithful Rihanna. Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II Rihanna. View All. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Click to view our Accessibility Statement or contact us with accessibility-related questions. Toggle navigation. Save on Every Order! Musicnotes Pro Premium. Add to Cart. Transpose 7. Albany Manor Cross Ya T's This list is not my own. Eminem - Infinite Infinite Interlude feat.

It's OK feat. Greenbacks ft. Megalon Go With The Flow ft. Fly Nas - Nasty Nas Demo Tape 1. Understanding feat. Just Another D Soundtracks Collection Mediafire Jay-Z - Demo Tape Greatest MC Demo Whats in a name?

Treach Get Off My Dick feat. Sauce Money Understand M By Myself Paralyzed Interlude 1 Money And Power I Made This Tea In Dutch Top Retrieved December 22, Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. Archived from the original on January 17, Swedish Recording Industry Association. Archived from the original on July Take A Bow - K-OTIX - The Reckoning (CD), Swiss Music Charts.

Archived from the original PDF on January 17, Retrieved October 26, Retrieved November 26, Retrieved October 19, Gaon Digital Chart. Archived from the original on October 15, Retrieved February 11, Archived from the original on February 2, Archived from the original on October 8, Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Retrieved April 26, Recording Industry Association of Japan. Retrieved December 12, Archived from the original on Archived from the original on October 14, Archived from the original on January 10, Archived from the original on November 1, Retrieved August 30,

What Is Love 2016 (Regi & Lester Williams Remix) - Lost Frequencies - What Is Love (Regi & L, The Licence - D.I.S* Alongside Sheen (2) - Trouble Again (Cassette), South Bronx (Extended Edit) - Boogie Down Productions - Blast Master Tapes The Best Of The B-Boy Ses, Callin Me - Randolph Baker - Reaching For The Stars (Vinyl, LP), Honolulu - The Hawaiian Surfers Orchestra - Songs Of The Islands (Vinyl, LP, Album), Its So Easy - Buddy Holly, Red Robinson, The Crickets (2) - Visions Of Buddy Holly (Vinyl, LP), Elephants Memory Remix - Merzbow - Scumtron (CD), Mercy Killing - Shatterhed - Choking Motion (Vinyl), Sabbat (2) - Dreamweaver (Reflections Of Our Yesterdays) - Expanded Edition (CD, Album), Keep That Smile - Delayline - Keep That Smile (Vinyl), What Your Life Like 2, You Dont Love Me (Instrumental), Runaway - Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Shannon (Vinyl), Hungarian Dream Come True - Various - Warm Cola (Cassette), Fabordon Del Premier Ton - Gary Cooper (2) - Harpsichord Recital (CD, Album)

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Crimson & Clover (Factory Reggae Edit) - Various - Mega Reggae (CD)

There are many, many things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help! See also: How LibriVox Works. LibriVox volunteers are helpful and friendly, and if you post a question Crimson & Clover (Factory Reggae Edit) - Various - Mega Reggae (CD) on the forum you are likely to get an answer from someone, somewhere within an hour or so. So don't be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording.

As a result of the faster intake air speed and better mixture formation, a higher torque output was achieved; At engine speeds between rpm and with high loads, valve lift for the variable intake valve would be increased to reduce intake resistance for greater power; and, At engine speeds above rpm, high valve lift would be Crimson & Clover (Factory Reggae Edit) - Various - Mega Reggae (CD) regardless of load.

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Steve Lawrence (2) - The Man From The Diners Club (Vinyl), Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - Felix Slatkin - The Ballad Of New Orleans (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wantoness - The Murder Squad T.O. - Fight Violence With Violence (File, MP3), Kansas City - Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign (Vinyl, LP, Album), AlienHouse - Silicon Dust - Different Universe StoryTellers (CD, Album), Bandera Negra II - Various - Notas De Libertad (CD), Black Skies - Various - The Promises Of Silence (Cassette), Kid Loco - My Daddy Waza (Vinyl), Fonky Family - Cut Killer - Cut Killer Show II Interludes (Vinyl), Musica Magica - Isadora Juice - Musica Magica (Vinyl), But Beautiful - Barbra Streisand - The Movie Album (CD, Album), Crush (Klippa Remix) (Full Vocal), Ill Cry Instead - The Beatles - A Hard Days Night (Vinyl, LP, Album), Two Steering Wheels - Joco (2) - Horizon (CD, Album), Billy Joe Royal - Love Has No Right (Vinyl)

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Running Gun - Marty Robbins - Essential Gunfighter Ballads And More (CD)

Best sellers See more. Black Widow Feature [Blu-ray] Bilingual. F9: The Fast Saga [Blu-ray]. F9: The Fast Saga. Spectre [Blu-ray] Bilingual. Black Widow Feature Bilingual. Top rated See more. Chicago Fire: Season 5. Chicago P. The Thing [Blu-ray]. Blob Collector's Edition [Blu-ray]. The Breakfast Club [Blu-ray]. Hot new releases See more. Corral Wolverton Mountain My Heart Echoes Cold Cold Heart Imitation Of Love Oklahoma Hills Dark As A Dungeon Caught In The Middle Alabam The Golden Rocket Billy Bayou Deck Of Cards.

Love Me Do 3. Sealed With A Kiss 4. When I Fall In Love 5. Chains 6. You Send Me 7. He Will Break Your Heart 8. Cry To Me A Forever Kind of Love I Love You September In The Rain At Last Chanson Damour Song Of Love Tonight I Fell In Love Love Letters You Got What It Takes Only You And You Alone Eddie My Love Island Of Dreams The Wonder Of You True Love Ways 2.

Pretty Little Angel Eyes 3. Come Go With Me 6. Dream Lover 8. Venus In Blue Jeans 9. Every Beat Of My Heart It Only Took A Minute Fools Fall In Love Cradle Of Love Three Steps To Heaven Heart And Soul Stand By Me I Remember You Language Of Love Only Sixteen Fever Do You Love Me Sherry 2. Love Me Warm And Tender 3.

Roses Are Red 4. I Need Your Love Tonight 5. Portrait Of My Love 6. More Than I Can Say 7. Theme for a Dream 8. Win Your Love For Me One Summer Night A Running Gun - Marty Robbins - Essential Gunfighter Ballads And More (CD) In Love Chances Are Ginny Come Lately Book Of Love For Your Precious Love Bless You Secret Love Glory Of Love Love Hurts 2.

My Special Angel 3. Love Potion No. Crazy 5. Because Of Love 6. Under The Moon Of Love 9. Moon River Come Softly To Me Words Of Love Stairway Of Love Like I Do We Will Make Love Amor Love Letters In The Sand Young Love I Listen To My Heart As I Love You Let It Be Me Sea Of Love Rock Your Baby 2. Jimmy Boy 3. Sixteen Chicks 4. She's A Square 6. I've Got A Dollar 7. Romp And Stomp 8. You're Some Kind Of Nice 9. Sweet Rockin' Baby Born To Love One Woman Rock-N-Bones We Wanna Boogie Here Comes The Night Lovin' Honey Teeny Weeny Ice Water The Boppin' Martian Now Stop Mary Lou Tracks of Disc 2 1.

Susie Q 2. Almost Eighteen 3. That Ain't Nothing But Right 4. Come On Little Mama 5. Rockin' Jukebox 6. Worried 'bout You Baby 7. Bottle To The Baby 8. Oh What Love Is 9. Ballin' Keen Lazy Daisy Honey Love I Got A Woman The Bug At The High School Dance Rockin' Down Mexico Way I Love My Baby Shake It Up Baby Rattlesnake Daddy Crazy Baby Eager Beaver Baby 2. Hillbilly Rock 3. Love Me 4. Tongue Tied Jill 5. Swamp Gal 6. Real Gone Daddy voc. Howie Stange 7. Red Hen Hop 8.

Chicken Hearted 9. Chicksville USA Tootsie Red Headed Woman Diggin' The Boogie Spin The Bottle Shake Um Up Rock Ready To Rock School Of Rock 'N' Roll Draggin' Rock And Roll Riot Wild Wild Women Tracks of Disc 4 1. Boppin' The Blues 2. Everybody's Body 3. My Pink Cadillac 4. Bang Bang 5. Be Bop A Lula 6. If I Told You 7. Red Hot Rockin' Blues 8. Pipeliner 9. Please Please Rocky-Rolly-Lover-Boy I'm So Lonely Shake Shake My Baby Left Me Little John's Gone Oh Love Twixteen Rock To The Music Cry Little Girlie Tracks of Disc 5 1.

Money Honey 2. Straight Skirt 3. Pink Cadillac 4. Bip Bop Boom 5. That Big Old Moon 6. Jungle Rock 7. Cat Music 8. King Fool 9. Rock Crazy Baby Your True Love Rockin' Bones Froggy Went A Courting Brown Eyed Handsome Man Lou Lou Jump Back Honey Jump Back Rhonda Lee Shake 'Em Up Rock Glad All Over Black Cadillac Not Fade Away Tracks of Disc 6 1. Ting-A-Ling 2. Let's Go Baby 3. Wigwam Willie 4. Teenage Bug 5. Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie 6. High School Blues 7.

Teenage Love Is Misery 8. Chicken Walk 9. Lawdy Miss Clawdy I Want You The Worryin' Kind Oh Baby Doll My Name Is Jimmy Rock And Roll Rhythm Jumps, Giggles And Shouts Three Alley Cats I Wanna Bop You're Humbuggin' Me Come Dance With Me Stood Up Tracks of Disc 7 1. Somethin' Else 2. If You Can't Rock Me 3.

Circle Rock 4. Lindy Lou 5. Stack-A-Records 6. Sputnik 7. Try Me 8. Rock Me My Baby 9. Country Boy Beautiful Delilah Call Me Shorty Oh My Maby's Gone Chicken Rock Instr.

Screamin' Mimi Jeanie Doggonit See You Later Alligator Pretty Mama Ready Teddy Tracks of Disc 8 1. Salty Dog Blues 2. Race With The Devil 3. Cast Iron Arm 4. Just A Little Too Much 5. Sweet Willie 6. Cotton Pickin' Instr. Knock Knock Rattle 8. You're Driving Me Mad Move Monkey's Uncle Sweety Pie It's All Over Crazy Little Guitar Man Ain't I'm A Dog It's Late Big Fat Woman Slow Down Sandy Hep Cat Real Wild Child Tracks of Disc 9 1. Rockin' In The Graveyard 2.

Nervous Breakdown 3. Hubba Hubba Ding Ding 4. I Got Stung 6. Piano Nellie 7. She's Gone 8. Rock 'N' Roll Espanole 9. Shame On You Miss Johnson There's Good Rockin' Tonight Round And Round Long Tall Sally Leapin' Guitar Instr. Oh You Beautiful Doll Shake Baby Shake Goin' Down That Road Switch Blade Sam You're Just My Kind Goin' Wild Say Mama Tracks of Disc 10 1. Susie's House 2. Juvenile Delinquent 3. My Babe 4.

Janis Will Rock 5. Evenin' Time 6. Maybelline 7. Rock Doll 8. Be-Bop Boogie Boy 9. If You Can't Rock Me Sixteen Tons Rock 'N' Roll Boom Boom Baby Running Gun - Marty Robbins - Essential Gunfighter Ballads And More (CD) Dirty Dirty Feeling Flip Out Date Bait Teenage Heaven One Of These Mornings Lobo Jones Tracks of Disc 1 1.

Tomorrow You'll Be Gone 2. I Wish Somebody Loved Me 3. Love Me or Leave Me Alone 4. Crying 'Cause I Love You 5.

I'll Go On Alone 6. You're Breaking My Heart 7. I Couldn't Keep From Crying 8. After You Leave 9. A Castle in the Sky Sing Me Something Sentimental At the End of a Long, Lonely Day Don't Make Me Ashamed It's A Long, Long Ride Pretty Words Your Hert's Turn To Break My Isle of Golden Dreams Aloha Oe Farwell To Thee I'm Too Big To Cry Time Goes By.

Music To Watch Girls By 2. Don't Rain On My Parade 4. The Good Life 6. Sway 8. Blue Velvet 9. Running Gun - Marty Robbins - Essential Gunfighter Ballads And More (CD) Luck Be A Lady You Go To My Head Try A Little Tenderness Cupid The Shoop Shoop Song Donna The Prima Donna Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Hey Mambo Beyond The Sea 3.

It Had To Be You 5. I'd Never Find Another You 6. Move Over Darling 7. Down In The Boondocks 8. You'd Better Love Me 9. I Love You Because Oh, Such A Stranger Make The World Go Away Because I Love You My Love For You Roses Are Red My Love Take Five Running Gun - Marty Robbins - Essential Gunfighter Ballads And More (CD) Alfie Moon River Tracks of Disc 3 1.

The Way You Look Tonight 3. Feeling Good 4. Time Alone Will Tell 5. A Time For Us 6. Distant Drums 7. Am I Wasting My Time 8. Caterina 9. My Sunday Gal Dance With The Guitar Running Gun - Marty Robbins - Essential Gunfighter Ballads And More (CD) Fireball Mail Lady Willpower Make My Day If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVoxyou could lend us your ears. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process.

Readers record themselves reading a section of a book, edit the recording, and upload it to the LibriVox Management Tool. For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set up works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards.

We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch. A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is a volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording. Metadata coordinators MCshelp and advise Book Coordinators, and take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators.

Pirates Life - Craig Richards - Fabric 01 (CD), Sulphur Bath, Ten Dollar Man - ZZ Top - Tejas (Vinyl, LP, Album), All That Ends - Various - ProgPower USA VI - Showcase Sampler (CD), Mennesket - Skaur - Fullmånesang (CDr), Alzira - Scena E Cavatina: Riposa, Tutte, In Suo Dolor Vegliante.... Da Gusman (Alzira, Chorus, Zuma, Magic (Another Version) - Ricky Davies - Magic (CD), Bye Bye Johnny (Alternate) - Chuck Berry - MP3 Collection (CDr), Shady - Adam Lambert - Trespassing (CD, Album), Crawling On My Knees - Marty Robbins - Marty Robbins (8-Track Cartridge, Album)

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