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Various - Jazz Spectrum Vol. 19 - Big Band Classics (Vinyl, LP)

US chart fans may be interested to know that it was at 1 when Casey Kasem presented his first Top 40 countdown show on 4 July The most famous of these was the English recording by the Spanish group Pop-Tops. It will get more international yet — a lot. The first recording was by Italian singer Ivana Spagnathe first record for the then year-old.

She later dropped her first name and as Spagna had several dance hits in the s, including the UK 2 hit Call Me. In France it was hit in French for Nicoletta. Before Ferry got his greasy hair all over it, Read more….

Part 2 of the edition of A Life In Vinyl covers, naturally enough, the second half of the year, starting in July Vol. I do remember that the LP was on heavy rotation in December that year, though. During that summer, British TV presented an all-night pop show.

Also part of the show was the song that kicks off this collection. The festival was also broadcast in Europe; possibly made in cooperation with European TV stations.

Just a year after Live Aid but just before the domination of globalisation, this was quite an exciting venture. Lunatics were advocating Brexit then already, of course, but they were still an idiotic minority. I suppose most of the acts here are well-known, certainly to readers of this corner of the Internet.

But US readers might not know much about acts like The Housemartins. And it was Bono who first signed them to the U2-owened label Mother, and co-produced the first version of The Bridge, which I bought on single in The version featured here is that from the Urban Beaches LP, which was also their final album until One feature of the UK charts in finds no inclusion here, though in one instance I contributed to its manifestation.

That year the soap opera Eastenders broke so big that it produced three big hits, two of them related to its storylines.

Every Loser Wins, sung by actor Nick Berry as character Wicksy, was a plot device to score a romance that ended with the luckless guy being jilted at the altar. After the aborted wedding episode, which made newspaper headlines, the song topped the charts and ended up being the second-biggest selling single of the year. There are many records I regret buying; this was one of them. Maybe a bit like this lot — but these tracks have a way of taking me back to my magical time as a year-old in London in Steve Winwood — Higher Love 2.

Daryl Hall — Dreamtime 4. Human League — Human 5. Cameo — Word Up 7. Cactus World News — The Bridge 9. Michael McDonald — Sweet Freedom Swing Out Sister — Breakout Alison Moyet — Is This Love? The laziness of using that song to illustrate the suffering of famine based on one line taken completely out of context still annoys me.

Besides creating a lot of great power pop with The Cars, Ocasek was also a producer. His best-known work in that area is that with Suicide. The Soprano The In Memoriam series usually does not include musicians from the field of classical music, but an exception may be made with the soprano Jessye Normanwho blazed many trails in her field.

As a friend of mine who had a friendship with Norman can testify, she was a kind, accessible and generous person. Occasionally Norman dabbled outside the field of opera and lieder, turning her talents to Cole Porter or Michel Legrand who preceded her in death by a few monthsand singing songs of religion.

Norman, who was raised as a Baptist, was a freestyling Christian who found greater religious impulse in the Girls Scouts, of whom she was one, than in church — and every year, like a good scout, she would sell thousands of boxes of cookies. Out of Money Eddie Money was the kind of singer Read more…. I count myself among those, even as I prefer to listen to Help. Abbey Road certainly was an audacious album, with its collection of half-finished songs on Side 2.

And what a collection of half-finished songs they are. The people who feature here obviously saw the genius that runs through the medley, and most covered these tracks as songs in their own, full right. Side 1 is rather hit-and-miss. His version is what the song deserves: not lacking in respect, but nothing that merits huge respect either. There are four bonus tracks of songs which The Beatles released on single during the Abbey Road timeframe.

Of those, Get Back gets a gratuitous airing, since it will reappear in a different version, obviously on Let It Be Recovered. Isaac Hayes — Something 3. Teddy Lee — Maxwells Silberhammer 4. Roberta Flack — Oh! Darling 5. Gary McFarland — Because 9.

The Bee Gees — Sun King Cornershop — Mean Mr. London Sympathy Orchestra — The End Tok Tok Tok — Her Majesty This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of Tamla Motown. Often this involved The Temptations, who sometimes originated a hit for others, and other times had a hit with a song previously recorded by others. And sometimes, there was a straight swap, as it was between The Temptations and The Undisputed Truth. It did not perform spectacularly well, peaking at 63 in the US charts.

A year later, songwriter Norman Whitfield gave the song to the Temptations when he produced their All Directions album, on which it appeared as a minute workout. The shortened single version went on to top the US charts in Edwards was LP) that line, leading him to suspect that Whitfield had written the line knowing of that particular detail.

For his troubles, Various - Jazz Spectrum Vol. 19 - Big Band Classics (Vinyl Temptations dismissed Whitfield as their producer. And when Whitfield left Motown, the Undisputed Truth followed him. And then went to The Temptations…. The anti-Vietnam protest song appeared originally on the Temptations Psychedelic Shack album.

By popular request, Motown decided to release War as a single — but not by the Temptations, because the label did not want to associate its big stars with political causes. So Motown gave the song to a relative unknown who two years earlier had enjoyed his solitary hit. And guess who appears on the backing track… The Undisputed Truth. The song was written Read more…. Over generations, being a teenager in Germany meant that you were likely to read Bravo magazine — and probably get your sex education from its pages.

At its inception in AugustBravo was a magazine about movie and TV stars. This changed in the s as pop music became mainstream. With its target market being teenagers, much of the focus was Various - Jazz Spectrum Vol. 19 - Big Band Classics (Vinyl the stars whom that age group, especially girls, loved. And sometimes Bravo was pretty cutting edge, LP) punk before it broke big even in Britain. Johnny Rotten happily gave interviews to Bravowith surprising sincerity.

Every edition had at least one centre-spread poster, several single-page posters, and often double-sided A2-sized posters. Boscha: Harp Concerto 1. FISK gtr. Katz: Psalms. Weiss: American Life.

PO in all. Nonesuch 1 D Dvorak: Quartets, Opp. Samuel Chapter. H S K. Sextet in Eb, Op. H S Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. German CO. H S Handel: Water Music. H S Dances of Mozart, Beethoven. H S Rochberg: Quartet 3. H S Wuorinen: Percussion Symphony. H S "Baroque Brass Festival. Still: Symphony 3.

Folk Suite 4. GROH, U. Fine: Romanza; Knight: Instances. Superlative landmark set! Martin-in-the-Fields their 2nd record! Berg: 4 Pieces, Op. Hurwitz, Liddell, Weil, Spinks. George's Canzona. Oboe Sonatina. Anthony Singers, Philomusica of London. Marriner, C. Pini, Dupre, Dart. ANDRE, tpt. PEARS, ens. DART clavichord. Martin-in-the-Fields [debut]. PETIT pf. BJ, libretto. Gerber: 5 Dylan Thomas Settings. Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier--exc. Mozart: Don Giovanni--exc.

Overtone 6 Buxtehude: Herr, auf dich traue ich; Singet dem Herrn. Lauda Sion salvatorem; Jesu, meine Freude. Thomas's Episcopal Church, New Haven, inst. Paul's Cathedral organ, London. All w. Prague RSO commemorative set. PLP Wagner: Overtures. From Czech 78s. PLP Schubert: Symphony 6. Penzance 17 Tchaikovsky: Concerto 1. Perennial Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. Transfer superior to EMI dubbing. Program note insert. Paris CO. Schubert: Quartettsatz. SHO Beethoven: Symphony 9. Piano Pieces, Op.

Schubert: Quintet in C. Strauss, Mozart, Gounod, R. Mortensen: Wind Quintet. Brevik: Elegy. Olsen: 7 Krokann Songs. Variations on a Norwegian Folk Tune. Italian pressing. Philips U. RFR matrix. Ingalls "Vermont Harmony 2". Poseidon Society S Hovhaness: St. Vartan Symphony. Never on CD. Very short-lived release. Copland coached by the composer. LPX J. Aranyi: Songs; folk songs all arr. Bach: Violin Sonata 5, in F.

Rarissima 34 Beethoven: Trio, Op. Individually cut acetate disc. CAL Beethoven: Symphony 3. CAL Franck: Symphony. A; nasty LSM. CAL Brahms: Symphony 3. Brahms: Academic Festival Overture. Various - Jazz Spectrum Vol. 19 - Big Band Classics (Vinyl Orpheus in Hades Overture. From unpublished 78s; first edition of major historical item by the great Liszt pupil Moriz Rosenthal. Bonus 10" interview disc. Kavafian, Sherry, P. Glinka: Valse-Fantasie. Jacket bottom repaired. LBC Chausson: Symphony.

Franck: Psyche--exc. Gold label. Box damaged. LM Brahms: Symphony 4. LM Chopin: Preludes, Op. LM Brahms: Double Concerto. Small scrape on jacket. A; tiny X. LM Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. Boxed with text.

LM Beethoven: Overtures. AS in set. LM "Studies in Improvisation. Foss, Dufallo, Delancey, Colf. Khachaturian: Sonata, Op. LM 2 Puccini: La Boheme.

LM 3 Bach: Mass in b. No text. SD label. LM 5 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. WD label. Magnificent performances! VIC Verdi: Otello--exc. Australian issue. Recorded Publications Co. Prichard, J. Clarke, Bach, J.

Z S "Music from Central, Vol. Wesley, Matthews, Haydn, Mozart, E. Wolf, C. York, A. Cox, et al. Relief RL Beethoven: Symphony 3. Superior remastering of Remington recording; short-lived Swiss reissue. Short-lived superior remastering of Remington recording. RL Beethoven: Symphony 7. RL Brahms: Symphony 4. Remington 10" R 15 Schubert: Symphony 8. Strauss: Gypsy Baron--exc. R Dvorak: Slavonic Dances, Op. Late pressing. Glazounov: Violin Concerto. R 66 2 Haydn: 7 Last Words of Christ.

Thomas Church, N. A; harmless mark. NESS, Phila. Minor jacket damage. No booklet as issued? Rococo Bach: Concerto for 2 Pianos K. SIPE, St. Paul CO. BJ as issued? Hoffmann: Miserere in bb. Single record from private set. Sainz de la Maza. Direct-to-disc recording. Palestrina: 2 Motets; Anon. Live home performance, Marriner, Gibbs, Dupre, Dart.

Mark's Cathedral, Seattle. One of two LPs of Louis Persinger playing violin. Jacket corner scraped. Supraphon 1 11 S Haba: Nonet. The Path of Life--finale. The Mother--exc. Suite for Solo Bass Clarinet.

String Quartet Several microtonal works. La Revue de Cuisine. RAUCH pfet al. SUK QT. Sudek; A. Parsch: Hold Tight. Kostal: The Courage Stanzas.

Flosman: Overture for Winds. Telarc D St. DG D Beethoven: Concerto 5. Teldec 6. Miniature scores. Telefunken 6. Texts, scores. Texts, miniature scores. ROSS hpsi. HT 34 Debussy: Children's Corner; piano music. Ravel: Sonatine--mvts. Bach: Sinfonia, Op. German texts. Telefunken Eng. LGX Franck: Psyche--exc. Till Eulenspiegel. Duet II. Ultraphonic Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto 1. Alternate edition of scarce Regent issue. UN1 Bruckner: Symphony 7. UN1 Mozart: Serenade, K. UNLA M. Ernst LEVY.

AS, later edition. Unicorn Eng. VRS Mozart: Songs. Kabalevsky: Cello Concerto. SRV C. Bach: Concerto for Orchestra in D Steinberg forgery? Live performance; private edition.

Male Choir. Verlag Kolner Dom Dowel spine. PL Beethoven: Symphony 9. PL Chopin: Concerto 2. Schumann: Piano Concerto. PL Mendelssohn: Symphony 3. PL Schubert: Songs for male chorus. PL Bruckner: Symphony 9. PL Bach: Gamba Sonatas. PL 1 Chopin: Nocturnes, Vol. PL 2 Chopin: Nocturnes, Vol. PL Beethoven: Sonatas German Radio O. Excellent performance.

VL Paganini: Concerto 1 arr. Numerous mild PBs. Concerto for 2 Pianos. TV S Vivaldi: Gloria. Mozart: Exsultate; Benedictus sit Deus, K. French-Spanish libretto. W Brahms: Piano Quintet. W Schubert: Octet. W Brahms: Piano Quartet 2. W Brahms: Piano Quartet 3, Op.

Green label. WL Schubert: Quintet in C. WL Mozart: Clarinet Quintet. WL Bach: Cantata WL Brahms: Sonata 3, Op. Fiery performance by the young Lateiner. WST Schubert: Symphony 9. ABC label. XWN "Cello Encores. Gatefold album. Incredible blunder at end of First Concerto first movement. XWN Beethoven: 6 Overtures. Harp Concerto. XWN Beethoven: Concerto 3. XWN Schubert: Octet. XWN Tchaikovsky: Symphony 4. Machavariani:Violin Concerto.

XWN 2 Mahler: Symphony 7. SPEAR low clarinetset al. DAVIS pf, in all. DAVIS, pf. PLOG, et al tpt. New in New in. Pre-order Pre-order. Exclusive Exclusive. Signed Signed. Out of stock Out of stock.

Past event Past event. Originally released on Polydor, this is the first time the album gets the vinyl treatment since Now available as a gorgeously packaged deluxe vinyl edition, exclusively for Record Store Day Strictly limited to copies. More stock expected on Tuesday Originally released on Virgin Records inthis is the first time the album gets a vinyl release outside of Europe.

If we have stock left it will be available online from Saturday 29th April, strictly one per customer.

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