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Sometime Ago - La Fiesta

While the policies of subsequent Kings Liuva II —Witteric —and Gundemar — are unknown to us, Sisebut — embarked on Recared's course with renewed vigor. Soon after upholding the edict of compulsory baptism for children of mixed marriages, Sisebut instituted what was to become a recurring phenomenon in Spanish official policy, the first edicts expelling Jews from Spain. Following his decree that Jews must either convert or be expelled, some fled to Gaul or North Africawhile as many as 90, converted.

Many of these conversoslike those of later periods, maintained their Jewish identities in secret. Inthe Fourth Council of Toledowhile taking a stance in opposition to compulsory baptism, convened to address the problem of crypto-Judaism. It was decided that, if a professed Christian was determined to be a practicing Jew, his or her children were to be taken away to be raised in monasteries or trusted Christian households.

He directed the Sixth Council of Toledo to order that only Catholics could remain in the kingdom, and taking an unusual step further, Chintila excommunicated "in advance" any of his successors who did not act in accordance with his anti-Jewish edicts. Again, many converted while others chose exile. And yet the "problem" continued. The Eighth Council of Toledo in again tackled the issue of Jews within the realm. Further measures at this time included the forbidding of all Jewish rites including circumcision and the observation of the Shabbatand all converted Jews had to promise to put to death, either by burning or by stoningany of their brethren known to have relapsed to Judaism.

The council was aware that prior efforts had been frustrated by lack of compliance among authorities on the local level: therefore, anyone — including nobles and clergy — found to have aided Jews in the practice of Judaism was to be punished by seizure of one quarter of their property and excommunication.

These efforts again proved unsuccessful. The Jewish population remained sufficiently sizable as to prompt Wamba — to issue limited expulsion orders against them, and the reign of Erwig — also seemed vexed by the issue. The Twelfth Council of Toledo again called for forced baptism, and, for those who disobeyed, seizure of property, corporal punishment, exile, and slavery.

Jewish children over seven years of age were taken from their parents and similarly dealt with in Erwig also took measures to ensure that Catholic sympathizers would not be inclined to aid Jews in their efforts to subvert the council's rulings.

Heavy fines awaited any nobles who acted in favor of the Jews, and members of the clergy who were remiss in enforcement were subject to a number of punishments. Egica —recognizing the wrongness of forced baptismrelaxed the pressure on the conversosbut kept it up on practicing Jews.

Economic hardships included increased taxes and the forced sale, at a fixed price, of all property ever acquired from Christians. This effectively ended all agricultural activity for the Jews of Spain. Furthermore, Jews were not to engage in commerce with the Christians of the kingdom nor conduct business with Christians overseas. Inat the Council of Toledo, Jews were condemned to slavery by the Visigoths because of a plot to revolt against them encouraged by the Eastern Roman Empire and Romans still residing in Spain.

Under the Catholic Visigoths persecutions increases. The degree of complicity which the Jews had in the Islamic invasion in is uncertain. Yet, openly treated as enemies in the country in which they had resided for generations, it would be no surprise for them to have appealed to the Moors to the south, quite tolerant in comparison to the Visigoths, for aid. In any case, in they were accused of conspiring with Muslims across the Mediterranean. Declared traitors, Jews, including baptized Jews, found their property confiscated and themselves enslaved.

This decree exempted only the converts who dwelt in the mountain passes of Septimaniawho were necessary for the kingdom's protection. The Eastern Roman Empire sent its navy on numerous occasions at the end of the 7th and beginning of the 8th centuries to try to instill uprisings in the Jewish and Christian Roman populations in Spain and Gaul against their Visigoth and Frankish rulers, which was also aimed at halting the expansion of Muslim Arabs in the Roman world.

The Jews of Spain were utterly embittered and alienated by Catholic rule at the time of the Muslim invasion. The Moors were perceived as a liberating force [56] and welcomed by Jews eager to help them to administer the country.

In many conquered towns the Muslims left the garrison in the hands of the Jews before proceeding further north. Thus was initiated the period that became known as the " Golden Age " for Spanish Jews. With the victory of Tariq ibn Ziyad inthe lives of the Sephardim changed dramatically. For the most part, the invasion of the Moors was welcomed by the Jews of Iberia.

Both Muslim and Catholic sources tell us that Jews provided valuable aid to the invaders. The Chronicle of Lucas de Tuy records that when the Catholics left Toledo on Sunday before Easter to go to the Church of Saint Leocadia to listen to the divine sermon, the Jews acted treacherously and informed the Saracens. Then they closed the gates of the city before the Catholics and opened them for the Moors. Although in the cases of some towns, the behavior of the Jews may have been conducive to Muslim success, such was of limited impact overall.

In spite of the restrictions placed upon the Jews as dhimmislife under Muslim rule was one of great opportunity in comparison to Sometime Ago - La Fiesta under prior Catholic Visigothsas testified by the influx of Jews from abroad. To Jews throughout the Catholic and Muslim worlds, Iberia was seen as a land of relative tolerance and opportunity.

Following initial Arab-Berber victories, and especially with the establishment of Umayyad dynasty rule by Abd al-Rahman I inthe native Jewish community was joined by Jews from the rest of Europe, as well as from Arab territories from Morocco to Mesopotamia the latter region known as Babylonia in Jewish sources. Contacts with Middle Eastern communities were strengthened and it was during this time that the influence of the Babylonian academies of Sura and Pumbedita was at its greatest.

As a result, until the midth century, much of Sephardic scholarship focused on Halakha. Although not as influential, traditions of the Levantknown as Palestinewere also introduced, in an increased interest in Hebrew language and biblical studies.

Arabic culture, of course, also made a lasting impact on Sephardic cultural development. General reevaluation of scripture was prompted by Muslim anti-Jewish polemics and the spread of rationalismas well as the anti- Rabbanite polemics of Karaite Judaism. In adopting Arabic, as had the Babylonian geonimthe heads of the Talmudic Academies in Babylonianot only were the cultural and intellectual achievements of Arabic culture opened up to the educated Jew, but much of the scientific and philosophical speculation of Greek culture, which had been best preserved by Arab scholars, were as well.

The meticulous regard which the Arabs had for grammar and style also had the effect of stimulating an interest among Jews in philological matters in general. From the second half of the 9th century, most Jewish prose, including many non-halakhic religious works, were in Arabic.

The thorough adoption of Arabic greatly facilitated the assimilation of Jews into Arabic culture. Although initially the often bloody disputes among Muslim factions generally kept Jews out of the political sphere, the first approximately two centuries which preceded the " Golden Age " were marked by increased activity by Jews in a variety of professions, including medicine, commerce, finance, and agriculture.

By the ninth century, some members of the Sephardic community felt confident enough to take part in proselytizing amongst previously Jewish "Catholics". Each man, using such epithets as "wretched compiler", tried to convince the other to return to his former religion, to no avail. The inauguration of the Golden Age is closely identified with the career of his Jewish councillor, Hasdai ibn Shaprut — Originally a court physician, Shaprut's official duties went on to include the supervision of customs and foreign trade.

It was in his capacity as dignitary that he corresponded with the kingdom of the Khazarswho had converted to Judaism in the 8th century. It was within this context of cultural patronage that interest in Hebrew studies developed and flourished. In addition to being a poet himself, Hasdai encouraged and supported the work of other Sephardic writers. Subjects covered the spectrum, encompassing religion, nature, music, and politics, as well as pleasure.

For the only time between Biblical times and the origins of the modern state of Israela Jew Samuel ha-Nagid commanded a Jewish army. Hasdai benefitted world Jewry not only indirectly by creating a favorable environment for scholarly pursuits within Iberia, but also by using his influence to intervene on behalf of foreign Jews, as is reflected in his letter to the Byzantine Princess Helena.

In it he requested protection for the Jews under Byzantine rule, attesting to the fair treatment of the Christians of al-Andalusand indicating that such was contingent on the treatment of Jews abroad. The intellectual achievements of the Sephardim of al-Andalus influenced the lives of non-Jews as well.

Thought by many to have been written by a Christian, this work was admired by Christians and studied in monasteries throughout the Middle Ages.

In addition to training the mind in logical yet abstract and subtle modes of thought, the study of the natural world, as the direct study of the work of the Creator, was ideally a way to better understand and become closer to God. Following in the tradition of the Talmud and the Midrashmany of the most notable Jewish philosophers were dedicated to the field of ethics although this ethical Jewish rationalism rested on the notion that traditional approaches had not been successful in their treatments of the subject in that they were lacking in rational, scientific arguments.

In addition to contributions of original work, the Sephardim were active as translators. Greek texts were rendered into Arabic, Arabic into Hebrew, Hebrew and Arabic into Latin, and all combinations of vice versa. In translating the great works of Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek into Latin, Iberian Jews were instrumental in bringing the fields of science and philosophy, which formed much of the basis of Renaissance learning, into the rest of Europe.

In its stead arose the independent taifa principalities under the rule of local Arab, Berber, Slavicor Muwallad leaders. Rather than having a stifling effect, the disintegration of the caliphate expanded the opportunities to Jewish and other professionals. The services of Jewish scientists, doctors, traders, poets, and scholars were generally valued by the Christian as well as Muslim rulers of regional centers, especially as recently conquered towns were put back in order.

Among the most prominent Jews to serve as viziers in the Muslim taifas were the ibn Nagrelas or Naghrela. In addition to his roles as policy director and military leader as one of only two Jews to command Muslim armies — the other being his son JosephSamuel ibn Nagrela was an accomplished poet, and his introduction to the Talmud is standard today.

His son Joseph ibn Naghrela also acted as vizier. He was murdered in the Granada massacre. There were other Jewish viziers serving in SevilleLucenaand Saragossa. The Granada massacre of was an anti-Jewish pogrom that took place in Granada in when a Muslim mob stormed the royal palace where Joseph had sought refuge, then crucified him.

After that, the instigators attacked Jewish families, killing approximately 4, Granada Jews. The Golden Age ended before the completion of the Christian Reconquista. The Granada massacre was one of the earliest signs of a decline in the status of Jews, which resulted largely from the penetration and influence of increasingly zealous Islamic sects from North Africa.

Following the fall of Toledo to Christians inthe ruler of Seville sought relief from the Almoravides. This ascetic sect abhorred the liberality of the Islamic culture of al-Andalusincluding the position of authority that some dhimmis held over Muslims. In addition to battling the Christians, who were gaining ground, the Almoravides implemented numerous reforms to bring al-Andalus more in line with their notion of proper Islam.

In spite of large-scale forcible conversions, Sephardic culture was not entirely decimated. Members of Lucena's Jewish community, for example, managed to bribe their way out of conversion. As the spirit of Andalusian Islam was absorbed by the Almoravides, policies concerning Jews were relaxed.

The poet Moses ibn Ezra continued to write during this time, and several Jews served as diplomats and physicians to the Almoravides. Wars in North Africa with Muslim tribes eventually forced the Almoravides to withdraw their forces from Iberia. As the Christians advanced, Iberian Muslims again appealed to their brethren to the south, this time Sometime Ago - La Fiesta those who had displaced the Almoravides in North Africa.

The Almohadswho had taken control of much of Islamic Iberia byfar surpassed the Almoravides in fundamentalist outlook, and they treated the dhimmis harshly. Jews and Christians were expelled from Morocco and Islamic Spain. Faced with the choice of either death or conversion, many Jews emigrated. Meanwhile, the Reconquista continued in the north.

By the early 12th century, conditions for some Jews in the emerging Christian kingdoms became increasingly favorable. As had happened during the reconstruction of towns following the breakdown of authority under the Umayyads, the services of Jews were employed by the Christian leaders who were increasingly emerging victorious during the later Reconquista.

Their knowledge of the language and culture of the enemy, their skills as diplomats and professionals, as well as their desire for relief from intolerable conditions, rendered their services of great value to the Christians during the Reconquista — the very same reasons that they had proved useful to the Arabs in the early stages of the Moslem invasion. The necessity to have conquerors settle in reclaimed territories also outweighed the prejudices of anti-Semitismat least while the Moslem threat was imminent.

Thus, as conditions in Islamic Iberia worsened, immigration to Christian principalities increased. The Jews from the Muslim south were not entirely secure in their northward migrations, however.

Old prejudices were compounded by newer ones. Suspicions of complicity with the Moslems were alive and well as Jews immigrated from Muslim territories, speaking the Muslim tongue. However, many of the newly arrived Jews of the north prospered during the late eleventh and early twelfth centuries.

The majority of Latin documentation regarding Jews during this period refers to their landed property, fields, and vineyards. In many ways life had come full circle for the Sephardim of al-Andalus. As conditions became more oppressive in the areas under Muslim rule during the 12th and 13th centuries, Jews again looked to an outside culture for relief.

Christian leaders of reconquered cities granted them extensive autonomy, and Jewish scholarship recovered and developed as communities grew in size and importance Assis, p. However, the Reconquista Jews never reached the same heights as had those of the Golden Age. Catholic princes, [ who? In their operations against the Moors they did not spare the Jews, destroying their synagogues and killing their teachers and scholars.

In Leon many Jews owned real estate, and engaged in agriculture and viticulture as well as in the handicrafts; and here, as in other towns, they lived on friendly terms with the Christian population.

Alfonso VI, the conqueror of Toledowas tolerant and benevolent in his attitude toward the Jews, for which he won the praise of Pope Alexander II. To estrange the wealthy and industrious Jews from the Moors he offered the former various privileges. In the fuero of Najara Sepulveda, issued and confirmed by him inhe not only granted the Jews full equality with Catholics, but he even accorded them the rights enjoyed by the nobility.

To show their gratitude to the king for the rights granted them, the Jews willingly placed themselves at his and the country's service. Alfonso's army contained 40, Jews, who were distinguished from the other combatants by their black-and-yellow turbans; for the sake of this Jewish contingent the Battle of Sagrajas was not begun until after the Sabbath had passed.

Alfonso intended to punish the murderers and incendiaries, but died in June, before he could carry out his intention. Alfonso VIIwho assumed the title of Emperor of Leon, Toledo, and Santiago, curtailed in the beginning of his reign the rights and liberties which his father had granted the Jews. He ordered that neither a Jew nor a convert might exercise legal authority over Catholics, and he held the Jews responsible for the collection of the royal taxes.

Soon, however, he became more friendly, confirming the Jews in all their former privileges and even granting them additional ones, by which they were placed on equality with Catholics. Considerable influence with the king was enjoyed by Judah ben Joseph ibn Ezra Nasi. After the conquest of Calatrava the king placed Judah in command of the fortress, later making him his court chamberlain. Judah ben Joseph stood in such favor with the king that the latter, at his request, not only admitted into Toledo the Jews who had fled from the persecutions of the Almohades, but even assigned many fugitives dwellings in Flascala near ToledoFromistaCarrion, Palenciaand other places, where new congregations were soon established.

Jews fought in both armies, and after the declaration of peace they were placed in charge of the fortresses. When the king was defeated at the Battle of Alarcos by the Almohades under Yusuf Abu Ya'kub al-Mansurthe defeat was attributed to the king's love-affair with Fermosa, and she and her relatives were murdered in Toledo by the nobility.

After the victory at Alarcos the emir Muhammad al-Nasir ravaged Castile with a powerful army and threatened to overrun the whole of Catholic Spain. The Archbishop of Toledo called to crusade to aid Alfonso. In this war against the Moors the king was greatly aided by the wealthy Jews of Toledo, especially by his "almoxarife mayor", the learned and generous Nasi Joseph ben Solomon ibn Shoshan Al-Hajib ibn Amar. The Crusaders were hailed with joy in Toledo, but this joy was soon changed to sorrow, as far as the Jews were concerned.

The Crusaders began the "holy war" in Toledo by robbing and killing the Jews, and if the knights had not checked them with armed forces all the Jews in Toledo would have been slain. When, after the battle of Las Navas de TolosaAlfonso victoriously entered Toledo, the Jews went to meet him in triumphal procession. Shortly before his death Oct. The clergy's endeavors against the Jews became more and more pronounced.

Spanish Jews of both sexes, like the Jews of France, were compelled to distinguish themselves from Catholics by wearing a yellow badge on their clothing; this order was issued to keep them from associating with Catholics, although the reason given was that it was ordered for their own safety.

The papal bull issued by Pope Innocent IV in Aprilto the effect that Jews might not build a new synagogue without special permission, also made it illegal for Jews to proselytize, under pain of death and confiscation of property. They might not associate with the Catholics, live under the same roof with them, eat and drink with them, or use the same bath; neither might a Catholic partake of wine which had been prepared by a Jew.

The Jews might not employ Catholic nurses or servants, and Catholics might use only medicinal remedies which had been prepared by competent Catholic apothecaries. Jews were also forbidden to appear in public on Good Friday.

They owned real estate, and they cultivated their land with their own hands; they filled public offices, and on account of their industry they became wealthy while their knowledge and ability won them respect and influence. But this prosperity roused the jealousy of the people and provoked the hatred of the clergy; the Jews had to suffer much through these causes. The Jews were vassals of the king, the same as Christian commoners. Starring Tom Hardy, this superhero sequel turns into a slapstick blood bath about two threesomes both in desperate need of throuples therapy.

A family outing attracts mysterious, menacing uninvited guests in this grinding New Zealand thriller. An American finance executive leaves behind her cushy life in favor of a musical career in this humdrum romance set in the Scottish Highlands. A group of female insurgents hunt down weary men in this halfhearted, half-feminist fantasy from Karen Cinorre. Show search and filters Search. Visit tasteatthecove. This action builds on actions from two years ago when chair Nathan Fletcher, then the lone Democrat on the Board of Supervisors, was instrumental in securing funds in the county budget for improved and faster beach water testing.

The program is available to more thanchildren in the 42 school districts in San Diego County. Longfellow K-8 Spanish Immersion School broke ground in late July for a new learning garden, intended to be a learning resource for the students as well as for the community of Bay Park. After a lengthy pause, the Legacy Team has now organized with the Garden Committee to restart the project and began construction in late July with the aim of completing the work in late August, prior to students returning to campus.

Multicultural Health Foundation is one of more than nonprofits that was honored by their state senators and assemblymembers for their tremendous contributions to the communities they serve.

We are deeply humbled to be recognized by Assemblymember Dr. The new space features 7,square-feet of communal and private dining, a full cantina, outdoor patio, house and guest DJs, and weekly live music for patrons. The festival will feature a variety of native plant-themed activities for both kids and adults, including artists, vendors, exhibitors, and live music. A selection of chapter-grown native plants will be available for sale.

This will be an opportunity to spotlight both the importance and the joy of California native plants for both enthusiasts and novices alike. Come learn about the significance of California native plants for creating habitat and biodiversity.

For more information on the festival, visit cnpssd. Upon arrival, check-in at the VIP desk to receive a wristband for the barbecue. The program will begin at 5 p. PAESAN is an annual tradition in Pacific Beach, a community barbecue and awards ceremony honoring the first responders who serve the community. Each year, a group is honored and supported rotating between lifeguards, firefighters, park rangers and police. Typically, PBTC purchases items that are needed but not funded for first responders in the current City budget.

Find tickets at pbtowncouncil. This year, the PBTC is celebrating our 70th anniversary. That's a milestone for any organization. But for a small nonprofit, 70 years is a huge accomplishment. I'm grateful to be a part of it. Nightingale Music will provide music and crafts. The police, firefighters, lifeguards, and parks staff will nominate one of their own to receive the PBTC Service Award. RSVP by Sept.

This year, attendees will enjoy a leisurely stroll on this self-guided food tour between Dawes and Lamont streets.

Sample a great variety of menus from local restaurants. Will call will be at Garnet Ave. Tickets will have a map on the back to help guide patrons through the neighborhood. In honor of Sept. Janitorial, landscaping and sidewalk pressure washing activities continue, along with several new projects that will improve the appearance and enjoyability of the district.

A project to replace declining floral arrangements growing in hanging baskets located in the district began in July. The condition of these hanging flower baskets will be improved with the planting of red zonal geraniums.

An election to fill several Enhance La Jolla board positions will be held in September. All applicants, including current board members seeking re-election, will be required to submit detailed applications. The application form is available at enhancelajolla.

Voting will occur online, and election results will be announced during the Oct. If you see an issue needing attention within the district, contact Enhance La Jolla at or [email protected]. During this family friendly event, guests will meet slimy sea creatures, learn about mysterious animals from the sea, and get up close with spooky science. Costumes, especially those that are ocean-themed, are encouraged.

Haunted Aquarium tickets will go on sale Sept. The aquarium continues to operate at a limited capacity, and to require face coverings for all guests ages 2 and up indoors and outdoors regardless of vaccination status. Capacity for Haunted Aquarium is limited to allow for social distancing and the event is anticipated to sell out. Tickets must be purchased online in advance. General admission aquarium tickets cannot be used for Haunted Aquarium. Children ages 2 and under are free, and children under 16 must be accompanied by a paid adult.

Participants to meet at Duck Dive at 11 a. After venturing to the beach to help pick up trash and keep the coast looking pristine, participants can join Duck Dive for happy hour, which consists of hosted cocktails from Humboldt Distillery, Mr. There will also be hotdogs. Starting on Aug. While construction began in AprilBelmont Sometime Ago - La Fiesta Senior Living and Greystar have been collaborating on the project since late Belmont is collaborating with the UC San Diego Stein Institute for Research on Aging on the programs and activities that will be available to residents — all designed to promote resilience and well-being.

The free, family friendly festival will have two stages of live music, action sports on the sand, a fish taco contest, shopping and more. The event will be held along the boardwalk from Felspar to Thomas streets in Pacific Beach. Join DPB for its 23rd anniversary with more than 50, visitors for the biggest party on the beach. For a complete list of activities, register for the 5k or any action sports and see the upcoming music line up. The board has appointed a nominating committee to whom nominations may be made by submitting a petition or letter.

The nomination petition or letter must be submitted to the nominating committee by Sept. The annual meeting of the board of directors is scheduled for Oct. However, the business improvement district has maxed out on the funding available for clean up.

DPB is asking the business community to help it out by maintaining curbside trash barrels and the area outside businesses as needed. If each business could monitor their area at this time, it would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to formally volunteer for a regular clean up shift or organize a monthly clean up, email [email protected]. Opening pull is at 7 p. Coming off back-to-back wins over LA, the Growlers have officially clinched a home playoff game for the second consecutive season.

With a win this Friday, the Growlers would lock in their second straight win season, after going and winning the West Division in The two winning seasons come after the Growlers franchise started with a combined record through their first four seasons. Chef Bernard recently got married and introduced us to his new born son. So after 27 years, he is hanging up his apron to spend time with his family. Under his leadership as the executive chef, Bernard has been honored Best Chef in San Diego, and The Marine Room as best restaurant for countless years.

He published two books, which brought him a tremendous amount of press not only locally in San Diego but also nationally and internationally. He traveled the globe cooking and is a well-known radio and TV personality. The Marine Room offers diners global cuisine rooted in French classics.

Its spectacular views, exemplary service and outstanding wine list have made it a dining destination for over seven decades. Visit MarineRoom. A lot of local people signed up to volunteer, but only a handful have shown up for each work session so far. The project really needs volunteer help in order to stay on schedule.

Remember, you don't have to be an artist, just be willing to help up; pick a time and show up: Friday, Aug. What do the mosaicked surfboards look like? Check out the video! Discover PB has maxed out on the funding available for clean up. They are asking the business community to help out by maintaining curbside trash barrels and the area outside your business as needed. The project, to be conducted by volunteers and community members in the western central area of Pacific Beach, will be from to 5 p.

Saturday, Aug. It is the only community-led traffic count conducted regularly in San Diego County, and one of the few that consistently tracks all modes of transportation including pedestrians, skaters, e-scooters, and cars on PB Pathways.

Volunteers will be meeting at the corner of Cass Street and Felspar Street. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. For more information and to RSVP, contact [email protected]. The first is Dr. The event is free. To register, go to ljcommunitycenter. FIDO is switching gears to focus on improvements to the area to make it even more enjoyable for all users and our furry friends.

FIDO is asking if any members or supporters in the civil engineering field might work pro bono or with a nonprofit discount on maintenance and improvement projects for berm-to-shore trails.

FIDO is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization working to preserve the fenced off-leash area on Fiesta Island. The Key Lime Pie for Two will be available for purchase for both lunch and dinner. Earlier this month, Hubbs attached a transmitter on each animal to be able to collect data that will provide information on location, movements, and behavior of these seals. Over the next months dependent on their moltingthe Hubbs research team will be able to track the movements of the fur seals in near-real-time via satellite, which will allow them to map where the animals have been as well as their current location.

Watch the animals being returned to the water here. Additional information about the Institute can be found at hswri. The action authorizes the San Diego Foundation to administer these funds to help small businesses and nonprofits sustain operations and retain employees so they can economically recover from the impacts of COVID This funding will be administered through grants by the San Diego Foundation starting next week. More information on qualifications and the application process will be made available soon.

To find updated funding availability, visit sandiego. Estancia wanted to create a special collaboration event where chefs could play, collaborate and create for a unique guest chef series event.

Taking place at Estancia in their olive tree lined garden, attendees can enjoy a decadent multi-coursed dinner under the stars paired with a curated cocktail and or wine to accompany the meal.

The series kicks off on Aug. Limited tickets are available. Cocktail attire is mandatory — meaning a cocktail dress or gown for women, and a tuxedo or suit with a jacket and tie for men. Tickets to the Gatsby Summer Gala can be purchsed here. Further details, including location and times will be sent with ticket confirmation. With a finish line event at Sometime Ago - La Fiesta Point Park in Mission Bay, the fifth Pedal the Pacific team completed their seven-week bike tour that sparks conversation and raises awareness about the under reported issue.

New hours of service are: Monday-Tuesday from a. Wednesday-Saturday from a. Sunday: Closed. For all of the latest information about library services visit sandiego. Goodwill provides a great work environment with plenty of opportunities to grow and learn. We have a variety of positions available throughout the organization. Be interviewed in-person at all Hiring Tuesday events every Tuesday from 11 a.

Applicants must apply online at sdgoodwill. Pacific Beach Town Council is especially focused on high-traffic entry points into PB, because first impressions matter. Check in is at 7 a. The event lasts until 9 a. Join the alliance for free food from United Women of East Africa, live music from Mariachi Victoria de San Diego, inspiring speakers, volleyball, a pinata and an opportunity drawing.

On Aug. Seniors who arrive in either emergency department at UC San Diego Health are treated by a team of specialists in geriatric emergency medicine, including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, social workers and case managers. As a group, these clinicians focus on senior-specific issues, such as fall risk, cognitive and memory problems and medication interactions — all common issues when treating older adults.

Additionally, the team seeks to reduce hospital admissions and re-admissions for seniors, and work with patients and caretakers to ensure a smooth transition back home.

Wear a mask. Graduated seniors: If the distribution time does not work for your family, email Mrs. Haz before distribution day for alternative pick up. Friends or other family members can also pick up on distribution day. Questions can be directed to [email protected]. Robert was appointed president and chief executive officer of Evans Hotels in It is easy to participate by submitting your favorite pet photo at sdhumane.

Then get family and friends to vote for your pet's photo through Aug. All photo entries with five votes or more are guaranteed inclusion in the calendar or on the collage pages. For more information how to participate in the Photo Fundraiser, visit sdhumane.

A total of 30 in-person and Zoom meetings will take place across the district through September. The year-round nonstop flights operate once daily.

Air Canada began operations at SAN in Decemberproviding up to three flights daily to Vancouver before the suspension. Now that the Canadian government is opening the border on Aug. For schedule and tickets, visit aircanada. The deadline to submit applications is Aug. Winners will be recognized at the annual Torch Awards for Ethics celebration on Sept.

Applications are accepted at torchessay. To request a paper application or for more details, email [email protected]. The initiative will be carried out in two parts. Community Mode: This reporting tool in the Bird app allows anyone to quickly contact their local Bird support team about any misparked or damaged Bird scooters they encounter on the street. Heinlein blood drive continues through Aug. Sizes subject to availability and while supplies last.

Appointments are encouraged and available at SanDiegoBloodBank. Over the past 44 years, donors at Comic-Con have donated 34, pints of blood, potentially impacting up tolives. AB gives high school students a limited window of time to take advantage of the grade change option. San Diego school districts are required to notify parents and students of the option in writing, and post a grade change request form on their website by the week of Aug.

Once the form is provided, parents and students have 15 days to submit the form to their school. A unique fusion of ecology, nature, and technology, EcoLogik connects the next generation of environmental stewards to the natural resources and science.

Funded by the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation, the camp makes technology more accessible to students while inspiring them to choose careers in STEM fields. Esteban is excited to raise Filipino cuisine to the forefront of San Diego's culinary experience. Prior to Covid, Esteban and his team operated Craft Meals Cateringspecializing in business lunches and corporate clients, with offices across San Diego County closing in Marchthe company quickly expanded their operations and launched a meal program preparing and delivering Filipino Silog rice bowls across southern San Diego County.

The success and demand for these rice bowls turned into an opportunity to open a physical location, an extension of the meal service company in the form of a food stall within Liberty Public Market. White Rice hours are 11 a. Both divisions will feature player singles draws with the top 32 players receiving a first-round bye.

There will also be team doubles draws with the top 16 teams getting first-round byes. In New York in the s, the performer whom everyone wanted to see live was Florence Foster Jenkins, an enthusiastic soprano whose pitch was far from perfect. But this delusional and joyously happy woman paid little attention to her critics, comfortably surrounded by devoted friends who were almost as eccentric as she was. The play spins from Florence's charity recitals and extravagant balls, through to her bizarre recording sessions and ultimate triumph at Carnegie Hall in a hilarious and heart-warming comedy.

The production is scheduled to open Sept. Blood and platelet donations continue to be critical to meet hospital demand and the public is urged to make an appointment to give now.

The Red Cross needs to collect more than 1, additional blood donations each day to meet the current hospital demand and end the severe blood shortage. Donors of all blood types are needed, especially type O, which stands at just a one-day supply right now.

To thank donors who help ensure a strong blood and platelet supply in August, all who come to give Aug. Those who come to donate throughout August will also receive a free four-month subscription offer to Apple Music by email new subscribers only. More details are available at RedCrossBlood. PLHS is currently looking to hire a new head coach for both field hockey and lacrosse.

If interested, send resume with references to athletic director Manny Diaz at [email protected]. TwainFest will take place Saturday, Aug. TwainFest is an all-day free festival celebrating Mark Twain and the literature and culture of 19th century America. The Age-Friendly Communities grant is open to San Diego-based nonprofit organizations to further assist older San Diegans in low-income and underserved communities throughout the San Diego region.

The grant application window is open now through 5 p. To apply for the AFC grant, visit sdfoundation. With previous stints at GoPro, Element, Oakley, and Nike, Scott brings more than two decades worth of sports marketing experience to Blenders.

Sitting atop the West Division through the first eight weeks of the season, the Growlers will look to continue their push for a home playoff game with four games remaining in the regular season. In their last meeting against Seattle, the Growlers rallied late in the fourth quarter to force overtime and secure the eventual win. Launching from Eppig Brewing at 30th St.

Once completed, the lane will increase bike and pedestrian access to local businesses along 30th Street. In the meantime, be sure you have Oct. Registration is open and award nominations are being accepted. Find all the details at sdcta. DOGust, Aug. Attendees of the event will get to meet adoptable dogs from local dog rescue The Animal Padreceive a complimentary dog caricature from local artist poisonousmeface painting by Art by Wendy and Debbo, special frozen treats from Paw Pleasers and be entered to win some awesome prizes including memberships to TrustedHousesitters, branded bandanas, T-shirts and gift cards.

The facility provides a convenient location for the public to pick up and drop off live animals or bulky cargo items shipped in the bellies of passenger jets. Local oncologists are participating in a new initiative encouraging Californians to schedule potentially lifesaving cancer screenings. The initiative lets consumers access information on the importance of screening and find local cancer screening locations through a website and toll-free hotline. People can visit TimeToScreen.

The nonprofit also installed its most diverse board of directors in its century-plus-old history, the majority of the member body being women. The fundraiser kicked off on July 1 and its getting closer to the goal. Through the end of the month, donations can be made at sdccu. The annual U. News evaluates hospitals in 16 adult specialties and 10 procedures and conditions in order to determine the ranking.

More than 4, hospitals are evaluated each year. Bring blankets or low back chairs to sit on. Only 30 seats left. RSVP [email protected] to reserve your spot. We thank God that the car did not reach our sanctuary, or the parsonage where our pastor resides.

Given the several accidents that have occurred in this part of La Jolla, we feel that there is a need for police presence to stop these reckless automobile and motorcycle drivers. This is a peaceful residential area where my family and I have been living for nearly 20 years. We wonder what it will take for the City and the peace officers to clamp down on these traffic lawbreakers.

If you have any other questions, you can contact Sarahor Melanie. Front and back entrances will once again be available. Bring your member or visitor ID cards to gain entrance to the building.

Please click here for all of the important information related to returning to the JCC. In-person services include item checkout, computer usage, printing, holds pickup, reference, browsing, library account assistance. Hours of service are Mondays-Saturdays from a. Boards and commissions advise and help make important policy decisions on topics including arts, finance, public parks, policing and more.

At onboard. The management tool will allow staff to receive and manage applications online, track membership Sometime Ago - La Fiesta time and across boards, generate reports related to term expirations and vacancies, and securely store and manage membership data.

Voters are urged to check their voter registration now to get a mail ballot at their address later. Mail ballots start going out the week of Aug. If your information is up to date, you can expect your ballot in your mailbox that same week. Have you moved since you last voted? Whether you are new to San Diego County or just moved down the street, you need to re-register to vote with your new information. You can do this by completing a new voter registration application online at sdvote.

Registration forms are also available if you call or email [email protected]. By working with ProduceGood, a nonprofit that engages local volunteers to harvest excess produce in backyards, on farms, and at farmers markets, Feeding San Diego continues to amplify its mission to connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue. The latest expansion in hours brings the majority of recreation centers back to their normal hours of operation from before the COVID pandemic impacted operations last year.

In addition to expanded hours, more recreational programming has been made available for people to enjoy. Residents are encouraged to call the recreation center directly for specific updates. No limit on bag purchases. Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish will be available at each public hearing.

Comments provided at the public hearings will be documented and responded to within the final Regional Plan. Gafcon provides comprehensive services in construction, program and project management, as well as construction and technology consulting support. The event link will be sent to everyone who registers. For more information, visit Point Loma Playhouse — Home. For a schedule of events and more information, visit sdpride.

For Summerthe Gaslamp Quarter brings you: Throwback Thursdays: With extended happy hour specials running Sometime Ago - La Fiesta 8 p. Hosted by Sunset Roller Club, Island between 4th and 6th from p. Gaslamp Disco: Saturday nights from p. This outdoor and silent disco experience for the whole family takes place right in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter at 5th and Island.

A percentage of the proceeds of each event will be donated to The Gaslamp Quarter Association. Gaslamp Flicks: Happy hour followed by some outdoor cinema! Underneath the iconic arch will be a double-header of movies on July 23 and Aug.

The expansion of the home now includes a library, a wraparound porch, a spa, and a car elevator. CAF is a local organization dedicated to providing opportunities and support to people with physical challenges so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. While their fur baby roams free and makes pals, mom and dad can socialize with fellow dog lovers. LawnStarter ranked 97 U. Jennewein will depart from her role as first vice chair to replace Adam Welland as chair.

An experienced leader in the Jewish community for the past 20 years, Jennewein served as president of Hillel of San Diego from to and to From toJennewein was president of the Congregation Beth Israel. Apply at coxcharitiesca. Grant recipients will be announced in September. All of the ticket sales will benefit the San Diego Food Bank.

Tickets available at sandiegofoodbank. This is an important step and I will continue to work to explore anything else we can do to protect our region. Awards recognize local changemakers committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Nominations open now until Aug. Award winners to be announced at an Oct. To submit nominations for the ILIA awards, visit risesandiego.

For more information, visit akc. On July 24, at p. Twenty percent of all tickets sold to the game will be donated to SD Pride. To learn more, visit sdloyal. The Growlers will look to build on their record against Texas opponents this season, as the Sol travel to SoCal. Thursday, July 8. On Saturday, July 10, from a. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla.

Soledad in La Jolla. Tyagi died at the scene. We all share the same roads and need to pay close attention at all times to our surroundings. Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, MD, brings an extensive background in maternal-fetal medicine, clinical research, academic education and lessons learned from the global pandemic to her new role.

She chose UC San Diego because of its innovative research environment, rich leadership history and remarkable patient care. As a board-certified maternal-fetal medicine specialist, Gyamfi-Bannerman is internationally recognized for her work in obstetric complications, with a primary focus on preterm birth, both in prevention and in the use of antenatal corticosteroids, or steroids.

Banners were strung across the street. A huge American flag in the neighborhood proudly proclaims loyalty and national pride. The annual event is sponsored by a local group of men in the neighborhood who call themselves El Barracho and wear black T-shirts with their group's name. The Wilbur Street El Barrachos said they started the tradition in because they all had small children at the time, and the beaches were so crowded July 4th, that it was better to party at home.

So they use ladders every year to suspend banners across the street and hang a flag high up between trees. Lower UVB exposure was significantly correlated with higher rates of colorectal cancer across all age groups. After other factors, such as skin pigmentation, life expectancy and smoking were considered, the association between lower UVB and risk of colorectal cancer remained significant for people aged 45 and older.

Lower UVB exposure may reduce levels of vitamin D, wrote the authors. Vitamin D deficiency has previously been associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer.

The authors suggested that future research could look directly at the potential benefits of correcting vitamin D deficiencies to reduce colorectal cancer risk, especially in older age groups. The Women's Museum will be bringing the Women of Pride exhibit to the celebration. Edmons is stepping down for personal and health reasons prior to the start of the season in September.

After 25 incredible years with such incredible and inspirational students, families, and colleagues, I knew it was time for me to step down and to make way for a new music director who can lead this historic organization to new heights.

Under his leadership, the organization has expanded from two to 13 ensembles and serves as many as students each year in the Balboa Park ensemble program.

Klosterman, Johnson, Lai and Montgomery started their terms on July 1. The San Diego Foundation Board of Governors is composed of volunteers with diverse professional backgrounds, who are involved in many community and charitable activities throughout San Diego.

Veterans and Active-Duty Military are free. Guests will enjoy refreshments, speeches from community members, program participants, and PPH representatives, and service dog demonstrations.

For more information about the Service Dog Graduation, contact [email protected]. EIS is committed to providing rich learning opportunities that prepare children for bright futures. EIS collaborates with schools, parents, businesses, and community partners to engage students in authentic, hands-on science learning.

EIS primarily supports children who live in neighborhoods with underfunded schools and lacking education enrichment programs. Roy is a staff engineer in the Engineering Process and Metrics Department at General Atomics and supports engineering and continuous improvement efforts. With her love of engineering and creative skills as a fashion designer, Roy has a passion for exposing youth to science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Scott Peters CA was among legislators introducing the resolution which will reinstate two key Obama-era rules that set stronger regulations on methane pollution emitted by the nation's oil and gas industry.

The production of oil and natural gas is the largest source of methane pollution in the United States. Republicans and Democrats united behind this important action because climate change is real and requires real solutions. Embedded in the timeline are crafted performances featuring participants involved with the organization through the years and currently.

Southwest Airlines is also increasing their service to Kahului, Maui from one flight daily to two flights daily. If so, now is the time to join the San Diego Children's Choir. Full schedule with locations was announced July 1.

To register or find out more email [email protected] or call or visit sdcchoir. For every bottle of Tribute, Imagery, and Cupcake wine sold on-premise, a portion of proceeds will be donated by the national non-profit.

Pets for Patriots was created to give the gifts of fidelity, joy, and love to veterans and pets through companion animal adoption. The organization works to build a nationwide network of rescue and veterinary partners, find homes for overlooked shelter animals, reduce the cost of pet guardianship to prevent veterans from returning adopted pets to shelters,and provide ongoing support to nurture the healing bonds between veterans and their adopted companion pets.

Fish Shop allows guests to create their own customizable dishes, by first selecting the fresh fish, then the marinade or seasoning, and finally the style - tacos, salad, sando, or plate.

Each location is family- and dog-friendly. This year, in addition to the online collection, the community can also make in-store monetary donations at any Ralphs or Food 4 Less grocery store location in San Diego County. Having a backpack and all of the needed back-to-school supplies is essential for success in the school year. A small donation can make a big difference in the life of a student in need. More than 20, school-age children were identified as homeless during the last school year.

Homelessness for school-age children can mean living in a shelter, sharing a residence with multiple families, living in a car or trailer in San Diego County or sharing a room in an apartment with relatives.

Homelessness is not limited to urban, downtown San Diego, it also affects suburban school districts all over the county. Monetary donations will be accepted in-store at all Ralphs and Food 4 Less grocery store locations in San Diego County through July 31, as well as online at sdccu.

The police will tell you that. In June, at the Point Loma campus, households comprising individuals received 7, pounds of food. Since the birth of this project on April 3,an average of households have come through each of the three sites at the monthly distributions equating to over 31, individuals receiving much-needed groceries, diapers, and household supplies to date.

Built inthis 6-bed, 7-bath, 10,square-foot home sits on an acre with views of the bay. Candidates and their campaign teams were judged solely on virtual fundraising success this campaign season, each dollar counting as one vote. Their totals are then considered for the national title. Newly honored Man of the Year, Jeff Peters, accepted his nomination in honor of his mother, who passed from Acute Myeloid Leukemia just one year ago, and his aunt, who passed just over 30 years ago from a blood cancer.

The community rallied behind her good will — and helped to make an incredible impact. In addition to top fundraising awards, candidates were recognized for their commitment to the LLS Mission, Leadership, and Community Involvement. The show is completely redesigned and under new management. New organizer Dolphin Promotions has over 30 years of show experience.

The upcoming show will be the second edition organized by the new management team after a hiatus of 18 months due to the pandemic. For more information including a list of exhibitors, visit delmarantiques. Khaefi will succeed Dr. Valenzuela is stepping down to assume full time leadership of the Bach Collegium, of which he is the founding director. DeBenedict will lead programs and directs resources to build a more equitable and resilient San Diego. She has built her career locally, developing capacity, resources, programs and networks in support of our regional and binational environment and community.

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