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Sheila - Various - It Started Over Again (Vinyl)

A 5mm is way too thick for a 6mm plank. The underlayment should be 1. You can also look into cork underlayments for vinyl. They will give you the highest thermal rating.

Hi Beverly, thanks for your question. A vinyl floor will probably be your best option for a motor home. You could also opt for a laminate, but a vinyl will be waterproof. For a vinyl, you do not need an underlayment. Feel free to give us a call at if you have more questions about vinyl!

I want to maximize thermal insulation. Is a 5 mm rubber underflooring too thick for my 6mm vinyl planks? We want to replace the tile and the carpet in our motor home. What would be the best product for this application and also what type of underlayment would be best?

Hi Samy, thanks for the question. You can install the Luxury Vinyl planks over the vinyl sheet as long as it is in good condition and level. It can go right over top of it! Hi, We are planning on installing a Luxury Vinyl Plank 8mm click type in our bathroom which already has a vinyl sheet. We want to install the planks on top of the sheet. The planks do not have an attached padding or underlayment.

Do you need to have an underlayment? If not will it be okay and not have problems in the future. Hi Amyjo, thanks for the question. STC evaluates the ability of a specific construction assembly to reduce airborne sounds, such as voices, stereo systems, and TV.

Underlayments with high sound Sheila - Various - It Started Over Again (Vinyl) will have both of these reduction properties. Because of the rigid core construction, it will be fine over the LVT underlayment. Hi Dorene, thanks for reaching out! It is a WPC rigid core vinyl and is also approved to be glued. I want to put down vinyl plank. The complications: I use a power wheelchair and we are on a concrete slab.

Our contractor wants to use click vinyl but also glue it due to the torque if the chair. If it is glued there cannot be a moisture barrier between the concrete and the tile. So he wants to use rigid core. Can you help? However—adding this much height requires that I use some transitions to where the floor will meet existing tile.

Hi Susanne, when it comes to vinyl flooring, electric radiant heat has too much thermal cycling that can lead to joint failure. You could opt for an underlayment that has a thermal R rating to help keep the warmth in your floors or go for a laminate. HI Ken, did you solve your problem. I want to put a floating floor with select areas of radiant heat like around the pool table for comfort, not to heat the room, just to not have cold feet! Problem is the vinyl I found at Lumber Liquidators manufacturer label says you can only use hydronic heat not electric… but again I will probably never heat above 65 degrees as I just want to get the chill out of Sheila - Various - It Started Over Again (Vinyl) floor.

Have you found anything better. I am open to finding another vinyl click in company. I definitely do not want hydronic heat! Hi Jim, did your concrete slab ever have moisture issues?

Usually you can install vinyl directly over concrete, but if it has a moisture issue, then a vapor barrier is recommended. I have a vinyl plank floor that is showing moisture in the seams in a few locations. Should I have put a vapor barrier underneath? I have a concrete slab. Hi Ken, thanks for your question. I would go the route of self leveling where the tiles are damaged. Be sure to fill in all cracks and have it be level. As far as your pool table goes, as long as you have coasters underneath the legs, the weight should be dispersed enough to use a floating vinyl.

Let us know if we can help you find a floor! If you have any other questions, just let us know. Hi Mary, thanks for your question. With vinyl, you do not need an underlayment. It is safe to install directly over the concrete. Was your subfloor completely dry and level? It is hard to say what the reason could be without seeing it, but potentially there could be areas that are not level and the vinyl is dipping into the valleys of the concrete.

We just had a 7mm vinyl plank installed in our living and kitchen area. It was installed over concrete. They did not use an underlayment, not did they glue it down. There are places where it feels solid, but there are many places where it feels hollow and makes a noise when you walk on it. Was this a problem with installation, and is there a way to fix this? It is likely the tile and the black glue underneath contain asbestos. I also have a lbs pool table in the room. Am I forced to use glue due to the weight of the pool table?

Would this backing be adequate to hide the imperfections? Or would self leveling be needed in your opinion? Thanks so much! Hi Alex, thanks for the question. Yes, with that large of an open space, a glue down vinyl will be the best option for you.

You will not need a vapor barrier. You will just glue the planks directly to the concrete. Just make sure the concrete is dry and in good condition before installation. For most glue down vinyls, you will find them 4mm or less, but I believe you can glue down some rigid core floors that may be thicker.

Thickness will just depend on how much comfort you want underfoot. I do not have any recommendations for a self leveler, but I am sure a quick Google search will help! Best of luck with your project. Hello I want to put down a vinyl floor in my basement, which has a concrete subflooring.

The basement is also prone to getting getting flooded during major storms. I believe I need to use a gule down product? Do I need to use a vapor barrier also? Can you also recommend a thickness? Also I maybe need to use a self leveler, can you recommend a product for that as well? Thank you in advance…. Hi Jared, thanks for the question. As long as the underlayment is acceptable for radiant heat, you can use it.

Most underlayments are. With a vinyl, it is your preference if you use an underlayment for not, as long as your vinyl is 4mm or thicker. Let us know if you have any other questions! We want to install LVP on out concrete floor.

We have in floor heat. Do you still want to use an underlayment? Hi Bruce, thanks for the question. Judging from the Alterna installation guide, as long as your hardwood is fully adhered, it can be laid over top of it. Is it ok to put down a underlayment like Armstrong S Quiet Comfort Floating Underlayment over the hardwood strips 2.

Hi Sonja, great question. Nothing should grow in a restricted environment. You may want to call the paint manufacturer to see if it is a food source for mold.

If you have any other questions, please let us know! We r laying vinyl plank flooring Coreluxe ridgid vinyl plank-RVP flooring on concrete which has been painted with latex kilz. We are worried about possible mold. The 6mil virgin polyethylene underlayment we are laying down keeps the moisture off the flooring, but you would still have moisture between the concrete and the underlayment which could mold correct?

The concrete was painted over a year ago and a few months back we had laid a vinyl runner on the floor to use like a rug for dirty feet. Picked it up today and the paint had bubbled and the floor was moist. Granted the vinyl would not allow the concrete to breath at all. I would think the polyethylene underlayment would do the same thing as the vonyl rug did.

As I said earlier, main concern is getting sick from mold. Anyway to prevent it? Hi Matthew, thanks for the question. When it comes to the subfloor, it is important to have a level surface. Vinyl planks can easily take on the shape of any imperfections in the subfloor since it is a softer material. I would recommend removing it, or leveling it with a concrete compound. Hi Helen, thanks for reaching out. With a 5mm material, you should stick to a 1. It should also be vinyl specific.

A 3mm underlayment will be too much cushion and can affect the joint stability. I am putting vinyl plank floors with an underlayment in the kitchen. I want to install 5mm SPC rigid core vinyl planks over concrete. I want it to be as comfortable underfoot as possible.

The planks do not have padding attached so I am looking at a 1. Will both work with my vinyl? If so, are there noticable differences in sound and warmth between them?

Hi Tom, how thick is your particle board? From your description, it seems like it might be in need of a bit of repair. You can sand areas down as long as they are level and there is enough structure to the particle board. You can also fill the cracks in with a leveling compound. The subfloor is one of the most important aspects to your installation, so it is important that it is in good shape and level.

I am replacing wall to wall carpet with 8 mm vinyl plank. The sub-floor is particle board with signs that there had been spills that had soaked through the carpet and caused the particle board to swell. Is it acceptable to sand these areas smooth and place the vinyl plank floor on top of the bare particle board or should I use a moisture barrier? Are these seems acceptable or do I need to fill them with some self leveling material? I would advise against an additional underlayment, due to joint stability problems that can occur with a floating floor.

Since it is an SPC product, it should withstand small subfloor imperfections, but deeper grout lines over time could create a pattern to show through. For most vinyls, we recommend no more than 1. I would check with your installer and see what his thoughts on filling in the grout would be. This will Sheila - Various - It Started Over Again (Vinyl) a smooth and level surface, without adding additional underlayment.

Using two underlayments could void the warranty if any problems with the joints occur. I am in the middle of having SPC vinyl planks 5mm installed over existing tile. The planks already have 1mm sound-absorbing ixpe pad on the bottom surface.

The installer is suggesting to put an additional underlayment to prevent grout from tile from showing through the planks with traffic over time. Hi Betsy, thanks for the question! Generally, small imperfections are fine over a rigid core vinyl.

I would just advise that any areas that are curled or damaged to be properly leveled or patched. As far as the transition goes, you will need a molding to level the height difference from dining room to kitchen.

This is pretty standard in most homes. I think this flooring will last you! If you do not trust the installer, I would recommend getting a second opinion. Best of luck with your installation. We want something that will last another 30 years. We thought the old floor would be taken up, and new floor glued down. The floating floor will result in a small height transition from our dining room into the kitchen.

Right now, the transition is flat, and I see any height transition as a trip hazard. Also, the installer pointed out how our floor is not totally even, nor are the walls perfectly square an old house. We put the install on hold until we could do some research. What do you think? Thanks so much!! Hi Dean, thanks for the question!

Since this floor is a rigid core vinyl, you should be OK with using the foam padding and not removing the glue. The rigid core will help the flooring stay stable and not take the shape of the glue. The foam will help as well. As far as complaints go, I have no idea!

This is not a product we sell. Best of luck with your install! Hello Alana. It had kitchen carpet before, therefore the subfloor now has a layer of glue with of course some voids in it. The thickness of glue is about that of the cardboard back of a lined notebook pad. To remove the glue would take several days with a scraper and adding underlayment would be another major job to complete. Can I lay the vinyl flooring over the substrate without removing the glue?

Also, have you heard of many complaints on the Tarkett Vericore planking…. Hi Manji, it is hard to give you an answer without know the floor brand. Most likely, this does not have sound proofing.

If you are looking for a replacement floor, you can look into a vinyl with underlayment or add a sound proofed underlayment. Hi, I just bought a Condo unit which has Vinyl flooring glued to the concrete floor. The Condo management requires sound proof padding. Is this Vinyl flooring sound proof? Hi Ave Maria, thanks for the question. Yes, if your linoleum is in good shape and not curling, you can install the LVT right over top of it.

We are planning on gluing down lvp in our motorhome. Can we glue the lvp over that or does it need to be removed? Hi Angie, thanks for the question! We pulled up carpet to reveal vinyl tiles. We have removed them, but there is still a sticky residue in some of our rooms. Other than the stickiness, our subfloor is smooth and flat. Would you recommend trying to remove the adhesive residue?

If so, do you have any tricks? Or could we just lay down a vapor barrier on the sticky subfloor? Hi Jason, thanks for your question. As long as your vinyl floor is over 4mm in thickness, you can opt to use a vinyl specific underlayment. This is entirely a choice. It can help add cushion and help reduce noise.

Hi Zach, this vinyl should be fine to install directly over the concrete, but if you want additional cushion, you can add a 1mm or less LVT specific underlayment beneath the planks. I am looking to install a 4mm think uniclic vinyl plank flooring made by jaeco products in a concrete basement. Hello, great article. Asking for assistance, my wife and I are getting ready to install LVP luxury Vinyl Plank glue down flooring in our entry way.

The tile we removed from the plywood subflooring needs to be replaced or covered with new. If it is laminate — no, this would not work.

Hello, thanks for the article. I have three questions: 1 I would like to avoid transition strips between rooms. The longest run would be about 40 ft. May 7, Retrieved December 23, Archived from the original on May 9, Archived from the original on February 9, Retrieved February 16, Virgin Records. April 5, Archived from the original on January 18, Retrieved November 2, Retrieved on September 3, Chicago Sun-Times. Archived from the original on November 19, Retrieved October 17, Entertainment Weekly.

The Guardian. Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on October Sheila - Various - It Started Over Again (Vinyl), Archived from the original on August 17, Select 97 : 78— The Observer. April 25, Retrieved March 24, Milk It! Cambridge: Da Capo, Archived from the original on April 30, January Archived from the original on January 27, Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved October 9, Archived from the original on July 1, Smashing Pumpkins: Full Circle.

Chicago, Illinois: Fox Television Network. July 16, Archived from the original on January 7, Retrieved July 17, Retrieved April 17, Hung Medien. Retrieved February 8, Retrieved December 17, Ekstra Bladet in Danish.

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The Guardian. London: Guardian Media Group. Retrieved 15 February The host gives one of four contestants a topic to talk about for 60 seconds and they have to do so without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

Retrieved 30 January But what is the secret of its success? Retrieved 29 January Gazing out the window at Sherborne school during a class, Messiter was brought back to reality by a bellow from his master, Percival Parry Jones. Repeat what I have been saying for the last minute, without hesitation or Sheila - Various - It Started Over Again (Vinyl) said the fearsome teacher.

Radio Times. BBC Publications. Roy Plomley introduces the new radio game. Devised and produced by Ian C. Messiter left the BBC in to join a commercial station in Johannesburg, and it was there that Just a Minute was broadcast for the first time.

When he returned to Britain two years later, the BBC did not want to buy the format or broadcast the show, so Messiter sold it to the Dumont television station in the US. It was the first British game show seen in America, was nationally networked and attracted many US celebrities. Labyrinth Games. Retrieved 10 September The first series [ when?

Welcome to Just a Minute! Edinburgh: Canongate Books. ISBN Retrieved 29 January — via Google Books. Retrieved 14 June Retrieved 28 January Broadcaster Nicholas Parsons has died at the age of 96 after a short illness, his agent has confirmed. Just a Minute. Series Episode 1. BBC Radio 4. Transcript from just-a-minute. So Paul Merton started with the subject and he kept going with a little connivance from the chairman who actually blew the whistle on that occasion after one minute, 30 seconds!

Episode 3. Episode 8. Nicholas Parsons: 'Eddie you've challenged yourself! Not Panicking Ltd. Retrieved 1 February The Independent. Following Parsons' death, Perkins assumed the host's chair permanently, starting with the 87th series. Just a Minute was first transmitted on Radio 4 on 22 Decemberthree months after the station's launch. The object of the game is for panellists to talk for sixty seconds on a given subject, "without hesitation, repetition or deviation".

In comedy writer David Quantick ascribed Just a Minute' s success to its "insanely basic" format, stating, "It's so blank that it can be filled by people as diverse as Paul Merton and Graham Nortonwho don't have to adapt their style of humour to the show at all.

Throughout its half-century history, the show has, in addition to its popularity in the UK, developed an international following through its broadcast on the BBC World Service and, more recently, on the internet.

The format has also occasionally been adapted for television. The idea for the game came to Ian Messiter as he rode on the top of a number 13 bus. He recalled Percival Parry Jones, a history master from his days at Sherborne School who, upon seeing the young Messiter daydreaming in a class, instructed him to repeat everything he had said in the previous minute without hesitation or repetition.

Other early incarnations of the show, all created by Messiter, include a version on South African radioand a television version on the DuMont network in the United States. The chairman was originally intended to be Jimmy Edwards but he was unavailable on Sundays, the proposed recording dates, and was replaced by Nicholas Parsons who was originally supposed to be a panel member.

Parsons did not want the job and only reluctantly took it, just for the pilot episode. After the show settled in, again he found himself in the role of a straight man for the panellists. Although executives at the BBC disliked the pilot, its producer, David Hatchinsisted on having Parsons as the chairman.

The recording used for the theme is by David Haines. InNicholas Parsons was unable to attend the recording of two editions of the programme as he had the flu. This broke his uninterrupted run of fifty years as a performer on the programme.

The episodes were recorded on 1 April with Gyles Brandreth standing in for Parsons and were broadcast on 4 and 11 June Brandreth again covered for Parsons. Just a Minute continued to be transmitted with Parsons as host until his last show on 23 September Repeats were then broadcast until Parsons' death on 28 Januaryat the age of 96, and for a couple of weeks thereafter as a homage. Series 86 began transmission in Februarywith a number of guest panellists from the show's history being asked back to host an episode each.

The panellists are invited, in rotation, to speak for one minute on a given subject which they are normally not informed of in advancewithout "hesitation, repetition or deviation". Over the years, the application of these rules has been inconsistent, and their interpretation is the focus of much of the comic interplay between those appearing, who often challenge the chairman's rulings.

In the early years the rules were more complicated, as special rules were sometimes tried out in addition, on a one-off basis: a ban on the word "is" might apply in a round, for example.

But the three basic rules have always applied. A panellist scores one point for making a correct challenge against whoever is speaking, or the speaker gets a point if the challenge is deemed incorrect.

If a witty interjection amuses the audience, but is not a correct challenge, at the chairman's discretion the challenger can nevertheless be awarded an extra point the "bonus point" rule. A player who makes a correct challenge takes over the subject for the remainder of the minute, or until he or she is successfully challenged. The person speaking when the whistle blows after 60 seconds also scores a point. An extra point is awarded if a panellist speaks for the entire minute without being challenged.

It is rare for a panellist to speak within the three cardinal rules for any substantial length of time, whilst both remaining coherent and being amusing. Therefore, to speak for the full minute without being challenged is a special achievement.

However, if a panellist is speaking fluently on a subject, staying reasonably within the three rules, and seems likely to speak for the whole minute, the other panellists often refrain from challenging. On occasion a similar courtesy has been extended by the whistle-blower, who will refrain from indicating the end of the minute so as to not interrupt a panellist in full and entertaining flow this once led to Paul Merton speaking for one minute and thirty seconds on the topic " Ram-raiding ".

Here is an example of a speech which successfully lasted for a full minute without being challenged.

Well it varies according to the person that you are arguing with. Should it be a child that you are having a contretemps with, the ideal is deviation tactics. For instance Lola Lupin who I mentioned before won't eat her dinner.

Takahashi Jones - Divercity (File, MP3, Album), Traumerei, Pacific Symphony Too (Techno Mix) - Various - Trance Dance - 18 Of The Hardest Club Sounds (VHS), Som Du Bäddar - Various - Absolute Music 79 (CD), Shadow - Superfood - Bambino (CD, Album), Tiger Rag - The Ramblers - The Ramblers In Brussel 1945-1948 (Vinyl, LP), Bye Bye Johnny - The Rolling Stones - Rock N Rolling Stones (Cassette, Album), N° 9, Op. 71 N° 2 En Si Bémol Majeur - Samson François, Chopin* - Polonaises - Enregistrement Intégr, Two Good (2) - Speed (Vinyl), Wherever You Go (DJ Vega Revival Radio Edit) - Various - Super Italia - Future Sounds Of Italo Dance, Intro - Humanitys Last Breath - Humanitys Last Breath (Vinyl, LP, Album), Atomicum, Killing Yourself To Live - Black Sabbath - Past Lives (CD, Album), Siboney - Werner Müller - Dance Party In Hi-Fi (Vinyl, LP, Album), Finnish Polka / Tolka Polka - Shamrock Rovers - Demo (CDr)

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    Sep 07,  · Hi Susan, thanks for the question. The easiest fix for you here is to just install the vinyl over the ceramic. All you will need to do is fill in the grout with leveling compound and ensure the flooring is level. This way, you can add a proper LVT underlayment that has sound proofing and install the vinyl over it.

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    Made from vinyl, it showcases a stylish geometric print awash in a polished coloring for a contemporary look, while a solid finish on the background rounds out the look. Plus, it’s easily strippable if you decide to go with a different look, and can be cleaned with a simple wipe down for fuss-free upkeep.

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    Sep 07,  · Hi Susan, thanks for the question. The easiest fix for you here is to just install the vinyl over the ceramic. All you will need to do is fill in the grout with leveling compound and ensure the flooring is level. This way, you can add a proper LVT underlayment that has sound proofing and install the vinyl over it.

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