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Wake Me Up Girl - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD)

And a lot of the time they just ignore it. At no point can V point out they're a One-Man Army that might have already killed everyone there on their own, including the old owner, the last time they went and that they don't need any help. Just like any open world RPG the player is free to make V run around killing innocent people and cops during free roam. Outside of getting the attention of cops for however briefly they bother to attack you there's never any lasting consequences for this and none of V's friends and acquaintances ever mention them going on a killing spree.

Missions that require you to remove your weapons always ignore all models of V's potentially cyber-weaponized forearms or a cyberdeck full of hostile quickhacks and act as if they're disarmed once they toss their weapons.

Particularly noticeable in Konpeki Plaza where, with enough grinding, the player can purchase said cyberware but when put through a weapons scan comes up clean. It's especially egregious when you remember that in the Cyberpunk lore, combat cybernetics are actually more dangerous than guns themselves, and even someone with just a single cyber-weapon can stil mow down swaths of gun-toting citizens before being brought down.

If you go for the Temperance ending with the Aldecaldos' help, the game gets confused and treats Rogue as both alive and dead at the same time - Johnny-in-V's-body goes to the cemetery to mourn Rogue's death, only to get a call from her during the credits in which she verbally rips into him for what he allowed to happen. It's possible that this ending was originally restricted to Johnny's version of the final mission before it was made available as an option for all choices except The Devil.

In gameplay V can heal from bullet wounds, explosions and melee attacks by inhaling a Maxdoc or injecting a Bounceback, which are in plentiful supply all around the city. In the story wounds are portrayed far more realistically. Jackie bleeds out after the failed heist with V desperately yelling at Delamain to take him to a ripperdoc rather than just injecting Jackie with either of the two drugs.

Attacking gangs never leads to any long lasting consequences. While every other gang member in the area will be hostile the faction as a whole never seems to hold a grudge against the lone merc who kills dozens if not hundreds of them in NCPD missions or free roam. During the scene where V gets his or her first implants besides the Militech cyberdeck that he or she starts the game withV may comment on the Kiroshi optics, gushing over how they are "top shelf tech".

In gameplay terms, however, these are the most rudimentary optical implants the player can receive, and they can be traded in for a superior version at almost any ripperdoc in the city. Whether they're further upgraded or not, the supposed quality of V's optics is never brought up again by anyone. It gets even weirder when you realize that Kiroshi is the only optics manufacturer whose products V can purchase; there's literally no in-game Wake Me Up Girl - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD).

The game has a huge problem with keeping Johnny's and V's relationship consistent between the main story and sidequests. It's all too common to get into massive bitching contests with Johnny during a main quest, only to turn into instant best buddies in the next sidequest because quest dialogue doesn't change regardless of where in the overarching narrative you choose to do the side content.

Even if you choose for V to kill themself, Johnny just accepts it after a moment of anger. Even if you chose Arasaka and never said a bad thing about the company and only vocally disagreed with Johnny at every choice at that point, he acts like you're betraying yourself even if you really are the V you started as.

Various characters and news casts point out how toxic the water in and around Night City is, but no matter how long V swims or even dives in lakes, river or the Pacific, they never suffer any ill effects. Gangbangers : The "Gangs of Night City" featurette showcases several of the gangs, including the ones revealed earlier: the MaelstromVoodoo Boyzthe Animals and the Moxes. Gang of Hats : The gangs are visually, ideologically and criminally distinct: The Animals are roided-up bodybuilders used as muscle for hire.

The Sixth Street are gun-toting Eaglelanders clad in military gear who started as a Vigilante Militia before falling into crime themselves. The Tyger Claws are Yakuza who behave more like Japanese Delinquents favoring melee weapons dabbling in prostitution and rackets. The Maelstromers are augmented to the point of being grotesque and take their names out of the Norse Mythology, fittingly dealing in illegal cyberware and assorted activities. The Valentinos are stereotypical Central and South American gangsters with added gold-plated cybernetics.

The Scavengers' rank-and-file behave like gopniki Russian hoodlums while their higher-ups take more from The Mafiya. The Wraiths are a gang comprised of Raffen Shiv; Nomads exiled from their clans for heinous acts. They have a Desert Punk style to them. Gas Mask Mooks : Trauma Team personnel always have masks on to ensure they won't be afflicted with any potential airborne poisons, pathogens or illnesses while treating incapacitated patients.

You can also hook up with joytoys regardless of yours and theirs genders. Meredith Stout is available as a one-night stand for any V, which is completely missable if you don't speak to her correctly. Gayngster : Same-sex romances and sexual encounters are available to the player Wake Me Up Girl - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD) both male and female V, allowing you to play as a deadly hired gun operating in the Night City underworld who just happens to be gay or bi.

Gender Bender : In the Temperance ending Johnny takes over V's body, which leads to this if you're playing as a female V. Man, I Feel Like a Woman can be averted or played straight, as Johnny can tell his new sidekick in the ending that he won't be a woman much longer, implying some corrective surgery is already lined up. Gender Is No Object : Women, men, and people of other genders seem to be about equal in the grand scheme of things: There are female ripperdocs, edgerunners, policewomen and soldiers.

The most respected fixer in the city, Rogue, is a woman. Alt was a brilliant and well-known netrunner when she was alive, and Judy is considered one of the best braindance editors out there. Female V can be everything a male V can be. Nobody has any objections when Saul appoints Panam as the second leader to the Aldecaldos, nor do they have any issues if she starts leading them by herself after his death in "The Star" ending.

Even a company very heavily tied to traditions like Arasaka has no problems with Hanako taking over after her father's death in "The Devil" ending. Amusingly, even all the gangs have male and female members and seem to allow everyone to rise in the ranks on the same terms and allows women to become leaders Suzy Q is the leader of the Moxes, Ofelia can become a leader of Maelstrom, The Voodoo Boyz are led by Mama Brigitte and Tyger Claws and Animals have high-ranking female members.

That being said, women especially sex workers do tend to be victims of various forms of sexual assault by a wide margin; the Mox were explicitly formed by sex workers who felt it was safer look out for one-another.

Ghost Town : Rocky Ridge is a direct example: planned development of suburban area that was Wake Me Up Girl - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD) abandoned when construction was deemed no longer economically viable. Other, smaller examples can be found around the Night City Badlands.

Dialogue with Panam while en route to Rocky Ridge mentions that there are thousands such abandoned settlements dotted across North America.

Pacifica is a former luxury oceanside resort that was left abandoned in the wake of the Unification War. Now part of its luxury hotels are filled with gangs and homeless squatters while a significant portion is walled off and known as the "Combat Zone". Gilligan Cut : In the E3 gameplay, V denies Jackie's prediction that they will spend everything on a three-day bender.

In the next cut, they are shown waking up Another one happens in "The Gig" trailer: after T-Bug says "Preferably no bodies, not one", Jackie and V are shown going guns blazing through a bar. Glowing Mechanical Eyes : A shorthand for the characters using the Net is their eyes glowing blue.

Other colors are possible, like the Afterlife's bouncer's eyes glowing orange when he contacts Dex DeShawn over the local subnet. Golden Ending : Averted. Despite the game having multiple endings, none of them can be considered purely "good" without any drawbacks. V will always either die, or will have six months to live, with unclear probability of finding the cure. What most players would consider the best ending would be "The Star", with Judy or Panam romanced and all the other character sidequests finished.

There's also the "Temperance" ending, where Johnny takes over V's body with their consent, but even that ending is very melancholic and bittersweet. The Valentinos' visual style revolves entirely around gold. Their guns, their cyberware, their jewelry, even their cars are gold-plated all over.

Some high-ranking Valentinos have more gold on their body than any other color. Gone Horribly Right : Richard Night envisioned Night City as an enviroment of a new age of enlightened capitalismcompletely planned, self-sufficient, safe from crime and multicultural. He didn't take into account that "new age capitalism" turned out to be anything but enlightened, making Night City ugly, poorly planned, and torn apart by crime.

At least it is multicultural Good Prosthetic, Evil Prosthetic : the Maelstrom favor red, black and silver cybernetics with an inhuman look including glowing Extra EyesV prefers flesh-colored cybernetic arms and discreet optic implants with subtle, scar-like wiring on the face.

One advertisement around the city shows some BDSM imagery with the slogan "Zeig dich" - "show yourself". Grenade Spam : Enemies that carry grenades have an infinite supply of them, so either take them out quickly or prepare for having assorted explosives chucked your way every couple of seconds. On the other hand, with grenades being cheap to craft and able to stunlock just about everything including bosses, this is an easy way to beat almost any Boss Battle with a minimum of fuss.

Groin Attack : Skippy is a smart pistol that can be tuned to Puppy-Loving Pacifist mode, where he only shoots people in the groin. This Crosses the Line Twice when he sometimes shoots prematurely and apologizes for it. One early-game side mission is about an unfortunate dude who's suffering a constant and very painful version thanks to his defective Mr. Stud penis implant. Black Comedy at its finest.

Guide Dang It! During the quest where Takemura kidnaps Hanako to talk to her about her brother's betrayal and murder of her father, he takes her to a hotel that gets raided by Arasaka soldiers and the floor collapses under you. V says that they need to save Takemura, but Johnny says that it's too late and that V needs to get out of there. There's a secret objective where you CAN go back to save Takemura, but the game in a rare instance doesn't give you ANY hints about this.

You just have to go looking for a way back through purely your own volition or by accident. There are certain strands of sidequests that, when completed, will unlock additional endings. Unlocking the secret ending requires not only completing a certain sidequest, but selecting a very specific set of dialogue options throughout it. There is absolutely nothing in the game to indicate any of this. There is a very powerful Epic Iconic Smart Pistol with an AI attached, Skippy, that is picked up in an alley on one of the locally triggered sidequests.

In Stone Cold Killer mode, his Smart tracking aims at the head, making him one of the most powerful pistols in the entire game, and in Puppy Loving Pacifist mode, his smart tracking aims at the legs, making him one of the worst Iconic weapons in the game. Any normal player would obviously pick the far superior headshot mode at the start.

The catch? One of Judy's missions involves a sleazy scumbag of a ripperdoc called Fingers. You get multiple very tempting opportunities to beat him up during his Wake Me Up Girl - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD), but doing so even once prevents you from using his services later on, and he sells several unique implants and cyberware upgrades you can't find anywhere else.

Almost all cyberware including the legendary variants can be found in the world for free, saving you a lot of cash and SC grinding, but the chances of tracking them down without a guide are remote.

And then Update 1. The trademark perk of Power weapons is their ability to ricochet their projectiles off of any solid surface. One of the two starter implants you get from Viktor is a Ballistic Coprocessor in V's palm that allegedly allows you to see the ricochet trajectory. Nowhere is it mentioned that you also need a specific eye upgrade to actually enable this feature.

The relative obscurity of the cyberware upgrade menu while trading with ripperdocs means that many players don't realize these upgrades even exist, extending the problem to almost all cyberware in some way. The player can go through the entire game without meeting Kerry and River, two out of four romance options with their own arcs and sidequests.

River's sidequest gets added to your questlog automatically after a certain point in the main story, but you have no obligation to actually fulfill it. Kerry's questline is even more hidden, because it requires completing almost the entirety of Johnny's questchain, with no indication that it will unlock Kerry. Kerry's questline also comes very late in the game, at the tail end of act two, right before the ending.

After discovering them, romancing them is fairly simple doing their questline and choosing a few dialogue optionsbut many players missed them entirely.

Unlocking "The Star" ending, widely considered the best one by the fans, requires completing Panam's entire questline. This is the only other ending that has to be unlocked that drastically changes the game's epilogue since " Don't Fear The Reaper"'s one is a slightly modified "The Sun" epilogue, to the point where the two are often lumped together and simply called "Path of Glory".

While Panam is an important character to the plot and one of the romance options, the player will likely do many sidequests for tons of different characters, with no indication that this specific questline will unlock something so significant. It's also worth noting that the three other love interests don't unlock any other ending's, it's just Panam. The game contains several legendary outfit sets, each following a specific theme like cop, media or fixer.

Not only is this mentioned absolutely nowhere, most of the outfit pieces are also fiendishly well-hidden in places few players would ever look. If you complete the sidequest before your stats are high enough to open the door, you have no reason to ever go back there again and will never know there was a legendary item on the other side.

Worse, some of these items are found during main missions in locations that are impossible to revisit after the mission concludes. Gun Fu : The actual name of an achievement you get for quickly killing three enemies with a handgun at close range note specifically, within 3. The devs all but confirmed that the whole thing is yet another tribute to Keanu Reevesparticularly John Wick. Guns Akimbo : The weapon of choice for Jackie Welles. V can eventually obtain Jackie's guns, both of them, but can only use one at a time, which makes them the only iconic gun you can wield and display on V's Wall of Weapons simultaneously.

Guns Do Not Work That Way : Real Life revolvers, barring some very rare exceptions, are generally incapable of mounting a suppressor due to their lack of sealing between the cylinder and the barrel making it useless anyway. CP not only ignores this completely, it turns revolvers into the best stealth guns in the game thanks to a combination of massive single-shot damage and often enormous headshot damage multipliers enabling easy One-Hit Kills on all but the most elite enemies.

However, this can be explained by suggesting that in all revolvers have some kind of gas seal, Nagant-style or otherwise. Ajax assault rifle supposed to have 5. Said magazine is very long with noticeable curve, similar to Real Life round 7. On the same note, Johnny's Malorian pistol is stated to have enormous 14mm caliber. It's magazine placement makes sense, but its size way to small to hold 10 rounds of such dimensions.

Hacker Cave : The Voodoo Boyz' base of operations, full of computers, screens and, of course, hackers. Hacking Minigame : Breach Protocol is a gameplay feature that plays an important role in the quickhacking mechanic; so much so that one of the two Intelligence skill trees is entirely devoted to it. Benefits range from crippling enemies in a variety of ways as soon as combat breaks out, to drawing large sums of money from the countless access points around Night City.

The minigame itself consists of a square matrix of double-digit code snippets on the left side of the screen and a randomly generated list of code sequences on the right side that correspond to whatever daemons you have available for upload into the target network.

The input sequence always starts from the topmost line and must alternate between lines and columns after each code snippet. How many daemons you can upload is limited by time, but primarily by your cyberdeck's buffer size, which provides one of the main incentives for buying better cyberdecks. The random sequences are usually generated in a way that allows you to chain them together for maximum efficiency, and figuring out how best to accomplish this is key to mastering the minigame.

Thankfully, Save Scumming is a viable option in all but a handful of situations. Hand Cannon : There are quite a few massive handguns in circulation in Night City, but the most impressive examples are the Burya and the Liberty, respectively a bulky tech revolver of Soviet origin and a power near-exact copy of the Automag V that fires slowly but with tremendous power.

Honorable mention goes to Johnny's Malorian Arms pistol that, while not looking particularly huge, is chambered in a custom 14mm caliber, meaning it has a larger bore than a.

It's closest real life equivalent would be Pfeifer Zeliska revolver, chambered in. Hard Truth Aesop : A single person or a small group can't reform a corrupt system that spans the entire globe, because they simply lack the means and power to do so, and even if they'll put a dent in it, it will be patched up sooner rather than later. Some people are their own worst enemy. While the system or an outside agent might make a tempting target for blame, the fact is that sometimes the only one who is to blame for your bad situation is you and your poor choices.

While they are arguing over it, a silent alarm goes off and the police catch both of them red-handed. They are later released by a sympathetic officer and decide not to hold a grudge against each other. Heroic BSoD : V gets two over the course of the game. The first is at the very beginning of Act 2, when they learn that they will eventually die by having their personality overwritten by Silverhand's and that Vik, one of the best ripperdocs in town, can't do anything to save them.

The second is at the very end of the game, when V learns that after all their troubles, all they did to still find a way to save themselves, their brain has already suffered too much damage and that, even after being separated from Silverhand, they only have months at most to live.

This is actually foreshadowed somewhat at the end of the tarot-collecting quest "Fool on the Hill," but with significantly less angst; V doesn't know this for sure yet. Hired Guns : Night City has an entire class of deniable mercenaries, so-called "edgerunners", who do dirty jobs for whoever pays enough.

V and their companions make their living this way, and while brute force isn't necessarily on the agenda, design or circumstance often conspire to turn Wake Me Up Girl - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD) job into a shootout.

Hollywood Hacking : Comes with the setting. The property is about 12 minutes drive from Engine type 4-cylinder in-line Diesel energy Front cross layout Common rail power supply Turbo supercharging with variable geometry KKK 2. Bought 15th October at Conforma, guaranteed for 2 years. Selling because we are moving.

No delivery available. To be collected in Lamentin. To be collected in Lamentin Table Perfect condition. ISBN Chick Flicks: Movies Women Love. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. Archived from the original on July 6, Retrieved May 31, Retrieved 16 September Retrieved 25 May Directors Guild of America Awards.

Retrieved July 5, National Board of Review. Films directed by Charles Walters. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Template film date with 1 release date All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Charles Walters. Loew's, Inc. Best Director. Best Actress. Best Screenplay. Best Art Direction — Color. Willis and Arthur Krams. Best Cinematography — Color. British Academy Film Awards. Best Film from any Source. Best Foreign Actress. Cannes Film Festival. Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures. JPR Live Sessions is a weekly series of exciting live in-studio music performances and conversations with artists from many different genres.

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Three minutes, twice a week. Topics range from advertising to Alexa, fintech, branding, ecommerce, copywriting, product design, technology, customer experience, startups, and investing. About your host: Emily Binder is an entrepreneur, speaker, and strategist. Alexa Morelli - projet podcast - Auguste Mars - Les autodafeurs. A rundown of the most important global business stories you need to know for the coming day, from the newsroom of the Financial Times.

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Self-Hosted is a chat show between Chris and Alex two long-time "self-hosters" who share their lessons and take you along for the journey as they learn new ones. The WB. Michigan J. Categories : American television series debuts American television series endings s American comedy-drama television series s American high school television series s American teen drama television series s American comedy-drama television Wake Me Up Girl - Various - The Best Of Texas Flashback (CD) s American high school television series s American teen drama television series English-language television shows Television series about teenagers Television series by ABC Studios Television shows set in Los Angeles The WB original programming Television series created by Ryan Murphy writer.

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September 29, — May 18, The Dandy Warhols — "Good Morning".

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