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Under The Veil - Red Wedding - Nails (Vinyl)

The warmth of the smile broke the ice, and Rosa found herself almost instantly liking this regal young woman. The lady held out her hand, which Rosa shyly shook. The grip was soft, but suprisingly strong, 'Hi, my name is Catherine, and this,' she said with obvious affection in her voice, ' is my intended, Richard.

Richard also introduced himself "my beloved Catherine and I are getting married this evening. We're here for the first time ourselves', he continued in a deep baritone, 'and I have to say you girls are as mouthwatering as we have heard. Catherine absently stroked her arm as they admired the decor, and Rosa was beginning to get aroused by the gentle pressure of the woman's fingers on her soft flesh. Even more arousing were the occasional 'accidental' brushings of Richard's hands against her breasts and rump as he guided her around and showed off various art works.

She remembered him saying something about his ranch back in Chile, while Catherine seemed to be a chef somewhere. They were going to be married tonight and spend their Under The Veil - Red Wedding - Nails (Vinyl) here at the club and on a world tour. They were looking forward to trying out the local cuisine wherever they went. After a while, they found themselves in the main hallway admiring a portrait of a darkly handsome, aristocratic looking gentleman.

Richard explained to her that the man was the mighty Dolcett himself. Rosa had never heard of him, but Richard told her that he was the leader of a brotherhood that already held power in several third world countries, and would soon rule the world.

Rosa giggled at the idea of someone ruling the world, but her friends assured her it was already well under way. He also owned a Under The Veil - Red Wedding - Nails (Vinyl) of exclusive leisure resorts around the world, as well as financing projects like Richards ranch and the cooking school where Catherine taught.

Their deep reverence for this man was obvious. What was also obvious was the increasingly sexual nature of her friend's 'tour'. Richard stood behind Rosa, with his bulging pants pressed against her wide buttocks. The Spanish girl felt the hardness pressing into her, and yearned to open up and receive it. He was massaging her shoulders, with his powerful fingers kneading her muscles and slowly testing every ounce of soft brown flesh. Catherine stood to her side, with her face almost touching Rosa's, while her hands slowly stroked the inside of her arm.

Rosa was blushing furiously from the deeply erotic teasing. She would have dropped to the floor in an instant for either the man or woman. Though she preferred men, she had several affairs with other woman in the past including a current one with her friend Tinaand the thought of submitting to the love of such a beautiful and stronger woman left her squishy with pleasure.

The idea of being shared between them was almost too much to bear. It was therefore almost physically painful when a man who appeared to be the head butler approached her and told her it was time to get ready for her dancing. She gave Richard and Catherine a tearful look, but they gently laughed and let go of her arms. Richard held her hand and to her immense relief promised her that they would be seeing a lot of her later.

He kissed her lightly on the lips, and Rosa shuddered in lust when she felt the rasp of his tongue across her lips. Catherine also kissed her slowly on her lips, her tongue actually sliding into her mouth and slowly exploring the insides of her mouth before lovingly reassuring her that she would be more than welcome to have dinner with them.

For some reason, they both found this be a bit funny, but Rosa was too horny to take notice of it. With a mournful little pout, she promised to join them later for dinner, then headed of to the locker room. Rosa got quite a shock when she entered the locker room.

She was expecting the usual bunch of beat-up lockers in some dingy room. Instead, the place was right out of a very upscale healthclub. There was a sauna, pool, and exercise equipment; there was even a hot tub! Several young ladies dressed as maids came and lay out fresh snowy towels and invited them to use the facilities however they pleased.

The maids were from all over the world, and seemed very interested in the dancers comfort. Rosa overheard one Oriental server whisper say something about 'left-overs' but she was too busy to think about it. The rather cute Asian gave Rosa a heap of towels and offered to massage her before she went on stage. Again, Rosa was awed by how friendly everyone was.

No wonder everyone said dancing at Dolcetts was the event of a lifetime! Rosa and Tina got lockers next to one another and began to strip.

Rosa's panties were soaked in front and she had to peel the frilly undies off. She played with herself for a minute as she remembered the feel of Catherine's hands on her body. Tina saw where her fingers were and gave her a knowing wink. Tina's panties were also a bit wet, and Rosa figured she had made some new friends too. Both senoritas giggled as they related their experiences. Tina's eyes grew wide as Rosa told her about how she had been seduced by Richard and his bride and how she longed to share their wedding night.

Both girls screwed around with tourists for money, but the thought of striking it rich and becoming a pampered house toy for some rich couple was a real prize. Tina also had been 'picked up', and by three gorgeous lesbians no less. They had gone off by the pool for a quickie, which turned into an hour long face sitting session. The three sappho's were deeply turned on by Tina's soft dark body, and they all took turns fucking her with animal fury. Tina admitted she had never been screwed so hard, even by a man, and she had loved every second.

The nice and very rich young ladies had even invited Tina out to the beach for a Luau tonight! Rosa was a bit envious, not only of losing her friend to another woman, or womenbut that she might miss the luau.

Rosa simply loved cookouts. Maybe, if she was really lucky Under The Veil - Red Wedding - Nails (Vinyl) and Catherine would invite her to the barbecue too. All the girls began to get ready by taking a long hot shower.

There was the usual cattiness as the girls compared their assets to those of their shower mates. Rosa couldn't resist flaunting her exquisite body in front of the other bitches! Rosa considered them all cows next to her loveliness and made sure they knew it. She noticed many of the senoritas were even plumper than she was, and made several nasty remarks to them about it.

The insults were returned, soon the locker room was in a state of anarchy as the fiery Puerto-Ricans began to pull each other hair and scratch away at one another. Rosa and Tina had ganged up on one very dark-skinned Brazilian girl and were getting ready to kick her fat ass when several staff members rushed in to stop the catfights.

Rosa laughed at the furiously cursing Brazilian and haughtily strutted back Under The Veil - Red Wedding - Nails (Vinyl) her locker.

Rosa certainly liked the costume picked out for her. It was a snow-white silk two-piece outfit, with matching high-heals. There was a set of lacy white socks and garter belts, as well as a gorgeous set of white feathers that fit on the back of the panties. The bra was made of frilly lace, and Rosa smiled as she saw that her taut nipples clearly showed thorough the fabric.

The pants were even tighter, and they barely fit over her smooth brown buttocks. She noticed that her some of her pubic hair pushed showed on the sides. She knew that some customers liked this, put she didn't want to look too sleazy at a classy place like this. After all, this was her big break! With a sigh, she stripped naked again and went to the shower to shave off the rich mound of musky hair. Most of the girls were doing the same thing, and everyone began laughing as they had a group shave.

Several staff and club members wandered in to watch, and the girls happily put on a show for them. After all, everyone was being so nice that it seemed wrong not to give something back. Several of the men even offered to give the ladies a nice massage to 'tenderize' them.

To Rosa's immense relief she saw that Richard was among them. She eagerly pulled him off to one of the massage tables and lay down for him. She then got the massage of her life. She couldn't believe how strong his hands were, or how they seemed to find every muscle in her body with ease. He seemed to know his way around a woman's body like the back of his hand. Her groans of pleasure grew louder as he began to massage her bare genitals.

Her Latin blood caught fire, and all the lust she had felt earlier returned with full force. She begged him to mount her. He happily complied, and she gasped as his huge manhood entered her sopping wet hole.

He was soon rutting her like a steam engine, his cock slamming against the top of her vagina. She could feel his wild passion as he covered her nut-brown face with feverish kisses. She ground her hips against his, and screamed in animal hunger as she erupted into the deepest orgasm she ever had.

No man or woman had made her writhe in pleasure as he did. It took long minutes before she slowed down enough to think again. He gave her a gentle smile and kissed her deeply. Finally he let go as began to get dressed. Tonight's going to be pretty busy and everyone's helping with the preparations. All you have to do is bring this hot body of yours to the party, and we'll do the rest. By the way, I can't tell you how happy we are to have met someone like you.

I spoke with my wife and she insisted on having you over for dinner. We both can't wait to treat you to the kind of dinner you deserve.

See you later. Rosa was so happy that she actually clapped in joy. She couldn't wait to get the party started. She ran back to her locker and quickly dressed. She pressed herself into the skimpy panties and bra. She frowned at the small bit of pudge that hung over the top of her pants, and was a grateful that no one seemed to mind a little extra flesh around here.

She pulled on a lacy white garter belt around one of her muscular thighs, and then slipped into a set of frilly stockings and white high heel shoes. She frowned again when she noticed some stains inside the shoes. God, they looked like old gravy stains! She quickly wiped them off, and gave an angry thought about whoever the previous owner was. God knows how she managed to get any food stains there.

She sure must have been a real pig! At least the shoes fit, so Rosa quickly forgot about it. She loved the way the snow-white clothes contrasted with her rich brown skin. She spent a few minutes in front of a mirror, admiring her sultry Hispanic looks. No wonder men loved the spice of hot Latin femininity.

Her body was almost perfectly proportioned; the breasts were full, without being pendulous, her body slim Under The Veil - Red Wedding - Nails (Vinyl) well rounded. Her raven hair and pitch black eyes gave her face a dark, exotic look, while her soft feminine curves radiated a young, vibrant sexuality. Rosa actually pitied most of the skinny white girls who acted like having so much as an ounce of extra flesh was a sin. Life was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Rosa was very proud of her people's naturally passionate nature.

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