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Snakeblood - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD)

Bovendien staan er ook 6 singles op die niet op een album zijn verschenen. Mja, ik ben er toch wel blij mee, sommige van die nummers zijn nauwelijks te vinden. En Leftfield is toch al wel een grote naam in het genre, dat verandert echt niet door zo'n verzamelaar.

Ja, dat bedoelde ik inderdaad. Ik heb A Final Hit wel op de Trainspotting soundtracks, maar die andere soundtracks ben ik nooit tegen gekomen. En ik ben ook weer niet zo'n Leftfield-fan dat ik ze enkel voor hun nummers zou kopen.

Je hebt gelijk inderdaad ik lees net je bericht bij The Beachmaar ik draai dat soort verzamelCDs toch nooit Als ik ze al tegen kom. It marked the start of Lydon's move toward a more accessible dance-rock style, a direction that would be pursued further in Album as well as on Happy? After completing his memoirs in lateLydon decided to put an end to PiL and pursue a solo career. By the time they released their self-titled debut album inthe group had become a sextet, adding guitarist John Ashton and drummer Vince Ely.

That album, featuring Butler's hoarse voice was a successful in England. Talk Talk Talk did better, produced two British singles chart entries, one of which was "Pretty in Pink," later also a hit in the U. Forever Now saw the band reduced to a quartet with the departure Snakeblood - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) Kilburn and Morris.

The rest moved to the U. The film Pretty in Pink helped spread their name further before the release of their next album, Midnight to Midnightwhich consequently got good sales. Book of Days marked the return of Vince Ely, but was a considerable commercial disappointment. World Outside also failed to find an audience. Beautiful Chaos, a live album capturing some of the band's greatest hits from the revival tour, was issued in November Their first live album ever, Beautiful Chaos was a gift for the loyalists.

It also introduced their first new song in almost ten years, a somber ballad entitled "Alive. Clarke has opened for such acts as the Sex Pistols, The Fall, Joy Division, Buzzcocks and Elvis Costello and his set was, and still is on occasion, characterized by lively, rapid-fire renditions of his poems, which were usually performed a cappella. Clarke has often been unfairly pigeonholed as a punk poet, and although his poems do describe a similar inner-city landscape in a comparably spare and streetwise style, his importance as a writer and performer stretches far beyond the finite boundaries of seventies New Wave.

Clarke's rat-a-tat rhymes are far funnier than the throwaway gags of almost any stand-up, and his dispassionate fast-forward delivery gives them a momentum that's as invigorating as the purest pop music.

Yet on the printed page, his perfect couplets often seem far more wistful, as silent readers are suddenly struck by their true literary worth, which puts them right up there with Britain's finest popular verse. Posted by Rho at Wednesday, October 24, 8 comments:. Oct 23, Around The World 2. Fado destiny or fate is a music genre which can be traced from the s in Portugal, but probably with much earlier origins.

It is characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. The music is usually linked to the Portuguese word saudade, a word describing a sentiment that is commonly considered to have no accurate translation in any other language. A similar but not accurate English translation might be a lingering, often nostalgic desire.

Some enthusiasts claim that Fado's origins are a mixture of African slave rhythms with the traditional music of Portuguese sailors and Arabic influence. There are two main varieties of fado, namely those of the cities of Lisbon and Coimbra.

The Lisbon style is the most popular, while Coimbra's is the more refined style. She has a Portuguese father but her mother hails from Mozambique. Growing up, and until she became a fado singer, Mariza sang in a wide variety of styles, including gospel, soul and jazz. Released inMariza's first album, Fado em Mim, was an instant success in Portugal. This led to her recording company launching the disc internationally and taking advantage of the good reception that Portuguese music was enjoying at the time in Europe and in other countries, such as Mexico and Japan.

When Mariza's second album, Fado Curvo, was released inshe was already considered as one of the best singers of what some call the New Fado movement. Snakeblood - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) was released on the official pop album of the Athens Olympics, Unity, on which fado is sung in English and Portuguese.

Her third album, Transparente, was recorded in Brazil and released in Mariza was also one of the artists who performed at Live 8; she sang at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Since that time, Mariza has been invited to a large number of concerts and events to promote Portuguese culture around the whole world, from Australia to Finland, the United States and Argentina. That album eventually reached top ten in countries like Holland, Spain and Finland.

Not her first live release as Live at womad came limited as a bonus disc with the release i got in Posted by Rho at Tuesday, October 23, 1 comment:. Oct 22, Don't Panic! To refresh your memory of last weeks First Fit As the episode opens Arthur Dent is attempting to prevent the local council, represented by Mr Prosser, from bulldozing his house to make way for a bypass. Dent's friend, Ford Prefect arrives and takes him to the pub. At the pub, Ford explains that he is not from Guildford after all, but from a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, and that the world is about to end.

Meanwhile, Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton, a character unique to the radio series, has arrived at the site of Arthur Dent's house. She makes a speech about progress, and the future for the village of Cottington, and insults the residents in the process.

She begins the construction of the bypass, and the demolition of Arthur Dent's house, by smashing a bottle of "very splendid and worthwhile" champagne against a yellow bulldozer. Ford and Arthur hear this, and Arthur races back to the former site of his house, Ford chasing after him after first buying some peanuts. Shortly after Arthur and Ford return to the ruins of Arthur's house, a fleet of Vogon Constructor Ships arrives in the sky, and Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz broadcasts an announcement that they are to demolish the Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

Panic ensues. Ford uses his "electronic thumb" to hitch a lift onto one of the ships, taking Arthur with him, just moments before the Earth is destroyed. On board the Vogon Constructor Ship, Ford explains that he was a field researcher for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and had been stuck on the Earth for several more years than he originally expected.

The two are soon captured by the Vogons, who take an unfriendly view of hitchhikers. The episode ends on a cliff-hanger, after the Vogon Captain tortures them by reading them some poetry, with them due to be thrown into space afterwards. The Leather?

The Machismo? Posted by Rho at Monday, October 22, 1 comment:. Oct 21, Sundaze 2. Hello, I came across this comment at the Inside Out Worlds post, " odditonic said Thank you for illegally distributing my music and making it impossible for me to make a living. To the matter at hand, two different styles of ambient here, the post rock of Rothko and the electronic Dubscapes of FSOL and both are very worthwhile. Virgin Records looking for electronic bands and quickly signed them.

With their newfound contract they immediately began to experiment, resulting in the Tales of Ephidrina album, released in 93 under the Amorphous Androgynous alias. Thus preceding FSOL 's first album release Lifeforms 94 a double album, which 2 months later was followed up with this albumlength EP, bit of a dubversion of the album, livened up by the Siren Elizabeth Fraser. The group mainly uses bass guitars and keyboards to create their soundscapes.

They derived their name from the painter Mark Rothko. Zo werd het nummer in als opener gebruikt voor de Renaissance - compilatie van Sasha en John Digweed. Snakeblood - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) maakten ze vele remixen. Zo werden tracks van Depeche Mode en David Bowie bewerkt. Ook werkten ze mee aan de albumversie van het nummer Intoxication van React 2 Rhythm en een singleversie van het nummer Hallelujah van Inner City.

De ambities van Leftield strekten echter nog verder. Het duo begon te werken aan een echt artiestenalbum. Een voorproefje daarvan was de single Open up Door hun contacten in de punkwereld kregen ze Sex Pistols -zanger John Lydon bereid om het nummer van zang te voorzien. Anderhalf jaar later, in het voorjaar vanlag het album Leftism in de winkels. De media was bijzonder enthousiast. Their latest and most mature album, Puppy, followed in mid, this time incorporating Jon Fugler and Mike Bryant only.

Thursday, October 18, Into The Groove. To the outside world rap started with Rappers Delight, a 14 min marathon that got every hip moving.

It opened up the way for generations of rappers to come, how? Well it was clear there was money to be made with it. There were messages to be spread and there were dancefloors to be filled after disco had been cloned to death by the industry.

On the other sidethe new portable music gizmo's asked for street music. With cheap samplers guys like Schooly D could free style with beats and sounds, rapping about the life around him, full of violence, drugsbravado and making music. This pioneering group inaugurated the history of recorded hip-hop with their multi-platinum seller and radio hit in The group was created to profit on a supposed novelty item.

New Jersey-based producer and indie label owner Sylvia Robinson had become aware of the massive hip-hop block parties occurring around the New York City area during the late '70s, so she gathered three locals from her town: Guy O'Brien, who was the original Master Gee; another local rapper, Michael Wright, who called himself Wonder Mike, and non-rapper Big Bank Hank.

Sugar Hill's in-house producer and arranger was Clifton "Jiggs" Chase. In the early s, the Robinsons bought Levy out.

However, problems started soon afterwards. Artists began to leave the label, a distribution deal with MCA Records fell through, and finally the label closed down in due to financial troubles. InRhino Records purchased all the released and unreleased masters owned by the Sugar Hill label.

So get me something to dance to He was a pioneer of Hardcore rap and the pioneer of Gangsta Rap, being one of the first rappers to embrace an antisocial persona without explicit irony.

The first record that came out along those lines was Schoolly D's "P. Long before the debate about gangsta rap lyrics became an easy way to get national newsprint, there was outrage over Schoolly D's explicit and undiluted narratives on inner city strife. Saturday Night in and Smoke Some Kill in had city officials openly Snakeblood - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) removal of the albums from record stores.

His career got a bit of a boost after the Chemical Brothers sampled him on their Dig Your Own Hole album, creating a bit of interest in a rapper few of the late '90s youth were familiar with.

Wednesday, October 17, Alphabet Soup. HelloAlphabet soup coming up. As i hadnt yet a theme for thursdayswhen i noticed the Hitchikers series taking 26 weeks,it triggered well thats the alphabet. There are so many records that don't really fit into this or that catagory here i thought well, ill run down from A to Z with those.

Aphrodites Child's apocalypse album is such a work, originally a double album and surprisingly alowed, as the number of the beast, or man as the cover states has many a supersticious corner shiver. I think Vangelis And Rousos Aphrodite's main children did rather well, but you can judge that yourself if you want.

The second offering by Barry Adamson isnt 'light' either, in fact "Moss Side Story" was a rather daring first solo album. On their way to London, they got stuck in Paris partially because they did not have the correct work permits and partially because of the strikes associated with the May events.

With this song the band became an overnight sensation in France and several other European countries in which the single charted well, despite the song being sung in English and not French. In October of the same year, the band released their first album End of the World. The album contained an equal amount of psychedelic pop songs and ballads in the vein of Procol Harum or The Moody Blues.

After extensive touring the second album, the rootsier "Let me love, let me live" came out in October, while the album It's five o'clock came out in December featuring more successful ballads like the title song but also songs that crossed many musical genres.

The new tour was without Vangelis as he fancied staying and working in Paris. The band began to record their magnum opus late in a musical adaptation of the biblical Book of Revelation, entitled Relations between all the band members were not good at the time, and continued to worsen during the album's creation.

Essentially, was Vangelis' concept, created with an outside lyricist, Costas Ferris. The music that Vangelis was creating for was much Snakeblood - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) psychedelic and progressive rock oriented than anything the band had done before.

This did not sit well with the other band members, who wished to continue in the pop direction that had brought them success. By the time the double LP finally came out in lateand after having sold over 20 million albums the band split.

Both Vangelis and Demis Roussos pursued successful solo careers, Roussos as a pop singer and Vangelis as one of the pioneers in electronic music. He joined ex-Buzzcocks singer Howard Devoto's band Magazine, playing bass guitar Barry played on all of Magazine's albums, and contributed to Devoto's solo album and his next band, Luxuria.

He also contributed to the studio band Visage, playing in the ensemble's first two albums, Visage and The Anvil. He appeared in the first four of their albums: Then in 88 he decided to release his first solo album, Moss Side Story. Later Snakeblood - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) have included jazz, electronica, soul, funk, and dub styles.

Adamson eventually began composing soundtracks for films, including Gas Food Lodging and Lost Highway. Adamson has forged his own highly acclaimed solo career with a series of distinctive and thematically linked soundscape albums. Tuesday, October 16, Eight-X. Hello, had to adapt my plans for today a little but it turned out the year came to the rescue. So what happened back then a small listing : January - The first British cell phone call is made by Ernie Wise to Vodafone. May - Heysel Disaster: 38 spectators are killed in rioting on the terraces during the European Cup final between Liverpool F.

October - Marty McFly is the first person to travel through time, to November 5,with the help of a DeLorean time machine. November - Microsoft Corporation releases the first version of Windows, Windows 1. December - American naturalist Dian Fossey is found murdered in Rwanda. Their first big break came with the Festival di Sanremo, where their song "E Dirsi Ciao" won an award. The festival was televised on Intervision, giving the band their first international audiences and helping to establish them in Europe, the United States, and Mexico.

Inthey completed their first tour of Europe and South America and won an honorable mention for their song "Raggio di Luna" at the Eurovision song contest.

In the early ' 80s, Piero Cassano left the group and was replaced by Sergio Cossu, who helped push the band into a new electronic phase of their career.

Every aspect of their sound became electronic, with the exception of Ruggiero's vocals. Their music ranged from the electronic sounds that were gracing the discotheques of the time to the label their music, "tango-rock. Valente had been hired as a pianist and vocalist, but she also proved to be a skilled guitarist and made a major contribution to the band's new sound.

After a prolonged tour, Carlo Marrale left the group and for the first time it became a quartet. Colourbox's self-titled debut EP -- a collection of dub and scratching experiments heralding their first plunge into sampling technology, edited down from three hours of studio sessions -- appeared later that same year, with the single "Say You" following in After another inch, "Punch," the group issued 's "The Moon Is Blue," a teaser for their first full album, 'Colourbox', which garnered great reviews and topped the UK independent chart in Colourbox's idiosyncratic approach to music left journalists struggling to pin down their identity; they deliberately stayed out of the spotlight and focused on refining their sound.

A collaboration with A. Described by one journalist as "the musical equivalent of the 70s Dutch team with their total football", the trio of Julian Griffin, Michael Harding and Andrew Hobday exchanged vocal and instrumental duties at the drop of a sombrero, "mixing melody and mayhem in equal measure.

Kings of Leon. Diana e Marvin. Jack Johnson. Gwen Stefani. Fonte - Wikipedia.

Jij Bent Zo Lief - Eddy Romy - 10 Jaar Eddy Romy (Vinyl, LP), Around The Sun (Stephmadfx et Dj Trucks Remix) - Ronie Mc Bride - Around The Sun (File, MP3), Breathless - SPK - Digitalis Ambigua, Gold And Poison (Vinyl, LP, Album), Krush - Dizzy Gillespie And The United Nations Orchestra - Live At The Royal Festival Hall, London (, Miths, Im A Fool To Care - Various - Americas Favorite Music (Vinyl, LP), Bartók*, Reiner* / Chicago Symphony* - Music For Strings, Percussion And Celesta / Hungarian Sketche, No Train Like Water - Ulaan Markhor - Spiral Horns, Black Onions, Et Al. (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ill Remember April - The Charles Mingus Quintet + Max Roach - The Charles Mingus Quintet + Max Roach, Sirasancerre - Bola - Gnayse (File, Album), Thing For You - Supertramp - Supertramp часть 1-2 (CDr), El Sueño Del Niño Jesus - El Coro De Bayamon - Navidad (Vinyl, LP, Album), Methylated Bile - Regurgitate - Easy Swallowin Bloody Gore E-Piece (CDr), Your Smile (Spoken House Mix) - Various - Dont Be Leftout (CD), Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Carmen Bustamante - Renato Capecchi, English Chamber Orchestra, Antoni

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    A FINAL HIT – THE GREATEST HITS. Released: 03 May Format: CD / CD & DVD / Download. Label: Sony BMG. iTunes. A Final Hit is the greatest hits album from Leftfield. 1) - Release The Pressure (Feat. Earl Sixteen) 2) - Afro Left (Feat.

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    Leftfield: A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) ‎ (CD, Comp + DVD-V, Multichannel, PAL, Dol) Hard Hands, Columbia, Sony BMG Music Entertainment: UK & Europe: Sell This Version/5.

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    22 rows · Oct 03,  · This limited edition version includes a DVD that spans their videography. Comes in jewel case with.

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    May 03,  · In , this track compilation -- which includes material from their two studio albums, 's Leftism and 's Rhythm and Stealth, plus their contributions to soundtracks for three Danny Boyle films, Trainspotting ("A Final Hit"), his directorial debut ("Shallow Grave"), and The Beach ("Snakeblood"), and two of their earliest tracks ("Not Forgotten," "More Than /10(9).

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    Final Hit: Greatest Hits Import Leftfield Format: Audio CD. out of 5 stars 21 Shallow Grave) it also exposes, from the almost chilled out funk of More Than I Know through the sinewey Snakeblood to the delicate and brittle Swords, that there was far more to them than just buzz saw riffs and biblical amounts of bass. great album if /5(21).

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    15 rows · Oct 03,  · Leftfield – A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) Leftfield. –. A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) Label: Hard.

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    Leftfield. –. A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) Label: Columbia – , Hard Hands –.

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    In , this track compilation -- which includes material from their two studio albums, 's Leftism and 's Rhythm and Stealth, plus their contributions to soundtracks for three Danny Boyle films, Trainspotting ("A Final Hit"), his directorial debut ("Shallow Grave"), and The Beach ("Snakeblood"), and two of their earliest tracks ("Not Forgotten," "More Than I Know") - Brand: Sony BMG Europe.

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    A Final Hit is an album by the English electronic duo Leftfield, featuring all of their single releases, songs which were released on film soundtracks and others. A Limited Edition release contained a bonus DVD with music videos to seven of .

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