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Sandy - Various - Danish Beat Cookies 6 (CD)

Ariana Grande has come a long way from her childhood home in Florida. With an impressive 14 year career as a successful chart-topping singer, it's no surprise that the young star has started to build up an impressive property portfolio. Let's retrace Ariana's road to fame and step inside the spectacular houses she's bought and rented along the way Surging shopper demand coupled with shipping container shortages and bottlenecks at ports have already triggered tighter supply of products, from cars to shoes.

In particular, some of America's biggest sellers of clothing and shoes cite one catalyst that has compounded the pressure: factory closures in Vietnam stemming from a second wave of the cor For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set up works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards.

We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch. A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is a volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording. Metadata coordinators MCshelp and advise Book Coordinators, and take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators.

The files are then prepared and uploaded to the LibriVox catalogue, in a lengthy and cumbersome process. Enter the bit of Wispy Ruins by cutting the tree next to the gym. Step on the tile, then enter the newly opened 4-badge gate door. Inside the chest is a Big Nugget! Now, head back into Wispy Ruins. Enter the stairs and watch the scene, then go up in the cave.

After going up again, a couple of Shuppet will drop you into a pit. Our goal here is to trap all the Shuppet into corners. Head all the way north afterwards, and past another Phantump, enter the 2-badge gate.

Loop back around to the middle, around where the NPC is with the crazy hair. Head up and to the right and grab the Cleanse Tag, then follow Shuppet down and up into the middle. Get it to go back through the big loop counterclockwise, then follow it. It should now be on the upper path, so follow it right and get it to crawl into the small path in the middle, then talk to it.

Go up through the center and head left to grab the Calcium. Head up and chase the last Shuppet. For this one, get it to the platform in the upper left, then to the platform to the right, and down. Talk to it, then return to the middle of the north side and the Shuppet will let you pass. Before climbing the ladder, go up and enter the 1-badge gate to get a Dusk Stone! Head up and through the ladder. Follow the path until you reach a larger room.

Now, either proceed to the Mystery Egg side quest, or to Route 4 to continue the story. Of what we have, male Cacnea, Oddish, Bellsprout, Sunkern, Cherubi, Slugma, and Shuppet are all good choices for partners if you have them.

This will only work during the daytime, but return to the Route 3 market, and talk to the boy in front of the old man. The mystery egg is unfortunately determined as you start your save file, so it cannot be re-determined by save resetting.

For now, head back to Route 4 through Wispy Path. Route 4 - 4Route1 Welcome to Route 4, a sprawling nature preserve. All over there are items scattered about, and it would appear they refresh once a day. Different items will be present each day. Sunflora 24 Bounsweet 44 Bounsweet Sunkern 20 Sunflora 20 Meowth Bounsweet 20 Togedemaru 19 Tranquill Meowth 15 Fletchinder 10 Togedemaru 4. Tranquill 14 Tranquill 10 Plusle 1. Togedemaru 5 Meowth 5 Linoone 1. Linoone 1 Minun 1 There are also Kricketot and Misdreavus in the areas to the north of where we start at certain times of day.

Talk to Aelita and Nim at the bridge to the south. Cross the bridge to the north, and Nim will join your party. Togedemaru 5 Meowth 5 Nuzleaf 1. Interact with the stone den to the right of the bridge for a scene and to get 5 Rift Fragments. The rare ones are Relicanth, Meowth, and Finneon. Head back to the left and let Cairo break the rock.

Cross the bridge to the right. The rare ones are Chatot, Snorunt, and Cacnea. He has a couple shops set up. Crests are unique held items that give the species in question unique strengths to make them better. Get the Bike Voucher for now if you want, but otherwise start saving up Rife Essence.

If you accumulate exactly 10, talk to Chespin and Cairo will let you have it! Head up. There are Duskull roaming here at night. Try to head into Akuwa Town to the north for a battle with Nim. Focus Sash. Assault Vest. Twisted Spoon. Head to the left, and sneak through the gap in the fence. Enter Lost Camp and talk to Maman.

Five lost kids are reachable for now:. Andrew can be found in Abandoned Sewers underneath Gearen City by crossing the first bridge north, then the first bridge west, then the first bridge down in an alcove at the bottom. James can be found by entering Spring of Purification from Sheridan Village. Marissa can be found on Wispy Path in the upper right corner of where Espurr played with you.

Matthew can be found on Route 3, the second bridge from the bottom. Cybur can be found on Route 3, next to the mystery egg vendor. Strangely, a few orphans will sell you stuff as they get here, Andrew included.

Back in the lost camp, Maman will let us donate again. Exit and return. Catch any shinies you find as well. This in total will clear like 5 categories you may not otherwise get done. Gotta go fast. Head to the library and enter the room on the left and talk to the girl in here to do a quiz. The answers are brown, Goldenwood, and GoldenLeaf. Akuwa Town? Buizel 30 Girafarig 45 Buizel 30 Buizel Skitty 20 Buizel 30 Illumise 20 Seel Girafarig 15 Blitzle 15 Girafarig Audino 5 Lickitung 1 Audino 5.

Head up to the gym area, but before you go in, directly head east. As a note - the outdoor section in the middle will be referred to as the courtyard, the east section will be the quarry, and the left section will be the fields. Exit the only way you can, then make your way outside and to the east to the quarry. Head down into the mines and talk to Saki.

Accept the fast travel, then talk to everyone in the mine. Once you do, the bottom area will open. Beat the trainer, then head to the sigil at the top of the mine. Talk to the crew, then exit the root. Delibird 2 I recommend catching everything here, though we will be able to get them later.

Day 2 Head on out and talk to the crew. Enter the door in the southwest corner, talk to the left guard to access the shop. Talk to the right guard, then head into the courtyard. Enter the quarry again. All those glowing rocks around can be mined for items, just like in 4th gen.

The item probabilities within are as follows:. Pixie Plate 0. Once we can revive fossils, I will mention them all at once, but feel free to mine at your leisure.

If you save in front of a rock and press F12, you can reset the items within. Break all the rocks with Adam, using the Blast Powder he gives you. Head left and beat the trainer. After all that, head into the battle room. Make your way through the path and all the way to the right. After the first minecart goes, head left and up the hill to talk to a robot for a battle.

Push it into its spot, then repeat with the robot to the left. Finally fly over the pit at the bottom and fight the third robot and push it into its place. Day 3 Head out and watch all the scenes. The first two are easy, however the last is against Emma. Next, enter the library on top of the stairs, and read the purple bookshelf.

Then head to the garden area to the left of the courtyard. Go up at the tree at the top, to reach a secret area. Enter the hut to talk to the crew. Back in the garden, walk up the stairs on the right to interact with the crew by the sigil. Then reenter the castle and talk to Valarie at the dining hall.

Head to the battleship first. Then sneak your way through the courtyard and then the castle to reach the third floor. Back outside enter the library and talk to the wide blue bookshelf on the left.

Then talk to the bookshelf in the middle, then beat the trainer. Enter the secret garden area again and enter the hut. After a lot of scenes, head back to the secret garden and down the stairs. Push through the false wall, then again on the right. Wise Glasses. Outside, Nancy will join up with you! Beat the guards as you go. She has a Level 65 Sylveon! Heal and swap out Sandy - Various - Danish Beat Cookies 6 (CD) party, then head in. Heal again and go through. Follow the stairs all the way up.

Aelita will join your party for this next battle. Never Melt Ice. Crippling Crabominable with a burn or attack lower might be a good strategy while you clean up the left side. Anyways, just keep up the pressure and make sure the fastest mons is out, then you and Aelita should be able to win.

Soul Stone. Decimation has 20 PP and Quick Guard starts with 15, so some combination of ethers and revives is necessary. Drain its PP with Quick Guard, then watch it struggle to death! Whether you win or lose, watch the next scenes play out.

Goodbye Blacksteeple Castle! Grab the Poke Ball at the table to get Mawile. Exit the room and head to the right. Your Snag Machine will finally be fixed! Reenter the facility, and head down the stairs to the left to grab the Dull Key! Head outside and go to the right to talk to Melia. Dread Plate. Silk Scarf. After you win, head out to the deck and talk to Melia again. Back on the ship, head up the two ladders to reach TM Assurance.

Blipbug 40 Bibarel 45 Morelull 34 Carvanha Trumbeak 29 Foongus 40 Sandy - Various - Danish Beat Cookies 6 (CD) Weepinbell 20 Exeggcute 9 Spinarak Bibarel 10 Butterfree 5 Oddish Dottler 1 Beedrill 1 Venonat There are also Hoppip flying around in the mornings.

Muscle Band. Wacan Berry. Her Qwilfish and Floatzel have Swift Swim, so they will outspeed you and hit hard. Lanturn and Primarina are a bit slower but if you let them get off Aquabatics special Dragon Dance, basically then they can steamroll your team.

Watch out for Dewgong, too, whose Hydration ability allows it to heal all the way up to full every turn with Rest. If you can get past the first two fast attackers though, a strong physical set up sweeper might be able to get through the rest of her team.

An alternative is to transform the field. Go all the way to the left, then down. Surf down from here. Grab the Red Shard. Afterwards, return to the jungle. Go down and left. Once you go inside the ranger station, meet with the group to the right.

Head back out, then go up at the first place you can. Morelull 30 Bibarel 40 Blipbug 30 Carvanha Hoothoot 20 Beedrill 21 Trumbeak 29 Surfing. Gloom 15 Exeggcute 15 Weepinbell 20 Carvanha Spinarak 10 Foongus 10 Dottler 11 Golduck 5. Venonat 10 Amoongus 9 Bibarel Ariados 5 Butterfree 5 Kricketune 5 Shiinotic 4 Noctowl 1. Cross the bridge to the right, then head down to grab a Full Heal.

Go all the way up to Melia. Follow her to the right and grab the Sitrus Berries and Oran Berries. Pixie Plate. Who knows? Anyways, this is a tough fight for sure, especially as he uses the field well.

Marowak and Grimmsnarl can be pains if you let them set up, so setting up rocks can help tremendously here. Grab the Rift Notes: Code Sarpa. Heal and switch out your party, grab the pulse notes, then talk to the four creatures on the four… Tangela? Another battle with a Rift. This one tries to wear you down with Coil boosts, so burning or otherwise keeping its attack low will be useful.

Wear it down defensively before too many Coils or switch to special moves if you must. Enter the house here and grab the Focus Band. Talk to the characters at the village. Re-enter the forest and talk to the first girl from the top. Just like last time, we need relationship points with it. The fastest way to do it is to Sandy - Various - Danish Beat Cookies 6 (CD) to Aelita below, then play ball with it… 31 times.

Head left a map and enter the Weather Institute. The guy in the top right will trade for your Dunsparce a Castform! You can do this infinitely if you want, in fact. Head back out and go down. Sprinkle the Spice Powder on it, and it will attack. Head left a map, then go down. Grab two Oranguru if you can - one will be traded away later. In the pot, you can find infinite Pink Nectar. Exit the jungle south to return to the pier.

Unfortunately, all 8 of the final evolved Water type starters are pretty much more useful than it, but hey, it exists. Return to the village to progress the story. Kakori Village and Jeminra Woods - KVill1 Enter the third house from the left, on the upper row of houses below the cliffside. Also, in the mart, trade in your Up-Grade with a girl to get Scope Lens!

Lickitung 20 Dwebble 90 Golduck 5. Bibarel 15 Shuckle 5 Sharpedo 4. Tropius 9 Binacle 5 Lotad 1. Use the Spice Powder on the Vileplume in Area 5, then follow the path up and right across the rocks. Back at the gate, if you managed to survive the suffering and find a Chansey, show it to the girl for the Oval Charm!

This will help us find eggs in the day care more often. Enter the hallway at the top. In the community rec room, a girl will give you a Weakness Policy.

In the room above that, grab the Up- Grade then talk to the girl in the corner. Rock Gem. Steelix and Quilava should be able to handle the rest! Talk to her again to take on Jasmine. Shuca Berry. Immediately switching to Steelix to get off some curses will easily get you through Magneton 1 and Skarmory - then you should switch to eat the HP Fire. Return to the HQ and enter the last room on the left. After that, head back outside and go to Route 5. Slugma 30 Noctowl 35 Geodude 95 Remoraid Machop 20 Numel 30 Binacle 5 Krabby 9.

Sandygast 15 Baltoy 15 Old Rod Goldeen 1. Spinda 10 Ariados 15 Clobbopus Machoke 10 Chimecho 5 Remoraid This is an easy battle compared to Valarie. That said, watch out for Type: Null, who can live thanks to Eviolite and set up to hit you hard. Here they are: 1. Immediately right of the hiker 2. In the map to the left, next to the stacks of wood by the Timburr 3. Heading left across the bridge and to the left, north by the broken bridge 4.

North from 4, in the meadow. In the bottom left side of the map where you fought Valarie 7. Grab the TM51 Steel Wing!

Talk to the girl near the Venusaur on the left. Talk to the guy on the right, then Gurdurr. Luckily, even at level 75 all the enemies are somewhat slow, so if you can boost your offenses with a somewhat fast mon you might be able to one shot it with something super effective. Either way, come up with a strategy to take it out.

This is also where the Mossy Rock is located. HQuest Find It! Talk to Roggenrola, and it will follow you. HQuest Battle Me Again! Get your best team and head to the Valor Shore. Yache Berry. Grass Gem. Passimian can hit hard if given the chance to bulk up even once, and Vikavolt takes lives if you let it attack.

Not to mention speed demon Lycanroc probably able to take out at least one of your team members at will. Not a ton of synergy or a central strategy though. As before getting a team with near perfect synergy that counters each of her mons and you might sneak out a victory. You can also wait till the next level cap if you want to make this one easier. Enter the door that the AA grunt came out of.

Now, one more quest we can do. Enter the Xen Battleship, and the girl from earlier will be here. Rorim B will battle you! Dance Prodigy Rorim B. You can do it! Get the Sky Relic. Head into the wetlands. Karrablast 34 Skorupi 30 Tympole 30 Tympole 60 Barboach Palpitoad 10 Phantump 10 Palpitoad If you want to change something, you can request a free revision. Custom homework help is not prohibited by any university or college. Using our essay writing service is, in many ways, similar to consulting a tutor or getting help from your friend or sibling.

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