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Johhny Wake Up

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Jump to your favorite action. Vote on categories x. Maybe it's a bad film? Maybe it's a good film? To me it's just a film. It's something I needed to make.

I started out as a guitarist in the early '80s. I hooked up with a guy who idolized James Dean and he gave me a copy of the Dean biography, "The Mutant King", which I thought was really interesting. I wasn't really into acting at the time - but James Dean was the catalyst. I don't have a mental picture of the houses we lived in because there were so many. The horrible thing was that it wasn't understood.

For some unknown reason the baby would stop breathing. So I would sneak into where the baby was sleeping and put my hand in her crib, hold her little finger, and I'd sleep on the floor like that. It was stupid, I'm sure. But I thought the warmth of my hand might help, that maybe if she felt my pulse it would remind her to breathe. Marlon Brando is maybe the greatest actor of the last two centuries.

But his mind is much more important than the acting thing. The way that he looks at things, doesn't judge things, the way that he assesses things.

He's as important as, uh Jesus, not many people Stephen Hawking! There's nothing - you know - nothing else like music. Nothing that touches us on that, uh, that deep level. Music can open up so many emotions that we didn't know we had. It's the magical thing about musicals, you know, on the stage or on film or whatever. Love songs. They work so well because music touches us, emotionally, where words alone can't. As a teenager I was so insecure.

I was the type of guy that never fitted in because he never dared to choose. I was convinced I had absolutely no talent at all. For nothing.

And that thought took away all my ambition, too. What was it called? A very interesting book. I wasn't exactly going for that with the character. And Keith is not flamboyant in his actions. Keith is pretty stealth. But with Jack, it was more that I liked the idea of being ambiguous, of taking this character and making everything a little bit. Because women were thought to be bad luck on ships.

And these pirates would go out for years at a time. So, you know, there is a possibility that one thing might lead to another. Go on. Study Shakespeare". So it's one of the things that keep ricocheting around in my head. He told me that by the time he had got to the point where he felt he could do "Hamlet", it was too late. So he said, "Do it now, do it while you can". And I would like to do it - although it's one of the more frightening ideas I've had.

I think as an actor it is good to feel the fear of failing miserably. I think you should take that risk. Fear is a necessary ingredient in everything I do. But if I do "Hamlet" it will probably be in a small theater on a small stage and it will have to be very, very soon because I'm getting a little long in the tooth for it.

Having kids was a huge change for me. Becoming a father. But I think more than changing, I feel like I've been revealed to myself, I kind of found out who I was. When you meet your child for the first time and you're looking at this angel, you start realizing what an idiot you've been for so many years and how much time you've wasted. As far as being feet-on-the-ground, once again my kids and ['girlfriend Vanessa Paradis ] have given me a proper foundation.

A sense of home that I never had in my life, a real sense of a place to be. I loved playing Edward Scissorhands because there's nothing cynical, jaded or impure about him. It's almost a letdown to look in the mirror and realize I'm not Edward. What I said was, the United States of America is a young country compared to Europe, compared to, you know, other countries.

We're young. We're and something years old. He is a brother, a friend, my godson's father. He is a unique and brave soul, someone that I would go to the ends of the earth for, and I know, full and well, he would do the same for me. There's no preparing, you just do it. There was no screenplay, no director, nothing. For some unknown reason, I just said I was in. As a person, I was pretty much a lost cause at that time in my life. She turned all that around for me with her incredible tenderness and understanding.

I love our house in the country. I can walk to the nearby village and have a coffee and no one pays any notice. I'm just another dad with my daughter on my knee.

The time I've spent in France with [girlfriend Vanessa Paradis ] has solidified my belief that I can keep a major distance from Hollywood and still keep in the game.

Acting is my living, but I don't want to live it. Living in France is the first time I can honestly say I feel at home. There's a drive in me that won't allow me to do certain things that are easy. I can weigh all the options, but there's always one thing that goes: "Johnny, this is the one.

All the amazing people that I've worked with - Marlon BrandoAl PacinoDustin Hoffman - have told me consistently: don't compromise.

Do your work, and if what you're giving is not what they want, you have to be prepared to walk away. I had never experienced that before. And it's been fun to visit Hollywood and talk to studios as a bankable actor for a change. I've been around long enough to know that one week, you're on the exclusive list of guys who can open a movie, and then the next week, you're off the list.

It's been a fun ride, and I'm enjoying it for all it's worth. It was the same feeling I had about Edward Scissorhands. I'd count her change at the end of the night. She cursed like a sailor, played cards and smoked cigarettes.

I was a weird kid. I wanted to be Bruce Lee. I wanted to be on a SWAT team. My cousins had a gospel group and they came down and played gospel songs, and that was the first time I ever saw an electric guitar.

I was about twelve years old. Then I locked myself in a room for a year and taught myself how to play, learned off records, and then I started playing in little garage bands. The first group I was ever in was called Flame. Then I was in The Kids. They were the ones who moved to Hollywood. It had two identical grocery stores opposite each other and nothing much ever happened there.

At first we'd wear T-shirts that said "Flame" on them. At 13 I was wearing plain T-shirts. Then I used to steal my mom's clothing. She had all these crushed velvet shirts with French-cut sleeves. And, like, seersucker bell bottoms. I dreamed of having platforms, but couldn't find any. I'd been in high school three years, and I may have just walked in yesterday.

I had, like, eight credits. I was in my third year of high school and I didn't want to be there. I was bored out of my mind and I hated it.

I hung around with bad crowds. We used to break and enter places. We'd break into the school and destroy a room or something. I used to steal things from stores. He'd failed me. I remember one time this teacher yelled at me so heavily in front of the entire class.

He didn't have any time for me then, and now, all of a sudden, he wants my autograph? They all thought I was going to end up a drug addict, in jail. I started smoking at 12, lost my virginity at 13 and did every kind of drug there was by Pretty much any drug you can name, I've done it.

I wouldn't say I was bad or malicious, I was just curious. I certainly had my little experiences with drugs. Eventually, you see where that's headed and you get out. I played rock'n'roll clubs in Florida.

I was underage, but they would let me come in the back door to play, and then I'd have to leave after the first set. My father left and my mother was deeply hurt and sick physically and emotionally.

That's a very traumatic thing for a family to go through, so we all pulled together and did the best we could. These are the most important people in my life. You know, I would die for these people. If someone were to harm my family or a friend or somebody I love - I would eat them. I might end up in jail for years - but I would eat them. I remember carving my initials on my arm and I've scarred myself from time to time since then.

In a way your body is a journal and the scars are sort of entries in it. I can remember my parents fighting and us kids wondering who was going to go with whom if they got divorced. I had the right intentions, but the wrong timing - and the wrong person.

But I don't regret it; I had fun and I learned a lot. You know, I was married, when I was It was a strong bond with someone, but I can't necessarily say I was in love. That's something that comes around once, man, maybe twice if you're lucky.

And I don't know that I experienced that, let's say, before I turned The kid falls asleep and it's all over, he's sucked right into the bed and spit out as blood. His Johhny Wake Up body rises straight out and then topples over, too. I heard somebody talk about having a dummy shot out of the bed, but I said, "Hey, I want to do this! It'll be fun! Lemme do it! He had written the part of a big, blond, beach jock, football player guy. And I was sort of emaciated, with old hairspray and spiky hair, earrings, a little catacomb dweller.

Then five hours later that agent called me and said, "You're an actor". There were so many bands it was impossible to make any money. So we all got side jobs. We used to sell ads over the telephone.

We had to rip people off. We'd tell them they'd been chosen by so-and-so in their area to receive a grandfather clock. It was horrible. I like to think that I'm very considerate of other people's feelings, and I was trained as a small child to always try my best at everything.

I think I'm a mixture of romantic and realist. I'm a realist about some stuff, but I also wholeheartedly believe that in a society where people get divorced every five minutes you can still stay married for 50 or 75 years.

It's been done and it's beautiful. When I see a couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary, I just think that it's totally incredible. About his early relationship I don't regret any of them. I had a good time. Most of what's been written about me has been completely false. People have created an image that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and they have the power to sell it, to shove it down the throats of people.

I'm an old-fashioned guy who wants marriage and kids. I read for him and he said, "OK, I need you for ten weeks in the jungle. I made some shitty movies when I was first starting out, but I'm not embarrassed by them, especially as I didn't think I was going to be an actor - I was just trying to make some money. I was still a musician. When I first started out I was just given the opportunity, and there was no other way to make that kind of money.

Apart from crime. I couldn't believe how much they were paying me. And as far as I was concerned, when Stephen Sondheim writes the note and it has to be held for this many beats, you do it. I don't care if you're from Miramar or Kentucky or you're an ass and you don't sing.

It doesn't matter. Don't be a pussy, you fucking hold that note. You can't cheat. You can't whisper. You can't do the William Shatner thing. You just gotta belt it out. So I really beat myself up, making sure I could hold those notes. In "Johanna," some are, like, twelve beats. That was a bugger. At one point, I was very close to passing out-- I got dizzy and saw black. But that's what Sondheim wrote, so that's what you do.

About teen magazines They had come to me in the beginning and said, "We want you to do these interviews and stuff for these magazines," and I said, "What magazines? Teen Beat! Teen Dream! Teen Poop! Teen Piss! Teen Shit! He's my savior. About his character in 21 Jump Street Hanson is not someone I'd want to have pizza with. I don't believe in having undercover cops in high school - it's spying. The only thing I have in common with Tom Hanson is that we look alike.

About 21 Jump Street I got a call from my agents, who said, "These people want you to come and read for this TV thing. I didn't Johhny Wake Up to sign some big contract that would bind me for years. So they hired somebody else to do it, and they fired him after about a month, and then they called me again and said, "Would you please come in and do it? One season. When I see someone who just follows their dream and succeeds, and just does basically what they want to do and doesn't have to answer to anyone, obviously not harming anyone, that's great.

Now it's starting to get to profound [things]. She sat me down the other day, sort of like, "Dad, I need to have a talk with you. I said, "Alright sweetheart, what do you got?

I said, "No honey, I don't think he is. Probably not. Has He seen the dinosaurs? About 21 Jump Street I'm afraid I started navel-gazing. I started thinking like, There are days in a year, but for of those days, I'm saying someone else's words. And they're bad words. And I only get to say my own for 90 days. Kids write to me and say Johhny Wake Up are having these problems or they want to commit suicide or something. It's scary. I have to say, Listen, I'm just an actor, not a professional psychologist.

If you need help, you should go and get it. It follows people from all corners of the kingdom, but concentrates on the court of a tyrannical, dwarfish monarch known only as "the King". The strip's humor occasionally satirizes modern American culture, and deliberate anachronisms are rampant. Technology changes to suit whatever a gag requires; a battle with spears and arrows might be followed by a peasant using an ATM.

In some strips the king is elected to his monarchial position albeit through rigged ballots. The aspects that stay the same, however, are that Id is in the middle of nowhere, home to a large castle surrounded by a moat.

The king and his subjects run an inept army perpetually at war with "the Huns ", while the unhappy, overtaxed peasants or "Idiots" make little money as farmers and stablehands to keep modest lifestyles. The Wizard of Id follows a gag-a-day format, plus a color Sunday page. There are running gags relating to the main cast, to a variety of secondary, continuing characters, and to the kingdom itself. Occasionally it will run an extended sequence on a given theme over a week or two.

According to Don Markstein 's Toonopedia "The strip's humor style—quite contemporary, in contrast to its medieval setting—ranges from broad and low to pure black ". The style in which certain characters are drawn has changed from the early years of the strip to today.

For example, the old style of the King's head was more rectangular, he had a crown with identifiable card suits on it club, diamond, hearthis mustache and beard always hid his mouth, and his beard frequently extended to a curved point when the King was shown in profile see The Wondrous Wizard of Id, Fawcett Publications. In the new style, the King's head is more trapezoidal with a slightly smaller and undecorated crown, he has a huge nose even bigger than Rodney's Johhny Wake Up covers his mouth and chin, and when he opens his mouth it appears that his beard has been shaved off.

In addition to the main cast, several recurring jokes have run throughout the life of the comic strip for which certain characters come back from time to time. By the time interest was expressed in the concept Henson was deeply involved in other projects and decided to not pursue it any further. The comic was also adapted into a cartoon short inproduced by Chuck Jonesdirected by Abe Levitow and with voices from Paul Johhny Wake Up and Don Messick.

Paul Williams in the early s touted an Id feature film as upcoming in talk show appearances. I went up to Endicott, New York and stayed with Johnny Hart, who became a really good friend, and actually made a deal with Columbia Pictures to do Wizard of Id as a feature.

Jota De Pagesia - Dancadores de Mallorca - Mallorca Y Su Folklore (Vinyl, LP), Kronos - Raven Wings - Necessary Illusions (CD, Album), Midnight Rider, Rare Bird - Hoelderlin - Rare Birds (CD, Album), Paradise - Bel Canto - Magic Box (CD, Album), See The Gipsies - Sandefjord Jentekor - Around The World With Sandefjord Jentekor (Sandefjord Girls, Where Do You Go To - Peter Sarstedt - Update (Vinyl, LP), Why I Sing The Blues - B.B. King - Across The Tracks (Vinyl, LP), 和田アキ子* - 天使になれない (Vinyl), Skinhead Moonstomp

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    The Wizard of Id is a daily newspaper comic strip created by American cartoonists Brant Parker and Johnny brandez.bizing November 16, , the strip follows the antics of a large cast of characters in a shabby medieval kingdom called "Id". The title is a play on The Wizard of Oz, combined with the Freudian psychological term Id, which represents the instinctive and primal .

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    May 30,  · Wake up, people!! Reply. Alice Schumm says: December 30, at am. Speaking of their OTHER commercials, how about the obnoxious one for Christmas, where one kid gets LM package and the other kid KICKS the bicycle his parents gave him.

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    Aug 09,  · The Best Guitarists Ever: 75 Legendary Musicians You Need To Know. From hard rockers to virtuoso jazzers, the best guitarists of all time represent a variety of sounds.

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    The following is a list of notable deaths in July Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence: Name, age, country of citizenship and reason for notability, established cause of death, reference.

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    Johnny Lawrence is a fictional character who appears in The Karate Kid series of films created by Robert Mark by William Zabka, he serves as an antagonist in The Karate Kid and as Daniel LaRusso's rival. He appeared briefly in The Karate Kid Part II, and is one of the main protagonists of the Netflix series Cobra Kai.

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    Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the most versatile actors of his day and age in Hollywood. He was born John Christopher Depp II in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, , to Betty Sue (Wells), who worked as a waitress, and John Christopher Depp, a civil engineer.

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