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Pailhead - I Will Refuse (Vinyl)

Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Pailhead - I Will Refuse (Vinyl) 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Monday 5 July Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July Thursday 8 July Friday 9 July Saturday 10 July Sunday 11 July Monday 12 July Tuesday 13 July Wednesday 14 July Thursday 15 July Friday 16 July Saturday 17 July Sunday 18 July Monday 19 July Tuesday 20 July Wednesday 21 July Thursday 22 July Friday 23 July Saturday 24 July Sunday 25 July CD 7: Rarities 1.

Never Asked For Nothing live Detroit 7. Love Change live Detroit 7. What Is The Reason live Detroit 7. America live Detroit 7. EP2 Bonus Live LP — Chicago 1. Same Old Madness 2. Revenge 3. Effegy 4. Reznor had was that he could control his heroin habit, thus granting him more commercial success. Track 3 is the second in the TV series. A collection of various samples from obscure television shows set to a bed of Industrial thorns.

Joe, and is titled, Hero. This unfortunate cloud is quickly lifted and all but forgotten by the title track, Psalm 69 … clearly Pailhead - I Will Refuse (Vinyl) climax of the album. Start the wiki. View all albums by this artist. Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. Scrobbling is when Last.

Pailhead - I Will Refuse (Vinyl) more. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Go directly to shout page. View full Pailhead - I Will Refuse (Vinyl) profile. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Join others and track this song Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last.

Sign Up to Last. Play album. Length Lyrics Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Related Tags industrial rock Add tags View all tags. Play track. Artist images. The Trait CD included both releases. View wiki. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Sunday 4 Pailhead - I Will Refuse (Vinyl) Monday 5 April Tuesday 6 April Wednesday 7 April Thursday 8 April Friday 9 April Pailhead - I Will Refuse (Vinyl) 10 April Sunday 11 April Monday 12 April Tuesday 13 April Wednesday 14 April Thursday 15 April Friday 16 April Saturday 17 April Sunday 18 April Monday 19 April Tuesday 20 April Wednesday 21 April Thursday 22 April Friday 23 April Saturday 24 April Sunday 25 April Monday 26 April Tuesday 27 April Wednesday 28 April Thursday 29 April Friday 30 April

Anuya (Progressive Mix), Here Comes The Serious Bit - The Long Blondes - Couples (Vinyl, LP), If You Dont Know Me By Now - Star Inc. With The London Starlight Orchestra & Singers - Tonight (, The Backward Swan - Duane Eddy - Twenty Terrific Twangies / Water Skiing (CD), Purple Haze - Various - Stairway To Heaven / Highway To Hell (CD), Enigma - Out From The Deep (CD), Third Immortal - Battlelore - Doombound (CD, Album), Why You Are - Jonah Jones - The Jonah Jones Story (Vinyl, LP), TV Lullaby - Ferry Boat Bill* - Liquors & Telescopes (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Home Front, Heaven And Hell (Being Geri Halliwell) - Geri Halliwell - Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (CD, Album), Brown Ink - The Heligoats - Back To The Lake (Vinyl, LP, Album), A Different Kind Of Love - Jersey Budd - The Gathering Dust (CD, Album)

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Kimi Kimi - Various - Meet The Maori (Cassette)

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With prose that is witty, insightful, and at times heartbreaking, Stacey Lee masterfully crafts an extraordinary social drama set in the New South. The Downstairs Girlfor all its serious and timely content, is a jolly good time. The Paper Palace: A Novel. Miranda Cowley Heller. What more could you ask?

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Before Shane disappears though, she needs a few questions answered Tokyo Ever After: A Novel. Emiko Jean. Which means outspoken, irreverent Izzy is literally a princess. In a whirlwind, Izumi travels to Japan to meet the father she never knew and discover the country she always dreamed of.

There are conniving cousins, a hungry press, a scowling but handsome bodyguard who just might be her soulmate, and thousands of years of tradition and customs to learn practically overnight.

Will Izumi crumble under the weight of the crown, or will she live out her fairy tale, happily ever after? Look for the sequel, Tokyo Dreamingin ! Laura Dave. Before Owen Michaels disappears, he smuggles a note to his beloved wife of one year: Protect her.

Bailey, who lost her mother tragically as a child. Bailey, who wants absolutely nothing to do with her new stepmother. Hannah and Bailey set out to discover the truth.

With its breakneck pacing, dizzying plot twists, and evocative family drama, The Last Thing He Told Me is a riveting mystery, certain to shock you with its final, heartbreaking turn. Northern Spy: A Novel. Flynn Berry. I loved this thrill ride of a book. The IRA may have gone underground in the two decades since the Good Friday Agreement, but they never really went away, and lately bomb threats, security checkpoints, and helicopters floating ominously over the city have become features of everyday life.

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Patricia Engel. I often wonder if we are living the wrong life in the wrong country. Talia is being held at a correctional facility for adolescent girls in the forested mountains of Colombia after committing an impulsive Kimi Kimi - Various - Meet The Maori (Cassette) of violence that may or may not have been warranted. If she misses her flight, she might also miss her chance to finally be reunited with her family. How this family came to occupy two different countries, two different worlds, comes into focus like twists of a kaleidoscope.

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed author Patricia Engel, herself a dual citizen and the daughter of Colombian immigrants, gives voice to all five family members as they navigate the particulars of their respective circumstances.

Firekeeper's Daughter. Angeline Boulley. Eighteen-year-old Daunis Fontaine has never quite fit in, both in her hometown and on the nearby Ojibwe reservation. She dreams of a fresh start at college, but when family tragedy strikes, Daunis puts her future on hold to look after her fragile mother.

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In Midnight SunStephenie Meyer transports us back to a world that has captivated millions of readers and brings us an epic novel about the profound pleasures and devastating consequences of immortal love. Battle Ground. Livre Harry has faced terrible odds before. He has a long history of fighting enemies above his weight class. The Red Court of vampires. The fallen angels of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. The Outsiders. A being more powerful and dangerous on an order of magnitude beyond what the world has seen in a millennium is coming.

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Makeem NV - J Dilla - Turn It Up! A Little Louder (Cassette, Album), Mamselle - Frank Sinatra - Young At Heart (CD), 가을방학, 김재훈 - 실내악 외출 (CD), Happy-Go-Lucky Days, School Day - Chuck Berry - MP3 Collection (CDr), Fei Gettn Tanz - Fun Horns - Live In South America (CD, Album), Follow Your Heart, Sarà Una Grande Stella - Various - ¿ Quale Natale ? (CD), The Heart Is A Muscle (Used For The Blues) - Otis Taylor - Hey Joe Opus - Red Meat (Vinyl, LP, Album, セシル - 浅香 唯* - セシル (Vinyl)

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Langhorns - Mission Exotica (CD, Album)

Drippings of the Past. The Soft Song. Preaching to the Converted. Where You Put Your Trust. The Almighty Trigger Happy. Another Time. Jumps, Giggles and Shouts. PridebowlAdhesive. I Preferred Their Earlier Stuff. This Is Bad Taste Vol. DropnoseAstream. Songs from the Crypt. Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. Do you know anything about this type of music? Start the wiki. The Obscuritones.

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Gear Secrets also features a CD of classic guitar licks played in the style of the greats. The musical Langhorns - Mission Exotica (CD Jimi Hendrix ignited over 35 years ago is still reverberating throughout the music world. Having vocalist Norah Jones on hand for a couple vocal tracks will only help Campilongo get his message further out there. With each album sure to stir a batch of memories, these albums are the ones to go for the best possible CD sound quality.

For blues devotees and long time Green followers, this outstanding two and half hour DVD is required viewing. Recorded and filmed in the U. I crack the whip. Three 4 Tens - Taking Northern Liberties. Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance.

Thrills, The - So Much for the City. Tindersticks - Waiting for the Moon. Tommy Guerrero - Soul Food Taqueria. Twilight Singers, Album) - Blackberry Belle. Vanity Set - Little Stabs of Happiness. Various Artists - African Playground.

Various Artists - Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony. Various Artists - A Blow to the State. Various Artists - Boozoo Bajou Remixes. Various Artists - Bossa Nova for Lovers. Various Artists - Classic Blues Vol. Various Artists - Goodbye Babylon, Selections from. Various Artists - Gospel Brunch Classics. Various Artists - House of Corpses. Various Artists - Inside the Special Pillow. Various Artists - Jazzanova Remixed. Various Artists - Lost Langhorns - Mission Exotica (CD Translation.

Various Artists - Megasoft Office Various Artists - Paris Lounge Vol. Various Artists - Sakura Aural Bliss. Various Artists - Saturday Morning Empires. Various Artists - Select Cuts: Trust. Various Artists - The Album) Rule. Various Artists - Spikefarm Sampler V. Various Artists - State of the Union, Vol. Various Artists - Survive and Advance, Vol. Various Artists - Take Action! Various Artists - Troubleman Sampler Various Artists - Wanna Buy a Craprak? Veenai E.

Wally Shoup Trio - Fusillades and Lamentations.

School Master - Various - The Secret Policemans Ball (Vinyl, LP, Album), Peter Visti - Balearic Love EP (File), Tear It Up - Queen - Kings Favourite (Vinyl, LP), I Thought Id Never See You Again (Hot Samba Mix) - Working Week - I Thought Id Never See You Again (, Alien - Japan - Quiet Life (CD, Album), Philosophischer Irrtum - Strom & Wasser - Anticool (CD, Album), Crutches, Easy - The Loranes - Trust (Vinyl, LP), Agua (Live Tribal Mix), The Brothers Johnson* - Out Of Control (Cassette, Album)

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Dont Waste Your Time - Various - Our Best To You (Vinyl, LP)

It has plenty of guitar, keyboards and excellent vocals to catch the attention of MOR radio listeners everywhere. It was a good introduction to the band back then and is a good intro to LP) album even now.

The chorus is a bit repetitive and that is the part of the song that makes it weak for me, though it got my attention, I just thought it was a good rock song way back then. This time, the music caught my attention.

LP) liked that the music was quirkier and the vocals were more dynamic, and of course, I was always a sucker for this type of instrumental break, one that had some tricky rhythms and where the spotlight was passed around to all of the instruments and not just a single one.

The vocals, the heavy bass and the interesting rhythm patterns are really the most interesting thing on this song. This one is not your typical rock song in that it shows a lot more of the progressive side of Saga. This pattern of slower to mid-tempo songs paired against heavier songs continues throughout the album, and I honestly like everything about it, even the slower parts. There are some nice melodies, some places where the music explores some tempos and themes and other parts where the instrumentals are very expressive as in the call and response pattern of "Conversations", other parts where they just sort of float along like the long introduction before things really kick in again on "No Stranger".

I highly recommend this album if you want to hear the best of Saga and then you can decide if you want to explore more of their sound. I must admit though, that after this album and "Heads or Tails", that I lost interest and never really found anymore Saga albums that I like as much. I have heard some of their more progressive music, but it never really spoke to me like this one did.

Even then, because it was not as progressive as it could have been, I can only give it a 4 star rating, but it was the start of something great that never really found any consistency through the years, thus Saga never really found their footing.

The fourth of the 4 mythical albums of the Canadian group which in a few discs revolutionized the sound and the progressive energy of rock, of rock FM! Over time, a booster sho The crown jewel in Saga's discography. Saga has released a lot of albums since they started in the mid s. In a discography of silver and dirt, Worlds Apart is their best album.

It is very difficult to argue against an album that starts wi OK let's redress the balance somewhat. Saga are and never were as deep as say Rush, but have always had more to them than say Styx. Saga are capable of some great music, but also some dross. Lyrically, don't expect too much either.

Having read a few praising reviews of this album, I've come to conclusion that there are two different records with the title Worlds Apart, and the one that I've listened to is not listed here. Firstly, the cover is different, and secondly, I'm totally confused where all the four or five stars r The Next 'Times up "is simply beautiful, the guitar still beautiful.

I am truly sorry to announce - I really tried to listen to this record several times and still fail to find where exactly it is prog-related. For the most part I don't find it even rock-related. Cheesy pop sound typical of the 80s, unintereseting tunes, typical overblown 80s pop vocals, feeble a I'm a bit biased here, because this is the first record I ever bought, on vinyl in with a different cover, so it seems fitting, that this is also the first record I review on this site.

At that time On the Loose was a great hit in Germany and in other parts of the world and I just liked it, SAGA was and still is special. If you're bored with American mainstream with the same old guitar riffs and screaming voices you should check them out. This is one of the best of their early albums and cointains gems like Probably the best Saga recording if not entirely typical of their sound. I remember getting this sucker back to my teenage bedroom when it first came out and being blown away.

Not only are all the t A memorable album! The fist album of the band heading to the pop music and less symphonic than the last three albums, but it's symphonic yet. After the album finishes you'll think you've heard a Greatest Hits due it's just one of the best works they've ever done!

Worlds Apart was most popular and My first impact with the music of Saga. I tried with this album - after reading some positive reviews - and I was hit by the overall electronic-plastic enclosure of the sou While most people who know SAGA know "Wind him up" or "On the loose"this album has strong tracks from 4 on to the end.

Ian Chrichton proves his worth as a guitar player here. You must be a forum LP) to post a review, please register here if you are not. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. This is the end of their first cycle and some people found interesting making compilations of all the chapters scattered on their four albums setting them in the right order.

I don't know what resulted of it back then and I still don't really care. These ugly digital synths really irked me at the time and twenty years later they still do. All in all, the listener can easily notice a few slight variations. For starters, Saga's new repertoire incorporates some obvious leaning towards AOR in some numbers: the opening 'On the Loose' - which was the first single - 'Amnesia', and 'The Interview'.

Now, I know that AOR is usually a very reviled thing, but it doesn't have to be in this case, since Saga deliver this stuff without losing a miligram of their powerful prog sensibilities. The prog factor is still predominant, as it is shown in the amazing eerie track 'No Regrets Chapter V ', in the ambitious epic 'No Stranger Chapter VIII ', and the attractive jazz oriented instrumental with a funky twist 'Conversations', whose explosive closure sounds actually pretty heavy, almost Iron Maiden-esque.

But the heaviest thing in this album is incarnated in the neckbreaking 'Framed': Ian Crichton's guitar really shines here brighter than a hundred suns!! Another new element that should be mentioned here is the electronic factor: Negus' enthusiasm for electronic drums is displayed notably on 'Wind Him Up' and 'Time's Up'. The latter brings Saga closer to the technopop wave that was becoming increasingly popular in the early 80s, specially in Europe and the UK, but this goes beyond that: figure a mixture of Ultravox and the deepest side of early 80s Tangerine Dream, and you may have an idea about the kind of beauty achieved in this song.

In many ways, this track concentrates all the strong points of 'Worlds Apart'. As a whole this album doesn't equal the energetic brilliance of 'Silent Knight', nor does it keep the freshness of their debut album I was in the early years of my short-lived Navy career enjoying living in California even if it was on ship when I purchased the Saga cassette Worlds Apart. I really enjoyed the song by Saga called "On LP) Loose. My life was full of that kind of energy and excitement on a regular basis so I could picture myself singing that song onstage just like Michael Sadler.

Alot of brand new records I buy are slightly smudgy, and not very shiny. Those ones always have noticable inner groove distortion, which cleaning virtually eliminates.

Interesting point on the inner groove distortion. Thanks for your Dont Waste Your Time - Various - Our Best To You (Vinyl. In fact, I even clean brand new records, as most are contaminated straight from the pressing […]. What is less well-known is the fact new records require cleaning too.

To a new collector, it seems strange that anything straight from the record plant should require […]. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Make your own vinyl record Send your audio and artwork files via the internet and create your own vinyl.

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But over-ordering leaves you with extra costs and product that can be hard to move without losing even more money through discounting. Plus, having a limited release can actually be a bit cooler, as it might encourage those who were on the fence about buying your record to snag one up before they go out of print. Maybe order fewer copies, but make them a bit nicer colored vinyl, gatefold sleeves, etc.

And if you sell out of your initial run, you can always press more later. No, seriously. Have you ever tried moving your record collection? Oh, and not just once, but multiple times! You want to start selling them at an online retailer? You want to ship them to fans who order through your website? CDs and digital downloads take very little time to prepare and distribute.

Departir - Various - Extreme Traumfänger 7 (CD), 16 Candles - Various - Sire Records And Out Magazine Present - Get Out (CD), Euphonious - Strapped Confusion (CD), The New Woman - The Hit Parade - The Return Of The Hit Parade (CD, Album), Fantasia Del Viento - Ñancahuazú - Jacha Uru (Vinyl, LP, Album), So Special - X Tended Mix - Various - So Special / Reach Out (Vinyl), Madalena - Muzenza - Chegou Quem Faltava (CD), Sound Design (2) - Coming On Strong (Vinyl), White Christmas - Sesame Street - A Sesame Street Christmas (Cassette, Album), Zazel - Stupor - Tristitia (CD), Hell Wie Ein Diamant - Various - Die Aktuelle Star Parade (Vinyl, LP), I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones - Maurizio Cattelan - I Always Remember A Face, Especially, Hiele Hiele - Laurel Aitken - The Fantastic Laurel Aitken (Vinyl, LP, Album), On The Level (Head Banger) - Sound Barrier - Speed Of Light (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Yaboy - Raw Meat (3) - I 79 (CD, Album)

I kinda love that. CasanovaZelos: Kicking the album off with a weird spoken piece by Nicki Minaj feels perfect. I remember hearing this track for the first time and feeling like Kanye was pushing his sound to a new level — the fact this will rank in my lower half is a testament to the greatness of the album as a whole.

The contrast between the heavier hip hop production with bursts of gospel choir feels like a mission statement for the rest of the album. Giggsalot: perfect and iconic opener but actually not that much of a "song" when you step back a bit. ZaziGuado: I love this as an opener. The choir is fantastic and really sets the stage for the bombastic nature of the album to come.

Also might be my favorite overall on the album as it relates to the verses in the non-POWER division. Blur: Agreed that it's strangely perfect to open this rap opera with some Nicki Minaj spoken word. Gotta shoutout "Too many Urkels on your team, that's why you're Winslow" - that line still makes me laugh on the umpteenth listen. Seginustemple: An appropriate opener for sure but most of its charms have worn off.

The layered vocals in the "can we get much higher? CasanovaZelos: Kanye strips the production back on my personal favorite from the album. None of this matters when Nicki Minaj steps up and delivers one of the all-time best moments in rap. On this track, Nicki Minaj promised to become one of the greatest rappers alive — the fact she immediately turned to pop is one of the biggest tragedies of the s.

An absolute banger. Giggsalot: i mean jay z sucks here and the joys of this are all a tiny bit played out but come on, what a song. ZaziGuado: This track has never really stuck with me as much as it seems to others. Kanye does drop some pretty fun lines though, most notably the pharoah part. Nicki Minaj does a good job too. But I don't really find myself really vibing with any of it, and the end feels kind of limp.

Still, it's an easily listenable track and I normally don't skip it if I'm listening to the album. Blur: Still a bop but often found myself skipping this track on full listens. On a record of absurdly grandiose production, the simplistic drum beat maybe just makes me want a little more, I think. This was my last before a relisten and it stays that way. But despite that and the bad Jay verse, I can still appreciate it for the club banger it is.

She has the better verse by far but the silly voice stuff just grates on me, it reminds me of when Eminem tanks a song by leaning too far into his nasal mocking tone. I know most people love this verse though so it's just me being crazy. CasanovaZelos: I love the production, but this is a strong track that gets lost among greats. Giggsalot: probably the best pure rap song here, would be a highlight on almost any other album. This track got the most runs. It's so smooth and the Audiosurf track it produced just grooved with a perfect flow.

Really dig the variations of the melody during Raekwon's verse. This is the shortest 6 minute song I've ever listened to. The entire track is feels tight and precise. Blur: Damn it makes me happy to see this getting love - always felt like it was one of the least talked about tracks on the whole album.

Cudi provides a smooth ass chorus and Ye kills it on the verses. This has always been a personal favorite and I originally had it at 3 before I came to my senses. The whole song has this gradual dynamic like you're slowly entering the room it's actually playing in, it's really cool. Kanye has always been a stronger producer than lyricist, and this is him absolutely flexing his abilities. This should be a mess and parts of it might beand the fact this is somehow one of the best tracks on the album proves his strength.

In addition to the massive number of vocalists, the song goes through several minor movements that keep things moving. It takes a lot to take so many disparate parts and make it work. ZaziGuado: This was my favorite track back when the album came out. It still ranks high, but I've grown a greater appreciation for others over time. I really enjoy the interlude. It's a good setup for the adrenaline to come. The chorus seems chaotic to me, but not in a bad way. It's a fun ride.

I really dislike Fergie's part, though, which is a big of a drag. I love how he just inserts Alicia Keys and Elton John at the end. We're just doing that. Okay neat. Blur: Undeniable classic that is only the second greatest Kanye song with "Lights" in the title. Not sorry. Some of the best production on the whole record and probably the catchiest song here.

Seginustemple: Super hooky and bombastic, crazy drums in the chorus. Just a hype high energy song and Elton John blows that shit up by the end. CasanovaZelos: Now this is where the album really becomes a masterpiece.

The production here is legendary; that King Crimson sample grinding everything to a halt is so powerful. He refers to the screams of his haters as his theme music, but this track could very well qualify as his actual theme; the combative lyrics, the propulsive production, the self-destruction at the end.

ZaziGuado: This song is fucking monolithic, which is impressive considering the album it is on. That beat will stand the test of time in stadiums and team introductions and any hype up music. The verses are incredibly fun to sing along to. I don't know anything about what it is sampling, so I don't know how much of it is an "original" beat, but it's become an iconic one now. Blur: Always thought of this as perfect mid-tier for the record, which says a lot about how good this album is.

What more is there to say except what a great, weird ass bridge to make this song the full package. Seginustemple: Again the drums sound great, the dirty kick and the hit-hat really punch through. One of my favorite ridiculous Kanye lines is just "Colin Powell, Austin Powers" because he delivers it like it means something important.

It's like he is able to totally buy into an operatic mode of expression no matter what he is saying and I think that's often what's so great about his music.

This is Kanye at his most reflective; that chorus is excellent. This is another track where Kanye knows to let the music talk, this time almost literally. Taking a full minute to build into the vocals and starting with a single piano note is daring; ending it with three minutes of imperceptible auto-tuned mumbling is breaking all known rules of music — and he somehow makes it work!

Giggsalot: one of the definitive songs of the decade, time will view this as an absolute unimpeachable kanye peak. ZaziGuado: I enjoy the build in this song, and surprisingly don't hate the vocaloid ending. I also really appreciate Kanye's continuation after Pusha T's verse. It's a fun subversion from what I would normally expect. The anthemic nature also lends itself to singing along. A very surprising but wonderful track that I kind of wish wasn't followed by anything other than Lost In The World.

Blur: Giggs had it right - a masterpiece and one of Kanye's all-time finest. Even the music video is a classic. The first time I indulged this record was in video form, in that little movie version of the album Kanye released for free. Simultaneously anthemic and personal, an impressive achievement.

Seginustemple: The jewel of the record, the album would be missing its heart without this oddly sentimental moment of self-reflection. On its own it can get redundant, the progression is a bit Pachelbel's canon in that way. In the context of the album it's a welcome slice of vulnerability. Love the little production choices like the stereo effect on the "who got ya" sample or how the detuned piano sample is affected once the beat comes in.

CasanovaZelos: I feel that this is an album that works better as a whole. Progressive metal combines two genres I'm rather oblivious to, and I'm going to have difficulty differentiating between these tracks in a day or two.

Still, the overall sound is outstanding. Snake Every song on this album is a literal masterpiece and I come out with a new favorite each time. Demands to be listened to as a whole piece, as the intricacies of each riff and storytelling lyrics unfolds before you.

ZaziGuado: I legitimately enjoyed Oblivion. The first four tracks all had something for me to enjoy I felt. It was probably just fatigue, but it felt like the front half of this album was a lot more interesting than the back half.

My experience with prog rock is very minimal, so maybe you have to be attuned to it to really be able to appreciate an entire album. Assuming this was a concept album, I could not follow it. All the lyrics were muffled by Yaboy - Raw Meat (3) - I 79 (CD massive guitars. Again, I'll chalk that up to lack of experience and familiarity with the genre. I didn't hate this album, but by the end I was ready for it to be over. Seanchan replying to ZaziGuado : Yeah, this is echoing a lot of my thoughts after a 2nd listen.

I'm just not getting enough memorable parts to differentiate the tracks and so my mind starts to wander by track 5 or 6. I want to do another listen with the lyrics up so I can try to track whatever story is being told. I totally agree that I had a very hard time picking up the vocals as I was listening on my evening walk.

Giggsalot: The rare sort of album that completely transcends its sound and becomes a must-listen even for people who don't care about the scene or style from which it emerged. It's not something I reach for often, but a worthy addition to the modern metal and prog canons.

Giggsalot: Maintains the cool mystical atmosphere of The Czar and begins to hint at the sludgy heaviness to come in the title track. Immaculately sequenced. Not the strongest song overall, but the crunchy heavy parts here rip more than I remembered. Seginustemple: Unfortunately the variety works against me here. It has a good verse and chorus and then like three forgettable sections in the middle. Giggsalot: Oh hell yes. For a long time this was my favourite song on the album, and the added crunch here is really appreciated.

Scott Kelly's volcanic bellowing gives all of the surrounding mystical silliness so much more gravitas, and the moment he first blasts through the wall is a top tier moment. The song itself might not be quite as good as I remember, but it's still essential shit. Seginustemple: I used to like this one more but I must have wore it out back when.

I hit the Crack too much bucket list note: must release a project called Passdabong - Crack the High. Giggsalot: Yeah, this doesn't do much for me. The transitions are super jarring and the major key chorus isn't good.

Cool gnarly Mars Volta-esque guitar in the verses though. Seginustemple: Sick bass tone. Not as into the songwriting here it's just alright but I do enjoy the end bit with the techno voice effect. Giggsalot: Lots of energy and a decent tune, but lacks the atmospheric flair that allows the longer songs here to really breathe. Seginustemple: I don't remember this one being so good! The dual guitar line in the chorus has a lot of flavor. They get a lot of variety out of weird scales, modulations, and textural changes.

Giggsalot: This is where the album really breaks open for me, and the band's ambition the best thing about the album really becomes clear for the first time. The sneaky secret is that large parts of the song - cool atmosphere aside - actually aren't that stellar. Lovely textures though, and the "spiralling up through the crack in the sky e " climax section is an absolute epiphany.

Seginustemple: You know you're in for some shit when it's ten minutes and starts on a low organ note. The Spiral section is classic, the little spiral motif in the guitar riff takes it to the next level. Giggsalot: Yeah, this really has to be 1, doesn't it? As with most prog epics, it's a little bit of a mess, but it's a glorious mess, and no song on the album better brings together everything great about Crack the Skye. It almost sounds like an updated version of Sabbath's sound at their most coked out and proggy, and I am always here for that.

Last five minutes in particular are spectacular. Seginustemple: Damn, I kinda forgot about this entire track? The album ends on a huge prog power ballad that actually hits emotionally before bombastically shredding and whaling its way to the finish.

It's well-balanced, it doesn't feel overstuffed with ideas and it doesn't become repetitive. How did I forget about this one? Giggsalot: An iconic pop-metal opener in the enter sandman mould, totally encapsulates what's great about the album. Critical eye says that the only truly great thing here is the chorus, but who cares about that really. Seginustemple: Always enjoyed the southern twang in their sound.

This one has the pop-level hook in the chorus and the prog move of introducing an entirely new section for a guitar solo. Snake One of those albums where literally every song is an instant classic. ZaziGuado: This was the first Fleetwood Mac album I've ever listened to and I've never been able to identify a song as Fleetwood Mac outside of Dreams and Landslide and maybe one other I'm not remembering. However, I recognized three of the songs on it from daily life experiences.

Before this I thought Fleetwood Mac was largely fronted by Stevie Nicks, so I was surprised how little her voice was the sole feature. The story of the album is an interesting one and it's impressive the band were able to see it the whole way through and provide backing vocals on their ex's breakup songs. Overall this was an impressive, tight album that was mostly enjoyable the whole way through with a couple of top tier songs. Very glad I listened to it. CasanovaZelos: Rumours is 82 on my all-time list and 3 for - one of the best years for music.

The funny thing is, this soft rock classic is surrounded by punk and its various spin-offs along with some early electronic albums. When music was looking for a new way forward, Fleetwood Mac managed to succeed in a familiar style by making an album loaded front to back with hits. Despite the 'soft' sound of the music, this is as emotionally raw as records come - the fact we get a breakup from both sides adds an extra layer. This is a band in turmoil, three vocalists warring over concepts and each other.

Beyond the lyrics and vocals, these songs are undeniably catchy. It took years for this album to really grow on me; soft rock is not my usual style, but it's rare for an album to be so consistent from beginning to end in any genre. And, well, time has unfortunately granted a better understanding of these mixed emotions. MetalmindStats: As a collection of songs, Rumours is top-notch; as a coherent album, the juxtaposition of the writing's thematic consistency and the sound's relative variability feels like the point.

Whatever the case, I found the result stuffed to the brim with familiarly enjoyable yet often adventurous music, largely even extending to those songs I didn't know beforehand.

Seanchan: An album like this is another example of why I love this topic series. This is another classic that I would have never bothered listening to otherwise. Outside of my bottom two songs which are okay but clearly the weakest for me there's just some really great, fun stuff here.

I enjoyed doing a few extra listens to try to get my ordering right but still feel bad about having to rank some of these songs so low. ZaziGuado: This song just never fully clicks with me. I'm not sure what it is.

Maybe it's the erratic nature of the instruments. It just feels like the song's true potential is never reached. ZaziGuado: I generally like piano and slower heartfelt songs, but after such a strong first half of the album, this was kind of an unwelcome tempo change. It doesn't stand out much. I don't hate it, but it's got a pretty bad spot on the album considering my enjoyment of the songs it's sandwiched by.

ZaziGuado: It's fun strumming of a guitar, but never does much interesting beyond that. That said, I do enjoy fun strumming of a guitar so that's not necessarily a large knock against it. ZaziGuado: Those are some well placed claps. Catch me off guard every time but I love them. Very good song. Johnbobb: do I wanna know if this feeling flows both ways? ZaziGuado: I really enjoy the "byow byow byow" part. Super catchy and imitates the instrumentation behind it.

This is a fun, bouncy opener. ZaziGuado: It's okay. Kind of a disappointing close after all the great stuff that followed it. I wish they would've really committed to the end of the song in a way similar to The Chain. It felt like they were going to for a small bit, but then they just fade it out and I'm not the biggest fan of fade outs.

Johnbobb: all this song makes me think of is how incredible it could've been to see a collaboration between The Doors and Fleetwood Mac had Morrison lived long enough. This is, like, THE song I imagine as being a child while driving with my parents with the classic rock station on.

There's definitely a comfort with it that can only come after almost 45 years of radio play. All that said, it earned that mantle. Johnbobb: is there any song on this album not immediately quoteable answer: yes, but not until track 6. ZaziGuado: This has that quintessential 70s groove sound. I greatly enjoy the solo guitar.

I like this song more than I think I do, if that makes sense. I don't fully understand it, but it's what I feel. That chorus is cathartic and the guitars throughout are pretty rockin'. Johnbobb: this song would've ranked higher if I had ever been able to pull off the vocal in Guitar Hero: World Tour. ZaziGuado: This feels like one of those songs that was a big hit, but that I have no recollection of hearing prior to this week.

That's fine, though, because this track bangs. The ending minute and a half is a joyride. Johnbobb: goddamn every time I think I know what to expect from this album they startle me with something incredible like this.

ZaziGuado: This is my wife's favorite song. However, I don't fully understand that. Yeah, it's a good song but it doesn't feel like it has the elements of being an all-time favorite song, whatever the hell those may be.

I guess I can see how it trips a trigger. Like I said: it's good. It's got a warm, chill vibe that just sails along. Good easy listening. Johnbobb: potentially the chillest song ever written. Putting this right after the ecstatic Second Hand News was a bold and brilliant choice that cements this album immediately as something special.

CasanovaZelos: Abbey Road is my 44 album of all time and my favorite from Most of the Beatles albums from Rubber Soul on are undeniable classics, but Abbey Road is the only one that doesn't strike me as having a weak moment. It kicks off with two of their best singles, has a Ringo vocal track that I actually enjoy, and ends with a wonderful medley. This is The Beatles at their most refined. Even my lowest track, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, is a lot of fun.

Their other albums may have higher highs, but the consistency here makes a true masterpiece. Snake A stone cold classic through and through. It opens with the amazing rock staple Come Together, with funky grooves and nonsensical lyrics that tends to define the Beatles' influence more and more over the years. Darling and Maxwell's Silver Hammer are two of the catchiest songs in the Beatles' catalog, playing gleefully with both hard rock and pop sensibilities for two unique songs, especially how Maxwell juxtaposes its violent horror-inspired lyrics with bouncy melodies as if under a certain psychosis.

As for the medleys, they're inconsistent; I hardly remember Golden Slumbers but Carry That Weight is instantly memorable with larger outside pop culture influence and The End is simply Album) tour de force of guitar passages and underrated drumming. I actually thought You Never Give Me Your Money was part of the Sun King medley, but either way it's an even more inconsistent mess that I don't feel flows very well, but still has some groovy highlights and interesting lyricism.

To give one negative critique on the album, I would say Because is a total dud and arguably one of the worst in the Beatles' repertoire, it just has done nothing interesting to catch my ear over the years. It starts slow and somber, and builds to the energetic section of escaping. And that reprise in Carry That Weight? Here Comes the Sun should be the official anthem of Spring. It just feels so warm and evocative of life. George really knocked that one out of the park. The first half of the medley is a mixed bag for me.

Sun King has an outstanding guitar hook, but the chanting is a bit cringey for my tastes. Mustard and Pam are fun enough, but Bathroom Window kicks so much ass in that group. What made for a middling group of songs was boosted heavily by Paul's exciting vocal in Bathroom. Octopus is a fun little jam that always puts me in a good mood.

Oh Darling harkens back to some of Paul's bluesy tracks from early Beatles, such as She's a Woman, which is a favorite of mine. Something is a pretty love song that even caught the attention of Frank Sinatra.

She's So Heavy would Yaboy - Raw Meat (3) - I 79 (CD benefitted from a shorter length, but it's still a pretty slick track, particularly with John's signature rasp. Come Together might be one of the most overrated Beatles songs. I'm not all that keen on songs with jibberish lyrics, but at least it's got a catchy tune.

Maxwell is kind of a dumb song, and apparently caused a lot of friction between Paul and George since Paul was being a hyper perfectionist while recording it. And Because is super weird. I'd hate to call it a dud but I could do without it. But yeah, Abbey Road is a pretty killer album overall. Certainly one of their best. VeryInsane: You know for a while I always thought this was overrated, but on this listenthrough it was pretty compact and rather pleasant.

Evillordexdeath: One of my less-liked Beatles albums, although I do still hold it in high regard. I used to sort of think of the back-half of the album as the reward for getting through She's So Heavy, but nowadays I usually just skip that one, mainly because it feels so overly long.

I do genuinely really like all the songs from Maxwell's Silver Hammer upward. Here Comes the Sun is just a lot of fun and feels uplifting while Something, Come Together, and Oh Darling are all solid, unique tracks.

I've always thought the medley was the most interesting part of the album, and I rank the ending highest in part because it brings home that feeling of satisfaction that comes with listening to a long, good song. Giggsalot: What a brilliant, lush, diverse album. The best Beatles album by quite a distance, and their only full record which stands alongside the absolute best of that era. Vliet made claim to have been a lecturer at the Barnsdall Art Institute in Los Angeles at the age of eleven, [17] although it is likely he simply gave a form of artistic dissertation.

Accounts of Van Vliet's precocious achievement in art often include his statement that he sculpted on a weekly television show. They declined several scholarship offers, [3] including one from the local Knudsen Creamery to travel to Europe with six years' paid tuition to study marble sculpture.

Van Vliet's artistic enthusiasm became so fervent, he claimed that his parents were forced to feed him through the door in the room where he sculpted. When he was thirteen the family moved from the Los Angeles area to the more remote farming town of Lancasterin the Mojave Desertwhere there was a growing aerospace industry supported by nearby Edwards Air Force Base.

It was an environment that would greatly influence him creatively from then on. The Omens' guitarists Alexis Snouffer and Jerry Handley would later become founders of "the Magic Band" and the Blackouts' drummer, Frank Zappa, would later capture Vliet's vocal capabilities on record for the first time. It is featured on Zappa's posthumously released The Lost Episodes He had dropped out of school by that time, and spent most of his time staying at home. His girlfriend lived in the house, and his grandmother lived in the house, and his aunt and his uncle lived across the street.

And his father had had a heart attack; his father drove a Helms bread truck, part of the time Don was helping out by taking over the bread truck route [and] driving up to Mojave. The rest of the time he would just sit at home and listen to rhythm and blues records, and scream at his mother to get him a Pepsi.

Van Vliet claimed that he never attended public school, alleging "half a day of kindergarten" to be the extent of his formal education and saying that "if you want to be a different fish, you've got to jump out of the school". His associates said that he only dropped out during his senior year of high school to help support the family after his father's heart attack. His graduation picture appears in the school's yearbook.

He spent most of his time locked in his room listening to records, often with Zappa, into the early hours in the morning, eating leftover food from his father's Helms bread truck and demanding that his mother bring him a Pepsi.

By the time Zappa had turned the venue into Studio Z the duo had completed some songs. It has been suggested this name came from a term used by Vliet's Uncle Alan who had a habit of exposing himself to Don's girlfriend, Laurie Stone. He would urinate with the bathroom door open and, if she was walking by, would mumble about his penis, saying "Ahh, what a beauty!

It looks just like a big, fine beef heart ". He said it made him sad and put "a beef in his heart". Carson appeared nervous and uncomfortable interviewing Van Vliet and after the next commercial break Van Vliet was gone.

He would later claim in an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman that the name referred to "a beef in my heart against this society". Grace Slick is penned in as a "celestial seductress" and there are also roles for future Magic Band members Bill Harkleroad and Mark Boston.

Van Vliet enrolled at Antelope Valley College as an art major, but decided to leave the following year. He once worked as a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, and sold a vacuum cleaner to the writer Aldous Huxley at his home in Llanopointing to it and declaring, "Well I assure you sir, this thing sucks.

Van Vliet was quite shy but was eventually able to imitate the deep voice of Howlin' Wolf with his wide vocal range. In early Alex Snouffera Lancaster rhythm and blues guitarist, invited Vliet to sing with a group that he was assembling. Clair sometimes spelled Claire. The followup, "Moonchild" written by David Gateslater of the band Bread was less well received.

The band played music venues that catered to underground artists, such as the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. By the end of they were signed to Buddah Records and much of the demo work was transferred to 4-track, at the behest of Krasnow and Perryin the RCA Studio in Hollywood, where the recording was finalized. Tracks that were originally laid down in the demo by Doug Moon are therefore taken up by Ry Cooder 's work in the release, as Moon had departed over "musical differences" at this juncture.

Drummer John French had now joined the group and it would later notably on Trout Mask Replica be his patience that was required to transcribe Van Vliet's creative ideas often expressed by whistling or banging on the piano into musical form for the other group members.

Many of the lyrics on the Safe as Milk album were written by Van Vliet in collaboration with the writer Herb Bermannwho befriended Van Vliet after seeing him perform at a bar-gig in Lancaster in The song " Electricity " was a poem written by Bermann, who gave Van Vliet permission to adapt it to music.

Much of the Safe as Milk material was honed and arranged by the arrival of year—old guitar prodigy Ry Cooder, who had been brought into the group after much pressure from Vliet. The band began recording in springwith Richard Perry cutting his teeth in his first job as producer. The album was released in September Richie Unterberger of Allmusic called the album "blues—rock gone slightly askew, with jagged, fractured rhythms, soulful, twisting vocals from Van Vliet, and more doo wop, soul, straight blues, and folk—rock influences than he would employ on his more avant garde outings".

Among those who took notice were the Beatles. Van Vliet was often critical of the Beatles, however. He considered the lyric "I'd love to turn you on" from their song A Day in the Lifeto be ridiculous and conceited. Tiring of their "lullabies", [42] he lampooned them with the Strictly Personal song Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stonesthat featured the sardonic refrain of "strawberry fields, all the winged eels slither on the heels of today's children, strawberry fields forever ".

Vliet spoke badly of Lennon after getting no response when he sent a telegram of support to him and wife Yoko Ono during their " Bed-In for peace". Vliet and the band met McCartney in a Cannes hotel nightclub during their tour of Europe on January 27, Yaboy - Raw Meat (3) - I 79 (CD, urinated together on a statue outside the hotel at the prodding of journalists and photographers, [ citation needed ] and participated in a jam session together with McCartney and Penny Nichols.

Producer attempts to convince McCartney to switch labels to Kama Sutra obstructed the possibility of a pleasant evening. Doug Moon left the band because of his dislike of the band's increasing experimentation outside his preferred blues genre. Ry Cooder told of Moon's becoming so angered by Van Vliet's unrelenting criticism that he walked into the room pointing a loaded crossbow at him, only to have Van Vliet tell him, "Get that fucking thing out of here, get out of here and get back in your room", which he did.

The works Moon laid down did not see the light of day, as he was replaced by Cooder when they continued on material at Sunset Sound with Marker. This would have a profound effect on the quality of the Safe as Milk work, as the former studio was 8-track and the subsequent studio a 4-track. To support the album's release the group had been scheduled to play at the Monterey Pop Festival. During this period Vliet suffered severe anxiety attacks that made him convinced that he was having a heart attack, possibly exacerbated by his heavy LSD use and the fact that his father had died of heart failure a few years earlier.

At a vital "warm-up" performance at the Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival June 10—11 shortly before the scheduled Monterey Festival June 16—18the band began to play "Electricity" and Van Vliet froze, straightened his tie, then walked off the 10 ft 3. He later claimed he had seen a girl in the audience turn into a fish, with bubbles coming from her mouth. With such complex guitar parts there was no means for the band to find a competent replacement in time for Monterey.

Cooder's spot was eventually filled for a short spell by Gerry McGee, who had played with the Monkees. Originally intended to be a double album called It Comes to You in a Plain Brown Wrapper for the Buddah label, it was released later in pieces in and After rejection from Buddah, Bob Krasnow encouraged the band to re-record four of the shorter numbers, add two more, and make shorter versions of "Mirror Man" and "Kandy Korn".

Krasnow created a strange mix full of "phasing" that, by most accounts including Beefheart'sdiminished the music's strength. The guitars of the Magic Band mercilessly bend and stretch notes in a way that suggests that the world of music has wobbled clear off its axis", with the lyrics demonstrating "Beefheart's ability to juxtapose delightful humor with frightening insights".

In some of the recordings done for Buddah were released as Mirror Manbearing a liner note stating that the material had been recorded in "one night in Los Angeles in ". This was a ruse to circumvent possible copyright issues. The material was recorded in November and December Essentially a " jam " album, described as pushing "the boundaries of conventional blues—rock, with a Beefheart vocal tossed in here and there. Clare Snouffer" Alex St.

First vinyl was issued in both a die-cut gatefold revealing a Yaboy - Raw Meat (3) - I 79 (CD mirror and a single sleeve with same image.

The Captain and his band members were initially denied entry to the United Kingdom, because Meaden had illegally booked them for gigs without applying for appropriate work permits. The band was met by an enthusiastic audience; French recalled the event as a rare high moment for the band: "After the show, we were taken to the dressing room where we sat for hours as a line of what seemed like hundreds of people walked in one by one to shake our hand or get an autograph.

Many brought imports of Safe as Milk with them for us to autograph It seemed like we had finally gained some reward Suddenly all the criticizing and intimidation and eccentricities seemed very unimportant.

It was a glorious moment, one of the very few I ever experienced". Alex St. Claire left the band in June after their return from a second European tour and was replaced by teenager Bill Harkleroad; bassist Jerry Handley left a few weeks later.

After their Euro tour and the Cannes beach performance the band returned to the US. Beefheart had also been conceptualizing new band names, including 25th Century Quaker and Blue Thumb[55] while making suggestions to other musicians that they might get involved.

The thought-process of 25th Century Quaker was that it would be a "blues band" alias for the more avant-garde work of the Magic Band. It would later transpire that much of this situation was transient and that Buddah's Bob Krasnow was to set up his own label. The label that was unsurprisingly named Blue Thumb launched with its first release Strictly Personala truncated version of the original Beefheart vision of a double album.

Thus "25th Century Quaker" became a track and a potential band-name became a label. In overview, the works for the double album in this period were intended to be packaged in a plain brown wrapper, with a "strictly personal" over-stamp and addressed in a manner that could have connotations of drug content, pornographic or illicit material; as per the small ads of the time: "It comes to you in a plain brown wrapper.

Strictly Personal was the result, contained in its enigmatically-addressed parcel sleeve. First issues, in the US, were auto-coupled and housed in the black "Straight" liners along with a 6-page lyric sheet illustrated by the Mascara Snake.

A school-age portrait of Van Vliet appears on the front of this sheet, while the cover of the gatefold enigmatically shows Beefheart in a 'Quaker' hat, obscuring his face with the head of a fish. The fish is a carp — arguably a "replica" for a trout, photographed by Cal Schenkel. The inner spread " infra-red " photography is by Ed Caraeffwhose Beefheart vacuum cleaner images from this session also appear on Zappa's Hot Rats release a month earlier to accompany "Willie The Pimp" lyrics sung by Vliet.

Clair had now left the band and, after Junior Madeo from the Blackouts was considered, [57] the role was filled by Bill Harkleroad. Bassist Jerry Handley had also departed, with Gary Marker stepping in. The remainder of the album was recorded at Whitney Studios, with some field recordings made at the house. Van Vliet's cousin Victor Hayden, the Mascara Snakeperformed as a bass clarinetist later in the proceedings. The EmpireInfamous Haze. Don Cannon.

Juice - Position Of Power. Infamous Haze. The Game - The Street King. On The Come Up 2. Yung Berg - Mr. Hot Dollar - Laws Of Power. DJ E-Stacks. DJ Ya Boy Earl. Its Bizkit. Unsigned Heat DJ Boss Chic. Audio Fix 8. September 7th.

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The Backward Swan - Duane Eddy - Twenty Terrific Twangies / Water Skiing (CD), Right Here - Staind - Chapter V (CD, Album), Earthshaker Rock - Doro - Fur Immer, Forever, Para Siempre (DVD), Gi En Rose - Nils Arne´s - Go-Biter (Cassette, Album), Getty* - Mademoiselle (Vinyl), Paraît-il - Christophe Willem - Les Nuits Paraît-il - Le Live (File, Album), This Time The Dreams On Me - Nancy Wilson - The Complete 1956-1960 (CD), Bummin Around - Boxcar Willie - Boxcar Blues (CD, Album), Torchbearer - Rubbish Heap - Rubbish Heap (CD, Album), Watch Out Little Girl - The Invitations - Watch Out Little Girl / You’re Like A Mystery (Vinyl)

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A. Diamond - Toy Dolls - Bare Faced Cheek (Cassette, Album)

But in the summer ofI was mesmerised by the performances of Paolo Rossi for Italy, especially in the games leading up to and including the final. A year or so later, I was approached by a lad I was at school with, Martin Jones, who told me his Dad, John, and a couple of his mates, Dave Clayton and Colin Tomsett, were putting together an Unders team, and that he thought I might want to come along and see what they thought of me.

Martin was one of the kids who was one of the stalwarts of the school team, and so he saw me play in PE lessons, so to have him approach me about this gave me a huge amount of confidence. I went to the first training session, which I remember being absolutely knackered after about ten minutes of. John, Colin and Dave thought enough of me to give me a place in the team. My best attribute back then was that I was quick, and I was picked to start in the right-wing position.

You can make your own political allegiance joke here if you like. There was just one problem: up until then, I had been playing football in trainers. I needed football boots, and fast.

I had to have them, and after no small amount of negotiation with my parents, I soon owned my very own pair of Rossi boots the Rossi Specialsmiddle left in the picture. Occasionally, I would play centre forward, when our usual one, Matt Jarvis, was injured. But this time it worked in my favour, as consequently, each review mentioned the names of the goal scorers on our team, and I have no shame whatsoever in telling you that, almost forty years later, I have one of those articles framed on my wall, for it mentions the glorious occasion that we beat in-form hot favourites for the league St Ives away from home.

I scored twice that day, and I still remember both goals like it was yesterday. I was playing centre forward that day, and for my first I nut-megged one of the central defenders — who was so feared and renowned as a bit of a hard man that he was the only person on any opposing we knew the name of: Darren Lyons — and slotted home.

We progressed to the finals of one of the cup competitions, and again Matt was unable to play, so I was shifted to centre forward. It was a tight game of few chances, but in the second half I found myself running through on goal, with the ball at my feet, nobody else anywhere near me, just the goalkeeper to beat, having beaten the offside trap.

The goalkeeper came out to meet me and close the space down, but I managed to poke the ball underneath his body as he fell, trying to block exactly that from happening. The game went to extra time. We lost If only I had carried on my run, I could have side-passed it into an empty net and, frankly, been a hero. And that was the end of my footballing career, snuffed out before it ever got started. Sure, over the years games of 5-a-side with mates followed, and a brief stint in a works team when I lived in Cardiff, by which time I was much older, fatter and slower and had been moved back to a central midfield role.

But for that one season, for 16 goals and untold assistsand for your magical boots, I thank you, Paolo. Contact me by email at: dubioustaste26 gmail. View all posts by Jez. The amount of football on TV in the early 80s was minimal and seeing foreign players was almost impossible outside world cups and the euros. Exactly this. Back then, it was pretty much the FA Cup Final once a year drawn out to be an all day event MOTD on a Saturday night but on too late for the likes of me to be allowed to stay up and watch and every four years when the WC Finals rolled into town.

Not being touched by Italian Football, Paolo Rossi seemed to appear from nowhere, and after a year or so disappear from the pages of Shoot. The moment I changed them all skill and ability seemed to evaporate or maybe is was just a bit rubbish beforehand, but believed the fairy tale.

Not here. I am taking you to him now. Kohler took a sharp left and entered a wide hallway adorned with awards and commendations. A particularly large plaque dominated the entry. Langdon slowed to read the engraved bronze as they passed.

Langdon had always thought of the Web as an American invention. Then again, his knowledge was limited to the site for his own book and the occasional on-line exploration of the Louvre or El Prado on his old Macintosh.

It enabled scientists from different departments to share daily findings with one another. Of course, the entire world is under the impression the Web is U. CERN is far greater than a global connection of computers. Our scientists produce miracles almost daily.

Miracles were left for the School of Divinity. Do you not believe in miracles? Particularly those that take place in science labs. I was simply trying to speak your language. How simple of me. One does not need to have cancer to analyze its symptoms. As they moved down the hallway, Kohler gave an accepting nod.

As the pair hurried on, Langdon began to sense a deep rumbling up ahead. The noise got more and more pronounced with every step, reverberating through the walls. It seemed to be coming from the end of the hallway in front of them. He felt like they were approaching an active volcano. He offered no other explanation. He was exhausted, and Maximilian Kohler seemed disinterested in winning any hospitality awards. Langdon reminded himself why he was here. He assumed somewhere in this colossal facility was a body.

They rounded the bend, and a viewing gallery appeared on the right. Four thick-paned portals were embedded in a curved wall, like windows in a submarine. Langdon stopped and looked through one of the holes. Professor Robert Langdon had seen some strange things in his life, but this was the strangest. He blinked a few times, wondering if he was hallucinating. He was staring into an enormous circular chamber. Inside the chamber, floating as though weightless, were people.

Three of them. One waved and did a somersault in midair. My God, he thought. The floor of the room was a mesh grid, like a giant sheet of chicken wire. Visible beneath the grid was the metallic blur of a huge propeller. For stress relief. One of the free fallers, an obese woman, maneuvered toward the window. She was being buffeted by the air currents but grinned and flashed Langdon the thumbs-up sign.

Langdon smiled weakly and returned the gesture, wondering if she knew it was the ancient phallic symbol for masculine virility. The heavyset woman, Langdon noticed, was the only one wearing what appeared to be a miniature parachute.

The swathe of fabric billowed over her like a toy. He never suspected that later that night, in a country hundreds of miles away, the information would save his life.

The scene before him looked like an Ivy League campus. A grassy slope cascaded downward onto an expansive lowlands where clusters of sugar maples dotted quadrangles bordered by brick dormitories and footpaths. Scholarly looking individuals with stacks of books hustled in and out of buildings. Our physicists represent over five hundred universities and sixty nationalities.

The universal language of science. He dutifully followed Kohler down the path. Halfway to the bottom, a young man jogged by. Langdon looked after him, mystified.

Where did we come from? What are we made of? The questions seem spiritual. Langdon, all questions were once spiritual. The rising and setting of the sun was once attributed to Helios and a flaming chariot. Earthquakes and tidal waves were the wrath of Poseidon. Science has now proven those gods to be false idols. Soon all Gods will be proven to be false idols. Science has now provided answers to almost every question man can ask.

There are only a few questions left, and they are the esoteric ones. Where do we come from? What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life and the universe? These are questions we are answering. As they walked, a Frisbee sailed overhead and skidded to a stop directly in front of them.

Kohler ignored it and kept going. A voice called out from across the quad. Langdon picked up the Frisbee and expertly threw it back. The old man caught it on one finger and bounced it a few times before whipping it over his shoulder to his partner. My lucky day. It took Langdon and Kohler three more minutes to reach their destination—a large, well-kept dormitory sitting in a grove of aspens. Compared to the other dorms, this structure seemed luxurious.

Imaginative title, Langdon thought. It had a red brick facade, an ornate balustrade, and sat framed by sculpted symmetrical hedges. As the two men ascended the stone path toward the entry, they passed under a gateway formed by a pair of marble columns.

Someone had put a sticky-note on one of them. Langdon mused, eyeing the column and chuckling to himself. Ionic columns are uniform in width. A common mistake. Ionic means containing ions—electrically charged particles. Most objects contain them. Langdon was still feeling stupid when he stepped from the elevator on the top floor of Building C.

He followed Kohler down a well-appointed corridor. The decor was unexpected—traditional colonial French—a cherry divan, porcelain floor vase, and scrolled woodwork. Evidently, Langdon thought. One of your upper-level employees? I came up here to locate him and found him dead in his living room. His stomach had never been particularly stalwart. Kohler led the way to the far end of the hallway. There was a single door. Langdon eyed the lone oak door before them.

He was one of the most brilliant scientists of our time. His death is a profound loss for science. But as quickly as it had come, it was gone. Kohler reached in his pocket and began sifting through a large key ring.

An odd thought suddenly occurred to Langdon. The building seemed deserted. The lack of activity was hardly what he expected considering they were about to enter a murder scene. You sent me a fax of a homicide. You must have called the police. She is also a physicist here at CERN. She and her father share a lab. They are partners. Vetra has been away this week doing field research.

Therefore, it will wait until Ms. Vetra has arrived. I feel I owe her at least that modicum of discretion. As the door swung open, a blast of icy air hissed into the hall and hit Langdon in the face. He was gazing across the threshold of an alien world. The flat before him was immersed in a thick, white fog. The mist swirled in smoky vortexes around the furniture and shrouded the room in opaque haze.

And I forgot my magic slippers. The late Leonardo Vetra lay on his back, stripped naked, his skin bluish-gray. His neck bones were jutting out where they had been broken, and his head was twisted completely backward, pointing the wrong way.

His face was out of view, pressed against the floor. The man lay in a frozen puddle of his own urine, the hair around his shriveled genitals spidered with frost.

Although Langdon had stared at the symmetrical wound a dozen times on the fax, the burn was infinitely more commanding in real life. The raised, broiled flesh was perfectly delineated. Langdon wondered if the intense chill now raking through his body was the air-conditioning or his utter amazement with the significance of what he was now staring at. His heart pounded as he circled the body, reading the word upside down, reaffirming the genius of the symmetry.

The symbol seemed even less conceivable now that he was staring at it. He was in another world. The gears turned. Langdon did not look up. His disposition now intensified, his focus total. As a scientist I have come to learn that information is only as valuable as its source. Your credentials seemed authentic. Kohler said nothing more. He simply stared, apparently waiting for Langdon to shed some light on the scene before them. Langdon looked up, glancing around the frozen flat. The Illuminati history was by no means a simple one.

He gazed again at the brand, feeling a renewed sense of awe. Although accounts of the Illuminati emblem were legendary in modern symbology, no academic had ever actually seen it. And although ambigrams were common in symbology—swastikas, yin yang, Jewish stars, simple crosses—the idea that a word could be crafted into an ambigram seemed utterly impossible.

Yes, Langdon thought, who indeed? He began his tale. Religion has always persecuted science. But in the s, a group of men in Rome fought back against the church. Only through rites of extreme secrecy did the scientists remain safe. Word spread through the academic underground, and the Illuminati brotherhood grew to include academics from all over Europe. The scientists met regularly in Rome at an ultrasecret lair they called the Church of Illumination. Although his data were incontrovertible, the astronomer was severely punished for implying that God had placed mankind somewhere other than at the center of His universe.

Kohler looked up. Galileo was an Illuminatus. And he was also a devout Catholic. He held that science and religion were not enemies, but rather allies—two different languages telling the same story, a story of symmetry and balance. Kohler simply sat in his wheelchair and stared.

So the church tried Galileo as a heretic, found him guilty, and put him under permanent house arrest. I am quite aware of scientific history, Mr. But this was all centuries ago. What does it have to do with Leonardo Vetra? Langdon cut to the chase. Mistakes were made, and the church discovered the identities of four members, whom they captured and interrogated.

But the four scientists revealed nothing. On the chest. With the symbol of a cross. With the church closing in, the remaining Illuminati fled Italy. Over the years, the Illuminati began absorbing new members.

A new Illuminati emerged. A darker Illuminati. A deeply anti-Christian Illuminati. They grew very powerful, employing mysterious rites, deadly secrecy, vowing someday to rise again and take revenge on the Catholic Church. Their power grew to the point where the church considered them the single most dangerous anti-Christian force on earth.

The Vatican denounced the brotherhood as Shaitan. The church chose Islam for the name because it was a language they considered dirty. The Hassassin strode quickly now, his black eyes filling with anticipation. Phase two begins shortly. The Hassassin smirked. He had been awake all night, but sleep was the last thing on his mind.

Sleep was for the weak. He was a warrior like his ancestors before him, and his people never slept once a battle had begun. This battle had most definitely begun, and he had been given the honor of spilling first blood. Now he had two hours to celebrate his glory before going back to work. There are far better ways to relax. An appetite for hedonistic pleasure was something bred into him by his ancestors. His ascendants had indulged in hashish, but he preferred a different kind of gratification.

He took pride in his body—a well- tuned, lethal machine, which, despite his heritage, he refused to pollute with narcotics. He had developed a more nourishing addiction than drugs. Feeling a familiar anticipation swelling within him, the Hassassin moved faster down the alley. He arrived at the nondescript door and rang the bell. A view slit in the door opened, and two soft brown eyes studied him appraisingly. Then the door swung open. She ushered him into an impeccably furnished sitting room where the lights were low.

The air was laced with expensive perfume and musk. The Hassassin smiled. As he sat on the plush divan and positioned the photo album on his lap, he felt a carnal hunger stir. Although his people did not celebrate Christmas, he imagined that this is what it must feel like to be a Christian child, sitting before a stack of Christmas presents, about to discover the miracles inside.

He opened the album and examined the photos. A lifetime of sexual fantasies stared back at him. An Italian goddess. A young Sophia Loren. A Japanese geisha. No doubt skilled. A stunning black vision. He examined the entire album twice and made his choice. He pressed a button on the table beside him. A minute later the woman who had greeted him reappeared. He indicated his selection. She smiled. She waited a few minutes and then led him up a winding marble staircase to a luxurious hallway.

I am a connoisseur. The Hassassin padded the length of the hallway like a panther anticipating a long overdue meal. When he reached the doorway he smiled to himself. It was already ajar. He pushed, and the door swung noiselessly open. When he saw his selection, he knew he had chosen well. She was exactly as he had requested. He crossed the room and ran a dark finger across her ivory abdomen. I killed last night, he thought. You are my reward.

But not in the modern sense. The rumors of satanic black-magic animal sacrifices and the pentagram ritual were nothing but lies spread by the church as a smear campaign against their adversaries. Over time, opponents of the church, wanting to emulate the Illuminati, began believing the lies and acting them out. Thus, modern Satanism was born. Kohler grunted abruptly. I want to know how this symbol got here. The brotherhood kept the design secret, allegedly planning to reveal it only when they had amassed enough power to resurface and carry out their final goal.

There is one chapter of Illuminati history that I have not yet explained. They were taken in by another secret society. The brotherhood of the Masons currently had over five million members worldwide, half of them residing in the United States, and over one million of them in Europe. The Masons fell victim of their own benevolence. After harboring the fleeing scientists in the s, the Masons unknowingly became a front for the Illuminati.

The Illuminati grew within their ranks, gradually taking over positions of power within the lodges. Then the Illuminati used the worldwide connection of Masonic lodges to spread their influence. They feared that if religion continued to promote pious myth as absolute fact, scientific progress would halt, and mankind would be doomed to an ignorant future of senseless holy wars.

Kohler was right. Holy wars were still making headlines. My God is better than your God. It seemed there was always close correlation between true believers and high body counts. Langdon gathered his thoughts and continued. The Illuminati took advantage of the infiltration and helped found banks, universities, and industry to finance their ultimate quest.

They called it their Luciferian Doctrine. The church claimed Lucifer was a reference to the devil, but the brotherhood insisted Lucifer was intended in its literal Latin meaning—bringer of light.

Or Illuminator. Langdon, please sit down. Kohler moved his wheelchair closer. He was also a friend. I need you to help me locate the Illuminati. Despite appearances, it is extremely unlikely that this brand was put here by the Illuminati. There has been no evidence of their existence for over half a century, and most scholars agree the Illuminati have been defunct for many years. Kohler stared through the fog with a look somewhere between stupefaction and anger. The appearance of the Illuminati ambigram was astonishing.

Symbologists worldwide would be dazzled. Apparently a lot of people think this group is still active. He had always been annoyed by the plethora of conspiracy theories that circulated in modern pop culture. What does this murder prove? He also was having trouble imagining where anyone could have turned up the Illuminati brand after years.

The Illuminati may have believed in the abolition of Christianity, but they wielded their power through political and financial means, not through terrorists acts. Furthermore, the Illuminati had a strict code of morality regarding who they saw as enemies.

They held men of science in the highest regard. There is no way they would have murdered a fellow scientist like Leonardo Vetra. For the love of God, Langdon groaned. He followed.

Kohler was waiting for him in a small alcove at the end of the hallway. Langdon peered into the study and immediately felt his skin crawl.

Holy mother of Jesus, he said to himself. He watched as images flashed before him—live feeds from hundreds of wireless video cameras that surveyed the sprawling complex. The images went by in an endless procession.

An ornate hallway. A private office. An industrial-size kitchen. As the pictures went by, the guard fought off a daydream.

He was nearing the end of his shift, and yet he was still vigilant. Service was an honor. Someday he would be granted his ultimate reward. As his thoughts drifted, an image before him registered alarm. Suddenly, with a reflexive jerk that startled even himself, his hand shot out and hit a button on the control panel. The picture before him froze. His nerves tingling, he leaned toward the screen for a closer look.

The reading on the monitor told him the image was being transmitted from camera 86—a camera that was supposed to be overlooking a hallway.

But the image before him was most definitely not a hallway. Kohler said nothing as he followed Langdon inside. Langdon scanned the room, not having the slightest idea what to make of it. It contained the most peculiar mix of artifacts he had ever seen. On the far wall, dominating the decor, was an enormous wooden crucifix, which Langdon placed as fourteenth-century Spanish.

Above the cruciform, suspended from the ceiling, was a metallic mobile of the orbiting planets. To the left was an oil painting of the Virgin Mary, and beside that was a laminated periodic table of elements.

Langdon moved into the room, looking around in astonishment. Talk about eclectic, Langdon thought. The warmth felt good, but something about the decor sent a new set of chills through his body. He felt like he was witnessing the clash of two philosophical titans.

Langdon turned. I thought you said he was a physicist. Men of science and religion are not unprecedented in history. Leonardo was one of them. He considered himself a theo-physicist. Langdon thought it sounded impossibly oxymoronic. Leonardo was responsible for many of them. He called the field New Physics. Langdon studied the cover. Leonardo believed his research had the potential to convert millions to a more spiritual life. Last year he categorically proved the existence of an energy force that unites us all.

He actually demonstrated that we are all physically connected. And the power of God shall unite us all. Vetra actually found a way to demonstrate that particles are connected?

Langdon suddenly found himself thinking of the antireligious Illuminati. Reluctantly, he forced himself to permit a momentary intellectual foray into the impossible.

If the Illuminati were indeed still active, would they have killed Leonardo to stop him from bringing his religious message to the masses? Langdon shook off the thought. The Illuminati are ancient history!

All academics know that! Even here at CERN. They felt that using analytical physics to support religious principles was a treason against science. Ask yourself why the U. Christian Coalition is the most influential lobby against scientific progress in the world. The battle between science and religion is still raging, Mr.

It has moved from the battlefields to the boardrooms, but it is still raging. Just last week the Harvard School of Divinity had marched on the Biology Building, protesting the genetic engineering taking place in the graduate program. The chairman of the Bio Department, famed ornithologist Richard Aaronian, defended his curriculum by hanging a huge banner from his office window. Kohler reached down into the array of electronics on his wheelchair. He slipped a beeper out of its holder and read the incoming message.

Vetra is arriving at the helipad right now. We will meet her there. I think it best she not come up here and see her father this way.

It would be a shock no child deserved. Vetra to explain the project she and her father have been working on. Leonardo told me he was working on something groundbreaking. That is all he said. He had become very secretive about the project. He had a private lab and demanded seclusion, which I gladly afforded him on account of his brilliance.

His work had been consuming huge amounts of electric power lately, but I refrained from questioning him. Langdon followed, not knowing what to expect. He ushered Langdon to join him. Look at his face? Langdon frowned. I thought you said something was stolen. Hesitantly, Langdon knelt down. Kohler held it there a moment. A single hazel eye stared lifelessly back at him. The other socket was tattered and empty. So Joe, at an era when thrash metal was down on its knees, what caught your attention and created a passion for something so unfashionable at the turn of the millennium?

Then the nu metal scene took off and people got into Fear Factory and Korn, but we definitely took a step backwards and tried to make a path towards some earlier stuff.

Iron Maiden was a band we warmed to, and then our local library closed down, and luckily as all great libraries should have - our library had a great selection of 80s metal albums all on cassette so we got Armed and Dangerous by Anthrax and Nuclear Assaults Survive amongst other great underground thrash releases all for 50p each! Absolute treasures for the likes of us 10 and 11 year olds.

We then became big Metallica fans, and then even bigger Megadeth fans and it kept evolving, as you know. So as the older original scene died a death, what would you say were the last pivotal classic albums of that era?

Where did you see the movement dip? Obvious records were Megadeths Rust In Piece and Sepulturas Arise but also great albums included Forbiddens Twisted In Form and Artillerys By Inheritance I think there were some really good bands but maybe they had just moved on, they were probably trying something new I guess.

To me personally I dont feel there are many bands after that turned out really good thrash albums. Was that due to grunge being a heavier sound, and thrash - great as it was - had a more guitar-based sound and was maybe a little thin on the ground compared to the new contemporary bands such as Nirvana, Tad and Mudhoney? I think maybe people were just a little bored of Well it wasnt overnight thats for sure. When Exodus listening to thrash. I believe the likes thrash?

Gama Bombs mission statement from day thought yep we can also do this. I dont think for really fast on those releases they seemed to slow it down and got bands there is any place for extra padding. All good albums in So collectively what would Gama Bombs influences their own way, but a sound without the crucial edge I be? Slower songs longer songs errrmmm safer So was The Terror Tapes written for you yourselves songs.

Even Kreator tried it with Renewal. Is it the album you wanted to naturally Id say a mix of the L. Gama Bombs way of trying to progress is and Sodom.

The German sound had definitely more one day Metallica would be a house-hold name and to move on by writing better songs, not changing our of a punky feel to it, but a cool infusion of the two classed as a classic rock band, then people would style. We have tried to evolve naturally over the four was what we had in mind.

When we were young laugh at your thoughts considering their sound was releases without losing the classic thrash feel. We just though Nuclear Assault were a big influence on us so so advanced and aggressive. The Terror Tapes is a thrash at the end of the 80s Nuclear Assault were headlining A lot of the diehard fans werent into the 90s sounds record I would like to hear my favourite bands release.

Thats why we sound like we do do you think bought the attention around for the Reminiscing shows from the later part of the 80s - I would like to think that Gama Bomb would be my public and music fans to really sit up and listen to sees us go off track a little, and brings a tear of favourite band if I werent in them.

I mean, who would not be impressed with Nuclear Assault One of the main causes was the fact that AFM Records was opening for Slayer on the South Of Heaven tour willing to licence our album to different parts of the world where they werent going to release it. Places like South America and That was an amazing bill, and Im sure it helped Mexico, places Gama Bomb had toured with our last release, but Nuclear Assault along the way too.

Shortly after we had no physical distribution for those areas so we were going that tour they came back over here to Ireland with and playing shows for hundreds of people who would only be Acid Reign and Re-Animator in tow, incidentally I able to download our album and not get the actual release, that was really pleased to see Re-Animator have gotten was frustrating for us actually.

Theres a real revitalisation ascending. We talk a little bit about the U. I crossed over to quite a few metalheads and werent just stuck mean with this your fourth release, are you still a in a trend-conscious scene, how did Gama Bomb feel about real happy family band wise? Well we did lose our rhythm guitar player Luke last We were aware of what was going on, and had been to some year; he started the band with me and Philly and that of the gigs around the late nineties and early When was definitely hard as when we first started out it was Gama Bomb started gigging around until aboutwe the three of us writing the songs.

You know, its tough didnt really play at any shows with thrash bands at all, we were sometimes when theres not a pot of gold waiting for supporting hardcore and punk bands G. We are also very good friends with Scott Atkins former Stampin Ground guitarist Luke he had done everything and been everywhere who incidentally produced the last few albums for us.

The punk and hardcore scene never really seems to have he wanted - wed been to America and been to Brazil gone away and I can see why maybe a lot of metal fans have gravitated towards that area. It was Was Scott your first choice of producer? This album had a long gestation period as we Originally Earache guided us towards using him, they wanted us to work with him for our track on the had switched labels before recording this album and compilation Thrashing Like A Maniac and we seemed to get on really well.

He had knowledge of a lot of the we had some other things to deal with along the way; bands we loved, it was good to be able to talk with him, and he knew exactly what we were going for, rather Philly had an operation on his throat, and Domo our than if we went with someone else who may not have had the knowledge or enthusiasm of thrash metal.

We had guitar player ripped a tendon so we had our obstacles. We had always talked about doing a record with one of the classic guys but on listening to some newer against the forces conspiring to stop us! We just thought lets stick with what we know. Another Perfect Day is my favourite We didnt want to gamble and make a bad sounding Motorhead by far, Robbo replaced Fast Eddie and its a album just to work with an old name.

I would turn off Mr Crowley if it came on five shows in July, but were not sure whos playing with the radio! Then its back to the U. Im stoked to be playing with Artillery Hagar or Roth? I used to prefer Hagar when I didnt know Comes is a really, really good record, its got that kind what I was talking about but then when I experienced of By Inheritance sound and vibe yknow?

So in the last few years what would you say have A man of impeccable taste well almost I think been the greatest releases of the thrash revival? Ozzys solo stuff was greatand the bassist of one of thrash metals brightest new hopes. I feel I could Now thats a tough one I guess, theres been a few, chat with Joe about a lot more music, but guess Ill but, maybe Vektors Outer Isolation - they seem to have to wait for Gama Bomb to grace the English incorporate lots of very good ideas into their songs shores.

Youve put medication I seem to crave. So hang on, as Joe has to decide Dickinson or Dianno? Dickinson, as Powerslave and Piece Of Mind are facebook. Super Limited Edition!! Remastered for !! Yip, if it wasnt for meeting old friends on Facebook during our high school 10 year reunion inId never have signed up for internet access at home.

Without internet access, I would never have fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a writer. You see, I always wanted to A. Diamond - Toy Dolls - Bare Faced Cheek (Cassette, to create, but I never knew where to start, especially in a country where English is not the common tongue. But, of course, the internet has everything. Bloody internet! So I decided to check it out. Hey, what have I got to lose, right? Holy crap, where should I start?

How about my social life, or most of my hair; thankfully the grey ones are sticking around. Then there are the Joe Mynhardt is a South African hours of solitude I spend behind my computer, or reading.

You cant be a writer if you dont read excessively. Most of that time is spent banging on my keyboard and shouting at teacher with over fifty short story characters that dont even exist. He has appeared And, because I write horror, Im bloody scared most of the time. The dark seems just a little darker than it used in dozens of publications and to. I cant even sleep alone without leaving the TV on for an hour or two. Thats what horror writers do, right?

You bet. Stephen Bacon and many others. And, you guessed, people think Im pretty demented. Dont worry. Two jobs! I work the entire day at one job just to come home to authors such as Simon Bestwick, another one.

Who does that to themselves? Ray Cluley and others. Joe is also Since I recently became an editor and publisher, I have. Dont judge. And the sheer number of new friends and writers Im meeting every day is just astounding. Lake Publishing. His editorial Yip, Facebook screwed me big time. Damn Facebook! New York City is the home of hardcore. Emerging from an exciting music scene in the early to mids John Franko decided to be a part of what he was witnessing, starting Nawpost Records and then evolving it into the legendary Dead City Records as well as fronting hardcore punkers Awkward Thought.

Undeterred by the current state of the music industry he still retains his passion and plans for a number of new releases. What fucking crazy line-ups in the 80s. In of print. In MM: Were they easy people to work with? Is there I annoyed the hell outta Sam Mcpheeters from a conscious sense of band and label? Is that in your asking them how to start a label. I played bass in NO control? They are realistic and down to earth early-mid s. Then in the late s I changed the when it comes to sales and releasing music.

Working name to Dead City Records for the hell of it. Yeah I with them is always great. I dont tell any bands what got the name from the Exploited song. I mean, was there a more only release what I like and only work with cool bands. But the which was the age a club would let you in back then bottom line is I release what I like no matter what the so I would use fake ID.

Back then you could bring style. So far I only have released New York bands. So a photocopied birth certificate to a venue as proof many labels change their style during their existence. We would just type over the birth date, then They start off releasing hardcore and then 20 releases re-photocopy it, and it worked. Saw all the metal and later they are releasing pop music or something else.

But who knows what can Exploited, and just about every band you can think of happen down the road. What an amazing time. That was when thrash, death metal, and hardcore was MM: What made you choose your first release? Talk to a Mohawk new music. Talk to a so much less and it makes it a struggle to keep the label I usually hook up with a European or Japanese label gangsta new jack tough guy and theyll tell you they going.

Digital Downloading of music has its benefits that can help with the distribution. The decision is like old school Exploited music. As far as selling at but Id prefer a world with Vinyl, CDs, and Tape based on how many albums that can be sold to see if shows, Punks are always broke and would rather spend Cassettes.

I guess you cant stop its worth releasing. I not only have to cover pressing, money on beer than a shirt. Skinheads usually buy stuff progress. Hardcore money on publicity and that can add up. While I am kids spend half their money on merchandise and half MM: Is there anything that has nearly halted the not in this to make a living I work a real job to pay their money on drugs. Ha ha. So any money made from the label gets re- MM: You talked earlier about the name change.

JF: Not really, because I do the label on my own free invested right back into the label. How did you go about creating the Dead City logo? Is there much diversity amongst the fans? At the time he was in high school and I MM: Have you had any real surprises with the asked him to draw me a logo and he did a quick sketch amount of copies sold for a product?

He asked me if he could re-do a better Dead City logo but I told him that I liked the sketch. But that number was at least or more done a few record covers and T-shirt designs for me as a few years ago.

As with anything the cost per piece is well as other record labels. Thanks to amazing USA and have thing changed? Japanese sales those numbers were awesome.

JF: Well its pretty obvious. I was old school into vinyl and tape think labels make big bucks and rip off the bands? Now I could only wish CD sales were back again. CDs were so profitable and could really make JF: People think that because I suppose there are labels or break a labels existence. The cover art, the lyrics, who do rip off bands. When label owners try to photos, and drawings on any insert were part of the make a living from the label then the music profits go whole experience.

But if you are a Defiance 7 as that is my favourite record of all time. I am old school and like to read that contract. I have no pity for bands who sign and it still sits unreleased to this day. And I am not CD with photos, art, lyrics, liner notes, etc. The T-shirt saying that because I am a label guy. I am in numerous MM: So is there any drive in you to make a and other non-music merchandise definitely picked up bands so I consider myself a band member first and a claim for it?

Is there any way that you could get since the beginning. Sometimes it is the T-shirt sales label owner second. All bands today that I deal with permission granted - how strict are issues like that?

But over all I enjoy doing the label are totally realistic about sales and they know that so when the enjoyment ends then the label will end. Reality has set in for most of these to do also but its just a pain in the ass finding people MM: Is the decline of physical sales as bad as some bands. Physical sales are dead and they better play a lot nowadays. People change phone numbers 10 times a statistics make out? Or do you think certain parts of of shows and sell lots of T-shirts if they want to make year.

Emails that worked at one time no longer work. Then you have these twits that only check Facebook and no longer check email. Then every band member JF: The decline of physical sales sucks for record labels, MM: Is there a band who you would really like to you speak to has no idea who really owns it and they it sucks for bands trying to make some extra money at get a release with, whod youd jump at the chance do not want to be the one who gives you permission to shows by selling their CDs on tourand it sucks for asap?

Just pathetic bullshit. But I am not going to get into a debate about it MM: How do you see the future of the label over because nothing is going to change it. Kids today are the next few years? Have things changed much for programmed to download music or steal it. Give a 12 you since the start? Some people think digital downloads are the best thing since sliced bread.

It does benefit some musicians because their music can be instantly spread worldwide. MM: What would benefit things for the labels and music fans?

JF: What would best benefit the labels is obvious if people would pay for music instead of stealing it. Labels cease to exist if they always lose money. Also it would be nice if more people went to shows instead of watching the show on You Tube the next day.

Get out of your fuckin house and live a little. Especially the underground punk and hardcore kids we need the support to keep our scene alive. MM: Wheres the best place for people to check out and merchandise. MM: On a closing note then John, what 3 products Well I just signed a deal with Richard Branson that would you personally say are quintessential Dead City merchandise will be sold on all Virgin for people to have, or own from the Dead City Atlantic flights.

So when you order your tea and catalogue, and why have you chosen them? Next year I hope Album) have JF: Now you are gonna put me on the spot. You cant Dead City merchandise being sold at all South African have a parent choose their favourite kid without cricket matches. But seriously you can check your local distributor to see if Dead City merch is in stock.

Some people that have had my stuff in Europe are insulting the other kids. But lets not forget about records. WD Sounds distro. So you cant just check out 3 you must get them all. They all kick ass! M com check out www. And all the problems that that presents.

Evan just shrugged his shoulders, and tried not to laugh. Its like this, time is measured on a straight line. Point A. Point B. If you took that straight line, and folded it into a circle, like a hoola- hoop, then things get strange.

Point B, could, presumably, come before point A. Youve been watching too much of the Sci-Fi Network, Evan remarked. No, really, I screamed at him, Its true, and not only does time become nonlinear, it is conceivable that since time is now looped, one can travel through the center of the circle, going from Point A, to, um, lets say, Point K.

This would be comparable to Einsteins idea of traveling at the speed of light. You dont get it, I said, actually foaming at the mouth, I could travel back in time. Kill Hitler. Save Kennedy. Fuck that aerobics instructor in college. George Tabb. George, said Evan calmly, You are way too fucked up. You cant do this to yourself anymore. If this continues, we A. Diamond - Toy Dolls - Bare Faced Cheek (Cassette going to have to fire our drummer.

He and his As Evan talked, I heard his last word first, and his first word last. The time loop. Then, as we pulled into Manhattan, I suddenly found myself exiting Furious George rehearsal back in Brooklyn with my guitar in hand, saying goodnight to John, and his mother. The one where I hear that whooshing sound. Deja Vu.

I began to panic. The space-time line had actually rolled over, and I was now traveling through it. And scared. Suddenly I began to scream wildly in the front seat of Evans dads car. Im inter-dimensional time traveling and I cant stop. Evan sort of grinned, and then calmly said, George, I warned you, Pussies shouldnt smoke pot. It was all our first drummers fault. Hes the one who had the weed. Killer weed.

Well, maybe it wasnt his fault. But Id like to blame him anyway. Actually, I should have known better. Much better. When I was seventeen, and in my junior year of high school, this kid, Kevin Sands, rolled a joint. Everyone went to him to get their stuff. I, of course, was way above buying the stuff. It was given to me because I was so cool. Or so I like to think.

The truth was I was always broke, and my friends were such pot-heads, that they always had a bong hidden in their locker, and their ashtrays in their cars were full of weed. So Id bum it off them and get fucked up. Usually before first period. Like at in the morning.

One day, after working a particularly nasty shift a night earlier at my bag boy job at Publix, I decided that Id spring for a whole joint of my own. And spend a whole dollar. So I talked to my pot-head friends, Dave, Mike, and Peter, about where to get the best stuff.

They all told me the same thing. Kevin Sands was the main dealer of the school, and his shit was rad. I told them Id never met Kevin, and should I be scared. I imagined some big tall guy, with nasty dreads, big chains around his neck, and semiautomatic weapons holstered under his arms.

They told me Kevin was an okay dude, and set up a meeting with me and him in the school parking lot, after school. When the three oclock bell rang, I went to the flag pole, where I was to meet Kevin, and purchase the stuff.

As I stood there waiting for the schools biggest drug dealer, some kid in black framed glasses walked up to me. He was wearing a button-up paisley shirt, and green trousers, and his wavy brown hair was a mess. Whats up? Um, not much, I answered. So, whats it gonna be? Whats what gonna be? I answered back. Why was this guy bothering me? Id seen him in my chemistry class. And Home-Ec, too. He was always in his own little world, and he reminded me of Dilton Doily, from The Archie comic books.

Whats it gonna be? Then it hit me. This was Kevin. He wasnt ten feet tall, with huge rings on his Album), gold teeth, and chains that would sink the Titanic, he was, well, shit, me. Well, without the leather jacket, of course. Um, I wanna buy some, um, marijuana, I said to him, as quietly as I could. What Album) Suddenly I found myself fumbling during my first big drug deal. My one dollar joint. What did he mean what kind?

David, Mike, and Peter mentioned nothing about kind. Um, what kind? I repeated. Thats what I said, answered Kevin, annoyed. I think his glasses began to get fogged up. I thought for a second, then said regular. Like I was at a gas station or something. I figured unleaded sounded too weird. Regular what? I stammered. Regular Hawaiian? Regular Thai Stick? Regular Mexican Gold? Regular Mexican Red? Regular Tallahassee Green? Um, whatever I can get for a dollar, was my answer. Kevin then explained that the Tallahassee Green he grew himself, in piles of cowshit, and was the cheapest, and also gave you a great buzz.

Ill take that, I said, slipping him a one dollar bill in the palm of my hand, like my grandfather used to slip me money. At Chanukah. He then opened a cigar box full of joints, pointed to the Tallahassee Green section, and told me to pick one. I did. It was the worst choice I ever made in my life. The next morning, before school, on the way to our bus stop, I lit up the joint, and smoked the whole thing myself.

When Id gotten home the day before, Id hid it inside the body of one of my G. It was easy, I just popped off his head, and stuck it in there. It was as good as a place as any. And my parents wouldnt find it. Unfortunately, our dog, Sassy, a great dane, did. I found her running around later the evening with my doll in her mouth. Bad Sassy, I yelled at my nearly pound dog, give George back his G. Finally after some negotiating, and offers of my dads raw Filet Mignon in the refrigerator, I got my doll back.

Joint, unharmed. And Sassy got her steak. And my Dad yelled at my Step-Mom, and had to eat frozen pizza. So I smoked the whole thing, and got a good buzz, as I waited for the bus. Then I got a better buzz.

And better. And even better. And then better than that. Something was wrong. Then that door whooshed open. And the buzz was too good. I was too high. Suddenly lights began to blink all around me, and I found myself lighting the joint up for the first time.

Then I found myself waking up. Then in School, a day earlier, talking to Mike, Pete, and David. As the colors, and time traveling became more intense, all I could think was that I had been poisoned, and was gonna die, like some drugged-out kid on The Mod Squad. While all this was happening, my brothers and stepsisters were laughing at me at the bus stop. They said my eyes got totally weird, and I looked like Frankenstein. The next thing I knew I began to run home, not wanting to go to school like this.

Then, as I ran, I watched myself run. Up hills. I saw myself in my blue corduroys, white Izod shirt, and Nike All-Courts. I asked myself how I was doing, and I answered Not too well.

The rest of that day was spent jumping in and out of different dimensions, while being out of my body the whole time. Eventually it got really bad, and I had a near death experience, and ended up in the hospital.

But thats another story. Two weeks later, the lab tests came back on the roach of the joint Kevin Sands had sold me. Id hidden it back in G. This time, in his head, though. I later gave it to my shrink, who had it tested, anonymously. Well George, said Dr. I said, not knowing what the fuck he was talking about. LSD is Acid, stuff hippies took in the sixties to find themselves.

PCP is Angel Dust. Bad shit, the doctor explained. You mean Angel Dust as in that stuff I saw on Quincy last week? I asked. Same stuff. You are lucky you are not dead. There was enough Acid and Dust in there to kill an elephant. Why you are alive is beyond me, explained Dr. I said nothing. I was in shock. Im not going to ask you the name of the guy who gave you the stuff, but make sure he doesnt do this to anyone else Dr. Kennedy then told me. I told him I would. And also, I hate to say this, but expect long term brain damage from this event, as well as kissing the idea of ever smoking pot again good-bye.

Manchester England - Various - Hair - The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical (The Original Broadway C, D.J. Slice Featuring Kool Rock Jay* - Check It Out / Slice It Up (Vinyl), Drum Solo - Henry & Hazel Slaughter (2) - Just the Way We Are - In Concert (Vinyl, LP, Album), King At The King / Evil Is In - S.O.D.* - Bigger Than The Devil (CD, Album), The Old Man - The George Mitchell Minstrels - Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (Vinyl, LP), Andrus Easy Rider - Michael Chapman (2) - Fully Qualified Survivor (CD, Album), Solution Finale 2 - Various - Bibendum Compilation Vol 1 (Cassette, Album), Come Buy Banana - Various - For Adults Only (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson - Got To Be There (CD, Album), Chacas à Kookoones - Dood (3) - En Concert (CD, Album)

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Mom Praying - Beanie Sigel - The Reason (Cassette, Album)

In his dad's footsteps, Michael Gandolfini finds his own way Michael Gandolfini's face is thinner. John Richardson's final Picasso book arrives in November Few books have been more anticipated among art lovers. Marie Osmond takes singing career in new symphonic direction The coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt. Britney's father is out, but scrutiny of him just beginning Britney Spears and her attorney have successfully driven her father from the conservatorship that runs her life and controls her money.

Remembering a relentless publicist, never too proud to beg Publicist Bobby Zarem has died at Blige and Kendrick Lamar to perform Super Bowl halftime show. Dubai opens Expo to a world still reeling from pandemic Dubai is opening Expo in an extravagant ceremony that was delayed a year by the coronavirus pandemic.

Macedonia holds 8 for antiquities smuggling, illegal digs Eight men have been arrested in North Macedonia accused of participating in multiple illegal excavations across the country to sell antiquities abroad. Statue of literary heroine draws sexism charges An Italian artist is defending his sculpture of a 19th century peasant woman against charges of sexism after its Album) unveiling sparked calls for the work's removal.

Newsom writes children's book about boy with dyslexia The latest news about California Governor Gavin Newsom is less dramatic but more personal than the recall effort he easily Album) two weeks ago. Tower Records. Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved November 13, Prometheus Global Media.

Retrieved August 27, The Roc Album). Still Public Enemy Number 1. State Property. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Hip hop. Roc-A-FellaDef Jam. Britney's father is out, but scrutiny of him just beginning Britney Spears and her attorney have successfully driven her father from the conservatorship that runs her life and controls her money.

Remembering a relentless publicist, never too proud to beg Publicist Bobby Zarem has died at Blige and Kendrick Lamar to perform Super Bowl halftime show. Dubai opens Expo to a world still reeling from pandemic Dubai is opening Expo in an extravagant ceremony that was delayed a year by the coronavirus pandemic.

Macedonia holds 8 for antiquities smuggling, illegal digs Eight men have been arrested in North Macedonia accused of participating in multiple illegal excavations across the country to sell antiquities abroad.

Statue of literary heroine draws sexism charges An Italian artist is defending his Album) of a 19th century peasant woman against charges of sexism after its recent unveiling sparked calls for the work's removal. Newsom writes children's book about boy with dyslexia The latest news about California Governor Gavin Newsom is less dramatic but more personal than the recall effort he easily defeated two weeks ago.

Takeaways from Trump aide's account of chaotic White House A White House press secretary and Mom Praying - Beanie Sigel - The Reason (Cassette of staff to then-first lady Melania Trump paints a deeply unflattering picture of Donald Trump in a book out next week. Don Imus, Jerry Herman, and other notable people who died in Happy Birthday George Clooney!

Zappa* - The Best Band On Broadway The Hard Way US Tour (CD), Area 54 - Apocrypha (2) - Area 54 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Skinhead Moonstomp, Blackbird - Jindrich Bauer And His Polka Band* - Persuasive Polkas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Its A Big Daddy Thing - Big Daddy Kane - Its A Big Daddy Thing (Cassette, Album), From All Sides, 2. Molto Capriccioso - Béla Bartók / György Sándor - Solo Piano Works (CD), No Fan Of Cops - Hellnation - Cheerleaders For Imperialism (CD), Falling (Live) - Staind - Chapter V Limited Edition (CD), Carole King - Wrap Around Joy (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ride To Death - Various - Fenriz Metal Merchants Festival DJ Set (File, MP3), Each And Every Day

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Mona Campbell - Do You Ever Think About Me? (CD)

Spears had recorded the song live with her Mona Campbell - Do You Ever Think About Me? (CD) during The Onyx Hotel Tour. She dedicated the song to all the "legends and icons out there". The lyrics lament the fall of Mona Lisa, calling her "unforgettable" and "unpredictable", and cautions listeners not to have a "breakdown". She also revealed she wanted the song to be the first single of her upcoming album, tentatively titled The Original Doll and hoped to release it "probably before summertime [], or maybe a little sooner than that".

I think I should rephrase myself from my previous letters when I was talking about taking a 'break'. What I meant was I am taking a break from being told what to do. It's cool when you look at someone and don't know whether they are at work or play since it's all the same to them.

The things I've been doing for work lately have been so much fun, because it's not like work to me anymore. I've been even more 'hands on' in my management and the business side of things, and I feel more in control than ever. A representative for Jive Records stated that although Spears was working in the studio, "no album is scheduled at the moment" and that there were no plans to service "Mona Lisa" to radio. In andJohn held a concert Mona Campbell - Do You Ever Think About Me?

(CD) Watford's home stadium, Vicarage Roadand donated proceeds to the club. John's paternal cousin Roy Dwight was a professional footballer, who scored for Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup Final before breaking his leg later in the same match. John announced his intention to vote Remain during the UK's EU referendum on Instagram, sharing an image with the words "build bridges not walls", along with the caption "I'm voting to remain.

Civilians are being targeted and there are needless deaths on both sides. John has said that he took risks with unprotected sex during the s and considers himself lucky to have avoided contracting HIV. In AprilJohn performed his ballad " Skyline Pigeon " at the funeral of Ryan Whitea teenage haemophiliac he had befriended. John became more closely associated with AIDS charities following the deaths of his friends Ryan White in and Freddie Mercury inraising large amounts of money and using his public profile to raise awareness of the disease.

This continues to be one of his passions. An auction followed, emceed by Stephen Fry. John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in He and Taupin had already been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in Inhe was named the MusiCares Person of the Year for his artistic achievement in the music industry and dedication to philanthropy.

He has also received five Brit Awardsincluding the award for Best British Male, and awards for Outstanding Contribution to Music in and InJohn received the first Brits Icon award in recognition of his "lasting impact" on UK culture, which was presented to him by his close friend Rod Stewart.

SinceJohn's band, of which he is the pianist and lead singer, has been known as the Elton John Band. Olsson left the band in but rejoined in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Renate Blauel. English rock singer-songwriter, composer and pianist. For other uses, see Elton John disambiguation. CH CBE. John at the Tribeca Film Festival. PinnerMiddlesexEngland. Singer songwriter pianist composer. Renate Blauel. Rock pop rock glam rock soft rock.

Musical artist. See also: Bluesology. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Elton John. Elton John — lead vocals, piano —present Nigel Olsson — drums, vocals —, —,—present Davey Johnstone — guitar, musical director, vocals —, —present Ray Cooper — percussion —,—, —, —present John Mahon — percussion, vocals —present Kim Bullard — keyboards —present Matt Bissonette — bass guitar, vocals —present. Main articles: Elton John albums discographysingles discographyand songs.

Zippo [] Main article: Elton John videography. Retrieved 31 March Good Morning America. Retrieved 15 January BBC News. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 16 July As Mona Campbell - Do You Ever Think About Me? (CD) world remembers the tragic death of the Princess of Wales 20 years ago, data confirms that a tribute record to her remains the best-selling chart single of all time.

Recording Industry Association of America website. Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 8 February John's song has sold the most copies when looking at copies sold since charts began, as verified in Guinness World Records.

Guinness World Records. ISBN Archived from the original on 14 November Retrieved 15 November Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 24 September Archived from the original on 8 December Retrieved 6 August Retrieved 8 July Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 16 March Elton John. Archived from the original on 15 July The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 26 March Retrieved 12 November The New Zealand Herald. On This Very Spot. Archived from the original on 15 January Retrieved 25 February Archived from the original on 11 October Archived from the original on 6 April Elton John: The Visual Documentary.

Omnibus Press. Retrieved 9 May Retrieved 18 November Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 27 July Atlanta Magazine. June Archived from the original on 26 June Retrieved 3 February Season 1. Episode 1. Archived from the original on 28 April The Buddy Holly Story. Quick Fox. The Telegraph. Archived from the original on 4 July Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 27 September The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Event occurs at Archived from the original on 20 September The London Gazette.

Later that night, after the audience left, she completed "Why Can't I? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

Please help improve this article if you can. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

October 28, - Olympia Theatre, Paris, France. Overture Zing! December 10, - Tuschinski Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland. July 20, - Philadelphia, PA. By Myself That's Entertainment! October - Rehearsal.

March 25, - Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark. Retrieved April 12, Retrieved May 5, Retrieved 13 October The Judy Room. Retrieved April 18, Retrieved April 13, Judy Garland Database. Archived from the original on 10 March Retrieved 10 March Archived from the original on 24 February Retrieved 24 February Retrieved April 15, Judy Garland News.

Judy Garland. Discography Performances Songs Awards and honors. Meet Me in St. The Garland Touch. Does Judy! It's funny because now people are beginning to see that album as a classic - it was quite revolutionary in its use of synthesizers.

Mike Love commented in his memoir that the album was "undeniably original but fragmented and just plain odd". According to Dillon, Love You is considered to have influenced the development of new wave. I've never heard a record before or since that sounded like it.

It's got its own sonic texture that no one has ever tried to do before. Some of those songs and chord progressions are among the richest and the deepest that Brian ever did. All tracks are written by Brian Wilsonexcept where noted. Adapted from CD liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Love You album. The Beach Boys' album. Synth-pop [1] rock [2] punk [1].

Dennis and Brian Wilson share the lead vocal over a duelling synthesizer arrangement. I don't know why. Musician, Player, and Listener. Amordian Press. July 19, Retrieved July 23, Rolling Stone. Rock Cellar Magazine. Archived from the original on October 22, Retrieved November 6, Marina Mona Campbell - Do You Ever Think About Me?

(CD). April 20, Archived from the original on November 19, Endless Summer Quarterly. Record Collector. Bellagio Retrieved July 13, September 4, Mona Campbell - Do You Ever Think About Me?

(CD) from the original on 30 September Retrieved 9 September SC Times. Hachette Magazines. Retrieved October 27, Retrieved June 11, Archived from the original on June 30, Retrieved June 2, Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved January 8, The Encyclopedia of Popular Music 4th ed.

The second was what you hear. So in about five hours we learned it, recorded it, mixed it". Engineer Chris Shaw has confirmed there was another version, which "was really great, which had a kind of New Orleans shuffle to it". But when the studio recording could not be located, it was replaced by a live version recorded in Portland, Oregonon June 15,which Heylin describes as "mediocre". Chris Shaw did a rough mix of the song the same day it was recorded, which became the final mix.

But it turned out that that rough mix ended up being the final mix. And that was pretty funny, because the very last thing Bob did was raise the shaker up like 10db, making it ridiculously loud, and that was the mix he wanted to go with".

Clinton Heylin has written that "Things Have Changed" demonstrates a close knowledge of the film Wonder Boysfor which it was written. The lyrics make reference to "dancing lessons", "the jitterbug rag" and dressing "in drag", all of which feature in the plot of the film. Curtis Hansonthe director of Wonder Boyshas recalled: "I learned that Dylan might be interested in contributing an original song… So when I came back from filming in Pittsburgh, Bob came by the editing room to see some rough cut footage.

I told him the story and introduced him to the characters. We talked about Grady Tripp and where he was in life, emotionally and creatively. Weeks later a CD arrived in the mail". Dylan critic Kees de Graaf places "Things Have Changed" in the context of the Biblical teaching Dylan encountered when he studied with the Vineyard Fellowship in the late s.

For de Graaf, the sense that "the world may come to an end at any moment" pervades the song. De Graaf notes the images of "the last train", "all hell may break loose", "standing on the gallows with my head in a noose", all contributing to a sense of impending Armageddon : "the last battle of the end times when all powers from hell will explode in one final outburst of violence".

LUltimo Soffio - Conclusione, Schüddelbüx - Carl Bay & Rudolf Aue - Westpreussen Und Pommern - Eine Folge Der Schönsten Lieder, Everyday 2002 (Alex Gold Remix) - Various - One Green Apple Presents One (CD), Rise - Auschwitz - Songs (CD, Album), Grobschnitt - Rockpommels Land (Vinyl, LP, Album), Céu E Mar - Marisa - A Gata Mansa (Vinyl, LP), More Than Friends - Bob James / David Sanborn - Double Vision (CD, Album), The Man Who Loved Life - The Jayhawks - Live From The Womens Club Volume 2 (CD, Album), Heaven Will Come - Lustral - Presents Trance Classics (CD, Album), Почтальон • Postman, Skin O My Teeth - Megadeth - Endgame (CD, Album)

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Untitled - Walter Lord (2) Read By Martin Jarvis - A Night To Remember (CD, Album)

For a cultural and material topography of postpunk Sheffield, check out this interview I did with the late Andy Gil l, the NME 's Sheffield correspondent during this legendary time and friends with the Cabs and most of the other significant musicians in the town. Before the Cabs had a record out, they used to come into Virgin, where I worked.

I had hair down to my waist in those days. They came up to the counter and asked 'Have you got any records by Cabaret Voltaire? Although Mal was heavily into clothes too. He had two rooms in his flat, and one room was where he lived and the other was his wardrobe — and he had an ironing board in the middle of it. It was just completely full of clothes. So, it was a bit after that I got to meet them. They had this studio in this old Album) building.

The whole building was called Western Works — and they recorded in it and called the studio Western Works. He can be hellishly stubborn.

In Sheffield, it was working class Dada. They were heavily into Dada and liked to get a reaction. Happy 70th, Sting See All. Ghost in the Machine Remastered The Police. Sting Essentials Apple Music Pop. Artist Interviews See All. Now in Spatial Audio See All. Detroit 2 Big Sean. Made for Spatial Audio Apple Music. Coming Soon See All. Folarin II Wale. More to Explore. Browse by Category. Apple Music on Apple News. Wikisource Free-content library. Wikispecies Directory of species. Wikiversity Free learning tools.

Wikivoyage Free travel guide. Wiktionary Dictionary and thesaurus. Namespaces Main Page Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. From today's featured article Adult male The Eurasian blackcap Sylvia atricapilla is a typical warbler in Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. Wilfried Gruhn The Social Democratic Party wins the most seats in the German federal election.

Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are released from detention in China shortly after the release of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou from house arrest in Canada. As found on his most recent studio album, Seven Dialsreleased back in I offer you some tracks from two bands with something, or rather someone, in common. Strachan bowed out after these recordings, but would turn up a few years later in Fence Collective band Northern Alliancein which she took the occasional lead vocal but mostly provided backup to chief wordsmith Doug Johnstone.

Although they split more than a decade ago, their website www. Now I think about it, Andy Cameron never turned up in the Scottish songs series either, did he?

I feel an ICA coming on…. His period when backed by The Commotions, between andsaw three hit albums, all of which were fawned over, for the most part, by the music critics. He moved to New York City to write the new material and to find the musicians he most wanted to make the record with. There was also a two-year gap between the last Commotions album and the first of the new material to factor in, so all-in-all, it was something of a gamble, but one he and his record label were very confident of pulling off.

The first solo single, No Blue Skieswas released at the end of January It stalled at 42 in the UK. The self-titled debut album followed a month later, entering the charts at This was quite encouraging as that was a similar outcome as Mainstreamthe final Commotions album which had come in at 9 on its first week of release.

The problem was that over the next four weeks before a second single was taken from the album, Lloyd Cole had dropped all the way to 66, and so badly needed a sales boost via a well-received It got no higher than The album continued to plummet, dropping out of the charts after just a six-week stay, never to be seen again.

The planned third single, Downtownwas released but with next to fanfare or promotion. Years later, Lloyd acknowledged that he got it badly wrong. He wrote this song for an album released in Maybe I was just too much of a fanboy back in the day to make a true judgement on things, but I really did like the singles and almost all of the debut album.

The article was date 13 th August, Untitled - Walter Lord (2) Read By Martin Jarvis - A Night To Remember (CD and I parted company sometime after the release of the album Stormsalthough I occasionally popped back into see her, most notably with the release of Other Voices Other Rooms I could never describe myself as a huge fan, I only own 6 of her albums, but reading of her death made an impact.

I Wish It Would Rain0. Most of the albums my parents had were country artists or artists heavily influenced by its charms — I was hooked early on. Not even my love of indie would make me forsake country.

Speed of the Sound of Loneliness. I soon became quite the fan and with only a year to wait between albums there was always something to look forward to.

Love at the Five and Dime. I recall Untitled - Walter Lord (2) Read By Martin Jarvis - A Night To Remember (CD scramble for tickets, given the small capacity, and thankfully I got mine. I lived in Govan at the time, so would be able to take a short stroll home.

As the gig grew closer it was announced that Nanci would appear on the Wogan Show, in London on the same night as the Glasgow gig? Eyebrows began to be raised. Wogan started at 7. At the gig an announcement was made that Nanci was running late but that she would appear. Within minutes, the discontent had been shrugged off as Nanci wrapped us around her little fingers. It was a fantastic night and all the better, somehow, for her lateness — apparently, she arrived by helicopter….

The only other time I would have seen her live was at The Big DayGlasgow subject of recent discussions in basement rooms but I have no recollection of it? Nanci left a considerable legacy beyond the innumerable cover versions of her songs, not least of which is the mighty From A Distance which charted at number one in the US inBette Midler.

Let It Shine On Me. The latter was written by guitarist Peet Coombes, and indeed he was responsible for most of the songs recorded by the band over all three of their albums before the spilt at the end of Eurythmics seemed to come out of nowhere inthanks to them being responsible for one of the most iconic electronica singles during a period where synths really were vanquishing guitar bands.

Untitled - Walter Lord (2) Read By Martin Jarvis - A Night To Remember (CD really was almost a last throw of the dice to release the title track from the new album in February The UK tour to promote the album was using small-scale venues — for instance the Glasgow date was at Night Moves which had a capacity in the low hundreds, but as the duo made their way around the country, they were doing so on the back of a single which quickly went to 2, leading to all sorts of television appearances and a huge demand to catch the live shows, all of which were now sold out and could have easily still been so if the usual locations with capacities of had been in play.

The decision was taken to re-release an earlier flop single as the follow-up to Sweet Dreams. A few months previously, in Novemberit had spent a few weeks in the lower end of the charts, peaking at Come Aprilit was The b-side was the same track as had been on the reverse of the initial single back in But where most were expecting more of the same, the next album, Touch, which was released in Novemberhighlighted a different sound, one which was far more mainstream in nature.

The next single leaned on calypso music, and the one after that was akin to a mid-tempo power ballad. For those of us who had fallen for the sounds of the hits at the beginning ofwhat emerged before the year was out proved to be a huge letdown. This is just a wee different. Kind of. It is, of course, nothing of the sort, although the main film has been pieced together does make it seem as if the singers, musicians and dancers are performing on a stage within some sort of post-apocalyptic setting, interspersed with footage of a police car and a fast moving passenger train, and is just the splicing of the three promo videos.

Eternal live at Album) S. What Time Is Love? Eternal spent two weeks at 1 in February More than thirty years ago? Kind of similar to the sounds my bones and joints make when I try to move to the tunes.

A date on which The Fall again defy convention by insisting that the record label issue a new album along with a new single. Oh, and if you chose instead to buy the new album on cassette rather than vinyl, then you would also get just about all the music that was available on the new single, as well as the tracks that had made up the previous two singles….

Of the other six, Brix was credited on three of them, which is some achievement given that her only previous contribution to a Fall album had been to co-write one track on Perverted By Languagereleased some ten months earlier.

It has to be said that the other band members were quite relaxed about it all. Steve Hanley is on record as saying She did commercialise the band, she helped convince Mark to go that way. The other four blokes were still those who had been making music together for the past couple of years — the duel drumming efforts of Karl Burns and Paul Hanley who also played occasional keyboardsCraig Scanlon on guitar and Steve Hanley on bass, whose musical contributions were becoming even more increasingly important and influential.

Nobody bought the new album or the Call For Escape Route package. It would take until the early 90s, and me picking up a CD compilation album bringing together the singles that had been released on Beggars Banquet between and before I actually heard any of these songs. In this instance, it was No Bulbsbut it immediately became an instant favourite, and remains so all these many years later.

Lass Uns Berühren - Karel Gott - Ein Abend Mit (Vinyl, LP, Album), Garde-Moi La Dernière Danse - Dalida - Dalida (CD), So Danco Samba - Stan Getz / João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim - Getz / Gilberto (Vinyl,, Lend Me Yesterday - Gloria Lynne - A Time For Love (CD, Album), Saci - Various - Sítio Do Picapau Amarelo (Vinyl, LP), Come Get It - Sascha Müller - SSREXTRA54 (CDr, Album), Elisabeth - Euphonious - Strapped Confusion (CD), Coronado (Original Mix), Ill Get By (As Long As I Have You) - Andy Kirk - The Best Of Andy Kirk (Vinyl, LP), Made In China - ДДТ - P.S. (CD, Album)

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Trash Talk - Trash Talk (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Dutch Charts. Official New Zealand Music Chart. Swiss Hitparade. Retrieved 27 July British Phonographic Industry. Recorded Music NZ. Music Canada. Recording Industry Association of America.

Thompson Twins. A Product Of The Village Voice. Archived from the original on March 17, February 28, Dead Man's Pop. The Replacements Stink Songs for Slim. Authority control MusicBrainz release group. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: others in cite AV media notes Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with MusicBrainz release group identifiers.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Stink It was released on 15 June by EMI. The album reached number three on the UK Albums Chart and remained in the UK top for weeks, achieving platinum status by December The band was influenced by a variety of musical styles and sounds, including David BowieRoxy MusicJapanGiorgio Moroder and Chicto a sound that has been described as "space-age keyboards, post-punk guitars, disco -inspired bass lines and Le Bon's vocal croon — which was at times yelping and enthusiastic, and at other times mysterious and edgy — collided for a decidedly modern sound.

The album was formally recorded in December and January at various recording studios in London as well as Chipping Norton Studios with record producer Colin Thurstonshortly after Duran Duran signed their record deal with EMI. The album cover was designed by Malcolm Garrett with a photo of the band by Fin Costello. There is a notation on the obi strip that mentions this. Later issues of the album have the notation on the obi removed and contain only a lyric insert and a sheet with a bio in Japanese, some photos and some instructions on how to do the 'new romantic' dance like in the " Planet Earth " video.

The original American release included the "Night Version" of "Planet Earth" instead of the original, even if it is not listed as such. Duran Duran was re-released in the US on 25 Aprilafter the success of their second album Rio in America gave the band another chance to market their first album there.

The album had two changes to the original American track listing: Capitol Records replaced the "Night Version" of "Planet Earth" with the original single version. The cover photo showed the evolution in the band's image since In contrast to the earlier artwork, the new image positioned each band member equally close to the camera, and demonstrated the variety of looks within the band, from tanned adventurers to rouged androgynes.

This reflected the band's teen-focused marketing which promoted the image and personality of individual band members, recognizing that "everyone is someone's favourite".

The album was re-released on 29 Marchfeaturing remastered audio engineered by Andrew Walter at Abbey Road Studios. It featured four versions:. Let's Pop feat. ACD 2. It's LP 3. The Illest 4. Just Got Out The Box Narcotic 2. Clap First 3. Watch That Nigga 4. Came Up 5.

Don't Call Tasha. A full livestream production was taped, and the band plans to tour the album in the US this fall. Previously unreleased live album, created from a set of tapes recently discovered in Lemmy's archive. This show was recorded in Madrid, Spain in on the Sacrifice tour and sees the band at their ferocious best.

Lean Into It shows that LP. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy 2. Alive And Kickin' 3. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind 4. CDff-Lucky This Time 5. Never Say Never 2. Just Take My Heart 3. My Kinda Woman 4. A Little Too Loose 5. Road To Ruin 6. To Be With You. Features songs and story from the original cast of the beloved TV show. At The Munsters 2. Herman Says, "Hello" 3. Everyone Is Welcome 5. Meet Our Pets 6. Meet Grandpa! Grandpa's Lab 8. Herman's Favorite Story 2. Lily's Favorite Story 3. Grandpa's Favorite Recipe 4.

Final Theme. They are the "Last of the Breed" -- the elder statesmen of classic country music who have inspired artists for decades. No one else sings country music with the passion and purity of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Ray Price, and, in Marchthese living legends and Country Music Hall of Famers united on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime concert event that was captured for television and recorded to give fans the ultimate concert experience.

To commemorate the album's 10th anniversary, the first-ever vinyl release of the acclaimed tenth album by classic rock icons Night Ranger!

The album was the group's first with guitarist Joel Hoekstra Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ushered in a decade that saw the band -- who have sold more than 17 million records worldwide -- achieve its highest visibility in years via tours with the likes of Journey, Def Leppard, Foreigner and Sammy Hagar.

A modern AOR classic from a legendary band that both epitomized and transcended the arena rock sound! Growin' Up In California 2. Lay It On Me 3. Bye Bye Baby Not Tonight 4. Follow Your Heart 5. Time Of Our Lives 6. No Time To Lose 7. Live For Today 8.

It's Not Over 9. End of the Day Rock n' Roll Tonite Say It With Love. Limited edition 10" of special versions of songs originally taken from his landmark eponymous album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, released near its one year anniversary. We shipped the original reels to Kevin Gray to do an all analog thing of sonic beauty. This is known as Buck's big thumbs-up to the folk-rock sound and it's time we celebrate it. All analog and on clear vinyl. Within My Loving Arms 3.

Devil Made Me Do That 5. Catch The Wind Donovan 6. San Francisco Town 7. Homeward Bound Paul Simon 9. Love Minus Zero Dylan Tinkertrain 2. Desire 5. No More Tears Side B 1. Hellraiser 3. Time After Time. Previously unreleased historic recordings from Charlie Parker's legendary and highly eventful visits to Los Angeles.

LP 1 Side A December 17, 1. Cement Mixer fragment into Intro into Blues fragment Dizzy Atmosphere fragment no Parker improvisation Fifty-Second Street Theme into closing announcement Intro dialogue with Gillespie into Dizzy Atmosphere into announcement Intro dialogue with Gillespie into A Night in Tunisia into announcement Intro dialogue between Vallee and Gibson into Salt Peanuts All the Things You Are Anthropology into announcement Intro discussion into Cherokee into announcement Dizzy Atmosphere Out of Nowhere Scrapple from the Apple incomplete Night in Tunisia Party Chatter into Embraceable You Hot House Cool Blues Scrapple from the Apple Au Privave incomplete Harry The Hipster 3.

Dizzy Atmosphere 5. Fifty-Second Street Theme 6. Groovin' High 7. Shaw 'Nuff 8. Dizzy Atmosphere 9. Salt Peanuts Billie's Bounce Ornithology All The Things You Are Blue 'N' Boogie Anthropology Cherokee Dizzy Atmosphere Out of Nowhere.

Scrapple From The Apple 2. Night In Tunisia 4. Embraceable You 6. Hot House 7. Cool Blues 8. Dixie 9. Scrapple From The Apple Au Privave. Liner notes provided by Laurie Pepper, along with photographs she took at the sessions. Pressed at Furnace Record Pressing. After releasing multiple studio albums in Oscar took his longstanding collaborators, Joe Pass, Martin Drew and Dave Young on the road to focus on original music and timeless classics during the pinnacle of the group's creative stride.

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Grant-Lee Phillips has unwrapped a new gift for the Christmas season: an EP of Americana-crooning holiday tunes, titled Yuletide. This is the first time any of these songs have been available on vinyl. Pressed on green vinyl. Winterglow A2. Take Me Back to Toyland A3. An Old-Fashioned Christmas A4. Auld Lang Syne A5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Winterglow B2. Take Me Back to Toyland B3. An Old-Fashioned Christmas B4. Auld Lang Syne B5. Seminal Florida punk band Pink Lincolns see their original unreleased four-song cassette demo get an official vinyl release for the very first time. Side B, "I am a Genius," stops nothing short of the name. This is the last unreleased recordings of Pink Lincolns, featuring founding and now deceased guitarist Dorsey Martin.

Original demo recording never before heard by fans. Comes with liner notes from front-man Chris Barrows. Originally released in the album peaked at 2 on the Billboard charts and sold over 7. This deluxe vinyl packaging for RSD Black Friday includes an OBI strip, a gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve and specialty color vinyl with original record labels.

More than ten years since the film's release, this soundtrack continues to be one of the most popular in entire the Varese catalog. While a truncated, eleven track LP was released for Record Store Day inand sold outand a picture disc of the same was released a few years later, the entire minute soundtrack, as presented on all other formats back inhas never been available on vinyl. This full track album is expanded to two LPs and housed in a gatefold jacket.

This Is Berk 2. Dragon Battle 3. The Downed Dragon 4. Dragon Training 5. Wounded 6. The Dragon Book 7. Focus, Hiccup! Forbidden Friendship 2. New Tail 3. See You Tomorrow 4. Test Drive 5. Not So Fireproof 6. This Time For Sure 7. Astrid Goes For A Spin 8. Romantic Flight Side C: 1. The Cove 3. The Kill Ring 4. Ready The Ships 5.

Battling The Green Death Side D: 1. Counter Attack 2. Coming Back Around 4. The Vikings Have Their Tea Green on Red helped lead the way for the insurgent country of the s, but on his own Prophet has grown far beyond the category. No Other Love is maverick genre-bending in the manner of Beck and Jim White, and the stylistic variety suits Prophet's compositions, peopled by crazed desperados and beautiful losers.

The songs run the gamut from the raunchy horn-driven swagger of "That's How Much I Need Your Love" to the stinging, pleading "Elouise," where his ever-inventive guitar vies with Farfisa organ.

Prophet enjoys spicing songs with pop culture references, but his wry humor is counterbalanced by a strong moral undertow in "I Bow Down and Pray to Every Woman I See" and the beautiful "Summertime Thing. This limited edition release will be pressed on red splatter vinyl at MPO in France. No Other Love is now on vinyl for the first time outside of a limited German release in This release is limited to 4, copies worldwide.

SIDE A 1. What Can You Tell Me 2. After The Rain 3. Run Primo Run 5. Storm Across The Sea 6. No Other Love. Elouise 2. Summertime Thing 4. What Makes The Monkey Dance 5. Old Friends. Live versions of songs from the Existential Reckoning album, as performed during the October livestream event.

Bread And Circus 2. Apocalyptical 3. The Underwhelming 4. Grey Area 5. Theorem 6. UPGrade 7. Bullet Train to Iowa 8. Personal Prometheus 9. A Singularity Postulous Fake Affront Based on his birth name and the fact that he was branching out into more digital production, Bobby Diggs Album) Bobby Digital. As Bobby Digital, I could use a character to describe some of the earlier days of my own life. Partying, bullshitting, going crazy, chasing women, taking drugs. It was a mixture of fiction and reality together to make a character I thought would be entertaining.

Golden Wing - Hari Yang Mulya 2. Beybonlar - Nenni? Icecross - Sad Sad Man 4. Paternoster - Realization 5. Christopher - In Your Time. Chucky Thurmon - Tickets For Doomsday 2. Upheaval - Paradise Lost 3. DR Hooker - The Bible 4. Culled from an evening that also included Suzanne Vega and Victoria Williams, there was perhaps no other pairing more perfectly suited to the In LP Own Words platform than this singular meeting of Lou Reed and Kris Kristofferson.

The two songsmiths in question were born and raised in two very different worlds - Lou Reed in the jungles of New York City and Kris Kristofferson in the heart of the Southland. Through the lens of their music, Lou and Kris view the human condition with a sense of humility and no small amount of humor, which was always close at hand.

Introduction 2. Vin Scelsa Introduces Lou Reed 3. Betrayed 4. VS Introduces Kris Kristofferson 5. Shipwrecked 6. LR on Songwriting 7. Legendary Hearts 8. LR on New York Strawman LR on Writing for Wim Wenders LR on Autobiographical Songs KK on Nashville Sweet Jane KK on Writing To Beat The Devil LR on Writing Prose Romeo Had Juliet Burden of Freedom Me and Bobby McGee Bird On A Wire Tracks of My Tears. Following the meteoric success of the viral mega hit "Dat Stick" Rich Brian comes with his debut studio album, Amen.

Primarily produced by Rich Brian himself, with help from a few friends, the album proves the rapper from Indonesia is more than just an internet sensation.

Amen 2. Cold 3. Occupied 4. Introvert feat. Joji 5. Attention 6. Glow Like Dat 7. Trespass 8. Flight 9. See Me Enemies Kitty Little Prince feat. NIKI Chaos Arizona feat. He's On Fire 2. Faith feat. Healing is Todd Rundgren's ninth studio album, released in The album's themes are spirituality and the LP condition, something Rundgren had touched on many times in earlier works but never with the consistency exhibited here as every track explores a different aspect.

Bobby Rush. The sophomore release from this hard-rockin' Miami band ran the gamut from Beatle-esque pop to Led Zep heaviosity and went Gold in the process! Never released on vinyl in the US, The Lizard comes in reptilian green marbled vinyl limited to copies worldwide, with jacket and printed inner sleeve, complete with lyrics.

Can you believe there hasn't been a legitimate Shangri-Las collection issued on vinyl since, well, forever?! At least not since the advent of the CD era.

Kimi Kimi - Various - Meet The Maori (Cassette), Simply Red - Your Eyes (CD), Cant Stop Thinking Of You - Super Angel - Super Angel (Vinyl, LP, Album), What Game Shall We Play Today - Chick Corea - Return To Forever (Vinyl, LP, Album), Satisfied - Various - Soul Togetherness 2007 (Vinyl, LP), Untitled - Megaman - Scratch Studio 8 - Legend Of The Scratch (Vinyl), In De Hemel Is Geen Bier - Dorus - De 30 Grootste Successen Van Dorus (Vinyl, LP), Outsourcing The Strings - Nicholas Desamory - Like You (Vinyl, LP, Album), Motörhead - Overnight Sensation (Vinyl, LP, Album), On Ne Meurt Pas Pour Ça, Only Kids Of Nothing Star - Five Starcle Men - Gomba Reject Ward Japan (File, MP3)

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