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Under Pluto And Mercury

 · MERCURY/PLUTO: Mental Persuasion, Propaganda and Mind Control. Mercury at 24° 20′ is now square to Pluto (24° 19’℞) and opposite Eris (24° 23’℞). An intense struggle forms at the most far-reaching aspects of our unconscious minds – how our thoughts and ideas are being subtly penetrated, surreptitiously distorted, suppressed and deliberately used against us for politically or .

 · Conjunction between Pluto and Mercury can thus be interpreted as an inherent alignment between the instinctual and the intellectual in us, the leisurely undercurrents of our soul, and the quick curiosity of our mind.

Under the Pluto trine Mercury aspect, individuals may possess a healthy awareness of their dark side that they utilize to understand the more taboo aspects of the human psyche. They may cultivate an insightful understanding as to the various motivations and drives behind human behavior and they can channel this into professions in ted Reading Time: 7 mins.

 · Mercury Square Pluto: October 25th – November 8th And yet, during these transits, hidden things inevitably come to the surface, as the shameful nasties we’ve swept under the rug wilfully crawl back out of it, and we have to process the shock, explosion, or disruption that can occur when the underworld invades the land of day.

Mercury is the planet responsive for our mental abilities, communication skills, relations with brothers and sisters, education etc. Mercury’s elongation from the Sun is maximum 28 degrees. It means that it is always close to the Sun. There is an important occult and psychological meaning in this.

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  1. Being born with Pluto in a trine aspect with Mercury, you have a potent ability to discover connections and pathways that bridge diverse fields of interest. You are able to synthesize your understanding into evocative language that not only captures the essence of what you are trying to communicate, but also is able to strike a deep chord with whomever you are communicating.

  2. Being born with Pluto in a sextile aspect with Mercury, you enjoy penetrating under the surface. You have an awareness of the actual underlying essence and foundation of any matter at hand. When you become interested in learning about a subject or intellectual way of organizing things, you have an intense focus and drive to learn.

  3. Mercury Square Pluto Synastry. Unlike the Mars-Pluto aspects, with Mercury square Pluto synastry, there may be a clash of attitudes and beliefs with this partnership. There will be pressure, especially on the part of the Mercury, to change. Pluto finds Mercury .

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