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Take A Chance (Tim & Omars Deep Dub)

And here he is inanother rare occasion he addressed this subject in public, during an interview with the Village Voice just before Escape From New York was released:.

I never got along with them. They were all bullshit…. My generation couldn't stand me, and I couldn't stand them. In high school I was to the right of being straight. I believed in the work ethic, making money, and they all had this beef with the nation.

Vietnam disappointed me because we didn't win. Once he gets started, he talks with me about this stuff, and connected matters, for hours. We go through the Greek economic collapse, post World War II reconstruction, negative interest rates, structural contradictions of shareholder capitalism, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shruggedthe Cato institute, the concept of risk, Benghazi, Edward Snowden "Sometimes in American history, some of the greatest men we've had, they had to break the law"the crash and subsequent bailout, books he recommends Currency WarsAntifragileAlbion's SeedJapanese economic stagnation, debt he compares public indifference to the world debt situation with the willful denial of those who carried on partying in Pompeii in the shadow of an active volcanoBrexit, mythical European electric teapot regulations, immigration policy, terrorism, mandatory energy-efficient lightbulbs, refugees, self-driving technology, and the future of everything: "It's possible that this is what it looks like—shit's hitting the fan—when societies are cratering.

A hundred years from now you can look back on it like: 'Jesus, they couldn't see that? They couldn't see the writing on the wall'. I have read, watched, and listened to a number of interviews with Russell's directors and co-stars, and very often there is a moment in which they'll mention what terrific company he is—and then laugh about how they don't agree with any of his political views.

He has the rare gift of being able to hold his views strongly—passionately, even—without needing to impose them, and I think he knows this. Or has learned it. Disagreement is going to happen. It doesn't mean you leave the room. You know, Goldie and I have had many, many years of really having a different point of view on things. And sometimes it's exasperating for one or the other or both, but an hour and a half later, it's gone. A few years ago Goldie Hawn published a kind of memoir, less an autobiography and more a fusion of self-help thoughts and anecdotes about her life.

It was called A Lotus Grows in the Mud. Russell isn't in it much, but when he does appear it's often surprising and endearing. At one point Hawn writes about seeing their son Oliver off to college: he leads her into their son's bedroom where, surrounded by the teenage stuff left behind, they sit on his bed "in silence, letting the tears flow. He continues to encourage me to run the race, to live life honestly, to never forget to play and to love as if there is no tomorrow.

Every now and then as we talk, almost by chance, usually because it relates to something important he was trying to say, Russell will touch upon the subject of his relationship with Hawn. Because I don't know of anything in the world in terms of human beings that has more value than that relationship. It's truly powerful, and as you get older, any kind of change in either one of you is immediately noticed. To make it work? In some ways it gets easier, and in very, very, very deep human ways it honestly gets harder.

That's my thought on that. There's some things about it that when you were younger you wouldn't have put up with, and there's other things that don't even bother you anymore that just drove you crazy when you were six months into a relationship, because now you understand it. My relationship to Goldie—I just always like to find the things that are just positively unique, adorable.

I'm pretty 'right now this is what's happening'. I'm all excited about going to Honolulu, because I haven't seen her in a little while.

Still have that thing of: She's going to be at work, I'll go to the hotel, I'll know when she's coming home, and I'll try to look good. It'll matter to me. And I'll be excited to see her. It's mid-morning, and the place is nearly empty.

The previous Take A Chance (Tim & Omars Deep Dub), Russell tells me, he went out for Mexican food with "some of the Haters. He studies the menu. Uh oh, that changes my world," he says. After we meet, he is off to see a screening of his forthcoming movie, Deepwater Horizonthe gripping tale of the day a BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico burst open and caught fire. And then when things go south, you see what the truth is.

Tomorrow, he has to go to Aspen, where he and Hawn have a ranch, in order to deal with a situation that has just come up. The five-star restaurant that has been buying all of his beef has changed chefs, and they no longer want what he has. Since I saw him, he has also been busy with his vineyard. He got serious about it quickly and soon enough he was making his own wine, under the label GoGi. It was his childhood nickname—a corruption of his middle name, Vogel.

Russell can talk with intense enthusiasm about this part of his life. He rhapsodizes about having just done the blend on his latest Pinot Noir, due in And if you love wine and you love really high-end wine, to make it, once you get into it, it's not just a process, it's an art form. It's like the most nerve-wracking day of the year for me. He notes that the downside of his current hot streak is that it is keeping him away from the vineyard.

Even so, he scoffs at a story that went around a few years ago: that Russell had retired to make wine. For one thing, he says he'd never turned his back on movies, even when he wasn't making many. For another, he says, "without trying to be clever, I've always been retired. I just have. I want to make wine, and I want to continue having opportunities to create memorable characters. In any case, while the vineyard does sometimes tempt him away from acting, it also provides with him a pretty straightforward motivation to make movies.

Some of these things Kurt Russell most loves—making high-end wine, flying airplanes—don't come cheap. There are a lot of reasons you go to work…Sometimes in the past I've worked to fly. To buy airplanes. Now I've found myself leaning toward finding something I liked better about the script than I did the day before because I was gonna make more wine.

As he eats his corned beef hash, he notes the useful synergy between two of his pastimes. That would be elk. He inhales.

That's a process that seems to have been going on for a while—when Russell filled in a magazine questionnaire in he completed the sentence Take A Chance (Tim & Omars Deep Dub) wish I could…" with "…stop smoking".

He says that he has succeeded in this quest many times. Every once in a while, I'm weak…. By this time next week I'll be back to okay. But for now, he smokes. We're talking about the types of roles he's played over the years, the tissue that connects them: "It's fairly safe to say I'm an American actor.

Here's where I have confidence in myself—that I can do it. I promise you at the end of the movie you'll go, 'Woah! That guy was Kurt Take A Chance (Tim & Omars Deep Dub) That guy's black with an English accent.

What the fuck? That's Kurt Russell??!! That's what I can do. I ask him about some of the paths untaken—movies for which he is said to have auditioned, parts he nearly accepted. When he was a boy, he was up to be one of the boys in the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Musicthough this fact is only vaguely familiar to him now.

That's all I know. Later on Russell was widely rumored to be cast as Batman, though he says he was never formally approached. Even his history with Tarantino is a bit more complex, and extensive, than their work together would suggest. It's a simple "special thanks," and it's there because some years before they worked together, they met at an event Russell and got talking. Russell told Tarantino a story from his childhood, about the first movie he ever saw—a Marilyn Monroe movie at a drive-in with his parents—and how, according to his father, Kurt, then 3 or 4, slid onto his shoulder and sucked his thumb as he stared at Marilyn Monroe.

Tarantino liked the story so much that he took its essence and had a character in Kill Bill 2 tell it about Bill's childhood. Russell also gets a "special thanks" in the credits for Django Unchainedthought this time his involvement was considerably larger. When Tarantino wrote the screenplay, he created a character for Russell to play, called Ace Woody. I said, 'No, I didn't. Now ask me how many days I've worked?

While he was there, Russell collaborated with Tarantino's people on his character's wardrobe, and it was all good fun—but the clock was ticking.

Tarantino knew that Russell went to the Greek Islands in June with his family, and had done so for many years, and that this time in Russell's year was sacrosanct.

Meanwhile the script was still changing, and Russell remembers pointing out to Tarantino scenes where his character seemed to duplicate what other actors were doing.

In37 years ago, Kurt Russell was nominated for an Emmy for Elvis. He lost. Whatever I've got, I've earned. I know that didn't come from Hollywood's flavor of the month thing.

People have asked me this for a long time, and now I'm older I just say, 'Who cares? You bet I didn't! I did not. I didn't go to the events. I had a publicity person for two movies. I didn't say the right things to the right people. I put myself down, I didn't say the right things. I didn't take the time to present myself as an actor who was as serious about it as anybody ever was.

That's just the rebel in me. I remember reading an article about Robert Redford back when he was just becoming a really big star and they were asking him about women, and he said—I'm going to paraphrase—'where were they when I wasn't happening? Where were you? Where were you back then? So I think I'll just take that one to my grave and say 'fuck off'. He says that he had a good time in Hawaii.

I went incredibly deep today with the wind and the heat, but I had an amazing time around me, guys who rode their hearts out to deliver me in a perfect position.

If one of my victories can inspire ten children to take up cycling and maybe ride the Tour de France in the future, it means the most to me. At first it was a bit boring, and then it got hectic, with a lot of stuff going on.

My teammate Rafal Majka crashed. We will see how he is once in the hotel. I hope he will be alright tomorrow and ready to take the start. Maybe a big breakaway will go from the first kilometres. Anyway, we are ready to tackle the Pyrenees and defend the yellow jersey. But when we saw the team of the green jersey not letting more than 3 riders go, then controlling, we understood that we had to prepare for it.

In the final, my teammates ideally dropped me off at the front. That was all I needed, because there were so many trains that the best option was to squeeze through the wheels next.

My feelings were good from the start, and this result is encouraging for the future. I felt horrible, it was too hot. Anyway, this day is over, now on to the next one. I think it would be stupid to compare them now, but it is… wow! There was a chance of echelons and there was also a lot of stress in the peloton.

The goal was to keep Jonas Vingegaard in the front and I wanted to do a sprint myself. In the end I was fine. At two or three kilometres from the end, Mike Teunissen and I were slightly outflanked and at metres from the finish I got closed in again. I took it easy in the last ten kilometres to save energy thinking of the upcoming stages. Tomorrow is an important day in which every KOM point is important.

I tried to make the best of it and a long, fun day in the end. I want to thank everyone for all of their support. I really miss my family and friends back home but thank you for everything. We were approaching narrow roads on a lumpy terrain, it was suitable for a breakaway. I train there. Tour de France Stage 13 Result: 1. Jasper Philipsen Bel Alpecin-Fenix 4.

Ivan Garcia Cortina Spa Movistar 5. Christophe Laporte Fra Cofidis 8. Jasper Stuyven Bel Trek-Segafredo. He did it the same way, escaping from a breakaway and finishing on his own.

Patrick Konrad and Sergio Higuita rounded out the podium on Stage Tadej Pogacar retained the yellow jersey while Guillaume Martin moved to second overall. A long fight for the breakaway riders started stage 14 in Carcassonne. They were reeled in on the line of the intermediate sprint at Lavelanet km It was a head to head sprint between Poels and Woods at the top with the Dutchman outclassing the Canadian. Woods took his revenge over Poels at col de la Croix des Morts.

He slipped on the downhill as he was leading the front group with 50km remaining. He made it back 8 kilometres further on. The Dutchman had lead over his former breakaway companions at the foot of the col de Saint-Louis with 21km to go while the peloton was adrift.

Mollema crested with an advantage of 1 minute over Woods who secured his first ever polka dot jersey. Mollema maintained his lead on the downhill. Konrad outsprinted Higuita for second place. Guillaume Martin crossed the line with a deficit of but an advance over the peloton that enabled him to move up to second overall behind Tadej Pogacar. You can read the full stage 14 report and photo gallery HERE.

It was a tough day. It took more than eighty kilometres before there was a flight. My team did very well at that stage. There was always someone involved. In the end I joined a good group, but the cooperation was not very good.

I actually felt very good, so I tried it from afar. I also had the confidence that I was going to make it. Only when I heard that I had a one and a half minute lead did I know that I had a good chance of winning the stage. I can pace myself well, but on the steepest part I pulled the throttle open for a while.

My team did a great job again, nobody had it hard. Only Vegard Stake Laengen punctured at an unfortunate moment. Rafal Majka impressed after his crash yesterday and came across well to me. Other teams have to try and crack it, so that could be to our advantage in the coming days. We are confident, but my first thought is that we will drive defensively. If I see opportunities, I will definitely take them laughs.

The heat caused me a lot of problems. I saw an opportunity and seized the opportunity. After seeing that the GC riders seemed to be happy the race started to get controlled by UAE, I saw it was my opportunity and had to take it, so I went full gas on the KOM and got in the break. I was sitting at the back of the break when Mollema attacked.

The climbs suited him today and he was strong. The only thing I whine about is crashing. Wout and I knew we would be going head to head.

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Luckily, Jung is back, healed, and hitting home runs in the minors again. If you answered C, you were dropped on your head as a baby. Wilmer Flores — There will be some of you who will cry about Keston Hiura not being included in this column.

LaMonte Wade Jr. He has foot power to the opposite field. That makes their everyday playing time less ideal than it might seem. Any hoo! This year, yes, Urias has been hitting for some power, and has speed.

What a joker Bud Black is. We had about two million people come to Razzball in the last month. If each of you gives one dollar, I promise to put it towards getting rid of Bud Black. Nico Hoerner — Yes, I would love him a tiny bit more if his name Take A Chance (Tim & Omars Deep Dub) Bob Hoerner and he had a giant blonde afro, but I still have much love for him.

Having learned my lesson, I am now standing in a bed of pillows. About the same as Giancarlo Stanton. Almost definitely Willy. Akil Baddoo — Have you seen that Akil hit near. Yabba Dabba Baddoo! Someone tell Amanda to stop digging through his mail! Sheets is a son of a former major leaguer. Sheets is the type to get hot for a few weeks and then disappear. Daz Cameron — Has an alluring mix of speed and power — Daaaaazzzz Queen! Michael A. Taylor — Great M.

Titmouse and Michael A. Only one is currently hitting, and not under investigation for using secondhand auto parts or being sued by Disney for copyright infringements. Tyler Anderson — This is a Streamonator call, like the call it makes to a toll collector. Cole Irvin — This is also a Streamonator call. Jonathan Loaisiga? You gotta own that.

Not only do these guys not have faces, they might not have saves. Glad you asked, Clunky Intro Question! In short, yes. Expanding on that idea, I say: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss. Yet, people seem to think Schwarber is capable of hitting every third pitch for a home run, like he was taking part in a month-long Home Run Derby. Have you not seen baseball before? Assuming this is a H2H league, all you have to do is make the playoffs and then focus on categories to win and can punt the others.

Try to identify the best path to victory against each of the other likely playoff teams and find which categories overlap and make those your focus. Yeah been trying that — the problem is that my core is Betts, Bellinger, and Story… so things have been less than ideal.

I feel your pain, as I own Betts and Story as well. Story is a platoon Coors only SS. I have Segura- drop him for Hays or Chapman, Urias or hold?

Drop Molina for Elias Diaz or Torrens? I added hiura over the weekend. Rodgers is available. I owned Rodgers already and cut him earlier after bud did what he does best. Who do you like better ros, obp league.

My 2b spot has been a cluster all year because of injuries. I have 2 guys on the IL and another one who looks like he is going back on it. Mountcastle or Riley? Mostly for OF so position flex doesnt much matter to me. Would you drop either of them for. Martinez Dylan Moore. Is Jung or Burger a pickup over any of these?

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