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Donny Osmond - Too Young (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Recorded in England. You can help show your support for this blog by making a donation using PayPal. Thank you for your help. The title for the song was derived from the Dylan Thomas book Adventures in the Skin Trade which John Taylor had on him during the recording of the album.

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Country Songs. Free shipping for many products! The hottest hits of the 70's and 80's! Home of The Woody Show! Today's Hits. Maggie Kreienberg. See more ideas about music memories, music videos, my favorite music. More than 70 million tracks available for high sound quality unlimited streaming. The Benny Hill Show - She was not alone, there was a man with her. He smelled old and somehow… different. A thick, iron scent which reminded Remus vaguely of his father.

It was magic. His voice was rich and warm like chocolate. Is this where you keep him during…? Matron lowered her voice almost to a whisper, but Remus could still hear. St Edmund's is a very special institution. He often needs patching up.

She knocked on the door three times. They took his clothes off him to stop them getting torn. The door was plain wood, and he knew he could easily smash it during an episode, but it had been fitted with silver plating after the window incident. Just the smell of it made him feel queasy and headachy. The door opened. Light poured in like water and he blinked wildly. As Matron entered the room he automatically took a step back. She was a birdlike, pointy sort of woman, with a long thin nose and dark beady eyes.

She regarded him warily. He showed her his wounds. The scars never faded, however, and left silvery slash marks across his body. Matron knelt before him, dabbing him with antiseptic and wrapping him in itchy gauze. This done, she handed him his clothes and he dressed quickly in front of her. It was grey, like all of their clothes. Come on, now.

He scowled, thought about fighting her off, but there was no point. She really might lock in him again, and he was curious about the stranger now. Especially as the scent of magic grew stronger as they moved down the shadowy corridor. The man waiting for them was quite tall and dressed in the strangest suit Remus has ever seen.

It was velvet, a deep maroon colour with elaborate gold embroidery at the cuffs and lapels. His tie was midnight blue. He must have been very old indeed — his hair was white as snow, and he had an incredible long beard which must have reached his navel.

The man had kind eyes, and smiled at Remus from behind half-moon spectacles as they approached. He extended a hand. Remus stared, entranced. No one had ever addressed him with such respect before.

He felt almost embarrassed. I wonder if you would join me in a turn about the grounds? Remus glanced up at Matron, who nodded. This in itself was worth having to talk about school with an oddly dressed stranger — she never let him outside during a full moon, not even with supervision. They carried on down a few more corridors, just the two of them.

Once they were finally outside, Remus breathed deeply, the warm summer sunlight washing over him. A patch of yellowing grass the boys used LP football and a small patio terrace with weeds growing up through the cracks in the crazy paving. Remus shrugged. He felt the same way he always did afterwards.

Sore and restless. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a brown paper bag. Remus could smell sherbet lemon, and sure enough, Dumbledore offered him a sweet. He took it and sucked. He shrugged again. All his memory could ever drag up was the shape of a tall, skinny man wearing a long cloak, looming over him, crying. He assumed that had been the night he was bitten.

He remembered that, well enough. Dumbledore looked slightly taken aback by this, which pleased Remus. It was a point of pride, having a tragic backstory. He carried on. Dumbledore had stopped walking. They were at the furthest edge of the grounds now, by the tall back fence. There was a loose board there which no one knew about. Remus could slip through it if he wanted to, and get onto the main road into town. He never really went anywhere in particular; just wandered around waiting for the police to pick him up and bring him back.

It was better than doing nothing. The old fool was a complete pushover. He chewed the lozenge this time, feeling it crunch like glass between his teeth, sherbet exploding on his tongue like fireworks. That threw Remus for a loop. He swallowed the sweet and scratched his head. Dumbledore continued. For wizards, like me. And like you. Would you like to learn magic, Remus? I am here to offer you something different. A place among your own kind.

Perhaps even a way to channel all of this anger you have. Remus stared at him. What difference did it make, if he was in one home or another? Leave it with me. Remus shook him off and chewed on another sherbet lemon. They walked back to the building in silence, both satisfied that they understood each other now. Remus rubbed his scalp again, then his nose, which kept running. It had been bothering him since dinner the evening before, when another boy had punched him.

To be fair, Remus had kicked him first. But the boy — Malcolm White — was fourteen and twice the size of eleven-year-old Remus. He had a black eye now, which he regretted. Everyone at the new school would think he was a yob. But then, he supposed he was a yob. Matron slapped his hand away from his head and he scowled up at her. There was number nine, then number ten.

Matron looked at the letter in her hand again. But then packages had started arriving for him, delivered by owls and containing strange books and weird clothes and all sorts of oddments like quills and parchment. Dumbledore had been unfailingly generous over the past month. Now Remus was willing to believe almost anything the old man said.

Just wait there while I find a guard. Remus glanced about furtively, then licked his lips. It might be his only chance. He ran at the barrier at full pelt, squeezing his eyes shut tight as he approached the metal turnstiles. The atmosphere changed, and he opened his eyes to find himself standing on a completely different platform, surrounded by people. Not people.

The train itself was huge, gorgeous and old fashioned. He clutched his suitcase with both hands, biting his lip. There were lots of other children, his own age and older, but they were all with Album) families, some of them crying as they were hugged and kissed by protective mothers.

He felt very small and very alone, and thought it best to just hurry up and get on the train. He watched the people on the platform through the window, pressing his forehead against the cold glass. He wondered if they all came from wizard families too. He wondered of any of them had episodes like he did. A lot of them were wearing normal clothes, like he was albeit with fewer holes and patchesbut some were wearing long dark robes and tall pointed hats.

Lots of the other kids had owls, or cats carried in baskets. He even saw one girl with a tiny lizard perched on her shoulder. Just then, he realised that someone was staring back at him from the platform. It was another boy, his own age. He was tall and slim, but not skinny like Remus.

He had fine high cheekbones, a full mouth and startling blue eyes. Remus stuck his tongue under his bottom lip so that his chin bulged, pulling an ugly face.

The other boy smirked, slightly, then threw up two fingers at him. Remus almost laughed. Come here at once.

The boy rolled his eyes but obeyed, and they disappeared further up the platform. Remus sat back in the beaten leather seat and sighed. After a few more minutes, the door to his compartment burst open, and a girl came rushing in. She ignored Remus, flying to the window, pressing her hands against the glass and waving frantically at her family standing on the platform. She was small and pale, with bright red hair pulled back in a tight plait. Her face was blotchy from crying. She kept waving as the train drew away, and her parents waved back, blowing kisses.

A sour faced girl stood beside them, her arms folded. Once the train had completely left the station, the red haired girl sat down opposite Remus, sighing deeply. She looked at him with huge green eyes, glistening with tears. The girl was looking at him curiously. The door slid open once more and a boy poked his head in. He had long black hair, like the boy Remus had pulled faces at, but it was poker straight. He had a long nose and wore a deep frown. The thuggish haircut, the fraying jeans, the worn out t-shirt, the second hand suitcase.

Lily and the other boy left. Remus let his feet drop back to the floor. He sighed. It was noisy, outside his little compartment. He could hear shrieking and laughter and owls hooting and a few younger students still crying. Once again, he found himself locked away from everyone else. He was starting to wonder if that was just his lot in life.

There was a sudden rap at the door — a short, cheerful tune — and it opened once more. Remus slouched even further down in his seat, as a friendly faced boy with a mess of dark hair and large round glasses entered, grinning.

It felt easy and comfortable. For the first time, the tight coil in his stomach began to unwind. He did look a bit green.

He rubbed his hands together in his lap and stared at the floor. Remus shook his head. Remus was just about to ask what a half blood was, when the door opened yet again. He glanced about, furtively. He had the same high, upper class accent that Peter and James had. The other boy shook it, easily. Dad told me not to talk to you.

Remus was fairly sure he was dreaming. He was standing in an enormous stone hall, the size of a cathedral. It was full of students, all dressed in identical black robes — apart from their ties — and lit by candles. Not just any candles — these candles were actually floating. He might have been able to live with that; it could be a clever trick of the light, something to do with wires.

But when he looked up he almost yelled. There was no ceiling — just the vast night sky hanging above them, pendulous grey clouds and glittering stars. No one else seemed interested, save for the red haired girl — Lily — and a few other kids Remus assumed must have muggle parents too. Remus had on his uniform now, and felt a little better to be dressed the same as everyone else. All of the other students sat on long banquet tables, under their house banners.

Professor McGonagall, a thin, stern faced witch who had led all of the first years into the hall was now standing beside a stool, holding a mangy old brown hat. This was the test James had told them about.

They had to put on the hat, then somehow they would each be sorted into one of the houses. Remus looked up at each of the banners. He liked the colour green, too, if it came down to picking a tie. A boy called Simon Arnold was the first to be called forward. The hat was placed on his head, covering the top half of his face. Remus wondered if it smelled as bad as it looked. Matron was always maniacal about head lice, and he hoped none of the kids who went before him had them.

Simon was promptly sorted into Hufflepuff, the badger house, to tumultuous applause. Sirius Black was the first of their group to go, and he looked positively queasy as he approached the stool. There was some catcalling from the Slytherin table — some of the older students were calling out to him.

Two young women with masses of dark curls and the same high cheekbones and full lips at Sirius, who was now trembling on the stool. Then the hat screeched. A few moments of stunned silence before the clapping came this time. He looked completely horrified, casting a desperate look at the Slytherin table, where the two girls heckling him were hissing, eyes narrowed. He got up and walked slowly over to the Gryffindors, where he was the first new student to take his place under the red and gold banners.

The sorting continued. Lily was also placed in Gryffindor, and sat grinning next to a very miserable looking Sirius. He sat on the school, McGonagall looking down her nose at him.

She reminded him a bit of Matron, and disgust rose in his throat. She lowered the hat over his eyes. Everything went dark. It was the hat. What shall we do with you… perhaps Ravenclaw? Remus ripped the hat from his head as soon as it had sorted him, not waiting for McGonagall to remove it. He hurried over to the Gryffindor table, barely registering the cheering and clapping as he passed.

He sat opposite Lily and Sirius. Lily shot him a pleased smile, but he just looked at his empty plate. He had a perpetually nervous, twitchy look that other boys always singled out. Remus was surprised that James — who was the polar opposite of Peter; relaxed and self-assured, brimming with confidence — was being so kind to someone so obviously inferior. The hat took a very long time over Peter.

Even the teachers seemed to be getting nervous, as the minutes ticked by. Finally, he was sorted into Gryffindor, and much more quickly so was James, who strode over to the table with a huge grin on his face.

Even Sirius looked up now, curious. He knew what they were thinking — the rough kid was already in trouble. Sirius was looking at his black eye again. Fortunately, the food had appeared, distracting everyone. Golden roasted chickens, piles of crispy roast potatoes, plates of steaming carrots, peas swimming in butter, and an enormous jug of rich dark gravy.

If the food was going to be like this all the time, then Remus wondered if he could ignore talking hats and snobbish house mates. He paid very close attention as one of the Gryffindor prefects, who introduced himself as Frank Longbottom, led the first years to their common room in one of the towers. Remus hated getting lost, and tried hard to cement the journey into his mind as they went. He made a mental note of the size and shape of every door they entered, each portrait they passed, and which staircases moved.

He was so tired and full of good food that the moving portraits and staircases no longer seemed out of place. He paused outside the door and was just about to knock when James appeared. Remus pushed open the door.

The office Album) small, with a neat little fireplace and rows of books against one wall. McGonagall sat behind an immaculately tidy desk. She smiled thinly and motioned for Remus to sit down in the chair opposite. He did, sniffing and rubbing his nose.

This applies to all of the students under my care. Arrangements have been made for the full moon — which next occurs this Sunday, I believe. If you could report to me after dinner, I shall show you where to go. James led him to the end of the corridor, where hung a large painting of a voluptuous woman wearing pink. They entered the common room.

That room had been sparsely decorated, containing a black and white, too small TV and a few board games. The decks of cards were always incomplete, and most of the chairs were broken or damaged.

The Gryffindor common room was warm, comfortable and cosy. There were huge squashy looking sofas and armchairs, a thick maroon rug in front of the blazing fire, and even more paintings adorning the walls. At the top, there was another door which opened into a bedroom. Again, this was nothing like the facilities at St Edmunds. There were four beds, all enormous, hung with thick red velvet curtains with gold trim tassels.

There was another fireplace, and each boy had a heavy mahogany trunk and set of shelves by their beds. Remus saw his sad little suitcase propped up against one of the trunks.

He moved over, assuming that was his bed. Peter was rifling through his own things, pulling out clothes and magazines and books, making a terrible mess. James and Peter, Remus had learnt since the train, had grown up as neighbours and knew each other quite well. Remus opened his trunk. Inside there was a large pewter cauldron — another item Dumbledore had scrounged up from the second hand bin, he imagined. There was also a long thin box at the bottom, with a note on top. He unfolded the note and stared at the elaborate swirly script for a long time, trying to make sense of it.

Opening it eagerly, he found a long, polished stick. It was a wand. It was warm to the touch, like his own flesh, and felt supple as he turned it in his hands. It felt good. Sirius had finally started to unpack, pulling book after book out of his trunk.

James stared, having just finished pinning a poster next to his own bed. It showed a lot of little people zooming about on broomsticks, throwing balls to each other. Remus thought it looked only mildly more interesting than football, which he hated. My Uncle Alphard left them to me, and mum would set them all on fire if I left them at home.

What was wrong with muggle books? Not that he had any with him. He hated reading more than anything in the world. He went over to look straight away. Remus wiped his hands carefully on his robes before taking it from him, handling it carefully.

She bought them for me. Eventually Potter and Black started up a conversation about something called quidditchwhich soon became a very heated argument. Remus climbed onto his bed and drew back the curtains, relishing the privacy. It was dark, but Remus was used to the dark. Peter was quiet after that. Remus got through the rest of the week by ignoring the other boys as much as he could. He still got the odd dead-arm or his head shoved in the bogs, but on the whole no one ever made an effort to bother him.

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Propionic - Propionic Limited EP (Vinyl), Allegro - Georg Philipp Telemann, Collegium Aureum, Franzjosef Maier - Concertos (CD, Album), The End To..., Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Radio Edit) - Various - Zona 40 Principales - 2005 (CD), Its Not Right But Its Okay (Johnny Vicious Momentous Mix) - Whitney Houston - Its Not Right But Its, Altered Beats - Orange Dust - Bitches And Sandwiches (File, MP3), VI: Gavea - Darius Milhaud - La Création Du Monde • Scaramouche • Suite Provençale • Saudades Do Bra, Cross Waters - Ron Morelli - A Gathering Together (CD, Album), Coming Up - Paul McCartney - McCartney II (Vinyl, LP, Album), Enlist Today - Haggis (2) - The Impeccable Glory Of Eternal War (Vinyl, LP, Album), Toi Mon Enfant - Mike Brant - Viens Ce Soir (Vinyl, LP)

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