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Re-Awakening The Buddha Instinct

The news of the Buddha's Awakening sets the standards for judging the culture we were brought up in, and not the other way around. This is not a question of choosing Asian culture over American. The Buddha's Awakening challenged many of the presuppositions of Indian culture in his day; and even in so-called Buddhist countries, the true practice of the Buddha's teachings is always g: Buddha Instinct.

When the morning star rose in the sky, the man who had been Siddhartha Gotama, the prince of the Shakya tribe, was now the Buddha—the Awakened One. The Buddha would spend the next 45 years of his life sharing the path of practice that leads to awakening so that others could work to attain the same state of enlightenment—freedom from suffering and from the cycle of birth and death—that he Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

 · They’re able to satisfactorily respond to their teacher’s Dharma challenges, and their teacher acknowledges the student as having joined the ranks of those who know. The extent to which the concept of awakening is taught or valued in modern, western places of Buddhist practice varies ted Reading Time: 8 mins.

 ·  · Awakening can be described as a process of remembering who we are and connecting with our spirituality and oneness with the universe. The Buddha simply means “the enlightened one.”. It is not a name given only to Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha but rather a label that, according to his teachings, anyone can g: Buddha Instinct.

In Hinduism, awakening in a spiritual sense means becoming aware of the truth regarding oneself and the need for liberation. In Buddhism, it means waking up from ignorance and the helpless state of suffering, in which one finds oneself, and realizing the need to .

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  1. The two crucial aspects of the Buddha's Awakening are the what and the how: what he awakened to and how he did it. His awakening is special in that the two aspects come together. He awakened to the fact that there is an undying happiness, and that it can be attained through human effort. The human effort involved in this process ultimately focuses on the question of understanding the nature of human Missing: Buddha Instinct.

  2. The aim and instinct of Buddha’s meditation and a Buddha’s spiritual journey was to awaken. As proof of his Awakening, Buddha reached down with his right hand to touch the Earth, calling forth the Earth as witness to his awakening. Realizing the state of enlightened bliss, Buddha has attained spiritual awakening.

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