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Words Of Wisdom - Dennis Brown - Words Of Wisdom (Vinyl, LP, Album)

He has black eyes and a brown nose. He wears a red shirt originally just for winter use in the books with his sleeves all rolled up and transformed into short sleeves and has a yellow coat of fur. It's shown he has black stitches in his bottom.

Other clothes he owns include a white pajama shirt with a violet cap, as well as a grey raincoat with a matching hat. Pooh is a common character in the Disney Parks and the most common in the Winnie the Pooh franchise. He is also usually seen with Tigger and Eeyore, and occasionally Piglet, and is located in Fantasyland. Pooh is also the most requested character in Disney Parks, second only to Mickey Mouse himself.

In the rendition of World of ColorPooh made a cameo appearance during the opening sequence, in honor of Walt Disney. Pooh's a bear of very little brain and so he likes to use simple words to express his thoughts and needs others to use them to, or else he gets confused.

In his words in The Tao of Pooh"I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me. Pooh often finds the mode of his friends' speech hard to follow, including Owlwho uses many large, scholarly words and Rabbitwho likes to use his words for bossing.

There is also Tiggera malaproper who often uses words that aren't even really words at all. Though Pooh claims to be a bear of very little brain, Christopher Robin tells him that "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. This was released on a 45 rpm EP. These were released on vinyl LP and audio cassette by Caedmon Records. Ina double audio cassette set of Winnie the Pooh was produced featuring British actor Lionel Jeffries reading all of the characters in the stories.

This was followed in by an audio cassette set of stories from The House at Pooh Corner also read by Lionel Jeffries. In the s, the stories were dramatised for audio by David Benedictus, with music composed, directed and played by John Gould. The films used Boris Zakhoder's translation of the book. Pooh was voiced by Yevgeny Leonov. Unlike in the Disney adaptations, the animators did not base their depictions of the characters on Shepard's illustrations, instead creating a different look.

The Soviet adaptations made extensive use of Milne's original text and often bring out aspects of Milne's characters' personalities not used in the Disney adaptations.

One of the best known characters in British children's literature, a poll saw Winnie the Pooh voted onto the list of top "icons of England". InPooh received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, marking the 80th birthday of Milne's creation.

But the thing he is probably best loved for is a series of albums released in the late Fifties on Dot Records called Word Jazz. The four albums, recorded between andhave been anthologized several times over the course of their history including a vinyl collection on Blue Thumb and a CD on Rhinobut they have never before been made available on CD in their entirety.

In all, 27 tracks make their CD debut. Needless to say, Ken has also written some notes, and has provided some rare photos for the set. The Charlie Parker Dial MastersThe Judy Garland Decca MastersThe Machito Columbia Masters —the titles assume a certain form: the imperious definite article, the name of the artist, the recording company, and, at the end, that masterful word, masters.

But he did not define his era, and it did not define him. He is a performing artist of indeterminate medium, all but unknown to the general public and not well-known among musicians either. Most of his career has been in television and radio, where he lent his dark, agile bassvoice to numberless commercials.

His album Colors was originally a series of radio spots for the Fuller Paint Company. The accompaniment is not always jazz, nor is it exactly accompaniment. The absence of any clear boundary between music and sound, or sound and voice, might spark the thought that word jazz has more to do with Cagean compositionin sound than any bongos-and-angst record.

But Nordine raises this possibility with the lightest touch, for he can be very funny, and this is maybe why his albums have aged so well. The twenty-page insert booklet includes appreciationsby Laurie Anderson and Tom Waits, reminiscences by Nordine and Cunningham, all the original cover art and liner notes, and a new poem by Nordine. The only shortcoming of this album is its stingy run of five thousand copies, which are intermittently hard to find.

So if you see a copy, snap it up while you can. Bass — Emmet Frazier tracks:toHarold Gaylor tracks: toJimmy Bond tracks: toJohn Frigo tracks: to, Drums — Bob Frazier tracks:toJerome Slosberg tracks: to,Red Holt tracks: to Engineer — Jim Cunningham tracks: toto, Mason Coppinger tracks: toto Woodwind — Ken Soderbloom tracks:toPaul Horn tracks: to Tracks taken from Next!

Track 20 recorded circa No re-channeled stereo was employed in this recording. The Fairchild stereophonic disc mastering was use in transferring the original masters from tape to disc.

Posted by Jillem on Friday, October 01, Sometimes I'm in the mood for hip music and nothing else will do. He is now highly recognized as one of the foremost exponents of a sophisticated style of largely instrumental music that combines elements of lounge music and jazz with Latin flavors. They're of such a similar qualitative standard that none can be singled out as definitive, or even recommended above the others.

The 20 tracks are drawn from RCA releases spanning toincluding both original compositions and oddball versions of standards like "Harlem Nocturne," "Night and Day," "Malaguena," and "Take the 'A' Train. Kansas City. Posted by Jillem on Thursday, September 30, Essential for all Prince Buster fans. One of the best from the man himself, worth every penny, now that it has been deleted. Get it if you can.

Very rare and amazing selection from the Prince's rarest sides; great sound, great artwork, pure ska and rocksteady masterpieces. Including the best whistling tune ever: "rock Album) shake", and "Dance Cleopatra", a total scorcher which was a minor hit in Holland in The Prince's recording plethoric recording output still begs for a proper reissue job. Until then, true enthusiasts will carry on an almost archeological quest for scratchy elusive Blue Beat singles. Most of these tunes are worth five or ten times the price of this CD on 45, and not without reason.

Get this while you can - its availability in Europe has been patchy to say the least. Possibly because he was part of a postwar, post-colonial social revolution, Prince Buster seems like some sort of ghetto supe- pioneer: a boxer, soundsystem operator, DJ, producer, live performer, humouristsocial and political commentator, owner of a record shop-label-and-jukebox empire, sharp dresser and all round coolest guy in Kingston, and therefore Jamaica, and therefore quite possibly the world at the time.

All his activities complemented and were complemented by the main event, which was his completely unique and inimitable voice, delivery and lyrics.

He pronounced himself Prince, the Voice of the People, and made sure he lived up to his claims by being the best. Just as he apparently made sure he would win every boxing match, he made damn sure he only used the cream of Jamaican musicians, on the hottest and hardest rhythms for his backing tracks and productions.

When the time eventually came that he could no longer achieve that, I admire the fact that he largely quit the studio: nothing less than the best was ever going to be good enough for Prince Buster, and that ensured that his incredible output remains undiluted and in tact to this day.

He continued with the occasional live appearance, some of which I saw and which were always of the highest possible standard. I was lucky enough to travel with him to one gig and he really exuded the true meaning of cool a word which has become greatly abused now. It was funny to watch. That ghetto humour was at the heart of a lot of his lyrics and a huge part of his popularity in Jamaica. It could be brutal, as could the ghetto morality that went hand in hand with it in his lyrics. On the stage when THAT voice was given free rein, it remained completely unspoiled — like his legacy — and came out exactly the Album) as ever.

He had always mixed singing and speaking so seamlessly and tunefully that at times it is almost impossible to say which of those two things he is doing. You would be very hard pressed to find anyone who has ever mixed those two things together better.

He was the first real ambassador of Jamaican music worldwide, he was a voice of the third world — luckily for us, speaking in English, and that made him accessible to anyone in the rest of the world who spoke English and was willing to listen. At first he was picked up in this country largely by working-class kids who could probably relate to the subject matter. Initially ska and reggae was mainly ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream and rock critics — maybe that was partly because Prince Buster was at the forefront of Jamaican lyricists, blatantly and unashamedly covering subject matter that was more or less unheard of in either Europe or America.

From ghetto violence and crime, to sex in detailfrom black power and black pride, to commenting on social injustice and poverty, from advocating freedom from colonialism and solidarity with Africa, to other important matters like ridiculing his musical rivals or consigning them to the boneyard, or describing the music on his own record itself and how good that was — nothing was off limits. In that way lyrically he influenced hip-hop and a lot that was to follow the world over.

Buster and some of his Jamaican peers were liberating the sort of real language and subject matter years before it would eventually become commonplace not just in music, but in mainstream TV drama and comedy.

Stylisticallythe very idea of reciting over an instrumental backing track, which Buster was a pioneer of, became the basis of hip-hop years later when the Jamaican DJ Cool Herc introduced it to the Bronx. Buster was really the first king of Jamaican music and started an international process which, with the help of its second king, made reggae probably the most popular music in the world, only to be eventually surpassed in popularity by hip-hop, a form which it had itself helped create.

Myself and all the Two Tone bands owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. New York. Drawn from tapes recorded with King Tubby's Soul Syndicate band, the music included on 'Reckless Roots Rockers' is deeply ingrained with fissures of rhythm and dub melodies - bringing a vast array of talent to bear on some fabulously low-end material. With much of the album recorded in Jamaica, there were plentiful tributaries on which to draw, as the likes of Jah Carlos, Bullwackies Allstars and Joe Morgan all make fierce appearances.

At certain points, almost no music is heard except the drums and at other times, the drums are removed with only the hi-hat left to keep time. The album cover denoted Madonna's continuous fascination with Hispanic culture. After its release, You Can Dance received generally positive reviews from critics, some of whom noted how the already known songs appeared to them in a complete new structure, calling it an essential album to be played at parties.

You Can Dance was a commercial success, earning a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA for shipment of a million copies, and reaching the top twenty of the Billboard It reached the top ten of the album charts of France, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom, and went on to sell five million copies worldwide, making it LP second best-selling remix album of all timebehind only Blood on the Dance Floor from Michael Jackson.

In NovemberWarner Bros. Records commissioned the release of You Can Dance —Madonna's first retrospective—which was aimed at the dance segment of her audience. Several artists were remixing their tracks and compiling them to create new albums. The different parts of a song, including the lead vocals, background vocals, guitarsbasssynthsdrum machine —all went through the process of mixing to sound considerably different from their original counterpart. Mixing determined how loud these instruments were going to sound in relation to each other and what particular sound effects should be added to each instrument.

The arrangements were itself created at the mixing stage, rather than being created previously. A particular vocal phrase could be endlessly copied, repeated, chopped up, transposed up and down in pitch and give them more echoreverberationtreble or bass.

It was this concept which intrigued Madonna, while she was developing her third studio album True Blue She said, "I hate it when people do master mixes of my records. I don't want to hear my songs changed like that. I don't know that I like it, people screwing with my records.

The jury is out on it for me. But the fans like it, and really, this one was for the fans, for the kids in the clubs who wanted to hear these songs in a fresh new way. Dance music elevates the DJ and the mixer to being almost on a level with the musician. In my opinion this is false. Manipulation of pre-recorded sound sources may be creative in a secondary sense, and may be valid in its own field, but it is pseudo musicianship.

That's why we tried to have a fresh approach to the songs for You Can Danceas if we were developing and composing them for the first time. Madonna turned to her old friend and producer John "Jellybean" Benitez to help her remixing the songs, and also enlisted the help of Patrick Leonardthe producer of True Blue.

Together they chose six of Madonna's old songs and decided to give it a remixed form. It was omitted from the album because Madonna felt that it was similar in composition and structure to "Holiday". After the remixing of the songs started, Benitez noted, "We decided on basic questions like 'How loud should the drums be? How much should the vocals stand out? But we already had Madonna's catalogue of danceable songs which was enough material for lifetime.

At certain points, almost no music is heard except the drums and at others, the drums are removed with only the hi-hat left to keep time. The album cover denoted Madonna's continued fascination with Spanish culture and fashion.

Heiden explained in an interview with Aperture magazine in October that the cover was not meant to be a tie-in with the True Blue cover. And of course the handwriting reappears on that album. Brian Chin, a Rolling Stone journalist, wrote the liner notes for the album, explaining the process of remix and why the seven songs were chosen for the track list.

According to Rikky Rooksby, author of The Complete Guide to the Music of Madonna"Improvements in studio technology meant that possibilities for shaping the sound after it has been recorded are almost limitless. Previously to change the sound of an instrument, or to jump from one sound to another, recordings used to stop playing the instrument and the drums at that point. But for the remixes on You Can Dancethe fade engineering technology was applied to the songs, wherein the fader was simply pulled down, and was pushed up again when the sound of the instruments were made to come up to the surface.

After the first versethe sound of keyboard is heard during the chorus. Madonna follows the music played by the piano and utters the words "Pa-da-pa-da-pappa pappa pa pa" in the same melody. The second track is "Holiday", which Benitez said that he always wanted to remix, commenting "There are new sounds on the remix [of 'Holiday'], but it had a groove that needed no improvement.

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David Caserta's Haunted Illusions. Daytona Beach Symphony Society. Still making headlines in the News of the World and other print media in the late s thanks to her adult parties, in her later years, Dors' status began to revive. In while touring Australia she said "I used to think it was a lot of hooey that life begins at But I know what I can put up with; I've mellowed. I'm a homey person, although I don't expect people to believe it.

Although her film work consisted mainly of sex comediesher popularity climbed thanks to her television work, where her wit, intelligence, and catchy one-liners developed as a cabaret performer won over viewers. She also had a recurring role in The Two Ronnies in Dors' other final appearances were in a BBC tv adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Having turned her life story into a cash flow through interviews and leaked tabloid stories, like many celebrities in their later careers, she turned to the autobiography to generate retirement cash.

Having gone through her first round of cancer treatment, by the early s Dors' hour-glass figure had become plumper, and she addressed the issue through co-authoring a diet book, [] and creating a diet and exercise videocassette.

This resulted in her working for TV-amITV's breakfast station, in the summer ofin a regular slot focusing on diet and nutrition, which later developed into an agony aunt segment. As the cancer treatment took its toll again, though, her appearances became less frequent.

Her last public appearance was in cabaret at Harpoon Louie's, Earls Court, West London, on 15 April where she looked considerably frail but stood throughout her whole set. HMV also released sheet music featuring sultry photos of Dors on the cover.

Dors recorded only one complete album, the swing -themed Swingin' Dorsin The LP was originally released on red vinyl and with a gatefold sleeve. The accompanying orchestra was conducted by Wally Stott. She also sang as a special guest for the Italian TV show Un, due, tre One, two, threestarring Ugo Tognazzi and Raimondo Vianello on 31 Mayat the Teatro della Fiera in Milanwith orchestra conducted by Mario Bertolazzi and recorded singles on various record labels from the s through the early s, including a single for the Nomis label, " Where Did They Go?

During the short relationship, Dors became pregnant, but Caborn-Waterfield paid for a back-street abortion, which took place on a kitchen table in Battersea. The relationship continued for a time, before Dors met Dennis Hamilton Gittins on the set of Lady Godiva Rides Againwith whom she had a second abortion in It is said that Dors became a close friend of Ruth Ellisthe last woman to be hanged in Britain, after Ellis had a bit part in Lady Godiva Rides Againfour years before she was executed by Albert Pierrepointhaving admitted to and been found guilty of shooting her lover.

However Dors never mentioned having known Ellis either in interviews or in her memoirs. Through her husband Hamilton, Dors was close friends with the notorious Kray twins and their mother Violet. During her relationship with Hamilton and until a few months before her death, Dors regularly held adult parties at her home. There, a number of celebrities, amply supplied with alcohol and drugs, mixed with young starlets against a background of both softcore and hardcore porn films. The young starlets were made aware of the arrangements and were allowed to attend for free in return for making sure that their celebrity partners performed in bed at the right camera angles.

In large part, she brought this notoriety upon herself. In desperate need of cash after her separation from Hamilton inshe gave an interview in which she described their lives and the adult group parties in full, frank detail. The interview was serialised in the tabloid for 12 weeks, [] followed by an extended six-week series of sensational stories, creating negative publicity.

Television news and film companies with more general interests, partly because of her popularity and partly because of who was attending the parties, were unwilling to repeat the stories until well after Dors' death. Towards the end of her life Dors had meningitis and twice underwent surgery to remove cancerous tumours. She collapsed at her home near Windsor with acute stomach pains and died on 4 Mayaged 52, at the BMI Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor from a recurrence of ovarian cancerfirst diagnosed two years before.

She had converted to Catholicism in early ; hence, her funeral service was held at the Sacred Heart Church in Sunningdale on 11 Mayconducted by Father Theodore Fontanari. She was buried in Sunningdale Catholic Cemetery. After her death, Alan Lake burned all of Dors' remaining clothes and fell into a depression.

On 10 OctoberLake did a telephone interview with Daily Express journalist Jean Rook and then walked into their son's bedroom and took his own life by firing a shotgun into his mouth. This was five months after her death from cancer, and 16 years to the day since they had first met.

Her home for the previous 20 years, Orchard Manor, was sold by the solicitors. The house's contents were bulk-sold by Sotheby'swhich sold her jewellery collection in an auction. After solicitors' bills, outstanding tax payments, death duties, and other distributions, the combined estates of Dors and Lake left little for the upkeep of their son Jason aged 14who was subsequently made a ward of court to his half-brother Gary Dawson in Los Angeles.

On the cover of the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the BeatlesDors' wax figure appears in the collage of celebrities, on the right below the tree. Inshe gave her son Mark Dawson a sheet of paper on which, she told him, was a code that would reveal the whereabouts of the money. As this has never come to light, no money has ever been traced. InUK Channel 4 made a television programme about the mystery.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English actress and singer. Trailer for I Married a Woman SwindonWords Of Wisdom - Dennis Brown - Words Of Wisdom (VinylEngland. Windsor, BerkshireEngland. Dennis Hamilton. Richard Dawson. Alan Lake.

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