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Problem - Icicle - Entropy (Vinyl, Album)

Guitar World. Archived from the original on October 3, Retrieved March 31, The A. April 26, Retrieved March 10, PR Newswire. September 16, Retrieved October 16, Mo' Wax. September 10, Retrieved July 18, October 5, September 28, Retrieved June 2, Music Canada. Harper Design. ISBN Christgau, Robert Harvard University Press. DJ Shadow". Christgau's Consumer Guide: Albums of the '90s. Album) Griffin. Katz, Mark Oxford University Press. Reece, Craig In Dimery, Robert ed.

Universe Publishing. Sheffield, Rob In Brackett, Nathan ; Hoard, Christian eds. Taylor, Steve The A to X of Alternative Music. Continuum International Publishing Group. Wilder, Eliot Bloomsbury Publishing. Raz, Guy November 17, The Private Repress Excessive Ephemera. First is the neighbourhood. Kitsilano is an prime example of gentrification. A previously fairly affordable place to live slowly turned into a trendy place to live, in turn, jacking up the prices on everything from housing to food, and changing all the local shops into trendy hipster joints.

In one stretch of road, I counted four specialty tea shops right next to each other. Simply put, it's a tourist trap since only the rich can afford to live there. And tourists aren't looking for used vinyl, I suspect.

Second is Red Cat Records, next on my trip, which seems to now be handling the lion's share of live ticket sales, which used to be one of Zulu's main sources of income. Their ticket wall seemed anemic to me, compared to other times I was there. Red Cat Records on Main is the best place to go to find new music. Their local section is usually brimming with new material. They have a tape section of new stuff. All the biggest indy bands are represented on the new wall.

Their vinyl selection is healthy, same with the CD selection. I buy most of my new music there. I found the new Factory Floor, Preoccupations and Pixies album there, but they didn't have the new Thermals or Tacocat, which I was really hoping to buy. Red Cat is doing great in live ticket sales too.

They just opened a second location near East Hastings and Nanaimo. I checked that location out too. It's very new, so it's small and clean, and pretty empty of customers so far. I bought an Evaporators album there and chatted with the clerk about how the cover of the album is an homage to a classic Subhumans album.

This is the best record store in town right now. Neptoon on Main still is a great niche record store. Basically, if you're looking for an album in rock, classic rock, blues or jazz, Neptoon is likely to have it on vinyl or on CD. Indy music and the obscure is much rarer here. I went in for the first time in years looking for some of their recent Vancouver band releases on CD, but they mostly had them on vinyl.

I picked up a sweet Dave Edmunds collection there. Lastly on my trip was my favourite record store, Audiopile on Commercial Drive. I'm constantly amazed by the sheer variety of music in Audiopile, and the excellent prices.

Their vinyl collection is nice too, but I rarely dig into the vaults. As with any serious record buying and collecting, digging through the stacks is vital, and Audiopile always has interesting finds, obscure ones too.

For the first time, I also got to go to the Vancouver Flea Market on 1st. I always saw it on my Skytrain ride into Science World, but never got to stop there.

It was fascinating just for looking. If I had the time, I would have loved to dig through the vinyl crates and through the vintage comics. I bought a couple of albums there, but just looking around at the constant weird stuff, from wax cylinder players to iPhone cases to bizarre old dolls. If you were into something, chances are someone had a table there that catered to your interests.

Of course, thrift store shopping is always worthwhile in Vancouver. From small thrift shops to places like Value Village and the Salvation Army, you're always bound to find something. If you have time, always crate dig in thrift shops, no matter where you are. Every time I dig through vinyl boxes, I'll find the usual thrift store stuff like Slim Whitman or Strings. But there's always an intriguing album like a banjo player from Swift Current, or a choral album of 60s pop hits.

Something like that. One day, I hope to have the space and the money to start buying these strange bits of musical history that just scream "weird". There's a lot more record shopping to do in Vancouver. I still have to get back to places like Scratch Records, Dandelion Records, Vinyl Records, Highlife, Stylus and Sikora's, amongst others, so there's more research to do! Thursday, September 29, Nirvana at Overlooked bands in grunge. Last Saturday was the 25th anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermindan album that was so revolutionary, it changed the face of music and of radio in general.

I was just on the end of my first stint in campus radio, fromwhen Nirvana started coming into the public consciousness. I had heard some rumblings from the Seattle scene, hearing Soundgarden's first album and the first few songs from Green River. No one was really prepared what what was going to follow though.

Nevermind was a total left-field phenomenon. No one saw this album coming and no one put any faith in Nirvana of all bands, cracking into the public's collective eardrums. But happen it did. Looking back, it's easy to forget just how tame radio looked in Check out the top singles of Brian Adams, Paula Abdul. Color Me Badd? Top 40 radio in was pure pablum. Easily digestible mush. Nirvana's arrival was like punk's arrival in Punk came at the time of soaring soft-rock anthems and masturbatory prog rockers.

While punk didn't make much of a dent into Top 40 radio, Nirvana sure did. And many bands followed them into the mainstream. We know much about the Seattle bands of the time, like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Screaming Trees, Alice in Chains and others, plus the knockoff bands looking for a slice of the pie that Nirvana brought to the picnic. So many other bands plied this style and had little to show for it commercially, but plenty in critical acclaim and solid music legacies.

Let's take a look at a few bands from that era that may have escaped your memory. Tad - I've blogged about Tad beforeand he bears talking about again.

Tad Doyle's take on grunge was unique, a sloppy, beer-fueled, almost redneck style of guitar playing, heavy and precise. His lyrics took from the absurdity of rural life in the Pacific Northwest, captured well in the early track "Jack Pepsi". Tad was scooped up by Giant Records during the grunge feeding frenzy, and released a couple of solid albums on the major label, but it led to little commercial success. Their albums Inhaler and Infrared Riding Hood are great late-era grunge.

A bit too dayglo for most grunge fans, they nevertheless put out some great albums in the grunge era. A dalliance into major labels produced 's Purplemetalflakemusictheir best known album. Treepeople - Treepeople were an oddly loud and arty band from Boise, Idaho.

Their output as a band was small but had a big cult following. Frontman Doug Martsch went on to form the venerated 90s alt-rock act Built to Spill.

Love Battery - A more melodic take on grunge, Love Battery are a Seattle area band that had more in common with Soul Asylum than anything. Equally heavy, slugdy and upbeat, they had a style that would have fit right in on college radio at the time, had they not got lost in the shuffle and overlooked.

This band is still going too, after a lot of line up changes. Green River - Green River had a short lived career and are mostly known as the Album) that spawned Mudhoney. Their style is much like Mudhoney's, but shorter and sloppier.

In some ways, they're better than Mudhoney due to their raw, punk-based style. They're only album, 's Rehab Doll is a must own for any grunge fan. Seaweed - Tacoma's Seaweed had a sound unique to the Seattle bands, much more rooted in melodic hardcore than grunge. They were more along the lines of Black Problem - Icicle - Entropy (Vinyl or Pegboy: tight, loud punk hooks that hit like a punch in the nose. This band is still together and recording, having reformed in The Melvins - One of the longest running grunge bands of all time, Aberdeen, Washington's Melvins are also one of the strangest.

Starting intheir discography is full of oddly artistic sludge-metal. The Melvins are known for punishing, sloppy and loud guitars, long, slow guitar solos and completely insane, nonsensical lyrics.

Notably, Kurt Cobain got his musical start as a roadie for this band. Thanks to Cobain's love of the band, they ended up on a major label too. They became a favourite of Mike Patton, who signed them to his Ipecac Records label, and has recorded several albums with the band.

Lately, I've been digging through the Oddity Archive, er I was reviewing the bits about the Max Headroom Incidentwhich still fascinates me, then saw the link for something I had totally forgotten he had recorded: a show about right wing folk music. Yes, right wing folk.

We tend to think of folk music as the genre of the left wing singer, people like Pete Seeger or Billy Bragg, singing about the union and the rights of workers. But, yes, the right wing establishment did try to make folk music to lure the people listening to folk away from the commies on the left. And it's equally hilariously inept and infuriatingly ignorant. With Trump monopolizing the right wing dunce demographic right now, it's easy to dismiss him as a simple moron.

With some of these songs, recorded back in the 60s, you can hear that Trump's ideas, or the ideas of the Tea Party and Free Republic, aren't that new. With Janet Greene's "Fascist Threat", we see her framing the argument that fascism isn't a right wing idea, but a communist idea. Because Benito Mussolini, that guy was a total socialist and bleeding heart, right?

The same shifting of the goal posts like the Tea Party claiming the KKK was created by the Democrats and that they are the real racists, save that the Democrats that gave rise to the KKK were people like Strom Thurmond. The music is horrid in its craftsmanship, and completely inept in it's political framing. But it's a very strange and interesting listening.

These are the records that I truly cringe and grin at, and the one's I really want in my collection, because they're so weird, not in their musical styles, but in their place in history. The type of records you say, "Really? Someone recorded this?

I need to hear that! I came across Those French Girls thanks to a sampler I bought at a used record store about a year back. Kelly's Records used to have these in-house samplers they'd play in their stores, and most of them covered a lot of Canadian new wave. Finding one of these samplers in the wild is unusual, since they weren't meant to be sold. I love me some Canadian new wave, and I also love me some obscure records, so I had to have it.

Scottish new wave has a long and varied pedigree, and a unique sound in the world of new wave music. Scottish new wave had a jangly and melodic tone missing in English new wave, and many bands had an almost folky sound. The scene also spawned the Waterboys, who had a distinct Celtic folk feel, the punk feel of the Rezillos, and the affected pop of Altered Images. Then there were less successful but no less interesting bands like the manic Orange Juice and the noise-punk of the Fire Engines.

Those French Girls were one of the more obscure bands from the Scottish scene. See also: How LibriVox Works. LibriVox volunteers are helpful and friendly, and if you post a question anywhere on the forum you are likely to get an answer from someone, somewhere within an hour or so. So don't be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it and as ever will keep you posted on here with the details we finally agree about the new time slot.

S I may upload last Sunday's show but it was cut short at 40 minutes due to skipping so the recording ain't that great. Monday, 15 September DS Lydian. As most of you know, I love a good harmonic mix and I reckon this week delivers again. Some transitions are more harmonically compatible than others but Album) keys used are related in some way through my use of time stretching to manipulate pitch separately to tempo in real time. Slightly less harmonic transitions are acceptable and indeed desirable, contributing to tension if used in the right places and sparingly.

Sweed - Spearhead. Sunday, 7 September DS Corkscrew. Monday, 1 September DS Rigmorale. I am a bit busy today but will update this post with a playlist as soon as I get time in the week so make sure you check back.

Harmonic pure Traktor drum and bass mix. Friday, 25 July DS Sneak. If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element Apologies for the lack of episodes recently, I have been having problems with my live streaming output. I hope you enjoy listening. Recorded live on Thursday 24 July Brookers Brothers - Hospital Kabuki ft.

Sunday, 22 June DS Digital pools. Wednesday, 18 June DS 2 hour live Traktor mix. Was asked to fill in an extra hour by the station so here is the 2 hour live drum and bass mix! Tuesday, 10 June DS feat. Vinyl Abort guest mix. Wednesday, 4 June DS 11 Hundred.

I was chuffed this week with the live show, getting over 11 hundred listeners tuning in to me mixing live - it is quite a thrill! Monday, 26 May DS Bridge tracks. I was asked to play a little longer today to cover for another DJ so the set is around 90 minutes long.

Sunday, 18 May DS Bank holiday. DS ithink Spearhead. I was down at Muse in Nottingham on Saturday with my laptop and Traktor and had a really good time. DS 3 sharp keys. I've listened to this live recording I made on Sunday morning a few times now and am really pleased with it. Friday, 18 April DS Brotherly love. This week Logistics gets some harmonic help from his elder brother's new album 'Medial History 4'. DS Snap Entropy. Monday, 14 April DS Barnard offers students Album) wide course selection of a large university and extensive resources of a major metropolitan city in the atmosphere of a small liberal arts school.

As one of the "Sister Colleges," a group of five top-ranked women's liberal arts colleges, Popular Topics More ». Career Follows. Education Follows. Business Follows. Interview Follows. Jobs Follows. Linda Cruz.

Hawaiian Wedding Song - Poss Miyazaki And The Hawaiian All-Stars* - Hawaiian Exotics (Vinyl, LP), Cant Let You Go (Club Version) (Nappy Doggout Remix) - Fabolous - Cant Let You Go (Vinyl), Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - Bing* & Louis* - Bing & Louis (Vinyl, LP), Tout Est Pardonné - Marie Myriam - Charmes - Ses Plus Belles Chansons (CD), Magic Orchestra - Various - Serious Beats Vol. 6 Mega Dance Party Mix (CD), Feelin (Feelin Tribal), Will Anything Happen - Blondie - Parallel Lines (8-Track Cartridge, Album), Forest Fire, Ноги-Ноги - Дискотека Авария - Девушка За Рулем (CD, Album), Purify - Various - All Areas Volume 28 (CD), Nunca Mas - Conjunto Los 007* - Nunca Mas / Mi Segunda Lagrima (Vinyl), We Are Fuck You - Ga$h* - We Are Fuck You (Vinyl), Ready For More (Rayner & Wisqo Remix) - The Banger Bros And Sue Cho - Ready For More (File, MP3), In To The Hilt - Home For The Def - Genesis II (CDr, Album), Maria Elena - Pequeña Compañía - "Grandes Exitos" (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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