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Kitten On The Keys - Bob McGilpin II* - Get Up (Vinyl, LP, Album)

It has now been given deluxe treatment in a 4-CD edition. This attractive package contains the original album and 15 further selections from sessions held between November and February Of those tracks, three appeared on Big Funthree elsewhere. Nine are unreleased until now.

All are worthy of inclusion. A booklet of more than pages gives biographical and discographical information and reminiscences. The musicians present are some of the most famous in jazz ; they became the elite of fusion. Zawinul and Shorter soon formed Weather Report, and before long all the others were pursuing their own projects as fusion developed in the s. For those with an ear for the unusual, the history of jazz, the evolution of Miles Davis, or a taste for finely-crafted, inspired, and still-surprising music, this is required listening.

In the original liner notes to Bitches Brew, Ralph J. Gleason wrote "this music will change the world. The other five tunes are also worthy : creative, warm, smart, and expressive. The lovely fold-out CD packaging reproduces the original notes.

Imagine a downtown nightclub. Duke Robillard—used to play guitar with Roomful of Blues, made blues albums on his own. You go down a few stairs past a small cover charge into cozy, dim room. Round tables, candles, favorite beverages, Tuesday night, not full. On a low stage is the combo : Duke with piano, bass, drums, and sax. People talk at the back, but you go up front to dig the band.

All acoustic except the guitar : lightly amplified, no distortion. Impressed, you return Thursday with a couple of friends. There are more people in the club, and more on stage : now four horn players. Three saxes alto, tenor, barione doubles clarinet, another vibes, plus a cornet. You play it often, for your spouse during candlelit dinners, for a cocktail party have to turn it up a littlebut when listening alone it reminds you of a couple of great nights out.

Same imaginary nightclub, different week. On the stand are two tenor sax players, Johnny Griffin and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, and their rhythm section. The tensions of the week are melted by fiery solos ; they swing like mad, spurring each other on.

They play a lot of blues with a bop fluency. The crowd sways, yells encouragements. The tunes are about ten minutes long. Some are really fast but the energy is up : these guys are burning!

Your imaginary nightclub is now open anytime you want to drop in. Your access key : those little shiny discs. Thompson is backed by the Freebop Band, a flexible unit of master musicians that he has led for more than 20 years.

This time out the lineup includes Gary Bartz on alto and soprano saxophones. Dee Alexander sings on one track. This music is vital, playful, and exhilarating. Grounded in tradition, it expands to include the experiences and the personalities of the players. Truly fine! He did. The concert was a daring, trailblazing, smash success. A new triple-CD set presents nearly three hours-including many more tracks than a previously available double vinyl album-from that concert and its triumphant sequel one year later.

Older styles of jazz are represented by Sidney Bechet and James P. Johnson, newer ones by Count Basie and Benny Goodman and their illustrious sidemen. John Hammond had found his stars by trolling the radio waves and searching the country by car.

Few of these performers had ever played on a concert stage, and for some it was the first time performing out of the South. The concerts not only boosted the morale and careers of the artists, but led to the establishment of Blue Note records, and for the fad for boogie woogie, which was soon taken up by big bands, pop singers, country guitarists, and became a foundation of rock and roll.

For example, the audience laughed at certain blues lyrics. At the time audiences, as well as musicians, were excited by hot improvised solos, the bar blues form, swing rhythms, jazzed up pop songs, virtuoso folk performers, a woman Tharpe playing guitar, and the electric guitar itself. Also fresh were bar tunes with B-sections that traveled around the circle of fifths.

It was written only a few years beforeby the Gershwin brothers. For the quality of the music alone, the album would be recommended without reservation— add its historical and social significance and it is a must for all fans of the history of Afro-American music or the roots of rock. The packaging is faultless, from the remastering of the original acetate recordings and tape transfers, to the excellent booklet and a reproduction of the original program. Kudos to all involved.

The jazz musicians on this CD have taken those sentiments to heart, for we hear 14 Beatles songs each by a different artist or ensembleand none are too darn fast, all retain their melody, and the only symphonic sounds are occasional background strings. I feared a muzak approach with this album but came to like most of it and can recommend it, at least for those who like jazz and the Beatles.

You will miss the words, however, as vocals are rare. There is variety in approach and the textures range from solo piano to big band. The overall mood is relaxed and reflective ; almost all songs are four or five minutes long.

Rewards repeated listenings. Conservatory trained, Montreal piano player Mimi Blais is a veteran of more than a decade on the the festival scene, where her peers the other pianists call her Queen of Ragtime. Her confident and very musical approach coupled with superb technique makes her passionate playing one of LP most satisfying listening experiences in contemporary ragtime.

She has been clearly recorded on a lovely sounding piano, not the artificial sounding digital piano some current players use so they can edit out their weaknesses on a computer screen. Note to ragtimers : get it, and see Mimi Blais in concert if you get the chance.

I always loved getting a new Beatles album. In the first years of Beatlemania, their latest disc made a sure-fire hit as birthday or Christmas present from a favourite aunt. When I got a little older, I stood in line with happy anticipation at record stores. Their latest songs showed how they had forged ahead, yet their music made perfect sense and seemed familiar on first hearing. Each new album showed us where they were, up to that moment. Those who only know the Beatles from "Yesterday," "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be" on oldies stations may be forgiven for thinking they were just a fluffy pop machine.

The new double CD has 56 songs, and more than half are issued officially for the first time. All were recorded for Britsh radio between andand many are from their night club repertoire. Kramer and the Dakotas in After they presented only their own songs, but until then their records also contained cover versions.

This album does the same. Another Sun rockabilly is Carl Perkins, always a favourite of the Beatles. Buddy LP passed through country music, then rockabilly, before evolving his own style.

Chuck Berry recorded his classics for the Chess label in Chicago. Little Richard recorded for the New Orleans label Specialty. He had few hits inrecorded in his home state of Alabama. Should have recorded this one much earlier in the season, but I didn't find it until recently. Still lots of tracks to go. I almost called it a polka, but I guess it's really a rhinelaendler, whatever that is.

More piano. Lots of kiddie music this year. I guess that's a genre of music I pay attention to since I know the odds of finding a track are good. You never know what you'll find until you look. I believe this is a cover of a Janis Ian song. Very creative version, longtime favorite around here.

This is the album with Julia Childs on the other side. Odd song Love it when I can squeeze in some Dick Schory goodness. This is a weird LP. More to come from it. Yep, a Christmas song from Moms. I guess she visited prisons around the holiday season fro a while, and this was a recording of one such visit. It's just his retitled version of Greensleeves, but he's given it his patented exotic twist.

Another retitled song, this time it's The Christmas Song, and it sounds pretty exotic on the steel drums, but not the same as if Denny had done it. Yet more kiddie music. Pretty majestic. And that's it for the night, I'm going to cut it a little short. I've only got a few more days of stuff to share so I'm going to wind it down a little bit rather than run full steam ahead all the way to the end. Anyhow, here's the link, enjoy the music! Another day, another 20 tracks closer to completing your Christmas music collection!

I think I've run out of things to say about this one. Same with this one. I've shared so many tracks from it, I feel as if I've said all I can say. This one grows on me a little bit each time I hear it.

Got a lot of tracks to go on this one, probably going to have to start doubling up on them. But not tonight. This was my favorite new track from this version. Well, it does have Winter in the title What Child Is This? Pretty sure I've shared out the full LP from which this track is drawn. The sister LP of the one right above, and featuring a near-identical cover.

I found both of these at the same time and was pleasantly surprised when both featured a track I could share here. It might make more sense when you listen to it. Everybody wants a Telefunken H-bomb. I wonder if I'll ever be able to put this whole series together? I saw a bunch of them on eBay but I'm not going to pay those sort of prices for them.

I didn't even think Mercury was putting out LPs this early, but I found it in Billboard so you know it's true. I like Earl Grant, what can I say. The Last Leaf by Harry Behn These short tracks make nice filler or segues between other songs. Nice to have. Short and lush. Odd that a college choir like this would be on a label like Soma.

But I guess they'd record and press anything, just about. Pretty sure this is a collection of earlier sides all by Gordon Jenkins with and without various vocalists. You only thought I was done with all my 10" records earlier in the season. Well, I had, but I found a couple more at the store the other day.

Not The Christmas Song, mind you. And that's it. Another healthy dose of Christmas tunes. Gotta be something in there for everybody!

Good evening! I've been in meetings for work all day, I really didn't expect to be able to share anything with you tonight, but here I am. I didn't record anything today, but that's OK because I don't have too much left to record. There's a big stack of stuff left, but it's all things that aren't very exciting and not really worth the time and effort.

But I've still got a big pot of Christmas gumbo to share from and I'm giving you a big heaping helping tonight, so here goes! Something I had to Kitten On The Keys - Bob McGilpin II* - Get Up (Vinyl the lyrics for to know it's a Christmas song.

A sister label to Alshire, one of the most prolific budget labels of the vinyl era. More budget label goodness. I wouldn't be surprised to find I've shared out this same recording several times this season under different performer names. The background noise on this one is just terrible. LP it comes and goes. I tried cleaning the vinyl, no change. And it's only on one side.

What gives? Oh boy. There are way too many Christmas tracks from this LP I want to share, I almost put it off for next year, but I'll try to get them all crammed in here. Try to sit still during them, don't wander off, really try to concentrate on the song. I know I've bought this LP in the past, but it doesn't look like I've ever shared any of the tracks from it. I must have put it in the pile with the regular Christmas albums instead of the Christmas In July stuff.

From a sampler. Another sampler. And this certainly isn't the entire Nutcracker Suite at only about a minute long, but that's what they put on the jacket. Great stuff from one of the great French band leaders. I don't remember exactly what's going on with this one.

Coletta Chorus, Sr. This one came with a typewritten note taped to the front saying something about how a donation had been made in the recipient's name to some cause or another. Is there an MP3 of the month club out there? They send you a bunch of MP3s you didn't order and then you have to pay for them?

I didn't listen closely enough to this one to hear what made LP seasonal, but it was on the Winter section of the album. I think I could have pulled hundreds more Christmas tracks from these locally produced LPs this year but I tried to keep it in check.

Winter Walk by Aileen Fisher Winter Evening by Harry Behn Snowman by David McCord I just found this double LP this weekend and pulled a dozen and a half short winter poems from it. I've got to cram them in here quick before the season ends. I thought some of them were pretty good, but nothing up there with Ogden Nash. I don't know much about this record. I only had the record, there was no sleeve with it. I don't even think I had the artist's name, I had to find that via the internet.

And it's really short, but I wanted to squeeze it in here for you. Gotta be getting close to the end of the shares from this one. You wanted something classical, you got something classical. I think this is the second version of Jingle Bells on this LP.

And that's it for tonight. Once again, I hope you can find something great in this pile of songs. I think there are lots of worthy candidates in there. See you tomorrow! These days just keep getting more and more, I'm finding it a bit hard to believe. Neither overly serious nor excessively frisky, he interprets Zez Confrey as a fully formed musician, which is what he was.

All were originally released on the Verve label. It reaches true creative heights only when he is singing songs written by others. More important, Jackson comes off less as a performer than a force of nature. Bonus points for including a paragraph on recording from the nascent Compact Disk medium. What I thought was the best of the bunch is at the end of the post. Video Reviews Last year I looked at issues from February and Augustcompletely bypassing the fifteen-month period SR included a look at the burgeoning home video scene.

Louis Meredith was brought on staff and contributed a few reviews each month, abetted by Albertson and Nash. The results, well intentioned as they may be, are only moderately entertaining. You could take the module in to a record dealer who would slip the cartridge into a machine, punch a code into the console, and thirty seconds later hand it back to you. Furthermore, the original musical information would not be in the retail outlet; it would likely be down-linked by satellite from a central data bank.

I bristle at the attention given HDTV when one is comparing it with what is a poor use of the current standard. Honorable Mention s Gary U. For almost the past decade, Album) Review had also handed out a Certificate of Merit to a leading light in American music.

Coppage is buried in his native Ohio County, Kentucky which is neither near Ohio nor on the Ohio River; it is, however, adjacent to Muhlenberg County, home of the Everlys and a little mining town called Paradise. Yet…even the throwaways are serenely well crafted.

Vandross suggests rather than shouts, making music that flows with a coolly sensual grace. It would almost have to be, given the frantic convolutions of her vocal style. Steve Simels on Starting a Compact Disc Collection Simels takes a look at ten favorite discs that one might consider as the CD-era begins its fast rise. The basic sound…is a sort of sardonic, bluesy, neo-folk rock, with occasional forays into peripherally related styles like reggae.

But it is also a portrait of a superstar playing it safe. Articles Roots of Jazzby Chris Albertson Albertson interviews and tells the fascinating stories of singer Alberta Hunter and bandleader Sam Wooding, two jazz artists who got their starts in the early s and were still performing over fifty years later.

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Get Up" on Discogs.

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    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Bob McGilpin II* - Get Up at Discogs. Complete your Bob McGilpin II* collection/5.

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    Written-By – Bob McGilpin, John Hoke. Arranged By – Bob McGilpin, Greg Poree, John Hoke. Engineer – Roger Paglia. Written-By – Bob McGilpin, John Hoke. B4. Too Much Of A Good Thing. Arranged By – Bob McGilpin, Pat DeVuono. Engineer – Bob Stringer.

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    American composer Edward Elzear Confrey preferred to use his nickname Zez when he performed and recorded as a pianist, as well as when he wrote music. This work, Kitten on the Keys, became one of the biggest piano hits in the popular music genre of the s. It elevated Confrey to a status as one of the leading American performer/composers of popular and .

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    Bob McGilpin II "Get Up!". LP Vinyl Album Record Disco (NM). Style: Dance, Disco. Disco Dancer You will receive the exact record in the photos. No factory defects like off center label pressing, Rating: % positive.

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    Jul 12,  · Kitten on the Keys. July 12, Not That Mike The Other Mike. This persistent pussycat clearly isn’t a music lover, because every time her mommy sits down to play, she gets in the way. Or maybe the cat merely prefers Chopsticks to Chopin — and if those chopsticks could be putting some tuna in a bowl, so much the better.

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    LP, Bob McGilpin II, Get up, Andet, - Lp i ok stand vg - cover med lidt klistermærker mv. fair FLY USA Jeg sender for 39,- uden omdeling med GLS. 4+ plader koster 49,- 15% rabat hvis du køber 3 eller flere plader. Spørg efter liste over, hvad jeg har på DBA, så sender jeg den på mail Kan være nemmere at kigge i en liste end på DBA. Har ca. lp´er så spørg evt., .

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    Apr 22,  · Caused by microscopic mites taking up residence in the cat’s skin, mange leads to infection, which leads to death. NPS saw 30 of its collared bobcats die in a year period.

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    Lyrics to "Kitten On The Keys" by ERROLL GARNER: I wander out yonder o'er the hills / Where the mountains high / Seem to kiss the sky / Someone is out yonder, o'er the hills / Waiting patiently, Waiting just for me / Ramona, I hear the mission bells above / Ramona, they're ringing out our song of love / I press you.

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