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Distant - Various - The Hitter (Music From The Motion Picture) (Vinyl, LP)

A German town that is fully contained within Switzerland. A tiny residential street in the UK that was so infamous for its name that it became a tourist attraction. The third shortest-lived state in history see Benin Republic in Nigeria ; it was independent for only 24 hours. Cerne Abbas Giant. A 1,metre 4, ft hill with a metre ft stuffed pink bunny on top.

Ebenezer Place, Wick. Fallen Monument Park. Flannan Isles Lighthouse. A gigantic swastika made of larch trees that went unnoticed for nearly sixty years. Graham Island. Gropecunt Lane. A street name found in English towns and cities during the Middle Ages. Icelandic Phallological Museum. A museum in Iceland solely devoted to the collection of penis specimens and penis-related art.

Leaning Tower of Suurhusen. List of missing landmarks in Spain. Over 60 interesting buildings, including larger castles, royal palaces, leaning towers, city gates which were completely or partially demolished and no longer exist, with their respective articles and images.

Magic Roundabout. Only in the United Kingdom would you find a large roundabout with six mini-roundabouts. A lighthouse built on this island led to a redefinition of the border between Sweden and Finland. An autonomous polity in Greece home to 20 monasteries, notable for being the only political subdivision in the world in which women as well as female animals are prohibited from entering for any reason. Municipalities of Liechtenstein. The blotchy, angular borders between these divisions seem almost arbitrarily strange.

The UAE's are similarly weird. A tiny European region — approximately 1. Newhaven Marine railway station. A railway station that was technically open between anddespite a no passenger trains serving the station during that time, b an inability to buy tickets to the station and c the station itself being demolished in A micronation and BDSM resort whose ultimate goal is "absolute matriarchy " — for all men to be enslaved by women. Papa Westray Airport. An unassuming coastal airport in the Orkney Isles, where you can take a scenic flight to the nearby island of Westray, and enjoy all 47 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds of it.

An uninhabited river island which switches sovereignty between France and Spain every six months. Principality of Sealand. A micronation located 6 miles 9. A piece of Russian territory through which a metre 3, ft stretch of Estonian road passes. Although people are allowed to drive on the road without a permit or visa, it is prohibited to travel on foot, or to stop the vehicle for any reason. A piece of Nazi architecture in Berlin, built with the sole purpose of being heavy.

Scottish Court in the Netherlands. A Christian chapel decorated by Distant - Various - The Hitter (Music From The Motion Picture) (Vinyl bones of approximately 40, people. Sexi Phoenician colony. Shell Grotto, Margate. A grotto with a mosaic of 4. Nobody knows who built it, when, or for what purpose.

Smallest House in Great Britain. Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Svalbard Global Seed Vault. If a global famine occurs, you better hope you live in Svalbard. The most dangerous path in the world? Would you join a hundred others who died walking the invisible path?

Uffington White Horse. The only of its kind on the island of UnstShetland. It is periodically refurnished and contains a sofa and TV. And the best street name has to go to this street in YorkEngland. Also said to be the shortest street in the city too! Try driving a truck under Distant - Various - The Hitter (Music From The Motion Picture) (Vinyl bridge in North Carolina.

Actually, please don't. A natural topographic feature in Alberta, Canada, which, when viewed from above, looks remarkably like a human wearing a Native American headdress and earbuds.

Two non-existent Ohio towns that appeared on Michigan 's official highway map as a reference to the University of Michigan and their rivals, Ohio State University. The branch of the Chicago River that was so contaminated with blood from the Stock Yards that it gained this appetizing moniker.

Bullfrog County, Nevada. A former county in Nevada established around a mountain which was to become a radioactive waste disposal site. As ofit is the only uninhabited county-equivalent to ever be created in the United States. A road that's in both Canada and USA. Centralia, Pennsylvania. Clinton Road New Jersey.

In addition to having the longest traffic light in the country, the road is also notorious for reported occurrences of paranormal activity. A temporary "city" established as the site of an publicity stunt, a staged train wreck. The wreck unexpectedly caused two deaths and numerous injuries among spectators. A shopping mall that stood abandoned for over twice as long as it was in business until it was finally demolished in It was featured in the film The Blues Brothers and became a popular target for urban explorers.

An island off the coast of Cuba that was sort of ceded to East Germany and thus sort of remains part of East Germany, which doesn't exist anymore sort of.

Fenelon Place Elevator. The shortest and steepest railroad in the world, supposedly located in a town of around 60, people. Florence Y'all Water Tower. A Northern Kentucky town's unique "welcome" sign.

List of former counties, cities, and towns of Virginia. All the places that are no longer found in Virginiasuch as Illinois County, and a few that never were including Walton's Mountain. Gann Valley, South Dakota. Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport. A brick wall in Seattle burdened by chewing gum. Cleaned inonly to be turned into a memorial for Paris. A quaint island in Maine purchased by Cards Against Humanity in Hess Triangle. This used to be part of a bigger plot of land but a road destroyed it but the planners couldn't plan correctly so it left this piece of land.

Horace Burgess's Treehouse. A treehouse built by a minister who received a vision from God. Interstate Wyoming. An Interstate Highway that isn't really a freeway at all. The only U. Island of California. The third-largest U. Island of the Dolls. Located in Mexico Citythis is an island full of broken and deteriorated dolls of various styles and colors, originally placed by the former owner of the island. The aptly named test site for the world's first and only nuclear-powered rocket engines.

The highest natural point in Rhode Island. For years, one of the toughest highpoints in the U. Just Room Enough Island. This island is about one-thirteenth of an acre in size but that didn't stop the Sizeland family from building a house on it. List of gaps in Interstate Highways. Traffic-lighted intersections, drawbridges, and other oddities in the Interstate Highway System which violate the standards. List of Las Vegas casinos that never opened. London Bridge. An over century year old authentic English bridge M Michigan highway.

The only state highway in the country that bans motor vehicles. If you thought Texas State Highway was an exceptional state highway, well The smallest park in the world — in 2 0.

A public phone booth that stood for several decades in the middle of a desert, miles away from any roads or other structures. National Raisin Reserve. Created after World War II to control raisin prices. Run by the Raisin Administrative Committee, of course. Located on Baffin IslandNunavut, Canada. It's the largest lake on an island and also contains the largest lake on an island on a lake on an island, which in turn contains the world's largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.

A house in Californiabuilt out of beer cans, abalone shells, car parts, and other garbage previously tossed out by local residents, is now a historic landmark. Plymouth, Montserrat. Point Roberts, Washington. Pyramid mausoleums in North America. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Republic of Indian Stream. An area of land in northern New Hampshire that was an independent country from to Republic of Molossia. A person micronation in Nevada which takes the meaning of the phrase " a man's home is his castle " to new extremes.

A city that was ceded by the United States to Mexico in due to an earlier diversion of the Rio Grande. Rough and Ready, California. A currently populated, unincorporated mining town in the United States that seceded from the Union informing the " Great Republic of Rough and Ready ". Secession was rescinded less than three months later when its citizens noticed that they could not celebrate U. A municipality consisting solely of a Slovenian fraternity's recreation center, established in part to get around liquor laws.

Scott County in northern Tennessee seceded and formed its own state in opposition to Tennessee joining the Confederacy. It remained this way for over a century until it rejoined Tennessee in Tower of Wooden Pallets. Track 61 New York City. Presidents when they would visit the hotel. An island in the East River with a surprisingly in-depth history for only being 2, square feet m 2 in area.

War of the Roses. The historical rivalry between Lancaster and York. Not to be confused with Wars of the Rosesthe historical rivalry between Lancaster and York. It's harder than you think to construct the state of Delaware with a ruler and compass.

A city in Alaska where almost all of its residents live in one building: Begich Towers. Winchester Mystery House. A house believed to be haunted by the ghosts of individuals killed by Winchester rifles. World's littlest skyscraper. The result of a fraudulent investment scheme, it's a four-story brick building constructed in in downtown Wichita FallsTexas that has only one room on each of its four floors.

Zone of Death. The part of Yellowstone National Park in Idaho, where any crime can technically be committed without punishment — but don't tempt fate! A short suburban road in DunedinNew Zealandreputedly the world's steepest street. Did a Japanese apocalypse cult test a nuke in the middle of rural Australia?

Bayswater Bridge. Bridge in Perth that has been hit by trucks 50 times between and Concrete bus shelters in Canberra. These brutalist cylindrical bus shelters are an icon of Australia's capital city. Egmont National Park. An island that was created in after a volcano erupted between two islands and connected them. Jervis Bay Territory. Kalawao County, Hawaii.

The least populous county in the United States, with a population of 90 as of the United States Census. Established as a leper colony Distant - Various - The Hitter (Music From The Motion Picture) (Vinylit occupies a peninsula on Molokai and is not connected by road to the rest of the island. It's designated as its own US overseas territory despite having an area of only 0. Considered a mountain when only 43 metres ft above surrounding terrain and metres ft above sea level.

There are parts of Sydney which have a higher elevation and are not considered a mountain. Murray Valley Highway. A kilometre mi road that has a road route number of B for kilometres mi in the Victorian section and unmarked for 3 kilometres 1. Nelson—Blenheim notional railway.

A road that was officially considered to be a railway by the New Zealand Government for 22 years. New Zealand State Highway A road in TimaruNew Zealand, that is designated a highway despite being only metres 3, ft long. Pink Lake. Princes Freeway east. A freeway with houses, traffic lights and a kilometre-per-hour 37 mph limit in some areas. What are VicRoads thinking? Sandy Island. A tree named after a hashtag on Instagram.

With a full name consisting of 85 characters, this hill may be the longest place name in the world. A notorious penal colony off the coast of French Guiana. The man himself was not without his abject failures in Brazil.

The luxurious estate of the deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar that may lead to an invasive hippopotamus population in Colombia. A series of towns in Argentina 's Chubut Province with a minority of Welsh speakers.

Architecture terrible. Burned house horizon. The horizon which consumed cultures in the Balkans and around the Black Sea. Count of St. The original Tommy Wiseauan eighteenth century polymath who made a number of contradictory claims about his origins, including that he was years old.

People have also claimed he is an important theosophical figure who many have claimed to have met years after his supposed death in Crocker Land Expedition. An expedition to a non-existent island created to swindle a businessman. Dancing Plague of In around people took to dancing for days without rest, and, over the period of about one month, some of those affected died of heart attack, stroke, or exhaustion.

Daughter of Emperor Xiaoming of Northern Wei. A disputed first female monarch of Chinese history before Wu Zetianwhom the Empress Dowager Hu declared was a boy and was emperor for a day before being replaced by another infant. Defenestrations of Prague. A Frenchman who was so successful in convincing 18th-century Britain he was a Taiwanese man, that he wrote an elaborate and blatantly fictitious history of the island.

Believing oneself to be made of glass was quite in vogue among Renaissance-era European nobility. Great LP) Flood. A storage tank burst and flooded the streets of Boston with a foot 7.

An infamous article by The Sun that claimed that animals such as unicorns and bat-winged humans were found living on the moon. Great Stink. A London summer so smelly it prompted government action. John Bentinck, 5th Duke of Portland. The world's first drinking game. Care to play? All you need is a bronze "lamp stand" with a tiny statuette on top and some wine.

London Beer Flood. The West German who landed on a bridge in Moscow in The superposed moose cavalries of Sweden and Russia.

Mutiny on the Bounty. The true story starting with a stern captain and a lustful crew on a Royal Navy ship and ending with the British-Polynesian Seventh-day Adventist culture of the Pitcairn Islands. Plenty of drama in-between. Norwegian butter crisis. A massive inflation of butter prices caused illegal smuggling and an "emergency appeal" from a Danish television show. Pepsi Fruit Juice Flood. A PepsiCo warehouse collapse flooded the streets of Russia with an assortment of juices.

He became the last Emperor of China at the age of two and died as an ordinary citizen, ending 2, years of dynastic rule in China. In his twilight years, he also did community theater. Sacred Band of Thebes. One of the most lethal wars in history centers around a Chinese man claiming to be the brother of Jesus Christ.

An unidentified man who achieved widespread recognition after standing in front, and blocking the procession of a column of tanks, the morning after the bloody suppression of the Tiananmen Square protests. When the people of Brussels protested against their rulers by building satirical and pornographic snowmen. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Weather Station Kurt.

That time when the Nazis landed in North America. Zero has a negative flavor in the worlds of computingexperimental science and statistical mechanics. The real number of the beast? Bertrand's postulate. The Complexity of Songs.

A treatise on the computational complexity of songs by venerable computer scientist Donald Knuth. Don't take it shopping. Not very friendly with the frugal number either. A number so large that the observable universe is not big enough to write it in full in decimal notation. And that is a gross understatement. Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel. A fully occupied hotel cannot accommodate any more guests.

Or can it? Or, once it can, can it not? Illumination Problem. Infinite monkey theorem. An infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters will almost surely produce all possible written texts. Interesting number paradox. Legendre's constant. Look-and-say sequence. Mathematical fallacy. Complex numbers are all fun and games until someone loses an i. That's when things get real. Minkowski's question-mark function.

A function with an unusual notation and possessing unusual fractal properties. The counter-intuitive way to prevail when playing Let's Make a Deal. Nothing-up-my-sleeve number. One, four, seventeen, twenty-four Schizophrenic number. A mathematical coincidencethe sequence "" appears a mere digits into the decimal expansion of pi. Never tell a Numberphile that a number is uninteresting. Sometimes found in conjunction with triskaidekaphobia see below in East Asian cultures.

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Nel libro moderno i nervi sono di norma finti, apposti per imitare l'estetica del libro antico e conferire importanza al libro. Se esse fanno parte integrante del testo sono chiamate illustrazioni. Esse hanno una numerazione di pagina distinta da quella del testo; vengono impresse su una carta speciale, quasi sempre una carta patinata. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Disambiguazione — "Libri" rimanda qui. Se stai cercando altri significati, vedi Libri disambigua.

Disambiguazione — Se stai cercando altri significati, vedi Libro disambigua. Pagina del Codex Argenteus. Storia, tecnica, strutture. Arma di Taggia, Atene,p. All , of you. URL consultato il 15 agosto There are , of them. At least until Sunday. URL consultato il 5 giugno Scribes, Script and Booksp. Dover Publicationsp. Libro VI, capitolo Cambridge University Presspp. Casson, op. Solo codici venivano usati dai cristiani per far copie delle Sacre Scritture e anche per altri scritti religiosi.

Gli undici codici biblici di questo periodo sei con la Septuaginta e cinque con parti del Nuovo Testamento sono su codici. Colin H. Roberts e T. ISBN Hagedorn et al. Blanchard cur. Ritrovamenti del III secolo : di cui 15 sono codici greci di pergamena e 2 latini di pergamena; IV secolo : di cui 56 in pergamena; V secolo : di cui 46 in pergamena. Willis su Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studiesp. Scribes, Script and Bookspp. Saint Benedict and His Monks. Staples Press Ltdpp.

Latin Palaeographypp. URL consultato il 26 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 4 dicembre Oxfordp. URL consultato il 20 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 19 agosto Altre edizioni: —84,—93 edizione italiana, Literary machines URL consultato il 10 gennaio Altri progetti Wikiquote Wikizionario Wikimedia Commons.

Portale Editoria. Portale Letteratura. Categorie : Libro Opere letterarie per tipo. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra.

Namespace Voce Discussione. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia.

El Poder Del Amor - Thalia* - Mis Mejores Momentos (CD), Ambient Accordion 3, An Everlasting Love - Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Prologue, Le Complot / Prologue, The Plot... - Various - Drames Dansés De LInde Du Sud / Dance Drama, Internationalists - The Style Council - Our Favourite Shop (CD, Album), Avenging Annie - Roger Daltrey - One Of The Boys (Vinyl, LP, Album), Chicago - Judy Garland - The Hits Of Judy Garland (Vinyl, LP), Love Machine - Paul dB+ - Friedrichshain (Vinyl), Look Both Ways - Various - WarfRat Tales (Unabridged) (CD), Many Rivers To Cross - Marcia Hines - Take It From The Boys (Vinyl, LP, Album), Another Time - Brazil 2001 - Fist Full Of Sand (CD, Album), Right Here (Club Mix) - Stanton Warriors - Right Here (Vinyl), The Day The World Disappeared - Various - The Collectors Set Of Dark Electronic Grooves (Box Set, Al

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