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Round Head - No Depend Pon Man (Vinyl)

Little does he know about the truth of his world. Will Shizu be able to handle the true nature of his world and protect the ones he holds dear? Blight shrink the EcoSub and them to microscopic size and put them into polluted water, which Kwame unwittingly drinks. The Planeteers must battle hideous water-borne parasites in Kwame's body so that he can recover, and restore themselves to proper size. After waking up from a strange dream, Sakura gets ready for school.

Once ready, she goes downstairs and is greeted by her brother. He promptly teases her about being as loud as a dinosaur when she was upstairs. As he keeps on teasing her, Sakura in anger imagines herself growing huge, scaring her brother as she stomps on him. Its physical form is that of a very tall slender blue woman, dressed like a medieval princess with a divided hennin. Later on, thanks to the Create card, a giant dragon appears outside town, and Sakura has to use the Big card to grow and match the dragon's height, keeping it from reaching town until it disappears and she captures the card.

Although she's deeply embarrassed about being big during the battle except in the English dub where instead she remarks how tiny everyone isthe episode ends the next morning with her imagining using the card to grow and stomp her older brother after she's teased again.

After getting shrunk from sipping some tea, Sakura uses the magic of the Big card to try and return to normal. The only problem? The Big card lives up to its name by causing her to grow to giantess height again. This only lasts a short while when Sakura almost right away uses the Little card to shrink down to a more manageable height.

In the episode named The Lonesome Giant, Casper meets a giant with no friends, and introduces him to the forest animals, who are scared at first but eventually learn to like him. At the end of the episode, the giant's mother also giant-sized shows up to take him home.

YouTube video of full episode starting at GTS scene. Stone Cold Steve Austin brings in an enlarging ray to fight against the giant menace, but when the machine is activated by the two announcersthe machine fires backwards and instead enlarges Jessica Simpson, ripping her clothing to Attack of the Foot Woman levels.

After some punching and kicking by the two, Jessica defeats 98 Degrees by having its head knocked off after she blew into a manhole and sent the lid of another one flying. Before anyone can celebrate, George W. Bush launched a missile to destroy 98 Degrees's robot, but his watch was fast, causing him to launch it too early.

When the missile was about to land in the city, Jessica lobbed the head of 98 Degrees's robot at the missile, blowing it up but killing 98 Degrees in the explosion. Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson uses his Moonwalker magic to try and turn into a vicious monster that will let him put a quick blow onto Madonna.

Instead, he turns into a cute, small hamster that Madonna swiftly kicks into a pool of hydrochloric acid, killing Michael and winning the match. Cells at Work! Later, the nasal cavity gets invaded by a band of Staphylococcus aureus. Vowing revenge for one of their number who was killed in "Scrape Wound", they combine their bodies into a powerful giantess who is able to trap the white blood cells in a net of fibrin. A squad of Monocytes appears and sheds their hazmat suits to reveal that they are Macrophages; Monocytes being one of the many roles they play.

The Macrophages easily defeat the invaders. As the white blood cells thank the Macrophages for saving everyone, AE asks one of them how they fit their enormous dresses inside the hazmat suits, but she tells her it is a secret. The captain attempts to cut Penny's feet, before they torture her with a Cat-o'Tails. Late in the episode, the robot shows what might have happened if Chuck made the 'Gamma Mom' choice. Chuck's Mom is baking a cake with radioactive icing, which ends up all over her, causing her to grow to at least feet tall and have a Hulk-like appearance with green skin and thick muscles.

One notable difference in this version is that Cinderella's fairy godmother is literally fairy-sized. YouTube video of some of the movie. One of the Giants gets shrunken by a wizard and cannot return to normal until he performs an act of kindness. He helps a normal-sized Archer by climbing up her and then landing on her arrow, redirecting it to hit the bullseye. Get Yer Peanuts - At the beginning of the episode, Sunny is giving his class a music lesson to be "artistically free", in which the students produce real fantasies while they're playing their instrument.

For one brief scene, Kim Chin is a giantess as she smashes her brother, Kam between her cymbals. A similar situation happens with Sunny's mentor, Bullfrog.

There are several scenes with size-comparisons between them and the students including Tamika, Madison, and Kimand also one scene where Madison plays with Sunny like a baby doll. Kuki Sanban is left normal size so she may put them in through his nose. After they shrink, Kuki picks them up and proclaims they are cute before carrying them to Wally.

She sings and skips merrily to Wally, subconsciously swinging her hand around and shaking her friends up. She then queries if she was supposed to put them in the 'nasal' or 'navel', once again shaking the tiny trio absentmindedly. She remembers the nasal and finally puts the group up Wally's nose, thus concluding their "bumpy ride" getting there.

The shrinking scene begins around of the linked video. The link also includes the follow-up episode, "H. Other nifty things happen such as the giantess's cell phone shattering glass windows with its loud ring. Later in the same episode, one of the women grows large to combat a giant armor-clad monster.

It is centered on the after school cosplay club at East Oizumi Academy. The girls in the club practice so that they may one day be able to compete in cosplay competitions.

Among the group is Delmo, a small magical bunnygirl. She is able to conjure up cosplay costumes as well as alter the taller girls' bodies to fit them. Courage discovers the worm outside of the farmhouse, and it reacts whenever he plays a tuba.

The space bears come to the scene, and reveal that the little worm is actually a space worm owned by a giantess alien named Tulip. As Muriel and the two teddy bears are eaten by the beast, Courage must take the worm to outer space before Muriel and the bears are digested. When Muriel eats it, she begins to grow. Courage must figure out a way to get to the general and disarm the device before time runs out. YouTube video of part 2 of full episode starting at GTS scene. In the giants' land, the Cyber Squad wanders into a giant house where a giantess mother is talking with her son.

Later, one of the giant kids at the lake is a girl. When they arrive at the tinies' land, Inez, Jackie, and Matt are larger than the buildings. They meet a tiny kid named Hank, who becomes their friend, and there's a notable size difference between him and the Squad. Near the end of the episode, Jackie sneaks into his fortress to hug the now-good Hacker, holding her hand by a hole in his neck so that the tiny Matt and robot can drop onto it.

She carries them back to Control Central, where they are restored to normal. YouTube video of full episode starting at GTS scenes. In the end, it's only a fantasy of what she thinks might happen. The GTS scene takes places when Danny and Tucker go to the movies when Paulina looks at a cardboard cut out poster of a Hello Kitty style character and she wishes that she was as cute and popular as the character.

Desiree hears her wish and grants it. It turns Paulina into a chibi version of herself and everyone that looks at her fall in love with her cuteness. The more people look and love her, the bigger she comes as she towers over the crowd. Sam unwittingly wishes that she never met Danny which Desiree grants which results in Danny and Tucker not knowing who Sam is and Danny never gaining his ghost powers.

It turns out that Sam was the reason why Danny got his ghost powers so she now has to Danny to regain his powers. With each wish granted, Desiree grows bigger and bigger as she well getting stronger.

Danny fights Skuller outside his home, with the school bully Dash among them at the time. Jack overhears the fight and use the device on them which shrinks all three.

While shrunken, Danny discovers that his ghost powers are slowly fading away so he must team up with Dash to get to the device to unshrink them, before he turns back to his human self. She unknowingly almost steps on the two of them and when she finished, she wiped the sweat off her forehead which almost drown the boys. Throughout the episode Pandora towers over everyone.

He eventually runs into Gosalyn, who of course is unaware of Darkwing's presence, causing some near-death experiences for our hero. But they are all swept away by the hand of a giant Morgana McCawber, Darkwing's seldom-seen girlfriend. She then picks him up and is about to kiss him, until the dream sequence ends. Klaxosaurs can only be fought by Franxx, giant robots that can only be operated by a male and female pilot working in unison.

Franxx and arrive in one such city to develop his latest Franxx. Hiro, meanwhile, is left depressed after failing his test to become a Franxx pilot and encounters by chance, who briefly flirts with him when he shows no fear of her horns. As Hiro's classmates attend the welcoming ceremony to become official Franxx pilots, Hiro debates leaving the city when a Klaxosaur attacks.

Hiro volunteers to become 's partner and she kisses him response, activating Strelizia's true form which resembles an armored giant woman.

Strelizia effortlessly defeats the Klaxosaur, and it is revealed that is a human-Klaxosaur hybrid who has a reputation for killing her partners. This episode is mostly about her friends teaching her to act more civilized and proper, until her bug squashing killing skills save the day in the end. The DaVincibles! Like in Ghostbusters 2Lady Liberty walks around the city and goes through a slight wardrobe change to go with the modern times while our heroes figure out how to return her to normal, and while she falls in love with Paul Bunyan.

Wonder Woman introduces herself to the principal and then traps a fly between her hands, which turns out to be a shrunken Bumblebee who can alter her size between small and normal. Introduced here is a teenage version of Giganta. In one scene she is on a crime spree, shoving loot in a giant purse. What follows is a fight between her and a whole team of super heroes.

Giganta grabs cars off a rooftop parking lot and tosses them at the heroes. Eventually, she gets detained by a pair a gigantic novelty handcuffs that were provided by Harley Quinn.

As the newly appointed School Ambassador, she's taking the lead to recruit Supergirl to Super Hero High — until a sneak attack from villainess Giganta catches her off guard. However rather than going on a crime spree she is instead having to perform community service as punishment for her actions. She interferes again in later parts of the story. YouTube video of full episodes part 1part 3part 4.

Really, though, it's just a tiny Bumblebee trying to get Harley's attention at one point she is almost stepped on when Harley walks near a stick of gum. In order to uncover the mystery, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Bumblebee and the rest of the Super Crew must journey through the depths of the ocean to Atlantis. There, the girls encounter Mera and Siren, the ocean-dwelling thieves, who prove to be a formidable match. In order to recover the stolen tome and return it to its rightful place, DC Super Hero Girls must band together and use their collective powers to successfully get back to land.

There's a few scenes where shrunken Bumblebee goes undetected by normal-sized characters. The clip entitled Gigantic! The problem? Things looks rough for the girls until Zatanna manages to teleport the giantess away to Antarctica. And some of the girls are more affected than others--Batgirl without her smartphone barely makes it to school at all, but Green Lantern is mostly determined to keep her friends safe. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Bumblebee? Spoiler alert Karen sets her mind to creating a device that will make her big instead of small, but when things don't go as she planned, the other girls will get a crash course in seeing the world through Bumblee's eyes.

They all eventually figure out what's happening, and by the end of the story, Wonder Woman tells Ares how much her friendship with each girl means, causing Ares to shrink. He's eventually doll-sized to his younger sister, who chases him away as they flee. But in true Dennis the Menace fashion, things go wrong and Dennis gets zapped.

One of Dennis's neighbors, Margaret Wade, witnesses the shrinking and tries to pick him up so he doesn't get stepped on, but Dennis runs off. He almost becomes cat food, but Margaret comes to his rescue and PeeBee returns with the antidote. There was a little GTS dream involved with the main character lasts until about the 4 minute mark.

Shortly after filming, Amy and George go onto the miniature set and see the buildings so tiny, so it makes Amy, George, Mitch and Conan appear much bigger. Also in that episode, there's also a woman named Tamera who appears on the miniature set as well. Shame that there wasn't a single shot of Amy, Tamera, or even, Rachael, though. And Rachael appeared at the end of the episode as well.

The cookie she eats makes her giant-sized and she plays around in the city, with Dexter coming along in one of his giant robots to try and stop her and be the hero of the city. At the very end, the mom shows up not only giant-sized, but transformed into a grotesque alien from outer space.

So he uses a shrink ray to sneak into Dee Dee's room, only to find out she was simply playing dolls. He tries to get away, but the hallucinations he sees caused by the shrinking causes him to be a part of Dee Dee's little play, taking it quite literally. Eventually, he tries giving her a Silence Potion, only to accidentally give her a monster-transforming potion.

Dee Dee not only grows in size, but also becomes more hideous with each change. Dexter eventually fights fire with fire and takes the same potion. The scene then repeats again over and over and towards the end of the song, Dexter tries to run away from the girl but everywhere he goes he bumps into the girls kneels. He observes their activities for the day until Dee Dee decides to jump in on the fun, and hilarity ensues afterwards as Dexter tries to keep the parents from discovering his secret lab.

Dexter's only hope is to shrink her back to normal size using his shrinking gun In time, only Takeru T. Upon learning about a trap, T. K and Kari, with their Digimon partners head off into the internet to help their brothers. During the scene of them entering the internet, T. The whole fight scene within the internet mainly focus on Angewomon as Kari hangs on her. Small scale train crashes and Indiana Jones style boulder escaping ensues. Near the end, Ryan enlarges his sister Sara a bit too much and she grows too big for the room.

Eventually, both kids are back to normal and they save the Dinosaucers from being blown away by the Tyrannos also shrunk. Dino Mammoth goes to the Arctic to find its source. Rena and Dino Brachio go to find him, but only to battle the Dragozaurs. The only way to restore them is to destroy the Dragozaurs' life-force extractor hidden in the Arctic.

The Disasterous Life of Saiki K. Then Saiki and Nendo join Mera in a clinical testing job but the medicines have weird side effects for Mera and Nendo including them being briefly twice their normal size. In the 7th episode, Elfo gets embarrassed after trying to kiss the princess and tries to cover it up by telling her he already has a girlfriend. He makes up a story and describes her as very tall, with red hair, and one eye.

He also mentions that he met her on vacation in a far away land, past the Unpassable Mountains, so he hasn't seen her in awhile. Princess Bean decides to send a search party of knights to find Elfo's girlfriend and return her to the kingdom so that he can have a date for the upcoming Royal Ball. The knights do just that and return with a red haired, one-eyed giantess who they have to keep in chains because of her savage behavior and constant growling.

Elfo tries to act like she's Round Head - No Depend Pon Man (Vinyl) girlfriend. But the charade starts to fall apart when she eventually coughs up an entire horse she had swallowed, and it's revealed that she can speak quite well, is a grad student, and her name is Tess. Before she can tell everyone that Elfo is not her boyfriend, he gets her to talk to him alone and offers to make her an eye in exchange for her pretending to be his girlfriend, at least until after the Royal Ball.

While Elfo steals a magical crystal ball, Tess is given a makeover. The final touch is the crystal ball, which she puts into her eye socket. During the Royal Ball, Tess's new magical eye starts seeing the truth about everyone around her.

She's upset that everyone thinks that she's a dangerous freak and a monster. She gives a speech about how giants are unfairly labeled as rampaging brutes. A fire breaks out, and Tess tries to put it out, but she only makes the fire spread.

So a mob forms to attack her. With Princess Bean's help, Tess makes her escape by using a cloud of hallucinogenic smoke that alters how people perceive size. Tess then calls Elfo a dick and leaves the kingdom.

This episode also has a scene in the beginning with Princess Bean swallowing a fairy who's in her drink, which she later burps out. One more thing to note, there's a bit of a running gag about people trying not to think about the "inevitable visualizations" that come to mind when thinking about an elf and a giantess making love.

They are usually depicted around 8 feet tall with the ability to grow to around feet. Her name is Galatea and thanks to the fact that she is made out of clay has the ability to shape her body in any manner she wishes. Her clingy attitude turns Hercules away and she attempts to change herself in order to keep him happy. This includes making herself head and shoulders taller than him for a few moments.

Do You Like Big Juniors? The height difference isn't that big to be considered GTS, but thankfully there's chapter 10, where the girl dreams that her cursh is the size of a doll, and has some fun with him. Papycha demonstrates the wand by using it on Joris. Papycha offers the wand to one of the ladies, who proceeds to shrink Papycha instead of enlarging Joris back to normal.

The ladies eventually reveal themselves to be the old, fat, and far from beautiful assistants of arch enemy Fifi, Brutale and Brutusse. The two spend the rest of the episode dodging the giantesses and trying to get normal-sized Simone's attention. Papycha, however, tells a story of how those giant ploomers once saved his life. Years ago, he and his rival, Indie, fought to gain possession of a ring to give to a girl named Lou.

While they're fighting, they and the ring get captured by a crow. The crow eventually crashes into the window of a huge house. Papycha and Indie wake up and realize they've been captured by Gulivette, a human giantess. The two animals spend the next several days serving the giantess while at the same time competing against each other as they try to think of a way to escape.

They manage to get away after nearly getting crushed, using the girl's shorts as the 'ploomers. Kazuhito the dog has a nightmarish vision where Kirihime sips her drink and then goes on a brief gigantic rampage which of course doesn't actually happen. With Aria, the Sky People's songstress unable to sing, Cinque and Rebecca return to the surface seeking Milhiore's aid, but a strange enemy appears, intending to claim Aria for himself.

In one such episode, his assistant nurse is shrunken to a tiny size. After being lost and then found, the doctor uses one of his machines to restore the girl to normal before she can fall to an adverse heart condition resulting from being tiny. But in true Dr. After a nosebleed from seeing the girl naked and admitting he screwed up again, the episode ends with Dr. Downloadable image set. Found near the end of this issue.

Sample page. While one of the girls fights with Techno over the gun, it fires and strikes Daisy aka Hitomi Matsuzawaenlarging her to 50 feet tall. Daisy doesn't want to fight and keeps backing away, crushing things in her path.

Finally, she puts a hand on the slug and it disintegrates, saving the day for everyone. The episode ends with Daisy shrinking back to her normal size. Dora and Friends: Into the City! He shows Dora and Naiya a ring he found as he plans on telling the children a story about the ring. After putting it on, Pablo shrinks in front of the girls. After Dora picks him up the girls head off towards the school library to find information about the ring.

After the song along with a few more handheld scenes, they found some information. The three of them learn that the ring belongs to a princess and it will shrink those the stole it when they wear the ring. To break the spell, all those that have shrunk must return the ring to the princess. Screencap of one of the GTS scenes. From the looks of things, the alien has escaped to Earth to get away from a war between two space colonies.

The kids and Doraemon, after the girl Shizuka provides living headquarters in the form of a dollhouse, eventually agree to help out. Before that, they shrink down to the alien's size but on one occasion, when Shizuka has to go home, she is enlarged back to her normal size and play around. Soon, however, they have to travel to a planet far away to rescue their alien friend.

During the battle with the enemy, all the heroes get captured and Shizuka is left to drown in the sea, but she grows to her normal size just in time, which makes her look gigantic in the city and giving her an edge over the enemies. Eventually, the others that shrunk grow to their original size too, and they fight off the evil forces and save the day. Downloadable videos with some of the GTS scenes.

Using a size-changing tunnel, everyone goes in and comes out smaller to enjoy their new freedom town. She breaks down the little houses and sweeps up not realizing there are shrunken children at her feet! He spots Shizuka and calls out her name. Nobita then climbs up on her shoe and then goes for a ride as she starts walking. When he calls out her name again, she really gets scared and starts to run. This flings Nobita off of her foot and into more trouble the rest of the episode!

Gian thinks quickly and manages to hide his friend, but not himself. Luckily, the mother halts her foot in time to prevent crushing Gian underneath her house slipper, and then she tells her daughter to be more careful where she leaves her toys lying around.

One of the programs he's in has a teen pop singer performing a song, but for some reason, he's shrunken, so he has to avoid the pop singer's feet as she dances and unknowingly almost steps on Nobi. Doraemon and friends' quest to help the dwarf people find a new home is interrupted when Big G and a dwarf girl are captured by a "giant" girl who plans to use them as dolls. Doraemon and Noby use the Shrink Ray and the Teleporting Submarine to get inside Sue's stomach to find the missing opal, but it's a bumpy ride.

Gadget introduced: Teleporting Submarine. Doraemon and the crew shrink themselves with the flashlight again to help a colony of ants. Doraemon and Nobita eventually make it to the kitchen to gather food for the ants, but they take cover when Nobita's Mom shows up. Nobita, however, gets stuck in the sugar and gets poured by Mom into the tea. Before he gets sipped, Doraemon literally flies in for the rescue.

All sorts of mayhem ensues until he finally returns to normal. One Inch Master - Down here, Shizu-chan! One Inch Master - Not so much fun now, is it, Nobi? Everyone please exit the giant sandaled foot. Watch your step on the way out. The Nome King, who is normally very tiny as you'll see when he meets Dorothytricks Dorothy into enlarging him until he's gigantic. Among the things that come out of the mirror world is a giant, fat, and more devilish version of the Wilhelmina.

At the end of the episode when Ozma takes back the bell, she rings it herself and grows very tall, walking away afterwards. Then she accidentally eats a magic root that shrinks her to the size of insects.

Dot is really scared of all the insects but soon Keeto, the mosquito she saved, and a caterpillar named Butterwalk come and help her out. For a very brief moment, Dot is giant-sized after eating the root, but shrinks down to tiny size there may be other GTS interaction moments, but I have not yet watched the entire movie. Imagination sequence ends. In one of Doug's worst-case scenario imaginations, like with Patti above, Doug's mother appears huge in the city as she pets the monster Doug's dog, Porkchop, in a shark disguise.

The Micro Band shrinks whoever is wearing the watch-like device to a tiny size. Bulma gets stepped on by her mother while demonstrating the device.

Much later, she traded it to Master Roshi in exchange for a Submarine. On June 18th 2 were installed at Brooks, and 2 will get installed near the inlet creek at Deerfield, 2 at Entrance Pond, 1 at golf course and 1 at Holiday. In the fall they will be sent to a lab to check phosphate levels. Entrance Pond: The boat ramp has been tabled due to other priority projects. Work is projected to occur between July 7th and July 21st. Wood Duck Nesting Boxes: Four have. Microbac Laboratories: Sampling for E.

Coli and Total Coliform has commenced once a week at Round Head - No Depend Pon Man (Vinyl) beaches and marina.

All the samples looked good. Truxor Work: The work is currently scheduled for the third week of June for Deerfield, and while on site, will try to use their clam bucket attachment to remove some of the problematic tubers in the very northeastern corner of the lake. Additional ideas for remedies are being investigated. Hard copies of 3 inspection reports from Dr. Givler have been received. Nothing major noted. The existing two will stay in place the first year.

Life Preserver Rings: They have been installed at locations at each waterbody and will be routinely inspected by Public safety to ensure they are accessible. Jet Ski Tipping Over: No one was injured on June 4th when a jet ski tipped over near the Lodge but there was a minor fuel leak which was determined by the fire company to be too minimal to be a problem. Tabletop Exercise Planning: Chris DiPierro with the Lake Ariel Fire Company volunteered his team to lend assistance in role playing mock emergency scenarios, perhaps in the fall.

Water Quality Sampling Data: R. Hill reported on the data from the May 13th sampling event by Princeton Hydro. It was reviewed by PH who confirmed it has a fungal infection and would not survive. Flapan stated that there were red dots on several bass which he had caught. Any other sightings should be documented and reported to management. The meeting was adjourned at with a motion by K. Greenfeld, a second by A.

Milidantri and approval by all. Streamlining process has helped. No permit is issued without all of the proper documentation and a final review by Dennis.

Public Safety will monitor. There is a large increase in resales again this year. Lots that have need attention for some time are being address and things are looking better. Paul Spiese commended the Dept. One lot refused to sign waiver so that lot will not be done. There are 15 additional projects slated to be completed this year. After this is done, we will complete all the way up Ridgeview. The committee discussed these projects. They will prepare a presentation of a project they are North Fairway currently working on to show the Board.

Shed Coribello Issued - There was a discussion of shoulders, Lamberton culverts and swales. Larry F. Committee Lakeview Dr Deck approved leaving condition as is unless it Mercado Issued - Top Quality becomes hazardous in the future.

Ryan will send a letter. There is quite a bit of overgrown vegetation as well as some unregistered vehicles. We are teaming up with Public Safety. They forward photos of issues they see so we can address and issue citations when necessary. There has. Visit The Hideout website at: www. Sign up for email blasts. Look for all committee information, meeting dates, and everything and anything happening in The Hideout!

They put in a lot of hard work and it shows! It looks beautiful! Thank you for all that you do! The schedule of performers is available on the church website: www. COM "Where comfort and peace of mind are more affordable than you think. Did you know that most By: Bernard J.

Your with Care. Your Health. Your Care. Your Choice. Call schedule your appointment today! Visitonline us online www. Low back pain is often improperly addressed. Too often patients are sent for inappropriate tests and treatments, including being prescribed addictive opioids, which delay addressing the issue.

Back pain can range from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp pain. Acute back pain comes on suddenly and usually lasts from a few days to a few weeks. Back pain is considered chronic if it lasts for more than three months. Every patient is first evaluated. Our goal with our patients is to decrease pain, increase function and educate our patients on how to prevent future back problems from occurring with a maintenance program.

Physical therapy for back pain includes both passive and active treatments. Passive treatment includes modalities that may involve applying heat Round Head - No Depend Pon Man (Vinyl) ice, electric stimulation, or ultrasound. These are considered passive because they are done to the patient.

Active physical therapy focuses on exercises for stretching and strengthening, along with aerobic exercises that may include walking, biking or swimming, to name a few, along with core exercises. Developing a strong core abdominal muscles may actually help to prevent back pain or injuries.

The dock owners lot number must be displayed on their dock and visible to see from the lake side. Numbers will be available to purchase at Recreation, or at your own discretion. All watercraft owners are required to register their boats and pay the appropriate fee s with the Hideout Recreation Department. Electrically propelled watercraft s needs a State Registration but does not require a Certificate of Insurance.

A Certificate of Insurance for the appropriate amount of liability coverage from the insurance company listing the Hideout POA as a co-insured party must be presented at the time of registration.

Personal watercraft and motors must be available for inspection accompanied by a current State Registration. The maximum size for any registered watercraft cannot exceed 90 horsepower unless registered before June ; Personal Watercraft, i.

The maximum length of watercraft permitted on Hideout lakes is seventeen 17 feet unless registered before June of All lake activities must comply with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. All power watercraft must travel in a counter-clockwise direction.

Furthermore, anyone 12 to 15 years of age may not operate a PWC with any passengers on board 15 years of age or younger. All persons in a watercraft must be seated while in operation.

Launching and landing of water skiers from docks or shoreline is prohibited. All power watercraft must observe the. A moving watercraft shall not overtake or pass another watercraft within the foot swell rule. Each water skier including tubers must wear U. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices.

When water skiing or tubing, there must be one observer facing spotting the skier or tuber at all times. All boating activity must cease on any lake during electrical storms or conditions that may result in personal injury.

All watercraft must be equipped with U. Coast Guard approved wearable personal flotation devices for each person on board. Placing of buoys in Roamingwood Lake is prohibited except when authorized by Association management.

Inflatable rubber rafts, without attached motors, are to remain within one hundred feet of the shoreline if they are approved to carry only two or fewer occupants. Rubber rafts approved for three 3 or more occupants may go beyond this limit and must be registered as a non-power boat with the Recreation Department. Main Lodge docking facilities are reserved for all watercraft; these facilities are intended for temporary use only and are restricted to 30 minutes per watercraft.

All users of sailboats must maintain a proper lookout at all times. Rowboats with or without motors are not to occupy marina dock slips. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on frozen lakes at any time. Guests are not permitted to register any type of power watercraft for use on any Hideout Lake. Deerfield and Brooks Lakes are reserved for fishing and non-powered boating. Electrically trolling motors are permitted. Marina space renters failing to remove their watercraft by designated date shall be subject to a fine plus costs to remove and all subsequent costs incurred.

This violation may result in suspension of future dock use. Washing of watercraft in launching areas, beaches, and lakes is prohibited. Members are urged to use extreme caution while fishing from rowboats or canoes. Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Devices are required for each occupant on all types of watercraft on all waters in the State. Any boats using a motor must be registered with the PA Fish Commission.

In addition, the Board reserves the right to suspend the Lake and Marina privileges of said violator. Everyone fishing must display a current Membership Badge along with his or her Pennsylvania Fishing License required of all persons 16 years of age and older. Follow state guidelines with the following exceptions: Exceptions: Use of Alewife and Golden Shiners for bait are prohibited Bass - Cut state limits in half. Follow state guidelines with the following exceptions: Exceptions: Use of Alewife and Golden Shiners for bait are prohibited No harvesting of Grass Carp.

Follow state guidelines with the following exceptions:. Fellow members for various recreation activities share the lakes in The Hideout.

It is essential that all who fish clean up their sites before they leave. Litter, including bait containers, fishing line and plastic and paper wrappers are unsightly and a potential danger to our wildlife friends. Ice Fishing is not permitted on any of the Hideout Lakes. Dock spaces involve a waiting list for members that, once selected, dock space remains with the member in good standing each year, contingent upon payment of the yearly season rental fee.

The maximum horse power remains at 90hp! The boat length restriction will remain at 17 foot, but will no longer be measured by the Recreation Department. When you hear that someone has a setback, you usually expect something not so good. Setback Lines actually protect your property! Building set-back lines are usually intended to govern permanent structures like your house or garage. What is a Setback? A setback is a defined space in which no structures as defined by Land Use Code may be located, except where specifically allowed by the Code.

In most cases, setbacks are measured from the property line. However, when measuring a front setback line abutting a public street the setback is measured from the center line of the right of way.

Your property line is coincident with the edge of the right of way. Since the right of way can contain unimproved shoulders, you should not assume that your property line is at the edge of the curb or paved edge of the road. Typically, your property line is several feet from the road improvements. Unlike rights of way, utility access easements do not always coincide with. The easement may be located partly or entirely on your property. When a front yard setback is required from an easement located on a property, the setback is measured from the interior edge of the easement.

Are Setbacks required from anything else? In most cases, buildings may not be built over utility easements e. We all have easements on our Hideout property lots. These easements are shown on your recorded plat Land Survey and title report. How large a Setback is required? That depends on where the property is located and whether the setback is along a front, rear, or side property line.

Please note that the 25 foot front area starts at your property line, not at the edge of the road. The property line to the road is POA property. Also, in Pennsylvania, only a state licensed surveyor may set the property corners.

What is an Easement? An easement is defined as a right that one party has to. The rights of the easement holder regarding usage of the property are specific and typically limited.

Property ownership or possession is not impacted by an easement. The property owner gives up only defined rights on that portion of the property that is used for purposes of the easement. Utility easements such as power, phone, water and sewer are examples of easements that benefit the Hideout.

As a general rule, the grantor of the easement can make any use of that property as long as it does not unduly interfere with the rights granted to the easement holder. A utility easement grants the utility company the right to use and access a specific area of a property.

The area covered by the easement is usually clearly defined in the text of the easement, and the easement is attached to the property deed so that it will persist even when the property is transferred or sold. Utilities can request an easement for any number. A classic example of a utility easement is an easement which allows the power company to run electrical lines along a property, and to install utility poles if the property is long enough that the lines cannot pass over the property without support.

The Round Head - No Depend Pon Man (Vinyl) has the right to utilize a strip of land for the lines, and to enter the land to access the lines for maintenance and repair, which can include tree trimming, replacing rotted utility poles, and relocation of any conduits, cables, wires, towers, and poles. What about these Property Easements? Despite their prevalence, easements are often misunderstood and in some instances, people are not even aware that easements exist.

As a property owner you can benefit from a basic understanding of easements. By keeping these areas free of plantings or other obstructions, you can enjoy what you have planted without worrying that it may be in jeopardy in the future.

We need your help! Some of our residents may be familiar with our current SwiftReach method of advising our customers of large water events like annual system flushing or a temporary outage. But we need you to help us. We have been requesting email addresses and cell phone numbers for some time now. So we have made it super easy for you to help us reach our goal!

The link below is located on the homepage of our website. It will be only minutes of your time, that will provide us with the information we need to reach out to the community more effectively! You may also call our office at and speak to our Customer Service Representatives. If you have a water or sewer emergency, callwait for operator and press OPTION 1, to leave your name, lot number and phone number where you can be reached and your call will be returned promptly.

All non-emergency service calls require 24 hour notice to schedule an appointment during regular working hours. Lake Ariel, PA The challenges of the past several months took a willingness to be patient, flexible and understanding! Each of you played a vital part in allowing for us to deliver services safely and without incident. Daily routines were made more time consuming with extreme precautions required at almost every function of the process.

Many things have changed for all of us and will take some time to resume some sense of normality. One thing has not changed is our commitment to deliver the highest level of Marine Services in the area. We again, thank you and wish you a healthy and safe boating season. Call me to discover your surprisingly great rates on Home and Auto today. Individual premiums will vary by customer.

All applicants subject to State Farm underwriting requirements. With all your options in one place, we make custom-tailored loans for your specific needs. Enjoy easy, no-hassle, one-on-one personalized service from start to finish.

Delivery until Original Greek Gyros 1 hour before close! As Always Free Estimates. If you have an idea or would like to submit an article for consideration, please contact Lisa Green at lgreen thehideout. The committee is concerned that during the pandemic we have had little interaction with members of The Hideout community and feedback has been limited.

We welcome all suggestions from POA Members on ways to improve living in our community. Please email any comments or concerns to one of the committee members listed below. Your input can make a difference!

All correspondence will be confidential and acknowledged and discussed at our monthly meeting. Committee members email addresses: Lyle Britton - lylebr gmail. The meeting was called to order at 7PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was then recited.

Jaggars moved to approve the minutes of the regular monthly meeting held on May 4th,carried Birmelin moved to approve the treasury report for Maycarried Call us Birmelin moved to award approve low bidder Midland Asphalt, carried They responded to 35 incidents, held 3 trainings, and 2 meetings. They received 3 new members and held a pancake breakfast fundraiser.

The President of the Lake Ariel Fire Company wrote in request of financial assistance for some excavating work being performed at the Fire hall to help alleviate water entering the back of the building. Jaggars moved to approve paying the balance of this invoice, carried Maplewood Fire Co.

Swingle reported that during the month of May ditch work on roads was done. An Excavator was rented for grading and stump and tree work on the Wallace Road. Yard work at both Township fields was handled. Some sign work was done. Birmelin and carried Additional Public Comment: Question to the Board as to previous donations and noted the Township last donated in Lynn Scarmuzza of the Community Library was in attendance to advise the Supervisors of the work and availability of space for Community and Wayne Tomorrow hub.

Swingle moved to pay the bills and approve the payroll and to adjourn the meeting carried The minutes of the May 11th, meeting were approved as presented with no comments or corrections on a motion made by Vincent Rivezzi 2nd by Merel Swingle with both in favor. Planning Commission minutes were then read. Motion to approve purchase made by Vincent Rivezzi 2nd by Merel Swingle with both in favor.

Sub-division: The Geyer lot consolidation was reviewed and with no detrimental comments as motion to approve was made by Merel Swingle 2nd by Vincent Rivezzi with both in favor. New Business: Additional Road paving project discussed. Old Business: Seal Coat project Bid opening. Supervisors discussed possible funding of Fire Companies.

Attorney Treat noted that a C 3 status is required for Township to fund. They explained that interior hose is needed for both companies to update and assist in ability to enter buildings with enough hose to move within the building.

They reviewed and requested financial assistance in purchasing. The Supervisors discussed and agreed to purchase. The asked the Fire Departments to have it billed to the. He noted that the Supervisors should consider an Ordinance amendment with requirements for HOP in the Land improvement stage.

They currently are looking at property on the Stanet Road for using approximately 30 acres for a solar farm. The potential to generate Questions on the decommissioning. She noted they would bond the decommissioning. Plans are only in the sketch phase and Land development plans will be required when they plan to go forward. Lynn Scramuzza of the Community Library requested from the Township to sponsor a grant application for the Library. She advised the sponsor is no financial commitment.

Vincent Rivezzi moved to approve the sponsor of the Grant application for the Community Library 2nd by Merel Swingle with both in favor. Steve Price noted that he had talked with Kim Rickard of Wayne Tomorrow and noted they spoke with the possibility of hosting a farmers market at the new fire station grounds. Will check insurance carrier for approval. He was advised the Township only supplied the application for grant and the funding from the grant to Hamlin Fire Company.

With no other comments or questions a motion to adjourn was made by Vincent Rivezzi and 2nd by Merel Swingle with both in favor. Meeting adjourned at PM. ACTUAL10, 83,5,41,29,2, 5,1, 91, Round Head - No Depend Pon Man (Vinyl), D: Forecasted Surplus Deficit September 8, - April 20, Meet — Wednesdays — p.

Mass Saturday 4 p. Father Stephen Stavoy. Services of Holy Communion Sunday 8 a. Reverend Ronald R. Miller, Ph. Mass Saturday at p. Sunday Service 10 a. Pastor William Samford. Sunday Service a. Reverend Dr. Jeff Rarich. Sunday Service 9 a. Pastor Don Gillchrist. Fraudes fiscales. Aisne Allier Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Alpes-Maritimes Ardennes Aube Aude Aveyron Bas-Rhin Calvados Cantal Charente Charente-Maritime Cher Corse-du-Sud 2A. Creuse Dordogne Doubs Essonne Eure Eure-et-Loir Gard Gers Gironde Guadeloupe Guyane Haute-Corse 2B.

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