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Someone Elses Eyes - Various - Iceberg Sampler Spot Festival 2006 (CD)

Andromeda Orchestra Don't Stop Inc. Ray Mang Mix. Parris Soaked In Indigo Moonlight. Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 2.

Various Artists Heavenly Remixes 1. Autechre Chiastic Slide - Reissue. Autechre LP5 - Reissue. Connan Mockasin Jassbusters Two.

Fionn Regan Acres Of Sycamore. David Bowie Brilliant Adventure Peakes Peripheral Figures. Beachwood Sparks Sandbox Sessions. Elvis Presley Christmas Album. Cat Number Release date 30 Sep ' Born in the black and white world of post-industrial Manchester, Adamson saw music as a chance to turn his world technicolour.

Propelled into punk via Magazine, he was the founding bass player in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, before stumbling too far down a dark, drug-induced path. Unflinchingly candid, Adamson steers the reader through a mix of harrowing, tragic, funny and often life-affirming straights. Throughout it all, music - be it bass lines, melodies or film soundtracks - is the glue that binds a myriad of memories. Written in Adamson's distinctive and cinematic noir style, and including personal photographs throughout, Up Above the City, Down Beneath the Stars is an original and powerful memoir, full of suspense, humour and candour.

Dislocated, mesmeric Saz riffs and new beat synth vamps ride a wall shaking bassline on this total floor filler. Amyl and the Sniffers are a punk band possessed by the spirit of seventies Australian rock.

Amy Taylor vocalsBryce Wilson drumsDec Martens guitar are former housemates who formed the band, wrote a handful of tunes and released their debut EP, Giddy Up, all in a span of twelve hours.

Their 2nd EP, Big Attraction, was released in Februarykicking off a stellar year for these young punks. Growing buzz around their blistering live show made the band a hot tip at Bigsound in Brisbane, while the band was added to festival lineups including Meredith and CherryRock Every bit as incendiary and uncompromising as their LP's, an essential purchase. Attraktors are a power trio, currently residing in Nottingham. James Flower was a founding member of post-rockers, Six By Seven, where he supplied saxophone and keys.

Antony Hodgkinson previously beat the skins for Derby 'alternatives', Bivouac, and collaborated with Julian Cope. A menacing LFO arpeggio propelling the piece out onto the peak-time dance-floor. Its snarl softened slightly as Ron launches that fanfare once more. Moody, magnificent, body-moving, it drops down to a conga break, and then hits you with some real horns, before bringing that bolshy bastard of a beat back. Counterpointing this gurgling gear with theremin sighs and epic keyboard arcs.

Suddenly this is all then set running, racing, to a riot of rumbling motorik funk. Chunkily bass-ed, its punk edges are eventually buffed by pretty prog harmonies, as the track evolves into an opulent, vocoder-ed, expanse. A piano rolling and rolling, as that robotic voice readies you for ignition on this righteous cosmic rocket.

Maximum Minimum Ron Basejam Remix. Cream vinyl, signed by Residing now in Brighton, Bess grew up in the English countryside in a creative family of songwriters and artists. Whilst her crystalline vocals draw favourable comparisons to the likes of Marika Hackman and Julia Jacklin, her lyrics evoke an imagery that often spins from the pastoral to the abstract.

Audiobooks Astro Tough Heavenly. Limited eco-mix colour As audiobooks were making the final adjustments to their new record, the world around them was getting grimmer by the day.

There are light moments of this record, but in general the lyrics are definitely darker. It's a heady and intoxicating combo, and all great fun. The Burrell Brothers, closely associated Nu Groove Records, have been staples in the records boxes of the Faith crew since their explosion onto the scene, so to be able to release an EP of straight up solid deep house from one of the Burrells is a true honour. Perpetuity 1 A2. Perpetuity 2 B1. Perpetuity 3 B2. Perpetuity 4. Yes I can! Here's a time sensitive chance to snap up a copy of the first Disco Hamam release, which features the digging and editing work of Turkish genius Baris K.

If you're after unbridled enjoyment and capital f FUN, let A-side offering 'Honki Ponki' put the umbrella in your cocktail. Packed to the rafters with sparkling synth parts, ditzy disco bass and frothy female vocals this sounds a bit like both incidental music on Pebble Mill and some sort of Intergalactic cruiseship advert - if you don't think that sounds like a good thing then you're in the wrong place friend.

Flipping the pancake and we're locked into the chicken scratch guitar, hypno perc and funky, funky bass of "Aheste", a kinda speak-sing disco destroyer that employs a Pino D'Angio a la Turk approach. Be quick! Honki Ponki B1. Aheste B2. Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz.

Shella Records continue to keep us furnished with the finest digital gems, this time from Melody Beecher. With her kin Paul at the console, Melody lays down a gorgeous topline about the struggle of love vs money, or her preference for a bit of rough. If that wasn't enough of a pull to add this to the collection, the combo of tough drum machines, huge snares, top end sparkle and subwise bubble is nothing short of wicked! Bad ass. Belly Bees 4AD.

Its first pressing Collecting their non-album tracks together for the very first time, Bees was lovingly compiled by the band with their chosen 19 tracks spanning their whole career. Limited black vinyl, Mixed by Youth. Feminist Song 2. Feminist Song Ambient Mix. Blueboy John Peel Gatefold 7" with Initially renowned for their distinctive, refined, delicate pop, the group later developed a more obviously harder edge.

Every instrument heard on this release was played by Bringas, and recorded in a studio in the back of his home. Sixteen unheard works from the Mexican jazz synesthete. As he plays, he witnesses color coordinating with each note. His earliest experience of this cross-sensory ability came from playing his parents piano when he was young. Exploring the keys, a spectrum of color presented itself, and he began searching for colors he preferred.

He discovered an enticing shade of blue, which unbeknownst to him at the time, was a jazz chord. Learning trumpet, saxophone, and native Mexican instruments all to his own design, he followed his synesthetic experience to guide his compositions. In his earliest works, you can hear the influence of his time spent in the tranquility of the woods colliding with the frenzy of the city he grew up in. Combining inspiration he obtained from ECM Records virtuosos, Mexican Rock-in-opposition, visionary jazz artists, and otherworldly sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Stalker, his songs ebb and flow between serene synths and chaotic bursts of emotive horns.

In addition to these compositions, he started an experimental music club in his house in Portales called Jazzorca. At Jazzorca, which is still running to this day, he would share his pensive movements with a small group of dedicated music lovers.

You might catch him strolling through his neighborhood in Portales at sunset, soaking in the influence of the city sounds and their associated colors he witnesses. After all if the outlook is grim, why not look inwards instead? Luckily, Cass. In the era of deserted dance floors, when the house and techno crowd export uninspired ambient to keep the streams flowing, Cass.

Niklas came to Basso with a wealth of sensuous sounds to curate for a new LP, and these six expressionistic vignettes sit together like paintings at an exhibition. All born from the same brush but varied in tone, texture, mood and approach, they achieve an immersive effect without ever fading into the background. Sonic synonyms of Rothko, Turrell and Kapoor, each imbued with hidden depth, each utterly compelling, each conveying a profound calm. Escape your ego with some foreground music.

Curious, calming, and swelling between hopeful and gently melancholic, this is synthetic deep ambience of the highest order. Technology futurist label AD 93 continue to beam broadcasts and frequencies from alternative and distant dimensions to our reception Earth-based listening devices.

Christoph De Babalon here presents a hyped up version of mutant jungle, red shifting tempos across the galaxies and swathing the stems in phazing strings and radioactive pads. The ghosts of sound system culture still haunt the disc tho, meaning it's gonna sound great and your next outdoor sound clash, testing the subs and mid cabs to the max as it unloads its barrage of breaks and bass. There's some reduced intensity moments, but they're few and far between; instead Babalon seems intent on firing a vertible arsenal of breakbeat shells and machine gun snares from his alien bunker.

Proceed with caution! One beast of a 12" Hard hats recommended. Cindy Tough Love. Cindy is a band built around the singing and guitar playing of Karina Gill. She became a musician only recently, having sat on the sidelines while ex-partners and friends made their stabs at it. The rhythm section brings the crude flow, while the keys add subtle and surreal counterpoint to the withering world Gill depicts in her lyrics.

Gill has a way of halting her phrasing that makes it feel like her thoughts are gently tumbling into the abyss. It's really quite simple, and swimming in beauty.

Dead Slow Issue 1. Comes inside 12" x Dead Slow is an examination of our current culture in comparison to previous generations, or in contrast with the decades before the internet.

This has been in the back burner for a while, but the pandemic and lockdowns have made these questions more important than ever. From the way we buy necessities to the way we perceive art, we have changed a lot, and I believe we should be aware of how and why.

That part is up to each of us. I'm genuinely excited to read this - and the packaging is pretty special too Recycled vinyl with Constructed using his signature percussive skills as well as electronic manipulation and sounds recorded directly from an array of natural sources, the LP is a dynamic and poignant exploration that harnesses the best of his adventurous spirit and singular vision.

An audio-visual journey accompanied by a collection of expertly made films, each track also represents a different element and contains its own inspired and individual concept, varying from the use of wildlife, fire and water to the manmade steel, gears, Velcro and more.

Manu Delago has performed in prestigious venues in more than 50 countries around the world. By the end of the decade, the Fanuks, or their respective human alter egos, had crafted six pieces. Reichelt, Dahlke and Fenstermacher augmented their six visionary masterpieces with three tracks based on compositions from the year Now it works at least a little with eternity, even if 'only' in the form of the legendary productions that have finally been made available to the public.

Balearic summer tunes from Ibiza. The production is gorgeous, with lots of live instruments, and the guitar is played by the legendary Ibiza flamenco guitarist Paco Fernandez. In addition to the laid-back Ibiza-inspired original mix, the single features remixes by Roberto Lodola, known for his Balearic classic Marimba Do Mar, and Cantoma, a leading Balearic artist.

This is a powerful package for sunset cafes and beach clubs. Jimmy Tamborello returns with a collection of 10 pop-infused vocal hymns — simultaneously perfect dance floor fillers and lullabies.

While "The Seas Trees See" showcased Tamborello's more intricate and quiet side, "Away" embraces his love for pop music. A genre which like no other has been resonating the advancements of technology from the very beginning. Songwriting was sequenced and computerized on such a large scale that it would change the sonic aesthetics of the charts forever. Dntel is a musician who changed pop music forever - and still works in this never-ending labour of love, both effortless and highly focused, constantly tweaking the universe of our musical perception.

For this album, though, "I was thinking more of 80s indie pop or labels like 4AD. It is a mix of those influences along with trying to figure out what elements of my own discography I still connect with. I wanted it to reflect old Dntel records as well as the techno-pop band Figurine I used to be in. I have always considered my music basically being techno-pop, but not referring to pop as popular music - I just like pretty melodies.

But with the Dntel moniker, I never had the ambition to produce music for a really big audience. On "Away" he combines a healthy dose of distortion with the most-sticking melodies, vocals and bitter-sweet lyrics he ever came up with — performing all vocals himself, with the help of technology. When I applied this vocal processing it seemed to bring out the emotions more.

I don't see it as the same as the more artificial, autotuned style of modern pop music. I think it still sounds like it could be a real person singing, just not me. Pop music is a fragile entity, making its kingpins vulnerable. Many emotions reveal a lot of the originator's personality -this is something one has to be prepared for.

On "Away", Jimmy Tamborello finds the perfect way of marrying his unique musical personality with both the demands and possibilities of pop music. Just listen to "Connect" and you'll know what we're talking about. A perfect, yet timeless album for less than perfect times. Ducks Ltd. Modern Fiction Carpark Records. Includes MP3 Download Code. The pair craft songs that play to very specific inspirations without drowning underneath them—immediately evidenced on their critically acclaimed EP, Get Bleak, and sharpened on Modern Fiction, their debut LP.

This is not a nostalgic record, after all, nor is it a derivative one. Instead, across 10 cheery-sounding songs, Ducks Ltd. Bookish indie fans, look no further. Writing the album was intimate. Duster Numero Group. Y2K prepper-rock for the underemployed. Needle down, candles on. Etch is the most inventive break-experimentalist in operation right now, cutting breaks is his modus operandi and across the EP we see him work at a number of tempos, dynamics and moods from downbeat head nodders for the smokers, to gnarly, club-destroying amen manipulation.

Seven new cues from Black Water as written, performed and produced by Everyday Dust. Additional cues salvaged from an incorrectly labelled transcription disc. A nice glimpse into the minds eye of this burgeoning sonic wizard. Blue sky coloured vinyl Following nearly two years of global touring in support of their adventurous and acclaimed album, The WildernessExplosions In The Sky paused on the future to reflect on the past.

Celebrating their 20th year as a band with a pair of remastered reissues of early beloved classics — How Strange, Innocence and The Rescue — they embarked on a memorable series of anniversary concerts in It was around then that Explosions In The Sky was approached to craft the score to a new documentary about a place with which, as native Texans, they were very familiar: Big Bend National Park.

The hour-long film intimately follows the lives of native animals amid expansive aerial views of the iconic desert landscape that makes up one of the grandest natural wonders in the world. The band set these sights to an inspired, melodic, and meaningful blend of acoustic guitar, slide guitar, strings, piano, bells, and drums that feels as alive and diverse--and vast and lonely--as the place it depicts.

Big Bend An Original Soundtrack for Public Television takes that mesmerizing score and recontextualizes it as a standalone album. Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas is a film that explores the past and present of the vast, complicated landscape that still holds countless mysteries yet to be uncovered.

The Falling Doves a force of electric energy. Their music is a fusion of stadium rock with garage rock familiarity, a sound that has helped the guys win over the ears and hearts of fans around the globe. The band was able to tear Australia down before restrictions were set in March. About the Double Vision World Tour in Aprilwill bring the elements of a stadium live concert production into small halls, with a rich visual texture of music videos and the element of lights and theater you would expect from bands like Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones.

Red and cream coloured The record ranges over a variety of topics and themes, including isolation, the world of dreams and delusions, environmental collapse, and the inward and outward chaos of modern life. In the summer before Covid, Lauren Flax and Posthuman played a b2b show at I Love Acid in London where they agreed to do an double A-side with each remixing the other's track.

Here's the item in question, a hand numbered edition of vinyl — clear wax but with wisps of pink and blue haze. Balkan Vinyl fans aren't gonna be disappointed with the result. A suitably fizzy and frothy duo of hardwired acid house blasts from these two beasts of machine music. Lauren's anthemic "Endless Summer" reminds me of nights spent spewing and spiraling at Sequence or Kindergarten whilst Posthuman's remix of said track injects some tense urgency, suspended synth notes dancing atop of subs.

A skewed vocal snip rides the beat with aplomb, all in all contributing a wonderful slice of late night acid house goodness. Just wait till that grinding low-mid synth tickles your nethers! Flax heads on a lo-fi acid redux - employing spring reverbs, concentric s and sharp, short vocal stabs to devastating effect. Support across the board, just as you'd expect.

Limited copies - move quick! Reb Fountain Iris Flying Nun. Limited Translucent Release date: Expected 8 Oct ' Reb effortlessly combines pop elements with her trademark noir folk-punk sound; weaving authentic and anthemic tunes that create an instant and indelible impression. I wanted and needed to give voice to this essential human spirit; to conjure and hold and commune with the very real, valid and invaluable voices within and around me.

ThroughoutReb and her all-star band Dave Khan, Karin Canzek and Earl Robertson astounded audiences around the country on her sold out album release tour. Release date: Expected 5 Nov ' His warm, affable melodies and comforting lyrics earned him fans on both sides of the Atlantic, and now he returns with his sophomore album Wanderkid, a concept album about a wandering anti-hero. Coloured Red Disc 1, This 25th anniversary edition is presented as heavyweight coloured double vinyl for the first time and features 4 bonus tracks.

Written over three years, and comprised of three seperate EPs, their individual releases unintentionally frame and timestamp a turbulent period. Across 77 minutes the full collection imparts a seamless tour through its three phases. The fact that it was regularly reissued over the next few years illustrates its enduring appeal.

The novelty of its title and zany nonsensical lyrics may have caught the attention, but what sealed the deal was that groove! The track is most certainly an anomaly, having no bearing whatsoever on hip-hop culture, yet somehow unconsciously envisaging it. But here Greg Wilson goes back to the raw, giving it a couple of cuts and snips, dressing it down for Every home needs a copy of this record in some form! Cat Number Release date 1 Oct ' The first of a series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

Turn the handle to play a snippet of Coles Corner. It'll melt your heart! The 2nd in the series of Richard Hawley music boxes. Wind the handle to play the gorgeous refrain from Open Up Your Door. An absolute gem! Indies exclusive hot pink Austin indie folk duo make their Grand Jury debut with True Love. This album is about growth and nostalgia. Both band members got married. One had a kid.

Rife with brass stabs and a glorious sax break - an absolute floor filling gem. An absolute handclapping, split-inducing dance classic. Here we get more bustlin' NY-flavoured disco with nice wooden drums, bright brass and a bass with its belt unbuckled. The big chorus line : 'if you wanna go It's an instrumental number, but hard hitting as funky as you like; perfect for the post-peak moments when the crowd are fully lumbered up and loose as you like.

Unmissable for modern disco spinners, collectors of the genres or anyone who likes to have a dance around the dinner table on a Saturday night! Highly recommended. Be more like Pasta Paul and bag yourself some authentic, traditional sounding NEW disco which kicks, bumps and grooves as good as any of the rest! Loft-ready and full of warmth; who said the old ones are the best?

Carpet Ride B. Touch Down. When we asked The Jesus and Mary Chain if they wanted to do a single to help us celebrate our London shop opening they sent along a recording of their last stop in Detroit in at the historic Fox Theatre just down Woodward from our Detroit HQ and told us to pick a few.

A Welsh rock trio with a predilection for delivering stadium-sized riffs with shoegazey vistas and dreamy post-punk riffage, The Joy Formidable return with their new album 'Into The Blue'. Currently the band split their time between their native Wales and the closest thing they could find in the U.

Limited Edition LP Indie It celebrates its influences but is very much a modern record, being simultaneously brand new and retro. This is a credit to the duo's craft as musicians and songwriters, presenting their influences as a circular interaction between the present and the past rather than a linear one. Session musicians and friends were also booked to introduce trumpet and string sections giving the album an added depth and orchestral texture.

To pierce through this abstraction, the vocals are intentionally more expressive. Rooted in observations from everyday life, they speak often about the worlds and thoughts that arise from the end of the night.

Like with many of the best albums, the record seems over all too soon and has you instantly wanting to play it again. On each listen you decide on a track that you think is your favourite from the album only for it to be replaced with a different one on the next listen. The songs and production have hidden depths that seem to evolve and morph the more you devour them.

Moments of pure pop, moments to fall in love, moments to contemplate. This journey is rich in musical vitamins and nourishment, but like all the best things still leaves you wanting more. A warm and intoxicating listen, bringing to mind any number of cinematic accompaniments. Currently based in New York, La'Brooy presents an emotional and contemplative record that leans on acoustic instrumentation, drawing on collaborations with a range of New York and Melbourne based jazz musicians, and a remix from Other Joe.

Those familiar with the nine records released under Albrecht La'Brooy will recognise the expressive piano and synth lines that feature.

Here, the piano Jazz and Improvisation graduate creates space for long-form solos from himself and featuring instrumentalists. True to what we expect from the ever-maturing Analogue Attic, this is a listening album; orchestrated pads with dance-leaning rhythms meet piano chords, guitar and brass melodies. Arranged with the idea of the contemplative state experienced during a solo commute, as the name Out Moving Windows alludes to.

Up is due September 24, and is heralded by dreamy lead single "She's A Waterfall" and its accompanying video. All I could see was stripes and paisleys. I became instantly obsessed with tracking down this mystery band's complete discography. Influenced into existence at early gigs by The Jesus and Mary Chain and Shop Assistants, The Roundies wanted to change the world or at the very least make some noise, shake things up and be a part of the happening.

The gang established a clubhouse in early and began rehearsing, recording and gigging. Rumor has it that Noel Gallagher roadied their final show. There were also talks of a flexi-disc that, for whatever reason, never saw the light of day. But by the end of the 80s, the gang had all gone their separate ways and the recordings along with so many other things were thought to be lost forever Tune in, turn on and make up your own mind.

Enjoy the trip. How did the music industry miss these talented teenagers? They were fucking idiots, that's how. From super-catchy pop songs to ambitious minute improvisations, the band had everything but a recording deal. Ambitious live performances where friends were satisfied with spitting out fluff often forgotten in 2 and a half minutes. You lucky lucky mofo's A long time favourite in the Growing Bin, this mellow masterpiece originally crept out in with no backing from its label, the soon to burst Bubble.

Now resequenced and redressed to the exacting standards of Mssr. Stripped back to acoustic guitar and subtle hand percussion, this jazzy ballad brings a tear to your ear before drawing your attention skywards with the acid folk energy of the chorus. Ministry Moral Hygiene Nuclear Blast. After enduring a year likeno one could have possibly expected Al Jourgensen to stay silent on the maelstrom of the past 12 months.

As the mastermind behind pioneering industrial outfit Ministry, Jourgensen has spent the last four decades using music as a megaphone to rally listeners to the fight for equal rights, restoring American liberties, exposing exploitation and putting crooked politicians in their rightful place—set to a background of aggressive riffs, searing vocals and manipulated sounds to drive it home.

And most importantly doing so with the lens of what we as a society are going to do about it all. Trump being elected president—though Jourgensen says this new album is more informational and reflective in tone.

With the release of Moral Hygiene, Jourgensen is more positive than before. We could just treat each other nicely and be treated nicely in return. I never thought Ministry would be in the position of preaching traditional values, but this is the rebellion now. O from the stunning '???????? Now this was a couple Someone Elses Eyes - Various - Iceberg Sampler Spot Festival 2006 (CD) years before the Neapolitans became underground megastars with their "Nuova Napoli" LP, so got sadly slept on by some.

Luckily, there's now a second bite at the cherry, so don't laze away this time. By re-working the original drum patterns from Afrobeat master Tony Allen, the duo created a compilation of super groovy tracks in their typically voluminous electronic jazz-funk style. Hints of Mediterranean house meet spacey gurgles, soaring synth lines top shuffling rhythms and the whole thing is cool as fuck.

Essential tackle for fans of either Afrobeat or that Naples sound. New Theo Parrish! It's a return to the dark, dusty, MPC-constructed vibe that typified much of Sound Signature's early output and garnered hordes of young obsessive clubbers in the process Another unbeatable MPC beat supports the structure as it casually skips through the long shadows on a brisk late afternoon in Autumn.

Nice to have you back baby! Quantities are limited and pre-ordering is advised. It's a hark back to the "Dusty Cabinets"-era; clickity MPC riddims, phased organs, beatdown soul given a new lick of paint. In Motion B. Don't Play. Perel Star Running Back. Good things come to those who wait! Star is the consequence of said call and not only that. The tried and tested neon disco lights interchange with darker tones, uplifting and affirmative moments Tour De Perel rotate with contemplative and pondering intervals Internal Monologue.

Yet, by no means Perel is whistling a sad tune. Her melodies are as always deep, distinguishable and delightful to dance to. Wherever that may be. Pond 9 Spinning Top. Indies exclusive Coke Black LP is g vinyl Given the pace at which ideas whizz past your head, it makes for a dizzying listen. Take lead single Pink Lunettes, which opens up thumping like ESG eight hours into a session at Berghain before climbing aboard a gargantuan synthship and disappearing off over the horizon.

Lyrically, too, 9 takes Pond into uncharted territory. If it was only a fraction as enjoyable to make as it is to listen to then they must have been having a hoot. Indies exclusive green These are values rooted in the enduring mystery and majesty of everyday, ordinary lives.

Cloudy clear vinyl, The inner-sleeve also contains a brand new, unreleased photo of Caitlin. Nashville in was a time and place bristling with potential. Nashville has long been characterized by a sort of underdog spirit, and inthat spirit was in full display at DIY punk venues, run-down honky-tonks and hole-in-the-wall dives. Most of those bands are long-gone, but not Caitlin Rose.

Then as now, Caitlin — my roommate and fellow Holly House member — shined bright as a songwriter and performer. I always grinned when I overheard someone asking the question. Own Side Now was the product of that long journey. Enjoy it. Turquoise Vinyl LP vinyl Very limited clear vinyl Truly, the luscious, soulful new album from Manchester singer-songwriter Caoilfhionn Rose pronounced Keelin moves through a tapestry of curious musical inflections; nods towards folk, jazz, ambient, electronica and even a subtle influence of psychedelia, it never stands still to take a breath, despite its ethereal and delicate core.

Out April 9th on Gondwana Records Mammal Hands, Portico Quartet, Matthew Halsall, Hania Raniin Truly, the young singer-songwriter has accomplished a body of work that is both sonically and lyrically wise beyond her years. Rose also professes to a love for beautiful, stripped back, piano based music, such as Dustin O'Halloran and label mate Hania Rani. Truly came to exist due to a deep-routed need to create — even though its conception was interrupted as Caoilfhionn Rose recovered in hospital from an illness, she found strength within writing music.

We played several gigs in the UK but unfortunately the Denmark part of the tour was cut short as I was taken ill. I Someone Elses Eyes - Various - Iceberg Sampler Spot Festival 2006 (CD) hospitalised for several weeks and have taken the last year out to recover" says Rose. This record marks a difficult time of my life and writing it helped get me through that.

I am really grateful to have music as an outlet. Rose's beautifully restrained vocal is all at once soothing yet mesmerising. She demands and holds attention through her evident talent yet hypnotises the listener into a trance with her experimental tendencies.

Finishing bits of songs, writing lyrics and recording vocals helped me get back on my feet and get better. It's about finding peace and feeling wonder again" says Rose about the track. It's about feeling hopeful about the future 'though there may be dark clouds the sun will always come'. There are references to older lyrics I have written. The line 'free from all the chaos' is a nod to a song I collaborated on with The Durutti Column.

The song is about acknowledging the past and moving on as 'time is always healing'. It's a self-reflective song really, reminding myself that 'life can take you bysurprise', there are going to be ups and downs along the way" Elsewhere on the album, Rose explores the connection between nature and life on single To Me. I have a very optimistic outlook and I find solace in the small things like being outdoors.

Prior to this, the artist collaborated with one of her biggest musical influences, Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column. I no longer just write as a therapeutic or reflective process; I can write more abstractly and outwardly. Collaborating with The Durutti Column was my first experience of recording music with other people in a studio.

It was inspiring getting to work with Keir and I've learnt a lot from his approach of just experimenting and seeing what works. Remastered and expanded edition of the late Soul great's unreleased album which finally did see limited release in Ruffin, former lead singer of the Temptations, had started his solo career with a bang, as his album and single, My Whole World Ended, were smash hits.

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Winds Dominion - Butch Hancock - Own & Own (CD), Fools Lullaby - Various - The Very Best Of Rock (1990-93) (CD), Carnaval, Nat Bhairav - Péter Szalai, Stephen James (3) - Ragas Of Pandit Ravi Shankar (CD), Run 2 U - Jewel - 0304 (CD, Album), Whirly Girl - OXO (2) - Whirly Girl (Vinyl), Sometime Ago - La Fiesta, Sound Barrier - Speed Of Light (Vinyl, LP, Album), For Your Love - The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things (Cassette), Unforgivable - Armin van Buuren - The Music Videos (1997-2009) (DVD), Muscle N Grit - 666gangstaz vs. Helium Ointment - s/t (Cassette, MP3, Album)

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  1. Fenririsar says:

    SOMEONE ELSES SHOES. My first go round with The Best Foot $ Add to Cart. 70s Pop. Composed by: Ali, Slim. Christmas Edition Sampler. Various Artis. This disc offers a diverse selection $ Inquire. Stranded In Suburbia. $ The title of this CD is named after t Inquire. Travelling Melodies, a concert for.

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    Jul 10,  · Someone rushes off to get me a Cure T-shirt, something Ill be happy to wear. Somebody else hands me a can of lager, something I force myself to swallow. Robert Smith is nearest to me as I hover by the open door. Hello, he says amiably, are you nervous? Yes, I say through a narrow throat, I always am. He grins gooshly. I grin gooshly.

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    The Musicology of Record Production. Recorded music is as different to live music as film is to theatre. In this book, Simon Zagorski-Thomas employs current theories from psychology and sociology to examine how recorded music is made and how we listen to it. Setting out a framework for the study of recorded music and record production, he explains how recorded music is fundamentally different.

  4. Mezikora says: Books has the world’s largest selection of new and used titles to suit any reader's tastes. Find best-selling books, new releases, and classics in every category, from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird to the latest by Stephen King or the next installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid children’s book series. Whatever you are looking for: popular fiction, cookbooks, mystery.

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    Generally speaking, the following steps must be taken in order to seek the maximum possible legal protection of a bands name: (1) When choosing the name, try to be sure that no one else is already using the same name; (2) Once a suitable name is selected, then have a written agreement among the various members of the band as to future legal.

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    Currently, there are a few ways to make sure your game document lives. Everything depends on someone being responsible for it: someone needs to keep the document updated and current so that the developers on the team can refer to it with the confidence that it is accurate. 4. Game Documentation Guide. This person is usually the Lead.

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    However, the experience of touching someone else proved to compensate for it, and it became a point in itself that it was not the quality of sound that generated the exploration, but the actual social engagements through the system. Classification: Confirmation. Technology description. We .

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    PDF | On Jul 16, , Gregg W. Etter and others published Gangs & Organized Crime, ISBN: | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate.

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