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Psycho Babble - Various - Dont Be Leftout (CD)

Rose wore the same cap in the making-of documentary, and apparently was an enthusiastic fan of his Geffen labelmates away from the cameras as well. When Nirvana said no, Rose instead asked Soundgarden, another Seattle band he praised in the media before most mainstream rock fans had heard of the group. More than anything, the guy just sounds like a fan; I know I would have asked Nirvana to play my birthday party in if I had the means.

For Cobain, Axl Rose represented everything horrible about corporate rock. On a personal level, he found Rose to be a despicable human being, the epitome of racist, sexist, homophobic, proudly redneck and macho assholes that his music was intended to irritate and destroy. A seemingly contradictory story is found in Charles R. The name they were staying under was Bill Bailey, also known as the original moniker of one Axl Rose.

The details of the meeting are already well known to fans of Nirvana, GNR, and celebrity pissing matches: It started when Courtney Love, who was sitting with Cobain and their baby daughter Frances Bean, called out to Rose and his girlfriend Stephanie Seymour and snarkily asked if Axl would be the godfather of their child.

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The graphics are unbelievable specially the gory decapitations. This movie could keep you sources that are as part of your seat and when you then have a girl in your arm you should wear a protracted sleeved shirt. She will draw blood on your own arm when she squeezes it. What would you do if you're son was at home crying all alone on the bedroom floor cuz he's hungry and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money and his daddy's gone somewhere smoking rock now in and out of lock down?

I ain't got a job now! Yeah, that's an old one. Did I really just type that? Okay well I guess I'm going to go try to clean up a little more to please Mommy when she gets home from the Doctor's office in Birmingham. I've already cleaned the kitchen completely, organized the Dining Room, Living Room, Kithchen, and some of the stair way. Hey, maybe that's why I'm sneesing! All that dust!! I'm good! Okay, so I'm going to go! Peace niggs! This is a song that is very 90s alternative.

Third Eye Blind took a bunch of awesome influences and brewed them all into an utter piece of crap that you can't get out of your head until 5 minutes later when it blended back into all the other similar rip-off fake-indie songs of the 90s.

That leaves us with Smash Mouth, which I will have to declare the winner by default. Except I remember this song's lyrics really annoyed me at the time. Anyway, I could go for either "All Star" or "Pets" here. Sarah McLachlan never struck me as more than one of a bunch of good Kate Bush impersonators. Joan Osborne is the very definition of a one-hit wonder. However, the Cranberries made a dent in my resistance against this kind of music, and it was nice because I never had to seek it out at the time.

The Cranberries were everywhere. I chose this song "Zombie" on a jukebox at a kiddie playland in a mall in Taiwan one time. Why was that on the jukebox? I would like to say that the kiddies nodded their heads to the beat as they rode around on their little merry-go-rounds, but I think they were all oblivious.

Anyway, this is an anti-war anthem, I think. And those Cranberries were all so cute and punky without being too edgy for the masses. I suppose they are still putting out albums, perhaps. However, since these two here Psycho Babble - Various - Dont Be Leftout (CD) almost the worst songs by these bands, I cannot in good conscience vote for them. Garbage is a little too poppy to be considered here.

They are fun, though. I know absolutely nothing about Placebo, except for this song and maybe one other that was probably in a movie soundtrack or something. But I like this "Pure Morning" song and I think it could have been a classic. Maybe it is a classic, and I'm just out of the loop on this one. It has a very good sense of being an anthemic song for a generation, just not mine.

Only "Everlong" transcends the genre and makes you want to rock out with gusto. But I have been in a "Monkey Gone to Heaven" kind of place many, many times.

This is the Cure's most juvenile song, while the Pixies have provided us with a mesmerizing summit of creativity. Also, any time someone starts a sentence with "This monkey's It's entertaining for me only. Or it doesn't have to be about a monkey. Someone can say "This teapot's Try it yourself. I guess I almost thought Nine Inch Nails were for real for a moment there. The Shamen never disappointed me like that. They are what they are.

Primal Scream sounds like it will end up in a trip to the emergency room. Don't let this end in tragedy. I'm rooting for the Belly. And Primal Scream is nice in a purely musical kind of way, but more forgettable and generic than Belly. This is not rocket surgery. And you could dance to it. It was just like a knowing nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

A world where girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls who do girls like they're It's like, I admire Foo Fighters in general, but there never was one song that I was really attached to, except maybe "Monkey Wrench," which I didn't think was a big enough hit to include here. However, the song "Pure Morning" impressed me with its acerbic wit and self-effacing honesty. It felt like a classic the first time I heard it. It's kind of cheeky, too, with references to various subculture pasttimes.

But not as cheeky as the Pixies. It's still in the relatively palatable zone for most people, I think, in terms of wacky lyrics. Placebo is not the second coming of the Kinks or anything, but they do sell the moment for all they're worth. But they also both qualify as alternative music. The question then, is which one was a greater anthem for that decade? I'm going to have to say "Monkey Gone to Heaven" because it was a forward looking song. It was a great moment, but its basic spirit was not the 90s, but the post punk 80s vibe.

It looks like the Pixies should win Group A here on the basis of their groundbreaking songwriting genius. It was like "We Are the World" for the subculture. But "Feed the Tree" was a mysterious explosion of everything good that the post punk music world had to offer. I still don't know what feeding the tree means, but it is something sacred.

Maybe that makes "Feed the Tree" more of a hymn than an anthem, but that's who I'm voting for. But I never even heard of the Flaming Lips, really, until Yoshimi battled those giant pink robots in the 00s. The Flaming Lips were one hit wonders in the 90s, and I am prejudiced against one-hit wonders. That's why I add the bonus songs to the homepage, to show if the artist had any other songs that would qualify. Flaming Lips only had one 90s breakthrough song.

Beck had 9 alternative chart hits in the 90s. So, I love the vaseline, the tangerines, the magazines, and what-have-you, but in the 90s, I was a Loser, baby, so why didn't you kill me? I mean, who can related to the chorus of "Zombie?

The winner will receive a lifetime supply of flannel shirts, two pairs of Doc Martens, and the complete set of Seinfeld DVDs. Beck's prime was right in the middle of the 90s, and his chorus does seem anthemic, or anti-anthemic, which is very 90s ironic hipster slacker style. You could say that Beck's style is kind of a non-style.

A little bit of everything is thrown in there. He salutes his icons from every era and then pulls them down to his level. What a 90s kind of guy. Beck encapsulated the 90s perfectly, better than Nirvana even, and no Beck song better represents Beck than "Loser.

I don't know how many of you are into the Spinners or Bill Withers, etc. This is music that will put a smile on your face. All the rounds in Psycho Babble - Various - Dont Be Leftout (CD) tourny will be in the same post for this one. And there are also some songs that have just aged well. The 8th Day song is the one here that seems to have aged well.

The other three are very stuck in the 70s. It conveys a universal truth while also telling a heart-breaking story. And of course it is smooth. Barry White is the legend. And "Across th Street" actually tells a story or paints a picture. His purely smooth voice makes you think he's singing Beatlesesque pop when he's actually throwing down some 70s soul.

Maybe that means its a little too poppy for this category, but that's who I'm going with. Too many people like Barry White in an ironic way. And the two gangsta and pimpin' songs are too hardcore for me to elevate them to favorite status. Actually, I'm picking Bill Withers because I like "Lovely Day" but that was from the wrong end of the decade and it's not as famous as "Ain't No Sunshine," which isn't bad itself.

Did you know that the "I know, I know But everyone in the studio liked it so much, they kept it in there. How do I know this?

Dec 31, I can't believe Bill Withers has to bow out so early in this contest. Oh well, Bobby Womack is a pretty good choice, too. I'm sorry, but that was not the image that I had imagined. The Real Thing are British, so does that disqualify them? Just kidding. They are a strong contender because it just sounds so 70s, and their outfits in that video are startlingly alien. As the internet kids would say, WTF? That brings us to "Too Late to Turn Back Now" which is overall the best song, and I love that part where he sings that little "ya know" after he said he was calling her like 15 times a day.

That's so unusual for him! Just not 70s enough. Every fool in love loves "Everybody Plays the Fool. The other three songs are all excellent, but they are not extraordinary. I mean, it's kind of confusing what the song is about. The protest song "Bring The Boys Home" is outdated because we're not in Vietnam anymore, and also, there are women soldiers now, right? So you can't leave them out if you want soldiers to come back home.

Maybe she wants all those boys for herself. Also, it is a little sappy for my taste. Not quite soul enough, not quite pop enough. Brook Benton's song is a little too jazzy to be 70s soul for me, though it is a beautiful one. It comes down to Billy Paul and Luther Ingram. Luther lets all the emotions fly straight out for this one, but Billy maintains his cool no matter how gutsy the performance is.

That's why I would have to pick "Me and Mrs. Jones" out of these four. It's a song that tells a story, which is something I like my soul ballads to do. This is so hard. I could pick any of these and feel justified. I would give James Brown a free trip to the finals, or at least the semifinals, if I could.

Of course, he's more of a 60's icon, so you may hold that against him. The song is a little too close to a novelty song for me, like with its crazy chanting. However "Hearsay" tells like a real-life story, which is something I like a lot, something about some lying backstabbing man-stealer named Shirley, from the male singer's point of view.

But I trust him. However, I do not trust James Brown. Not one inch. Never did. That's why he's the winner here. He's James Brown and he owns this category. I like the funky Latin percussion. Its seems like that is a prerequisite. But this iis the Philadelphia soul category, so the The O'Jays have some tough competition. Philly soul is what I think of when I think of good music from that era. Then we get to "I'll Be Around" which does not have any Latin percussion, but does have everything else--a jazzy groove and smooth vocals.

Neil: Hey, what's going on? Hey, I got a question for Tori? Tori: Hi Neil. Adam: Sure she can. Adam: So it's better Drew: Adam Drew: Now, he's telling you, Tori, he's very unhappy. Adam: Unfortunately, I have 10 retards that like me. Adam: That's the problem. Tori: Like Miles Davis. Drew: mm, hmm. Tiffany: Hi, yeah. Adam whispering : He's a black guy, Drew. Drew whispering : I'll remember that. What's up, Tiffany? Tori: Yes, hi. Tiffany: Hi. Drew: Hmm. Drew: Are you still breast feeding?

Tiffany: No. Drew: Uh, it can be anything from immediate to up to a year. Tiffany: Up to a year. Tiffany: Okay. Adam: Hey, Drew? Adam: What's you do, ah, get a, like a Berlitz tape that had Drew: Why, have I been using that lately?

Adam: I've heard it flown out of your mouth 18 times Drew: Really. What's up? Drew: Wow. Adam: I got some momentum with that homeostasis. Drew: It was some tape. Adam: 6 years Drew: Oh, you know what, I was writing. Now we can't live without it. Drew: So Tori: It's a very good word, Adam.

Adam: It's a great word. Nobody knows what it means. Adam: Balance. Tiffany: Yeah? Adam: How old is your child? Adam: Uh, and are you married? Tiffany: Yeah. Adam: And you're just trying to get back to, uh, the swing of things, sexually? Tiffany: Well, yeah, but I'm having a lot of problems with my husband, too.

Adam: What sort Drew: Well, that will, that will screw with your sex drive. Adam: That'll slow you down. What's he up to? Adam: So he's flawed. You're better off with just a, a, just a white supremacist. Adam: They have better qualities. Tiffany: So he hardly gets any money. I work for the Postal Service. Adam: He doesn't, they don't pay him anything for the morning drive time? Drew: That's a good one. So it's that.

So I have to pay for everything. He's Monkey Boy. He answers the phones. Tiffany: he does, you know Adam: Oh. That's different. We got them too. Drew: He'll be running the radio station in couple of Adam: They're named Damien, over here. How old is he?

Tiffany: He is 25 and I'm Tiffany: Oh. Adam: So, it, it'll work out. Tiffany: Hopefully. Adam: All right baby. Take care of yourself. Tiffany: Okay, thank you. Adam: mmmmm. Let's talk to Drew: Sure. Caller Adam: Yeah. Adam: You're 24? Caller Adam: Yes I am. Adam: Tori Amos is, uh, in our studio tonight.

Caller Adam: I know. And I feel really bad that I'm blocking up her time with my problems. Adam: Uh, go ahead. Tori: Oh no Adam, I'm just here. Adam: She's here for you. Adam: What So is the problem not enough for you? Adam: Well, your partner doesn't want it? Drew: How often we talking about here?

Caller Adam: Uh, maybe, maybe once a week. Drew: No homeostasis. Caller Adam: Right now, right now it's going on 3 weeks. Adam: 3 weeks, wow. Caller Adam: His.

Adam: Oh, his! Oh, it's a guy. Caller Adam: Yeah, it's a guy. Adam: Oh, that's different. Drew: Oh, the humanity. Adam: Once every three weeks, that's, that's way too much. Caller Adam: Well, I'm trying to keep it Drew: Is he, uh. Caller Adam Adam: What's, what's Psycho Babble - Various - Dont Be Leftout (CD) deal?

Are you guys in love? Caller Adam: I am. Adam: Well, maybe Drew: Maybe this isn't a monogamous relationship. Adam: No, because if he was screwing around he'd still be putting out at home. Drew: Eh? Adam: Is he, is he questioning his sexuality at all? Caller Adam: Uh, I really don't think so. He's been out longer than I have. Drew: It this a monogamous relationship? Caller Adam: Yes it is. Drew: You and he. Adam: Drew? Drew: And why is it Adam: You don't trust the gays with the monogamy, do you?

Adam: With that Drew: It's very common that there are problems with monogamy. That is a common issue. Adam: Could Psycho Babble - Various - Dont Be Leftout (CD).

You've got 2 guys. Drew: 2 guys, yeah right! Adam: double the opportunity for, you know, screwing up, sexually. You should have 2 male sex drives, right?

Adam: You would think, yeah. Drew: Is he on medication? Caller Adam: I, I. What's that? Drew: Is he on any medication? Caller Adam: No, no. Adam: hmm. Adam: And, and, and what is, uh, excuse me, because. I have to ask the tough questions.

Caller Adam: Okay. Adam: It's my job. Uh, I mean, what do you normally do? Is he, like. Caller Adam: Actually, it goes really Adam: Oh, you move it around? And, and, bjs or do you get the sodomy going too? Caller Adam: Uh, actually that's almost counted in as sex, from my standpoint. Adam: The BJ. Adam: Yeah, I count that as sex too! I don't know, uh. We should hook up. Plus, we're both named Adam. Caller Adam: This is true. Adam: So, we'd save on towels. Tell you that right now. Something's up with this guy if can't Do you guys live together?

Caller Adam: No, not at all. Adam: But you've been together Drew: Wait a minute You've been together for a while? Caller Adam: Been together 8 months. Caller Adam: Because there are 2 of us. Adam: Is he an older guy? Caller Adam: No, no, he's Drew: He's not doing drugs? Caller Adam: What's that? Drew: Is he doing any drugs? Caller Adam: No. Not at all. Drew: All right. Caller Adam: Every time I ask him, it's always work related or Adam: Ummm Drew: It seems like it.

At this point, I keep thinking he's cheating. Adam: But, I'm saying, if he's cheating, he's not Drew: The double down. Drew: Okay Adam: You know, it would be Drew: Right, right.

Drew: Got it. Adam: All right, genius. Drew: I feel left out. And we'll be back after this. Drew: And no Tonight Show. Drew: Yes, sir. Tori: How do you know And, and Drew does too, hence, hence the uh, homeosynthesis.

Drew: Homeostasis. Selma: Yes. Adam: You're 22? Adam: What's up. Adam: How long Drew: How Adam: Hold on. Drew, I think we have to do a Loveline recreation. Drew: Yeah, I Adam: You ready?

You ask me how long I've been dating him. Drew: How long you been dating him? Selma: Yes? Adam: How long you guys been going out?

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    Mar 10,  · Psychobabble by Tofustaggerbush, released 10 March 1. Psychobabble - Part 01 2. Psychobabble - Part 02 3. Psychobabble - Part 03 4. Psychobabble - Part 04 5. Psychobabble - Part 05 6. Psychobabble - Part 06 7. Psychobabble - Part 07 8. Psychobabble - Part 08 9. Psychobabble - Part 09 Psychobabble - Part 10 Psychobabble - Part 11 A futuristic journey through the .

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    Welcome! This is a message board for mutual support and education. It focuses on medication-related issues. Psycho-Babble Alternative is for discussion of complementary or alternative treatments.. Please also consider visiting Psycho-Babble Psychology, about psychology and psychological treatments, and Psycho-Babble Social, for general support and "just" being social.

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    Nov 01,  · If only the same maturity could be shown by psycho-babes. Back at the beginning of the year, I wrote an article subsequently featured in the April issue of Inside Time: ‘Origin of a Sub-Species’, detailing the rise to power of trainee psychologists, the psycho-babes in the prison service.

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