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Ive Been Loving You Too Long - Otis Redding - Soul Manifesto: 1964-1970 (Box Set, Album)

Let Me In R. Lightnin' Hopkins R. Losing my religion R. Losing My Religion R. Lotus R. Low R. Low Desert R. Man on the moon R. Man On The Moon R. Me In Honey R. Near Wild Heaven R. New Orleans Instrumental No. New Test Leper R. Nightswimming R. Oddfellows Local R. Orange Crush R. Parakeet R. Pop Song 89 R.

Radio Song R. Reno R. Sad Professor R. Saturn Return R. She Just Wants R. Shiny Happy People R. So Fast, So Numb R. Stand R. Star 69 R. Star Me Kitten R. Strange R. Strange Currencies R. Summer Turns To High R. Suspicion R. Sweetness Follows R. Texarkana R. The Apologist R. The Lifting R. The One I Love R. Comes in a lovely card gatefold sleeve which of course was designed by alex somers. The band previously featured stefan schneider from to rococo rot but are now pared down to a three piece of thomas klein, andreas reihse and detlef weinrich.

The album features some beautifully dubby synth based sounds falling somewhere between a more bass heavy kraftwerk and the kind of space age sounds of seventies space rock. There are also hints of late eighties synth pop in here but it falls much more on the dubby side of synth music. There are obvious references to some early krautrock, its very much an album that falls into the dubby ambient genre overall though.

Limited edition vinyl pressing which comes with a full copy of the album on cd inside the sleeve. Includes tracks from bob taylor, party rockers, favulous continentals, bikinis, originals, bobby summers, rob and don, gauchos, axcents, johnny and the baa baas, majestics, jack hammer, festers, sparkles, fabulous tempoes, bob bunny, capers, cozy cole, upsetters and space man and the rockets.

The last tycoons are a five piece dublin based outfit doing a fine line in fuzzed up bluesy rock n roll. Sounding at times like a tom waits fronted rolling stones, the album is full of guitar heavy classic blues rock with plenty of old school southern rock influences thrown in. As it with pretty much all massive attack albums its really all about the guests on the album. This one ticks all the right boxes with regulars martina topley bird and horace andy being joined by an all star lineup including damon albarn, tunde adebimpe [tv on the radio], guy garvey [elbow], adrian utley [portishead] and the pick of them [for me anway] hope sandoval of mazzy star Ive Been Loving You Too Long - Otis Redding - Soul Manifesto: 1964-1970 (Box Set.

Its another superb collection of truly blissful electronic pop and classic trip hop sounds. Features the voice of hope sandoval and the guitar of dave roback. Now reissued on the plain recordings label and pressed on heavyweight gram vinyl. The album also features bells ring, mary of silence, five string serenade, blue light, shes my baby, unreflected, wasted, into dust and so tonight that i might see.

Its hard to pick a favourite out of their three albums but if forced to then this would be it for me. The album now comes pressed on heavyweight gram vinyl. The album was originally released in Features she cries your name, tangent, dont need a reason, live as you dream, sugar boy, touch me with your love, how far, someones daughter, i wish i never saw the sunshine and galaxy of emptiness.

Comes in a lovely old style heavy card sleeve too. This one was originally rleeased in on the casablanca label. Features mr wriggles, rumpofsteelskin, youre a fish and im a water sign, aqua boogie, one of those funky things, liquid sunshine, the motor booty affair and deep. The tracks were recorded under the name quintette du hot club de france which reinhardt founded with french violinst stephane grappelli. The tracks were all cut for the parisian branch of the german ultraphone label.

Features 16 early gems from a legendary jazz guitarist. The album features dinah, lady be good, i saw stars, lilly belle may june, sweet sue just you, confessin, swanee river, ultrafox, avalon, smoke rings, clouds, believe it beloved, chasing shadows, ive had my moments, some of these days and djangology.

Comes in a really lovely card sleeve made to replicate all those classic 78s from the past. Pressed on lovely gram vinyl with quality retro looking card sleeve and inner labels. The album features a collection of recordings made with stephane grappelly and his hot four, quintette du hot club de france, marhel warlop and son orchestre along with a couple of solo outings.

The cd comes housed in a recycled card sleeve, hand numbered and stamped, each sleeve has a different photographic print on the front. There are only copies of this compilation in total. The album features brand new tracks from hounds, crumb, hunter gatherer, the spook of the thirteenth lock, patrick kelleher, moutpiece, children under hoof, st catherines home for lazy infants, richer than astronauts, weil rats, boys of summer, mumblin deaf ro, girls names, school tour and peter delaney. This is a really beautifully collection of sounds incorprating sparse psyche folk, post rock and gentle electronica.

Its sees the meeting of gently plucked acoustic guitars, looped found sounds and laptop electronica. At times it kind of reminds me of what john fahey would sound like jamming with four tet. There is also lots of lovely gentle post rock kind of vibes going on here too, at times reminscent of the likes of the dirty 3 or even the rachels on a slightly more avant folk like buzz.

Limited edition green vinyl pressing. Prior to this release on thesundazed label none of these tracks have been previously available. The tracks have all been perfectly mastered at sundazed studios and come in all their mono glory.

Along with their legendary hit dirty water the album also features mr nobody, why did you hurt me, why pick on me, gloria and sometimes good guys dont wear white. Originally released in and now reissued on 10 inch vinyl. The band features long time collaborator chris walmsley on drums and rory gibson on bass, so its pretty much voice of the seven woods with a new name and it must also be added, a totally brand new sound.

Whilst his previous collections have been on the hypnotic psyche folk side of things this new album is pure electric psychedelic rock, full of wailing guitar solo action. It seems the band just plugged in all their electric guitars and let loose in the studios without any prior rehearsal of the tracks. What came out is some truly hypnotic psyche rock with hints of middle eastern folk, hendrix like guitar solo action.

Try to imagine if hendrix and john fahey were one person, then this is what he would have come out with. Its truly blistering stuff with just the odd break for a moment of acoustic trance like folk picking. This limited edition vinyl pressing is limited to only numbered copies and comes with a bonus mp3 download coupon featuring all tracks from the album.

These are the guys that brought us the stunning london is the place for me compilations too. The album is centred around a brand new fusion of sounds from the congo in the mid fifties as ex pats started to return with all these latin american imported 78s. As local bands began to incorporate these latin rhythms into their own sound this whole new sound was born. Its kind of a similar story to the days in jamaica when soul music was first introduced to early reggae recording artists.

As ever with honest jons the album comes with a detailed booklet packed with information on the artists and this ever evolving sound. The album artwork also features some stunning old black and white photos from dancehalls back in the day. Join up now and you can order by either email or phone. We try to keep the catalogue down to items we have in stock in the store so we can supply your mail order as quickly as possible, but due to that there will always be titles not on the site that we can get in stock.

If there is something you are looking for that you don't see on the catalogue, chances are we can order it in for you. If you would like us to order something in for you simply fill in the form on the website. We will get back to you and let you know how long it will take normally only takes a week or so and if that suits we can then place the order for you. Please understand that we cannot get rarities, deleted items or rare singles no longer in print.

This service is completely free of charge, you only pay the price of the record, nothing else. Happy Shopping! We are going to keep the mailout to once a week, but if you want to check on stock coming in midweek then please check out the webpage for any early arrivals.

If you feel you have been wrongly added to this please mail us and let us know. If you are receiving this list more than once please mail us and let us know and we will fix it. Thursday, May 27, Road Records newsletter May 27th Its one of those rare heavenly type of weeks here in the shop this week, its not often we get two of our favourite bands releasing albums in the same week, but you have probably guessed already that its happened this week. Not only do we have a brand new Teenage Fanclub album for you but we also have a new Divine Comedy too.

The poor record player in the shop is so confused at this stage with the amount of swapping around we are doing. After much debating we have decided to give our album of the week to Teenage Fanclub, by much debating I mean that Dylan and myself just bullied everybody else and made the decision for them.

We are also very excited to announce the Mr Divine Comedy himself, Neil Hannon, will be playing live in our little store this Saturday at 1pm. You are all very welcome to come and we will try and squeeze everybody in. Well lets see where to begin. Lets start with some new Irish music, Boa Morte are back after a long long break with a brand new album this week.

God Is An Astronaut return with another slice of lush post rock. The Rags have just released their debut album. Gavin Glass is a multi-instrumentalist you may have seen perform with Lisa Hannigan recently and he has just released a brand solo album. The rather lovely Walpurgis Family have a new album out this week on the Popical Island label.

Fans of avant garde noise rock will simply adore this new Rangda album out this week on Drag City. Oneida fans should check out this new band People Of The North, why? I hear you ask, well its basically the same band with a different name.

Right, thats it for another week. Have a good weekend and see you next week sometime. The album is released again on their own pema label. The album features twelve brand new tracks including the recent single baby lee. What can i possibly say about a teenage fanclub album that you dont already now. The facts are it contains twelve classic slices of pure sunshine pop sounds, really is there anybody else better at this kind of jangly guitar music out there.

Some of the tracks feature brass and strings, some of them dont. These guys are blessed with three of the finest songwriters around at the moment, not to mention three of the finest singers too. The album kind of sounds a bit like teenage fanclub, probably falling somewhere between grand prix and songs from northern britain. Basically its yet another superb collection, buy it and try not to smile from start to finish.

Conor is a former member of dublin indie rock outfit the immediate. The album features nine brand new tracks plus brand new recordings of the meaning of the ritual and pieces which both appeared on the hollow kind ep, released on irish indie label any other city last year. Quite simply this is one of the most accomplished debut albums we have heard from a local musician in quite some time, this young man is going to be around for some considerable time if this is anything to go by.

The album features a superbly lush collection of heartfelt and emotionally charged almost folk like songs, both dark and totally uplifting at the same time. Its an album of almost orchestral like pop sounds at times with tons of beautiful string and brass elements included along the way. There are moments that kind of remind me of pure intimacy of early elliott smith with elements also of the classic songwriting sounds of labelmate cass mccombs.

Its must be mentioned that this man possesses one of the finest voices i have heard in ages, equally happy with a low gentle whisper before hitting some soulful higher tones. From gentle folk to euphoric orchestral pop, this is an album that i can already see ending up in plenty of end of year polls.

Sit back and relax for 45 minutes, you will the better for it afterwards. Limited edition double vinyl pressing.

The album features three sides of music and the fourth side is etched. The album also comes with a bonus download coupon. Features the singles what to say and sole brother. The album features a rather quirky and off kilter take on the classic sounds of post punk and indie rock. There are hints of the pixies disjointed guitar driven off kilter rhythms along with a voice reminscent of the violent femmes and bass heavy punk funk influences.

Fans of the likes of arcade fire, tapes n tapes etc will love this for its raw and highly inventive take on underground rock. Its a really energetic rush of guitar heavy sounds with a really melodic sound at its core. Comes with a bonus download coupon featuring all tracks from the album. Fronted by the ever enigmatic neil hannon and released on his own label this time. This is his first divine comedy album since making the duckworth lewis method record last year with thomas walsh from pugwash.

Its is amazingly enough also his first album as the divine comedy since victory for the comic muse back in Its been a long four year wait for long time fans of mr hannon but we will have to let him away with it, in fairness to him he has been busy with the duckworth lewis method.

This is definitely an album that will tick all the right boxes for you divine comedy fans, its very much an album that sounds like it was written on piano this time, pretty much every track features piano as the lead instrument with plenty of lush orchestration then added in for extra drama and authenticity. Its another wonderful collection of distinctly divine comedy like chamber pop sounds with plenty of hannons almost vaudeville like twists and turns, not to mention the odd bit of sixties tinged scott walker like orchestral pop.

The album comes presented in a lovely card gatefold sleeve with printed inner featuring all the lyrics. Limited edition double cd version, limited to copies in total and features an exclusive extra booklet and a bonus disc featuring material recorded live in france. This album follows up their very limited in the fall mini album from earlier this year and and their previous full length wave like home from back in This is very much an album of hard to define sounds, at times fuzzed up electro pop and other times bass heavy new wave.

The album is pressed on very limited translucent orange vinyl and is limited to copies in total. Also comes with a bonus mp3 download coupon featuring all tracks from the album. The album features string arrangements by eric bachmann and members of techanko, devotcha and crooked fingers. This is his first collection of new material since the red empire orchestra album back in The first Album) you will notice about this collection is the truly lush orchestration involved, its quite a different beast to the totally stripped down sounds of the previous outing.

The album kind of hints at times of a folk singer playing the spaghetti western soundtracks of ennio morricone with richard hawley and calexico hovering around in the background. Its a really beautiful meeting of rough rustic folk sounds and big blasts of strings and brass. There are also a couple longer tracks that go into some kind of weird almost psyche folk like noisy jams, almost sounding like bonnie prince billy jamming with godspeed you black emperor.

Never one to rest on his laurels micah p has come up trumps yet again. Pressed on two beautiful slabs of heavyweight gram vinyl. Also comes in a gatefold sleeve. I suppose he is probably best remembered as the guitarist with legendary australian outfit the birthday party. A perfectly formed collection of eight tracks, clocking in at just under forty minutes, the perfect length for any album in my opinion.

The album features six original howard tracks along with covers of lifes what you make it [talk talk] and nothin [townes van zandt]. Howard is joined by mick harvey [bad seeds], jp shilo adn jonnine standish [ex hate rock trio].

Features some lovely dark hearted swamp blues like rootsy sounds, coming across like later nick cave with lots of added hammond organ. Randazzo played violin and sang with the red krayola on several tours and has appeared on four of their albums to date. The album features a lovely collection of downbeat and somewhat haunting folk based sounds. Its an album that harks back a wee bit to the classic early seventies folk sound, its even got hints of the likes of judee sill or linda perhacs whilst also reminding me of the more modern ethereal folk sounds of the likes of espers or marissa nadler.

The album is going to be pure heaven for free-form avant rock fans out there, imagine a somewhat less structured lightning bolt with even more added white noise. Its a truly thunderous assault on the ears, at times breaking out into the most stunning guitar solo workouts before launching head first back into all manner of ear bleeding full on noise.

On occasion the album does actually break down into some hauntingly beautiful moments [its true, i kid you not] sounding like some long lost john fahey electric guitar piece.

Features back disco featuring claire prendergast and chelsea bards on the flip side. The single is limited to a measly individually hand numbered copies, never to be repressed so get em while you still can.

On the a side there is a special hand sprayed stenciled band on an island logo and the flip side features a hand drawn picture of the chelsea hotel sign, no two copies will ever be the same. The b-side of the single was recorded by the mighty stef himself in room of the famous hotel chelsea and is dedicated to its great manager stanley bard.

Their last album left us all here wanting more and its been a long long wait. The album features a rather beautiful collection of downbeat slow core meets post rock sounds, think red house painters meets low and smog. Its a lovely sombre and intimate affair full of gently brushed drum sounds, strings and minimal post rock like guitar picking. Fans of fellow irishman adrian crowley will fall in love with this one instantly.

Its one of those perfect late night bedtime albums, beautifully soothing stuff. Their previous album everybody loves came out on the highly respected morr music label back in The album features eleven perfectly formed electronic pop gems. Its a beautiful blend of dual vocals, subtle guitar picking and the gentlest of beats. Its almost like some mellow late night electronic folk album, full of sounds that will excite all fans of the morr music label, lali puna etc.

Its wonderfully intimate stuff, almost sounding like a totally stripped down stereolab in a slighly more sombre mood. Its a perfect lazy sunday afternoon album. The first four tracks were recorded on 19th of may with the remaining four coming from a session on march 10th Features when the lights are low, tune-up, miles ahead, smooch, four, old devil moon, blue haze and ill remember april.

Joining davis on the first session are john lewis [piano], charlie mingus [piano], percy heath [bass] adn max roach [drums]. On the second Album) the band were horace silver [piano], art blakey [drums] and percy heath [bass]. Its very much an all solo affair from this dublin based singer songwriter, he writes, plays and records everything on here.

The ep features a lovely rustic collection of old time acoustic folk sounds with hints of early dylan, townes van zandt and bonnie prince billys outings as palace brothers. Comes in the original sleeve and is pressed on heavyweight gram vinyl too. Features blowin in the wind, girl from the north cuntry, masters of war, down the highway, bob dylans blues, a hard rains a-gonna fall, dont think twice its alright, Ive Been Loving You Too Long - Otis Redding - Soul Manifesto: 1964-1970 (Box Set dylans dream, oxford town, talkin world war iii blues, corrina corrina, honey just allow me one more chance and i shall be free.

Comes with the original liner notes by nat hentoff. Reissued on the sundazed label. The Complete Studio Albums Collection. Soul Manifesto: Stax Classics. The Best of Otis Redding []. A Million Little Pieces. Best Live Music. Best of the 60's [Universal]. Deep Memphis Soul. Happy Mother's Day. Warner Bros. Otis Redding Respect [Rhino]. The Right Stuff. Otis Redding Otis! Various Artists Masterpieces.

Various Artists Soul Patrol, Vol. Ripete Records. MVP Records. Flashback Records. Otis Redding Love Songs. Various Artists The Stax Story. Otis Redding 3 for 1 Box Set. WEA International. Otis Redding The Essentials. Four albums of mostly new material were released, but they are more like compilations than official studio releases. The first of these releases, The Dock of the Bayassembled by guitarist and producer Steve Cropperis made up of previously released singles and b-sides as well as some album tracks and a few previously unissued recordings.

The other three Album) these albums contain a greater amount of previously unreleased material. The posthumous collections are generally considered to be of good quality, [5] which is unusual, as a lot of posthumous releases by other artists receive unfavorable reviews. A fifth release, Remember Mecame out on 20 Marchfeaturing 22 unreleased tracks taken from Redding's — recordings, with numerous unreleased and stereo recordings.

Two alternate takes of " Sittin' on The Dock of the Bay" and alternate takes of other famous tracks, such as "Respect", "Come to Me", and Try a Little Tendernessare among its highlights. These two performances are also included in the box set Otis!

The Definitive Otis Redding. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved April 8, Official Charts Company. Retrieved November 1,

Dont Stop The Music (Instrumental Version), Joyride (Joy Mix) - Joy (4) - Joyride (Vinyl), Take Me 2 The Limit (Radio Extended Clubmix) - T-Spoon - Take Me 2 The Limit (Vinyl), Gutspawn - Timeghoul - Tumultuous Travelings / Panaramic Twilight (Vinyl, LP), Мой Каждый Новый День - Various - Russian Old School Rap (CD), Sparkling Colours II - Eternal Nightmare - Days Without Sleeping (CD, Album), Black U.F.O. - Various - Gazen ParaPara!! 10 (Vinyl), The Chrono Psionic Interface (Spaced Out Mix) - A Man Called Adam - The Chrono Psionic Interface EP, Anna Lee / Sweet Black Angel - Various - And This Is Maxwell Street (CD, Album), Follow - Abe Diddy & The Krautboys - Follow (CD, Album)

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    He co-wrote the song in with Chicago soul singer Jerry Butler and recorded it for release on 's Otis Blue. Although the song has been covered many times in the decades since, and was even revived for a Top 25 R&B hit by Ike & Tina Turner in mid, Otis Redding remains the definitive singer of "I've Been Loving You Too Long.".

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    Redding,Otis-I`ve Been Loving You Too Long & Other Hits (Us Import) Cd New EUR 7,56 Compralo Subito 28d 19h, EUR 3,52 Spedizione, Day Restituzione, Garanzia cliente eBay Venditore: rarewaves-united ️ () %, Luogo in cui si trova l'oggetto:5/5(K).

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    Redding,Otis-I`ve Been Loving You Too Long & Other Hits (Us Import) Cd New Invenduto Vedi articoli simili EUR 6,03 Compralo Subito, EUR 3,51 Spedizione, Day Restituzione, Garanzia cliente eBay Venditore: rarewaves-united ️ () %,5/5(K).

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    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for OTIS REDDING SHAKE AND OTHER HITS CD at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!End date: May 30,

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    Aug 31,  · The album features pataphysical introduction part one, a concise british alphabet part one, hibou anemone and bear, a concise british alphabet part two, hulloder, dada was here, thank you pierrot lunaire, have you ever been green, pataphysical introduction part two, out of tunes, as long as he lies here perfectly still, dedicated to you but you.

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    Jul 02,  · [Pop V.a] 97 Oldies Hit 97 Oldies Hit Vol 03 11 I've Been Loving You Too Long - Percy brandez.biz3 [Pop V.a] 97 Oldies Hit 97 Oldies Hit Vol 03 12 Histoire D'amour - Edith brandez.biz3 [Pop V.a] 97 Oldies Hit 97 Oldies Hit Vol 03 13 Funny Face - Donna brandez.biz3 [Pop V.a] 97 Oldies Hit 97 Oldies Hit Vol 03 14 Love Hurts - Paul brandez.biz3.

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    Ive Been Loving You Too Long: Aretha Franklin: Young, Gifted And Black: When A Soldier Knocks And Finds Nobody Home: Ernest Tubb: Yellow Rose Of Texas-Cd2: Partita for solo violin No. 3 in E major, BWV 5. Bourée: Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (2 of 2) Stay All.

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