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Song Of India - Unknown Artist - A Tribute to Glenn Miller / A Salute To The Big Bands (Vinyl)

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Universal Music Australia. Christmas Blues. What the Future Holds. Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Never Look Back. Death of an Optimist. Is this content Song Of India - Unknown Artist - A Tribute to Glenn Miller / A Salute To The Big Bands (Vinyl) Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Save Save base-datos. When she first arrived in Chicago, Jackson dreamed of being a nurse or a teacher, but before she could enroll in school she had to take over Aunt Hannah's job when she became ill.

Steady work became a second priority to singing. Jackson began calling herself a "fish and bread singer", Song Of India - Unknown Artist - A Tribute to Glenn Miller / A Salute To The Big Bands (Vinyl) for herself and God.

Anderson and William L. Inon Dawson's request, she sang for Franklin D. Roosevelt 's presidential campaign. She had become the only professional gospel singer in Chicago. As opportunities came to her, an extraordinary moral code directed Jackson's career choices.

Her lone vice was frequenting movie and vaudeville theaters until her grandfather visited one summer and had a stroke while standing in the sun on a Chicago street. Jackson pleaded with God to spare him, swearing she would never go to a theater again.

He survived and Jackson kept her promise, refusing to attend as a patron and rejecting opportunities to sing in theaters for her entire career. She furthermore vowed to sing gospel exclusively despite intense pressure. Impressed with his attention and manners, Jackson married him after a year-long courtship. Hockenhull's mother gave the couple formulas for homemade hair and skincare products she had sold door to door.

Hockenhull Song Of India - Unknown Artist - A Tribute to Glenn Miller / A Salute To The Big Bands (Vinyl) Jackson made cosmetics in their kitchen and she sold jars when she traveled.

It was not steady work, and the cosmetics did not sell well. At one point Hockenhull had been laid off and he and Jackson had less than a dollar between Song Of India - Unknown Artist - A Tribute to Glenn Miller / A Salute To The Big Bands (Vinyl). He saw that auditions for The Swing Mikadoa jazz-flavored retelling of the Gilbert and Sullivan operawere taking place.

Plus, he saw no value in singing gospel. He did not consider it artful. He had repeatedly urged her to get formal training and put her voice to better use. She refused and they argued about it often. Wracked by guilt, she attended the audition, later calling the experience "miserable" and "painful". When she got home she learned that the role was offered to her, but when Hockenhull informed her he also secured a job she immediately rejected the role to his disbelief.

She furthermore turned down Louis Armstrong and Earl "Fatha" Hines when they offered her jobs singing with their bands. Jackson told neither her husband or Aunt Hannah, who shared her house, of this session. The records' sales were weak, but were distributed to jukeboxes in New Orleans, one of which Jackson's entire family huddled around in a bar, listening to her again and again. Decca said they would record her further if she sang blues, and once more Jackson refused. The Johnson Singers folded inbut as the Depression lightened Jackson saved some money, earned a beautician's license from Madam C.

Walker 's school, and bought a beauty salon in the heart of Bronzeville. It was almost immediately successful and the center of gospel activity. Singers, male and female, visited while Jackson cooked for large groups of friends and customers on a two-burner stove in the rear of the salon. It was located across the street from Pilgrim Baptist Churchwhere Thomas Dorsey had become music director. Dorsey proposed a series of performances to promote his music and her voice and she agreed.

They toured off and on until It was regular and, they felt, necessary work. Dorsey accompanied Jackson on piano, often writing songs specifically for her. His background as a blues player gave him extensive experience improvising and he encouraged Jackson to develop her skills during their performances by handing her lyrics and playing chords while she created melodies, sometimes performing 20 or more songs this way.

She was able to emote and relate to audiences profoundly well; her goal was to "wreck" a church, or cause a state of spiritual pandemonium among the audience which she did consistently. At one event, in an ecstatic moment Dorsey jumped up from the piano and proclaimed, "Mahalia Jackson is the Empress of gospel singers!

She's the Empress! The Empress!! A constant worker and a shrewd businesswoman, Jackson became the choir director at St. Luke Baptist Church. She bought a building as a landlord, then found the salon so successful she had to hire help to care for it when she traveled on weekends.

On tour, she counted heads and tickets to ensure she was being paid fairly. A compulsive gambler, he took home a large payout asking Jackson to hide it so he would not gamble it. She laid the stash in flat bills under a rug assuming he would never look there, then went to a weekend performance in Detroit.

When she returned, she realized he had found it and used it to buy a race horse. Inhe brought home a new Buick for her that he promptly stopped paying for. She paid for it entirely, then learned he had used it as collateral for a loan when she saw it being repossessed in the middle of the day on the busiest street in Bronzeville.

They divorced amicably. Each engagement Jackson took was farther from Chicago in a nonstop string of performances. In she appeared at the Golden Gate Ballroom in Harlem. In attendance was Art Freeman, a music scout for Apollo Recordsa company catering to black artists and audiences concentrating mostly on jazz and blues.

Apollo's chief executive Bess Berman was looking to broaden their representation to other genres, including gospel. Berman signed Jackson to a four-record session, allowing Jackson to pick the songs. Berman asked Jackson to record blues and she refused.

Berman told Freeman to release Jackson from any more recordings but Freeman asked for one more session to record the song Jackson sang as a warmup at the Golden Gate Ballroom concert.

Meanwhile, Chicago radio host Louis "Studs" Terkel heard Jackson's records in a music shop and was transfixed. He bought and played them repeatedly on his show. Terkel introduced his mostly white listeners to gospel music and Jackson herself, interviewing her and asking her to sing live.

It landed at the number two spot on the Billboard charts for two weeks, another first for gospel music. Berman set Jackson up for another recording session, where she sang "Even Me" one million soldand "Dig a Little Deeper" just under one million sold. Instantly Jackson was in high demand. A position as the official soloist of the National Baptist Convention was created for her, and her audiences multiplied to the tens of thousands.

She campaigned for Harry Trumanearning her first invitation to the White House. Time constraints forced her to give up the choir director position at St. Luke Baptist Church and sell the beauty shop. The next year, promoter Joe Bostic approached her to perform in a gospel music revue at Carnegie Halla venue most often reserved for classical and well established artists such as Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington.

Jackson was intimidated by this offer and dreaded the approaching date. Gospel had never been performed at Carnegie. Jackson was the final artist to appear that evening. After a shaky start, she gave multiple encores and received voluminous praise: Nora Holt, a music critic with the black newspaper The New York Amsterdam Newswrote that Jackson's rendition of "City Called Heaven" was filled with "suffering ecstasy" and that Jackson was a "genius unspoiled".

The show that took place in broke attendance records set by Goodman and Arturo Toscanini. He bought her records, took them home and played them on French public radio. Jackson was accompanied by her pianist Mildred Falls, together performing 21 songs with question and answer sessions from the audience, mostly filled with writers and intellectuals. As Jackson's singing was often considered jazz or blues with religious lyrics, she fielded questions about the nature of gospel blues and how she developed her singing style.

Toward the end, a participant asked Jackson what parts of gospel music come from jazz, and she replied, "Baby, don't you know the Devil stole the beat from the Lord? Her records were sent to the UK, traded there among jazz fans, earning Jackson a cult following on both sides of the Atlantic, and she was invited to tour Europe. Jackson had her first television appearance on Toast of the Town with Ed Sullivan in As she prepared to embark on her first tour of Europe, she began having difficulty breathing during and after performances and had severe abdominal cramping.

She continued with her plans for the tour where she was very warmly received. In jazz magazine DownBeatMason Sargent called the tour "one of the most remarkable, in terms of audience reaction, ever undertaken by an American artist". She lost a significant amount of weight during the tour, finally having to cancel. When she returned to the U.

She was diagnosed with sarcoidosisa systemic inflammatory disease caused by immune cells forming lumps in organs throughout the body. Sarcoidosis is not curable, though it can be treated, and following the surgery, Jackson's doctors were cautiously optimistic that with treatment she could carry on as normal.

InJackson learned that Berman had been withholding royalties and had allowed her contract with Apollo to expire. Miller attempted to make her repertoire more appealing to white listeners, asking her to record ballads and classical songs, but again she refused. Although it got an overwhelmingly positive reception and producers were eager to syndicate it nationally, it was cut to ten minutes long, then canceled.

She had a welcoming and loving interest in the other residents, and recently had been helping her next-door neighbor recover her speech after the woman had suffered a stroke. Schumacher, 95, died on Aug.

She was a devoted volunteer, keeping the books for Friends Interested in the Severely Handicapped in the Sacramento area. She had a particular interest in that cause, as she provided full-time care for her late son, Carl, who had Down syndrome. Schumacher loved cooking, sharing recipes and participating in her potluck club.

She and her extended family took summer vacations to Lake Almanor, and she was a longtime parishioner at St. Mel in Fair Oaks, where she helped feed and console families who had lost loved ones.

She wound up staying after meeting her future husband, Charles Schumacher, who was a mechanic and later worked as a service manager for truck companies. Schumacher tested positive for coronavirus three weeks before she died. After requiring supplemental oxygen at first, she seemed to be on the mend.

She took a turn for the worse, however, and died a day after returning to the hospital from a skilled-nursing rehabilitation facility. Schumacher was preceded in death by her husband and son.

He was quietly proud of his apartment, the janitorial job he held for more than two decades, and the life skills he had learned from Clausen House, an independent living program in Oakland for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

He cherished time with family and friends. Everyone knew how important it was to Scotty, so it became that much more important to them.

The third of four children, he was born prematurely with serious complications, severely impaired vision, and developmental disabilities. With the support of his family, he graduated high school and went through the independent living program at Clausen House. He was a very caring person, very loving, very interested in other people. Woodard also loved going to restaurants and exchanging family gossip over a meal.

He called relatives often and persistently to ask how they were doing, said Jessica Woodard, his niece. Her death was the latest in a series of losses, including the deaths of his eldest brother, Charles, and his best friend and roommate of over 30 years, Bob Gaede. During their last in-person conversation, she said he seemed frustrated and wanted to go home. She tried to cheer him up by reminiscing about his favorite meals and restaurants, and encouraged him to focus on getting better.

Tom, who had visited almost daily while Woodard was in the hospital, tried to get the staff to arrange daily phone calls instead. In early April, news broke of a cluster of coronavirus cases at the Orinda Care Center, infecting 11 staff members and more than half the residents. On April 15, they heard that Woodard had developed a fever. He even chaperoned their field trips. De La Fuente going? He could be imposing. After serving in the Army, he joined the Fresno Police Department.

Born and raised in Fresno, where he lived his entire life, he was on the job for more than 20 years, including with the Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium. Lilia and Angel met in grammar school.

He was a wonderful father; he did everything for his kids. He did everything for his mother. But this was what he wanted to do with his life. I was excited for him. He was hospitalized Dec. He just wanted to get better and come home. De La Fuente died Dec. Now the kids were old enough to get on all the rides and attractions; we were all together. He took me there on my birthday. June Pantages was always a natural caregiver, even before the duty was thrust upon her later in life. She was only 18 when her son Dick was born without an ear.

The young mom changed out his bandages and in subsequent years, when he returned from one of his surgeries, had his favorite meal ready.

When she and her late husband, Harry, took their three kids camping off Lake Chelan in Washington, it was Pantages who made sure the trips went off without a hitch, cooking and cleaning while everyone else enjoyed the outdoors. She died July 31, a little over a month after her 96th birthday, at the Carlton, an assisted living home in Pleasant Hill. An only child of alcoholic parents, Pantages left home shortly after graduating high school and married Harry.

They were married 49 years, the last five of which she spent caring for him as his condition deteriorated. Although Harry was the more outgoing of the two, her quiet warmth and compassion were her calling card, her family said. When a family friend began suffering from dementia, she took time every week to visit. She also spent decades volunteering with Kaiser Hospice, out of gratitude for their help with her husband.

When John Paul Marcos was a child, he would accompany his father while dropping off his mom for her night shifts at the hospital. She never complained, and usually had a smile on her face, he recalled.

Celia Marcos, 61, worked as a nurse for decades, a career that had been her dream, according to her older son, Donald Jay Marcos. For 16 years, she was a nurse at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. When she began to struggle to breathe, she was admitted to the hospital herself and died there on April At a vigil for Marcos held outside the hospital this month, colleagues described her calming presence and clear head in stressful situations.

Marcos was gracious and kind, and accepted you as you were, they said. Marcos immigrated to the U. Marcos loved to eat and travel, and good food was her weakness, said her son Donald Jay Marcos. But she spent most of her vacation time visiting her family in the Philippines, he said. By Soumya Karlamangla. Donald Kennedy, a former president of Stanford University who also led the U. Kennedy, who suffered a serious stroke indied Tuesday at Gordon Manor, a residential care home where he had lived for two years, Stanford said in a statement.

Nursing and assisted living facilities have become hot spots for outbreaks of the coronavirus disease. Kennedy, a neurobiologist who was known for his humor, dedication to students and bold leadership, spent the bulk of his career in science and education at Stanford University.

Kennedy returned to Stanford and became president in The university refunded the government for many of the charges and was largely cleared of wrongdoing. Lumpkin lived a full life. He was drafted into the military in when he was a year-old student at UCLA. Army Air Force. He met his wife, Georgia, while he was a student and got married soon after.

Years later, he retired from the Air Force Reserves as a lieutenant colonel. He started a new era of his life working for Los Angeles County, serving as a social worker among other jobs over 32 years. He later shifted gears again, becoming a real estate broker and opening his own real estate company.

They did not bow down. The Tuskegee Airmen received the highest civilian recognition in with the Congressional Gold Medal. Nearly two years later, then-President Obama invited the surviving squadron members, including Lumpkin, to his inauguration. Now, only eight original Tuskegee combat pilots and several support personnel are still alive, said Rick Sinkfield of the Tuskegee Airmen Inc. All are in their 90s or older.

Lumpkin traveled frequently across the nation and abroad with the Tuskegee Airmen Inc. He served as president of the Los Angeles chapter, a national board member and western regional representative.

He was also a board member with the Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation. Although these projects took up most of his bandwidth, family members said he always carved out time to spend time with them, even if it meant boarding a flight and heading directly to a music recital or a wedding. He enjoyed taking drives down Pacific Coast Highway and had recently purchased a new white Kia Sport.

He wore his mask during errands. He learned how to use Zoom for virtual conferences and board meetings. Lumpkin Jr. Throughout his life, Tran Ngoc Chau was a fighter. Chau was arrested in for treason, after attempting clandestine peace talks with his brother, then a senior intelligence officer in North Vietnam. He spent five years in prison and two years at a communist reeducation camp, and turned down numerous opportunities to escape.

Embassy said they had room for him and my mother to fly out on a helicopter, but he refused because he'd have to leave his children. Chau and his family later fled to the United States and settled in Los Angeles.

His oldest children enrolled in vocational programs, while he studied computer programming at a community college and worked nights on an assembly line. What's the difference? Chau then started a successful desktop publishing business, and steadily wrote his memoir, which was published in Even in the latter years of his life, he battled aspiration pneumonia and was in the midst of recovering from a hip replacement when he was diagnosed with COVID at a nursing home.

Chau died June He is survived by his wife, seven children, 14 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. It wasand the young, intellectually minded student was prepared for a rigorous course of academic study. Six months later, the two married. Lynn and Penelope were together for 60 years until her death inand their love story is one of many achievements in a life well-lived.

In the late s, Naibert became associate dean of student affairs and financial aid at UC-San Diego, but he soon returned to his passion for teaching at city schools and working in district counseling. He retired in Naibert read deeply and vastly on all kinds of subjects.

He had a particular passion for books about the Middle East, and he enjoyed bocce, golf and Song Of India - Unknown Artist - A Tribute to Glenn Miller / A Salute To The Big Bands (Vinyl) roses.

He was also a spiritual person. InNaibert visited St. He found kinship in Alcoholics Anonymous, where he was a mentor and sponsor and, for a time, a meeting leader at Donovan State Prison. He also cherished his time volunteering at the San Diego Czech House, a gathering place for people of Czech and Slovak heritage.

Ever curious about the world, he visited Buddhist temples and relayed his learnings to his family. Naibert is survived by his children, Beverly, Pamela, Paul and Jay, as well as his seven grandchildren. When Robert Brewster and his family met Princess Grace of Monaco during a trip overseas, it was an unforgettable occasion. His kids still look at the photograph with fondness—despite the fact that it was missing one big thing. Brewster grew up in Toluca Lake in the s.

His father was an executive at Universal Studios and his mother hosted fancy dinner parties, his daughter said. He met his wife, Patricia, in and they were married a year later. The couple bought their first home in Rancho Palos Verdes inright around the time Brewster started working as an engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company.

He could fix anything, and he built some things we needed. He loved technology magazines, puzzles, puns and wordplay. He also cared deeply about music. He had a huge record collection mostly showtunes, classical and comedy albums and he sang in the choir at Rolling Hills Methodist Church and Rolling Hills Covenant Church.

Brewster is survived by his wife, Patricia; children Susan, Sharon, Karen and David; and seven grandchildren. A nun for years and later a teacher after leaving the order, Roche died Oct.

Inafter having cloudy vision in one eye, Roche was diagnosed with giant cell arteritis, which can affect the optic nerves, and within days she had gone completely and irreversibly blind. Roche was part of the first graduating class from Mercy High School in San Francisco in and became a nun with the Sisters of Mercy in She received a bachelor's degree in education and taught in several parochial schools in the Bay Area.

She left the order in She was married to Keith Fraser for about 15 years, and then they divorced. She would later work in the office of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Parish in Novato. Which is interesting because she was very strict, coming from the nuns. Ronda Felder gave her life to people in need, always doing whatever it took to make room in her home, her heart and her family for anyone who was hurting, lost or abandoned.

Felder was constantly on the move, always working to improve life for others, never slowing down, rarely getting exhausted, almost never getting sick, Treasure said. As a single mother, she worked full time after the family moved from New York to San Diego in She began pursuing a college education ingraduating from San Diego State University with a degree in social work.

Once Ronda Felder graduated from college at the age of 50, she did not slow down, Treasure said. She got a job as a social worker for the county, and worked tirelessly for the children on her list, even after the pandemic descended on California. First she visited them on video chat services, then, when the county directed social workers to resume visiting children, in person.

Treasure said her mother felt her work was a calling, and she answered the call even though she knew she was putting her life in danger with every in-person visit amid the pandemic. Alberto Reyes, 84, and his son Fernando Reyes Sr.

They had both raised him and saw his graduation as a validation that their sacrifices had been worth it. For more than 20 years, his father worked six days a week, taking long shifts at the front desk at the Ritz-Carlton and Omni hotels in San Francisco so that he could provide for his family.

Still, Fernando Jr. A retired U. Navy officer, Alberto took care of his grandson while his son was working, and together they built a bright-red swing in his backyard in Vallejo. It still stands today. He also taught his grandson how to garden. Both Alberto and Fernando Sr. Fernando Sr. In mid-March, Fernando Sr. Although they had been divorced since Fernando Jr. By April, Alberto and Fernando Sr. Alberto died in the hospital April 20; his son died April Los Angeles comedian Joe Luna died from COVID just days after being hospitalized and documenting his horrific battle with the virus on social media.

The comic from East L. Luna first opened up about his novel coronavirus journey llast month on Instagram, revealing that he had been suffering from chest pains and pneumonia. It was due to close contact. I got hit with it very severe. His last video was filmed the day he died from his hospital bed in a COVID unit, which he said had unsanitary conditions.

Everything has just been Known for his witty commentary on cholo culture, Luna grew up in East L. It took hustle, and sometimes it helped to know somebody. That was Hollywood. So was the job Rogosin actually landed when the Schary meeting was a dud: messenger at Columbia Pictures, a totally different studio. The starting-from-rock-bottom strivers who worked alongside him in the mailroom all had bachelor's or postsecondary degrees.

They delivered mail, trade papers, packages, scripts and cartons of cigarettes to the executives whose favor they craved but whose power intimidated them.

He floated up to the Warner Bros. In one episode, he agreed to cast dozens of Native American extras at the demand of musician and guest star Buffy Sainte-Marie, who was Cree.

Rogosin helped the multitalented, velvet-voiced jazz crooner Mel Torme try his hand at acting and screenwriting, and he also produced Jerry Lewis telethons to raise funds to fight muscular dystrophy. Rogosin enjoyed the creative autonomy he got from working on a small theater production with his brother and with lyricist Bruce Belland, especially compared to the mainstream TV productions he had long been involved with.

Rogosin is survived by his wife of more than 60 years, Deborah; his three daughters; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

By Junemore than people at Avenal State Prison were infected with the deadly virus. It was, he told her, where many people were getting sick. Canez was born in Bakersfield inthe youngest of 11 children. His father died when he was just an infant, and for many years, his family lived below the poverty line. Canez was full of charm and charisma; a bright and curious child who would grow into a smooth-talking Cassanova with confidence and style.

But life in his Lamont neighborhood outside Bakersfield was full of temptation. While working as a janitor, Canez got involved with the local drug scene and began using heroin. It was an addiction that would plague him for much of his life, even as he fell in love, got married and became a father. InCanez made a decision that would change his life and the lives of others.

High on drugs, he got behind the wheel of a car and got into an accident that killed two people: Ruben Pinon, a passenger in his car, and Virginia Adams, a passenger in another. Canez was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to back-to-back year sentences.

It took Canez a long time to process what had happened. While in prison, Canez reconnected with Angie Jimenez, a childhood flame who visited him regularly, and they married in He checked in with his children weekly, and in the year before his death, he made it a point to reconnect with many of his siblings. Last year, Canez graduated from the Avenal education program. It was one of the proudest moments of his life, Sandra said. Xavier said he thought about his father when he taught his own son to play baseball.

The young woman had started by taking care of elderly patients at a specialized nursing home in Riverside. Recently, despite knowing that several patients were infected with the coronavirus, she decided to keep working, family members said.

On April 11, it was Viveros who had to go to a hospital with frightening symptoms; she tested positive for COVID and her body could not fight off the disease. As the youngest daughter, she was too young to leave us. But God has opened Heaven for her. Her mother, father, sister and brother are in a state of shock and mourning. She deserves our love and gratitude. By Selene Rivera. A longtime professor of religious studies at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash.

Born in Wolf Point, Mont. He attended a Jesuit-run high school in Seattle and sometimes helped out at a string of foundering ice cream parlors and doughnut shops that his father had purchased in the area.

City Lights - Dave Grusin - Mountain Dance (CD, Album), 2. Molto Capriccioso - Béla Bartók / György Sándor - Solo Piano Works (CD), Saudades - Ao Cubo - Fôlego (CD, Album), Jealous Kind - Chris Farlowe - Lonesome Road (CD), Sunscape - Ozric Tentacles - Erpland (CD, Album), The Disease - Echo And The Bunnymen* - Heaven Up Here (Vinyl, LP, Album), Fyren - SSTROM - Fyren (Vinyl), Blackbird - The Orchestra Of Syrian Musicians & Guests - Africa Express Presents… The Orchestra, I Want To Be Your Girl - The Slackers - The Producer Series Vol 1: Victor Axelrod Sessions (Vinyl), Zimmer - Various - House Family 8 (CD), I Need Your Love (Club Version)

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