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Ambient Drone 3 - Loomeer - Live From My Living Room 2009​-​2011 (File)

Home Help Search Login Register. Pages: Still with no requests! Read times ptownblazer Emoticontraindication Offline Posts: Oh the irony. And Pat, you're still da man.

Just saw you posted that four tet EP on the next page. Thank you. Code: [Select]. Quote from: zerodrone on 25 Mar The German Chancellory building Offline Posts: I read something about Decemberists EPs and the only one i have is the tain, so um Fuck yes for 80s hardcore. To bring things up to date, the Kids Return lp I got tonight helpfully included a cd version of the album, so I'm finally able to share some recent emo.

Quote from: KvP. OK I swear I remember uploading the new Four Tet EP "Ringer" but the search function says no, does anyone remember this happening or was I just quite stoned or something? Use the Search function while you're actually browsing the thread. Otherwise it'll search for threads that have what you're looking for and just give you a link to this one, which doesn't help you at all.

EDIT: I just did that and it's actually not on the thread. Can I get some of whatever you're smoking? Quote from: sean on 09 Mar Second upload! I do sincerely hope that this isn't a record everyone in the universe 'has', because as a new poster, I'd hate to tread on anyone's toes. Sox Scrabble hacker Offline Posts: 1, Quote from: ptownblazer on 25 Mar Quote from: not even hope on 25 Mar I think those are pretty poor points actually.

After looking at the previous couple of pages of this thread the new posters mostly seem to be uploading records by people I've never heard of and not a Neutral Milk Hotel in sight. The Ambient Drone 3 - Loomeer - Live From My Living Room 2009​-​2011 (File) posting the most famous stuff to me Bob Dylan, Squarepusher and Aphex Twin are people who've been here for quite some time.

I suppose you could include X-Ray Spex as being pretty canonical, but Germ Free Adolescents is hardly all over this thread and although very well known to those with an interest in punk rock that doesn't characterise everybody on this forum by a long shot. Anyway, if we're rocking the Skitkids then I feel we shouldn't skimp on things with a crusty vibe so here's Australia's Schifosi.

I can't find a picture of the cover so here's one of the band looking very happy and dressed exactly how you'd expect. Quote from: nufan on 25 Mar Quote from: negative creep on 11 Jan That's really not relevant to the discussion, if you want to debate the ethics of downloading then the best thing to do would be to start a new thread about it.

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It was the birth of the first "golden age" of mass entertainment. The birth of the "network. It represents an age, too, where life was more Chihuly and less commodity. I WAS born into the last echoes of that age -- the age of wooden cabinets and shiny metal trim and tail fins. The age of flying by the seat of your pants and artistic statements. The age where radios meant a warm, orange glow in a darkened room, a certain "ethereal" aroma and friendly voices from far away on a summer's night.

I was born into the age of vacuum tubes. And I miss it so. Wednesday, July 20, Dancing the Charleston to heavy metal. When this radio was new, Calvin Coolidge was president of the United States. The Jazz Age was in full swing. Flappers were flapping in sp eakeasies, and everybody was swilling bathtub gin. Wall Street was still flying high, and brother most certainly could spare a dime. Not that you'd Ambient Drone 3 - Loomeer - Live From My Living Room 2009​-​2011 (File) him to.

This is an RCA Radiola 18, most likely in a custom cabinet. This is what you call heavy metal. If you love vacuum tubes, this is your radio. See the big tube in the back? That's the rectifier, and it appears to be original to the set, manufactured sometime between summer and It's one of the earliest radio sets to run on "lamp current" -- that's volts AC to you and me. INthe norm was for your home radio assuming you could afford one to operate off of a couple of batteries -- one of them a big wet-cell not so different from what's under the hood of your car.

That changed with the Radiola 17 and Radiola Inthis Radiola 18 still works just fine. A little arthritic, maybe. If you're not duly impressed and I add that, as far as I know, this old girl has never been restoredlet me ask you something. Do you think your iPod will still be functional in ? Do you think you will? Labels: s, antiquesbroadcastingculturehistoryradioRadiolaRCAtechnologyvacuum tubes. Ambient Drone 3 - Loomeer - Live From My Living Room 2009​-​2011 (File), Feb.

Looking at this issue of Broadcasting-Telecasting from way back inwe can see that RCA Chairman David Sarnoff was prophetic as he told the gathered press about the year atomic batteries now powering all our portable electronic devices.

About the clean, safe atomic batteries now powering our homes for years upon years -- absolutely free -- for just the low, low cost of the initial purchase. Never again would the American homeowner have to suffer through a power outage. Never again would consumption or economic limitations be placed upon the American consumer. Nineteen fifty-four.

It was the beginning of not only Atoms for Peace, but also Atoms for Prosperity. Hand me the ray gun, will you? No, the garden spider is trying to eat the dog again -- it's already crushed the doghouse trying to get at Rover.

By the way, dear, that dress you're wearing really does something for your tumors. Yeah, the backlight effect on the fabric is really cool. Labels: satomic agebroadcastingcultureelectronicshistorymediaradioRCASarnofftechnologyUnited States. Thursday, August 19, Let's go to the videotape.

Welcome to May 22, All the bigwigs are there, including the Sarnoff dynasty -- father and son -- which wields the controls at the Radio Corporation of America, parent of the National Broadcasting Co.

It's all about color today, and I'm not talking the integration battles up on Capitol Hill. I'm talking color television. And during this particular shindig, the president will be appearing in living color for the first time from our nation's capital.

I Need You Baby - Elmore James - The Complete Fire And Enjoy Recordings (CD), See Line Woman - Various - Out Of Sight - More Sounds From The In Crowd (CD), 1. Allegro Assai Con Brio - Haydn*, Antal Dorati, Philharmonia Hungarica - The Symphonies (CD), All My Love - Various - 12 Bars To Heaven (CD), Auto Kill - Various - Compulsory Overtime #4 (Cassette), Get Off Of My Cloud - The Rolling Stones - 50 & Counting Tour 2012 (CD), Ja - Jahn Teigen - Jahn Teigens Beste - Litt Av Historien... (CD), Under The Veil - Red Wedding - Nails (Vinyl), Discover The World (DeDonatis Mix) - Kosmonova - Discover The World (Vinyl), Jesus Children Of America - Various - Music From The HBO Film Boycott (Start Walkin) (CD, Album), Shadow Of Love, Heart - Desire Walks On (Cassette, Album), Blues In The Night - Woody Herman - Who Dat Up Dere? - Volume 1 (CD, Album), A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall - Bob Dylan - Forever Young (CD), Tripmaker - The Seeds - A Web Of Sound (4-Track Cartridge, Album)

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  1. Nakasa says:

    Jan 02,  · Loomeer - Live from my living room Jamendo Album # Tracklisting: 01 - Ambient Accordion 1 02 - Arp-Ego 1 03 - Midnight Ambient Performance 1 04 - Midnight Ambient Performance 2 05 - Midnight Ambient Performance 3 06 - Midnight Ambient Performance 4 07 - Midnight Electronic Performance 1 08 - Midnight Ambient Performance 5.

  2. Zule says:

    Originally uploaded RS, Roland V-Synth XT, Roland JX, Kor.

  3. Vilkis says:

    3 Ambient/Drone. Pre-orders at Juno. This CD is available for pre-order at Juno, for shipping on the release date.

  4. Moogujora says:

    Mar 15,  · Drones From The Living Room by Broken People, released 15 March 1. Looper 2. Drones from Living Room 3. Damo Suzuki Tribute 4. Tokyo Psychedelic 5. Guitar 3 6. Brocken People.

  5. Gami says:

    Oct 26,  · This work presents an overview of existing drone based. applications for ambient assisted living followed by a critical. analysis and evaluation of drone .

  6. Meztishura says:

    by Nathan Youngblood. pre-order buy now you own this wishlist in wishlist». “ An album of textural sounds and feelings, Dark Ambient clashing with lighter tones and drifting sounds. One of the best Dark Ambient albums ever made”. James Shain. follow. following. The Other Earth. by Dreamstate Logic.

  7. Bajar says:

    Jun 17,  · Drone videos and livestreaming seem like the perfect combination of different technologies. On one hand, you have the unparalleled freedom of drone flight that allows for perspectives that can make even mundane views interesting. On the other is the technology to stream videos in real-time to an audience as wide as you desire. Combining them.

  8. Grogis says:

    Jun 13,  · Top 4 examples of using live drone footage. 1. Recreational. Whether you are a travel blogger, a social media journalist with a significant following, or you just enjoy live streaming on social media for your friends, using live stream drone footage can really make your live posts stand out. You and your viewers get to experience a location.

  9. Mull says:

    Jul 17,  · Loomeer - Idea [ambient electronic music] Loomeer - Anesthetic - part 8 [ambient electronic music] Loomeer - Asteroids Attack! (Midnight Electronic Impression ) Loomeer Live @ CEMF Cekcyn Electronic Music Festival version 2. Albums.

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