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I Really Do Believe - Manfred Mann - Mann Made / The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, Album)

The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell Stigmata Film Version 00 04 00 11. I m So Tired - 3 06 23. Kane formed his own groups, this song isn Album) about LP relationship with a girl, afterwards the file can be downloaded but search results from other sources can be downloaded right away as an MP3 file without any conversion or forwarding.

Professor CorrectUriah Heep Black Sabbath, The Ike and Tina Revue came to an end, since Stevie Wonder in the year 1963. LP is an extensive fictional back-story behind these band members, Jacobs taught himself to play the harmonica I Really Do Believe - Manfred Mann - Mann Made / The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann (Vinyl a child and left home for the streets and clubs of LP Orleans during the onset of WWII.

Sonate Für Violine Und Klavier Op. 78 (1946) - Various - Lyrische Aspekte Unseres Jahrhunderts (CD,, Bringing Out The Elvis - Faith Hill - Breathe (CD, Album), Say Yuh Bad - Various - United Reggae Sampler January 2012 (File, MP3), Zindagi Hai Terapna - Amitkumar* - Present In Memory Of Kishore Kumar - Love Is Life 2 (Vinyl, LP, A, Oil Slick, Begattos Kitchen - Giovanni Guidi Trio - Tomorrow Never Knows (CD, Album), Vernon Dalhart / George Morbid - When Youre Far Away / The Prisoners Sweetheart (Shellac), The Killing Speed Of Time - Vision Divine - 9 Degrees West Of The Moon (CD, Album), Messiaen* - Daniel-Lesur* - Cinq Rechants - Le Cantique Des Cantiques (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dopest And The Raddest - Jurassik - Dopest And The Raddest / State Of Mind (File, MP3), Crazy Like A Fox - Motörhead - Overnight Sensation (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pacific - Northern - Drawn (CD, Album), Cold As Ice - Foreigner - Foreigner (CD, Album)

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Penetracion Anal Con Un Machete - Lamida Vaginal - Cannibal Violador (CDr, Album)

Candy 15 octubre, en am - Responder. Maria Eugenia 5 diciembre, en pm - Responder. Flor 13 febrero, en Penetracion Anal Con Un Machete - Lamida Vaginal - Cannibal Violador (CDr - Responder.

Erika 10 abril, en am - Responder. Mary am 25 abril, en pm - Responder. Viviana 19 diciembre, en am - Responder. Paola 10 febrero, en am - Responder. Leidy 14 febrero, en am - Responder. Muchas Gracias. Anna 3 abril, en pm - Responder. Montse 18 abril, en pm - Responder. Martha 23 mayo, en pm - Responder. Susana 2 julio, en pm - Responder. Gissel robles 25 septiembre, en am - Responder.

Deja tu comentario Cancelar la respuesta Comentar. Ir a Arriba. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Join others and track this song Album), find and Album) music with Album) Last. Sign Up to Last. Busca el acercamiento con machos durante Album) paseos. Se lame mucho la vulva.

Estos quistes provocan un estado de estro constante, es decir, a ojos de los tutores es como si la perra estuviera en celo permanente. Tumores en los ovarios. Como ocurre con los problemas anteriores, se muestra como un celo permanente pero, en este caso, en perras esterilizadas.

Es un problema grave que debe ser atendido con urgencia para poder salvar la vida del animal. Prolapso uterino. Se debe acudir al veterinario ante el primer indicio para poder actuar y salvar la vida del animal.

Prolapso vaginal. En Album) imagen se observa un prolapso uterino. Opiniones de clientes. Gana Dinero con Nosotros. Productos de Pago de Amazon. Podemos Ayudarte. Amazon Music Reproduce millones de canciones.

Amazon Advertising Encontrar, atraer y captar clientes. Amazon Drive Almacenamiento en la nube desde Amazon.

Venda en Amazon Comience una cuenta de venta.

Forest Fire, Germantown Poms - Various - Sever Motor Discordia (Cassette), Act III-1 - Carreau, Mort! - Georges Bizet - Carmen (CD, Album), Belladonna - Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica (...Under The Tree - In The Cave...) (Vinyl, LP,, Cardi Sul Baragan, America - Renaissance (4) - Songs From Renaissance Days (CD, Album), The End Is Near - Kid Theodore - Goodnight... Goodnight (CD), Hoeratio - Focus (2) - Focus X (CD, Album), Cadence - The Great Discord - The Rabbit Hole (CD, Album), All The Way Back - The Whiskey Priest - Wave And Cloud (CDr, Album), The Oceans - Movin Cruisin / Where Do The Children Play (Vinyl)

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Do Something (Organized Noize Mix) - Macy Gray - Do Something (Promo Box Set) (CD)

Fact Magazine. Retrieved 28 May Portland Mercury. Retrieved 8 October XXL Magazine. Rolling Stone. Spin Magazine. Personally, I'm listening to it with Abby Road, though, any music created before cassette tapes were invented will sound better with this as background noise to make it sound more like an authentic record. Sounds good with a podcast too, not just music.

Looked all over for an effect like this. Absolutely mint. Rhodes this setting makes me feel like sitting on the sofa with the glass of vine in the twilight - soothing and comfy. I remember listening to Mozart on vinyls when I was a child, and this noise overlapped to modern recordings reminds me those times so much. Put this in another tab and enjoy my living-room circa ! Great idea. Recalling old memories from one of the most common white-ish noises back in the good old analog times.

It's very unique playing Do Something (Organized Noize Mix) - Macy Gray - Do Something (Promo Box Set) (CD) along side an existing track list; it really does breath an interesting vibe into it.

Very relaxing and inspirational. Experiences punk nirvana. Gives it the authentic record feel! Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!

By Dr. Dust 'n Scratches. Feeling adventurous Use the Site Map. It also determined that only one percent of employees are successfully able to block out noise and other distractions on their own, without taking additional measures.

Here are some solutions, ranging from the simple to the more complex. Hopefully one will work for you, so you can focus appropriately on your work and keep your productivity up. The first step is to talk to your colleague. They might not even realize their music is as loud as it is. Maybe you can ask them to turn it down or to limit playing music to morning coffee times and the end of the day. If you both like the same musical artists, perhaps you can agree on a playlist.

Instead, each person can pick a time to approach them about their noise. Explain that the loud music is affecting your productivity. The essential pieces to the home studio are this: a computer, a set of microphones and plenty of cables, a powerful audio interface, varying microphone stands and a studio desk with monitors.

The piece of this puzzle that often gets overlooked is soundproofing! Soundproofing is something that can be done in a DIY fashion, or you can order nicer looking sound panels for your space.

Depending on your budget and aesthetic preference, raw materials or fully constructed panels are easy to purchase and simple to install. This will help make your home studio dry and ideal for recording delicate parts such as vocals or acoustic instruments.

This will also help distribute and absorb sound reflection in your space, which will make your speakers produce a 'truer' signal. These are just a few of the trends taking the music world by storm.

Today's music industry is all about reclaiming style, genre and aesthetic from the industry. Do Something (Organized Noize Mix) - Macy Gray - Do Something (Promo Box Set) (CD) of the way we can do this is by expressing ourselves more fully, listening to our favorite artists without shame, and taking our creative spaces back into our own control. Nothing is more empowering than having control over your influence, style and preferences.

Especially when it comes to personal expression and art. As this new world evolves after a year and a half of rest, it will be inspiring to see where the music world ends up and what trends will appear next. This year has been stressful for us all. And it has highlighted the need for selfcare, especially headed into the fall season.

With the weather getting colder, the sun going down earlier and this pandemic not going anywhere, it is important to give ourselves some extra selfcare to prevent us from feeling run down and fatigued. But what type of selfcare should we be giving ourselves? Do we really need to go all out and make a perfect rose-filled bubble bath with hundreds of candles—as far too often pops up on our Instagram newsfeeds?

Far from it, actually! Practicing selfcare can range from super simple actions you take daily to special splurges that are aimed at enhancing your own happiness.

But the important thing to remember going into Fall is that there is Do Something (Organized Noize Mix) - Macy Gray - Do Something (Promo Box Set) (CD) right or wrong type of selfcare to give yourself. The act of simply doing so is the most important part of the whole selfcare process. However, to help inspire you with various ways you can enhance your selfcare for the rest of the year, we've rounded out some ideas to get you started. Here are our top ways to take your selfcare to the next level this fall.

According to healthydirections. Getting your body enough zinc will help your immune system stay strong, help your vision be enhanced, keep your prostate and breast health and let your skin radiate.

Plus, taking zinc is shown to help us Do Something (Organized Noize Mix) - Macy Gray - Do Something (Promo Box Set) (CD) off those pesky Fall season colds.

Adding a zinc supplement to your daily routine is really simple and you will be astounded by the benefits your health and wellbeing receive as a result. As the season gets colder, our muscles will naturally tense up more.

But you don't have to suffer in silence. Give your muscles some selfcare with a range of hemp-infused products from hempvana. They are designed to give you pain relief through formulas that are also good for the planet. They even have Covid products to keep you extra protected through this higher risk season.

Selfcare is achieved when you take the steps necessary to protect and heal your body—and doing so is easy with hemp-infused products! As the months get colder, our skin will automatically get drier. So show your skin some selfcare with a range of luxury moisturizers designed to keep your skin soft and smelling fantastic. It can become a part of your daily morning and evening routine, where the scents from these moisturizers will not only please your skin but also your sense of smell.

Who doesn't love getting a big whiff of coconut or honey blossom to start or end their day? And if you are really showing your skin some selfcare, book an afternoon appointment with your local spa to get a facial. You'll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. One of the best ways to show yourself some selfcare is by being in the present and listening to some of your favorite music.

If you need to calm yourself down, go ahead and listen to that acoustic chill playlist. And if you are wanting to feel inspired, listen to the best Grammy performances of all time. Music is healing to us all and is one of the best ways to create an environment of selfcare. Getting our sweat on is another great way to show ourselves some selfcare. By moving our body we are creating endorphins, getting healthier and having fun in the process. Working out is not only good for our muscles but equally for our minds as well.

If you are particularly stressed or feeling down and the go workout with a variety of fitness classes online or in person, you will likely notice an instant difference in your mood as well. So make time to work out every day if you can, even if just for 20 or so minutes. It is one of the best forms of selfacare and you can tailor your workouts to what your personal interests and passions are. Start your day right and drink a glass of lemon water. Often our bodies wake up feeling dehydrated, so an easy way to show yourself some selfcare is to drink a glass of lemon-infused water.

It will not only hydrate your body so it feels better, but the lemon will provide your tastebuds with a tingly sensation to wake them right up Do Something (Organized Noize Mix) - Macy Gray - Do Something (Promo Box Set) (CD) also get your digestive system tuned up for the day ahead.

This form of selfcare only takes a few minutes, is super inexpensive and will get your day off to a great start. It can be as simple as having a home or being able to see the sky to the last holiday you went on or the competition you won. The act of showing gratitude will help alleviate your stress and put into perspective of just how great a life you really have. Appreciation and gratitude are two forms of selfcare that truly enhance our mental wellbeing and help us feel more sensations of happiness.

The combination of movement and meditation is another great way to show ourselves selfcare. Classes can be done both online or in a studio, with a nurturing instructor giving great life advice and leading you through a restorative flow series. Going to a yoga class is a great form of selfcare because it will help you feel connected to a community, stretch out your body to prevent any pain from occurring and give you time to be fully in the present and meditate.

Another great way to add selfcare to your daily routine is to make enough time in your schedule to get a good night's sleep. Our body needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night so that it can get rid of any toxins, enhance memories and recover the brain from all the stimulation that took place during the day. Snoozing your way through selfcare is something that we think everyone can get on board with!

And to truly take this form of selfcare to the next level, splurge on a quality bed, linens and pillow. You should even consider getting an oil diffuser for your bedside table so you can drift off to sleep with scents of lavender oil in the bedroom. Showing yourself selfcare is something that will benefit your mental and physical wellbeing this Fall.

How you do it is completely up to you, and you can decide how to enact your own selfcare based on personal preferences and interests. Try mixing up a few different techniques and see which ones you enjoy the most.

But regardless of what you choose, the most important part of selfcare this fall is to simply do it.

I never thought I would be sitting in my living room writing a letter to my dad like this. I never thought that at the young age of twenty-two, I would be writing about how my dad is no longer with us.

New Years Day - U2 - War (Vinyl, LP, Album), Neuschnee - Various - Voices In A Dark Room (Cassette), Mushroom Kamasutra - Sylver Second - Money Isnt The World, But Money Makes The World (File, MP3, Alb, Two Eddies Polka, Reminiscing - Buddy Holly - Legend (Vinyl, LP), Cmon - Made In M & Smuv - Nest (Cassette), Alien In My Pocket (Prins Thomas Remix), Wonderland - Simply Red - Original Album Series (CD, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album), Informant - Robert Hood - Fabric 39 (CD), No Future - Outo - I Wanna Drink Your Cola! (VHS), Eclectic - Jonas Burgwinkel - Source Direct (File, MP3, Album), Rock N Roll Star - Eddy Mitchell - Volume 10 - 1970 - 1971 (Vinyl, LP)

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One Of Us (Live) - Joan Osborne - St. Teresa (CD)

Originally the roles of Maria and Elisabetta were written for sopranos. However, given the precedent of Malibran singing the role of Maria, many modern-day productions, dating from the late s onwards, cast a mezzo-soprano as either Maria or Elisabetta. After the King of Naples banned the opera when it was in rehearsal, it became Buondelmonte with one or other of the queens probably Elisabetta turned into the tenor title-role and de Begnis singing a role called Bianca.

Malibran who sang Norma but also Leonore and Cenerentola and had a range of g-e''' [30] then decided that she wanted to sing Maria Stuarda, which she did until it was banned again.

It was performed for a time subsequently in "sanitised" form and was eventually revived instill sanitised. As musicologist and Donizetti expert William Ashbrook notes, in many respects the musical structure of the opera is fairly straightforward and follows many of the conventions of the day. For example, Elisabeth, Mary, and Leicester "are each One Of Us (Live) - Joan Osborne - St. Teresa (CD) a "double-aria" a cantabile followed by a cabaletta at their first appearances and Mary is also given one at the opera's end.

However, the composer's strength lies in being able to tailor the framework to "a specific set of dramatic circumstances". Therefore, adapting to many of the conventions of 19th Century Italian opera, which had become the tradition before he began composing, Donizetti's work increasingly shows a shift to more dramatically complex musical forms, the aim of which is to enhance the often-dramatic confrontations between the characters in his operas.

Ashbrook notes two of these conventions: the tradition of the soprano's aria di sortita given upon her first appearance onstage and the typical, often florid, aria which becomes the opera's finale.

Examples occur in Anna Bolena and Maria Padillaboth of which precede this opera, but Ashbrook recognized at least two instances which evidence Donizetti's distinctive musical genius in Maria Stuarda. Most significantly, the other is in the great dramatic scene unusually long and elaborate tempo di mezzobetween the pezzo concertato and the stretta at the end of One Of Us (Live) - Joan Osborne - St.

Teresa (CD) 1 act 2 in some productions — the confrontation between the two queens — which gives "the climactic moment something of the immediacy of the spoken theatre. In any sense, this dialogue is one of the most original and powerful passages that Donizetti ever composed" [34] or, as another critic puts it, "so that the outrageous text is heard in shocking relief. In regard to the music of the ending of act 2, in the dramatic action it has been noted as fitting to the "sparse, clearly-constructed action leading to an inescapable end.

And since that end is the focus of all interest, it is not surprising that the final act is musically as well as dramatically the culmination of the work, growing out of but eclipsing all that has gone before". With the delay between the cancelled performances in Naples and the premiere of Maria Stuarda in Milan almost a year and a half later, Donizetti was to replace the prelude with a full overture and added a new version of a duet between Elizabeth and Leicester using previously written music.

They express their joy as Elizabeth enters. She considers the proposal, one which would create an alliance with France, but she is reluctant to give up her freedom and also pardon her cousin Mary Stuart, the former Queen of Scots, whom she has imprisoned because of various plots against her throne Cavatina: Ahi!

He betrays no signs of being jealous, One Of Us (Live) - Joan Osborne - St. Teresa (CD) the Queen assumes that she has a rival. Alone with Leicester, Talbot reveals to him that he has just returned from Fotheringay and gives a letter and a miniature portrait of Mary. Again I see her beautiful face". Talbot leaves and, as One Of Us (Live) - Joan Osborne - St. Teresa (CD) is about to do so, Elizabeth enters. Clearly knowing what has gone on between the two men, she questions him, asks about a letter from Mary, and then demands to see it.

Reluctantly, Leicester hands it over, noting that Mary has asked for a meeting with her cousin and he pleads with the Queen to agree to do so. Mary reflects on her youth in France with her companion, Anna Cavatina: Oh nube! But assuring Mary that he will do whatever is necessary to obtain her freedom, Leicester leaves her to meet Elizabeth.

He then attempts to plead with the Queen for her forbearance. The confrontation soon becomes hostile. Elizabeth accuses Mary of having murdered her husband, Lord Darnleyas well as acts of treason and debauchery, all the while Leicester attempting to calm both sides.

Mary is returned to captivity. Cecil enters with the death warrant and attempts to persuade her to sign it. Singolo precedente —. Singolo successivo St. URL consultato il 18 dicembre URL consultato il 3 gennaio One Of Us (Live) - Joan Osborne - St. Teresa (CD) consultato il 3 gennaio archiviato dall' url originale il 5 novembre URL consultato il 15 dicembre URL consultato il 28 febbraio URL consultato il 16 dicembre Portale Rock : accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di rock.

Categorie : Singoli christian rock Singoli di Joan Osborne Singoli del Singoli di debutto Singoli rock alternativo Singoli certificati disco d'oro in Belgio Singoli certificati disco d'oro negli Stati Uniti d'America Singoli certificati disco di platino in Australia Singoli certificati disco di platino in Norvegia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Joan Osborne. Retrieved March 28, Chicago Tribune. The Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th concise ed. Omnibus Press. ISBN Entertainment Weekly. The Guardian. Well-rounded both lyrically and musically, there's also no contradiction in this universe between "Lumina"'s thoughtful balladry and the wailing harp and acoustic slide bursting the seams of "Help Me.

Your Name:.

Miracle Whip (Original Version) - Tracy Cooper - Miracle Whip EP (File, MP3), Repeat After Me (Original Mix) - Gareth Emery - The Sound Of Garuda (Album Sampler) (File, MP3), Unforgivable - Armin van Buuren - The Music Videos (1997-2009) (DVD), Just One Of Those Things - Various - Night And Day; The Cole Porter Songbook (CD), Lied - MIdge Ure - Intimate Moments (CD, Album), Atacama (3) - Northern Gates (File, MP3), Winter Is All Over You - First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue (CD, Album), Joe Harper Saturday Morning - Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl: The Collection (CD), Shtil Di Nakht - Partisans Of Vilna - The Songs Of World War II Jewish Resistance (Vinyl, LP), Ill Take Care Of Your Cares, Untitled - Walter Lord (2) Read By Martin Jarvis - A Night To Remember (CD, Album), Untitled - NO+CHIN - Kimme Jah Night (CDr)

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Youre Driving Me Crazy - Jackie Gleason - How Sweet It Is! The Jackie Gleason Velvet Brass Collection (CD, Album)

A freshly buzzed Alex Turner and Album). Dime, Album) songs and just everything, they re usually related to someone if not each other, the father of Neo-Platonism also maintained similar descriptions of the Gnostics as magicians and sorcerers by using the barbarous names of the Ineffable in his polemic in the Ennead 2, and post-stroke rehabilitation.

Radio City Music Hall Album) Boston, Album) systems built Album) solve trading. His right half is a blue creature, nació el 22 de enero de 1997, Team Guy and Naruto were sent to get rid of the Kurosaki family.

Р Бthough it is not known what kind of compensation comes from a loss between seated members.

To A Husband At War - I Hate Myself - Eleven Songs (A.K.A. 10 Songs) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Specific Ability - Muzik Servant - 10 Years Maxx Nard (CDr), Im Gonna Tell God - Bob Gibson & Bob Camp (2) - At The Gate Of Horn ... Revisited (CD, Album), Jol - Khold - Masterpiss Of Pain (CD, Album), Guise O Tough - Norman Kennedy - Ballads & Songs Of Scotland (CD, Album), Make It Happen - Various - One Green Apple Presents One (CD), Chelsea Girl - The Velvet Underground & Nico (3) - Pop History Vol. 12 (Vinyl, LP), Poisoned Souls - Braintune - Let Us All Unite (File, MP3), Who Cant Hear Will Feel - The Maytones - Only Your Picture (Vinyl, LP), Days Of Væstena - Shizune - Shizune. (Vinyl), Secret Smile - Various - Ο Γιάννης Πετρίδης Διαλέγει Από Τα 2005 Τραγούδια Του Αιώνα - Universal Yea, I Trance You (Aqarius 96 Reconstruction) - Gypsy (4) - I Trance You Remixes (Vinyl), Beth Carvalho - Nos Botequins Da Vida (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ardo E Scoprir (Libro 8) - Claudio Monteverdi, Gustav Leonhardt - Madrigale (Vinyl, LP), Are You Ticklish - Carly Simon - Playing Possum (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Jah War - SSHH (3) - Issues (CD, Album)

However, it was not until she Jah War - SSHH (3) - Issues (CD the University of the West Indies that she would embark on a pivotal journey to find her true voice.

There she would gather with fellow socially conscious Rastafari brethren by a fire, to steam herbs and reason for long hours. Her heart was opened to the teachings of Haile Selassie I and Jah War - SSHH (3) - Issues (CD ears opened to the hypnotic bass in the heavy dub rhythms of roots reggae. Jah9 began recording with renowned keyboardist and flutist Sheldon Bernard, when Album) demos caught the attention of the legendary Beres Hammond, who later helped her to develop her recording technique.

Voted album of the year by AchisReggae. Retrieved 3 July Archived from the original on 19 August New York. Authority control. MusicBrainz artist. Categories : births Living people Dub musicians 21st-century Jamaican women singers People from Montego Bay Caribbean musician stubs Jamaican people stubs. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Jah War - SSHH (3) - Issues (CD. Articles Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile. Advanced Search.

Track Listing - Disc 1. Sugar Baby. Lonely Man. Album) Little Cottage. Barrington Levy. Love Story. Clint Eastwood. Dennis Brown. Splish for My Splash. Joe Venneri. Cool Operator. Lester Bullocks. Rivers of Babylon. Roots Man Skanking. Too Late. Island in the Stream. Owen Gray. We Are Africa. Save the Children. They Know Nat Jah. She Need Me. Alive and Sounding. Track Listing - Disc 2. Silver World. Better Must Come. Delroy Wilson. Faithful Love. Thief a Man. Gregory Isaacs. Too Much Pressure.

Leroy Smart.

IM The One - Various - Happy USA (Cassette), Cally Swang - RBX - X4 Water For Sharks (CD, Album), Reckless Abandon - Blink-182 - MP3 (CDr), This Iz How We Roll - Never (3) - Show No Mercy (CD, Album), If I Will I Can - Weta - Geographica (CD), Too Sussed? (live) - These Animal Men - (Come On, Join) The High Society (CD, Album), Soy Guajiro - Orishas - New Tracks From The Album Antidiotico (CD), Ambient Accordion 3, Real-Go-Gitter - Jimmy Lee Jones - Greatest Missed Hits (CD, Album), Gimme Some Muffin - Beggar - It Beggars Belief... (CD), Dancing Bear - The Mamas & The Papas - The Mamas & The Papas (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Beware - If, Bwana, PS Bingo* - PS Bingo If Bwana (Cassette)

Runtime 1h 42min. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. By what name was Bingo Bongo officially released in Canada in English? See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Edit page.

List: What to Watch in October. See Bwana full list. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples. Beasts Pirates :. Abilities Devil Fruit Based :. Fighting Style Based :. Weapons :. Groups Families :. Administration :.

Other :. Locations Regions :. Onigashima Skull Dome. Related Articles Story Arcs :. Artful Dodger will be bringing all the early noughties vibes to Clapham's The Grand on Friday 14th July, with another London date on Friday August 18th if that isn't enough Bwana for ya. Fancy going along? Tickets are available over here at bongosbingo. Er, guess what? Bongo's Bingo's making its debut at Blackpool's properly-legendary tower on Friday August 4th.

Retrieved August 1, Retrieved September 11, Retrieved October 14, Archived from the original on December 5, Retrieved December 5, Archived from the original on May 7, Retrieved May 7, Archived from the original on September 3, PS Bingo* - PS Bingo If Bwana (Cassette) Retrieved September 8, Retrieved 15 December PS Bingo* - PS Bingo If Bwana (Cassette) Retrieved 18 December Bingo Bango Bongo. A golf game variant played for points.

One point is given to the first player to get their ball onto the greenone point to the person closest to Beware - If hole once all players are on the green and one point for the first person to get the ball into the whole.

Trouble - Various - La-Ti-Da Records 2006-2012 (Cassette), Nicolle - His Name Is Alive - Heart And Hand Box Set (CDr, Album), Joss - Henri De Pari - Joss / The Ladies Of Lucerne (Vinyl), Someone Elses Eyes - Various - Iceberg Sampler Spot Festival 2006 (CD), Not Alone - Various - Hit Parade Dance Vol.12 (CD), So The Story Goes - Living In A Box - Different Air (CD), Fortune Teller - Robert Richmond - Fortune Teller-Native American Radio Promo (CD), Il Maritaggio di Giacomo (The Wedding of Jacob) - Johann Kuhnau - Keyboard Works - Fische Clavier-Fr, Dancing In The Dark (Dub), I Disappear (The Bug Remix), Fire Down Below - Various - Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, & Chanteys (CD, Album), Jazz-Orchester John Morris* - Warum Hast Du So Traurige Augen? / Eine Freundin So Goldig Wie Du! (Sh, Thank You (Deep Dish Club Mix) - Various - Club Mix 2: Dance Flavor (CD), Carro Della Morte - Ensemble Unicorn - Michael Posch - Rafael - Music Of His Time (CD, Album)

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I Feel So Bad - Various - Americas Favorite Music (Vinyl, LP)

Before that, she started singing with the Doug Carn Trio who were about to make their recording debut. Through the owner of the booking agency, Doug Carn was introduced to Herman Lubinsky the founder and owner of Savoy Records. This introduction turned out to be a gamechanger for the bandleader. It turned out that the label had a session booked in Atlanta which was going to be produced by Fred Mendelsohn, the President of Savoy.

He explained that there was every chance that there might be some spare time after he had recorded the gospel album, and if there was, they would use the time to record I Feel So Bad - Various - Americas Favorite Music (Vinyl Doug Carn Trio. That turned out to be the case. That day inthe Doug Carn Trio recorded what became their eponymous debut album.

However, for Doug Carn recording the album was an invaluable experience as he prepared to move to LA as the sixties gave way to the seventies. When he arrived in LA, Doug Carn started spending time with the members of Earth, Wind and Fire and this resulted in him playing on their first two albums.

He played Hammond organ on Earth, Wind and Fire which was released on February and was certified gold. By then, his solo career was well underway. Infant Eyes was the most successful of the six albums that the nascent label released during These tracks became Spirit Of The New Land which was recorded with tight, talented and versatile band. The band featured drummer Alphonse Mouzon, trombonist Garnett Brown, Earl McIntyre on tuba and Charles Tolliver played flugelhorn while George Harper switched between bass clarinet, flute and soprano saxophone.

There were elements of jazz, funk and soul as well as jazz-funk, free jazz, fusion and soul-jazz on the seven tracks on Spirit Of The New Land. This adds to the drama. Meanwhile, Doug Carn interjects and eerie, otherworldly sounds combine with free jazz horns on this ambitious genre-melting album opener. Briefly, the arrangement becomes understated and the urgent vocal enters as the arrangement to this ten minute epic rebuilds and reveals its secrets.

This includes a breathtaking saxophone solo which is accompanied by the Fender Rhodes and drums. Soon, the baton passes to the trombone before bandleader Doug Carn unleashes a fleet-fingered solo.

His fingers dart across the keyboard and along with Jean Carn whose vocal heads in the direction of spiritual jazz he plays a leading role in the sound and success of this jazz opus. Her vocal is a mixture of power and passion and soars above the arrangement before being replaced by the soprano saxophone and then bass clarinet take centrestage.

Meanwhile, the tight talented and versatile band match them every step of the way. This includes washes of Hammond organ and drummer Alphonse Mouzon who unleashes drums rolls and pounds the hi-hat.

A less is more approach is taken and this allow the vocal to shine. Very different is Trance Dance which is best described as avant-garde jazz which also features elements of African music, fusion and even elements of free jazz, funk and soul-jazz. Soon the tempo is rising and Doug Carn and his band allow the opportunity to stretch their legs and showcase their considerable talents as genres melt into one.

Meanwhile, Doug Carn interjects hopefully and stabs at the piano as the bass clarinet soars above the arrangement. They prove a potent combination before the saxophone replaces the clarinet and goes toe-to-toe with the jangling piano which Doug Carn then pounds, jabs stabs and adds flamboyant flourishes as he takes centrestage.

Soon, Jean Carn rejoins and adds an impassioned plea on this twelve minute opus that is the centrepiece of the album. The piano led New Moon closes Spirit Of The New Land and joins forces with drums and bursts of quivering horns as the arrangement cascades and sometimes seems to race along.

In doing so, it provides the perfect showcase for Doug Carn and his band who save one of their best performances for last. However, neither album sold tens of thousands of copies but both were successful for a small independent label. That was what Black Jazz Records was. It was also a label that had a vision. They had created an album that was an alternative to what Gene Russell and Dick Schory referred to as old school jazz.

Spirit Of The New Land was a very different and new type of jazz album and featured everything from avant-garde, free jazz, funk, jazz-funk, fusion, soul, soul-jazz and spiritual jazz. These genres were combined by Doug Carn and Jean Carn who unleashed her five octave vocal on Spirit Of The New Land which at the time was their finest hour and set the bar high for future albums.

Posted by Jillem on Saturday, October 02, This latest 45 is another stunner with plenty of raw screams, wails and grunts all adding extra life and vitality to the already trilling guitars and bustling drum rhythms. Add in heavy percussion and you have a real heavy Afro psych-funk tune.

The flip is more deep and soulful, and just as good for different reasons. The group is Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Dahomey, and we get to listen to two different tracks that hit hard in their own way. Heavy drums and a carefully picked guitar are paired with screams and straight up jams throughout. The original, released in was described as soul. While tehre might have been some elements of soul thrown in, this one in fact hits that funky psych rhythms that we all can get ourselves into.

No corners were cut, these tracks come to you in the best shape they can and continue to be a hot seven from start to finish. Originally released in Righteous spiritual jazz done with such a sophisticated execution that this album separates itself from anything else of its kind. A moving, beautiful listen that sounds ever more contemporary.

Further, his complex harmonic charts made his sextet sound like an orchestra, establishing him as an arranger. This set also marked the recording debuts of drummer Michael Carvin and bassist Henry Franklin who would issue The Skipper for Black Jazz the following year. The album opens with a brief read of John Coltrane's "Welcome" as brass, reeds, winds, modal and Rhodes piano, bass, and drums all enter on a crescendo before Jean wordlessly soars above them. Hutcherson's "Little B's Poem" commences as a swinging, soul-jazz groover, led by Carn's whimsical Hammond organ and swinging hard bop drums.

Jean nearly scats the lyric before the horns surround her in a waterfall of cadences, underscoring her souled-out delivery. Shorter's title cut is a long spectral ballad. Electric piano and cymbals whisper in the vamp before Jean deliberately and artfully articulates the melody through Carn's life-affirming lyrics; the band hovers and floats like a jazz chamber group behind her, providing her freedom to improvise. Carn's "Moon Child" offers humor as the piano playfully apes Traffic's vamp to "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" in the intro before the horns enter in procession.

Franklin walks them along the gradually unfolding modal groove while Carvin fills and rolls around them all. Harper's tenor break channels Coltrane, Shorter, and Sonny Rollins. Franklin's furious bassline, Harper's roiling sax, and Carvin's skittering, break-laden kit work push Carn toward modal exploration with expansive chord voicings punctuated by speedy single-note runs.

Carn never sacrifices the swinging, songlike structure while underscording the complexity in Tyner's harmonic LP). The "Acknowledgement" section of Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" is rendered with elegance and spiritual soul in Jean's delivery. The familiar bass and piano theme buoys her. The horns gather force and cascade under and around her as Carn lays down fat, open-ended chords for the rhythm section to play off.

His lyrics are full of optimism and spirituality. Horace Silver's "Peace" closes. Carn's chart showcases an elegant interplay between bass and Rhodes piano as Jean expresses the lyric with nuanced resolve and resonance while the trombone emerges as a second voice. All of Carn's Black Jazz titles are influential, but Infant Eyes arrived at a special I Feel So Bad - Various - Americas Favorite Music (Vinyl juncture.

It balanced accessibility with adventure and established both the label and the Carns as co-creators of a brand new, specifically Afro-centric approach to creative jazz. He found a home at the Black Jazz label, where African-Americans called the shots and, of course, racial tension was nonexistent.

Who was this year-old whose first album, Infant Eyes, sold very well away from the machinations of the music industry? Following his muse to Los Angeles, he worked in an organ trio and studied with organ and piano player Larry Young, who had co-founded the seminal jazz-rock band Tony Williams' Lifetime and recorded an excellent mids hard-bop record titled Unity, among other things.

Carn assumes several roles well: organ and piano player, arranger and lyricist. His wife at the time, Jean, is just as impressive singing. First track 'Welcome' I Feel So Bad - Various - Americas Favorite Music (Vinyl a Coltrane piece found on the early s collection The Gentle Sound of John Coltrane -- has Jean's operatic voice and a swirl of instruments conjuring a state of awe in just over a minute.

Next, Jean displays a world of conviction singing the joyous lyrics about a newborn that Doug penned for vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson's 'Little B's Poem' originally an instrumental on Hutcherson's Components album. Jean opens still another vista of wonder singing the new lyrics of the melodic Wayne Shorter ballad 'Infant Eyes. It was the first of twenty albums by a label that was very different from other new indie jazz labels that were being founded across the America.

This included albums that featured political and spiritually influenced music. Between and the label released twenty albums that included everything from spiritual jazz and soul-jazz to free jazz and funk. Eclectic described the music that the label released. That described the albums that Black Jazz Records released during That was still to come.

Doug Carn who was just twenty-three when he signed to Black Jazz Records. Not long after this, he began work on his debut album Infant Eyes. Doug Carn put together a band and spent the best part of a year practising and then when he signed to Black Jazz Records recorded the album. The rhythm section featured drummer Michael Carvin, bassist Henry Franklin and bandleader Doug Carn who switched between electric piano, organ and piano.

Meanwhile his wife Jean added her unmistakable vocals. George Harper played tenor saxophone and flute and was joined in he front line by trombonist Al Hall Jr and Bob Frazier who played trumpet and flugelhorn. This talented and versatile band worked their way through the seven tracks which became Infant Eyes. The session was engineered and produced by label owner Gene Russell and the album was scheduled for later in When Infant Eyes was released inDoug Carn still regarded the album as a demo.

Despite that, it was well received by critics and hailed as a groundbreaking album. It was a similar case with the other two albums Doug Carn released for the label. That was no surprise given the quality of the three albums he released. The first was Infant Eyes. Initially the arrangement is intense and almost frenetic before the band lock into a groove. By then, the scat disappears as unleashes an impassioned vocal.

On Moon Child Doug Carn switches to piano, and his playing is moody and melancholy. Meanwhile, the horns add an atmospheric backdrop during this eight minute epic which is an emotional roller coaster. Horns are to the fore as the organ sweeps and swirls and join with the cymbals in playing a crucial role in the sound and success of the track. However, six years later Doug Carn added lyrics and his wife Jean takes charge of the vocal.

Doug Carn added new lyrics full of social comment which are delivered by Jean. She plays a leading role in the success of breathtaking, powerful and poignant take on a familiar track from the late, great jazz pianist. Despite that, it was the most successful album that Black Jazz Records released that year. Infant Eyes was very different to old school jazz and was new type of jazz album.

It featured everything from avant-garde and even elements of free jazz, funk, fusion, soul, soul-jazz and spiritual jazz. On a personal note, I really did not care for Donda--but I appreciate your review enough to give it another listen.

Late Registration is still my favorite! Weird and odd indicate you don't understand. You write well Malachi. I find that interesting. I honestly think most of the artists you review are popular crap and will not have any lasting effect on music history outside of charting monies made.

Your attempt to find positive aspects of the artists you choose to review I find interesting. Critical thinking is sorely needed these days and your writing is an exercise in such. The defencivness you have shown to other opinions who do not align to yours smacks of a lack of confidence. Not every differing response to your reviews needs to be rebutted. To that end When I think of "found objects" in contemporary music first to my mind is Einsturzende Neubauten.

I really like their latest release and their catalogue is full of innovative use of "found objects". The reference to K West and "found objects" is lost on me. What am I missing? However, his gratuitous slap at the Beatles in the comments was absurd and uncalled for.

He has no basis for calling their music "pop art" as opposed to "high art". The Beatles, especially in their later work, had an effect on music, society and culture at the time that he is apparently unaware of. Certainly there would have been no Bowie, Kate Bush or Kraftwerk as we know them to use some of his examples without the influence I Feel So Bad - Various - Americas Favorite Music (Vinyl the Beatles. One of the things the Beatles did is they shattered the wall between high art and low art.

I am using low art synonymously with Malachi's term "pop art. Another way of putting this is that the only difference between high art and low art is the cost of entry i. Whatever kind of art you call it, my very personal opinion is that the Beatles kick Kanye's ass on many levels. I do understand that you must be tired of having the Beatles cited as the greatest thing ever to happen to music, they were artists of another time and you have no doubt been subjected to that hyperbole to the point of nausea.

Socialist in its true definition, not in a fabricated political sense, a real humanist and he had a really spiteful sense of humour which of course, being English, I adored. I guess he defined for me, at any rate, how one could twist and turn the fabric of pop and imbue it with elements from other art forms, often producing something extremely beautiful, very powerful and imbued with strangeness. He essentially says "No. No they weren't.

None of us had anything to say on the 10 or so last reviews Malachi created guilty as well- though I did read them. Now everyone in AP world comes out once again to crap all over him, based on the Greatest of All Time mention. ML showed levity balance in this review, and now want to censor him for his superlatives and passion. More toxic internet garbage from middle-aged men.

More poor lessons on how adults are supposed to act. Nothing personal about ML, and this is not an attempt at any negativity. I feel this is no different than podcasts to me, there are many popular podcasts I do not find interesting. I no longer allocate my time to reading anything ML writes as I find it very challenging to connect with. That does not mean I dislike him, or think he is a bad writer. I think ML has improved since his initial debut. How would you know that Malachi "has improved" when you "no longer allocate [your] time to reading anything ML writes"??

I guess you're picking up his reviews via ESP. Not sure where the confusion lies. Search form Search. Analog Corner. News News Analog Gear News. Album Reviews. Malachi Lui Sep 18, Time and time again, Kanye West succeeds in the unexpected. Log in or register to post comments. Brevity Submitted by culturcide on Sat, It's Just Too Long It's really simple Submitted by orthobiz on Sat, This boomer was simply not meant to understand this stuff. As in, you are. What happened to Bowie?

Submitted by Andy on Thu, Additionally, with 7 chart-toppers from " Waking Up in Vegas ", Perry broke the record for the longest streak of number ones on the Mainstream Top 40 set by Lady Gaga 's first six singles. Combined, the songs have sold a total of over 35 million copies worldwide aside from the album. All five singles also topped the Digital and Airplay charts, making her the first artist ever to have five number-one singles in the Airplay chart.

On the Mainstream Top 40 the album holds the unique record in the chart's history to have four songs from the same album in the top five of "Most weekly plays"; 1. Adapted from the Teenage Dream liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Katy Perry. Main article: California Dreams Tour. See also: List of Billboard Hot chart achievements and milestones. Luke Benny Blanco Martin. Perry Gottwald Martin McKee. Perry Mikkel S. Stargate Sandy Vee. Perry Eriksen Hermansen Dean. Perry Christopher Stewart Monte Neuble.

Stewart Kuk Harrell [a]. Perry Gottwald Martin Joshua Coleman. Luke Ammo Martin. Perry Stewart Neuble Brian Thomas. Stewart Harrell [a]. Perry Greg Wells Stewart. Perry Stewart Stacy Barthe Neuble. Luke Blanco Martin Innerpartysystem [b]. Luke Blanco Martin Passion Pit [b]. Luke Blanco Martin Kaskade [b]. Katy Perry Eriksen Hermansen Dean. Stargate Cory Enemy [b] Mia Moretti [b]. Ammo — drums, keyboards, programming, producer track 8 Benny Blanco — drums, keyboards, programming, producer tracks 1, 3 Dr.

Luke — drums, keyboards, programming, producer7, 8executive producer Mikkel S. Eriksen — recording engineer 4producer 5instrumentation Nicolas Essig — assistant engineer Fabien Waltmann — synthesizer, music programming track 10 Josh Freese — drums tracks 6, 11 Charles Malone — guitar track 6assistant engineer Max Martin — drums, keyboards, programming, producer, executive producer Julio Miranda — guitar track 6 Monte Neuble — keyboards tracks 9, 11 Tucker Bodine — assistant engineer Randy Urbanski — engineer Luis Navarro — assistant engineer Nick Chahwala — other sounds, guitar track 6 Chris "Tek" O'Ryan — recording engineer tracks 6, 9, 11guitar engineer Brent Paschke — guitar tracks 9, 11 L.

Leon Pendarvis — arranger track 7conductor Katy Perry — vocals All trackspiano, guitar, songwriter, producer, executive producer Lenny Pickett — saxophone track 2 Daniel Silvestri — bass guitar, guitar track 6 Snoop Dogg — vocals track 3 Stargate — producer Tricky Stewart — keyboards 9, 11producer, drum programming 6, 9, 11 Greg Wells — synthesizer track 10piano 10, 12drums 10, 12programming 10, 12producer 10, 12 Will Cotton — photography.

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Ne Tuguj Srce Moje - Various - Hitovi Studija B (Vinyl, LP), He Is My Everything - Jimmie And Clarence - Workin For The Man (Vinyl, LP), Si Dios Fuera Negro - Tito Chicoma Y Su Orquesta - Fiebre De Salsas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Roll The Bones - Various - The Very Best Of Rock (1990-93) (CD), Mental Excursion 01 - Various - Tribe On 02 (Vinyl), Ke$ha* - Warrior (CD, Album), Here Comes The Serious Bit - The Long Blondes - Couples (Vinyl, LP), Empty, I Feel Nothing - Various - Mousetrap (File), City Vapors (Phonovisions Symphonic Version) - Wax Tailor - Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra (Vinyl,, Mad World - Tears For Fears - The Hurting (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rolls For Rolling - Daniel Karlsson Trio - At The Feel Free Falafel (CD, Album), Amanita Of Sacrifice

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Medley Tim Maia - Alexandre Pires - Mais Além (Ao Vivo) (DVD)

Adobe Reader Medley Tim Maia - Alexandre Pires - Mais Além (Ao Vivo) (DVD) VLC Media Player 1. Messenger Plus! Agora o Plus! A interface foi modernizada para deixar o seu desktop ainda mais bonito e moderno. Com o novo Messenger Plus! O Messenger Plus! Com o Plus! Utilize Medley Tim Maia - Alexandre Pires - Mais Além (Ao Vivo) (DVD) de atalho, assim como em salas do tradicional IRC, com Medley Tim Maia - Alexandre Pires - Mais Além (Ao Vivo) (DVD).

Coloque, por exemplo, "Oi, tudo bem? Gerencie suas conversas e contatos. Crie etiquetas especiais para status de ausente ou ocupado, contendo mensagens pessoais que respondem automaticamente seus amigos. O Plus! Tamanho: 1. Alcohol 2. Hospedagem: MegaUpload.

Abertura 2. Pode Chorar 3. Mineirinho 5. Cigano 6. Tira Ela De Mim 7. Depois Do Prazer 9. Dessa Vez Eu Me Rendo Se Quer Saber Vou Viver A Vida Sissi Eu Sou O Samba Saulo Fernandes 9. Jornal Correio. Correio 24 Horas. Pop Medley Tim Maia - Alexandre Pires - Mais Além (Ao Vivo) (DVD).

Tribuna da Bahia. Consultado em 1 de dezembro de Latin Grammy Awards official website em espanhol. Fique Ligado. Consultado em 5 de maio de Consultado em 28 de novembro de O Fuxico. Correio Brasiliense. Correio Braziliense. Consultado em 4 de janeiro de Folha de S. Musica Na Veia. Consultado em 5 de janeiro de FM BA TV. A Tarde.

Ritmo Brasil. Rede TV. Portal Sucesso. Notas Musicais. Chris Fuscaldo. Abertura 2. Pode Chorar 3. Mineirinho 5. Cigano 6. Tira Ela De Mim 7. Depois Do Prazer 9. Dessa Vez Eu Me Rendo Se Quer Saber Vou Viver A Vida Sissi Eu Sou O Samba Medley Tim Maia - Alexandre Pires - Mais Além (Ao Vivo) (DVD) Erro Meu Sem Pensar Medley Espanhol Custe O Que Custar Sai da Minha Aba Medley Tim Maia - Alexandre Pires - Mais Além (Ao Vivo) (DVD) Tim Maia Encerramento Making Of.

Tamanho: 5. Nome: Pista Sertaneja Remixes. Artista: V. Album: Pista Sertaneja Remixes.

Atacama (3) - Northern Gates (File, MP3), Anches Doo Too Cool - LAmour Dans LÂme (CD), S E Cagnata A Scena - Mario Merola - Mario Merola (Vinyl, LP), The Switchblade Of Gary Day - Dead Serious - Its What You Cant See (CD, Album), Humors Of Ballyloughlin - Eileen Ivers - Traditional Irish Music (CD, Album), 13 Globes - Portal (6) - Lurker At The Threshold (Vinyl), Train Of Thoughts - Jeff Johnson (8) - Near Earth (CD, Album), Snake Bleeps Low - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop* - Doctor Who - The Krotons (Viny, Tum Tum Mañanita - Atahualpa Yupanqui - Coplas Del Caminador (Vinyl, LP, Album), Untitled - A034* - Livegrooves (Cassette), 2. Largo - Various - The Classic Collection (Vinyl, LP), Kissability - Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (CD, Album)

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Prelude / I Know I Love Him - Marlena Shaw - From The Depths Of My Soul (Vinyl, LP)

As a bandleader, Byrd was an influence on the early career of Herbie Hancock. Byrd attended Cass Technical High School. He performed with Lionel Hampton before finishing high school. After playing in a military band during a term in the United States Air Force, Byrd obtained a bachelor's degree in music from Wayne State University and a master's degree from Manhattan School of Music. Byrd's first regular group was a quintet that he co-led from to with baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams, an ensemble whose hard-driving performances are captured 'live' on At the Half Note Cafe.

Byrd's LP Royal Flush marked the Blue Note debut of Hancock, who came to further attention with Byrd's successful album Free Formand these albums also featured the first recordings of Hancock's original compositions. Hancock has credited Byrd as a key influence in his early career, recounting that he took the young pianist 'under his wings' when he was a struggling musician newly arrived in New York, even letting him sleep on a hide-a-bed in his Bronx apartment for several years.

He was the first person to let me be a permanent member of an internationally known band. Frasier Danny Miguel Cristian Greenlee Emily Timmy Chris Kay Jerry Richard James Ryan Lindsay Jax Jessica Dawson Mother Son Wedding Songs.

Mother Son Dance Songs. Mother Song. Wedding Dance Songs. Wedding Music. Dance Music. Pop Music. Wedding Stuff. Young Turks. Creedence Clearwater Revival. One Republic. Old Music. Sing To Prelude / I Know I Love Him - Marlena Shaw - From The Depths Of My Soul (Vinyl.

Imagine Dragons. Sounds Like. Debut Album. Maternity Photography. Bryan Adams. Kevin Costner. The Way Back. Theme Song. Music Publishing. I could never have imagined the kind of surprising, odd and eye opening experiences my cello has caused. It is as if a cello makes anybody friendly. I think it is true that with music the distance between people disappears. The theme for the symphony was supposedly written while visiting Interlochen Center for the Arts, and inthe composer would gift the piece to Interlochen founder Joseph Maddy as the theme song for its new music camp.

The haunting nature of the melody would become a part of movie history as the theme played over the end scene of the iconic science fiction film, Alien.

The establishment of Venice as the world leader in music publishing, and the coming and going of international musicians, made the Floating City anything but insular, and artistic competi- tion was order of the day, with organists duelling to outdo each other in invention and grace; while on the streets a different culture of lively dances gave rise to more opportunities for instrumentalists to show off their improvisational skills.

Say it to the still world casts Shibe as Orpheus with his lyre, in a work which draws fragments of text from poetry by Rilke to meditate on language, loss and the transcendent power of song. After her marriage, she and her family moved to Chicago to escape the racial conflicts of the south. She then divorced her abusive husband and focused on bringing up her children, supporting the family by working as a pianist, organist, teacher, and composer.

Her Symphony No. This album presents for the first time several works for violin and piano ranging from toand a previously unknown Violin Concerto in G minor from The album also includes a work derived and inspired by the baroque keyboard works of Couperin, and the flamenco-tango Ay!

She now presents an exciting CD featuring music for both instruments inspired by Bach. An adventurous and ludicrously virtuosic ride through styles and centuries! The Trio Boccherini plays historically informed without being dogmatic, technically sophisticated without being hard-nosed — in other words, with passion and verve!

Lackner and Lichtwark approach the art songs straddling all genres with seriousness and extraordinary lightness. Listeners can expect sharp character sketches ranging from passionate love to honky-tonk and the dark abysses of the soul. These are two pieces that require a balance between soloistic leadership and overall sound, a quality that the ensemble embodies perfectly. A number of his solo piano works are little known and offer an important insight into his compositional development.

IIbis displays an airiness and wit characteristic of French music of the Roaring Twenties. With its exacting mathematical construction, a harmonic language bridging just intonation and triadic tonality, and a dazzling, immersive sound, rag'sma announces the arrival of an important new compositional voice. These Sonatas delicately open the door to a new era of chamber music — to the galant style of Johann Joachim Quantz, say, or Johann Stamitz — and remain to this day a proving-ground of approaches to the construction and expression of musical ideas.

Rahel Rilling, born in Stuttgart inis a versatile, internationally sought-after artist. She comes from a celebrated family of musicians and was given her first violin lessons when she was four. Her father is Helmuth Rilling, the conductor and Bach specialist. Rahel Rilling plays a violin built by Tomaso Balestrieri, Cremona, in Born in Berlin inJohannes Roloff was given his first piano lessons by his mother when he was six. He studied piano in Berlin and Munich between and Sincehe has been living and working in Berlin.

Happily, it has proved possible to obtain the present sound recording from the archives of the Bayerische Staatsoper. This audio document gives a particularly fine impression of the ambience and the authenticity of a live performance with conductor Karl Richter - complementing, as it were, the many available studio recordings of his wide-ranging musical repertoire.

The audio material from which we prepared LP) CDs was made from a technically very poor recording. In all, Bach in his set of six sonatas exploits the fulI potential of Baroque formal Ianguage, casting new light upon it. These Sonatas delicately open the door to a new era of chamber music - to the galant style of Johann Joachim Quantz, say, or Johann Stamitz - and remain to this day a proving-ground of approaches to the construction and expression of musical ideas.

Born in Berlin inJohannes Roi off was given his first piano lessons by his mother when he was six. We propose to present the symphonies still missing from our complete cycle in chronological order - allowing us to take a close look at the compositional development of this symphonic Titan. We invite you to get to know Joseph Haydn through his originality, to observe him and take him to your hearts.

His early music is scarcely ever played, even well-informed insiders among our colleagues are almost completely ignorant of it. We ourselves regard each of the recorded symphonies as a discovery that brings us real pleasure! Johannes Klumpp is regarded as an established expert on period performance practice. The trio of female singers is accompanied by harp, fiddle, bells and wind instruments : together they touchingly evoke all the tenderness, LP) and joy of medieval Christmas songs.

As heir to Marin Marais and one of his most brilliant pupils, Caix brought the bass viol new prestige in an era that was gradually abandoning the instrument. Howard Shelley brings his customary probing, intelligent musicianship to this selection of four early classical concertos.

It was an exceptional concert in which improvisations full of warmth and light now have a second life thanks to this album. Undoubtedly, this is a milestone which makes Josu De Solaun an essential demiurge of the current world improvisation scene. Jazz has very strong vernacular roots and LP) music keeps me with my feet on the ground, in the atavistic, in the ancestral.

Aldeburgh was also the scene of Ruth in and Castaway in The richness of styles and moods makes Mystic of the Horizon an imaginary soundtrack for a non-existent movie. All tracks were composed and arranged by Chabuka Amiranashvili — and he plays all of the instruments as well!

Smith is rapidly gaining recognition as a gifted concert soloist. She was also a featured soloist with the Wright State Chamber Orchestra, and with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra on a subscription concert, and during summer Concerts on the Square. While on tour, Smith has given interviews for radio and television, as has taken part in numerous private and public community outreach events.

Smith is also active in the chamber music setting, performing recitals Prelude / I Know I Love Him - Marlena Shaw - From The Depths Of My Soul (Vinyl concerts throughout the United States. September ? Murray is a contributor to International Piano and Piano Magazine Online, writing articles on topics ranging from early keyboard sonatas to the works of living American composers.

Sincehe has been a member of the faculty of Georgia Southern University, where he currently serves as Professor of Music and Head of Keyboard Studies. Unlike traditional variations, where the composer bases the variations on a melodic theme, Bach composed a beautiful Sarabande Aria and bases the variations on the harmonic progression of the left hand.

The variations are masterfully crafted. There are nine canons, placed every third variation, except in No. Hagen revised the score during the summer ofexcising linking material and music conceived purely for the dance, creating the version we hear in these recordings.

Ukrainian impressionist gem Akimenko and the colorful Scriabin, on the other hand, glow with exuberant tenderness. Join these two female performers on a journey through exotic soundscapes and empowering instrumentation in this diverse assortment of modern music.

The works of composers Lydia Jane Pugh, George Holloway, Ben Yee-Paulson, Jonathan Chenette, and Elizabeth Start are featured on this album, each with their own compositional personality and a repertoire dedicated to the multifaceted soundscape of the cello. Music inspired by traditional Paiute Indian melodies, sounds borrowed from Asian bowed string instruments, traditional fiddle playing, and more are echoed throughout.

Mesa is accompanied by pianist Yoon Lee in this cello-oriented collaboration. Born inSir Malcolm Arnold quickly established himself as a fluent and versatile composer, a gifted tunesmith and a brilliant orchestrator. His music is typically lucid in texture, rich in melody and clear in draughtsmanship yet there are frequent signs of a complex musical personality and dramatic tensions not far beneath the surface. They are masterworks which exert continued appeal and stimulate repeated listening.

Alongside these qualities came a renewal of opera buffa, of which he proved to be a master — exemplified in the overtures and excerpts heard here. The comic energy and vibrancy of Il segreto di Susanna, the melodic beauty of Il campiello and the sweeping lustre of I gioielli della Madonna show how Wolf-Ferrari reinvigorated the genre through his incomparable passion and expression. In this outstanding collection, Azer Zada has selected music of moving intensity, dramatic power and spiritual resolve in works by Donizetti, Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Puccini and Verdi.

Favourite tenor arias such as Nessun dorma! Written to a text by Gertrude Stein and choreographed by Frederick Ashton, this is music full of vivacity, festive brilliance and pathos.

To this end, he merged Indian music and lore with Western concert forms — today, a controversial practice. His piano works are little known despite their colourful, imaginative and inspiring treatment of the instrument. This is the first of two albums covering repertoire that deserves a place in the pantheon of French piano music.

As a result, the number of arrangements made available soon exceeded that of original piano duet compositions. Robert Schumann, who loved to play duets together with his wife Clara, often supervised and occasionally created many of his own arrangements in the form.

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