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Skokiaan - Max Greger - Star-Discothek (Vinyl, LP)

Skwisgaar discovered the guitar after first discovering his mother's promiscuity. Horrified, he ran away from the house and discovered a cave where a Gibson Explorer and multiple carcasses were located. As described by Senator Stampingston, "Her neglect helped form the world's fastest guitarist.

However, unlike the other guitars, the instrument has never seen a commercial release outside of the show. Skwisgaar Skwigelf is Dethklok's renowned lead guitarist. He has been coined "The Fastest Guitarist Alive" as he exhibits a specialty in speed scales. Skwisgaar takes particular pride in his clean speed picking and is highly critical of the guitar playing skills of others. His supposedly "godlike" abilities are apparently the result of years of literally constant practice; an element of humor throughout the series has been his ever-present Gibson Explorer.

He is frequently shown practicing the guitar in odd places, such as submerged in water in the hot tub, in an elevator, while asleep, during mass, and during meals both at home and in public. Skwisgaar obsessively practices finger-coordination exercises on a daily basis and in a compulsive manner, which can frequently be heard during Dethklok's conversations.

In fact his guitar playing skills are so fast that he had to be heavily handicapped in order to play an acoustic guitar in a slow manner to imitate the blues genre of music. At one stage prior to Toki's recruitment, Skwisgaar even expressed desire to be the bands only guitarist as he was capable enough to carry the band on his own.

As proof of this Skwisgaar was seen able to out duel every guitarist who desired to be Dethklok's second guitarist with the only guitarist even coming remotely close to him being Toki.

While Skwisgaar is clearly the better skilled of the two he relies on Toki during songs to amplify his own abilities; Toki is the only one who has ever been able to do so. Despite this, Skwisgaar has a paranoia about Toki's own skills being better than his own and this also leads to some competition and tension between the two both on and off stage. His hands have apparently become so nimble that he has developed ambidexterity; he is sometimes shown playing left-handed.

Not uncommon for self-taught guitarists, he cannot read musical notation, which he blames on his "music dyslex-kia. Particularly visible in CleansoSkwisgaar possess very specific knowledge on music, songwriting and of course guitar; he is utterly clueless about most things outside this realm.

Skwisgaar asserts that he hates playing acoustic guitars, which he and Toki refer to as "Grandpa's guitars. Skwisgaar and Nathan get along well, and they do most of the arranging of the band's music. They seem to have a fairly symbiotic relationship within the band, and along with Pickles, represent nearly all the creative talent in Dethklok.

Even when Nathan and Pickles have a falling out and Dethklok temporarily disbands, Nathan continues to work on music with Skwisgaar. The two seem to get along so well partially due to the fact that Nathan is the member with the most obvious LP) and appreciation for Skwisgaar's talent; Nathan understands that Skwisgaar is essential to the band and a necessity to his own music writing. When Skwisgaar considers leaving Dethklok and trying to learn how to live a normal life, Nathan urges him to return and reminds him that he can never be a normal person whether he likes it or not.

Skwisgaar exhibits a co-dependence on bandmate Toki Wartooth. He is often bossy and controlling toward Toki, and frequently disparages Toki's guitar-playing; however, it has been made increasingly apparent throughout the series that this is done to quell his own feelings of insecurity. Though Toki has received guitar lessons from Skwisgaar in the past, they are shown to be ineffective to an intentional extent.

The mere idea of Toki improving his guitar abilities is so upsetting to Skwisgaar that he attempts to ban Toki from Dethklok when he discovers him with a guitar teacher, though this also appears to have been partially influenced by jealousy.

Despite his frequent rudeness and sarcasm toward Toki, Skwisgaar seems to have an attachment toward his friend. For example, though he suggests they kill Murderface in the following episode, he frowns immediately at Pickles's suggestion that they kill Toki in " Dethkids "saying, "Oh, I That's maybes a little too hards for mes to handle. It seems that Skwisgaar is dependent on Toki, in a way, to make him the best guitar player because the constant challenge forces him to greater lengths of rock and roll.

In Doomstar it is revealed that Skwisgaar was the one who allowed Toki in the band after they had a guitar duel. Skwisgaar writes all of Murderface's basslines and resents his attempts to take credit for them. Skwisgaar has little but contempt for Murderface, often looking down on whatever scheme Murderface and often Toki have put together.

His contempt for Murderface's bass playing is so severe that he freely admits that he often deletes and "remixes or re-records" Murderface's bass lines on Dethklok's albums.

In some ways, Skwisgaar and Murderface are the polar opposites of the band; Skwisgaar is arrogant, handsome, and talented, while Murderface is a self-loathing, ugly, and generally inept man. However, Skwisgaar and Murderface can sometimes be seen doing things together, such as watching a snuff film called "Faces of Death" while eating whipped cream and chocolate, which led to them running LP) Pickles for comfort after having nightmares. Pickles and Skwisgaar arrange the musical aspects of Dethklok's songs together.

When shown working on music together they seem to take the recording process more seriously than some of the other bandmembers, being less distracted and more focused on productivity. Skwisgaar, Pickles, and Nathan Explosion are the creative drive behind Dethklok, and are often able to connect on the issue of music. Skwisgaar refers to Pickles as "Pickle" and the two seem to get along well as friends, although Skwisgaar's general arrogance seems to clash with Pickles's more down-to-earth nature.

During LP) trip to Ikea for furniture, Skwisgaar remarks that Pickles cannot appreciate Swedish style. Skwisgaar does not have much of a family life, as he was neglected by his mother and grew up fatherless.

When his mother visits during Dethfamhe experiences psychosomatic nausea for the duration of her visit. Skwisgaar deeply resents his mother and loathes her for her promiscuity, though he constantly mirrors her behavior. In the interview FamilySkwisgaar responded, "I don't have anything to say about family, so I will be shuttings down now," becoming unresponsive for the remainder of the interview, LP) he continued to practice guitar.

Though he is initially resistant, in Fatherklok he develops a positive relationship with his stepfatherand treats him with respect like a son would with his biological father. However, he distances himself from his family again when he discovers his mother has not changed her promiscuous behavior. Skwisgaar became very attached to his body double to the point that he does almost everything with him.

When his double got severely burned by a volcanic eruption during the Duncan Hills Coffee concert, Skwisgaar became distraught to the point where he suggested burning themselves so they can keep their doubles. Like the others, Skwisgaar himself didn't know that his double was an agent of the Tribunal sent to infiltrate Dethklok. Skwisgaar sometimes makes allusions to having grown up poor, for example mentioning during an interview Food [4] that he was fed snow for breakfast as a child "when times was tough.

One dayhe came home from school to find his mother having sexual intercourse with two men. Traumatized, he ran away, catching the interest of four wolves, who promptly began chasing him. Shortly after that, he fell into a large hole in the ground Skokiaan - Max Greger - Star-Discothek (Vinyl landed in a cave.

In said cave was a frozen corpse with a bottle and a sword, and a statue of a Norse god holding a black Gibson Explorer with a white pickguard. Entranced by the guitar, he took it home and played it from that day forward. He claims to have been in "pretty much every band.

Skwisgaar was present at the signing of the contract for Dethklok. After Magnus was kicked out of the band, Skwisgaar seized the opportunity to express desire to be Dethklok's only guitarist. The rest of the band agreed to do so only if they could not find another worthy guitarist. Skwisgaar proved his extraordinary talent to the band by besting over a thousand guitarists attempting to audition for the role.

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    Also item values are not marked below value or marked as “gifts”. US and International regulations prohibit such practice. A4 Skokiaan B4 Blue Skies Seller Rating: % positive.

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    Star Diskothek STAR-DISCOTHEK - MAX GREGER. Wer wußte, daß Max Greger vor 15 Jahren drei Singles in den deutschen Hitlisten hatte?. Im Herbst Seller Rating: % positive.

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Stargala" on brandez.bizg: Skokiaan.

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "Max Greger" on brandez.bizg: Skokiaan.

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    Mar 09,  · Schallplatte Vinyl 12'' LP. STAR-DISCOTHEK - MAX GREGER. Label & Vertrieb: Star Diskothek Zustand der Platte: guter gebrauchter Zustand. kaum Knistern zu hören. Zustand der Plattenhülle: etwas berieben und leicht verschmutzt. an den Ecken und Kanten etwas gestaucht oder bestoßen. Abspielart, Plattengröße und U/min: Abspielart.

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    The Max Greger Big Band & Rick Keifer: "Falling In Love", estudio ´Missing: Skokiaan.

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    Max Greger - Stereo Sensationen - Vinyl LP - DE - Original günstig online kaufen bei HHV - Versandkostenfrei bestellen ab 80€! Buy Max Greger - Stereo Sensationen - Vinyl LP - DE - Original at great prices and variety online @ HHV - Worldwide Shipping! A6 Skokiaan. A7 Tim Frazer. A8 Oh, Mein Papa. B1 Isle Of Capri. B2 Madison Time. B3 In.

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Star Edition" on brandez.bizg: Skokiaan.

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    Max Greger - Star Edition. (CD) CD. Koch Koch Universal brandez.bizg: Skokiaan.

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