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Babirusa: The Wild Pig Deer - Most Unusual Animals in the World #6 #Shorts#Babirusa #Pig #WeirdAnimals #UnusualAnimals.

 · It's thought that the Sulawesi people gave the babirusa this moniker because their large canines remind them of antlers, but the name could also reflect how the babirusa .

Babirusa are of interest to medical researchers, because the babirusa tusk is the only permanent natural percutaneus (passing through the skin, such as by puncture) structure. When percutaneus devices such as catheters are implanted in humans, the epidermis generally does not adhere well to the device, posing a risk of infection at the site.

 · The Sulawesi babirusa has a typical pig-like form, with a barrel-shaped body and long face. The back is arched, accentuated by relatively long hind legs. Unlike other members of the genus Babyrousa, the Sulawesi babirusa has very sparse, short hair on its body, appearing hairless from even a short distance away. The wrinkled skin is an overall.

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  1. The babirusa is one of about a dozen wild pig species scattered across Africa, Europe, Asia and the surrounding islands. The babirusa is found on the tropical Indonesian island of Sulawesi (formerly Celebes). Very little is known about this shy, forest-dwelling pig’s habits in the wild. The babirusa is a dull grey color with very Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

  2. The pelage of the Togian babirusa is also long but not as that of the golden babirusa. The Togian babirusa has a tawny, brown or black pelage that is darker on the upper parts than in the lower parts. The North Sulawesi babirusa has very short hair and appears bald. The female babirusa has only one pair of teats. Biology and ecologyClass: Mammalia.

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