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Orpheus (Radio Edit) - Ash - Orpheus (CD)

The last word in AD Wells, Ray Bradbury, The Lake HouseThe Time Traveler's Wifedeterminism, free will, time paradoxes, the butterfly effect] Are we really happy when we're young and sad when we're old?

Arts and Crafts: The perfect marriage of opposite [industrial arts, arts and crafts movement, crastsmanship, education, manufacturing] Revolution: rewriting all things, rewriting time itself [Fabre d'Eglantine, French Revolution, Saint Just, St. Cooper, Fred Noonan conspiracy theories] Henry Selby Hele-Shaw, and the many faces of yesterday's engineer [Henry Selby Hele-Shaw, engineer, Tay Bridge disaster, engineering education, fluid mechanics, Hele-Shaw flow, viscosity, potential flow, boundary layer, clutch, early automobiles, Benz, clutch design, drag reduction, shark porpoise skin] Trucks, the important quiet cousins of our fancy automobiles [GMC CCKW Orpheus (Radio Edit) - Ash - Orpheus (CD) truck, Carl Benz, Cugnot's steam dray, hauling goods, John Mack, Komatsu dump truck, wheelers] John Fitch, a steamboat builder surrunded by the early makers of America [John Fitch, early America, Thomas Paine, steamboat, jet propolusion, Benjamin Franklin, John Hall, James Rumsey, George Washington, iron bridges, 18th-century revolution] Proof and Belief: Are they related?

Augustine [Liszt, Petrarch, St. Miller, Aerostat, airplane, aeroplane] Who were the Irish long ago? Tambora killed 70, people and gave rise to the novel Frankenstein [volcanoes, Mt. Ruiz, Mt. Helens, Vesuvius, Joseph Smith, Mt. Thomson, electron, neutron, proton, orbitals, Neils Bohr, teaching] Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin and the Golden Apples of the Sun [Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, Ray Bradbury, Golden Apples of the Sun, spectroscopy, composition of the sun, iron, hydrogen, helium, Harlow Shapely, Arthur Eddington, astrophysics, Harvard, women] Last places on Earth -- a new way to look at things [last places on Earth, Niger, quality of life, Dongba language, pictographs, Aral Sea, environment, ecology, land management, dinosaur extinctions, meteor, Ludlow, CO, Swains Island, ham radio, Tofa language] Fighting the home-vido format wars: Who will win?

Coade's remarkable stones [Margaret Culbertson, artificial stone, Mrs. Ferry and the persistence of illumination [Ervin S. Ferry, Ferry-Porter Law of critical fusion, optics, ophthalmology, optometry, vision, persistence of sight, intrumentation, measurement, laboratory, Purdue University, Uppsala, engineering, automobile torpedo, Gyrodynamics, gyroscopic control, gyroscope, quantum mechanics] Revisiting the Commons in a rapidly changing world [ The Tragedy of the Commons, Crediton, Garrett Hardin, socialism, ownership, jefferson, Morrill Act, public education lending libraries, copyleft, copyright, Internet, Wikipedia] Prussian Blue and the House of Berger [Prussian Blue green, Thomas Lewis Berger, Louis Steinberger, lapis lazuli, Dippel, M.

Woodward, J. Hume and history being forgotten [The Mary D. Hume, Gold Beach, Oregon coast, ships, cargo boats, steamers, feral cat rescue, Rogue River jet boats, sea lions, fishing, seagulls, preservation and decay] Timbuktu: The romance and reality of a Renaissance intellectual center [Africa, Black, books, manuscripts, science, caravans, commerce, education] In which the Cairo's ghost rises from the Yazoo mud Orpheus (Radio Edit) - Ash - Orpheus (CD) War, ship, steamboat, gunboat, war, anthropology, archaeology, war, army, navy, Union, Confederate, domestic technology, James Eads, St.

Vickers Vimy, flying the Atlantic, Turnabout, movie scripts, WW-I, torpedo boats, literature] The rise and demolition of New York's first skyscraper [Ditherington Flax Mill, Tower Building, Montgomery Schuyler, skyscrapers, Chicago, New York City, Flatiron Building, Monadnock Building, Bradford Gilbert, Daniel Burnham, architecture, Home Insurance Building, demolition, preservation] The Platonic "regular" solids: mathematics and divinty [Solid geometry, Platonic regular solids, Euclidean geometry, Johannas Kepler, cosmology, solar system, religion] It's moving day for a hundred thousand bees [honey bees, University of Houston campus, apiary, beekeeprs, environment, pollination, ecology, agriculture, insects, entymology] Music, creativity, and anarchy: accomplishment arising from the ground up [chamber music, anarchy, creativity, invention, organization, leadership, jazz, St.

Cecilia Chamber Music Society, jazzhouston. Andree, aeronaut, balloonist] Tracing recent history: computer memory over three decades [computer memory, RAM, storage, flash drives, floppy discs, CD-ROM, bytes, information, technology, secondary storage, technological evolution] In which we were saved from war because Kennedy remembered the past.

Navy [military, US Navy, Robert Fulton, the second ironclads, sails, John Ericsson, steamboats, steamships, river boats, paddle wheels, screw propellers, technological change, gun, turrets, Monitor Demologos ] "Beam me up Scotty," The longed-for grail of teleportation [quantum teleportation, The Fly, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, science fiction] Jumping fences and inventing things: kissin' cousins [fences, potential barriers, quantum tunneling, physics, Berlin Wall, Maginot Line, Robert Frost, techni, invention, risk taking, Great Wall of Orpheus (Radio Edit) - Ash - Orpheus (CD), Mending Wall, William Faulkner] Arturo Toscanini and David Sarnoff bring music off the mountaintop -- at some cost [RCA, Arturo Toscanini, Orpheus (Radio Edit) - Ash - Orpheus (CD) Sarnoff, radio orchestra, media figures, Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copeland] Emerging from the muddle of war to invent the modern steam vessel [steamships, steamboat, steam engine vessels, US Navy, military, frigate, cruiser, Madawaska WampanoagJohn Ericsson, MonitorB.

Well, what can really be called recording? Wells, Plato] On being reminded of the forgotten foundations, right under our feet [architecture, Frank Tavares, archaeology, archaeologists, anthropology, Jerusalem, Winchester, Repeating, Arms, factory, layers of history] Making ethanol from cellulose [moonshine, grain alcohol, ethanol, corn, cellulose, fiber, Energy, Independence and Security Act, cellulosic ethanol] A photo, older than we thought, rewrites history [Henry Bright, Josiah Wedgwood, James Watt, Sir Humphrey Davy, photography, Henry Fox Talbot, solar, prints, Southeby's, camera obscuras, photogenic, drawings, the Lunar Society] Gettysburg, a political turning point.

Bell and Men of Mathematics [E. Simplot [J. Simplot, potato, onion, French fries, frozen French fries, dehydrated food, frozen food, McDonald's, Micron Technology, Idaho, freezer] Isaac Newton's other life as Master of the Royal Mint [Isaac Newton, coinage, money, Royal Mint, physics, mathematics, ruthlessness, Peter Ackroyd, science, alchemy, metallurgy] The Magnetometer: A fine old technology still with us [Lee Lawyer Fluxgate, magnetometer, magentic field, compass, needle, Victor Vacquier, plate tectonics, antisubmarine, lost H-bomb] The Invention of the American Paperboy during the Great Depression.

Ball Hughes speaks from an old book on perspective [artists, sculptors, sculpture, E. Auburn Cemetery, pyrographics, woodburning, bas relief book, printing, steel plate engraving, perspective] Swaying wooden roller coasters [roller coaster, Rattler, sway, skyscraper, airplane wing, danger, serenity, amusement parks] When cotton was king in Texas [textiles, fabric, fibers, commerce, Texas, worldwide markets, boll weevil, pesticides, fire ants, agriculture, Civil War, slavery, sharecroppers, sea, island, cotton] Things we know are false, but one of them is true.

Which one? Barker, wartime, technology, parachute ] A weather report, and more, from the South Pole [Antarctica, Transantarctic Mountains, Amundsen-Scott, South Pole Station, global warming, geodesic dome, weather report, climate change, environment, geology, time zones, cold, humidity, biology, mosses, Jerri Nielson, Leonid Rogozov, medicine] What Can Be Done About the Energy Consumed by Computers?

Evans] Was cave art too good to have been made 30, years ago? Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Rolling Stone music]] Guillaume Dufay, still clear as day to us, six centuries later [Cambrai Cathedral France Italy Burgundy Guillaume Dufay du Fay Johannas Ockeghem Josquin des Prez Giles Banchois medieval renaissance music Nissim David Marshal Adieu M'Amour isorhythm fauxbourdon polyphony Malatesta] Gadgets in the American Kitchen [kitchen, kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, ale boot, fly fan, toast fork, apple peeler, apple parer, potato mashers, egg beaters, butter churns, patents] Albert Einstein and meandering rivers -- seen from above [meandering rivers open channel flows Coriolis Effect scouring Albert Einstein Hans Einstein civil engineering fluid mechanics geography surface geology] Ruth Benerito and Wrinkle Free Cotton [Ruth Benerito, cotton, nylon, synthetic fiber, wash and wear, permanent press, no iron, no press, cross-linking, ironing, U.

Isabella Beeton Samuel household management Victorian England upper classes food prepartion cooking domestic arts] A Visit to the Container Port of Houston [shipping container, stevedore, Port of Houston, container ships, cargo ships, longshoremen] St.

Will it? Why, it's as easy as riding a bike! Daniels, Willie S. Dough, Adam D. Etheridge, William C. Brinkley, John T. A look at auctions [auction, English auction, Dutch auction, Vickrey auction, William Vickrey, Martin Shubik, dollar game, auction rate securities] Hybrid cars and T.

Eliot's fourth tempter — understanding what was there all the time [T. Keirsey, personality types] The de Havilland DH. Some new evidence of its age [cloth, archaeology, anthropology, Georgia, Kvirila River, Dzudzuana Cave, flax fibers, fibres, dye, tur wild goat, Paleolithic Stone Age, body lice] Detention basins: where engineering, conservation, and myriad birds converge [detention basins, catch basins, ecology, civil engineering, flood control, Harris County, City of Houston, Kurt Roedel, birds, environment, Hurricane Ike] Learning about ships of the ancient Levant: When a picture is not a ship [ships, boats, Levant, Eastern Mediterranean, Paul of Tarsus, St.

Paul, Oddyseus, Homer, Ulysses, Egypt, ancient classical world, shipbuilding, design, Magritte, oars, sails] Celebrating Human Ingenuity [animal ingenuity, computer ingenuity, human ingenuity, animal tools, woodpecker finch, chimpanzee, sea otter, elephant, dolphin, border collie, octopus] A dream gone over the top: Intercity dirigible service [Interurban, Intercity diribible service, airships, Hindenburg, Santos Dumont, Empire State Building observation tower, John J.

Not what you might expect. Dwarf Village theme. Harp also recommended aka Gaia's Navel theme. Scooby Doo - Where Are You? Saga of Tanya the Evil - Los! For you all kinky bastard on valentine's day this month! Main melody can be played solo. Hold notes: off. Simulate chords: off. A remake of the one I did before with less busy noises?

Have friends spam Yellow Ranger poses while playing for maximum enjoyability. Be Prepared! Nobody's favorite expac main theme :p This is part 2 of a large re. Transcribed by ear, sheets in the usual place! And one other because I accidentally uploaded a half-finished midi by mistake elsewhere lol. You can mix and match parts from solo to quartet!

For harp. Works well with all strummed instruments. This one's for you, Mielle! You've done so much for all of us, I can't possibly overstate your contributions to the scene! I arranged this one special, for you! Composed by Yuki Kajiura. Not a quintet One of the best transformation sequences in anime. Theme of Sayaka Miki. A slow arrangement of the Sayaka's theme "Decretum" composed by Yuki Kajiura.

A short composition by Yuki Kajiura for a short concept movie by Studio Shaft. Also, I love you! Think there's a version of this published but might as well put mine here anyway cuz yolo hours. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep living. I had a blast making these, and I hope you have a blast playing them! Best Legendary theme. So feel free to use all tracks! Pokemon RBY - Battle! The title theme of the game. One of the best Pokemon battle themes.

The theme of the special episode: "Igglybuff the Prodigy", that tells the origin story of Guildmaster Wigglytuff. Pokemon GSC - Battle! Sim chords off, hold notes off. Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro-san!

I hope you all enjoy and share this one though! Kinda reminds me of old New Grounds stuff. Anyway, here's a quartet I transcribed for fun.

Persona 5 Beneath the Mask Aversa Knight. Here ya go Mon! Used in a very special series of battles. For Septet 7 Instruments. The oboes represent voices, but you can play around with other options for those two parts! Shoutout to Wastgeim for this one!

Please allow seconds for all the tone changes to load before starting the song. Solo — Harp or Brass Favored, but works with various!

Message me on discord. All track for solo. On Love: Agape - Yuri!!! Piano Solo only. This game utterly emotionally devastated me, so I couldn't help but do this song. I don't know either friends - duo, can be played solo - 1 piano, 1 harp.

Noragami Aragoto - Kyouran Hey Kids!! Do with that what you will. Please note this is NOT the version most are familiar with that I've posted but his arrangement! A special request by a fan, kind enough to boost me on Ultros. Now barding on all three NA DCs under my namesake!

Thank you! Nirvana - Lithium Eltana Qalaba'r Source: freemidi. I love the 'still' version of this song so much. Start on Power Chords. T2 Sax. Nightwish - Escapist Eltana Qalaba'r Source: freemidi. Start on Overdrive. NieR Replicant ver. Theme of Louise. Please check out my transcription of this track. Please check out my transcription of this song. Simulate chords off and hold notes off for both.

I am sorry if this is not up to standards and it is difficult for you to press the checkboxes, if you buy me a plane ticket I'll come uncheck the boxes for you, with my hand over. It's your lucky day! Duet for guitars overdriven and power chords. Some parts have way too many notes, but it wouldn't be me without that.

This one's for Shiro Astral of Marlboro. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Orpheus (Radio Edit) - Ash - Orpheus (CD) to your method made me revisit this one and figure out the section that stumped me awhile.

So this one works because of your input on the scene, t. For solo play use the Harp T1. Solo: Hold Notes Off, sim chords on, all tracks. Sounds best on flute IG. Dumb me didn't favorite which version. Comment: Solo Harp Revamped for 1. Also Solo-able. Have some more Ghibli songs for your group to play!

My Eyes [Dr. Hold Notes ON. Note: Tempo deliberately increased a little for better compatibility on non-note holding instruments. Easily adjusted though if you decide to! Soloable with 'All Tracks' Enabled. Re-upload to fix some bass track issues. Make sure to set it on loop! Mozart - String Serenade No. Also works well as a piano piece. The lute is optional, can be done as a solo with just the harp.

For Harp, Piano, and Flute! Wrecked Ship Orpheon Theme. The horn best emulates the original NES sound, but it also sounds great on piano. Also good with harp. NES version. This one was hard work, if you're on exodus you've probably seen me play this.

Ending theme from Persona 3. But If you try solo with hold notes off, sim chords on, all track it'll get buggy at the end so you gotta turn it off all track at the right time if you wanna solo it. Solo: Harp, Hold Notes Off, sim chords on, all tracks. Works with anything even on bongo. From 5cm per Second Anime Movie.

Mary Did You Know? That is all. Made because I was feeling nostalgic and "Mar10 day" is coming up! Can be solo with less dramatic flair with only piano. Comment: Solo - Lute. An indie Indonesian song. Made by ear from video. May not be perfect. You may also try Harp instead of Lute. Get that MM feel next time you are just standing around. For you girls who are lovesick this Valentine!

Hold notes off. To commemorate Taylor Swift's version of the album Fearless just released today! Also works great on Harp or Lute. Transcribed by ear. What nobody ever told us was that most of us would never come back. Intro of the new Porter Robinson new album 'Nurture'! Leningrad - Zuzu - Solo Colm Mattrum. This was tricky to fit into three octaves.

Last Christmas [Wham! Merry Christmas! Koisuru Asteroid - Aruite Ikou! Slow start but comes in strong. Piano benefits from sim chords off and hold notes off. Oboe should have hold notes on. Key of the Twilight. Guitar solo. Will loop perfectly. New friends are to be found out there.

I might do a multi instrument version of this some day. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Karakuri Pierrot by Marasy8 Piano Ver. Jump Up, Super Star! Had to take some artistic liberties and it's again not perfect, but I think it turned out ok. Sheet music above. Play this year round, no one but me will know. Jeopardy - Think! You could try All Tracks-ing it as a lute solo too :. It's Over Isn't It? Please note, this is a very demanding midi if low FPS is expected. Inuyasha - Grip!

A Touhou song in all but name. In The Flesh? Why not? Memes songs are great. Can be played solo on piano with track 1, or you can dabadee with your friend as a duet to include track 2. This is probably one of the songs I am most proud of so tell me how you like it please! Make sure to loop! Nobody has to know where it comes from. It can be our secret. If anybody asks, it's a pirate shanty.

Tracks 5,6,7,8 can be disabled for a Quartet. Track 5 OR 6 ,7,8 can be disabled for a Quintet. Hold notes off, sim chords off. Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto! Playable as a duet or trio as long as Oboe and Horn are present, but best with all four! Found an arrangement of the birthday song in the style of one of my faves. Please take this! Don't even try with less. Golden Saucer Cecellia Aurora Comment: Can play in line with the golden saucer music in-game perfectly.

Beware of fast notes Fullmetal Alchemist - Melissa ver. T1 Cello. T2 Piano. T3 Harp. You liked the piece of music, but do not know what it is called? You have missed your favorite program? Now you can listen to it at any time convenient to you. As you begin your day There is an alarm clock in our Application. Classical music is a great thing not only to start your day with, but also to continue it properly.

Both for your ears and your eyes In the Application you can always find information about the new musical videos on our YouTube channel. Stay up to date Are you interested in the classical music and academic culture news? Energy of communication You can always phone our studio, email or text us and send WhatsApp or Viber messages by means of our Application. It broadcasts music from Russian and foreign concert halls, organizes interviews with outstanding musicians and other prominent figures from the world of culture, broadcasts interactive programs and news reports.

Muddy Water - Aretha Franklin - Yeah!!! (CD, Album), Move On Slow - Garnett Silk - Its Growing (CD, Album), Untitled - C.J. Sansom - Dissolution (CD, Album), Please Send Me Someone To Love - Garnet Mimms - Roll With The Punches (Vinyl, LP), Anitras Dance - Grieg*, Slovak Philharmonic*, Libor Pesek* - Peer Gynt Suites Nos. 1 and 2 • Holberg, Septic Schizo - Sepultura - Schizophrenia (CD, Album), Snowfall - Various - The Greatest Sounds Of Our Times Volume 3 (Vinyl, LP), Cat Talk - Lew Williams - Cat Talk / Gone Ape Man (Vinyl), Dovetail Afternoon - LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams - Sequana Sessions (CD, Album), Party - Various - Doobie Do Disc (Vinyl, LP), You Are My Sunshine - Chuck Berry - MP3 Collection (CDr), Nick Brignola - All Business (CD, Album)

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    Mamoru Miyano (宮野 真守, Miyano Mamoru, born June 8, ) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer. He is best known for his roles on Steins;Gate, Durarara!!, Death Note, Soul Eater, Wolf's Rain, Ouran High School Host Club, Ajin: Demi-Human, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Free!, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Hunter x Hunter, Chihayafuru, Bungo Stray .

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    Peter Mark Sinclair "Marc" Almond, OBE (born 9 July ) is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Almond first began performing and recording in the synthpop/new wave duo Soft has also had a diverse career as a solo artist. His collaborations include a duet with Gene Pitney on the UK number one single "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart".

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    Here is a list of Midi files compatible with Bard Music Player that kind performers have made and chosen to release! These were originally shared on #bmp-midi-releases on the discord server.

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    1 Oliver Evans and an early American steam powered amphibian [steamboat, transportation, steam engine, auto, Oructor] 2 The Jacquard loom and the invention of the computer [weaving, Babbage, cards, textile] 3 The monk who flew in AD [flight, medieval, Firnas, glider, Benedictine, airplane].

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    Cerca nel più grande indice di testi integrali mai esistito. Biblioteca personale.

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Orpheus" on Discogs.

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    If Amazon think they'll get $13 for this, then all but the most foolhardy will agree with me to the contrary. Whilst 'Orpheus' may indeed be one of the better Ash tunes to date, and the Chris Martin collaboration to cover the Undertones' 'Everybody's Happy Nowadays' is pleasant, you'd be much better off grabbing a copy of Meltdown.3/5(1).

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    May 03,  · Orpheus. Label: Infectious Records – ASH01CD, Infectious Records – , Home Grown – , Warner Music United Kingdom – Format: CD, Single. Country: UK & Europe. Released: May 3,

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    Orpheus. Label: Infectious Records – , Home Grown – , Warner Music United Kingdom – Format: CD, Single. Country: Australia. Released:

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