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Bastard Christ - Deathgod Messiah - Bastard Christ (Cassette)

Germany's The Ruin Of Beverast have returned with a new recording which continues the atmospheric mixture of black Deviator Interview. Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days? Musical creativity is closely connected with every s This is the final review of a recording from Norway's Issolei which continues the dissonant and technical style of Ondskapt are a band from Sweden that has had music reviewed before in this zine and on this recording plays an occu Specifically, Allin had taken up with a young woman who requested according to Allin various sadistic sex acts over a period of several days, but turned him in when he tried to wake her from a drunken stupor by burning her leg with a cigarette lighter.

Allin pleaded no contest to charges of aggravated assault with intent to mutilate, and went to jail for 18 months. During that time, archival Allin material appeared on several labels, most notably on 's ' Doctrine of Mayhem '. Upon his release, Allin jumped parole to mount a tour with The Murder Junkieswho featured drummer Donald "Dino" Saches who performed in the nude and had served time for indecent exposureguitarist Bill Weber, and brother Merle on bass.

Phillips financed the finished documentary, "Hated", in part by selling Allin posters painted by G. Allin was arrested several times on the tour, the last in Texas, where officers discovered his parole violation by this time, he had outstanding warrants Bastard Christ - Deathgod Messiah - Bastard Christ (Cassette) several other states as well.

He was extradited to Michigan and served some more time in Jackson State Penitentiary. Still claiming he would commit suicide on-stage on Halloween, Allin emerged from prison in more determined than ever to exact his vengeance on society.

He recorded a new album for the Alive label, ' Brutality and Bloodshed for All ', that added revolutionary albeit somewhat inarticulate politics to his typical subject matter. Allin" about the experience. Allin also made the rounds on the talk show circuit, appearing on Jerry Springer and several other programs he'd previously appeared on Geraldo to announce that his body fluids were "a communion with the people".

Several nights later, he played a show at the Gas Station club that ended with fans rioting in the streets, and Allin escaping the police naked and on foot. He went to a Bastard Christ - Deathgod Messiah - Bastard Christ (Cassette) apartment on the Lower East Side, where he consumed alcohol and heroin. He was buried in Littleton, NH, after a predictably colorful funeral, leaving behind the most disgusting legacy in rock history.

Win were a strange yet enjoyable pop band from Scotland that crept onto the music scene with a few singles in andbut didn't get around to releasing their debut album on the London label, ' Uh!

Tears Baby A Trash Icon ', until Led by former Fire Engines main man Davey Henderson on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, Win also featured Russel Burn keyboards, percussion, vocals, and samplesIan Stoddart drums, vocals, percussion, and keyboardsManny Shoniwa guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocalsand Simon Smeeton guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals.

Tears Baby ' was a strange mix of Henderson's quirky songwriting and a "modern" for the '80s dance groove. The clean production by David Motion added even more to the odd feel of the album.

This was a band aching to break down barriers while remaining firmly inside them. As odd as Henderson's songs were, they were still catchy and hummable, fueled by the soulful groove of the band. Two years later, Win released their belated sophomore album, ' Freaky Trigger ', on Virgin. With the addition of William Perry keyboards and vocalsWin sounded basically the same albeit a little more funky.

Without much success, the band drifted away. Henderson resurfaced a few years later as leader of Nectarine No. With such a longwinded moniker, it seems likely that Thinking Fellers Union Local could be nothing but a bunch of pretentious art-school rejects. Fortunately, that's pretty far from the truth -their sound is a hybrid of art rock and punk rock, based on noodling on organs, electric banjos, mandolins and heavy, fuzzed-out guitar blasts.

The group formed in in San Francisco and released their first album ' Wormed By Leonard ' on their own label Thwart a year later. Inthe group made the jump to the Matador label, where they released 's critically acclaimed ' Lovelyville ', 's ' Mother Of All Saints ' and 's ' Strangers From the Universe '.

They moved to Ajax for the following year's ' Funeral Pudding ' and then to Communion for 's ' I Hope It Lands ', where they remained on the roster for the rest of the '90s despite their lack of further releases. However, they continued to play sporadic, spontaneous dates and a new album was rumored for a release.

Combining swirling psychedelic rock with hardcore hip-hop rhythms, The Shamen were one of the first alternative bands to appeal to dance clubs as much as indie rockers. The Shamen officially formed in and released their first album, ' Drop ', the following year.

The band debuted their revamped sound in with a stage show that featured sexually explicit visuals along with impassioned political rhetoric. The duo continued to concentrate on dance music throughoutadding rappers to their live shows. Just as the band was heading toward mainstream acceptance, Will Sinnott drowned off the coast of the Canary Islands on May 23, Bastard Christ - Deathgod Messiah - Bastard Christ (Cassette) With the Sinnott family's encouragement, Angus continued The Shamen and the group did indeed begin to score hits, particularly in the U.

However, The Shamen fell out of favor during and their album ' Different Drum ' failed to gain much of an audience. Nevertheless, the group continued to record, releasing ' Axis Mutatis ' in' Hempton Manor ' inand ' UV ' in The two singles, which both reached number 1 on the independent charts, were packaged alongside other material on the unapproved album release ' First Avalanche '.

Drummer Mark Thompson was then drafted into the line-up allowing The Rose Of Avalanche to move away from the strictures of using a drum machine. The band also signed a new recording Bastard Christ - Deathgod Messiah - Bastard Christ (Cassette) with the Fire Records label. After gaining early praise the band was stopped in their tracks for 18 months between and following disputes with their label, Fire Records, who rather unceremoniously went ahead with the release of an album of old material.

The Rose Of Avalanche responded by setting up their own Avalantic label, releasing their debut album proper ' Never Another Sunset ' in Further line-up changes then ensued with Schultz and McKay departing, with the latter replaced by Darren Horner.

The departure of Berry after the release of the latter hastened the demise of this ill-fated band. At a time the late '70s and early '80s and a place the New York punk scene where shocking the audience was often the order of the day, few bands had a greater gift for cultivating outrage than Plasmatics.

During the group's heyday, a Plasmatics show could include anything from lead singer Wendy O. Williams covered in shaving cream and electrical tape while brandishing a chain saw as blue-haired Richie Stotts attacked his guitar in drag, to the destruction of televisions, electric guitars, automobiles, and other consumer goods.

Plenty of punk bands of the time courted controversy, but Plasmatics took it a step further; they were banned in several major cities most notably London and Williams stood trial for obscenity in a celebrated court case in Milwaukee, but the band also helped bring punk to the heartland through their crazed stage shows, frequent television appearances, and a prescient fusion of punk velocity with heavy metal guitar power.

Plasmatics were formed in by Williams and Rod Swenson, a self-described "anti-artist" who met her when she answered a casting call for Captain Kink, an experimental theater for adults Swenson ran in the middle of the Times Square district.

Fascinated by New York's burgeoning punk scene and enamored of Wendy's fearless stage presence, Swenson assembled a band around Williams, featuring lead guitarist Stotts, rhythm guitarist Wes Beech, bassist Chosei Funahara, and drummer Stu Deutsch. Plasmatics made their live debut on-stage at CBGB inand their wildly destructive stage show soon made them the talk of the town. Bythe band was headlining shows along the East Coast and they sold out the New York Palladium, the first band to do so without the benefit of a major record deal.

Plasmatics were also the first band to blow up a car on the Palladium's stage. Inthe group signed a deal with the legendary British label Stiff Records, which released their debut album, ' New Hope for the Wretched ', produced by Swenson, Ed Stasium, and Jimmy Miller; by this time, Jean Beauvior had taken over on bass from Funahara. Shortly after the album's release, Plasmatics flew to London to make their British debut only to discover the show has been shut down by civic authorities; the group received a more friendly welcome on their subsequent North American tour, which featured a number of sold-out dates.

However, in January Williams was arrested following a show in Milwaukee, WI, for obscenity, with the police claiming Williams had performed a lewd act on stage with a sledgehammer. Williams was also severely beaten by police following the arrest, with the officers claiming she had tried to attack them. A few days later, Williams was arrested for obscenity again in Cleveland, OH; in time, she would be cleared of all charges in both cities, but the press attention helped boost the group's already notorious public profile.

The band continued to tour heavily and appeared on a number of popular television shows, including Fridays, SCTV, and Tomorrow. However, Capitol's promotion of the album was half-hearted at best, and rather than continue working with a label that didn't believe in the group, Williams and Swenson decided to make their next project a Wendy O. Williams solo effort. Williams's second "solo" effort, 's ' Kommander of Kaos ', was another metal-oriented effort; Stotts was gone, with Michael Ray and Greg Smith signing on as guitarist and bassist.

The Plasmatics name was resurrected for a final album in -' Maggots: The Record ', a concept piece concerning environmental abuse and consumer culture gone mad- which featured much of the ' Kommander of Kaos ' band accompanied by a handful of session players and backing vocalists. Swenson and Williams folded the Plasmatics following a tour in support of Maggots, and after cutting a hip-hop-oriented album, 's ' Deffest!

Williams and Swenson remained a couple until she took her own life on April 6, Australia's Midnight Oil brought a new sense of political and social immediacy to pop music: not only did incendiary hits like "Beds Are Burning" and "Blue Sky Mine" bring global attention to the plight of, respectively, aboriginal settlers and impoverished workers, but the group also put its money where its mouth was -in addition to mounting benefit performances for groups like Greenpeace and Save the Whales, frontman Peter Garrett even ran for the Australian Senate on the Nuclear Disarmament Party ticket.

The band formed in Sydney in as Farmand originally comprised guitarists Jim Moginie and Martin Rotsey, drummer Rob Hirst, and bassist Andrew "Bear" James; Garrett, a law student Bastard Christ - Deathgod Messiah - Bastard Christ (Cassette) for his seven-foot-tall stature and shaven head, assumed vocal duties inand the group soon rechristened itself Midnight Oil.

After months of sporadic gigs, they began making the rounds to area record companies; following a string of rejections, the group formed its own label, Powderworks, and issued their self-titled debut -a taut, impassioned collection of guitar rock which quickly established the Midnight Oil sound- in After declaring their independence from the music industry, Midnight Oil grew increasingly active and outspoken in the political arena; after performing in opposition to uranium mining, they supported the Tibet Council before turning their attentions to the unfair practices of the local music industry, and formed their own booking agency in response to the monopoly exerted by area agents and promoters.

With their sophomore effort, ' Head Injuries ', the band scored their first hit single, "Cold Cold Change", and earned a gold record. James left the band the following year due to health problems; with new bassist Peter Gifford, they cut the EP ' Bird Noises ', another chart success. With 's ' Place Without a Postcard ' recorded with producer Glyn JohnsMidnight Oil achieved platinum status on the strength of the smash "Armistice Day", which won the group an American deal with Columbia Records.

Their follow-up, 's ' 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ', spent over two years in the Australian Top 40; after 's ' Red Sails in the Sunset ', Garrett made his run at Senate, losing by only a narrow margin.

Participation in the Artists United Against Apartheid project followed, leading directly into Midnight Oil 's increased interest in the battles of Australia's aboriginal settlers and a tour, dubbed "Black Fella White Fella", with the aborigine group The Warumpi Band. The aborigines' plight came to the fore on 's ' Diesel and Dust ', the Oils' breakthrough record; sparked by the hit single "Beds Are Burning", the album reached the U.

Antediluvian are a band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that has had music reviewed before in this zine and plays a d Chateau Noir Interview. Torden: Hails! Wrath Division are a band from Poland that plays a bestial mixture of war, black and death metal and this is a rev Funeral Requiem Interview.

For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the musical project? Mark, usually deemed the most historically-accurate Book, makes zero mention of it.

That's sort of a monumental omission on the part of a chronicler. Unlike, say, George Lucas initially skipping all the backstory of Star Wars so he could jump ahead to "the good parts" and rock socks with the Vader revelation, the Apostles would presumably have felt the need to detail minutia like, you know, a virgin birth, a brand-new star moving across the sky, and the heavens parting to reveal a host of freakin' angels who told a bunch of yokels that God had just beamed down.

It's gotta go. Unless you'd never heard that. No historical basis. And yet we still center the religious holiday of the year around it. Below is a chart I did not make, because I'm not that smart, showing to what degree the Gospels not counting John, who was the Hunter S.

Thompson of the Disciples are actually telling the same story. Not much. Curiously, most Bibles don't include this reference chart. Many Christians these days will argue it's the essence rather than the literal truth of the Bible that matters most, but you have to admit that's a pretty big dose of "literary license" to take.

Tuesday, November 29, Advertise This. From a smattering of oblique comments peppered throughout my many posts, a few sly references, and subtle jibes at certain targets not to mention the entire body of my last articleyou may have gathered that I have a certain.

On second thought, "disdain" may not be quite the right word; instead, let's say, "illogical, messianic loathing. I need the Internet to air my grievances about the Internet. The irony is not lost on me, and it's a bitter pill to swallow, depending on the very thing I rail against. Which does not make me a hypocrite, by the way, it makes me postmodern.

It's like superstar rappers penning one verse after another about how they despise fame in an unending string of hit songs. That's a completely apt analogy. Heavy is the crown and all that. That being said, I actually spend an unhealthy amount of time on the Web, and not just looking at porn, which my therapist assures me is healthy.

It's funny stuff you should feel morally-obligated to check out. But one thing that may give you an involuntary eye-twitch when watching their videos is the advertisements. And that brings me full-circle to the real topic of this tirade, online marketing, which I said I would be covering in a series of articles back in the summer.

Nice segue, huh? What's that? You don't remember when I made that promise? Better go back to May 21,kids. Sorry I got a little sidetracked these past six months. Internet advertising is a huge market of limitless potential, which I have yet to cash in on, for reasons unknown.

I read somewhere on the Internet that revenues from online ads are up umpteen-bajillion percent this year and expected to eclipse the combined wealth of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and God by It seemed like a reputable site. But I think the advertising brain-trust has become a little too savvy to their market, a diverse demographic that eats up TMZ, "Hide your kids, hide your wife" guy, Angry Birds, and, um, this:.

Tuesday, November 22, Express your individuality in 1 of 6 preset ways! With a growing readership, it's important to stay fresh and challenging. More importantly, the nature of my ongoing social commentary is such that anonymity is essential. In short, my livelihood would be in serious jeopardy if my customers ever stumbled on this blog and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Plenty of you already know who I am, and that's why you read, but as more and more strangers check in, I have to take steps to protect my identity. Which leads me to some shit that really irks me, and by "irk" I mean "makes me want to shoot bitches. Since then, I have made a conscious effort to ignore as much of the digital revolution as I could without retreating to a cave to write my angry manifesto and mail out nail-bombs to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and. During middle and high school, I learned enough of the basics about computers and their bastard offspring that I assumed, especially with the constant updates and ever-growing "user-friendly" wave, I would be able to make technology serve my ends when needed.

And I assumed these would go away. Then, about three months ago, I tried to add the introduction to my blog you currently see displayed under the masthead. Do you have any idea how difficult it was to add that?

Do you know how close I was to leaving Blogger entirely to peddle my cynicism elsewhere? Here is the text I started writing at that time to convey my anger: Hey, kids, did you notice the new intro to the blog? Right up there at the top of the page, just below the masthead? You didn't? Oh, yeah, that's because it isn't fucking there.

Know why? No matter how many times I click "save," no matter how many times I reload the page, Blogger one tentacle of the Google-beast refuses to acknowledge a single change I have made. No error message. No obvious glitch. It just doesn't do anything.

Bearing in mind I am using Google Chrome, a browser made by the same company as the blogging program. How to resolve this issue? Why, contact Blogger, of course, and ask them in the politest way possible what the fuck is going on. I repeat, ha. Now that we're all more connected than ever before, good luck getting a hold of anyone. Technical support? Customer service? Bitch, please. That's why we gave you the Internet: to get you off our backs.

A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You Shortly - Jefferson Airplane - After Bathing At Baxters (V, Commie Newspapers - Various - Chess In Concert (CD, Album), Los Super Ratones* - Aire Para Respirar (Cassette, Album), Iye - No Sleep By The Machine - Splice (CD, Album), Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 71 - Felix Weingartner, Sinfonieorchester Basel*, Marko Letonja - Sym, Nightmare Exorcisn - Black Putrescence - Black Putrescence (Vinyl), DMV - Primus - Brown Videos (VHS), Ce Frumos (Cest Si Bon) - Alla Baianova - Melodii Celebre Din Repertoriul Internațional (Vinyl, LP,, Knock On Wood, Padre Nostro

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    Split Cassette With 2 Black Metal bands from Greece. Pro Tape, and Limited to Copies. Songs: Silent Dominion: Silent Dominion - Amiable Goddess, Hecate Morbid Fog: SKP DEATHGOD MESSIAH - "Bastard Christ" PRO TAPE. black-death metal from the brandez.bizted Reading Time: 5 mins.

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    Human Serpent/For I, The Misanthropist/Ogmios Underground/ CD Review. Greece's Human Serpent have returned with a new recording which continues the raw and misanthropic style of black metal from previous releases and this is a review of their album "For I, The Misanthropist" which was released by Ogmios Underground.

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