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Alive As Ace - Various - Vivid Acceleration (CD)

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Academic level. Pages words. Read more. At Stage 1, Rider wears his customary armor without his mantle. Rider's Stage 2 appearance is the same as that of Stage 1, but with the fur mantle added. Stage 3 Rider also wears added armor, and his fur seems a lighter color.

While historical records called him short because he could not reach the foot stool of Darius III 's throne after conquering the Persian empire and had to swap it for a table to sit on the throne, he claims that it is because he was truly short when compared to Darius. In the end, he considers that history written by random people cannot completely and accurately describe the situation back then, so he has no problems with the inaccuracy. During life, Alexander took the lead in wearing Asiatic clothing due to his interest in cultures of his conquered land, causing his followers to avert him like the plague.

He does the same in the present, changing into contemporary styled clothes while in public because of trying not to lag behind Saber and her suit. He orders an XL sized T-shirt based on the Admirable Tactics " videogame he takes to playing in his free time. It is white shirt with the logo of the game imprinted on top of the world map, looking much like a cheapskate product from the games segment published on the front page of the special edition a magazine. He is very happy with it because it gives him "the effect of having the whole world on my chest" and goes well with the conqueror outfit.

Due to his pride in the shirt, he first attempts to move around in public without any pants or undergarments, which he doesn't find to be strange in the least. He refers to pants as "that thing that causes you to stumble", and hates the idea of having to wear them.

Waver eventually buys him large jeans, so that he can actually go out without troubles. For the sake of protecting Iskandar from various forms of curses and magecraft, his body double in life developed numerous counter-intelligence schemes. Iskandar is noble and physically overbearing.

He is not pragmatic, but is a person who lets history run its course and acts according to his impulses. While he is wild and somewhat inconsiderate to others, his greed inspired his subjects and ultimately resulted in their happiness.

He is always jovial, values friendship highly, and he regards the bond with all of his followers in Ionioi Hetairoi as his greatest treasure. They all, being inspired by such a magnificent king, in turn gives him their undivided loyalty and adoration.

He also admires people who treat friendship with sincerity, such when he meets Taiga Fujimura. He is compassionate to those with whom he bonds, such as telling Waver that it is natural to be sickened by Caster's atrocities and that he would strike anyone who would feel nothing from the sight. He was adventurous and had the goal of reaching the edge of the world during his life, and he looks forward to conquering the world now that he has found out it is a sphere, and how small his empire that he spent his life conquering was compared to the size of the world.

He desires to conquer the world as a human, so that is his only wish for the Holy Grail. He is not overly cruel as would be expected from a tyrant, but tries instead to keep bloodshed to a minimum despite his love for battles and destruction. He is fine with not actually winning the battle outright, and even attempts to recruit the other Servants as his followers after witnessing their prowess for himself.

He prefers to conquer his enemies by winning without killing and controlling without humiliating them. He admires Artoria's abilities as an individual and believes that she would be an amazing asset to his army.

He is seen as a unique individual with strange ideas unbefitting of his legacy, but Waver is able to understand the meaning behind his conquest.

He sees Iskandar as deserving of title of "King of Conquerors" because that which he strives to conquer most is not lands or material wealth, but the hearts of people, the toughest conquest that can be undertaken by anyone.

His way of kingship is his greatest pride and as such, he despises Artoria's way of kingship, the direct antithesis. He calls her naive for considering sacrificing herself to save her kingdom, and goes so far as to denounce her as a king. He insists that a king should be setting vivid examples to be followed, bond with his subjects at personal level, and his way of living should be something inspiring to and envied by all under his rule, not a distant ideal or martyr whose deeds would be praised yet whose path is so full of sorrow and pain that it would only inspire a sense of dread.

To him, a selfless king who isolates himself from his people to die for ideals is nothing but a fool, which is worse than a tyrant. He is also in opinion that a king should be vibrant, a figure who is inspiring and leading his people, instead of being a distant loner who concerns himself only with protecting and saving his people.

Ultimately, he would grieve and weep over his losses and mistakes, but he would stay true to himself and never regret decisions made as a king. He has a mutual rivalry with Gilgamesh, and offers for a joint conquest to take over the world. The respect Iskandar inspired in Gilgamesh is great enough that the King of Heroes deems him worthy enough to be faced with Ea and Enkidu in their final fight, even though Gilgamesh can easily win without using them.

Despite his Master's shortcomings and their vast differences in goals and personalities, Iskandar is very quick to start bonding with Waver on a personal level like he would with anyone during his reign, admiring his wit and determination despite Waver having the lowest of opinions of himself. During their Alive As Ace - Various - Vivid Acceleration (CD) encounter with the other Servants, Kayneth Archibald El-Melloiwho was originally planning to summon Iskandar, begins to berate and torment Waver by calling him incompetent and weak.

Iskandar instantly defends Waver's dignity by rebuffing Kayneth for only speaking to them while in hiding. Despite being timid, at least Waver would ride with him and Iskandar notes that only someone who will ride onto the battlefield with him is worthy of being his Master, so a coward who only hides in the shadows is a true shame to their battle. Iskandar is bisexual, so it is possible he would have attempted sexual relationships with both Kayneth and Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri if he had been summoned by them.

Iskandar takes a great interest in the modern world, often spending his free time eating crackers and watching videos to learn about the new world around him. He is also especially eager to go outside and experience things as a human. He especially takes a great liking to the video game called, Admirable Tactics [19].

Rider was summoned by Waver Velvet with an artifact; a mantle once worn by Iskandar. This artifact was originally Lord El-Melloi 's and was stolen by Waver, who intends to prove that his teacher is wrong.

Iskandar, the King of Conquerors, is noble and physically overbearing. He is an enormous man who has little interest in the Holy Grail and cares more about conquering the world again, especially now that he realizes the world is much bigger than he was aware of during his life. He is especially fascinated by ordinary aspects of modern life and intends to inform the world of his return, much to Waver's chagrin. In the Kings Meeting, he expressed his desire for the Holy Grail is not for conquering the world but his true incarnation so that he can become a human again and not bound as a servant.

However, after learning from Saber wish to change the past to save her country, Rider was disappointed and does not acknowledge Saber as a King, addressing her as "little girl" and calling her by her title with little intention other than mocking her. In a battle with Saber prior to his final engagement with Gilgamesh, Rider gambled using Gordius Wheel against Saber but his chariot was destroyed by Excalibur.

Rider would not manifest Ionioi Hetairoi as he was saving it for Gilgamesh. Before the final fight, Rider asked Gilgamesh whether he can join forces together as Rider has his armies and Gilgamesh has his weapons and they can conquer the world easily but Gilgamesh declined, stating that there was only one comrade he would ever have and there could be only one king. However, Gilgamesh wipes out half of the army with his Enuma Elishcausing the reality marble to dissipate. As a result of the instability, the rest of the army fades, leaving Rider with no choice but to charge him head on.

Rider rushes bathing in the curtain fire of Gate of Babylon. Upon nearing him and right before he can deliver the final blow, Rider is bound stiff by Enkidu, and eventually slain by Ea. Gilgamesh appears to have had great amounts of respect for Iskandar, addressing the dying King of Conquerors with the comparatively more respect, and stating that he would be ready to accept his opponent's challenge at any given moment.

She encounters both Waver and Rider during in the night after she fell from the roof. Rider becomes a translator for both Taiga and Waver, as Waver did not learn Japanese before coming to Japan, and Taiga explained to Waver and Rider that she chased after the thief until he flew off.

Taiga instantly Alive As Ace - Various - Vivid Acceleration (CD) in the cold water to save a dog, [22] while believing Waver and Rider would also help out. Taiga replied that she believes in kindness in others. Waver thinks this is quite cute, though Rider says something completely different which left Waver in disarray: Rider claims he wanted Waver to have a romantic experience.

Taiga chased after an underwear thief, dragging Rider and Waver to help her. Waver asked Taiga if she helped others, does not she have any problems herself. Taiga claims that she is worried about her love, school and future. Waver and Rider suggested she is suitable for teaching and guiding those who seek knowledge.

Waver suggested they should part ways and head back home but Taiga wants to go after the wine barrel thief. Waver and Rider explained that searching for the criminal at night in Fuyuki City is getting more dangerous. Taiga tried to introduce herself to the two but Waver hypnotizes Taiga to head back home for her own safety.

Rider thought of stealing more wine barrels from the market for Taiga but Waver stopped him from creating more trouble, Waver had a plan that could help her. Iskandar and Waver come to the sewers in search of Giles de Rais to kill him.

They arrive too late, though, and interrupt the fight between Ritsuka's party and EMIYA, forcing the latter to retreat. He assumes El-Melloi II was trying to pick a fight with Waver based on how he insulted Waver for overestimating his own abilities and not understanding the situation. He then challenges El-Melloi II to a fight, but the group retreat to avoid a fight. He and Waver meet the group again when they disrupt his discussion with Artoria Pendragon and Gilgamesh to kill Gilgamesh with Lancelot 's help.

The group helps her fight Lancelot, but Iskandar soon stops the fight. El-Melloi II asks him why, as he did everything to avoid this conflict. Iskandar punches him upon hearing that he plans to kill Tokiomi Tohsaka now his Servant Gilgamesh is gone.

He then reminds Kariya that he should prioritize saving and protecting Sakura Matou first. Seeing Kariya doesn't have his priorities straight, Iskandar abandons the idea of him and Alive As Ace - Various - Vivid Acceleration (CD) being his allies.

He then proceeds to burn all the worms in the basement, capturing Sakura in the process. He agrees to give her to Kariya in exchange for his right hand and Command Spells, which Kariya concedes to. After severing Kariya's hand, Iskandar notices the Crest Worms are keener on eating the Command Spells than their host. He then has Mithrenes take Kariya and Sakura to a hospital outside of Fuyuki before leaving. He later confronts Ritsuka's party in the Grail's Chamber.

El-Melloi II asks him if he intends to continue the war, even though he should be able to sense the cursed magical energy emanating from the Grail.

El-Melloi II is frustrated he would fight for such a selfish reason when the world is facing a crisis. He then fights Iskandar after the latter accepts him as a worthy opponent. Iskandar however tells him it only matters how said power is used. He then disappears commending him for a good fight.

He becomes a playable character for upcoming war and be available choice by Hakuno Kishinami. When the Moon Cell senses that Altera has been released, it summons him to do battle with her.

However, being unaccustomed to fighting on SE. PHwith all its subtle differences to the Earth he lived and died on, he approaches the fight as a kind of warm-up. Because of that, he loses. Altera then declares that his life belongs to her, and forces him to join her army. Technically, this also makes him a Servant of Altera's Master, but Altera treats them both as if they were the same rank. Altera understands that her victory over Iskandar was a matter of circumstance, and that they are evenly matched in terms of strength.

While, subsequent to their fight, she does wield power over him, she does not consider him to be beneath her — nor does she look down on Jeanne, whom she recruits in a similar fashion. Iskandar understands that as well; but accepts his defeat with dignity. From then on, he pledges to assist Altera in achieving her goals.

Make no mistake, however: He is loyal only to Altera, and not the Umbral Star. During the course of the battle, he fights Nero, and is defeated by her. He later helps defend Mare Carcer, but Nero defeats him again. Plagiarism Free Papers. We double-check all the assignments for plagiarism and send you only original essays. Chat With Your Writer. Communicate directly with your writer anytime regarding assignment details, edit requests, etc. Affordable Prices. Assignment Essays Features.

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