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Pity The Child - Various - Chess In Concert (CD, Album)

I came to blues music after rock and roll through Eric Clapton and others so I am perhaps not a blues purist but I do appreciate Robert Johnson, BB King, and many others as well as those who led me to their music.

Very glad to see my favorite Rory Gallagher included. Also, no Lonnie Mack. Where is the westafrican blues!?

Wht about Ali farka Toures last albumSavane. But in those years I have heard five albums that have all had a great influence on me. And, of course, pretty much everything by Wolf and Muddy. Seriously, great choice! Very difficult to narrow it down to Enjoy his lyrics and his slide and harp playing are on the money. Did you consider any Canadian blues artists? I think there are also cases of musicians from other genres who recorded blues or blues like music — Triumph is one group I can think of.

Man, did they miss a lot. Many that are much better than those they selected!!! Thank you! Some Pity The Child - Various - Chess In Concert (CD also not mentioned in the comment section, i think great blues or bluesrock albums I very much like are:. Is a great blues album as well.

The replies here are priceless. Bad Company? George Thoroughgood? Janis Joplin? Stevie Ray Vaughn? Humble Pie? Allman Bros.? Triumph was labeled hard rock or heavy metal but Rik Emmett and the band did play and record some bluesy music from time to time. King King by The Red Devils is my favorite live blues album of all time.

A must-own if ever there was one. But you have forgotten one very important British blues classic from that time, Five Live Yardbirds with the Yardbirds Eric Clapton was one of members at that time, replaced later by Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. The British blues scene during the sixties was so important for the founders of the blues and played an very important role to make this black music style to be accepted among the white audience in America.

Would like to see One Album per Artist — this allows a greater degree of inclusivity. Hard Again by Muddy Waters is also a good one. Cheers to All. No Ronnie Earl! That is like making a chicken soup with no chicken! Plus the fact Ronnie plays ever note like it is his last!

I thought that is what the blues is all about. Hooker n heat already mentioned but what about hooker n davis hot spot soundtrack. Rl burnside ass in pocket and finally graham bond organisation live at klooks kleek. All essential. Fats knew his blues! One James Cotton album and two Mayall. Uh, no. Gotta agree with that. You could get rid of all the rock bands and all the English bands.

They were just regurgitating the masters. Go to the source not the people that are doing Rock covers. Agree about Willie Dixon…Needs to be there. Rock blues, straight blues, jazz blues etc. I want to know about everyone and then select my own favorites. I wish the list could have had or great albums. All of these works are valuable and have merit!! He plays a lot of cigar box guitars and unusual instruments. And Joe Bonamassa was adored by B. King, you need a better recommendation than that??

And thank you!! Typical North American rubbish. So what are your selections? European or African? Think in those terms and some of the classic rock bands qualify. Apologies, a couple of the artists I mentioned are on the list! I accept it is a subjective thing and impossible to include everyone. Gosh I could add a lot more. And change some to different albums. As for Allman Bros. The blues was almost dead in the us. The Brits embraced it and started it again. My first concert was the Jefferson Airplane with the warm up band The Yardbirds in I would say that some of these bands should be included.

I wish it was more than Etta James, Tell Mamma. Has been previously mentioned but should include Chicken Shack and the Groundhogs. Also the Graham Bond Organisation. Also surprised that Robin Trower hasnt been mentioned.

I also like Fleetwood mac by Fleetwood mac. This has to be one of the greats! How could you miss this one? Thanks all! Hutto are strangely absent. The choice for Muddy Waters does not cover his best recordings. Why not The Best of Muddy Waters? We could endlessly debate about the definition of blues, but the purpose here is not to list all the guitarists that once played a blues classic, or our favorites RnB or jazz or rock musicians.

Why is there always someone who has to have the best or the top ten etc. The other thing that amazes me is how everybody is an authority on how the bands such as the Stones, CreamMayall, Butterfield and on and on saved the music and brought it back to life.

It was word of mouthconversationconcerts like the newport Jazz festival. We all know that our bluesmakers of all folks cannot possibly be ranked like football teams or mutual funds. Consider the West African griots or that itinerant bluesman that W. Handy found and lost at the Tutwiler train depot in And consider the folks whose paths never crossed those of the white historians or Album) who sang only to themselves and their God.

Even people who love the blues can manage to leave Willie Dixon off this list. I read them all and thanks. You mean there is only good Album) albums out there? Give me a break. Gonna check it out. No one mentioned Hadda Brooks. Re; the Allman Brothers. I miss Duane.

Fleetwood Mac including Green lack that raw blues voice, but I love their blues stuff. Glad Alex Koris was mentioned. Great Lp. Check out Wild-Child Butler. Also, in many cases, there are better collections by the same artist than the ones listed.

Great list. Bit of British Blues and Boogie? Thanks, enjoyed reading this. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Search uDiscover Music. Bert Ruisch May 3, at pm. Pat December 31, at pm. Chuck Nyren November 13, at am. Harmonica Slim November 27, at am. Bluesbabyblues December 31, at am. Spot on Harmonica Slim. TC Lambet December 31, at am. James December 31, at pm. Mike Hardy January 1, at am. Ray December 31, at pm. Josef O Luain August 12, at pm. Mark August 14, at pm. David January 24, at pm. Slick September 25, at am.

Christopher Driscoll March 31, at pm. Bassman Bob September 25, at pm. Scott Blanchat November 8, at pm. Totalmente de acuerdo, sobre todo en lo relacionado con Ronnie Earl.

Jeff Tibbetts November 17, at pm. Mike September 25, at am. Jon Taylor September 15, at pm. There is a Hendrix compilation, titled Blues. Patrick Longworth September 26, at am. Philip Anderson December 7, at pm. Aw, yes, the Powder Blues Band. Thank you for mentioning them! Thomas February 9, at pm. Marco November 10, at pm.

Vin January 4, at pm. Paul May 4, at am. Gompie May 4, at pm. Kaj Hobroh May 31, at pm. Gerrit Krekel June 4, at pm. Dank Bert, voor de aanvulling, prima keus! Rutger De Groot August 5, at am. James September 1, at pm. Frank Nijenhuis December 30, at pm. Paul Lanfermeijer November 7, at pm.

Frank …. Dat was in de Reinhalle : Lp hoes hangt hier nog steeds aan de muur! Smokey December 30, at pm. Ronald Andrews December 31, at am.

What about African Blues…. Ali Farka Toure. Lambert Mulder December 31, at pm. Winifred Wiltens January 27, at pm. Dick August 12, at pm. Dave Tothill August 13, at pm. John Shreve December 31, at am. Cooldrive December 30, at pm. Nolan weidner May 3, at pm. Andre May 9, at am. John May 4, at am. Michael May 4, at pm. Ric December 30, at pm. Brian May 4, at pm. Mike Loyley September 12, at am.

Graeme Bristol May 3, at pm. Larry Jacobsen May 4, at am. Made the list. Bob C September 25, at am. Lesley Bowes Hefner May 3, at pm. You got that right, Lesley…no Janis??

Give me a break! Al Farber May 3, at pm. Jack Rawles May 4, at am. Bonamassa is one the greatest bluesmen of the 21st century. Bennie King May 8, at am. Markk August 6, at am. Dan December 30, at pm. C July 12, at pm. Joe Bonamassa would not know real blues even if it sat on his face. He is almost as bad as Eric Clapton.

MG December 31, at pm. Clapton is good. Kind of a snore in this list though, IMHO. I agree with you about Joe Bonamassa and John Hammond! John McCarthy September 11, at pm. Jake Binnie May 3, at pm. Phil Grabar May 3, at pm. Gary Hoffman October 9, at pm. Darren May 3, at pm. Kevin J Mack May 3, at pm. Gustavisson May 3, at pm.

Bruce Fisher May 3, at pm. Geoff May 3, at pm. Harry van Laak May 3, at pm. Norfleet Griffin May 7, at pm. Kevin Crawford May 4, at pm. Gary Hoffman June 16, at am. John Chamless May 3, at pm. Colin James — National Steel — Love it! Duane Albert May 4, at am.

No Champion Jack Dupree? No King Curtis? Tsuneo Takai May 4, at am. Ric December 31, at am. Jim McCloskey May 4, at am. John Henfrey May 4, at am. Bruce Whiteman May 4, at am. Russ Olson May 4, at am. Alex 48 May 4, at am. A mortal sin. Mark May 4, at am. David MacDiarmid May 4, at am. Strangely all missing from your list. Wayne Van May 4, at am.

Chris Mathison May 4, at am. Dave Swanson May 4, at am. The Five faces Album) Manfred Mann is a great album that has withstood the passage of time.

Johnno May 4, at am. Marv May 4, at am. Steve May 4, at am. Haroldblue May 4, at am. Brian Heaslip May 4, at am. Gnasher May 28, at pm. Emkay May 4, at am. Jeff Stone June 15, at pm. RMAN May 4, at am.

Ken Buzz May 4, at am. Dave May 21, at am. MaryT November 20, at pm. Jamie MacDonald September 26, at am. Bob-El May 4, at am. Michael Lampert May 4, at am. Keb Mo? To my surprise, I played the What will you probably do after reading the text? Rara, 2 our art teacher, guided us patiently during the rehearsals. She also prepared everything, 5.

Instead she often asked for our opinions about the stage and 6. On the day of the performance, we gathered backstage. Rara gave us a brief speech and reminded us to act TASK 2 wholeheartedly. As the main character, I felt 4 a little Write the past forms of the following verbs.

She What do the verbs mean? Read the verbs with correct pronunciation, in turns, and During the performance, I performed my best. Actually it memorize them. The audience 1. Last week. It was Romeo and Juliet. Rara, their art teacher. It ran well. Read your work in turns. Ask and answer questions about the text in TASK Setelah selesai, beberapa peserta didik diminta tunjuk jari, menuliskan kalimat-kalimat mereka di papan tulis dan kemudian membacanya.

Kegiatan variasi ini sebaiknya dijadikan pekerjaan rumah. Peserta didik yang lain menyimak sambil mencatat 1. Peserta didik diminta mencari pasangan. Setiap pasangan melakukan tanya jawab kesalahan ejaan dan bentuk past kata kerja berdasarkan teks di TASK 12 dan direkam. Hasil tersebut. Beberapa peserta didik diminta mengungkap- 3. Pasangan-pasangan yang lain diminta menyimak nilai. What can you learn from the story?

Read the following text. A ticket officer was a good person. Find twenty incorrect forms of the verbs, then correct them. We should love and respect each other. Carelessness does not cause any trouble. Here is D. We should return an item we find to its owner. Be a smart person so that you can go abroad. After cycling with my wife and children for more than Jawaban: 11km, we arrived at the statue of Goddess Kwan Im.

Museum of Rock Oya History Museum. Well, what is the topic of the tickets and enter the museum. After about an hour in the text? He show Your friend : Excellent! Your turn, please. However, I check my pants pocket and bags while observing Your friend : The writer saw busy vets, nurses and that thin black wallet. Finally, I believed it was mine and the worried people in the waiting room.

He tells us that a person found it not You : Good! Now, how many hours does the place far from a parking lot while pointing at the location of the open daily? He explains that everything remained safe. Your friend : Err … it opens for 24 hours every day. With astonishment I receiving the wallet and thanked him.

You : Perfect! Your turn now. My wallet and its contents was safe. Your friend : What did the nurse tell the writer about her job? I thanked God as my carelessness does not trouble me. You : Mm … she told the writter that being a nurse I could imagine the trouble if I lost the wallet. All my in an animal hospital was challenging. By the way, why did people prefer residence permits and the basis of all the affairs during in going there to private vets?

Japan, ATM cards for scholarships, a credit card and library You : Because they could not afford the expensive card that functioned doubles as a sign-in key into bills of private vets. Although there were no money at all, but You : Well, what made nurses happy working there? Thank God I lost it in Japan. They do not want to take anything that does not belong to them although that does not TASK 2 mean there are no thieves. Finally, I proved myself. I was No. Verb Base Past Verb Meaning sure it was not because there was no money in the wallet that no one picked it up.

It was because the culture of Japanese 1. Where did Mr. Sunardi drop his wallet? On his way to a museum. In the museum. Near a parking lot. Under his bicycle. In the cave. What did Mr. Sunardi feel knowing that a person returned Very sad. Very happy. What can we conclude from the text? Sunardi was a smart teacher. Sunardi parked his bicycle in a cave. Sunardi lost his wallet before buying ice cream.

The ATM card could become an entrance key to Japanese are famous for their discipline. Jawaban disimpulkan dari kalimat terakhir paragraf 1. The rabbit fled from the tiger and hid in a burrow.

My wallet and its contents were safe. The audience stood up when the President entered the I thanked God as my carelessness did not trouble hall. I heard Mrs. Reni taught in Class XB this morning. The children brought many boxes to the store room. Dompet saya dan isinya aman. Saya 6. Who baked the cake, Mom? Erlin and her friends submitted their work just now. Kedua kalimat tersebut 8. The safety guard let us enter the museum.

We wore spooky costumes during the last Halloween senang very happy saat dompetnya party. Jadi, pilihan jawaban E benar. Mother bought a rice cooker which cost Rp, Pilihan jawaban yang lain maknanya share my experience when I 1 was studying in Japan. C artinya cicilan, D artinya bunga, dan After cycling with my wife and children for more than E artinya pinjaman. After 4. We arrived at to share my experience when I was studying in around 11 p.

Menjadi guru kimia di Jepang exit. Arriving at the front door, all of a sudden a ticket officer menunjukkan bahwa Pak Sunardi merupakan 7 called us.

He 8 showed a thin black wallet which orang pintar, sesuai dengan pilihan jawaban A. Finally, I believed it was museum tersebut merupakan gua buatan, bukan mine and the officer handed it to me. He 13 explained that enjoying ice cream, we went to Museum of Rock everything remained safe. With astonishment I 14 received Oya History Museum. We arrived at around 11 the wallet and thanked him. My wallet and its contents p. I could imagine the trouble if I lost the wallet. All my the exit.

Arriving at the front door, all of a sudden important documents were in it, the resident card as proof a ticket officer called us. Although there 17 was no money at all, but as well, …. A few say, Japanese are 5. Jawaban disimpulkan dari kalimat di paragraf well-known for their honesty. Pilihan jawaban D yang artinya kita wallet that no one picked it up. Arrange the following paragraphs to form a sequential text.

Jawaban: The correct arrangement of the paragraphs is 5—4—1—3—6—2. Write an outline about the experience. Use the adjectives in brackets.

Many years ago, Mr. Edwin [1. His house [2. Edwin sad. He and his wife [3. They [4. They [5. Now, everything has changed. Edwin live prosperously in a big house. Write a recount text based on your outline in TASK It was Last week I visited my grandpa in Bandung. I went there by held on Saturday night. It [1. All the train and there was an empty seat next to me. However, they [3. When the scout leader blew The train honk woke me up.

I opened my eyes and was very the whistle, the scouts gathered in the middle of the surprised. I saw, a person whose face is very familiar to me. It was time to He is Stefan William, my idol, and he was sitting next to me! Like the other scouts, Linda [5. O, gosh! It was real. I was not dreaming. My first impression when meeting Stefan was that he was Jawaban: friendly. He greeted me warmly and moments later, I had Text 1 a chit-chat with him. I took 1. Surprisingly, 3. I was very happy. It was a really unforgettable experience.

Text 2 1. TASK 1 Read your work aloud. Complete the following text with the correct words from the box. Then, read the text aloud. Contoh jawaban: Last Saturday night my friends and I watched a Ramayana a. It was free g. Many people watched the performance attentively.

The stage was big and the performance was Last week, Bayu had two days off. He spent the time in attractive. He enjoyed many performances during the her dance was graceful. Hanuman was energetic. The audience was very interested in In the morning, Bayu and his uncle cycled around the watching his performance. They were happy and gave a big town. Later, the reog performance began. Many items were displayed there. Bayu pictures.

Stick your work on the class wall magazine. Bayu was happy to see the famous puppeteer performing roles 1. Peserta didik menulis teks recount berdasarkan TASK 2 rangkaian gambar tersebut. Suppose you are Bayu. Guru tentang tulisan mereka. Setelah selesai, peserta didik dapat menempelkan gambar dan tulisan yang dibuatnya di majalah dinding TASK 2 Contoh jawaban : kelas.

Hello, friends. In the morning, my uncle and I cycled around the town. We stopped at the town square. There, we saw the crowds. Do you know what they were doing? They were waiting to see reog, a traditional performance. My uncle and I were interested in watching it too.

We parked our bicycles and then walked towards the crowds to join them. A moment later, the reog performance began. We were very enthusiastic to watch it. After the performance, my uncle and I rode our bicycles to the town hall. Guess what we would do there! Visit an expo! Well, many items were displayed. I bought small plants and intended to grow them at home.

Then, at night, my uncle invited me to watch a puppet show and I agreed. You know, it was my first time. I was happy to see a puppeteer performing roles with his leather puppets. It was 6 a. Nadila and her friends were jogging around the town park.

While they were jogging and chatting, they saw an old I. He looked weak and ill. Jawaban: Nadila and her friends approached him and asked if he was 1.

C alright. Knowing that the man was very weak and motionless, 6. A Nadila asked her friends to stay with him while she was going to E find help. The man was pale and trembled. E give him hot tea which they were carrying. Not far from where the man was sitting, Nadila met II.

Write a recount text about your experience. She told him that there was a sick person in the park. Contoh jawaban: The officer called an ambulance and they hurriedly went to the Last Sunday my family and I held a house-warming party. Not long after that, an ambulance arrived. The paramedics Since early in the morning, we were very busy preparing for it. Nadila and her friends hoped the My mother and I prepared meals and drinks, while my father and man recover soon.

The police thanked Nadila and her friends. He explained that people like them, caring for neighborhood, At about three, our neighbors and relatives arrived. They were needed. My parents asked them to Questions: enter the house. When we thought that all the invited people had 1. When did the story take place? My father delivered a short speech 2. What did Nadila and her friends do to the man? During the 3. They were very friendly. Questions 4 and 5 refer to the following monolog.

The house-warming party put a deep impression in our mind. Bagus and his friends on their way home from playing soccer. As it was raining heavily, they decided to shelter on a mini market. They were chatting about the game they just played when a beautiful girl wearing sunglasses entered the market. She was slim and had a white complexion. She wore an ornamented dress that made her really pretty. She ignored her surrounding, but Bagus thought he knew who the girl was.

He peeped through the glass wall and was very surprised when he realized who the girl was! She was his favorite actress. Bagus could not imagine that he finally met her in such a situation. Bagus was restless after knowing her. He could not wait to meet and greet her.

He was sure that the girl would respond to his greeting warmly. Besides, he would ask her to take photographs with him. He did not tell his friends about this. Soon the girl left the market and headed to her car. The girl looked towards him and smiled. She even let Bagus take photographs with her. They did not know that Bagus was familiar with that pretty girl. Questions: 4. What can we infer from the monolog?

Then, share the result with the class. Setiap pasangan bertanya jawab tentang pengalaman mereka saat liburan seperti dalam contoh. Peserta didik menulis hasil tanya jawab tersebut di buku mereka. Selanjutnya, peserta didik diminta menceritakan kembali hasil tanya jawab tersebut. Example: You : What did you do last Sunday?

Your friend : I did many things. You : Did you have an interesting experience? Your friend : Yes. You : What was that? Please tell me about it. Contoh jawaban: Interview You : What did you do last Sunday? Your friend : Well, I celebrated my birthday. You : O, gosh! Sorry, I forgot your birthday. You : Then, how was your birthday celebration? Please tell me. Your friend : Together with my family, I celebrated my birthday in an orphanage near my house.

At the orphanage, we played, sang and had lunch together with the orphans. You : It must be very interesting. Your friend : Yeah. I was very glad that I could share happiness with them. It must be very hard for them. You : What about the caretakers? Your friend : They are very kind-hearted and patient.

Last Sunday Shanty celebrated her birthday. Together with her family, Shanty celebrated it at an orphanage. She wanted to share her happiness with orphans. She and her family played, sang and had lunch together with the orphans. She could not imagine how they can live without their parents. It illustrates the battle of Surabaya on November 10, Can you tell the class about the event briefly? How was the event? Why did it happen? It was a long story before our country proclaimed independence. There were many events recorded before and after independence.

All the events are worthy and memorable, and we have to know about them. When we talk or write about historical events, we use a historical recount. In this chapter, you will learn how to compose historical recounts, both spoken and written. Study the text structure and language features of the text. Do all tasks to improve your English skills. Peserta didik diminta melengkapi TTS tersebut dengan kata kerja yang sesuai dengan petunjuknya.

Peserta didik yang lain menyampaikan jawabannya apabila berbeda dengan jawaban temannya. Jawaban: Across 2. CRIED 7. SET 9. WAVED TOOK MADE Down 1. FLEW 9. SANK READ LOST MET Write their present forms and their meanings.

Find twenty verbs, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Identify whether they are regular or irregular verbs, then write their past forms and meanings. Peserta didik mengamati huruf-huruf acak. Mereka diminta menemukan kata- kata kerja dengan menghubungkan huruf- huruf tersebut secara horisontal, vertikal, dan diagonal. Setelah menemukan kata kerja tersebut, peserta didik menentukan setiap kata kerja termasuk kata kerja beraturan regular atau tidak beraturan irregular.

Kemudian, peserta didik menuliskan bentuk lampau dan arti setiap kata kerja tersebut. Peserta didik diminta menuliskan jawabannya ke dalam tabel seperti di bawah ini. I talked with Anita about our group work just now. My grandmother taught at elementary school before Make ten sentences using the past verbs from TASK 1. Did you know who took my dictionary? I met the principal in a bookstore last night.

I lost my money on the way to school. My mother made gingerbread cookies last Sunday. Sinta cried because her beloved grandmother just passed The teacher inspected our preparation for the drama away. TASK 1 Complete the following table with the suitable verb forms. Explain their meanings. Fill in the blanks with the suitable words from TASK 3 and 4. Change the forms of the words whenever necessary. Pay attention to the text structure. Correct the false ones.

Heroes Day draws back to what happened on November 10, The Dutch army forced Indonesians to hand over their weapons. Brigadier Mallaby led British troops in Jakarta. The British army in Jakarta spread leaflets to all over Surabaya about an appeal to hand over weapons. Indonesians felt betrayed by the British army due to the content of the leaflets.

Surabaya was attacked on November 10, from land, sea and air. Only a few people were sure that Brigadier Mallaby was killed by Indonesian militia. The number of Indonesians killed in the battle was more than that of British troops. British troops were able to conquer Surabaya on November 13, Jawaban: No. Heroes Day draws back to what happened on November T 10, F He led British troops in Surabaya. The British army in Jakarta knew exactly about F The British army in Jakarta might not know about the agreement made between Brigadier Mallaby and the agreement which led to misunderstanding the Governor of East Java.

The British army in Jakarta spread leaflets to all over T Surabaya about an appeal to hand over weapons. Indonesians felt betrayed by the British army due to T the content of the leaflets. Surabaya was attacked on November 10, from land, T sea and air.

Only a few people were sure that Brigadier Mallaby was F It was widely believed that Brigadier Mallaby was killed by Indonesian militia. The number of Indonesians killed in the battle was more T than that of British troops. British troops were able to conquer Surabaya on November F British troops conquered Surabaya within 3 days.

If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVoxyou could lend us your ears. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process. Readers record themselves reading a section of a book, edit the recording, and upload it to the LibriVox Management Tool. For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process.

We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set up works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards. We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch.

A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is a volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording. Metadata coordinators MCshelp Album) advise Book Coordinators, and take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators.

Wenn Mein Schatz Hochzeit Macht - Mahler* – Boston Symphony Orchestra – Conducted By Charles Munch, Margaret Singana - Lady Africa (Vinyl, LP, Album), Not A Perfect World - The Little Girls* - The Clear Album (Vinyl), Half Alive - Secondhand Serenade - Awake (CD, Album), Hardcore Superstar - Glue (CD), Scrapper Boy - Mark Spybey & Niels van Hoorn - Present...De Klaverland Klompen Voetbal Club (CD), Grinding Fortune - Inconsideracy (CD, Album), Gonna Get Along Without You - Various - Happy USA (Cassette), The Prodigy - Elektra 4-Track Promo Tape (Cassette), (Tomorrow, Tomorrow) - Kurinji - Riz: Music From The Motion Picture (CDr), Murdercycle - Big John Bates & The Voodoo Dollz - Bangtown (Vinyl, LP, Album), Snowballed - AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Reunion - Hot Club Of Cowtown* - Wishful Thinking (CD, Album), Antal Dorati, Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, Paul Paray, Detroit Symphony Orchestra - Debussy Noctu, 4. Finale: Presto - Haydn*, Antal Dorati, Philharmonia Hungarica - The Symphonies (CD)

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    Cet album est aussi sorti avec un CD supplémentaire, avec de nouvelles versions de Say It Ain't So, Joe et Never Even Thought avec Geoffrey Richardson au violon alto, ainsi que des reprises de succès comme You Are, Comme des enfants qui jouent, Maman, Love Yourself, Pity the poor consumer et son dernier succès One Night in Bangkok qui clôt.

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