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Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South - Solid Bronze - Great Hits (CD)

Now, let's see how long a list these text boxes can handle!!! I found over 10, popular songs by searching for combinations of titles in various genres, and consolidating the results into a single list. There isn't a song I could think of that isn't on the list, but please feel free to test it yourself, to make sure it's what you need.

If there's anything else I can do for you, just let me know by posting a Request for Clarification. Lucky Mr. In The U. In reviewing what I posted, I see there's a number of duplicate titles, which surprised me, because these should have been eliminated by my text clean-up programs If the dups are a problem, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Hi I thought I'd give this a go. Here is my logic: this list includes the US Top charting popular songs for the yearsto this I have added the US top charting songs of the s and then added the Q Magazine Best Songs Ever I cleaned this list up a bit as there were a number of spelling mistakes, probably not all found this added many older songs and a slightly different type mix due to it's more indie and British flavour.

The songs also included small genre sub-lists such as Hip Hop, Punk, Dance, Country, Electronica etc which Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South - Solid Bronze - Great Hits (CD) for a more eclectic mix.

I then removed as many duplications as I could identify but not performances of the same song by different artistsleaving songs. These are here sorted by arist to allow you to quickly remove artists you dislike and trim those you might feel are over represented.

It is urgent and spontaneous, featuring songs written in a rush of cathartic emotion on whatever instrument happened to be laying around. No three-minute orchestral intros to be written or historical facts to be researched here. It stares straight into the hospital rooms, regrets, cloudy memories and empty bedrooms—and dares to sing a quiet, beautiful song about them all. More than anything, Cease to Begin represents the sound of a talented writer growing more comfortable in his skin and unafraid to name a song after ex-Seattle Supersonic Detlef Schrempf despite its elegiac, unrelated subject matter.

Chesnutt was a rolling contradiction. Elegant and ungainly, impish and morbidly depressed, flat-assed drunk and piercingly sober, his salient obsessions circled around private peculiarities and public personae, scrawled like graffiti on the wall of a gas station, glimpsed through the Spanish moss.

His wounded warble was an epic surprise, too: sweeping like Marvin Gaye, in its way, and teetering with uncertainty—like a bastard Wallenda, who defied gravity out of sheer heart. To do that, they dusted off a musical form seen today as either a novelty or the exclusive provenance of ethnomusicologists.

While folk-rock thrived in the U. Sounding unlike anything that came before, it filtered old Irish tunes through a decidedly college-rock lens. Calexico co-founders Joey Burns and John Convertino hear the world differently than most people. Not everyone would have imagined that surf guitar reverb would sound so at home beneath a blast of mariachi trumpet.

Feast of Wire is the Tucson, Ariz. While their proximity to the Mexican border is still a strong influence, Calexico raises the ante here with more song styles, instruments and collaborators. The result further proves that variety can provide just the right musical chemistry. Given the somber nature of some of the subject matter, many of the songs on Feast of Wire are unashamedly melancholic.

But all are emphatically vibrant and ultimately spiritually fulfilling because of the beauty of their construction and the honesty of their execution. InJohn Darnielle and The Mountain Goats were on the Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South - Solid Bronze - Great Hits (CD) when Darnielle learned that his abusive stepfather had died.

In giving The Sunset Tree over to this man, Darnielle explores a non-linear, irrational series of reactions. Kristian Matsson plays to his strengths on The Wild Hunthis second album. He keeps it simple, finger-picking strings to propel his gristly vocal melodies, which feel simultaneously cavalier and carefully wrought.

Though his acoustic guitar often thwacks like a snare, his songs are uncluttered by percussion, harmonized vocals or the orchestral ornaments that are so prevalent in alt-folk. After their eponymous debut album earned a well-deserved standing ovation from critics, Fleet Foxes set the bar high for their sophomore album.

Helplessness Blues is sweet and comforting at its worst and inspiring at its best. The album is often about love — and the emptiness that can accompany its euphoria. Forget sexy. Although people with an affinity for homesick soldiers, star-crossed lovers and cleaver-wielding gangsters will find plenty to swoon over, The Decemberists brought epic back—and in a big way.

Hailing from the Rust Belt, Molina expertly blended the aggression of industry with a pastoral calm. But XO sure does. Tragically, Smith would have just one more album in him. On The Winter of Mixed DrinksFrightened Rabbit imbue their songs with sighing keyboards, screaming layers of melodious distortion, nested rhythms, choral harmonies—all the doodads that rock bands are liable to employ circa album number three.

The arrangements occasion stirring moments on the epic scale of early U2—this is burnished, stadium-sized, cloud-cover rock. The change is more one of scale than style. This is a different sort of intimacy: The Winter of Mixed Drinks is less of a breakup record than a post-breakup record; the more pathetic feelings having hardened into self-reliant moxie. Frightened Rabbit wrings a winning simplicity from all this august isolation. A cardiac pulse animates many of the songs, a mightily thwacking unison at the core of all the kaleidoscopic embellishment.

When writing songs together, Kakacek and Ehrlich developed a persona: Whitney is a lonely guy who drinks too much and lives alone. It was probably a pretty easy idea to embody. Both Max and Julien are quick to admit that the songs for Light Upon the Lake were written in the midst of consecutive breakups. They felt a little bit like Whitney, so they built this as a bit of a concept album. If anything, it was the start of something new.

The expansive lyrical content and layered allusions of Ys can be pretty hard to follow. The record takes on a mythical cast, but if Newsom is delivering a parable, she leaves it to the listener to determine the moral of the story. Muchacho aims big. Like the benders and busts of Grievous AngelMuchacho pursues both sin and absolution and offers apology for neither.

Houck works with elements of sand and soil and gold and steam to cast love in some comprehensible form of relief. Rather, these songs are her attempt to make sense of it all, and she sifts through the promise, the heartache and the loneliness with dignity, even elegance. Julie Byrne is from New York City. Projects should include items you wish to add to the blockchain. Generate a one way SHA hash that uniquely identifies your trademark. SHA hashes will always match the original document.

Adding your trademark to the blockchain serves as proof of existence at a certain time. If you can add proof of usage as well it will be beneficial when applying for your trademark at the USPTO. Red vs. Blue : Pick anything Sister says. Anything at all. It's not her catchphrase, but incidence of "Yeah Donut makes a damn profession out of doing this with gay euphemisms, to various degrees of not being subtle at all.

When speculating on what the contents of the ship that brought SisterChurch assumes its a weapon and then runs through a list Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South - Solid Bronze - Great Hits (CD) potential effects Given that the ship dropped off Sister, that last one is the most likely. When the ship turned out to have brought a person, Church runs through a list of special agent specialties Which may or may not be one of Tex's.

Considering what she did to Grifmultiple times, during her " fight " with the Reds and Tucker, that's probably not too far off. The YouTube Poop fad "I am now going to assault your mind with subliminal messages" is built from this trope. Here's an example. Carl: Alright, well I—I was upstairs Paul: Okay. Carl: I was, uh, I was sitting in my room Paul: Yes? Carl: Reading a book Paul: Go on. Carl: And, uh, well, this guy walked in Paul: Okay Carl: So I went up to him Carl: And I, uh, I stabbed him 37 times in the chest.

Yahtzee: All games are about realizing a fantasy, whether it be the fantasy of being a courageous war hero, or the fantasy of being a future space adventurer, or, in the case of some Japanese games, the fantasy of possessing eight prehensile dicks. Yahtzee: Ah, spring is in the air; the daisies are in bloom; the mild April breeze is bringing the sweet smell of rotting flesh that emanates from the vacant lot full of disinterred corpses that the winter snows once mercifully preserved, which is as good an explanation as any for why so many fucking remasters have come out this month.

Clang, clang, clang goes the trolleeeeeeey! Ring, ring, ring goes the beeeeeell! Crunch, crunch, crunch go the bones of the old people not getting out of the waaaaaaaay! This is why I specifically said when designing the Imperial truth that equality, science, and galaxy conquest is the way to go and religion needs to go out the window. A faith in God A friendly smile He'll warm your heart And rape your child!

Quartermaster: Oh, there's plenty to do. Sing shanties, tie knots, get scurvy Willy: Oh, thank you, my dear Spriggs. Thank you for your simple focus in the age of the spectacular.

Thank you for keeping it real with your witty insights and comical insults, and thank you for not asking me to take your pants off in front of your former girlfriend. Web Comics. Seriously, how long has it been, can you even remember? One strip comparing Grammar Police to Fashion Police, most of the traits described are rather unflattering, but the second-to-last is "vindictive about things that are often uncomfortably transparent proxies for race or social class".

Stinky returns, using his own body as the meat, with a bun and condiments laid atop it. This Subnormality strip, in which the receptionist at a health spa casually mentions ritual human sacrifice among the list of spa amenities. The Awakened gives us this exchange. Chase, the Butt-Monkey protagonist, starts off talking to his therapist about how his various issues may have started in kindergarten when a classmate refused to let him play with a toy dinosaur. Therapist: That doesn't sound very traumatic, Chase.

Chase: Well, when I asked to play with it, he said no in a really mean voice. Then he stabbed me in the face with a concealed switchblade, and after that repeatedly pummelled me with the dinosaur until I finally passed out from blood loss, at which point I think he might have raped me in the ass with its tail. Therapist: Oh. Bobby: One day I saw a pigeon fall from a tree, its body twisted and broken after an attack from somewhere above.

It writhed on the floor in silence and eventually died. It had no expression, just as I have no expression. I have never relayed this story to anyone. The Rant : They asked Bobby to put together a fact sheet for the kids.

They didn't ask him again after. Marten: Whew! Okay, the couch is officially moved in. What's left to bring over? Faye: According to my list, just your dresser, a couple lamps, and my collection of exotic Japanese sex toys. Marten: Right on, gimme a couple minutes to catch my breath and we can go wait what was that last thing you said?

Momo: My functions include media projection, both immersive-holographic and standard projection, heuristic internet trawling and storage of media based on my owner's expressed interests, and light housework. Tsukiko: All they do is boss you around and tell you what you can't do. Ranger: OJ, purple stuff, my brutally murdered wife Caprice: Mars has such low gravity that gas is lost to space more quickly than it is on larger planets like Earth and Venus.

Ben: Uh-huh. Caprice: Flying up an air-fountain like this into orbit is very energy-efficient. Ben: Sure.

Burmese tiger-traps are fun, and recommended for ages six and up. Dingus: We're going to wear these gay hats. We're going to go through Spencer's boring agenda point by point. Then we're going to go find those pictures of that totally hot chick. Wendell: Then we're all going to masturbate. John: what do they sell at the braj shop?

Dave: yeah, pretty much the basics. Intimidating Cow Monster: I keep thinking of all the things that could go wrong. What if it rains? What if our families fight? What if the buffet escapes? Ollie: We're lost bro. We're tired, my tiny feet hurt, I don't think we're even in Mayview anymore, Stephen's been dissolving social constructs for the last two hours Stephen: [wearing a shoe on his nose, his pants wrapped around his head, and a sock on his hand] Why do you cling so desperately to your symbols, brother?

Web Original. Big black dildo. She's pretty, she's smart, she's Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South - Solid Bronze - Great Hits (CD) as heck. She'll win over your parents with her charm and stories about bank embezzlement!

Just gimme a minute. I gotta do the dishes, balance my checkbook, cremate my rabbit Patricia Campbell Hearst born February 20,now known as Patricia Hearst Shaw, is an American newspaper heiress, socialite, actress, and bank robber. A woman who exhibited kindness and compassion towards others, especially the sick and needy, who also was an alcoholic and traded sexual favors for money.

Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown born May 5, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, actor, and convicted felon. Symptoms and consequences include palpitations, dizziness, lightheadedness during shorter episodesfainting during longer episodesand sudden cardiac death.

Format Religious, talk, news, terrorist propaganda note It was the official radio station of the Islamic State, in case you were wondering. Mummy brown was originally made in the 16th and 17th centuries from white pitch, myrrh, and the ground-up remains of Egyptian mummies The creators of acoustic black metal Hans Thomas Reiser born December 19, is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and convicted murderer.

The term "reactive arthritis" is strongly preferred and increasingly used as a substitute for this designation because Hans Conrad Julius Reiter was not the first to describe the syndrome, his conclusions regarding its pathogenesis were incorrect, and because he committed war crimes as a Nazi at Buchenwald concentration camp during World War II.

It built churches, gave money to the sick and averted violence by paying local authorities to ensure easy shipment of marijuana, heroin, and cocaine to the United States.

Very good, George! George: What? People often don't notice the little, gradual problems. Cluttered desks. Dishes in the sink. The thing that stands in the corner at night.

Web Videos. Frieza: Oh good. I'll stop by there on the way home. Bread and butter, chant and mutter, Marination, incantation, Chocolate icing, time-line splicing, Yeast is rising, rectifying Applejack: Take a shower!

Wear deodorant. Breathe through your nose. Throw some spiders! Molestia: I feel like that stopped making sense I once thought my car was a cookie! Only it wasn't a cookie. Or a car. It was MAN. AVGN: This might be a good time to bring up that most of these old consoles have a connector that looks like this. You have to plug them into a box, and then screw the box into your TV.

But I say, get yourself one of these, plug them into the coaxial input on your TV, plug the game in, and tell that box to go fuck itself! Brad's wife used to love desserts! New item on the menu? Brad's wife would've made it twice as good! Brad's wife used to love 9-". Chip Cheezum : "Name: Christopher. What can I say about myself? Um, dot dot dot. I like Yu-Gi-Oh! Sursum Ursa: [Anne indulges in] comfy shoes, gelato, dancing with boys, a mischievous pixie haircutand casual violence!

Let's see now. If I throw in a little bit of sugar, some flour, two eggs Oh my goodness! I almost forgot my secret ingredient: Cyanide! Frankomatic: Y! Whiz Khalifa: Bring me potatoes. And meat.

And greens. And weed. Herman Cain: All you can do is give that woodchuck a tuna melt, or romantic shoes, or a metal skull crusher. BS Man: Now, it bounces a few times, shows me a beach ball, and when it finally starts, it tells it's searching for Genius results, accessing the iTunes Store, updating playlist information, contacting Mars, raising shields, activating atomic soundwave booster, scanning for nuclear barracudas. Andy: on a hotel Five stars for cleanliness, five stars for location, five stars for people isolating themselves when Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South - Solid Bronze - Great Hits (CD) needed to murder them.

That was particularly appreciated. Andy: I can see now why you didn't want to offer any hair for my wonderful mechanical man. Well, it's no big deal, everyone's got their different styles. Side-part, buzzcut, hair full of snakes. Andy: We can use this pretty much for anything.

Chop our food, chop our firewood, chop our enemies You know what's a really good idea? Putting "crass jokes" and "innuendos" next to "rape" and "murder" on a list of similar things. That's just You know, my to-do-list for tomorrow actually follows a very similar structure.

You know, I gotta get some milk and eggs, gotta call my internet provider, gotta pay my phone bill, I gotta break into a nursery and set all the minority newborns ablaze, and to top it all off, I got to fill up my car! All equally mundane things to do. Saber: Bullies, boyfriends, explosive titties. You know, the usual. Scott: Woah, "two truths and a lie"? Scott: Man, look at all the features this thing touts on the back [of the box]!

The characters, stages, secrets, trophies, epilepsy note referencing the standard flashing lights Content Warning on the box of many games ; this game has it all! Western Animation. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius : In "Sorry, Wrong Era", when an angry mob brings Hugh home to Judy, they complain that his antics with the time travel function on Jimmy's remote disgusted Sam's customers, gave Cindy and Libby brain freeze, and made a pregnant woman experience the miracle of childbirth "again and again and again".

Sam: Yeah, birth. One hundred kisses from the angels on my tummy One hundred bumblebees needed to make honey One hundred nose wiggles, like I'm a little bunny One hundred years in a century One hundred lies that you said to me One hundred sins leave you dead within One hundred nails that pierce your skin! Principal McVicker: Uhhhh I don't know what your problem is Sarah Lynn: Blueberry, goji berry, flax, chia, shark fin and white rhino horn.

Buzz: Power, on! Magneto engaged! Right engine! Left engine! Thrust stabilizers Icy hand! Simple question: what did we learn today? Joey Logano says of Talladega: "Your whole season can be decided this weekend and that may be somewhat out of your control.

Peter King recaps a potential playoff preview in Rams-Buccaneers as well as other notable moments from Week 3. Matthew Wolff did some heavy lifting on moving day at Sanderson and says he's "in a better happier spot than I was last year. Top News.

Perturbator - Dangerous Days (Cassette, Album), Between Times - 40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room (CD, Album), All The Places - Amycanbe - Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated (CD, Album), Dovetail Afternoon - LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams - Sequana Sessions (CD, Album), The Torturer - Item Caligo - The Torturer (Failed Live @ MARKS 29​.​05​.​15) (File), Goodnight Saigon (Live) - Billy Joel - Piano Man - The Very Best Of Billy Joel (CD), Pour Un Tombeau Sans Nom (Triste Et Lent) - Claude Debussy / Duo Crommelynck - La Mer Version Orig, The Musics Got Me (Kontor Dub), Unraveling - Sallie Ford - Soul Sick (Vinyl, LP, Album), LUomo Che Viaggiava Nel Vento - Murubutu - LUomo Che Viaggiava Nel Vento E Altri Racconti Di Brezze, Crush (Klippa Remix) (Full Vocal), Soulful Strut - Raphael Wressnig - Soul Gumbo (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pour Un Tombeau Sans Nom (Triste Et Lent) - Claude Debussy / Duo Crommelynck - La Mer Version Orig, Krwawy Sport - 1125 - Płonie Mi Serce (Cassette, Album), Make You Mine

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