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Lets Have A Ball - Albert Järvinen - Guitar (Vinyl, LP)

Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll - V. The CD compilation accompanying "Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll" features tracks by twelve of the artists covered in these pages.

Most of the songs are either out of print or available only on hard-to-locate reissues; many were never even released in the United States.

It touches upon some of the most intriguing and unclassifiable sounds discussed in this book, from lost psychedelia and garage rock to Moroccan-dub-rap fusion and quirky independent cassette releases.

A track-by-track description follows. John's Children, "Smashed Blocked. I'm losing my mind! Just before the track freaks itself out into oblivion, it glides into an off-kilter, moony adolescent ballad, punctuated by more strange spaced-out vocals in the periodic choruses.

Recorded well before Marc Bolan aka T. Rex's brief stint in the band, it was certainly too strange for the hit parade of the day, though it did make 98 in the U. But that's another story This song was available only briefly in the mids on a flexidisc in an obscure German fanzine, where Bonniwell's spoken introduction obscured the first few bars of the track; this compilation marks the cut's first appearance in its entirety. Cleaners From Venus, "Clara Bow.

From their cassette-only release Living With Victoria Grey, which is full of such mod pop gems. The Rising Storm, "Frozen Laughter. From the odd spoken opening "Honey, is that you? S Eliot's "The Wasteland," and snatch of backward tapes that brings it to a close, the cut oozes mystery and an impenetrable sense of loss. It's the highlight of their sole album, originally pressed in minute quantities for themselves and their schoolmates inand now available as a CD reissue from Arf! This is its first appearance on a US release, though the album has been reissued on CD in their Danish homeland.

The Mystic Tide, "Frustration. Dig also the dueling vocal parts, which find the lead singer and backup dudes delivering totally different sets of lyrics simultaneously--an approach rarely employed to this day in rock music. Fapardokly, "Super Market. Few artists mix commercially accessible elements with such idiosyncratic weirdness as Fapardokly leader, singer, and principal songwriter Merrell Fankhauser; the melody was as appealing as the Byrds or the Mamas and the Papas, yet the execution was too oddball to reach a wide audience.

The Outsiders, "Sun's Going Down. While a few Outsiders cuts have appeared on vinyl compilations of dubious legality, this is the first Outsiders track to be reissued on CD Stateside. Penelope Houston, "Qualities of Mercy. This was leagues above most of the singer-songwriter competition, which may have been the problem: it was too dark and complicated to make inroads into the commercial market, and not angry or loud enough to be considered hip at the point when grunge was gaining ascendancy in the alternative rock world.

Times have changed since then, but the success of Liz Phair, Aimee Mann, Kristin Hersh, and other moody melodic female folk-rockers hasn't helped Houston escape her cult status yet. This track is from her cassette-only release Lucky Pieces. Savage Republic, "Ceremonial. It's not quite the same without watching Ethan Port burn trash cans of pampas leaves or destroy bookshelves onstage, but this is one of their most effective studio tracks, and representative of their facility for building and maintaining tense momentum.

The Deviants, "Nothing Man. Its thundering, rattling percussive effects, distant ghostly choirs, and electronic blips underscore the somber spoken lyrical indictments of the "Nothing Man," a soulless contemporary archetype who can think, but cannot love. Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects, "Sankara. Opening with a brief fanfare of mutant rap, the track quickly settles into Lets Have A Ball - Albert Järvinen - Guitar (Vinyl trancey groove not far removed from traditional Moroccan music.

Halfway through the song, however, post-modern elements begin creeping in with searing distorted electric guitars and increasingly dub-echoed vocals By the end it sounds far more like psychedelicized African music than a folk tune, deftly illustrating the band's skill at making familiar ingredients over into something new, even post-modern. The sound of the twenty-first century? Etiquetas: Blues Rock. I am, however, able to point you in the direction of a bandcamp site for Rick Redbeardone in which you can listen to and pick up some of his earliest and later songs.

While this is from the split single with Adam Stafford back in and later made available on the album No Selfish Hear t He has a wonderful voice. I mentioned yesterday how little reggae I had in the collection.

I certainly had no time at all for the later changes in sound and look, but I was clearly in a minority as the group became international superstars. The debut single was recorded in December and released by Mute Records in February to little acclaim, stalling at It is certainly less immediate or poppy than many of the songs with which early Depeche Mode are associated, which is no bad thing. As debut singles so, it was a decent effort.

It was worthy of being a bigger hit than 57, but it really was quite hard for synth-pop to get daytime radio play back in early The emergence of the New Romantic scene would change all that…. A couple of weeks ago, I pulled together some words on Angel by Massive Attack. Horace Hinds was born in Kingston, Jamaica in He was the younger cousin of Justin Hindsone of the biggest recording stars in Jamaica in the s.

At the age of 16, Horace embarked on a recording career, but initially without much success. The lack of reggae on this blog over the years is an indication of how little I know about the genre, and indeed how little of it has crept into the collection.

I have a couple more Horace Andy tracks on the hard drive, including one which is a cover of a song I only knew from the Associates version, many years after Diana Ross had taken it to 1 on the US Billboard charts Find it on Wikipedia I sure did. Can Mary fry some fish, Mama? We were sitting on a bench, Mama Thinking up a game to play Seems I was holding a wrench, Mama And then my mind just walked away. There is a set of Post Punk bands that came out of the North of England which are among my most treasured artists.

Many of them flirted with the charts, gained radio acceptability, to a point, and managed to release a number of amazing albums. But there are some bands that I love from this area that really never got the radio airplay, or the attention of the buying public, that they deserved. A single was recorded with Steve Lillywhite but when they saw that the label wanted to repackage the band and change their sound they rebelled, were dropped and LP) once again, on their own.

The Chameleons gained a loyal fanbase early on at home, while College and Alternative Rock Radio airplay began opening the band up to a growing audience in the US. This radio exposure made it possible to tour in and later a fuller tour in It was on one of these tours that I really fell hard for The Chameleons. It was a short set, but I was hooked.

But there was a vibe and the connection was made with The Chameleons — I wanted more. I learned they would play Danceteria a few nights later and I made sure I was there, front and center. I quickly caught up with all that the band released to that point and their debut Script Of The Bridge became one of those albums that was always leaning up against a speaker waiting to be played again and again. It seemed like ages before the band released new music in the summer of What Does Anything Mean?

Basically saw the band expand their sound. Like so many bands of their time, synthesizers were brought onboard to provide mood and an expansion of their sound. But where some of their contemporaries work was diluted by synths, The Chameleons seemed to understand the power they had to nuance their established sound.

B was dense and heavy in comparison to Script Of the Bridge, making it less immediate for me, but it actually contains two of my very favorite Chameleons songs. It did grow on me, of course, and became as vital as their debut.

That album, Strange Times is emotionally charged, musically poetic, attention commanding and at times devastatingly beautiful. Years later it came out that said record company flack was actually in Manchester to secure The Stone Roses to a contract — something that would still take a few years to accomplish. But fate was not to allow the band to grab that brass ring.

Fletcher died suddenly in and the band never emotionally came back from it as a unit. They toured the album and it prompted them to get back in the studio for one last album of new music, Why Call It Anything. It showed The Chameleons as they had matured with time but still had much of the DNA of their magical first three albums. A further album of acoustic reworked songs was the last work they would complete as the original unit inbefore the members again went their separate ways.

In Shreds — Debut Single Version. I have to start where it all started. Wide-eyed young musicians, working hard and getting the chance with producer of the moment Steve Lillywhite and the backing of a record label. In Shreds is raw, powerful and ridden with angst. In Shreds is uncompromising and Lillywhite must have recognized that this was the magic of the track.

Script Of The Bridge is such a fully realized album for me. Thankfully they had much more to offer of equal and possibly more impressive standards. If WDAM? B is considered the difficult Sophomore Album, I think The Chameleons gave us exactly what they wanted to. The themes of being disenfranchised, misunderstood, searching for love are all still present and nothing sounds like a retread.

Return Of The Roughnecks actually amps up these themes with a more palpable aggression and distain. The sound is big and bold, Fielding and Smithies drive the song from the front with a buzz of guitars that exemplify how well they can weave in and out of each other. It set the tone — confident and outspoken, lyrically and musically. Rock and Roll is full of axemen playing riffs, but The Chameleons took that riff-ology and slowed it down, gave it gravity and emotion.

Lever and Burgess lay down a heavy rhythm bed for the guitars to announce themselves and carry their message. Burgess manages to be heard above the music crying out for the listeners attention. Song one and you are already trying to catch your breath. Soul In Isolation — from Strange Times. I could spend pages talking about how important an album Strange Times is to me. Most of the artists I had grown to love and respect over the prior 8 or 9 years were either gone or had sold themselves to the devil to break through in America.

Strange Times stands as one of the most uncompromising albums of that era. My Last Night With You Movin' Next Door With You I Love Rock and Roll Broken Down Heart Hard Hearted Marmalade - The Definitive collection 2cd. Marmalade is one of those groups that just seems to endure. They are best remembered today for one record, their cover of the Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," although they charted number one records and even Top Ten American singles into the s.

However, it was their cover of a Beatles song, oddly enough, that weighed down their reputation. CD 1 Reflections of My Life Rainbow I See the Rain Lovin' Things Stay With Me Baby Baby Make It Soon Hey Joe Cousin Norman Empty Bottles Radancer Can You Help Me My Little One Ballad Of Cherry Flavar Wait for Me Mary-Ann LP) Shall Be Released Chains Piece of My Heart Super Clean Jean I See The Rain Summer In The City Piece Of My Heart Wait For Me Mary-Anne Tambourine Man Lion Station On Third Avenue Mess Around Part 1.

Part 2. Kenny - Singles collection plus One of the many bands thrust onto the British glam scene as it approached its end in the mid-'70s, Kenny was generally regarded, alongside the Bay City Rollers and Slik, as simply another in a long line of acts created by master songwriters Bill Martin and Phil Coulter.

In fact, although the five-piece group's best-known material was indeed the work of that pair, Kenny's Rick Driscoll and Yan Stile were also very competent songwriters in their own right, as the group's final few releases proved.

Indeed, the group had already existed for some three years before Martin and Coulter first encountered them. Under the name Chufff. For a band whose hitmaking career ran to no more than 12 minutes worth of music, this is an awful lot of Kenny. Four tracks -- "The Bump," "Fancy Pants," "Baby I Love You OK," and "Julie Ann" -- round up all that history recalls as classic Kenny; respectively, they reached number three, number four, number 12, and number ten on the British chart duringafter which the band lapsed into an almost deafening commercial silence.

But if Collection has one mission in mind, it is to prove that it wasn't strictly a fate they deserved. The band's Sound of Super K album, included in its entirety, indicates a pop sensibility which was at least on a par with the contemporary Mud and Rubettes, and, while that isn't necessarily a recommendation, it shouldn't have been a death sentence either.

The problem, of course, was timing. By the time Kenny made their breakthrough, both the pop and glam veins which they were mining had hit on very hard times, indeed, while songwriters Bill Martin and Phil Coulter were still reeling from their dismissal from the Bay City Rollers camp. It would be another year before the pair truly regained their equilibrium, by which time they had already transferred their affections to another band entirely, the young Midge Ure's Slik. Indeed, Kenny's status as a kind of noble no-man's-land between those two giants is only reinforced by the two best cuts on this entire collection: "The Bump," which had already seen service on a Rollers B-side; and "Forever and Ever," which would become Slik's debut hit.

For the remainder, The Kenny Collection Plus slips blithely between punchy glam pop and dreamy teen ballads, a few high-tempo dancefloor crashers and a surprisingly mature rendition of " Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher and Higher. A greatest hits EP would probably have served Kenny far better.

Saturnalia - Magical Love Perhaps the most interesting things about Saturnalia did not involve their actual music. Their rare album was produced by Keith Relf shortly after he had left the Yardbirds; LP) was also one of the first rock LPs issued as a picture disc. Perhaps reflecting Relf's own vision in early Renaissance, the music was early progressive rock with a serious classical-influenced tone combining male and female lead vocals, though with less distinction than Renaissance did either when Relf was in the band or in their more internationally successful s work.

Magical Love She Brings Peace And I Have Loved You Winchester Town Traitor Soul Song Princess And The Peasant Boy Dreaming Saturnalia's sole and rare album was on the ostentatious side of early progressive rock, perhaps slightly anticipating some of the earnest classical-rock-fusion-with-female-vocals explored by Renaissance in the s. The songs tend toward the winding and ponderous side, and the vocals -- especially those by female singer Aletta -- can cross into the histrionic in the more strident passages.

As the song that brings in the strongest British acoustic folk feel, "Dream" is one of the more palatable tracks, but groups such as Renaissance were able to craft more accessible and memorable material using some of the same elements.

They delivered their unique album inlargely made of fuzzed out improvised guitars, vintage organs and stressed pop vocals. A few conventions and many absorbing, moody songs with delicate melodies.

Absolutely recommended for fans of light krautrock and prog related bands as Vanilla Fudge Home Of Minds Leif Nielsen - 2. Har I Set? Kaj Olesen, Leif Nielsen - 3. Facing Morning Leif Nielsen - 4. In Love Leif Nielsen - 5. Why Svend Thomsen - 6. Salonen tells how thequestion became harder and harder as many members passed away. The reunion studio line-upfeatures a wider group of players than ever before e. Pekka Pohjola on bass and the production ispretty good. Especially I enjoyed 'The Song' of the five newtracks; 'Turkish Pepper' had some hilarious mock-orientalism, and 'Icebear Walk' has a strong anddelicious bass line.

Although this set is terribly edited with the lack of proper information being the biggest faultthere areat least some interesting stuff outside of the albums. The title Anthology is perhaps a bit misleading:this does not serve as a good introduction to Kalevala's output.

Only the lead guitarist Matti Kurkinenkept his role. In fact, there are only traces of prog left, but the music is in general of very high quality. It'sa pleasant and very enjoyable album if you are into the funkier side of rock. Matti Kurkinen was avery capable guitarist, and it's tragic that he passed away soon after this album was made. Salonenon second guitar fulfills his duties and brings some beef to the sound.

The star of the album is really Matti Kurkinen, this is a guitar album. Better than the debut, and one that willstay on my playlist for a long time. This was supposed to be a complimentary disc for the 'Anthology' released by Shroomproductions, but evidently the guys at the label ate too much shrooms, and instead of theintended live tracks interviews, we get a separate exact copy of the 1st CD ofthe 'Anthology' 2CD box.

I suggest that release for those interested of this obscure band,but this fake record is best left unnoted, unless all copies are not corrupt as the one I had. Jungle could get 3 stars, though it isalso irritating occasionally with its melodies.

It has still nice psychedelicinstrumental parts, for example some reminding Man. This album is more western usa folk oriented, which I don't like. Maybe for festival audience. Linkin Park oder Langspiel Platte??? Daher meine Frage an euch Bitte hilfe Aber Linkin Park ist meine absolute Lieblingsband. Ich hab so viel Trost bei der Band gefunden und die Musik von Linkin Park ist das was mir alles bedeutet. Bitte sagt mir, dass man mehr als nur 5 sek.

Ich will ihnen so viel sagen. Was ist der Unterschied? Ich bin eher der Meinung, dass es nur ein Linkin Park gibt. Sich immer wieder neu zu erfinden. Hat jemand eine Idee die vllt nicht zu kompliziert ist?

EMP etc alles schon abgeklappert. Es ist wie verhext. Mein alter LP-Rucksack ist nicht mehr auffindbar online logisch: noch aus Jugendzeiten. Verzweifle langsam bei Google. Kennt ihr Bands die so sind wir Linkin Park? Bei uns findest Du schnell neue Perspektiven - egal zu welchem Thema.

Gmacht in Minga. Torrent Search. The largest mobile music archive. Online Radio. Most popular songs. The better we know our communities, the better we can protect them. His latest game was expected to be the sixth. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. This looks cool. Like Insomniac may have figured out what was so great about Spider-Man 2's web-slinging, but also found a way to work some stealth and 1v1 combat in.

Read and follow your favourite manga on this new, fast, no hassle online manga reader. Come join us! But there is more! If you are in Japan this January there is one tour you should mark in your calender, whether you are a fan of the band or don't know it yet.

Sentou 0. Lucifer 1. Tsuioku no Jupiter! Imprima e monte seu CD do V. Waging the Holy War. Fateful Encounter. Luminous Threat. Arrow of Destiny. The Youth Shines. Strength to Advance. Determined Will. Gate to Despair. Requiem of the Ice Wall. Aurora Execution. Crimson Terror. Burning Warrior. All Seeing Darkness. Snatched Soul. Good Will Calling. Burning Universe. Heavenly Light Beam. Toei Animation. Kamen Rider X Ichiro Mizuki 1. Dragon Road Akira Kushida 1.

Kamen Rider Kuuga Masayuki Tanaka 2. Tokkei Winspector Takayuki Miyauchi 2. Tokusou Exceedraft Takayuki Miyauchi 2. Chojin Sentai Jetman Hironobu Kageyama 2.

Shori da! Akumaizer 3 Ichiro Mizuki 2. Uchuu Keiji Gavan Akira Kushida 2. Gundam Shutsugeki. Tekichi e no Sennyuu. Asai Nemuri. Tekizen no Mayoi. Kasuka na Fuan. Heiwa na Hoshi. ZAFT no Inbou.

Shatei Kyori. Sentou Taisei. Teki no Iatsukan. Shutsugeki Junbi. Sakareta Yuujou. Hoshi e no Inori. Eien e no Shunkan.

If some label gets interested and sings us the album might see also a physical release. Today when music doesn't sell like it Lets Have A Ball - Albert Järvinen - Guitar (Vinyl to, mainly thanks to web piracy and illegal downloading that the artists gets nothing, the money comes from gigs.

One can't buy the live experience from internet! Yesterday I already blogged about four songs and here are four more that got me interested and listening the songs in full.

When soul meet opera the result is Hopera. And that's what K'ream and LaLa Ackermann are offering us. The combination is rather captivating and haunting. Onca again the question is how this will work out live, in case of Patric Scott is no stranger to the national selection and here he is again with Alive.

A strong catchy pop song. I hope he doesn't mean his previous duet partner Fabienne Louves. Wasn't it Real love after all? Vanessa Krasniqi sing My man. It's a power ballad in American style heard about a million times but somehow it still sounds good and sincere.

I hope her journey here won't end up like the song's editing on this preview Two Swiss sisters, what else could they call themselves but Swissters? Celebration is. The SRF's internet submission in Switzerland ends in less than a week and it's as good a time as any to have a look what's in store there. First I picked Jerome Mevis and All we can do.

It's a sweet guitar ballad with nice vocals and just gets better with each listening. Sometimes less is more and this is another prove of just that. If this acoustic guitar duo can be as convincing live, who knows where they could end up? Next Sand Latoand funky girl with Italian roots singing in French C'est finiwhat would be more suiting for Switzerland?

Fun song with great performer and sound. Could this do the trick in Copenhagen? Nothing like real German schlager, is there? Well, yes Anyways, Leonard and his man of the world, Ein Mann von Welt brings us back in time in sound and melody, and he looks the part, too. Maybe the circle has turned as it sounds quite cool again! This is like Nino de Angelo of the 's. WklVids: Laura Pausini ft. Laura Pausini is making a comeback from maternity leave with a new album and new duets.

The first one features Kylie Minogue! Sounds a rather strange pairing but Limpido works out well. And the ladies get to take some very colorful baths in the video.

The Vorticular Mechanics of the Aether - Lea Cummings - Revelations from the New Silence Volume I: W, Syntax Error - Mental Abyss EP (File, MP3), The Wolf - Motörhead - Rock N Roll (Cassette, Album), Kharit - Hervé Samb & Daniel Moreno - Kharit (CD, Album), Kleiner Bär Von Berlin, Damnations Prayer - Manticore (2) - Manticore (Cassette), Rhythm Of Love - Moccasoul - Persistence Of Memory (CD, Album), Slingshot - Supertramp - Supertramp часть 1-2 (CDr), Cant Stop, Gotta Date With Hate - Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission (CD, Album), Mind War - DJ Freak - 20120 (File, MP3, Album)

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    Ash Ra Tempel ( gram vinyl reissue) S: A: LP Asia: Asia: S: A: LP Asia: Alpha: S: A: LP Asia: 20th Century Masters: The Best of Asia () (signed by all 4 original members) C: DVD Asoka: Asoka (digipak w/ 7 bonus tracks) S: A: CD Astra: The Black Chord (transparent blue vinyl) S: A: LP Astral.

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    Special edition LP version with vinyl-etching on one side. "This is Bullion's first release for Young Turks. At nine songs, 21 minutes total, You Drive Me To Plastic is neither an EP nor an album, nor a beat-tape, nor a mixtape, and yet manages to touch on all of these notions at once. If these are supposed to be "beats," they are devoid of the.

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    Mar 31,  · JARVINEN, ALBERT - MIRROR TOWER Finnish guitarist Albert Järvinen's album 'Mirror Tower' available again on vinyl. Liner notes and album presentation by biographer Jaakko Riihimaa are included. POP/ROCK/NEW WAVE 11/06/ EUR: 2xLP SRELP SVART: KARKKIAUTOMAATTI - SUUDELMILLA (2LP).

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