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Hotel Hobbies - Marillion - Curtain Call (A Live Archive 1983-1988) (CD, Album)

The encore of the live set is "Incommunicado" and "Garden Party". During "Garden Party" the crowd voice even louder than other tracks. Almost all of them participated. This rating applicable for those who have listened to the first four albums of the band. For those who are NEW to the band, you should start with the studio album "Script for a Jester's Tear" and don't buy this boxed set. GW, Indonesia. Report this review Posted Thursday, November 4, Review Permalink [email protected] I have to give this 5 stars.

And these 3 concerts blow away the other live legit releases out there. Keep in mind it is expensive expecially as an import here in the States and not a good starting point for the non FISH era Marillion fanatic, but if you are a live FISH era fan, this is pure gold.

I will not go into the detail of the above reviewer, who I agree with, but a few things Finally a Script era concert that really kicks ass. This blows away 'Recital Of The Script' in every way shape and form. Jonathan Mover who does make a few mistakes - it's his only show with the band is far better then Mick Pointer, and as Rothery said in the note "We realized what we could do with a good drummer".

The whole band is so much more energized then the Recital performance from a few months earlier. Rothery's guitar goes out near the end of 'He Knows', which is a shame, but doesn't hurt too much. I won't review every song, all are great, but 'Charting The Single' is just incredible, with emotion and power like no other. Both of these are similar to the material on La Gazza, but the trouble with La Gazza is that it was recorded from different times and places and lacks any coherence.

Here you have two full concerts, from beginning to end, with all talking, and you really feel like you are part of the concert, not just listening to live songs as in La Gazza. The complete 'Childhood' on La Gazza is as good as what's here from Hammersmith, but the rest of the songs are much better within the context of a whole concert.

The Milan show is a lot like Lorelei, but I like the energy of the Milan show a little better. I would say if you had the DVD of Lorelei you could skip the Milan show, but you can't but these concerts individually. All 3 shows are perfect 10 sound quality. Even the Germany show, recorded on analog tape, shows no appreciatable hiss and has full dynamics. The only change I would have made is to put the Germany show on 1 CD and release the incredible Goldiggers club show from the Fugazi tour that was broadcast on King Biscuit that has the most incredible version of 'Script' with the crowd just taking the 1st verse.

But I am not complaining with what I got. Believe me, if you are a live FISH era fan who wasn't sure whether this set was worth the expensive price, all I can say is save your pennies euros, whatever and dive in and get it.

Forget anything about what I said in my review for La Gazza Ladra, for this blows that album right out the water. With this set, released through the Marillion Front Row Club, you don't get 1, but 3 different shows from the Fish era of the band from all different times from the band. You have one show from the Script for a Jester's Tear tour, one from the Misplaced Childhood tour, and one from the Clutching at Straws tour, and even though songs are repeated, you don't get tired of them as they are essentially different entities live.

The band is fun to listen to and they perform the material extremely well and often add on to the music a different dimension that just makes it so much better than the studio experience.

I can't truly express how much I love this box set and how much better a live band Marillion are than in the studio, but I'll give it a shot and I hope I don't come across as a fanboy. The first show for this set is from their show in Baunatal, Germany on October 1, This is an especially unique show as this was their only live show to feature then transition drummer Jonathan Mover, who plays the Mick Pointer material in a much more dynamic and engaging fashion. The music is performed wonderfully, with Mover, although only given limited rehearsals, showing that he was no slouch on the drums.

He hits the cymbals with skill, he fits perfectly with Trewavas, and if they had not found Mosley, I think that they would have chosen Mover to be the replacement for Mick Pointer.

Anyway, as you'll find quickly, the shows are filled with Fish talking to the crowd in between songs, giving introductions and often getting a nice reaction from the crowd. What you'll find quickly as well is that Fish likes to talk mainly about sex related topics. I have to say that this show has a great live feel, and I have only one minor complaint. Why did this have to be released on two discs?

The show here is only 77 minutes long, enough to fill the entire set onto one cd. Only a minor complaint, though, and I won't make a big deal about it.

The second show on this album was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on February 3, at the height of the Misplaced Childhood tour. This show is also the longest presented on the set, clocking in at nearly two hours. It opens with a nice little segment from Emerald Lies and them seamlessly by the will of Fish's voice turns to Script for a Jester's Tear.

Fish offers some more fantastic dialogue and interplay with the crowd, most notably in between Jigsaw and The Web, in which he talks This show has a nice balance between material from Fugazi and Script for a Jester's Tear before the real highlight of the show is performed, Misplaced Childhood in its entirety. Now I must say, that this is the best version of Misplaced Childhood I have in live aspects.

Everything about it is perfect. Sugar Mice 5. Fugazi 6. Hotel Hobbies 7. Warm Wet Circles 8. That Time of the Night 9. The Last Straw Kayleigh Lavender Heart of Lothian.

Release-date: 17 November The first of these recordings, from Glasgow's Mayfair in September the week after the band had signed to EMI Records is a mixed affair; Marillion as a young band, having only just attained their first recording contract already had a strong and loyal fan base, and in addition had the bare bones of what would become future stage favourites.

The versions recorded here, however suffer from a poor sound balance Stephen Rothery's guitar being virtually inaudible throughoutand what appears a fairly nervous performance - far from being faster than the eventual studio recordings, as is usually the way, the versions here are slow and considered. InMarillion had a spiritual home - the Marquee in London's Wardour Street; it is on residencies here they honed their live reputation, and it is one of their final Marquee gigs which is represented in full here by the second and third discs of this set recorded and mixed by their new best friends, EMI.

One of three post Christmas gigs in December from which crowds had to be turned away due to Marillion's now huge popularity at one point, Fish virtually apologises for having to play Hammersmith Odeon in future. As usual, the set is closed with the usual threesome of Forgotten Sons, Market Square Heroes and the playful if maybe a little over-long crowd favourite, Margaret. By Augustthe new progressive rock bands had been taken to the hearts of the rock press, and the Reading Festival, which at the time was the number one music festival for aspiring bands to play, was packed with the new breed, but pride of place again belonged to Marillion, who'd played there mid- Sunday afternoon the previous year, but here made a return on Saturday evening, second on the bill and direct support to an Ian Gillan led Black Sabbath.

Opening with what is to my mind the strongest version now Album) of Grendel - ironic, as this is the last time it was played live - Marillion's popularity is immediately in evidence, with the crowd singing along to every word something noticeable throughout this CD and the band play off this enthusiasm throughout their 75 minute set.

Script For A Jesters Tear is followed by the first of the new songs here, an almost complete Assassing, soon to be the opening track of the second album, and Charting The Single, Marillion's arch swipe at the vagaries of the record industry, and also their next single. With these behind them, Marillion are back in familiar, but understandably populist territory, closing the main set with a storming rendition of Forgotten Sons featuring Fish on superb form, before returning for encores of He Knows You Know, and the predictable, but inescapable Market Square Heroes, which the crowd's singing and the band's evident enjoyment of the moment closes the set on a massive high.

In the intervening period, the second album Fugazi had been released to a mixed reception, reaching number 5 in the UK charts and showing the band's starting to move away from the symphonic progressive rock of their original influences, to forging a sound more recognisably their own.

The real gem of this disc though, and a prime example of Marillion's confidence at the time is their decision to showcase an entire side of their at the time unreleased album Misplaced Childhood.

The set closes with the incisive Incubus - a high point from the Fugazi album - and a rousing version of Fugazi itself, with the audience in fine voice during the "where are the prophets.? The sixth and final disc of the series from Novemberis recorded at London's cavernous Wembley Arena, the band playing a gig in aid of muscular dystrophy on the back of the commercial success of the Clutching At Straws album; this is also Marillion by royal appointment, the show being attended by Prince Edward which Fish jokingly alludes to in the intro to Fugazi, stating if he explained what the title meant, he'd end up in the Tower Of London.

By this time, the band were seasoned professionals, and the 10, seat venue must have seemed a long way from playing the confines of Glasgow's Mayfair, a mere 5 years previously. I have to admit I'm not wholly familiar with the Clutching At Straws album, my only knowledge based on the Gazza Ladra live album from the same tour, and the hit single Incommunicado strangely missing from this gigbut the selections here highlight Marillion's sound becoming more guitar based, with Rothery playing well throughout, ably supported by Kelly's always fluid lines.

If I had a criticism, it would be that the gig comes across as a little too workmanlike, with the previous connection to the crowd seeming to fray at the edges Fish urging the singalong to Fugazi sounds a little forced ; this could be down to the venue itself, Wembley Arena being notorious as a soul- less barn - similarly it could be the fact this gig was recorded just a few months prior to Fish's departure from the band, but whilst this is not Marillion merely going through the motions, the warmth of previous performances on this set is noticeably down by several degrees.

With this boxset compiling 5 concerts from the period we get a dazzling Album) of their career. Each of these shows had previously been 'available' as bootlegs, but the sound quality in this box doesn't sound like bootlegs at all.

All CDs sound great. Some even perfect, with all instruments well balanced and resonating loud and clear. Once they finish another epic rendition of White Feather, the group takes their first step off stage The crowd participation during the chorus of Kayleigh is utterly amazing and only goes to show exactly how die-hard Marillion fans are. Once Fish's epic wailing of, "I was born with a heart of Lothian" Hotel Hobbies - Marillion - Curtain Call (A Live Archive 1983-1988) (CD, the band takes another step off the stage for a few minutes The first played in the second encore is Incommunicado, which further shows the crowd at their most excited with a lot of crowd participation.

All in all, a pretty interesting rendition of the crowd favorite. The final song of the final album of this set is Garden Party, which is played wonderfully by the band, and Fish really gets into it during the section in which he utters, "I'm rocking".

And as the song ends, you wish it wouldn't stop because it's just so perfect. In the end, this Hotel Hobbies - Marillion - Curtain Call (A Live Archive 1983-1988) (CD probably my overall favorite live album ever released in terms of material played and how well played it was. While there are some minor technical glitches and some audio problems during the sets they weren't recorded using professional recording methods other than from the sound deskthey don't really mar the overall quality and the magic that Marillion are able to create on the stage.

They've always been a better band live where they can stretch their proverbial legs out and really get a groove going. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Add Comment. Chelsea Monday 2. Forgotten Sons 3. In addition to the film, this programme includes a thirty minute documentary on the making of Brave along with behind the scenes footage.

Tony Wood: 'I remember there being adverts in it and I think they had cut some of it. IIRC it was not explicitly listed as "Brave - the movie" but it was shown in a series of music programs along the lines of "In Concert" and it was only when you read further in the listing it told you what it was. The released version is censored, some scenes were rather shocking. In one scene Steve Hogarth is raping the girl, in another scene a drugs needle is inserted in her arm.

There was an article in one of the Sunday papers last week about the artist William Hogarth, who - many freaks point out - was the man behind The Rakes Progress. The Rakes P is actually a series of 9 paintings ok, I thought it was a book. A rake is a 'debauchee or immoral man', as my dictionary would have it, and the paintings tell the story of the young man who is heir to his father's estate, but who squanders all the money and gambles to repay his creditors, whilst getting even further in debt.

Eventually he ends up in a debtors prison with a fainting mistress and her illegitimate child, with more people demanding their money from him. Paul Walmsley Subject: 5. Not even close to a discography, but a head start anyway. This list is not in exact chronological order, but pretty close. These are the versions that ended up on B-Sides themselves. This listing contains some information on the 3 books that are available on Marillion and Fish currently nothing on Fish solo. But it also gives a good overview of the band's history from the early days through the release of Misplaced Childhood.

It's only 96 pages with a lot of picturesso it is not as extensive as "Market Square Heroes". This book was written after the release of "Misplaced Childhood," but before "Clutching at Straws. It has the least amount of pictures, but those they have are of a historical nature. I'd say it is the most honest of the various books -- it's a real biography, not just a cheap attempt to raise money off of the fans.

The book is tailored for the fan however -- Mick Wall's appreciation of the band and the songs are quite in evidence. It has on the back cover that "The main reason the band and I [Fish] wanted this book to be written, was because there's never been anything published that truly got to grips with the real story of Marillion.

If you are looking for facts on Marillion through the release of Clutching at Straws, I'd recommend Market Square Heroes -- if you want pictures of Fish and the band, go somewhere else. This book contains scores for everything on The Thieving Magpie, including Freaks and the whole of Misplaced Childhood.

Title : Marillion - Misplaced Childhood Author :? Publisher Album) Chapell Music Ltd. First published in Subject: 5. Currently 7 videos exist, all of Marillion. It says on the back: "It was the night a dream came through - when two years of motorway madness, greasy spoon meals, and interminable club gigs suddenly all seemed worthwhile. Hammersmith Odeon - the oft-sought but seldom attained aim of every rock band. A capacity audience hanging on to every note and a massive stage for Marillion to present their stunning visual theatrics in spectacular style.

Powerful, dramatic music; provocative lyrics and superlative musicianship. It Hotel Hobbies - Marillion - Curtain Call (A Live Archive 1983-1988) (CD on the back: "'Grendel' was originally released on vinyl in October - our first ever release on EMI - and an unplanned third encore at the Hammersmith Odeon show in April Some are very good, especially Garden Party is very funny.

Goarshausen Germany on July 18, It starts with "La Gazza Ladra" as intro and some backstage shots. Accompanies the CD with the same name. A bootleg is a record that contains an illegal or unauthorized recording of the band. These recordings are used to make LP's and in the last few years CD's.

Most have a catchy title and a nice photograph on the front. The source of the recordings can vary from someone who taped a concert with his walkman, to an original DAT recording directly from the equipment of the band. Sometimes a radio broadcast is used.

Various - Special Disco (Black Magic Vs Polymarchs) (Vinyl), Where Do I Put His Memory - Gladys Knight And The Pips - 2nd Anniversary (Vinyl, LP), Comatose, GruppenRapOrgie - Orgasmus* - Sexkönig (CD, Album), Il Tuo Mondo QualE - Rino Dimopoli - Dimopoli (Vinyl, LP, Album), Blame It On You - Poison (3) - Look What The Cat Dragged In (CD, Album), Utility - Neud Photo - Synthetix (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ready To Wreck (Street Version) - Figure Uv Speech - Ready To Wreck (Cassette), Rock, Skate, Roll, Bounce - DJ Magic Mike & Quadmaster Uno - Bad Boys Of Bass (CD, Album), Intelligence Gone - Todra - Heavy Ride / Intelligence Gone / Free / Extra Terrestrial (Vinyl), Moonlight - Art Of Fighting - Wires (CD, Album), I Dont Want To Go To Bed - Stone Gossard - Moonlander (File, Album), Rette Mich, Stillness In Time - Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground (Greatest Hits 98) (CD), Fountain O Youth (7 Edit)

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  1. Meztirn says:

    The only FRC issue which was available to non-subscribers was the Curtain Call box set - this was the only FRC release of material before Steve Hogarth joined the band, and was sold via both Marillion and Fish's online stores, as well as being an optional FRC release. CD 1+2 (Volume A) recorded live Baunatal, Rundsporthalle, Germany, 1 October.

  2. Zoloran says:

    MARILLION Curtain Call - A Live Archive - reviews / from, the ultimate progressive rock website Hotel Hobbies/Warm Wet Circles/That Time of the Night (which are probably the best songs on CaS altogether) with Fish on vocal. Post a review of MARILLION Curtain Call - A Live Archive - You must be a.

  3. Mezizahn says:

    MARILLION Curtain Call (A Live Archive ) (Rare UK limited edition track six CD set released on Fish's Chocolate Frog Records label. Featuring three concerts recorded at Rundsporthalle, Baunatal in Germany on the 1st October , Hammersmith Odeon in London on the 3rd February and Pallatrussardi, Milan in Italy on the 26th January

  4. Shakagar says:

    MARILLION Curtain Call - A Live Archive - music review by Cygnus X has always Hotel Hobbies/Warm Wet Circles/That Time of the Night (which are probably the best songs on CaS altogether) with Fish on vocal. Go to Curtain Call - A Live Archive - page for more details.

  5. Bagor says:

    Curtain Call - A Live Archive - is a music live recording by MARILLION (Neo-Prog/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette/5(5).

  6. Goll says:

    Even if it is an obscure greatest-hits or live compilation CD, we want to add it to the site. Please only submit official CD releases; no bootlegs or cassette-only or LP-only releases. EPs and CD-singles from Marillion are also welcome to be added, as long as they are at least 4 .

  7. Moogusida says:

    Curtain Call: A Live Archive [Front Row Club], an Album by Marillion. Released in March on Racket (catalog no. FRC; CD). Genres: Progressive Rock.

  8. Gokora says:

    Recorded 1 October at Rundsporthalle, Baunatal, Germany. Volume B is the first of 4 nights at the Hammersmith Odeon, featuring a complete performance of 'Misplaced Childhood'. Recorded 3 February Volume C is part of the last leg of the 'Clutching at Straws' tour. Recorded 26 January , Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy.

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