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Stolen Car - Beth Orton - Central Reservation (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Escovedo is of Mexican, African American, and Creole heritage. Coke Escovedo was also her uncle. She made her recording debut with jazz bassist Alphonso Johnson, "Yesterday's Dream" She is a drummer and percussionist and also plays violin and guitar. Prince saw Sheila performing at a concert with her father in the early 80s and was thoroughly impressed by her talent, after the show he met her. The two would eventually join forces during the Purple Rain recording sessions, though taken under Prince's wing, she proved to be a successful artist in her own right.

Mark" In she scored another hit with "A Love Bizarre". She opened for Prince on his wildly successful Purple Rain Tour in — During the Prince's Sign 'O' the Times and the Lovesexy World Tour she served as musical director and drummer in his highly regarded backup band, dubbed the New Power Generation not long after her departure. However, the albums garnered little attention, i guess the music biz has no use for independent, smart, talented and very good looking latino women "role models-please no we need druggies that bend over".

Whatever, Sheila E is a musician and she still performs, occasionally backing Prince aswell, but i guess you'll have to check her website for her gigs. Lead singer Morris Day had left the band to pursue a solo careeras did guitarist Jesse Johnson soon after. The Time had served as an outlet for Prince to release more music, he invited the remaining members of The Time: Jellybean Johnson, Jerome Benton and Paul Peterson to his home and presented them with his new project, with Peterson renamed St.

Paul as the new frontman and bassist, Johnson and Benton reprised their familiar roles from The Time. To the mix, Prince added his then girlfriend Susannah Melvoin as a backing singer and keyboardist.

The fifth member was Eric Leeds, the brother of Prince's tour manager Alan Leeds, who provided saxophone and flute. Guitarist Miko Weaver was credited in the album's booklet but for some reason he wasn't officially a member of the band Prince didnt want to be credited at all. The band's name, "The Family. Prince wrote and performed all the other tracks and simply overdubbed Peterson's and Melvoin's vocals and added saxophone and flute by Leeds.

Indeed, on several tracks, Prince's vocals can be clearly heard. As on other associates' albums, Prince falsely gave credit to the various band members for writing credits, though he kept his name on "Nothing Compares 2 U. Although the band performed a single concert and released a self-titled album and a single of which the video shows Eric Leeds playing bass because this particular track contained no saxophone! Peterson felt constricted by Prince's control and opted to pursue his own career.

Without a lead singer, Prince lost interest and absorbed most of the remaining members into the expanded Revolution. First, it was the true beginning of his long-term collaboration with Eric Leeds.

Leeds co-wrote the two instrumental tracks on the album, which were Prince's first step into jazz fusion, a genre he'd later explore even more with his Madhouse side-project,it also marks Prince's first collaboration with composer and arranger Clare Fischer, as well as the first time Prince added a symphonic orchestra to his music.

Posted by Rho at Friday, January 25, 7 comments:. Jan 24, Alphabet Soup Hello, Alphabet Soup day reaching O today, hmm i had to think whether i should post the first one, i admit i got a lot of mixed feelings about Oasis as their career progressed, i was beginning to think it was all hot air spread by the UK tabloid music press, always ready for hype and scandal, that said they were the radio sound of 94, so Beth Orton seems to have a knack for being on the right place at the right time.

However, dont think her life is all rosy, far from it, but then a serious artist needs inspiration, niot that she derieves it all from her own achesshe's a well known opponent of the War on Terror, and refuses to sell her face for advertising. All of her recent releases are "carbon neutral", whereby a tree is planted in a poor area of Mexico for every ? Oceansize's mission statement was to make the biggest music possible, those Mancunians sure think big, well they impressed me with their 'etheral wall of noise'.

Unsatisfied with Hutton, Arthurs auditioned acquaintance Liam Gallagher as a replacement. After Gallagher joined the group, the band's name was changed to Oasis. Noel Gallagher, who was a roadie for Inspiral Carpets, went with the band to watch his youngest brother's band play, he began to consider his brother's group as a possible outlet for songs he had been writing for years.

Noel approached the group about joining, with the provision that he would become the band's sole songwriter and leader, and that they would commit to an earnest pursuit of commercial success. After over a year of live shows, rehearsals and even taking the time out to record a proper demo known as the Live Demonstration tapethe band's big break came in May when they were spotted by Creation Records co-owner Alan McGee. Due to problems securing an American contract, Oasis ended up signing a worldwide contract with Sony, which in turn licensed Oasis to Creation in the UK.

Oasis first single, "Supersonic", was released in Aprilfollowed by "Shakermaker". After troubled recording and mixing sessions, their debut album, Definitely Maybe, was released in Septemberentering the charts at number one. Oasis began recording material for their second album in May of that year during this period, the English press hyped Oasis some more and supposed rivalry between Oasis and fellow Britpop band Blur.

Oasis' second album, What's the Story Morning Glory? Oasis spent the end of and the first quarter of at Abbey Road Studios in London and Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey recording their third album. Be Here Now was released in August Although early media reviews were positive, once the hype had died down, the album was criticised for being bloated and derivative with most of the critics focused on the extensive length of several songs, the heavier sound, and overproduction.

The Britpop movement was over and the band failed to meet expectations with LP Here Now. After the conclusion of the disastrous Be Here Now tour, amidst huge media criticism the group decided to stay clear of each other and kept a low profile throughout In earlythe band began work on their fourth studio album, founding member Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs departure was announced in August.

Two Album) later the departure of bassist Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan was announced. The now three-piece Oasis chose to continue recording the album, with Noel Gallagher re-recording most of Arthurs' guitar and McGuigan's bass parts.

Bell had never played bass before and had to learn to play it, along with a handful of songs from Oasis' back catalogue, in preparation for a scheduled tour of America in December Oasis' fourth album, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, was released in February to good first-week sales, but turned out their lowest selling album ever.

The record blended the band's sonic experiments from their last albums, but also went for a more basic rock sound, with all of the members, apart from White, penning songs. After the album's release, the band embarked on a successful world tour that as usual again filled with incidents. Early longtime drummer Alan White, who at this time had played on nearly all of the band's material, left the band he was replaced by Zak Starkey, drummer of The Who and the son of Beatles' Ringo Starr.

After much turbulence, the band's sixth album was finally recorded in Los Angeles-based Capitol Studios from October to December the same year. Spring 05 Oasis released their sixth studio album, Don't Believe the Truth, fulfilling their contract with Sony BMG, like Heathen Chemistry it was a collaborative project again, rather than a Noel-written album. The record was generally hailed as the band's best effort since What's the Story Morning Glory?

In Maythe band's new line-up, with all original core members gone, embarked on a large scale year long world tour, headlining shows and playing to 1. Surprisingly the tour passed without any major incidents. Oasis' seventh studio album has been confirmed for a release Her mother died from cancer inwhen Beth was aged 19, which led to her travelling to Thailand for a short period, residing with Buddhist nuns.

Orton found success as a musician relatively late, having first worked at menial jobs such as waitressing at Pizza Hut and even owning her own catering company. Her first contribution in music came when she met William Orbit at a London nightclub, when he tried to borrow a cigarette LP her.

Orbit's pick up line worked and a relationship came about shortly after. Before long he invited her to do some spoken word for his current Strange Cargo project, but she drunkenly decided to sing also.

Shortly after, Orton and Orbit began experimenting to pull an L. It was roughly at this time that she met Ed and Tom of the Chemical Brothers in a pub, and began the first in a series of collaborations, supplying vocals to the track "Alive Alone" on 's Exit Planet Dust. Her first solo release, what she herself considers to be her debut L. Trailer Park, was released October This release was well received by critics, and sold modestly well, it earned her nominations for two BRIT Awards best British newcomer, best British femaleand the Mercury Music Prize in The album was produced by Andrew Weatherall, whom she selected based on his production of one of her favourite records at the time, Primal Scream's Screamadelica.

Central Reservation, her second album, LP Orton build on the success of her debut. Although retaining the electronic edge of the former, this record showed a notably more acoustic side with several tracks consisting purely of Beth's vocal accompanied by a solitary acoustic guitar, with subject matters becoming more introspective.

In July she released the LP Daybreaker, which again blended the early electronica style, with up tempo pop songs and acoustic ballads. It featured guest appearances from musicians such as The Chemical Brothers, Emmylou Harris, it was her greatest commercial success. Orton's fourth studio album Comfort of Strangers was released in Februaryit sees her move away from the electronica element that she is usually associated with, to a more stripped down traditional alt-folk album.

Their mission statement was to make the biggest music possible, adventures on the high seas of future-rock giganticism that could never, ever stop. It also meant that every album they made would have to be even bigger, heavier, than the last one.

That first album, Effloresce bursts forth epic, moody soundscapes with feverish punk edges and ethereal electronics for an aggressive guitar storm. Their song Meredith was featured on the popular television drama The O. Meanwhile Oceansize found themselves at a new crossroads, a change in personal circumstances led to the departure of founding bass player Jon Ellis.

However, Jon was insistent they should continue. The search for a new fifth member was far and wide, until they realised the answer was right on their own doorstep. With a revised line-up and a renewed sense of purpose came a new home.

After a successful two-album relationship with Beggars Banquet, Oceansize have moved on to Superball, a new imprint created in their honour, and with a mandate to sign up like-minded bands from all over Europe. Posted by Rho at Thursday, January 24, No comments:.

Jan 23, Eight-X Hello, Eight-X ears its musical head again. One of those singer sonwriters that has been consistently putting out albums ever since his career started, when he was dubbed one of the angry young men, has been releasing albums for 32 years now, big success has eluded him, but then he kept his inspiration And obviously an artist like that has his cult following, the album here was his third and has a strange story attached, after it all had been recorded and put to tape, it turned out the tape was rotten and they had to rerecord everything and quickly as tour obligations stood out, the result a semi live studio album, where frustration about so much incompetance from the studio, adds some venom.

Rupert Hine has been prominent on the background of musicscene, with his production work he scored some major accolades, his early eighties solowork is still seen as belonging to the best synth pop of the day, Immunity started off that run. Until that time, he had played in a number of obscure pub rock groups, but it wasn't until Dave Robinson, one of the co-founders of the new independent label Stiff, heard one of Parker's demo tapes and encouraged the songwriter, helping him assemble a backing band called the Rumour.

Robinson rounded up several stars of the pub rock scene -- guitarist Brinsley Schwarz and keyboardist Bob Andrews, guitarist Martin Belmont, drummer Steve Goulding, and bassist Andrew Bodnar -- to form the Rumour, and the band was soon supporting Parker on the dying pub rock scene.

With the assistance of DJ Charlie Gillett, the group landed a record contract with Mercury by the end of Howlin' Wind was greeted with enthusiastic reviews upon its summer release, as did the similar Heat Treatment, which followed in the fall.

Despite the positive press, Parker was growing frustrated with Mercury, believing that the company was not properly promoting and distributing his records.

I don't exactly remember those dates, so the only death I could really compare it to was the death of John Lennon as both seemed to provide me with an overwhelming sense of sadness. And while I was despondent over the murder of John Lennon, I clearly remember my sadness being mixed with heavy amounts of anger at the news of Kurt Cobain. I shit anywhere I please I was working in small market radio and having a great time.

Part of that happiness was due to Nirvana. They had turned a very formulaic format into infinite possibilities, and it was a great time to be a part of that. It was our moment, and maybe that's why it's hard to look back on it now. Cobain had been missing for several days at this point, and the rumors of a suicide attempt in Rome were prevalent.

I had purchased a bootleg CD called Roma that documented a live performance from around this time. The music was obviously from a soundboard recording as the fidelity is great and even the performance - recorded on February 22, - is surprisingly stellar considering he was just a few weeks away from his first suicide attempt and just a few weeks more away from his eventual execution of it. The packaging of Roma was very professional in appearance, but the content was clearly slopped together.

The photo collage is an orgy of Cobain shots, including a disturbing and prophetic band shot with Kurt holding a shotgun to his mouth.

Again, this was released just a few weeks prior to his suicide. An author with a very limited vocabulary penned a few paragraphs about the band's notorious struggles during the first few months of A representative from Elektra Records had called me and told me the news. I was in my office, obvious to the events. I went to the news room and began to scour the AP wire for information. By the time of the start of my pm airshift, the body was confirmed as Cobain's. I started every hour of my airshift with a Nirvana song and dutifully reported the news at any available break.

I heard the afternoon's news person talking to someone in the newsroom. Committing suicide when there's a baby involved. How selfish! This was the first musician of my generation that I explicitly related to, and the first one to explicitly disappoint me.

I went into the room off of the station's studio where we kept a shitload of vinyl singles for years past and cried while "All Apologies" played.

The news person came in and brought back all of the commercial carts that were used for her top of the hour news broadcast. She noticed that I was crying in the other room and seemed to understand that the words I heard her say moments before were probably left unsaid, given the circumstances.

I moved back into my parent's home for a temporary residence, the entire event serving as an end to the salad days of my radio career, Cobain's suicide then serving as an exclamation point to its finish. The event served as a clarion call to end any youthful aspirations of music, broadcasting, or anything related to the industry of both. I began to lift myself out of my limited economic resources and fell into a "straight" job where I began to earn a legitimate living, later realizing that the decision came at a price.

I put the Nirvana records away and made little attempts to revisit them. After my airshift that night, I went home to my parent's house. My mother had heard the news and quietly approached me in their sunroom as I watched the live MTV News feed of the suicide. She cried continually and this bothered me as she was initially dismissive of Nirvana and chastised my enthusiastic support of them. Everyone is entitled to a chance to change, I suppose, so I kept my own callous opinions about what I considered to be her carpetbagging support to myself.

We had seen Nirvana perform in a basketball gymnasium just months prior, and now that event would be sealed with his death. I relayed how the phone lines at the radio station lit up when school let out from lots of kids calling in to confirm the news. She began to cry again. Months later, we went and saw Hole play at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

Looking back, it served as our own funeral of sorts for Cobain as well as an end to our relationship. The day after the show was the last time I ever saw her. In another example of my own about-face, I later hooked up with the news reporter that was initially so verbal about her thoughts on Cobain's death.

We married a few years later in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator officiating. Even though my life is light-years away from that moment 20 years ago, I remember the event vividly. Coming intoI was reminded that today would be coming, and I avoided acknowledging the subject until now and the inevitable articles that commemorate the event. Newly released photographs of the death scene? Fuck you. Courtney Love hinting at a potential Hole reunion?

Also, gotta give major props to Kustom's direzione artisticaStefania Gabellini, who assembled everything so very creatively. In addition, in this issue there's also a nice spread on the "Cars and Guitars of the Stars" exhibit part two from the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. The Catallo family's Little Deuce Coupe sure looks fine.

This noticed at www. According to the band's website, it was Ricky's patented stage jump that saved his life. It sounds daft, but a well-timed 'Ricky trademark leap' probably saved his life. The jump meant he was flipped over the top of the car, hitting the windscreen, rather than getting trapped below the car. Their second album, entitled "Yours Truly, Angry Mob," was released this past weekend February 25, The band is a huge supporter of Leeds United.

Wilson has made a reputation as one of the best live performers on the British rock circuit, with his wild jumps. The antics of the entire band have made them favorites at annual festivals like Glastonbury. Posted by Paul Grushkin at AM 1 comment:. San Francisco's own James Hetfield is the main songwriter, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and a founding member of Metallica.

I saw Hetfield's latest ride-to-be, a impossibly air-riding low, extended-cab Ford F, at the Sacramento Autorama's "Suede Palace. To do justice to the pickup, Hetfield once again has teamed up with Scott Mugford the two of them are shown here at the Sacramento Vintage Ford historic-rods display at the Autorama; Hetfield is wearing his car club's Beatnicks from Koolsville jacket, Scott is turned toward him on the right.

Their shop see photo is in Sacramento, and it's where Hetfield's '36 Ford shown here in the BCC yard, on the street, and at Billetproof--and you can see other photos by Brent Rector from Paso Robles, where it debuted, on ROCKIN's page was truly created; it apparently began its 'new life' elsewhere, but was given a much more complete build-up and refinement at BCC. In the next year, according to Scott, the '36 will really come into its own there's a rumor it will re-appear in a magnificent metallic flat purple.

You see it here at the Sacramento show, near Hetfield's '36, as well as in profile. It's a soulful machine, absolutely feel-good in its authentic street and drag garb. The vision-thing for Hetfield's F is really beginning to take shape now.

You can see how the bed and rear of a '57 Ranchero was grafted-on beyond the extended cab. I think we work well together because we both have an appreciation for the traditional styles which are on their way back. This may well become a daily driver for him. Posted by Paul Grushkin at AM 6 comments:. We instantly found each other to be kindred spirits. Alan also is managing editor of Ol' Skool Rodzthe fine bi-monthly magazine about all things rod and custom.

It's amazing that someone didn't do this book before now. The connection is so obvious; the shared subjects are so cool. Ol' Skool Rodz is such a good read, replete with mouth-watering photos of babes and rides, that I just have to commend it everyone--along with its companion mag, DeLuxe Car Kulture. Wop Bop a Loo Bop!! The Beatles "Drive My Car". It was the opening track for both albums.

The plot ot the song is: a male narrator is told by a woman she's going to be a famous movie star and she offers him the chance to be her chauffeur, adding "and maybe I'll love you. According to historians, the song began when McCartney arrived at Abbey Road Studios on October 13, with a rough draft. However, Lennon dismissed the initial lyrics as "crap," because of what he perceived as previously relied-upon cliches.

McCartney agreed and together they rewrote the lyrics. It's actually Lennon who came up with the "drive my car" orientation. Beatles fans have always enjoyed the song because it's fun--in fact also more than a little bit risque the term "drive my car" may be an old blues euphemism for sex --and has a solid rock straightforwardness thanks to Ringo's drumming. While the Beatles largely stuck to love songs on Rubber Soulthe lyrics represented a quantum leap in terms of maturity and--what would serve them well over the next albums--ambiguity.

Many fans feel Rubber Soul the UK version and the LP that followed, Revolverwere pivot points in their growing infatuation with the full recording studio editing and inserting, in particular.

The feel and complexity of their new work is noticeably different from A Hard Day's Nightreleased barely a year before. McCartney's inspiration for the song could have been Alf Bicknell, chauffeur to the Beatles at the height of their fame. Bicknell began working for the Fab Four in during the filming of the movie Help.

Bicknell once told the story that Lennon stole his chauffeur's hat, pitched it out the window, saying, "Alf, you don't need that anymore--you're one of us now. He stayed in their employ until they decided to end touring in Bicknell officially retired as a chauffeur in and died in In an interview he said, "the qualities of a chauffeur are to be a good driver, to be discreet, to be honest, and not to get carried away with the people in the back, It can be summed up in one word: loyalty.

Pollack at www. Beep beep mmm beep beep, yeah! The email youre looking at isnt a genuine feedblitz email, useragent p escapenavigator, there may be a local group even if a web site or contact information are not shown.

Privacy policyplease note that only those who are legally adults are permitted to attend sa meetings, privacy policyplease note that only those who are legally adults are permitted to attend sa meetings, we think thats great and we sympathize. The spammers who are trying to trick you do not use feedblitz, orgphone 1 toll-free usa canada fax 1 sexaholics anonymous inc, there may be a local group even if a web site or contact information are not shown.

Privacy policydo you think that if youre a good boy that might let you cum somedayplease note that only those who are legally adults are permitted to attend sa meetings, there may be a local group even if a web site or contact information are not shown, listing of these web sites and contact information does not constitute or indicate review.

Orgphone 1 toll-free usa canada fax 1 sexaholics anonymous inc, colordepth sw escapescreen.

Into It. Over It. - 52 Weeks (Vinyl, LP, Album), Vamos A Hacerlo - Various - Anual Latino 2016 (CD), Track 3 - Scott Juskiw - Darmok Droolings Volume 1 (CDr), Three - Theweddingpresent* - Hit Parade 1 (Cassette), Ive Got That Feeling - Dan Electro - Got Soul (Vinyl), Id Throw It All Away [For You], Vamos Pastores Vamos - Eduardo Zurita - Vuelve Al Candil (Vol. 3) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Twisted Unholy Gods Rectum - Demonomancer - Poisoner Of The New Black Age (Cassette), Je Ne Sais Pas - Lionel Hampton - Lionel Hampton (CD), No Fan Of Cops - Hellnation - Cheerleaders For Imperialism (CD), Geno - Dexys Midnight Runners* - Geno (Vinyl), Mudar De Vida - Madredeus - Lisboa (Vinyl, LP), Je Voudrais La Connaître - Patricia Kaas - Rendez-Vous (DVD), God Rest Ye Merry,Gentlmen - Bing Crosby - Merry Christmas (Cassette)

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    Aug 01,  · Beth Orton: Central Reservation: Revisited. Central Reservation was one of the best albums released in the past 20 years, and although the bonus material gives some new insight, the power of the.

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    Product description. Central Reservation is the second studio album by English singer-songwriter Beth Orton originally released 9 March The album featured contributions from folk musicians Terry Callier, Dr. Robert and Ben Harper/5(89).

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    Beth Orton kennt man hierzulande wahrscheinlich vor allem aus Film und TV. Nicht, weil sie als Schauspielerin arbeitet, sondern weil ihre Lieder als Soundtrack Verwendung finden. STOLEN CAR, eines ihrer bekanntesten Stücke, hört man in der ersten Staffel von CHARMED, STARS ALL SEEM TO WEEP im Madonna-Film THE NEXT BEST THING.

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    STOLEN CAR, eines ihrer bekanntesten Stücke, hört man in der ersten Staffel von CHARMED, STARS ALL SEEM TO WEEP im Madonna-Film THE NEXT BEST THING. Darüber hinaus hat das dazugehörige, zweite Album der Sängerin CENTRAL RESERVATION noch mehr zu bieten.

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    Jan 03,  · KEXP Playlist Explorer - Beth Orton, hear it on KEXP FM, explore it on

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    Jul 07,  · 'Central Reservation' is Beth Orton's second album and is re-issued on 3 Loop Music as a 2CD expanded edition. It was released in as a follow up to the acclaimed 'Trailer Park' and received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and helped Beth earn a BRIT Award in for Best British Female. The album also features in the book, Albums You Must .

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