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Voices In The Dark - Various - Mas Mix Que Nunca Vol. 1 (CD)

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Judy Cheeks. Reach [7 Tracks]. Reach [4 Tracks]. Puedes Llegar. De Moebius8 abril 28, Artista: David Gilmour. Lista de Temas: 1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. Time 4. Breathe Reprise 5. Castellorizon 6. Red Sky At Night 9. This Heaven Smile Take A Breath A Pocketful Of Stones Where We Start Fat Old Sun Coming Back To Life High Hopes Echoes Wish You Were Here Arnold Layne With David Bowie The title is taken from a line in the song "On an Island".

It has been released on both DVD and Blu-ray formats. Copies are available for pre-order on the Internet. No matter what your musical bent, it's likely you have a place in your heart for the music of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd.

You first heard them, more than likely, a while ago, when you were rummaging through your parents' half-abandoned record collection.

You put a Pink Floyd album on your father's pride-and-joy stereo system and wondered to yourself, "Exactly what strange and horrible things did my parents do in college? Their musical stylings - laid-back, trippy guitar mixed with technical effects and the profound lyrics of Roger Waters, David Gilmour and others - have inspired many artists over the years.

Vintage LPs of Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall still sell for top prices in used record stores, and Pink Floyd has been chosen as the ultimate musical accompaniment for psychedelic laser light shows. A promotional CD was released for Remember That Night containing five songs and providing excellent clues as to what can be expected from the soon-to-be-released video. Roger Waters and David Gilmour shared many of the lyrical writing credits of the songs from Remember That Night, but Gilmour breathes new life into them with his skill as a guitarist and vocalist.

When he picks up his guitar, Gilmour makes the years drop away, and the songs seem new again. Many of the songs to be performed by Gilmour were first made famous by Pink Floyd in the '70s. As an added bonus, however, Gilmour will perform multiple tracks from his solo albums, produced apart from Pink Floyd. The songs included in the preview represent the best in slow, thought-provoking progressive rock.

The guitar riffs are complicated and moving, the vocals are classic Pink Floyd, and the overall mood created by the works lull you into a "Comfortably Numb" stupor. To compliment Gilmour on stage are the keyboard and vocal styles of Richard Wright, a member of Pink Floyd since Although David Bowie is a talented singer and his presence adds quite a bit of entertainment value to the concert, die-hard Pink Floyd purists may object to David Bowie singing vintage Pink Floyd songs.

Nonetheless, David Bowie brings his own flare to the Pink Floyd classics, adding his own talent, but in the process, he changes them slightly. Despite Bowie's changes, even the most critical of Pink Floyd die-hards will have to admit that Gilmour's performance is quite enjoyable. The DVD should prove to be an entertaining visual spectacle as well, for those of us too unlucky to see the concert in person.

The concert was performed complete with the subdued lighting that goes so well with David Gilmour's and Pink Floyd's music. The addition of David Bowie into the mix only promises to make the video a more entertaining experience. For those of the college generation who enjoy the sounds and messages of Pink Floyd songs, David Gilmour is sure to deliver.

For those of the baby-boomer generation, Gilmour will provide an enjoyable reminiscent romp through the '70s, harkening back to the original albums that made Pink Floyd a household name in progressive rock.

While much of the concert focuses on Gilmour's rich musical history, he's not stuck in the past. Fans will also get to hear some of Gilmour's new additions to the world of music. Donald Campbell Last week I watched an one hour BBC concert of this happening, I was pleasantly surprised by the tracklist that includes both the entire new solo album On An Island as lots of classic Pink Floyd tracks and I was blown away by the lightshow, goose bumps!

Then David Gilmour announces that the band will play the entire new solo album On An Island, I have to say that on stage it sounds more dynamic and powerful than the in my opinion a bit too laidback studio album.

I am delighted about This Is Heaven bluesy climate with fiery guitar, lush Hammond organ by Rick Wright and an exciting lightshowthe catchy Take A Breath propulsive with beautiful keyboard orchestrations and heavy guitar work and the laser-drenched A Pockeful Of Stones sensitive guitar and warm organ play.

The second part of this concert features mainly classic Pink Floyd tracks and it gets an extra dimension because of the passing away of Syd Barrett last year: you can almost feel the emotion on stage during some tracks like Shine On Your Crazy Diamond wonderful blue light, emotional guitar work, lush Hammond organ and moving contributions by the rock veterans David Crosby and Graham Nash and especially Wish You Were Here, goose bumps and wet eyes!

The solo classical guitar play in High Hopes is very beautiful and I also love the compelling guitar solo in the second part of Fat Old Sun. Very captivating are the renditions of Arnold Layne with a standing ovation for 'Art-Rock veteran' David Bowie as guest singer and excellent play by Rick Wright with his Farfisa organ sound and Comfortably Numb compelling with a jaw-dropping sea of green lasers.

But my absolute highlight is the classic magnum opus Echoes, what a 'killer version': exciting red light as a symbol for the lava, very dynamically filmed and especially outstanding work by the musicians like the interplay between Gilmour and Wright swirling Hammond organ and psychedelic Farfisa organthe super- compelling grand finale is visually accompanied by a sea of lasers, this is Prog Heaven! DVD-2 contains 13 bonustracks including my favorite composition from the Syd Barrett era, Astronomy Domine I miss Syd his voice but David his guitarwork is breathtaking with psychedelic overtones.

From the 3 docu's, I prefer the captivating Island Jam featuring relaxed but inspired play by Gilmour and Wright on his Hammond organ, two old 'grey roof-pigeons' who play like young gods!

Erik Neuteboom Where does one start? You know when Gilmour is going to release a DVD it will be of the highest standard because he is a perfectionist. The photography is crystal clear and everything about the production is fitting for any Floyd enthusiast. David Crosby and Graham Nash are having the time of their lives and provide great backing vocals.

The Carol Kennyon's and the like are not present here which is not a bad thing because Crosby and Nash, Carin etc provide ample backing vocals. Last but not least the most enjoyable aspect to watching this DVD is Disc 2 with all the European and USA highlights and seeing a rejuvenated Rick Wright having the time of his life too.

Rick Wright truly has come out of his shell here as David Gilmour puts it and his enthusiasm is very infectious throughout the whole band, tour and crew. There is one part where they are celebrating RW's birthday and Gilmour offers a very sincere and affectionate affirmation of his strong relationship with Rick Wright. Roger Waters even bumps into Polly Samson and Gilmour on one of the touring sets and evrything is pretty relaxed, atmosphere wise. Peace at last Musically there are quite a few highlights, the best definitely ' Echoes', Gilmour and Wright in vintage form.

As Rick Wright said Bowie made them his own!! This comes highly recommended, more enjoyable than his previous DVD. Excellent value. Chris S David comes home. And momentarily my displeasure with him lapses. David has finally come home and even invited us in to take tea in a sense. For arguably the first time in his solo career it feels to me as if I can connect with a complete artist, free of the baggage of that history we all know about. Minus a few issues the critical side of me can't totally block out, there are moments here where DG breaks through the veneer like never before.

Neither he nor Roger has ever reached the heights separately that they did together, something no Floyd fan would argue. But here David isn't shooting for that and because of that actually succeeds beautifully with this show. While there are the obligatory PF songs to placate the many there to see them, this DVD is not a "must for every Floyd fan" that many proclaim, it is a must for every DG fan and for any fan of progressive rock traditional.

Some of the finest moments here do not occur on the most predictable classics, but in the less obvious spaces that David is working hardest to sell. What comes through are moments of incredible poignancy and passion, of sides of DG and even Wright that have long been either hidden or simply not pronounced. Moments where everything is shed and Cambridge shines through, boyhood is felt, confusion is revealed but so is relief and wisdom.

Grief for a recently lost friend is shared. Emotions that may once have been kept hidden are let go. Glances of every color of his art seem to be touched on, and the fact that he stands there so emotionally open and so able to finally connect with many of us who have in the past questioned his post-Waters work sometimes with good reason is not just impressive but is really heartwarming to witness.

That is what really makes this release so impressive to me. There is a moment in "A Pocketful of Stones" where David is delivering the most amazing vocal with his head way back and only Wright's keys behind him; the level of intimacy and effectiveness in that moment is right up there with something from Joni Mitchell's finest hour. I've never quite felt such a moment from solo Gilmour and on this emotional level you realize that this is really "progressive" for them.

They are showing a side beyond past regurgitations of their glory days as fun as they may be that are spectacular and Voices In The Dark - Various - Mas Mix Que Nunca Vol. 1 (CD) more than legitimize this release as something beyond "another quasi-Floyd concert.

The presentation could not be more perfect. The atmosphere was draped in a darkness which I really like, but with clean, sharp lights alternately breaking through sharply or bathing the band and audience is cloudy dreaminess; in both cases perfectly attuned to the music.

And the colors and clarity of the lights are the best I've ever witnessed: rather than the sometimes cheesy flashing lights you might find at the corner strip club, these lights have the most amazing colors I can only describe with words like calming and pure.

Everything looks great, and the editing is slow but crisp, assuring you never miss anything but not flashing all over like a movie car chase. Everything is captured in the best sound and visual imaginable. The near nuclear level lighting explosions during the climax of Echoes were really just unbelievable; I can't imagine the assault to the senses from the main floor.

Just a few minor criticisms I'll offer. The initial Dark Side material came off as clearly the low point to me. Voices In The Dark - Various - Mas Mix Que Nunca Vol. 1 (CD) agree with Gatot that the choice to perform this material was wrong and that given the direction of the show there could have been much more effective openers, something more obscure, less obvious, less safe.

And while the valiant attempt to pull off Arnold Layne was certainly daring, I relish the thought that even the most professional musicians with all of their expensive equipment will never capture the pure essence of a young man named Syd, will never capture the wonder of that moment in time.

On the other hand, the version of "Dark Globe" performed alone by David on acoustic was truly beautiful, almost a musical eulogy to a person for whom words don't suffice. But set aside my criticisms and those of others and try this DVD.

Dave's playing is jubilant; the leads on the majority of tracks are absolutely breathtaking.

Book Of Saturday - King Crimson - Larks Tongues In Aspic (CD, Album), Meadowbank - Various - Working Mans Soul (CD), Hombre Del Norte - Diskordia (4) - Lobotomia Social (CDr, Album), Portrait - Flávio Apro - Nocturne (Romantic Guitar Miniatures) (CD, Album), Friday Fish Fry (Visionist Remix) - Kelis - Remixes (Vinyl), Morning - Various - The Best Dance Trax 11 (Vinyl, LP), Eldorado - Finale, Flyingmice Feat. Anmary - Glory Hallelujah 2010 Re-Release (File, MP3), Revolution - Various - Back To 2002 2003 (File, MP3, MP3), Symphony No. 26 In D Minor Lamentatione - Haydn*, Antal Dorati, Philharmonia Hungarica - The Sympho, Nego Dito - Os Kmaradas - Os Kmaradas (CD, Album), The Only Way Is Up - Various - All The Hits - Radio Clydes 30th Anniversary (CD), Make It Right Harmonica [Solo] – Tom Morgan - J.J. Johnson - Willie Dynamite (Vinyl, LP, Album), Un Amor - A.B.V. - Zaldi +3 (Vinyl)

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