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Tell Me Why - Various - Dance Energy (CD)

Birmingham in the late s and early s was the birthplace of heavy metal music[82] [83] [84] whose international success as a musical genre over subsequent decades has been rivalled only by hip-hop in the size of its global following, [85] [86] and which bears many hallmarks of its Birmingham origins. Critics disagree over which band can be thought of as the first true heavy metal band, with American commentators tending to favour Led Zeppelin and British commentators tending to favour Black Sabbath.

More radical in their departure from established musical conventions were Black Sabbath[] whose origins lay as a band playing blues and rock and roll covers within the mainstream Birmingham music scene of the s.

Also crucial to the emergence of heavy metal as an international phenomenon were Judas Priest[] who moved beyond the early sound of the metal genre in the later s, combining the doom-laden gothic feel of Black Sabbath with the fast, riff-based sound of Led Zeppelin, while adding their own distinctive two-guitar cutting edge.

Birmingham's booming post-war economy made it the main area alongside London for the settlement of West Indian immigrants from and throughout the s. Publicity for blues parties was largely through word of mouth or over pirate radio stations and generally did not include precise details of addresses or locations, so sound systems attracted loyal but highly localised followings.

You only had to go out in Lozells or down the Soho Rd, there was loads going on, you could stand and listen to the music coming out of the houses, pubs and Tell Me Why - Various - Dance Energy (CD). During the s and s, the West Midlands developed a culture of Black British music that was unique, [] remaining far less segregated from the white music scene than was the case in London. White and black musicians could routinely be seen jamming together in pubs in districts such as Handsworth and Balsall Heath and, as the cultural commentator Dick Hebdige observed, Birmingham was "one of the few places left in Britain where it's still possible for a white man to get into a shebeen without wearing a blue uniform and kicking the door down".

Birmingham's first major home-grown reggae band was Steel Pulse[] who formed in Handsworth Wood in [] from a group of musicians who had been playing dub plates since the age of 15 and The reggae subgenre lovers rockwould often be heard at blues parties during the s and s. The emotive Lovers rock song "Men Cry Too" by Besharais still considered to be one of the biggest and most popular songs within the subgenre.

AllMusic described UB40 's edgy, unique take on reggae that combined British and Jamaican influences as "revolutionary, their sound unlike anything else on either island". In the late s, under the influence of punk rock, the casually multi-ethnic ska culture emerged into a coherent movement called 2 Tonewhich featured politically charged lyrics, multi-racial bands, and musical influences including Jamaican skabluebeat, reggae northern soul and white English music hall.

Even more eclectic in their influences were Handsworth's The Beatwho formed in with the intention of mixing punk's "high energy" with the "fluid movement" of dubbut whose sound also included influences from jazzWest African and Afro-Cuban music as well as rock, ska and reggae, Tell Me Why - Various - Dance Energy (CD) creating an atmosphere of jittery tension and paranoia that aligned it more closely to post-punk.

Kitts -born drummer Everett Morton had a background in reggae and had drummed for Joan Armatrading[] vocalist Ranking Roger had played drums with a Birmingham punk band as well as toasting over Birmingham sound systems. Birmingham's earliest punk rock bands preceded the late emergence of the Sex Pistols and mainstream British punkinstead being influenced directly by the proto-punk of British glam-rockAmerican garage rock and German krautrock.

RexThe Stooges and Can. Misspent Youth band formed ininfluenced of the New York Dolls and The Stooges but remaining heavily indebted to glam-rock. They spared no one, least of all the public. The release of the Sex Pistols' first single " Anarchy in the UK " in October led Tell Me Why - Various - Dance Energy (CD) a wave of punk bands in Birmingham as in the rest of the country.

The Accused released a single EP in[] their self-deprecating style illustrated by their two most popular songs: the self-explanatory "We're Crap", and "W. Any town with two is in dead trouble" [] Dansette Damage were best known for their classic debut single, the "double b side" "N.

Birmingham's Charged GBH were, alongside Stoke-on-Trent 's Discharge and Edinburgh 's The Exploitedone of the three dominant bands of the second wave of British punk, [] which emerged at the start of the s and "took it from the art schools and into the council estates", reacting against the perceived commercialisation of earlier punk to produce music that was "brutal, fast and very aggressive". During the late s and early s Birmingham was the home of a "vibrant but infamously fragmented and undervalued" post-punk scene.

Refusing to conform to a conventional post-punk sound, [] Pigbag were formed in by Birmingham musicians Chris Hamlin and Roger Freeman while both were students in Cheltenham. The most successful of Birmingham's eclectic soul- and jazz-influenced post-punks were Fine Young Cannibalsestablished in by two former members of The Beat — guitarist Andy Cox and bassist David Steele — who recruited Sparkhill -born former punk Roland Gift as a vocalist.

The only thing worth talking about is capacity. Obviously, a WSM will hold more. The Vortex is a one-trick pony, good for a hot ring of crispy skinned chicken wings. You can do other things with it, like flip it upside down, throw it like a frisbee, wear it on your head like a hat, etc. The tiny water pan and clunky refueling of the Smokenator gives it a significant handicap compared to the Slow N Sear.

The SNS does everything that the Smokenator does and more. The SNS converts your grill into a smoker, but then it also stays in the grill and improves normal grilling.

One end is lit and you rotate your grates as the cook progresses. With the Snake Method your cooking real estate is limited by how infrequently you want to rotate the grate. Since the fire is essentially moving around the grill, you have to move your food as well. He performed and released the track, originally named "Stop", on his album Scar. His wife Melanie sent a demo of the track to her sister, who liked it and recorded her version.

It is framed by soft acoustic guitars and subtle keyboard lines. The following track, "Paradise Not for Me ", has lyrics sung in French, and the lyric "I can't remember, when I was young, I can't explain if it was wrong" reflected an artistic palette, "encompassing diverse musical, textual and visual styles in its lyrics.

Soulful vocals give depth to such striking, cautionary lyrics as "Turn to stone, lose my faith, and I'll be gone. For the album artwork, Madonna wears a blue sequin shirt, embellished jeans, red high heels and a blue cowboy hat. In it, she faces the camera, while in the background a car and a house are seen. In other pictures from the same shoot, Madonna is photographed lying on a bed of hay and wearing an embellished yellow and red cowboy shirt, embellished jeans, gold mules and a pink cowboy hat and tiara.

The country was a constant theme throughout the design, as the album's title, which was a logo that simulated a buckle, showing the silhouette of a cowboy while riding a horse and a yellow background; the bright colors give a sharp contrast compared to the photograph. He pointed out that there was "a clear evocation of Judy Garland — a major gay icon — in the artwork". The pictures were shot in Los Angeles, California, in April In an interview with CNN's Style with Elsa KlenschMondino said that he was the one who had the idea of the western themes for the album, and also stated: "[Madonna] wasn't sure at first, but I told her that if she didn't like it I won't charge her.

But she loved the final result! However, we do not realize that while recognizing the importance that the country has in American popular culture, and joins a long list of artists who have done this previously. On August 22,a month before the album's official release, all tracks from Music were leaked online through Napster. Madonna chatted with fans through her first live chat on AOL on the day of Music ' release.

The party invites were sent out in white leather boxes, lined with black fur. A gold necklace was inside with letters spelling out the album's title, and only those wearing the necklaces would be allowed into the club. More than a dozen strippers were in attendance to keep the party in the same theme as from the music video for "Music". Madonna's then-boyfriend Guy Ritchie was initially denied access into the VIP lounge by a security guard. He apparently got into a shoving match with a bodyguard who did not know who he was.

Following the album's release and motherhood, Madonna appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman on November 3,being the first time since her controversial appearance inand performed "Don't Tell Me".

After being introduced by Ali G as " Maradona ", she performed the song wearing a T-shirt with the name of Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue printed on it. It was shown via the internet to an estimated record-breaking 9 million viewers across the world.

Madonna entered onto the stage in a classic Cadillac driven by rapper Bow Wow. The singer emerged from the back seat of the car in a full-length fur coat and a hat, quickly removing the clothes to reveal a tight leather jacket and jeans.

The tour was to be started before the year[65] but she had become pregnant with her son Rocco Ritchie, released Music that year, and married Guy Ritchie in December Jamie King was signed up as the creative director and Tell Me Why - Various - Dance Energy (CD) choreographer of the show.

Each segment represented a phase of Madonna's career. Several changes were made to the final shows in Los Angeles after the September 11 attacks : Madonna wore an American flag kilt during the show's opening segment as a display of patriotismthe closing of "Mer Girl" part II was altered to remove the staged shooting of a character; Madonna instead put the gun down, hugged him and they left the stage together. The macabre cannibalism-themed "Funny Song" was removed.

Some compared it with Madonna's older songs, like " Into the Groove and " Holiday " It reached at number four and spent eight weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot It received positive appreciation from contemporary critics. The song lost the top-twenty on the official chart of the United States, but it was a success on the US dance charts. Reviewers criticized the video for being overly violent and graphic.

Madonna felt that "Amazing" was too similar to her previous single " Beautiful Stranger "so they were deadlocked. Music received critical acclaim from music critcs. At Metacriticwhich assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 80, based on 16 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews. With folky acoustic guitars and a vaguely spiritual bent to her lyrics like those on Ray of Lightit's a weird and fresh-sounding album.

In the way it tiptoes around sundry moods and beats, Music is frustratingly inconsistent, as if Madonna herself weren't sure where to venture next. At times, it feels like a collection of sounds -- clever, intriguing ones, to be sure -- that seek to compensate for ordinary melodies and Madonna's stoic delivery. Spin said that the album "is a much-needed breath of fresh VapoRub.

It's more playful and less pompous than Ray of Light. That bluntly explicit title isn't just pointless irony. This record is about the music, not Madonna; about the sounds, not the image. On NME ' s list of the 50 best albums ofMusic was ranked at number It is Madonna's fourth album on the list, the most among female artists. Ten days after the album's release, CNN reported that it had sold over four million copies worldwide.

It became the first Madonna album to reach the top of the charts in eleven years in the region, since Like a Prayer Throughout Europe, the album also did well on its charts. On October 1,Music debuted at number one on the Austrian Albums Chart, spending a total of forty weeks in the chart. Worldwide sales are more than eleven million copies. Credits adapted from the album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pop dance-pop electronica folktronica techno trip hop. Main article: Drowned World Tour.

Madonna William Orbit. Madonna Guy Sigsworth David Torn. Madonna Sigsworth Mark "Spike" Stent. Madonna Talvin Singh. Hex Hector Mac Quayle. Timo Maas Martin Buttrich. Paul Oakenfold Andy Gray. MTV News. Retrieved December 19, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved May 27, Nielsen Business Media, Inc. ISSN Retrieved July 25, February 26, Hung Medien.

Retrieved June 22, Daily Mirror. June 30, Retrieved September 15, Me is an online school for Magick. As a result, it is very difficult to make Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Spelling the word with a "k" at the end serves to distinguish the spiritual discipline of magick from sleight-of-hand tricks and stage magic.

Basically the Universe is composed by Nuit and Hadit, Nuit being the infinite space, the "place" where everything happens, where everything is manifested, the theater stage of life. This is lon milos best work. The religion known as Thelema was founded in by the English poet and mystic Aleister Crowley -who is regarded as its prophet. Listen, clip and share great Thelema NOW!

Those who follow the path of Thelema are called Thelemites. Some have persisted in declaring the urban myth that somehow Crowley wrote the Book of Shadows and was therefore, the author and godfather of Modern Witchcraft. I, No. Even then, illumination is not the end of the struggle, the spiritual battle. If people want to learn Thelema then seek out a real Thelemite and ask to be educated as an initiate.

I'm really into Thelema for a while, but i still a beginner. Ron Hubbard. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. VI No. In Crowley became involved with the British section of the O. See full list on thelemapedia. They talk about voodoo, working with Papa Legba, and how you know your magick is working. Browse: Home. What do you think are most important Magick and meditation practices? Each magick and meditation practice differ for everyone. JOTs — e. Then I did the obvious things, like adding a Spotify player to my website announcement bar about the song.

The next thing I did was to take a bunch of phrases from the letter portion of the lyric video and place them over the cover art for more Instagram posts. Lastly, I posted the complete text of the letter on Facebook. But it Tell Me Why - Various - Dance Energy (CD) amazes me how long it takes to compose an email newsletter or write a Facebook post. And as I mentioned above, be sure to notify your distributor, publicist, any industry contacts, licensing experts, and so forth, way in advance.

The song might be enough. The story and hook might be enough. When I ran my Spotify pre-save campaign, I made it a contest too. I would choose two winners at random from the list of people who pre-saved the song and send them a t-shirt. In addition to sending this out through the usual means, I also ran a Facebook ad to a targeted group of people who like similar artists as me.

Think of what extras might make someone push the save, buy, or play button. Video, of course, is one of the most sharable forms of online content, so if both the song and video are great, it might make sense to release them both simultaneously IF you can get a notable blog to premiere the video for you meaning you give them a limited-time exclusive to debut the video on their sitethough premieres have gotten harder to come by as the number of relevant blogs shrinks every year.

Be sure to upload the video directly to Facebook too once the exclusive blog premiere is oversince Facebook favors video that is native to the platform. You can run that video as an ad on Facebook to generate interest in your music. Effective radio promotion can be pretty expensive, and your average DJ is going to be more interested in an ALBUM release, but if the song is right and the promoter has a record of success, it might be worth the cost.

You can still make a dent going the DIY route to community and college radio, as well as locally focused shows on big stations. Is the radio route still feeling like a pipe dream? If so, concentrate on getting your single added to as many Spotify playlists as possible. In some cases, a song placement on a prominent Spotify playlist can net you more listeners than a whole radio promotion campaign.

Did you know you can run a pre-add for a month before your album comes out? So think about what song will be most enticing.

The playlist-friendly single?

For All We Know - Shirley Bassey - This Is My Life (Vinyl, LP), Dans Tes Bras, 409号室、絶望ノ桜, Savu - Various - Monte Rosso Soundtrack (CD), Little Tony - Non È Una Festa (Vinyl), Dump Truck - Various - Shir Khan Presents: Exploited (File, MP3), One Love - Nas - Illmatic (CD, Album), Oh! What It Seemed To Be - Frank Sinatra - Young At Heart (CD), Осталась Надежда - Лолита - Фетиш (CD, Album), Various - Dont Stop Da Bass Vol. 3 (File, MP3), Dark Eyes - 101 Strings - Gypsy Campfires (Vinyl, LP, Album), Get Out Of Town - Peggy Lee / George Shearing - Beauty And The Beat! (CD, Album)

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    Music is the eighth studio album by American singer Madonna, released on September 18, , by Maverick and Warner Bros. brandez.bizing the success of her previous album Ray of Light (), she intended to embark on a tour. However, her record company encouraged her to return to the studio and record new music before going on the road.

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