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This Christmas I Spend With You - Various - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Vinyl, LP)

US Markets Closed. FTSE NYSE Composite. Most Active. WTI Futures. Gold Futures. RIP Andy. You will be long remembered by the Zeppelin community that you did so much for. I once had a notion that I knew a thing or two about Led Zeppelin. Then I met a chap named Andy at a Brighton record fair and was forced to reassess.

Adams as a great friend. Andy is probably best known to many Led Zeppelin fans for his tremendous contribution to the staging of the two conventions in London in the early 90s. This Christmas I Spend With You - Various - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Vinyl filled the air at those events and they have a place among my most treasured memories.

A bit morbid, and in questionable taste? Dear Andy, leaves are falling all around, time you were on your way. Say hi to Paul for me, would you? I first met him in the mid 80s outside various concerts. What struck me immediately was that this unassuming character was most certainly a keen lover of the music first and foremost and that never left him. Andy Adams knew his stuff and he had an immense skill of passing that knowledge on through his sensational writings and forensic analysis of all things Zeppelin.

He had an innate love of music. We shared many phone calls talking of our own experiences and opinions on music. He was dedicated to Led Zeppelin. His vast knowledge made him a good and trusted friend. He will, forever, be respected for that by many but mostly for who he was as a Human Being.

A Lovely Bloke. Rest in Peace my friend. Remember Cambridge? In I responded to an Ad in one of the music papers, he sent me a ton of tapes and we became This Christmas I Spend With You - Various - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Vinyl friends. Andy was such a lovely, kind and funny guy, and his knowledge of Led Zeppelin and rock music was off the scale.

He is a big big loss to the Worldwide Zeppelin fan community — but today I feel the personal loss of a dear friend. So very sad to hear about the passing of Andy. Such a warm and generous bloke who shared so much with a lot of friends.

His vast knowledge of not just Zeppelin but so many more great bands was truly incredible. His meetings with Jimmy offered a wealth of knowledge and I know Jimmy will also be saddened by the news of his passing. Andy you were a top bloke and I wish I could have spent more time in your company.

Andy was a kind, happy soul, and, like myself, obsessed with rock music. He happened to stand next to me during a gig by Girl and after we both realised that the other was recording the show, the trading of tapes spawned a beautiful friendship. Their scale made me want to follow suit which of course I did. We also toured the country and beyond following our beloved bands. We lost count of pints sunk and kebabs consumed. But of course, Led Zeppelin was his passion.

Andy had several books in the pipeline, he had a new lady friend in his life and he was thrilled by the prospect of reviving his band No Mercy along with sibling Simon. Such a shame it never came to pass. Andy was one of the good guys. Sad news as I heard this morning that my good friend, Andy Adams has passed away.

Andy was a die-hard Led Zeppelin fan like myself and I spent many a great time in his company as well as extended conversations on the phone.

He was due to visit us in our new home in Somerset in the not too distant future though sadly that will not now happen. His loss will be keenly felt throughout the Led Zeppelin fan community and by his friends and family.

RIP Andy, we will miss ya. Andy was a generous trader who helped me expand my collection considerably. Over the years, our paths crossed frequently at various Zeppelin-related gigs and events. Andy was always upbeat, cheerful and ever-so-slightly mysterious; a real character whose encyclopedic knowledge of rock This Christmas I Spend With You - Various - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Vinyl in general and Led Zeppelin in particular was truly astonishing.

The news of his passing came as a great shock and is a huge loss to the Zeppelin community. He will be missed by us all. P Andy. It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of a great friend of the band, Andy Adams. We first met Andy back in when he came to our show at the Eastbourne College Theatre. Andy was always very positive about the band and came to many of our shows and quickly became a part of the CODA family.

He wrote a fantastic piece all about Led Zeppelin at 50 for our theatre programme inand also a great piece on the 50th anniversary of the Led Zeppelin II album. Quite apart from that, Andy was a fount of knowledge about all things Led Zeppelin, but also had a superb memory for all the concerts he had attended during the past, and many tales from the road to tell, some which are unrepeatable here!

We meet off and on over the years buying and trading in all things Zeppelin. I had a small bit part in the first Zeppelin Convention at the Royal National and I was hugely grateful to welcomed in to his and Dave Lewis world. Both worked tirelessly to make that weekend unforgettable to all that attended, Andy, in his laid back way fashion allowed it to roll on bye, happy to sit back and swap stories and tales with all that would stop by.

The second Convention was again a huge success and Andy and Dave were pivotal in making it work, again Andy, in his laid back way and Dave not so laid back way. Both guys pride and satisfaction of being part of something so important to attendees was clear to all. I would catch up with Andy over the following years at fan meeting, pre gig meets, he was always generous in his praise and always had a supportive words of encouragement for Carol and I.

Andy went through a stage of producing his own Bootleg CDs but in typical Andy fashion would happily trade them for a pint of beer, he was a man of simple taste and was never happier than sitting with a pint and talking Led Zeppelin. Andy, your passion, generosity, knowledge and your enthusiasm will never be forgotten and will be missed by the thousands that knew you. One of my best memories of Andy is from when I was helping him put together a selection of videos to be shown at the Celebration Days Convention in London.

Apart from the official filmin those days the quality of available VHS tapes of Led Zeppelin was questionable to say the best We had acquired a few live amateur compilations from a dodgy source on Camden market where it was often difficult to tell what band was actually on the tape…. Andy popped round to view this footage and gave it his seal of approval. We had a great time at the convention cuing-up footage on the big screen that we hoped the fans would like.

I think everyone reading this who knew Andy will agree, it was his easy going nature and good humour that made working with him a real pleasure and great fun. He always had time to listen and chat, especially when the subject was all things Rock n Roll! I first met Andy in the late 80s and a friendship grew with a love for Led Zeppelin and anything else related to them. We would sit and talk, listen and watch footage for hours.

Go to concerts traveling to Europe and all over the UK meeting lots of people who Andy was always happy to spend time with and talk and share information.

We did record fairs the two London conventions plus East Monk Pub, Limelight club in Crewe, Andy was always inspiring and looking for projects I was only speaking to him the other day about the Jimmy Page sessions and helping him, Andy will be so greatly missed by all, my 30 year friendship has come to an abrupt end I will sorely miss our chats, Rest in peace Andy. I remember going to his house in Croydon in the early s along with a few others to watch the newly surfaced complete Earls Court 24th May video.

Plus a chance to drink beer and have a good chat with like minded fans. This was my regular daily lunchtime pub as I worked nearby. He had a fair few beers beforehand and he sat next to me in the cinema. His knowledge of Led Zeppelin was truly vast, and he generously always shared this with everyone. The Facebook groups that he ran were an immense success, a tribute to his love and dedication to the band which is only matched by Dave Lewis.

I knew that he had health problems for quite a number of years, but he always put on a brave face. His passing was a terrible shock, and he leaves a huge void that will never be filled. Andy, you will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. Friends who had spoken to Andy in recent times would know that he had health issues.

However, in typical fashion, he would always play down the significance and just move onto the next stage of tests. Regardless of whatever life through This Christmas I Spend With You - Various - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Vinyl way — his passion for music never diminished. When it came to music, Andy was one of the most knowledgeable people I have known. He was amiable, kind, generous and always willing to give his time to help educate others.

He also had a wicked sense of humour. His openness on music was endearing. He was genuine and rarely demanding. There was no ego with Andy. I first met AA in the early s. We kept bumping into each other at gigs on a regular basis. We even undertook several road trips to gigs in Europe. I met Andy again in the early 90s at a record fair in Brighton. Andy had a stall and was dealing records at the time. Howard Mylett wanted to introduce me to this guy he knew who had a massive Zeppelin tape collection.

I was surprised to find that it was somebody I knew already. So we reconnected again and this led to many long evenings and geeky conversations in Croydon. Once again, life sometimes takes over and we eventually lost touch again.

Andy just seemed to disappear for the best part of a decade. In recent times, Andy had found a new audience of friends via his Facebook updates and blogs that were always interesting and hugely entertaining.

Andy was never a constant in my life, but there were good times when he was around and I shall miss him. Living in Australia has meant that the tyranny of distance has for many years made it difficult to meet up with Zeppelin fans the world over.

The wonders of modern communication have been a godsend compared to how it all started. Andy was seriously working on a project that I have also been immersed in for 40 years; Jimmy Page Sessions. We only met a couple of times which is a real shame. Like most Zeppelin fans I knew Andy through his tireless work in perpetually placing the study of all things Led Zeppelin at the top of a pedestal.

A sacrosanct force that was beyond any other musical energy in rock history. That is how Andy dealt with it. He was a genuine beacon within our community and a torch bearer that drew others to his work and love for music. I can only hope that some of us will stoke the fire from the burning embers and carry on with the energy that Andy rubbed off on us.

I will miss what I have grown to be accustomed to, his heart on a page. A terrible loss for his family and friends and for the Zep community. Every issue of that was superb. I am shocked and utterly devastated to learn that Andy Adams, a dear friend to so many of us, has passed away. An essential and much loved cornerstone of the Zeppelin community, and a fantastic blogger, Andy was a go-to expert on many aspects of the band, with his encyclopedic knowledge and never ending passion for the whole thing.

He was also working on a project regarding Led Zeppelin on film. The Verdict Days to Remember This is What I'd Say to You Mess and Panic. Forever Stand Up Throw it Away Are Here Use It or Lose It. Though it may not have been a LP) gesture on their part, rarely has a moniker so aptly summed up a band's m.

Regular Guys were a turn-of-the-decade Lawrence, KS contingent who played power-pop inclined rock 'n roll, pretty much straight down the middle, with no oblique angles or artsy proclivities. Perhaps a tad too non-descript on some levels, they played a linear but potent game not unlike their midwest contemporaries Off Broadway USASecrets and Hawks. And it's not all straight-up power pop either, as the Regular Guys explored related tangents such as proto-punk, roots rock, and less obviously Americana.

The booklet, which I've scanned in, provides a more thorough backgrounder on the band than I ever could, and there are generous track-by-track liner notes to boot from bassist John Odell. So dig in. The full track list is to your left. There probably isn't much I can tell you about these avant, UK post-punkers, or more specifically frontman Colin Lloyd-Tuckerthan what's been conveniently disclosed on Nothin' Sez Somethin'wherein you can explore the arch of the man's entire career.

Plain Characterswho were responsible for this LP and some surrounding singles, were not the least bit plain as their ironic namesake suggests. At this stage in his career Tucker's timbre sat somewhere between Peter Murphy albeit with more warble and a less melodically inclined Bowie. Not a great selling point to start off with, and much of Invisible Yearnings exudes enough abrasive gestures to ward off all but the most adventurous of eardrums.

The songs do bear structure however, with each of it's ten cuts possessing a relatively unique persona or multiples thereof. Contrary to Nothin's assessment of this one, there are more than just a couple of memorable tunes here. The aforementioned site's mention of the rhythm-prone "Menial Tasks" being amongst the more memorable ones is indeed worth singling out, suggesting what Duran Duran would have in store on their first two records.

Although the vast majority of Yearning isn't linear new wave, the mild melodic undercurrents that float "Not For Resale No. As for the rather beaten up sleeve, I resisted the temptation to make it more presentable in Photoshop, but the vinyl itself was thankfully in relatively flawless state. Affair Labyrinth Not For Resale No. Zero Zero Fingerprint City Menial Tasks Julia Counting Sheep The Four Lies.

Utterly in fact. Beyond the ubiquity of what was assailing and sometimes delighting us from the Pacific Northwest, there were other excellent regional scenes in locales ranging from San Diego to Dallas and Boston more than worthy of our attention. Lincoln, NE's Mercy Rulewere among hundreds of commendable 'fringe' acts jockeying for attention in the Clinton-era, that were passed over by well-intentioned listeners myself included who were utterly overwhelmed with all of the aforementioned and then some.

Thing is, Mercy Rule didn't necessarily fit in with that contingent, and sonically their recordings were plenty emblematic of that. Albeit plenty guitar-driven and angsty, they angled more in the vicinity of contemporaries Tsunami and the Poster Children - a pretty good place to be, unless you were making a break for the mainstream. Three years later MCA had intentions of releasing the band's third full-length, eventually This Christmas I Spend With You - Various - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Vinyl the rug out from under them before it even made it to the pressing plant.

What I'm sharing today is presumably the trio's first demo tape, in all it's rough hewn and borderline over-modulated glory. A fairly concise roundup of the band's tenure can be read hereand two of the members folded into a subsequent combo Domestica. Someone Else How it Feels I Have Enough Stand on Fire It's Sad What a Life. Friday, October 1, The Nameless - rumble epWise. Posted by spavid at PM No comments:. Posted by spavid at PM 2 comments:. Sunday, September 19, Overflowing money like the stars in multitude.

If only you could win. Sorrows - Love Too Late Posted by spavid at PM 5 comments:. Sunday, September 12, No clue.

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