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The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl)

The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl)

Dedicated to the One I Love 6. Foolish Little Girl 7. Good Good Time 8. I Met Him On Sunday It's Love That Really Counts Last-Minute Miracle Look Away Love Is A Swingin' Thing Love That Man Mama Said March You'll Be Sorry No Doubt About It Please Be My Boyfriend Putty In Your Hands Shades Of Blue I'm Watching The Movie Soldier Boy Till My Baby Comes Home Tonight's The Night Tonights The Night The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl) that out dude.

Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection. Save Cancel. The vocal arrangements on this version proved influential in subsequent versions, including that by the Beatles, who used the same one.

One notable feature of the song is its minor-to-major key chord changes on the verses. English rock group the Beatles performed "Baby It's You" as part of their stage act from untiland recorded it on February 11, for their first album, Please Please Mealong with "Boys", another song by the Shirelles.

American label Vee-Jay Records included it on Introducing Capitol included it on The Early Beatles. The Beatles' version differs to the Shirelles' by repeating the second verse instead of the first. You won't find it in iTunes, by the way.

Take A Chance. I love the early Philly-style Soul dancer on the B side "Take A Chance" so much 've added an mp3 snippet so you can share my enthusiasm or not! You Should Be From Monterey. Taylor is best known as a songwriter with partner Al Gorgoni 'Angel of the Morning,' 'Wild Thing,' and othersbut here's one of the times he ventured performing his own tunes. Duff had only a handful of single releases and only one on this small New Orleans label. The B side really cranks up the dance groove A Tribute To Mohammed Ali.

I liked this one so much on first listen I simply had to break down and make a fourth mp3 "snippet" in one day — must be a new record for me! Hope you like the song Little Frankie is actually Roy C on one of his rare early solo recordings, coming a couple of years after his classic "Shotgun Wedding" on Black Hawk.

I love both of these sides, and if you like the snippet B side, you'll love the A side as well. Now, here's a rare Detroit Soul 45 you just don't see very often, with two dynamite sides that definitely grow on you with repeated listening.

I decided to make mp3 "snippets" of each side since the record is so rare and I couldn't decide which side I prefer. My Jealous Girl. Two fine Deep Soul numbers The flip was a surprise, so much so I had to get an mp3 "snippet" in the jukebox right away! This single is sought after mainly for the amazing B side dancer, which I liked so much right away I had to put a snippet of it in the "jukebox! The Spoiler. This single's A side sounds like it could have been recorded in Detroit rather than at Stax studios, but then everyone was trying to emulate the Motown sound by How this catchy Soul dancer managed to elude Top 40 fame is a mystery to me Have a listen and see why we give it 2 stars, our highest recommendation.

A-Tisket A-Tasket. Yes, the A side of this 45 is a nice Soul ballad, but the reason Northern Soul fans seek out this rarely seen Austin single is the tremendous dance number on the flip have a listen to the mp3 snippet! Especially For You Baby. This rare single is a must-own for fans of raw-edged Soul, either Northern or Southern.

In this case, it's the rhythm section that pulls you in and won't let go! Movies In My Mind. Both sides of this 45 are great tuneful pop, and the B side is actually the stronger of the two. Groovy Sax. Terrific, rare pair of Soul instrumentals, courtesy of veteran tenor saxophonist Red Prysock, the brother of singer Arthur Prysock.

Both of these are major keepers, but on first listening I prefer the funkier flip Well, you gotta admit it's close! FYI, in Charles Wright took over as group leader, and the band added his name to the group's. Stained Glass Window. In an oddity that I have yet to explain, the B side of this wonderful Sunshine Pop single is the same song that was recorded by The Visions as "Threshhold of Love.

I believe the Yellow Balloon version is the original. Have a listen to the mp3 snippet If you're a fan of Sunshine Pop, you gotta get a copy of this one! All Because Of You. This early Dramatics single is wildly popular, especially for its mid-tempo A side, though I tend to agree with radio programmers from the day, who chose instead to plug the terrific uptempo dancer on the B side, which is the side that became their first chart tune.

Have a listen to our jukebox mp3 snippet to see what I mean! Wanted: Lover, No Experience Necessary. That Muscle Shoals studio could sure churn out some terrific soul in the late 's. This one is absolutely essential to a good soul collection. She Cried Just A Minute. The A side is a dynamite Northern Soul dancer you won't want to miss Sly Girl. Rare northern soul classic The flip "Sly Girl" has a particularly sweet beat. These tracks were first released on Tuba Love Song. Have a listen to the mp3 snippet, and I hope it grabs you like it did me!

I'm Just A Man. This single's "Plug Side" is a fine Philly-Soul style ballad, but the real action is on the flip how often do I say this in a day, I wonder? I Got Love. This single's A side is a terrific Northern Soul dancer cranked to the nines! The flip "I Got Love" is perhaps not so great a dancer, but it's a terrific recording Hold Me, Hold Me. Here's a fabulous soul rarity, featuring a swinging original with an unbeatable rhythm section on the A side.

This single's A side has a rhythm section that deserves its own spot in the Soul Hall of Fame — truly awesome! Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" to hear what I mean.

Deep Feeling Love. The Lovelight. Teddy and the Pandas weren't known as a soul group, but on this amazing number they managed to groove like one. Mickey's Funky Monkey. These guys put down a seriously mean beat in this cover of the Miracles hit, and then show how truly funky that beat is in the organ-led instrumental flip. Hold On Baby. This rarest of Rationals singles features two upbeat, soul-driven garage rock.

The powerful A side, a cover of an earlier version by Sam Hawkins on the Blue Cat label, builds an almost indecent amount of sexual energy as the singer moves from merely thinking about "his baby" to starting out across town and then finally reaching her house.

This is a fabulous early Barry White production and song Did someone say this sounded like the Supremes? The River Is Wide. This is the wonderful original version of this soulful sunshine pop tune, which the Grass Roots took to the top 40 in Yes, "Bright Shiny Colors" is a nice girl group tune, but rock'n'roll had moved on from the girl group sound, and I'm sure the Shirelles were tired of being seen as "girls," anyway.

Threshhold of Love. This great sunshine pop classic was first recorded earlier in by the Yellow Balloon, but it appeared on the B side of one of their singles and was called, unaccountably, "Stained Glass Window".

Both versions are wonderful. Sweet, Sweet. I guess Tony wasn't considered hip enough to put on the airwaves in What Am I To Do. This New Mexico band was quite successful regionally in the 's, and this single showcases their light garage-rock style. The B side of this great, rare single is particularly worth hearing, so check out the mp3 "snippet" by clicking the blue "play button.

Mo Jo Hanna. This is a very interesting record Check out the mp3 "snippet" for the excellent B side, "Mo Jo Hanna. Well, it's close anyway. This great soul band put out a couple of smashing soul instrumental singles in the mid's before morphing into Charles Wright's Watts rd St.

Rhythm Band. I've Got To Be Strong. This tune is an uptempo, dance-floor filler. Especially amazing is how this track has managed to escape detection all these years Ignored originally, it's apparently never popped onto the radar screen of northern soul DJ's and collectors.

And yet What a stomper! Like My Love For You. This great soul dance number has just gotten more popular and valuable! Northern Soul scene as the years go by and was recently listed at 57 in Kev Roberts' new list of great Northern Soul singles.

Everybody Wants To Be Loved. Once you hear this obscure track, you'll wonder how your sunshine pop collection ever got along without it! What a joy to discover another great gem! Trouble Is His Middle Name. Hard to describe this one FYI, Edmund had The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl) albums, so you gotta collect the singles to The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl) this great music!

Because I Love You. The A side is a dynamite Northern Soul dancer you won't want to miss. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" to see if you're as taken with it as I am. Incidentally, you won't find this tune in iTunes Wahls didn't release an album for Calla.

I See The Light. Besides the famous A side "Little Bit O'Soul"don't miss the great B side on this one, which shows the group's garage-rock roots very clearly. Heartbreak River. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" of the A side here and see if you don't get a thrill and a need to get dancing! I'll Try. The real action in this rare 45 as in so many cases is on the flip: "I'll Try" is a dynamite Northern Soul dancer you won't want to miss! You Get Your Kicks.

With that prominent bass line so familiar! Taking Care Of Business. Both sides are dynamite The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl), but frankly I put my money on the B side with its powerful rhythm section What's Happened To You. Feel So Bad. This fine RnB number definitely deserves to be more widely known, yet it's one Little Milton single missing from iTunes. Sunshine Games. I Want Her Back. This hard-to-find Northern Soul dancer is well worth seeking out if you can find it: Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet", which I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Long As You're Mine. Don't miss this terrific RnB dancer with to-do-for horn and rhythm arrangements. Blue May. This single has two absolutely irresistable nuggets of Sunshine Pop Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet" of the B side "Blue May". This single's A side is a dynamite Northern Soul dancer well worth seeking out My Life With You.

Here's a beautiful copy of this rare single, featuring a terrific Northern Soul dancer with a killer rhythm section. Get A Little Soul. The A side is a powerful Deep Soul ballad, but the real action is this super-hot B side dancer. Check out the mp3 "snippet" to hear it. Just To Behold His Face. Here's a beautiful copy of this rarely seen 45, which is clearly Gospel in lyrics and melody but which has an awesome rhythm section that happens to hit the sweet spot for Northern Soul collectors.

So it's sort of a Gospel 45 in Northern Soul clothing. You're So Good To Me. Wanna hear how a Beach Boys song sounds like when performed by a Soul singer?

I couldn't imagine it, and you might not either Boo On You. This single has an even better song on the flip than on the "plug" side.

Check out our mp3 snippet! My Baby's Soul Good. Check out the mp3 snippet! In Between The Heartaches. Between his first chart record in until he finally had a hit in with a cover of The Supremes "Where Did Our Love Go" on All Platinum, Elbert released many singles on many different labels. This is a particularly good single from his years in the "wilderness," with two great horn-filled tracks recorded under the guidance of famed Atlantic producer Arif Mardin.

I liked the lovely, mid-tempo "Plug Side" so much I quickly added an mp3 snippet to our "jukebox", so have a listen! Ride With Me Baby. Both sides of this single are terrific, especially the growling, thunderous A side.

Private Zoo. The A side of this single is in a hard-edged Bubblegum mold, but the B side — check this out! Terrific psychedelic fuzz guitar, jerky garage rock Think I'll sock a snippet in the jukebox Fading Away. The flip of this group's biggest hit is even better than the A side and is closer to the Motown sound have a listen to the mp3 snippet in our "jukebox". I Got It. Sure, I like the A side of this single the group's biggest hitbut I wouldn't rate it 2 stars.

However, as the B side snippet in our jukebox demonstrates, this single just keeps on going when you flip it over That's where our 2-star recommendation comes from.

Our Corner of the Night. This Northern Soul number is truly a remarkable outing for Streisand Not the sound she's best known for, but certainly pleasing! I'll Do Anything For You. This unusual and wonderful number grabbed me right away, so I've put a snippet of it into the Classic 45s jukebox Having listened to the snippet a number of times now, I'm raising our rating to 2 stars, our highest recommendation.

Inspired To Love You. The giveaway is the horn charts, which are more Southern Soul fare. Handy Man. Both of these tracks are top-notch Northern Soul dancers, and they practically sound like different groups: The A side has a male lead, while the Motown-style "Handy Man" no relation to the Jimmy Jones classic has a female lead.

Check out the mp3 snippet of "Handy Man" we just added to our online "jukebox! Either way, as a dance fan, you come out a winner! The Micro Mini. Terrific Latin-tinged Northern Soul, with an irresistible dancer on the flip Blast Off. Two terrific instrumentals, featuring an impressive Northern Soul-style dance number on the flip. Apparently, "Blast Off" features King Curtis and may also include rhythm guitar by Jimi Hendrix, who was known to play with the Kingpins at this time.

Sunday Morning 6 O'Clock. It was later picked up by Buddah and was a modest Top 40 hit. Little Bit Of Lovin'. This single impressed me so much I had to rush-release a snippet for the Classic 45s jukebox!

Both sides are to-die-for Southern-style soul. Your Time's Gonna Come. This single is a rare Ellie Greenwich production, featuring a self-penned tune on the A side. Of course, Greenwich, together with Jeff Barry, was one of the preeminent songwriters of the 's, with a list of credits way too long to show here.

Suffice it to say that it's hard to imagine 's music—particularly early 's—without her contributions. These tracks are definitely not girl group pop! Greenwich also helped out some garage bands in the late 's, and this obscure group was one of them. Definitely a psych rock nugget worth seeking out! Check out the mp3 snippet if you're a fan of the genre.

Now here's one I'll bet you haven't heard It's a terrific garage rock number performed by some guys who clearly get the Northern Soul dance beat. As far as I know, this is their only 45, and I note that the group's songwriter is Danny Kortchmar.

Guitarist Kortchmar had several almost-successful bands in the late s, including Flying Machine, which also included James Taylor. When Taylor went solo, it was Kortchmar who added a second acoustic guitar to most of the tracks on Sweet Baby James.

Bring It Home. Why Keymen didn't just release it as an A side is a mystery, since it's probably Lee's best recording for the label. I Would Still Love You. This obscure garage band put out only two or three singles inand none of them got much attention. Fortunately for us, some people never throw anything away, and so I managed to pick up this terrific 45 recently. Take a listen to the mp3 snippet and see if you aren't as smitten as I was! Another Sugar Daddy. Talk about HOT! It must have been frustrating to Bo Diddley to be making such great music inyet everyone who knew his music recalled only the seminal tracks he recorded in the mid's.

From the evidence here, he just kept getting better through the 's. What great guitar work, and that drummer playing on the B side is dynamite! Such a great beat I couldn't stand still listening to it. Without You. This group put out only two singles on Atlantic, and this is one of them.

Both sides are snarly psychedelic. Down and Out World. Do Your Duty. On one of her very first singles, Taylor records an early version of "Do Your Duty", later covered by Betty Lavette, on the flip. Both sides are terrific, toe-tappin' standouts. I The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl) In You. Here's an extremely rare slice of stupendous late s female soul on a small Detroit label. Note that the song was written by Dennis Coffey, and he is also credited for "Orchestration".

Peace And Love. Well, I couldn't find any info about this group or single, which aren't listed in the reference books. Yet how such a dynamite slice of funk could have escaped notice is beyond me.

Besides the great instrumental arrangement and funky beat, the group's vocals are top notch. Hold On To It. This single features two fine Motown-style soul tracks, a slower one on the A side and this great dancer on the flip.

Together, We Shall Overcome. Two stunning, uptempo Motown-style tracks courtesy of "Flo", who was one of the original Supremes. On the B side, this obscure female group turns in a magical northern soul dance number. Another song about the joy of hurting.

This Connecticut rock band had a handful of singles on Cadet in the late s, some with a distinctly Northern Soul feel to them. This one has two dynamite uptempo numbers, with perhaps a nod to the distinctive B side. I Got Money. This terrific single has two keeper sides: The A side is a dynamite RnB number, while the flip gets on a Northern Soul-style groove.

Have a listen to the B side snippet All of the Chess Laura Lee singles are southern soul dreams come true. Take a listen to this one's A side and see if you don't agree!

This is the first of two singles released by this Brooklyn rock group. According to the publicity literature Atlantic released with the single, the group got their audition in the New York studios where the Rascals had just been recording, and both the engineer and Anita Wexler Jerry's daughter "flipped" over the group's soul-rock sound. Now, if only more station programmers had "flipped", "Backtrack" might well have become the top 10 hit Atlantic thought it could be.

Lookin' For A Love. Elephant Candy. A little slice of pure bubblegum bliss! Looking For A Love. Bless You My Love. Funky Way. Hard To Carry On. Bang Dangin' Time. Check out the terrific A side: Play our mp3 "snippet" to hear how awesome it is! My Love's A Monster. This obscure single has two dynamite sides Have a listen to the "Plug Side" mp3 "snippet" Super Lungs.

The bio of this talented singer is a story of various missed and wasted opportunities, the highlight being his rejection of an opportunity to sing lead for a new band Jimmy Page was putting together, to be called Led Zeppelin. It was not released in the U. Colors Of My Love. The B side of this 45 is another great forgotten Motown-style dance number You'll fall in love instantly!

It was later released as an A side on Hot Wax Take Me. At first glance, this single is a comeback effort by the group whose big claim to fame was "Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight" back inrethinking their big hit as a Philly "sweet soul" number. However, flip the record over and you'll hear why this rare 45 commands such high prices among Northern Soul collectors. I liked it so much on first hearing that I've added an mp3 snippet to the "jukebox.

This recording sits right at the cusp where Sunshine Pop starts swinging more like Northern Soul. Whatever its genre, it's a great dance number that earns a 2-star recommendation from Classic 45s our highest. Soul Kiss, Part I. I simply had to make an mp3 "snippet" of this amazing track, since it's not available The Shirelles - Till My Baby Comes Home (Vinyl) iTunes and you simply won't believe it was made by a jazz trumpeter. I almost put in the Funk genre, cause it's so freakin' The reason it may be missing from the various online services is that it was a non-album single; at least, there are no Perception albums listed for Gillespie.

A curious factoid about the Robbs is that they registered 6 chart singles duringbut none of them cracked the Billboard Hot All six merely "bubbled under", with the biggest hit reaching only This is a terrific dance number from a production studio that specialized in Bubblegum music. As I've argued numerous times, there's a thin line between some Bubblegum and some dance soul music, and in this case it's the other way around. Whatever you call it, it's great stuff!

Plastic Saddle. My Baby Takes Care of Business. A Raggedy Ride. Looking For My Baby. Tell Her. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow. Two great dance numbers from this Memphis band.

The A side is particularly exciting — a sped-up, re-energized cover of the Marvin Gaye classic from So Good Together. Time To Get It Together.

How Can You Tell Me? It's at least as tasty, if not more so, than the main course. Sweet Sally Brown. Sweet and Easy. You Bet Your Sweet Bippy.

You just know these guys had a great time making these two catchy tracks. The You I Need. This B side of "Dizzy" is further proof that Tommy Roe was so prolific and tuneful that he was able to throw away little gems like this on his singles' B sides!

Really quite yummy. Peace Lovin Man. Here's a terrific soul rarity that just gets better from start to finish! After getting hooked on the great A side, I flipped it over to discover a secret that a lot of Northern Soul fans already know: "Peace Lovin Man" is pure dynamite! I'll bet it's great on the dance floor You Better Check Yourself. This rare single is blessed with two great, stompin' dance numbers. Bad Bill of Goods. Be sure to treasure this terrific B side as well!

Where Is That Rainbow. This single's A side "I Who Have Nothing" is a splendid cover of this Soul classic, but it's the B side that gets collectors' juices flowing: It's a dyamite Northern Soul-style dancer so good I had to make an mp3 "snippet" of it so you can hear for yourself how great it is!

Get It From The Bottom. Here's a dynamite Northern Soul dancer you won't want to miss Now here's a real rarity I wonder if this is where UB40 got the idea? Great flip, too! In fact, the flip is such a rare thing Not just because of the female thing, you understand I really find the tune and arrangement irresistable, too!

Please Don't Desert Me Baby. Credited to Gloria Walker and the Chevelles. Extremely powerful, very moving A side. The Easiest Way To Fall. This was the B side of Payne's very first release on Invictus. Why was it never released as an A side? A great side from this obscure group, working in the British power pop vein along the lines of The Move.

Walk On My Side. This single has two great sides, with a particularly strong A side have a listen to the mp3 "snippet". Heavy on My Mind. This single's B side "Heavy This one's "Plug Side" didn't grab me, but turn the 45 over and wham! Do The Popcorn. Both sides of this obscure single are dynamite examples of Funky Soul, but it's the B side that grabbed me: Check out the rhythm section in the mp3 "snippet" of the track. This was an early full Stereo Here's a bubblegum track that failed to chart, but is certain to please fans of the genre.

Still Hill. This catchy rocker in the tradition of groups like Crazy Elephant definitely deserves a spin Credited to "Joe South and The Believers. It's a terrific white soul number, a song South had written for the Tams a few years earlier. Please Baby Please.

This remarkable soul single is blessed with two very strong entries: A top-notch Philly style vocal group ballad on the A side check out the mp3 snippet and a mid tempo Impressions-style number on the flip.

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