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The Old Man - The George Mitchell Minstrels - Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (Vinyl, LP)

The volume is divided int. Jazz times. Jazz practices. Jazz changes. Jazz soundings. Jazz takes. Home The Cambridge companion to jazz [Reprinted ] Further advances in technology permit us to present the Anthology in an Enhanced CD format, providing a mult,imedia, hypertext essay of images, text, and additiollal audio.

This reissue of the Anthology of Ame1 ican Folk Music maintains the breadth and focus of Harry Smith's vision, supplementing his original Anthology with printed essays, photographs, video clips, and audio samples that will belp a new generation of listeners undersund just how important his work has been.

We are grateful for the collaboration of contemporary writers a. This new release stands on Harry Smith's shoulders at the boundaries of science and art, history and aesthetics, scholarship and commerce.

We hope your experience with this Atrthology will be as profound as that of previous generations, and we encourage you to use this as the beginning of 1 voyage of musical djscoverypersonal, spiritual, intellectual, academic, or in wuatever direction your experience takes you.

Like Ralph Rinzler's Smithsonian Folklife Festivals and Folkways Records itself, this tlntholouy is meant to be a slllall step toward changing the world-beginning by changing those who experience it.

M, Gates Rev. Rocky Road. Issued in on Folkways Records of New York CitY-lUI an elaborate, dubiously legal bootleg, 8 compendium of recordings originally releascd on and generally long-forgotten by such stillactive labels as Columbia, Paralllount, Brunswick, and Victor-it W88 the founding document of the American folk revival.

The A lithology introduced Cohen and hundreds, then thousands of others to performers from the and '30s-artists, Cohen said, "who became like mystical gods to us. It was like that:' It W8S no accident that the ihltkology was issued inat the height of the McCarthyist witch-hunt.

It was not irony thllt led Smith, near the end of his life, as a shaman in rcsidence at th ' Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado, to record every sound he encountered in the course of a fourth of July, from speech to fireworks to cricketswith the United States at war with Korea and resurgent nt home.

That was Smith's Anthology. It was a collection of eighty-four performances on six LPs in three hinged two-record sets-contraptions soon replaced by boxes that suggest less a likely me"lanism for the delivery of recorded music than a cryptic homage to a lapsed patent that, dating to some time before the First World War, understandably failed to catch on.

Each set carried the same cover art, in blue airred fire. It divided creation into balanced spheres of energy, into fundaments; printed over the filaments of the etchillg and its crepuscular Latin explanations were record titles and the names of the blues singers, hillbilly musicians, and gospel chanters Smith was bringing together for the first time. Visually it was dominated by a queer schema: heavy, black, oversized numbers, marking each of the 84 selections as if their placement altogether superseded their content, as if some grand system lurked within the elements Smith had brought to bear upon each other.

The booklet was decorated with art from record sleeves advertising "Old Time Tunes" music that as first recorded in the s, was already old, even on the verge of disappearauce, and sold and experienced as suchwith woodcuts from turn-of the century catalogues of musical instruments, and with faded, hard-tomake-out photos of performers.

Information for each recording as to performer, composer, label, master number, date of release, and so on was given preeisery; comments on the soul'cing or transmission of a picee followed in sober manner; anu each song and bal. There was, remembers the artiat Bru 't' Conner, who encountered the Anthology in the early s in the Wichita Public Library.

H's not conspicllous, but it's there. As a mystery. This was in Harry Smith's grain. A polylilath and an liutodidllct, a dope fiend and an alcoholic, a legendary experimental filmmaker and! Despite the many unbelievable stories Smith told about himself, there were facts in his life, Ill' WaH born in in Portland, Ort'goll, and grew up in and around St'attle; he died in in New York City, where he had become known as "the Paracelsus of the Chelsea Hotel.

Smith's upbringing was a garden of confusions. His mother's family, he recalled, had left Sioux City. Smith developed rickets, which left him stunted and humped. You see, even when they had James Whitcomb Riley to listen to they still preferred Chaucer. A photo in The America". I'd match the Anthology up agoinst any other single compendium of important information ever auembled.

Dead Sea Scrolls? I' ll take the Anthology. Moke no mistoke: there wos no 'folk' conon before Smith's work. That he hod compiled such 0 definitive document only became apporent much later, of course. We record collecting types, sifting through many more records thon he did, eventually reoched the same conclusions: these were the true goods.

But why is this the 'folk'? Scholors who write such things have said that the 'folk ' is the culture of a group of people who're at -least to some extent isolated-whether by class, sex, age, race, language, space, time, religion-from the mainstream. Folk song developed 05 the common currency in this climate of comporative isolotion, deriving from 0 way of life, and blah blah bloh.

This is true, no doubt; but why did Smith pick thi s particular grouping as representative of ' folk ' music and why was he so dead-bang right in damn near every selection? There were certainly other traditions to be found within ' American' music of the ' unschooled' variety: why are there no Jewish American motifs?

Whot abo. These were, instead, 'ethnic musics. There and in Berkeley he entered bohemian circles. AI ready at work on abstract, hllnd painted films, he met a rtists, poets, co mmunists, fol k singers, and fo lklorists. Wr iting in of that The sacred, which need not involve a personalized deity, was valued over the profane HistOrical "facls" served hierarchy, while tradition was liberating because it grew from a volun tary personal response to the repertory of the past.

Harry Smith might have as we ll. He drew on both his ha unt ridden boyhood and his own vast collect ion of 78s to assemble h i! Other books and directories took him to Southern fiddle musie, Cajun chansons tristes, cowboy laments. The war. Sm ith found scores of old recordsgospel, blues, parlor tunes-by till.

And it's all great, of course. So why this grouping? I belie The White and Block folks found herein, despite the persistent protestations of many White artists witness Bill Monroe, who most of his life would have us belie Smith had an encyclopedic knowledge of 78s ond a preternatural feel for the connections between them-across race and ethnic boundaries-not only to codify them for us but also to ha Probably the best mountain 5 string banjo player ever.

Also the scroungiest and most forceful. The theologian. Already a revivalist, even back then, but he made it his own. His version af ' Wagoner's Lad' may be the best ever. What's 'Old Shoes and Leggins' about exactly? A horrible sight. CTlON 13 G. He might have heard what people have a. He might have imagined that, going back 1. It was a quest, and not merely personal. In the scmed and satisfied reactional"y freeze of the postwar period, the Anthology was meant to distinguish those who responded [rom those who didn't, t.

Smith's definit. He ignored RlJ field recordings, Library of Congress archives, fulything validated only by scholarship or carj'ying the must of the museum. He wanted music to which people really had I'espondedj records put on sale that at Least somebody thougbt were woi'th paying Ior.

Though Smith noted that folk songs had one of my favorites on here. Great, eerie; sounds like it came out of the eorth, G. Used to play along lee Highway in Virginia. Also a seminal earth-spirit. What else needs to be said? Except, why does Sora sing in such a mocking and satirical tone on ' John Hardy'?

Most White revivalists don' t sing the full chorus: ' the ground is covered up with snow. Rumor i. Spottswood has it that when this piece was played for Segovia, he couldn't believe there were not two guitars at work.

A great piece, Guitar all but inaudible, Raw sludge. They were probably street singers who sang lots of song5 about happenings in the news. Wish we could hear the news like this now. Most surreal version of the Casey Jones theme. Hardest driving guitar recording ever? Didn't record the greatest fiddle song ever belongs to Eck Robertson-' Sally Goodin'.

Great, great fiddler, Probably the best. I was driving through Amarillo once, stopped to get a milkshake at a. As a historical period, they were an economic opportunity to eapture ritual, and it was the scent of ritual The Old Man - The George Mitchell Minstrels - Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (Vinyl pui'sued. Dt'cased up as a good pedagogue, and arming his Relected old discs with eomplex, cross-referenaed discographies and bibliographies, neatly attaching story-songs to the historical events from which they derived the mythical historical events, sometimesnoting changes in approaches to voicing, instrument.

TIe moved t. Or he placed II perfol'ulanee so that it would echo a line or a melody in a preceding number-so that the roadside diner, and upon exiting spied Robertson coming out of his shack across the street. We talked and did some playing. So did Blind Willie MeTel!. When they break into 'Maggie,' I get goosebumps. Feel like I'm being tugged into the past. Eerie, I once learned to tapdance to this piece, REV. Sold more records in the Black market up to than anybody, Great singer with a halting preaching style, He recorded about ten different times something called 'Will Death Be Your Santo Claus.

LP) seem to be singing from a shape note book. Everything's slightly sharp or flat with really strange timbres, Great recording. Phony preacher. Also recorded "-Hot Tamale Man. A minor complaint. Primitive and scary version of 'Sugar Baby. Linking one performance to another, he ultimately linked cach to all.

Out of such fll'l'angements, Smith made a world, or a town: Smithville. IIe followed it with progressively spookier versions of the often supernatural English and Scottish love tales that since the late 18th-century hael fulletioll 'd in moulltain hollows as what in blues langllage would be call 'd It second mind: tales of murder and suicide in whieh love is a disease and death the cure.

With the air over his town growing heavier, Smith moved to numbers about more prosaic, homegrown killings. The blind fiddler G. Grayson-a descendant of the man who arrested Tom Dula inunci who as both a singer and a player sounds at least. The sense of age in the performance is displacing. It's not as if the event is being recalled by an ancient witness; it is as if the event, as it happened, has made the witness old. The actions described are nil will. Or maybe that's completely wrong.

Strange rhythmic change half way through. Really two songs. A minar masterpiece. Great accompaniment from mandolin and piano. There isn't much piano on the Anthology.

Wonder why. Maybe Harry was a guitar man. Great, phenamenolly charismatic performer. Could sing hard gospel material and then sing songs poradying the church and get awoy with both. Really hard to tell where he gol his material e. Whenever we used to travel obout in the South looking for old records and we would talk to old Black performers, we'd find they always assumed, almost without exception, that Macon was a Black man. I don't think 'Buddy Plank Road' are work songs or even derived very strictly From wark songs, as Harry suggests.

Sam McGee on six string 'guitar banio' here is also fantastic. But what is it? Eugene W. Eorle says he's from the Wesl Coast. I dan't think so. President Garfield falls to hobo evangelist, conman, and would-be ambassador to Brussels Charles Gniteau inand President McKinley to anarchist Leon Czolgosz twenty years after that. In a coal worker hangs for ki11ing. Four years later, in the same neighborhood, Frankie shoots her lover Albcrt unless it was thirty years earlier, and somewhere else.

Murder is superseded by disaster. Craftsmen are thrown out of work by machines. So people go where the work is, and in a refrain that runs all through American song, The Old Man - The George Mitchell Minstrels - Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (Vinyl past the borders of the couniry, from "Canadee-i-o" to "Thc Hills of Mexico," they find themselves tricked out of their shol's. KS" repcats his name again and again because he's not sure he still owns anything clse. Then the hammer comes down.

In the years after the The Old Man - The George Mitchell Minstrels - Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (Vinyl War, John lienry dieldn a race with a steam drill. The Titanic sinks.

Farms fail; the boll wel'vil dethrones King Cotton. They dissolve a known history of wars and elections into II sort or national dream, a flux or desire and punisl. What Smith's ballads dramll.

After this-after Kentucky banjoist Buell Kazee's disappearance into "The Butcher's Boy," in whieh he becomes a young woman reading from her own suicid ' note "Ov. A dance is underway. Fiddlers play waltzes and reveries. There is drinking and merrimcnt, time for bl'azen shouts and fond words. His voice is deep, harsh, impatient; impatient with the weaknesses of the spirit and the flesh-impatient with human nature. Suddenly you're trapped. K M t' RIC. Against all odds, it is smiling. The Reverend I.

Rice and Ilis Sanctified Congregation tak ' their place in a great army. The pleasures of the dance. In this placc is a great spirit of freedom: the freedom of know ing exactly who you are, and why you are here. You leave "Social Music" in the arms of certain knowledge. The first side of "Songs" is a panora ma of the uncanny.

The carnil'al has arrived in Smithville. The street bave been rolled up, and the town now offers that quintessential American experienc ', the ultimate, permancnt t 'st of the uofin iahed American, PUof'itan or pioneer, loose in a land of pitfalls and surprises: Step right up, ludies and genticlu 'n! Enter the New. Harry flagged a cob. That used up all my money right away. We had a pretty goad ev. There it is, about 1 o' clock in the morning, a cold November night in Harlem and the three of us are walking down the sidewalk.

It was a funny feeling and suddenly Harry runs aver to one of th e wastebaskets out an the stre. They' re photographs, and he's laying them out all aver the sid. The two L Ps of "Songs" COlltinue on from this fi rst side, ma intaining ii startling level of power and charm, on t hrough suites of tunes about marriage, labor, dissipation, prison, a nd deat.

Mississippi John Hurt quietly puzzles over J ohn Henry's sclfsacrifice, as if burrowing out from under the rubble he left behind. Uncle Dave Macon's footstomping exuberallce, his long reach for good times, bursts througb even numbers beginning Oil a chain gang or in the midst of deadly labor strife. Born in in Tennessee, Macon died inthe year Smith's Anth. H e sounds like he wants to watch and then go you one better. The shape of the land, its vast expanse, its indit"ference to who you are or what you want, looms up as this soli tary figure says his piece: I am the first cowboy and the last.

Yet t here is a Iib 'ration just as complete brooding on that first side of "Songs," bre8t. This liberation-or this absolute-is not 'ilsy to comprehend, but fa just thllt reason it is here. Death Where Is Thy Sting! Judgment Day was an event, hut in Smith"ille it is also a way of life, present in the smallest details of landscape and language. It's never been simple.

It'", weird I', ' ncver written anything hard to understand. Traditional music is based on hexagrams. There's nobody that's going to kilt traditional music. All those songs about roses growing out of people's brains and lovers who are really geese and swans that turn into angels- they',e not going to die. Songs like 'Which. Obviously, death is not very universally accepted.

It doesn't need to be protected. Nobody's going to-hurt it. In that music-is the only true, valid death you can feel today off a record player. It's as if' they're lining out an unspoken premise of the old Southel'll religion: only the dead ean be born again.

No perfonllllnce captures this sensation more completely than the first numbel' on this magical side, Clat'ence Ashley's Columbia recording of "The Coo Coo Bird.

As Ashley sang and played the song he paid in full every claim Dylan would make about traditional music. He pays as well all the claiilhi of the uniqucly plainspoken argument the South AfricRn musicologist Peter van del' Merwe makes about. Grayson, Uncle Dave Macon, Frank Hutchison: When middle-class America first discovered these mountain folk there was a tendency to present their ways as even more primitive and archaic than they actually were.

Nonsense was talked of their 'Elizabethan speech,' as though they had been preserved unaltered since the sixteenth century. Taking all such reservations into account,! By the s be was a professional itinerant musician, playing in string bands, at fairs, on the streets, to miners as they picked up t heir money or their scrip.

Many of these actually turn out to be The Old Man - The George Mitchell Minstrels - Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (Vinyl twa or three times removed, some of whom were probably created in ignorance of these original riches. It also occurred to me that as we are listening at a greater distance in time to a man or woman singing of their fairly recent post of the s, we are fortunate that someone collected these performances of such wildness, straightforward beauty, and humanity.

Like many of the numbers on the third volume of the The Old Man - The George Mitchell Minstrels - Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (Vinyl, "The Coo Coo Bird" was a "folk-lyric" song. Harry Smith guessed the folk-lyric form came together some time between and Whenever it happened, it wasn't until enough fragments were abroad in the land to reach Ii kiud of critical mass-until thel'e were enouirh fragmentr, passing back and forth between Blacks and Whites as common coin, to generate more fragments, to sustain within the matrix of a single musical lang uage an almost infinite repertory of performances, to sustain the sense that out of the anonymity of the tradition a singer was presenting a distinct and separate account of a unique life.

It may be a sermon deliv. It may be a heretic's way of saying what could never be suid out loud, a mask over a boiling face. Ashley's singing-high, a voice edgy with the enel'gy or musing, of wanting, of not getting, of expecting to get it all tomorrow-rises and fa lis, dips and wavers, playing off the r1""tlull his banjo makes like a tide eddying up to a bank again and again. There's a willful irascibility in his voice, a disdain for the consequences of any action the singel might take, or not take.

The banjo could be f1'om another song, or another world. The music seems to have been found in the middle of some greater song; it is inexorable. The performance doesn't seem like a jumble of fragments. Rather tbere is a themc: displacement, restlessness, homelessness, the comic worry of "a people," as Constance Rourke wrote of Americans as they were when the Civil War began, "unacquainted with themselves, strange to the lund, unshaped as a nation.

As long as seven hundred years ago, the English were singing that the cuckoo heralded the coming of summer, and yet the bird was hated. It is a kind of scavenger in revel'se: violating the natural order of things, it ia by its own nature an outsider, a crcature that caunot belong.

K :'1 I' S; 1 C cuckoo may take revenge, killing all of the host's eggs 01' chicks; in the same manner, as new Americans drove out.

As a creature aliensted from its own nature. If this is the theme of the song, then rather than the antinarrative luany find in folk-lyric performances, what is present in Clarence Ashley's performance-the axis on which Smith's Anthology seems to turn, or maybe the proud anthem of Smithvil sung every night at sundown-is fl master narrative: a narrative of Amel'ic8n willfulness and fated ness, 8 narrfltive implied but 81 gether missing, I-eplaced instead by hints and gestures, code word and winks, a whole music of secret handshakes.

Just as there is a certain historical impersonation on "Ballads," witb Virginian Kel ITarrell singing as Charles Guitcau on the scaffold. Who is singing' Who are these people' If you coul put your band througb the mask you would feel nothing but air.

Hollers coo cool Till th fourth dayl Of July. But that is because as a metaphor this verse can be understood but nevel' explained; because it can place the listener, pull the listener's feet right out from under, but canl itself be placed. Ashley's voice can be solemn, wry, crafty. A great uprqar of voices that were at once old and new was heard, as happens only occasionally in democratic cultures-but. The story is in the numbers. When the first record approxi mating a blue's, Mamie Smith'!

As Smith nott's in the forewo rd to his A nthology booklet: Ralph Peer, of Okeh Records, went to Atlanta with portable equipment and a record dealer there offered to buy COpies if Peer would record the singing of circus barker 'Fiddling' John Carson. We sent him records whrch he got on Thursday. That night he called New York on the phone and ordered more sent by express and 10, by freight. When the national sale got towe were so ashamed we had "Fiddling" John come up to New York and do a re-recordrng of the numbers.

Wbat ont:'. I only heard Volume Three 'Songs'which was everyone's favorite. Acron Ihe street from the East was onother coffee house called The Dollar Sign, which had a card in the window that said ' peyote for sale.

The cops really hated that. Many years laler I found, that Harry Smith had done an extensive study on Native American peyote music and rituals in the s. The ideo was that those clueless musicians needed some wise company-hand to pick their songs for Ihem. So Harry's contribution to the One could experience a freedom from one's physical body, and from one's social body-the mask you wore to go about in public among those who t hought they knew you, an unchosen mask of nervousness and tradition, the Illask that, when worn too long, makes the face behind it shrivel up and I'ot uway.

For some, a spinning record opened up the possibility that one might say anything, in any vo ice, with any face, the singer 's mask now a sign of mastery. For a rew years, this possibility became a fact- and, exposing a hidden republic, a democratic event. As you increase the crit cal audience of any music, the level goes up.

The HSA covered the years fromwhen the advent of electronic recording greotly improved sound quolity, toond the Depression-caused collapse of the recording industry. But let's go bock to ond Volume Three. The po per clip comes to mind. Three simple parh-guitor, banjo, and fiddle the fiddler's name was Posey Rorer! I would play it over and over, going into 0 stote of the purest bliss.

And Uncle Dove Macon! And Cajun Music! And Henry Texas Thomos, playing the most archaic pre-blues guitar ever recorded, accompanying. Tn the tension between the oue and the llliluy, that democracy reveals itself 00 the A. These were people who, if only for a moment, looked beyond the farms and mines to which they were almost eertaillly chaioed. The stories they would later tell of journeying to New York to record are almost all the same.

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Cool Struttin' and Sonny Clark Trio remastered. Black Hawk. Legendary live recordings from This recording of the sessions of the same period featuring show, supervised in conjunction with Billy Strayhorn, was made these two jazz giants.

With 6 bonus tracks. Two albums on one CD. Two Verve albums from early 60s. Classic original tapes for this first official release. This includes key tracks from tour of Europe. Sound of Sun Ra. Also has 18 bonus singles! CD George Shearing: Walkin'. With Gershwin. With 25 tracks of the best jazz The Road. Re-issue of album with a hot jazz band on a set and swing band drummers including Buddy Rich, Phil Seaman, of western swing, shuffle blues and Dixieland classics. Two albums, from andplus 4 bonus tracks.

Three late 50s albums together, plus a bonus track. Swingville albums fromand the only quintet albums they recorded together. A fantastic gypsy jazz collection, with a whole CD put over to the great Django Reinhardt and with lots of excellent and varied artists spread across the other four CDs. Career best album, Original recordings 25 to 30 tracks apiece and notes. Best Of. Socially Conscious Soul Music. BT Gospel. BT Soul Early Classics.

Super album full of cool soul-blues - read our review www. First time on CD for 2LP. Now deleted, very few left.

Superb country blues in the style of Skip James and Jack Owens. Deep soul blues. Classic hits. Low-price reissue of killer album from blues harmonica ace. Available again and at a new bargain price. Poll Winners Fleetwood Mac: Mr. Wonderful classics recorded between Re-mastered plus 4 unissued bonus cuts River.

Country blues stylings from the RPM era. Worth a listen. With original LP artwork and full liner notes copy of a superb, big-selling CD from More like a heavenly anthology. Bo Diddley. Montreux A delight. Now And Stereo Versions. The all-time classic deleted, so get in quick!! The Motor City. King, Robert Wilkins, etc. Ray Charles, Longhair, Ruth Brown, etc. The Brunswick Story. King: Sweet Little Angel. Only album recorded together by Stevie Ray and Jimmie.

Re-release of debut album, a seminal ska and rocksteady classic. Compilation from his late-period Telarc albums, with top class guests. Rare solo album fromjust Rory and her slide guitar across 14 tracks. CD Tab Benoit: Wetlands. Great early sides. German film maker accompanies Arhoolie boss Chris Strachwitz down south. Classy tered to show the Stones in their pomp. First-star gathering for a tribute concert. Held in Vancouver inthis ever appearance of a concert recorded while the Some Girls album includes 14 performances with Bob Brozman, Alvin Youngblood was at the top of the US charts.

A ing many of the tracks on the new album plus other classic Stones tracks. The German TV music show Rockpalast, plus short interview. DVD only edition of the above. With 27 tracks over minutes. A 79 minutes video version of the above. Renowned acoustic blues guitarist with seven arrangements of delta blues classics and other roots music from the likes of Bukka White, Blind Willie Johnson and Joseph Spence.

One John. A film made by Lyn and Eleanor McMullen between and in Scotland and Ireland when John and his band were arguably at the height of their performance career. A super-group with Joe Bonamassa fronting up guitars and vocals. Live in Sydney, Australia inwith 14 of his best tracks, in 5. A friendly and fun evening with a performing musicologist of early American songs from The concert is augmented by studio booklet of essays, notes and colour photos.

Over minutes of informative fun. Another fabulous package. See and hear Johnny ripping through the blues. The CD is a lengthy interview. A 13 track ance. A masterpiece. Cray, Mary Chapin Carpenter and more. An amazing story. Restored, remastered and improved film by Tony Palmer. Drawn from various performances between and From two performances in and with different bands the band including Larry Taylor and Harvey Mandel.

Guest appearance by Duke Robillard. The legendary documentary now on DVD. An intimate portrait of our Sam as his mixes with family, friends and in performance on his own and with other blues musicians, including Mance Lipscomb.

Super documentary. Classic footage, photos and archive interviews inc Paul Jones, John Mayall, etc. A film documenting and reviewing a career, with rare footage, performance archive, recorded interviews and contributions from collaborators. The story of the extraordinary record label, including archive footage of Apple artists, location film, interviews with staff and musicians, plus contributions from music writers and biographers.

As well as breaking down the styles of these great players in the DVD, there is also a pdf booklet and the original recordings to listen to. As the country blues began to grow as a recorded art form in the mids, it was also becoming apparent that it was not only Afro-Americans who were playing and listening. With 14 performances from various concerts. Live in concert in Bluegrass Music inc. String Blues.

In concert plus Eric talking about his life and music. CD covers ss, inc. An American musical hero Shadow Of Legends. Film Wallace. From The Prize. Early years in Duluth to landmark Club, London. Dance, No Mercy, etc. A documentary cover- gig plus film of Martin looking at his early days in Scunthorpe. Documentary com- Muddy Waters: Classic Concerts. With rare performance footage and archive interviews plus contribu minutes of footage, much never available.

Skip James, Bukka, Collection King: Soundstage Live. Only known footage of band. Beat In a TV studio. On Film. Slightly off-mike, but essential to Chetcats. First time on DVD, 81 mins. An hour of Freddie in a TV studio at his peak. Legends Vol 2. Live in New Jersey of his lesser known, but impressive, gospel sides. Back in print and available again. Academy Award-nominated used his devastating slide on 12 of them. Includes four previously unreleased broad- a box. Another mindrevival in the fifties, and here is the reason why.

Includes 2 bonus tracks. Complete Verve Bands. Previously unissued New York concert. Rare hour temporary. This edition also includes as a bonus a rare session of long performance featuring Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Herbie Kessel with Rowles from plus a 12 page booklet.

Hancock and Ron Carter. Porrhaus, with local musicians. A corker! Live in Italy. Limited edition sets - 4 classic albums in Ornette Coleman Quartet: nice box. Hamburg Concert. Former Mingus sideman with his own tribute to Thelonious Monk. A rare recording fromlive at the Blue Note club in Chicago on 18 tracks. Rare recordings from Birdland in New York in the winter of Columbia album plus a rarely heard session.

Complete Jazzland album plus 7 tracks from sessions in The Verve LP from Prestige album of 4 top tenor saxophonists together, plus bonus tracks of Coltrane with Paul Quinchette. A rare big-band outing for Monk. Riverside album. The Argo album with 4 bonus tracks from the same set that never made the album and are now on CD for the first time.

Live sessions in New York in A long unavailable collection re-issued with extra tracks, now totalling Fantastic film noir music. Cream of West Coast jazz Lots of hot 20s jazz. Big-selling Texas clarinetist Jimmie Maloney Joy and his band with early sides plus some later Brunswick sides. An essential and incomparable series ends on a high.

All Trio recordings from s, including some bonus tracks. Also included as a bonus is a sions. JSP Duke Ellington. Vol 1. Jazz album plus bonus tracks. Davies Collection Vol 1: ss. Jubilee album. Johnson: At The Opera House. JSP Gennett Jazz With full booklet. With booklet covering discography and the harrowing story Woody Allen - The Music. A celebration of the music to his early death at only Deluxe collection of seven With a 23 page booklet, complete discography and rare photos.

A 52 page colour booklet is housed in a Tyner, Elvin Jones, Pharaoh Sanders etc high-quality box which also has the CDs in stylish sleeves. All impressing on guitar and Red Mitchell on bass and Bruz Freeman existing broadcasts from the Bandbox club in New York in on drums.

This is a re-issue of the set previously on Definitive. Live At The Five Spot Contains 3 Complete Recordings. Legendary jazz guitarist in collaboration with super string quartet. All known recordings of his trio tour in March Almost 3 hours of Rollins last known recordings before his 3 years of self-imposed musical exile. With 16 page booklet. Long unavailable, now issued again. Available in complete form for the first time. With bonus track backing Jimmy Witherspoon in A previously unreleased live recording plus the only two surviving songs from a Carnegie Hall set.

Previously unissued set, plus as a bonus a live from Helsinki with Eric Dolphy. A complete concert available for first time. One of the best jazz piano trios ever, Unissued recordings of the Danish Broadcast Corporation from Super live and rare sides! Super recordings made by Alan Douglas. Re-release of classic album. Limited deluxe hardcover edition of album with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell. The best reissue label in the world!

Intelligent reissues of the best in American blues and roots music. Remastered from original tapes with a spectacular 76 page book inc. Plus a track by track rundown from Colin Escott. Dynamic presentation too! Compiled by John Broven and sleeve notes including Johnnie telling his own story. A welcome re-release. Legendary and wild compilation.

Years Plus Flip Misses! More Girls With Guitars She Trinity, Fondettes, Termites, Liverbirds, etc. Pre-Motown sides from small labels. The Combo Recordings.

Crickets, Coasters, Roy Orbison, etc. Al Casey, B. King, Duane Eddy, Sanford Clark, and more. Includes 10 extra tracks. All 29 genius tracks. Compiled by John Broven. His early years as a bandleader at Capitol.

Willie And The Hand Jive, etc. Latest in popular, but strangely non-sequential series. With bonus tracks and new notes. A must for traditional Cajun lovers. Last in the series, 26 more crackers, few of which have been anthologised before. Most of these recordings are unissued until now.

Focuses on songs recorded by Elvis between Another s vinyl compilation getting a CD upgrade, with the original 16 track album plus eight more sides. More from Brill Building husband and wife team. RCA Victor Recordings. Super career overview.

The revelatory sounds of the acclaimed radio shows. Superb variety of blues, jazz, soul, country, ska, etc. But note, Bob does not appear!!

Another slice of timeless music from terrific radio shows. Another great selection. The solo side of legendary Motown song-writer, with both sides of 15 singles made prior to concentrating on penning hits for others; plus unissued masters from Motown vaults. The Songs Of Don Covay. Also included are eight sides from vaults of King, the only other sides he issued commercially in his own name.

A real find, endorsed by Herb himself. An instrumental feast with band as Fireballs and String-A-Longs. Historic stuff mostly fromre-released with extra tracks. A bit low-fi but very powerful. Another winning compilation by Opal Louis Nations. High octane Penguins, Spaniels, Moonglows, etc. Unreleased live broad- punch. Storming blues, broadcast with Hot Band with James Burton on guitar. Birmingham-based sisters pay homage to American roots influences on an album full of western swing, rockabilly, jazz and blues.

Fans includes Bob Harris. Their blues album! Legendary UK boogie woogie piano player who played with pretty much everyone in the early rock and roll era. Recorded in A fabulous 36 track sampler. The Sun Years, Plus. A treat. His quieter side. Lots of unseen photos reproduced in a 28 page booklet with a CD of 12 rare live tracks. BCDAR Plus a page booklet. Vol 2 of his complete works - rare tracks from Capitol years An impressive slice of history.

Every surviving recording of Dorsey and Howard as The Dixon Brothers and other affiliated groups they played in. Rare recordings From First solo album fromremastered. With notes by Mick Clarke. Live in Remastered edition of superb tribute to Little Walter.

Концерт № 1 Ми Мажор, RV 269 La Primavera - А. Вивальди* - I Musici, Феликс Айо* - Двенадцать Концер, Beyond Humanity - Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With The Dead (CD, Album), Downside - Tomas Es - Downside EP (Vinyl), Ugly Woman (Never Make A Pretty Woman Your Wife) - Eric Gibson & Knights* - Ugly Woman (Vinyl), Templars Revenge - Death SS - Heavy Demons (CD, Album), On My Way To Heaven - Blues Station - Blues Station Play Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Kenny Neal, S, Xip-Xip - Mata-Ratos - Rock Radioactivo (CD, Album), Tango Beat - Various - Top Peaks Rhythm Dance Compilation (Vinyl, LP), Original Me - ALL (2) And Descendents - Live Plus One (CD, Album), Anta Diop, Valley Of Lost Women, Songs Without Words - Daniel Barenboim - Träumerei (CD), Spectral Mornings, Stay Till Tomorrow - Simon Davis - Stay Till Tomorrow (Vinyl)

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  2. Dobar says:

    The George Mitchell Minstrels – Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs. The George Mitchell Minstrels. –. Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs. Label: Music For Pleasure – MFP , Sounds Superb – MFP Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo. Country.

  3. Tanris says:

    The George Mitchell Minstrels – Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs (The Black & White Minstrel Show) Label: Music For Pleasure You Can't Get A Man With A Gun: A2.c: I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now: A2.d: My Defenses Are Down: A2.e: I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen: A2.f: The Old Man: A2.g: This Is The Army Mr. Jones: A3.a.

  4. Bakazahn says:

    Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold. Country Manufactured By – E.M.I. Records; Notes. sleeve title: The George Mitchell Minstrels sing The Irving Berlin Song Book from The Black & White Minstrel Show (Based on the Popular B.B.C. TV Series) disc title: The George Mitchell Minstrels Sing The Irving Berlin Song Book (Medley) Barcode and Other.

  5. Gozragore says:

    Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs UK / vinyl LP - £, US$ Around The World In Song UK / vinyl LP - £, US$ Around The World In Song Sign up to get your free weekly list of new, rare, and import The George Mitchell Minstrels vinyl records, CDs & music memorabilia Name: Email: We guarantee % privacy. Your information will.

  6. Kajilkree says:

    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "The George Mitchell Minstrels Sing Rodgers & Hammerstein And Rodgers & Hart" on Discogs.

  7. Vudolkree says:

    The Black and White Minstrel Show was a British light entertainment show that ran on BBC television from to and was a popular stage show. It was a weekly light entertainment and variety show presenting traditional American minstrel and country songs, as well as show and music hall numbers, usually performed in blackface, and with lavish costumes.

  8. Kazinris says:

    The George Mitchell Minstrels: Sing 54 Irving Berlin Songs: MFP Music For Pleasure: LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo A Tribute To Irving Berlin: MAN Manhattan (6) LP,,, US: Various: The Golden Age Of Irving Berlin: GX The George Mitchell Minstrels Sing The Irving Berlin Song Book from The Black & White Minstrel Show.

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