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The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away (CDr)

Gebruik bij het zoeken naar handelsnamen delen van de naam, bijvoorbeeld 'bakkerij' of 'Jansen' bij 'Bakkerij Jansen'. Controleer of het KvK-nummer uit 8 cijfers bestaat. Zoek op woorden die mogelijk voorkomen in de omschrijving van de werkzaamheden van het bedrijf. Just take Teleport to have control over the map. Vampire Singed by oogoogerson Singed Player. Try to doge his e with either e or w's move speed. If she hits the e is a no no to trade. Akali tank by Ganii7 Diamond Akali Player.

Try to contest the wave, if you give her lane priority you are doomed, since you will be stuck under tower and she can hit E very easily. Executioner's calling is recommended. This matchup is pretty easy at the start, this is where you want to make a lead. But after level 6 you will almost always lose unless you're way ahead.

If you are under your turret and go to cs, they will pull your spirit and hit it for free. If you shove them, they will pull your spirit although easier to dodge here and hit it for free. This isn't too much of a problem pre 6 as you can walk up to them and push them off it with your sheer damage, but if you ever try to fight them off of your spirit past level 6 you will just get ulted and most likely die.

Your only hope early-game is getting a pre-6 lead and then playing aggressively. This will get the enemy team to have their attention drawn top so your team can make good plays elsewhere. Now in order to win against Illaoi after 6 while being aggressive, you will need to destroy their tentacles and try to dodge their E.

If they ever ult you, your best bet is to ult them away from their grouped tentacles, but you will still take a lot of damage from it, which can result in many things, such as dying mid R, losing the trade, having to blow flash, somehow killing them, the list goes on. They will be forced to ult you, and even though you might die your team can finish the engage without worrying about Illaoi R.

Never engage an illaoi when she has ult up and she has E on you. Do not keep lane even because if she hits 6 you won't really have a chance to do anything. Always try to force fights and freeze before she gets the chance to do anything with level 6. Before trading always try taking her tentacles down if possible as youll significantly lower her damage output. Stay behind a minion wave to hide from her E, and if she ever lands it jump out of range to avoid taking more damage.

She shouldn't be able to trade with you without hitting it. Poke her a lot. Caitlin Top "Catch me if you can! But if she's lvl you should wait for jungler first. If he miss the eenjoy kill. Avoid her E and play around her tentacles. If you can avoid this most of the laning phase you'll do fine. Build bramble vest early, boots to help with dodging her q and tentacle slams. As long as you have bramble vest and in this matchup Press The Attack is much better than Conqueror.

That way you can take short trades and your all in is much more explosive. If you can take a lead before 6 you may snowball but allways be carefull and respect her damage. Aatrox guide with matchups updated every patch. Dont try to fight her if she catches you with the E. Side step the tentacles and never fight during her Ult.

Stack armour ASAP then you can begin to think about fighting her. Do NOT get hit by her E. If you do, you might as well engage. You need to build as much armor as possible early on. After 6 she can kill you any time she has R. You can win before 6 but after that it is really one sided. She will also heal a surprising amount from them too. Be super careful post-six when you are getting a gank because the more people she has around her the stronger her ultimate will become.

Do not be afraid to build an hourglass. Also, remember it is better to be down CS than to be up deaths. It does NOT matter if you lose your ult in the process, if you fight her as full hp and shes half in her ult and you have no lead you will just get 2 shot and she will out-heal you.

He will heal 0 to instantly with his ult. Illaoi also has one of the safest poke in the game where he will E you and do damage to you from afar. Stay healthy and use your W to protect yourself from her tentacles if you need to.

Divine Sunderer. Warwicks Meta Build Camille guide from a Mediocre player by gps1mx Camille Player. Dodging her tentacles can is the best way to counter her. Get damage and armor and grievous wounds. Bait her E she is weak if she misses.

Shyvana Top - Tank Monster Perfect 1v5 build updated!! Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky Diamond Tryndamere Player.

When the wave is about in the middle, when you hit level 2 preferably before herland your E and try to all in her, you will either get her flash or kill her. After level 3 it is a bit harder if she lands her E on you but it is generally a slow skillshot and you should be able to avoid it. As long as you avoid it you will have no problems beating her granted that your passive is stacked, however, I would avoid fighting her once she has cleaver even if you are super ahead of her.

She r 2. You r 3. She : 4. Her tentacles deal significant damage, and her ghost projection can also deal significant damage from afar. Good wave management 2. Last hitting her tentacles with Q 3. Withering her whilst your projection is up. It's ridiculous, play tower and ask for ganks to shove her into negative KD. Outdated by AmericanNut Pantheon Player. At 6 you can pull combo her to your tower but you need to be careful since she can actually kill you under your tower.

Stay away from her as much as possible. This means behind and away from minions. You outscale her. Recall if you are low, and watch out if she manages to curse you E.

Make sure to use AA to kill her tentacles. Avoid the E, the W, the ult, the Q. Never ult her before she ults. Iron lord Morde by kohyss Diamond Mordekaiser Player. When you can, get these tentacles, but don't be greedy.

You also have to dodge her Q. Yes, there are a lot of things to dodge, but you know what? There is another! If she does not have her ult and if she has no E and she is not near a turret, you can all-in her with you R. If you are getting kills and more CS than her, it will be easier. But saty patient. I don't know. How to: Morde by nachoreformed Diamond Mordekaiser Player.

When I play against her I find myself to be extremely miserable. It is very easy for her to hit her E due to your huge hitbox. I believe her tentacles are bugged: they hit you if you are outside of the indicated zone, they hit you if you stand on the opposite side, they hit you if you destroy them but for some reason Riot Games don't care about this shit. You can last hit her tentacles for free stacks.

When she ults, run until it is over. Then you can re-engage and kill her if you have sheen. Clear the tentacles from her passive - Prophet of an Elder God.

Always try to dodge her Q's if possible and reposte her E and R. When she ults you need to escape quickly as it will kill you very fast. Try to kill her tentacles. Once you hit level 6 ult after she ults to completely negate her ultimate. If you don't she can ult inside the death realm and kill you. If she buys Qss it'll come down to you baiting out her ult and walking away like other champs do.

The ability haste guide to Mordekaiser by Kokob5 Mordekaiser Player. One golden rule with this lane however is to always avoid her E. If she can be consistent with landing her E, she will force you out of lane early and regain control.

Try your best to stay behind minions when she has it up. After level six you really want to be careful with yours. Always ult her right after she does, it will leave her tentacles behind and you will be able to kill her easily.

She will completely smash you like a tin can under a car tire. The same goes for fighting her when she has multiple tentacles set up. This is why it is extremely important to destroy them when you can, as trading somewhere where she has many of them will always end badly. Build your regular items. If she maxes E and hits you'll need to go back to base so be careful.

Focus the hell out of her or avoid at any cost in major teamfights. Yay by KingFershid Graves Player. You can fight her pre Beware of her bullcrap healing and tentacles damage.

That's all really. Jax, I think that she is a really easy matchup because of her terrible early game. Keep destroying her tentacles early and watch out for her E.

If she can constantly land her E, she will be able to push you out of lane. I cannot stress enough, do not get hit by her E and do not initiate if she has it ready. That is the most important part about playing against Illaoi. Her R is the only other ability that you have to worry about. Completely back out of range with your Q if she uses it, you will not win even if you use your R.

The good thing about Illaoi is that her tentacles can be jumped on. She is very easy to kill early game, so take advantage of this to get ahead. It is easy to dodge her tentacles as well, so try your best not to get hit.

Do not feed her or you will lose every time you fight her. Swain, The Ultimate Teamfight Carry in 9. Her tentacles can restricts your movement in lane and she can poke you down with her e. Best bet is play safe. You scale better. She kinda wins you the lvl 6 as mega depending on the tentacles. Gnar TOP [ She can shove super hard, always lands her poke due to it being nearly the size of the freaking lane.

Stay back and just farm, wait until she shoves you hard and try to all in her while you can near your tower. Be very careful if your jungler shows up to help, many times she can and will get an easy 1v2 double kill. Very easy gankable, ask your jungle to come top and get the free kill.

You can go for some long range poke. But care about her E. Diamond Quinn Guide Season 11 Bad woman hurt, a lot. Do not even try to stomp her without your Synergie boys.

Fear the Undead Giant!!! So make sure to avoid her skill and you will be fine. But it's a hard matchup. It's not obvious. Urgot Guide. Try to poke her down and force her out of lane but avoid all ins. If you are hit by her E just run away you cant fight her. Turn brain on in this matchup and take those caffeine pills. Need to do lots of dodging. Kill her tantacles when she has to lasthit minions to negate alot of damage. If she misses her E, you can trade with her and win.

Use your Q to dodge her tentacles and do not fight her in her ult. I repeat, do not fight her in her ult. Just go away and reengage after it is over. Buy Bramble Vest to deny alot of her healing. Make sure to dodge all her E's in order to survive. Stay behind your minions and give up on some creeps. I would'nt rely on ganks since she can probably 1v2 with her ult. She must be oom or at least very low if you want a gank. Other than that you should have a even game against her in late.

I'd also say it's more about wether she mechanically plays better or not. If you ult her mid way of her Ult she is unstoppable. Before lv6 you win no matter what, even if she lands her E.

After lv6 all you have to do is dodge her E. Simple as that. You both have good poke, you have a better all in pre 6 though, that's your time to shine. Post 6, your goal is to bait her ult. Difficult to kill and you lose 1v1 if The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away (CDr) has R up. Stay behind minions and dodge her E. She outscales you HARD in mid-lategame. Basically, build armor and don't get hit. Her ultimate absolutely destroys you, so be wary of that, but generally you outtrade her in a 4 ghoul set up.

When cursed with her E, try walking close to the tentacle spawn points and then walking out of the damage zone, so you can attack into Q the tentacle. Start Q if she's bad and walks up to the wave. You can also start E if she's in hookshot range. Otherwise take W. You win level A good Illaoi will almost never use E until you The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away (CDr). She will shove the wave under your tower, poke you, and you'll just be permanently stuck under your tower and your jungler probably won't come because it's Illaoi and she might 1v2.

If you're stuck under your tower just try to farm and be more useful in teamfights. She should never kill you, only take your tower at most. You can dodge her R with yours. You can pick either conqueror or press the attack. She isnt as bad as some other champs but you will never duel her and come out on top. You have Kill Pressure pre 6, but when you are both Level 6 she can fight you even from behind. Be sure to bait out her Ult and then kill her on the next trade.

Do not fight her if she has Goredrinker and you do not have any healing reduction. Can be defeated if you get lvl 3 gank. All in her at lvl 4 or 6 if she misses her E. Wukong s11 best by zeinz Wukong Player.

Try your best to dodge her E. If you get ganked she can more than likely 1v2. You out range her and if you dodge E mid to late, she's pretty much useless and you can just blow her up.

So just play safe and if she does E just back away from her and stack from he tentacles which will make up for some of the minions lost.

Farm her tentacles, dodge her E and don't die. Walk away when she Rs, and then you can kill her. Dodge her tentacles. Now this actually becomes a matchup when he hits 6 and has sheen, he might even win, it depends on how healthy he is and how healthy you are, a great tip is to W one of his Qs, of course not the first ones, but once you have enough grit, always try to land a stun before it though, even though he doesn't have a dash, everyone has flash and if he flashes it you are dead.

You won't stop him from stacking, but it doesn't matter, you will ult him away from your team and onto theirs. Wait until he ults to get even more damage. If it reaches really late game he might seem like a huge threat but at that point he gets kited to death and it just is an adc game so peel for yours and win the game.

You both slow, but your build and abilities should give you a speed advantage. If you think hes gonna engage. Hold q until he slows. How to fly a kite by Spiderfork Gnar Player. Pressure and you out trade him. He is a ticking time bomb because at around 30 mins, he will start to beat you 1v1. Try to harass him off getting stacks, but be careful of an all in, especially post level 6. Try not to push the wave until Level 5 and don't invest too much mana into harassing him.

Eventually he will be strong so play for the team and kite him with your Q later. Don't overinvest in punishing him you will not really be able to stop him anyway since you will build tank. Give all kills to your Jungler. He is weak early game champion. Just freeze for the first 20 minutes. He won't help his team in that time anyway. If he dares walk up, beat his ass. Try your best not to push and give free cs.

If you do start slow pushing, try to punish him for walking up as much as possible and ask your jungler to set up a dive if he's low enough. However, if he survives up to level 6 without dying you'll be in big trouble. Also snowball the lane post 6 with R. If Nasus gets ahead this lane becomes a nightmare, like all Nasus lanes. Don't let it happen and it won't be a problem. Play aggressively. End the game early.

Position your blade up the lane constantly while dragging it through him and trade every time he goes for a last hit. He should be forced to last hit only with his E if you play it correctly. You have the advantage in the early game. Freeze the wave in front of your tower always so that he has to walk out in order to stack his Q. This will make him extremely vulnerable to ganks. Use your Q to zone off his CS and make it hard for him to stack his Q.

Without it he is pretty much helpless against you. The only threat he has is his ultimate, so watch out for it. During the late game he can be a threat but only if you allow him to stack his Q and scale. He has no way to dodge your ult.

Try to deny him as much farm as possible pre 6, and engage with Q if he ever walks up. The problem is you can't afford to roam and teamfight that much, as Nasus will just be infinitely scaling in lane. He also builds Sunderer which shreds tanks, and you can't kill him solo late game. Just fight him and trade him at all times never let him farm. If he farms he will come back with The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away (CDr) and make your game hell. Gwen TOP destroyer E his W, his slow is only slightly stronger.

Kite out of his auto range. Poke him endlessly. Take flash? If he maxes E so you almost keep dying and can't CS If you max W you need to respect his slow a lot more Your slow gets stronger with points in E. Take flash for better kiting, his kit is still quite strong. Don't let him stack his Q. His poke from E is pretty good, so make sure to always go D. Shield into him.

End the game as soon as possible. Aatrox, "The World Ender". Try to freeze the wave on your side of the map. Punish him when he try's to farm, get grevious wounds. Try to get ganks to shut him down early. Play aggressive, even if he gets fed - you win late. One ult on this guy and he's not tanky anymore.

Scales better than anyone else yet doesn't have that bad of an Early-Game. Once Nasus gets ahead he stays ahead. You're immune to his wither's slow with passive up and you have plenty of CC to lock him down with JG help.

Rush bramble to cripple his healing. Needs to be shut down early. You being tank will only allow him to get more and more stacks and eventually take over the game. Poke when he last hits and kill him with lvl 6. He shouldn't be able to scale if you keep on pushing in and denying him CS so you'll eventually win.

Nasus players are also incapable of playing the game so they'll ask their jungler to perma gank you. Ensure that you have several wards and ask your other laners to place control wards and normal wards in the river. And you cant really beat him until 3. Nasus can solo kill at 6 if allowed to free farm with ult. Comes down to skill matchup imo. If you don't let him CS, he can't become the late game juggernaut that he is. S11 Gnar Guide by a1a7s45 Gnar Player.

If you let him farm and shove into him you will endanger the game if you are not careful which most people will do. If you are not careful you can lose game by feeding him stacks. Zone him from CS and take ignite to bully him.

If you don't punish him for locking in Nasus you lose to him mid to lane game. Vampire Singed by oogoogerson Singed Player. The w helps you get distance or endure his w a litle beter. If he reeach late stacks levels is very dificult kill him and aproaching without caution may leed to death by stacks. Akali tank by Ganii7 Diamond Akali Player. Top Pyke build Against Nasus you have to be as annoying as possible and not let him stack his Q. Do not let him freeze the lane. I always buy executioner's calling on the first back.

Afterward, regardless of whether you got First Blood or not, freeze in front of your tower if you can, or deny him as many stacks as possible. Roaming is not a great thing you will want to be doing here, Nasus will scale super well off of stacking minions with his Q, match wherever he goes as best you can, and avoid getting the first tower as he will be able to pull the first long freeze. When you fight him early it doesn't really matter what you do, just E him before he completely gets away and you should win the trade.

Build Trinity Force to bully him, or Divine Sunderer if he's armor stacking. In team fights he will most likely wither your carry and then try to run them down. Do your best to peel Nasus off of them, and do not let him dive your backline. Ulting him onto his enemy team during his ult is the most ideal thing to do in this situation.

With this being said, Nasus is practically impossible to keep out of the game, if you roam for a few minutes he will have gained stacks and will out-trade you. A Nasus with a good CS is a dangerous Nasus. Play as aggressively as you can before he hits 6. Proxying waves after you kill him 2 times is a great idea to make yourself even stronger. Save E for when he tries to wither you and go in, and just constantly harrass him with your Q and W procs. Punish him for farming and get the items recommended on the top of this guide.

At the end, you will be fast enough to kite him. Caitlin Top "Catch me if you can! Infinite scaling is bound to cause issues late. As long as he doesn't get on you he can be shredded.

I usually take Press The Attack against Nasus to further punish him during laning phase. Bramble rush is really good against Nasus as his passive grants him lifesteal. Once he finishes Divine Sunderer, you need to be very careful in 1v1's. During his Ult his Q cooldown is halved and that means more Divine Sunderer spellblade hits.

You have really strong early game. Freeze lane and punish him if he comes to get stack. You can take executioner but if things went bad you can go bramble vest. Aatrox guide with matchups updated every patch. Zoning Nasus in early is key in order to delay as much as possible his late game stacks Q.

Try to freeze lane near your tower and trade him every time your skills are avaible. It can be tricky but certainly try and bully him before he gets 6. You are able to take divine sunderer and BORK if you want into him to try and burst his huge hp bar. You should look to bully and freeze on him in lane. Parry his first q but don't let him bait you into it. His E will reduce your armor which will really give him a chance to hurt you.

As long as your out of it, you'll win the battle and your able to heal half of his Q damage with your Q. You abuse him really hard from levels 2 to 6, but once he has Ult and gets Sheen, you cant fight him anymore. If you managed to deny enough minions to him, you can try and all-in him once you got Botrk. If you kill him here, you are fine,but if you cant,then its too late for you to handle this dude. Your passive gives armor which blocks a lot of his Q damage.

Look to get bramble on one of your early backs, although it isn't too bad until he is 6. Wukong by Excuruseh Wukong Player. Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky Diamond Tryndamere Player. Start Q and look to build passive and fight early on. He is fairly easy to kill until he is level 6 so be aggressive and look for a kill.

After 6 I recommend using your auto range to get free auto attacks with passive before all inning. He is pretty easy to beat until he gets a sheen and a decent amount of stacks however if you get ahead of him it is pretty easy to keep fighting him until he gets items.

Use minions to kite out wither and use your W on his Q if you can and you will be alright. Look to freeze. An easy way to set up a freeze early game is simply to slow push wave and then on wave 3 spam auto and q on the wave to get it in. If done correctly a massive wave will be under his tower and soon enough with push back to you.

After that if he ever dares to walk up and cs just q and spam auto him as much as you can while maintaining your freeze. If he ever r and you cant kill him just r him away. Teemo is good in harrassing but against a nasus who knows how to play, you wont poke him because of the range of his E and the slow of his W is SO dangerous with teemo, the speed is your only escape, and he can also perma exausting you.

Make sure you have very high damage so that Akali can stand a chance of defeating him. Freeze lane under your tower as much as you can. He is a permanent split push presence, so always be ready to address him. Outdated by AmericanNut Pantheon Player. Try to freeze the minions under your tower so he has to walk up to minions. You can call your jungler to abuse his early game. Get jg to gank, and hope he does not run you down. But if your team is losing they need you in teamfights, which will give Nasus stacks, which only lead to you losing lane.

Be aggressive at just about all time. Pull him out of tower and Q then back off, W when he ults and charges at you, E him away, and just ensure you get him low than ult. Play aggresive and maybe start with dorans ring. Take second wind in case he will max E. Iron lord Morde by kohyss Diamond Mordekaiser Player. You should roam when you can't farm as you can't do a lot of things if he is farming. Be careful after lvl6 if he has Sheen.

Make sure to deny farm as much as possible. Always play aggressive against him to make sure he can't do anything. Don't let him farm and get stacks, freeze wave as much as possible and ward him away. Don't fight him in his ult. Reposte his Q or W depending on if you can predict the W. Try to freeze the wave near your tower and negate as many stacks from him as possible. Once you hit level 6 start bullying him. Pull him In and wait for him to ult first before you do so you gain some of his ult stats.

If you land your Q's and he doesn't have enough stacks you will kill him. Save your E for when he slows you with his W so you can pull him in so he doesn't escape. Try not to Q the wave to hit him as it'll cause it to start shoving towards him.

You need to respect his level 6 with sheen because if you don't he'll clap you in ult. If you need to go Phase rush to bait out his ult. The ability haste guide to Mordekaiser by Kokob5 Mordekaiser Player. You can E his Q but it's not much of a deal after some time sadly. Try your best to harass him, but once he gets sheen you can't kill him anymore unless very ahead. Past level 6 he will have enough lifesteal in his passive to just ignore you and keep farming. How to stay in Iron by not normal Jhin Player.

Try to not let him farm as much as you can. Only for top. Putting some early extra points in E could help. You need to play very aggressively at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18, or until laning phase is over. Don't let him farm. You can poke him to death with Q and destroy him in every all-in if you play well and The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away (CDr) enough farm.

He'll heavily outscale you later on, so try to end the game early. If he goes for AP Nasus and maxes Wither, you're screwed. I would recommend rushing grievous, minimizing his healing makes the lane much easier. Since Gangplank's early game punish isn't that strong without sheen, his lifesteal is just too much to manage. You can't kill him early unless he just goes in like a mad dog and you will die once he gets stacks and sheen.

Play smart, maybe take ignite. Once he has unlocked his ultimate, his lifesteal is insane. When you duel with Jax you will be standing mostly in one place. Nasus has a lot of CC that he can place to make your duel much harder, and don't even try retreating, he can easily slow you and finish you off. It is best to take advantage of his weakness early-game.

He can be a pain if he's allowed to scale, but there is potential to abuse his weaker early game. Swain, The Ultimate Teamfight Carry in 9. He is a little more difficult to win against. Gnar TOP [ This matchup may require at least one gank to be considered winnable.

However going even is still very possible with good TP usage. It will help you a lot for short trades and poke. You can even get away when he Slows you. Procc Phaserush if you are slowed. Diamond Quinn Guide Season 11 Try not to shove early, maybe even miss a few minions but make sure he doesn't get ANY stacks on his Q.

You want to take the runes because they will make his slow non existent. You really just want to run away everytime he slows you then while its on cooldown go in and shoot him a couple times then run away again and repeat. Maybe I thought without Mickey they would have lost something.

How wrong could I be?!?!? It may have taken a while but I have dived head first into a stellar year! And this December run is no joke! This show in particular stands out for too many reasons to note in this review. Thank you Grateful Dead for continuing to reveal yourself to this Head after so many years. Let the lovelight keep on shining! Reviewer: chris phillips - favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 27, Subject: Fox shows!

CM's 1st set upgrade brings it to 5 stars. Great to have Pig back with the band. Keith's settling in on keys more, not trying so hard to hammer the lead melody all the time, getting real jazzy with Garica and Lesh, hinting at greatness to come. It really isn't until 72' that Keith gets fully into his groove with the band, but these December shows are all really strong powerhouse playing energy wise.

Miller's transfer of the 1st set is much better sound imho, but this is fine. A little distant and hissy at points, but totally forgivable especially considering the quality of the performance. The transition from Other 1 into Sitting on top of the World is phenomenal. I know they did this sandwich a few times and this version is just killer. Other 1 hits all the familiar themes that they were doing historically, getting further away from the raw-stready psychedelia of and closer toward the avant guard acid attacks of Great renditions of all the then new material.

Comes A Time finds Garcia in fine vocal form. Even the classics, such as Big Railroad, are really expanded upon from the versions you heard on Skull-Fuck. Just check out all the stuff that looks good because it is good. Thanks so much to the tapers and those who put these up. Listen to the hidden china cat riffs in Not Fade Away Great show from begging to end!

Reviewer: Deadahead Fasso - favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 10, Subject: Fantastic Ill say it once again, the best lineup in GD history. The addition of Keith just 2 months before added a whole different dimension to the already great band. Keith just added that one key piece that is indescribable. The band was really starting to hit a good stride warming up for their European run.

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It works on any Merge two images vertically or horizontally to create a new image, you can choose the thickness and color of the border. Additionally, apply professional digital filters and effects to alter your image. ImageGlitcher Use ImageGlitcher to glitch any image and save the result. Drop photo in tool, preview it in the container, then adjust photo by click on plus or minus button continuosly till photo is straightened.

The Gap - Blue Mink - Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP), Peace Wanted Just To Be Free - Pavarotti* - The 50 Greatest Tracks (CD, Album), Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong) - Count Basie - Count Basie At Newport (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ta Mig Tillbaka - Various - Absolute Music 79 (CD), Dorso - El Espanto Surge De La Tumba (CD, Album), The Right Kind Of Love (Instrumental), The Switchblade Of Gary Day - Dead Serious - Its What You Cant See (CD, Album), Concerto F-Moll Rv 297 - Der Winter (Linverno) - Antonio Vivaldi · I Musici, Pina Carmirelli - Die V, Maladie DAmour - Aural Exciters - Emile (Night Rate) (Vinyl), Clouds Over Vienna - Rens Newland* - Algorhythm (CD, Album), Moonlight - Art Of Fighting - Wires (CD, Album)

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    Dec 31,  · Bertha, Me & My Uncle, Mr. Charlie, Loser, Beat It On Down The Line, Sugaree, Jack Straw, Next Time You See Me, Tennessee Jed, El Paso, Big Railroad Blues, Casey Jones Good Lovin', Brokedown Palace, Playin' In The Band, Run Rudolph Run, Deal, Sugar Magnolia, Comes A Time, Truckin'-> Drums-> The Other One-> Sitting On Top Of The World-> The Other One-> Not Fade Away .

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    If you like the music posted here, then please support the artist and buy their music. If anybody has a problem with any links being provided here then please contact me and the link will be removed.

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    Toolroom Radio # This week on Toolroom Radio Adrian Hour is sitting in for Mark Knight who’s away for the BPM Festival in Mexico. On the show there’s new music from Yotto, Christian Smith, Pirupa, Chus & Ceballos plus there’s a Toolroom Traxx Hot Mix Takeover.

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    Sep 03,  · The second volume of this rich and exotic quartet in a sublime merging of jazz, electronics and compositional approaches yielding melodically dream-like music and environments, from reedist, flutist && trumpeter Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation) on synth and keys, Wu-Tang Clan bassist Djibril Toure and Italian/NY drummer Federico Ughi.

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