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Revolutions - Axxis (2) - Doom Of Destiny (Vinyl, LP)

Rain 8. Feather 9. Relief When Our Revolutions - Axxis (2) - Doom Of Destiny (Vinyl Is Through 2. An Inch Above The Ground 4. Rock 'n Roll Instrumental 2. When Our Day Is Through 4. Television 7. Hit My Head 8. Hump For Fun 9. Outta Space Fade Away I Want Out Daddy's Girl Roller Coaster 2. It's OK 3. All In All I Know 4. No Life At All 5. An Inch Above The Ground 6. The Notforgettin 7. Deep 8. Label On The Wind 9. Just The Same Sangre Humana - Visiones Satanicas. Vision Satanica 2. Imaginary friends hard rock mtm maximun Rusia cd A.

Journey to L. AOR escape records Rusia cd A. Scars yourself hard rock noise phono Rusia cd D. Live in N. Cale To tulsa and back country rock Rusia cd J. Judas Priest Give me your soul….

Guns Golden bullets hard rock mausoleum maximun Rusia cd L. When Cannons Fade [ view lyrics ] Total playing time Contact Wait Out [ view lyrics ] 2. Inside the Wire [ view lyrics ] 3. Honour [ view lyrics ] 4. Suspect Hostile [ view lyrics ] 5. Valour [ view lyrics ] 7. K-Machine [ view lyrics ] 8. A Hollow Truce [ view lyrics ] 9. Pride [ view lyrics ] Total playing time Zeroed [ view lyrics ] 2.

Laid To Waste [ view lyrics ] 3. Return From Chaos [ view lyrics ] 4. Mercenary [ view lyrics ] 5. To The Last [ view lyrics ] 6.

Powder Burns [ view lyrics ] 7. Behind Enemy Lines [ view lyrics ] 8. No Guts, No Glory [ view lyrics ] 9. Sixth Chapter [ view lyrics ] Total playing time For Victory 1. War 2. Seriously, I don't understand why this is so awesome, but it is. I never want it to stop. Note I can hear the weaboo callouts already forming in your heads, so just keep it to yourselves. It's good music, get over it. Considering Friday's my first free day after all this work, it'll probably happen, now.

Neal Morse seems pretty awesome, I should probably start listening to Spock's Beard at some point. Utaite Shoose. Relaxing stuff. Peart is just They're witty, and all of their songs are just these 3 minute joy capsules. I need more by them, this tune was just so choice. Fun stuff. Your EP was nice btw. Currently obsessed with that band. BTS is on "Fire" ; aye. Nights" - Emerson, Lake LP) Palmer I was put off listening to the Works albums because they were critically panned, seemingly for being too pretentious.

But now I'm listening to it, and like, really? Everyone loved Brain Salad Surgery and Trilogy, both incredibly wank-y album, and this was the album in which everyone decided they were sick of ELP's pretentiousness? Hell, in many ways works is more consistent than ther older stuff. Instead of chucking their admittedly brilliant soloing in between Greg Lake's actual songs, they just come out and let each member do their thing.

You've got your long-ass classical piece courtesy of Keith Emerson, your prog-tinged pop rock tracks from Greg Lake and your jazzy weirdness from Carl Palmer, and then to add to it, they have a collaborative section as well. I dunno, maybe it aged well. Everyone knows ELP's basically just a pretentious prog act now, but back them maybe they actually expected something that would chart.

Good shit, anyway. Summer time is Weezer time for me. I really like this song and has such a pretty lyrics to it to! It makes me think of my life. I've recently had an ear for Drone - through the ear for Noise music. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate really it Loma Prieta - I.

Its chaos, aggression and sorrow in one musical blast. They toured Australia recently and I missed them. Im on a working holiday in the UK right now and might go over to Amsterdam to see them next month, Ive heard its quite incredible seeing them live Just looked up LSBP, this is the kind of thing Ive been trying to lean toward - without having heard this before its nce to see other artists with similar musical direction! It was definitely an experience - smoke, the whole venue constantly vibrating, a trombone and what can only be described as a satanic spike mask laser show.

Also the stage was just filled with amps. Nothing but amps. LSBP is brilliant, and aside from your standard drone acts like Earth and Sunn O the project's essentially what sparked my current interest in noise and stuff. Love this stuff. It's like 80s synthetic mixed with chiptune. S'pretty cool. Never used to like Piper at the Gates at Dawn.

I do now, though. Works great as background music actually. Neige, Yatahaze, if you guys haven't checked this group out yet, I'd say they're right up your alley. Beautiful post-rock.

Thanks for the rec. It's actually a decent song. Oh well. Getting back into these guys again. Guess it's nostalgia. It's nice. Somehow LP) Oldfield managed to craft a 2-part, 50 minute instrumental prog track without coming off as cheesy or pretentious.

In the 70's. Also, Exorcist theme ftw. I've been sifting through music I used to listen to in high school recently. This song and the whole of De-Loused in The Comatorium, really is still really damn good, one of my favs. I could easily recommend this to fans of prog rock. Honestly, I just haven't heard anything by them that's really gripped me. I get the feeling there's something in their discog that'll do it, though. This song is okay, but LP) intro?

Just, no, dude. Everyone says it's their best, anyway. Off of it, I'd recommend Cygnus Vismund Cygnus. Grips me the most of all LP) tracks on that album.

Sunday Night by Last Dinosaurs. By Bo Burnham. It's the left brain and right brain having a conversation. I like it. What a nice song. This is the latest single off their upcoming third album Home of the Strange. It's pretty nice so far. Both singles including Amerika, which is also pretty good seem to tackle themes of immigration.

Pretty timely, I'd say. As Classy as it gets. Hey Girl, Hey Whats Up! They're back again! They've got a three song EP out now, it's awesome! Been obsessed with their debut album the last couple of days. If you haven't heard it, it's free here. Into Horsehunter, Hobo Magic or Comacozer? Thats about the extent of my local knowledge Also, did you see Earthless and Elder last October?

Far as good local doom bands, there's pretty new one called Merchant that just released a pretty good album, and that doom band Disembowelment which is old but if you haven't heard anything by will absolutely blow your mind I was listening to above spawned a new band called Inverloch who just released their debut.

There's also these guys, YLVA, who veer a bit into post-metal territory and have yet to release an album, but are absolutely killer live and definitely worth keeping an eye on. And a ridiculously underrated band called Adrift for Days that isn't LP) full-on doom but mixes stoner rock with a drone and doom influence that I'd also highly recommend checking out.

I actually didn't go to that gig, I'd considered it but decided not to since I wasn't familiar with either band at the time. Kinda hurts now, lol. I'll probably be seeing Weedeater and Conan next month, though.

I finished my final highscool exam that day, ran out of school, jumped in the van and cracked a six pack on the way up to Brisbane. Earthless blew my mind, Ive never seen someone so comfrotable with a guitar in hand So jealous, I havent seen Horsehunter play yet, Hobo Magic a few times they're real nice dudes as well.

Weedeater Im disappointed about missing but hey Red Forest is primarily what I know them for. Would you recommend more of their works? Lazaretto by Jack White. I think they only have one other LP and EP aside from that and Red Forestso if they're at all consistent, it seems like anything they've done would be worth checking out. The new one certainly was. Basically Electric Wizard, but from Brisbane. We play our own interpretation of the classic sounds laid out before us.

Before I saw them I'd listened to their album only a few times beforehand and wasn't overly familiar with all of the tracks, so it all kinda blended for me. I dug the sound, but I pretty much took it all at face value. But when I saw them live I gained a more substantive appreciation of their music, and I was pretty much listening to them almost exclusively for weeks afterwards. Basically the band takes time to grow on you, but when it does, it's seriously the best. As unlikely as it seems right now I really hope I'll get the chance to see them live again someday.

Gotta love his work. My favorite from him is Aruarian Dance. But some of it, like this or the title track is just so amateurish and cheap MIDI-sounding that it's just fucking hilarious.

One of my favs. It's a decent cover, they really make it their own. I kinda like it better than the original lol. The music is so good though. No matter how many times I listen, I come back after a while and love it some more. Seriously, when I get a new car, I'm naming it Stylo. Speaking of Gorillaz, just finished listening to Rock the House. Love it.

I like these guys. They're not bad. Shame they've been inactive for a while. Truly an amazing song! Actually pretty great. Couldn't get into them the first time I checked them out. Causers of This by Toro Y Moi. Scarlet Parke. The beauty of earbuds I must say tbh. World Painted Blood 2. Unit 3. Snuff 4. Beauty Through Order 5. Hate Worldwide 6. Public Display of Dismemberment 7. Human Strain 8.

Americon 9. Psychopathy Red Playing With Dolls Not of This God

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    Dec 22,  · The concept of the LP certainly wasn’t present in my mind, it was more just exitement that we were committing stuff to tape. "Rosie’s brilliant lyrics helped thread everything together. It was definitely a pressure cooker scenario. Some things came about by accident like the first guitar you hear on the LP.

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    A Forest Of Stars (5) A Fucking Elephant (1) A Gruesome Find (1) A Life Once Lost (1) A Lower Deep (3) A Mournful Path (1) A Pale Horse Named Death (1) A Perfect Circle (2) A Place To Bury Strangers (1) A Sound of Thunder (8) A Storm Of Light (3) A Tortured Soul (1) A.C.T (1) A:S:Orchestra (1) Aara (1) Aarni (1) Abaddon (1) Abbath (2) Abduction (1) Abgott (2) Abhor (1) Abigail (2.

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    Axxis Doom of destiny heavy power metal afm records maximun Rusia cd Dawn Desiree´ s/t death black doom dark vinyl records Rusia cd Klaus Schulze/Lisa Gerard Rheingold-Live at the loreley progresive synthetic symphony Rusia 2-cd Knorkator Das nachste album aller zeiten gothic metal nuclear blast irond Rusia cd.

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