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First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS)

Picard tells Crusher that Shinzon is very much as Picard was when he was younger. Data signals from engineering and says he and La Forge have found the source of the unauthorized access, as well as a way to take tactical advantage of it. In Riker's quarters, Riker and Troi head for bed and they begin kissing each other passionately.

In Troi's mind, Riker disappears and is replaced by Shinzon, telling her that Riker can never know Troi as Shinzon could. Troi realizes this isn't real, but the image of Shinzon changes into the Viceroy. As it turns out, the Viceroy is creating a sort of mental link and placing himself and Shinzon in Troi's mind, a form of telepathic rape. Riker finally manages to snap Troi out of the assault, and Shinzon tells the Viceroy to find her again. Another Reman enters and informs Shinzon that they've received the transponder signal.

As he leaves, Shinzon doubles over again. The Viceroy touches Shinzon's chest and tells him that Shinzon's condition is accelerating and that he has no more time for games. Shinzon tells the Viceroy to get the doctors ready. On the bridge of the ScimitarShinzon orders B-4 beamed aboard. The Remans tap into him and begin a download of the files that he accessed from the Enterprise. Meanwhile, Shinzon orders a cup of hot tea. In sickbay, Crusher tells Troi that, other than elevated readings of adrenaline and serotoninshe's all right.

Troi tells Picard that she was violated and that she feels herself to be a liability, and asks to be relieved of duty. Picard denies her request, telling her if she can withstand any future assaults, he needs her by his side now more than ever with the Enterprise being so far from Federation space.

Before he can say anything further, Picard is beamed away before Riker can order Worf to put the shields up. The Scimitar cloaks and moves away from the Enterprise. Aboard the ScimitarFirst We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS) is restrained in a medical lab. Shinzon has the doctors take a sample of Picard's blood and he points out that B-4 was bait that Picard couldn't refuse.

Shinzon says that with the information obtained from B-4, he now has all of Starfleet's communications protocols and knows the exact locations of the entire Federation fleet. Shinzon says his life has no meaning as long as Picard is alive. Picard says that if Shinzon has issues with him, then Shinzon should deal with him, and leave the Enterprise and the Federation alone. However, Shinzon says that the Remans will no longer bow before anyone — not the Romulans, and not the Federation.

Shinzon says that if Picard had lived Shinzon's life, Picard would do the exact thing Shinzon is doing. Picard tells Shinzon that he's a mirror for Shinzon as well, but Shinzon says that he won't be for long, and that he's about to witness the echo triumph over the voice. On the EnterpriseLa Forge tells Riker that Shinzon's cloak is perfect and that there's no way to detect the Scimitar. Riker tells La Forge to keep trying.

On the ScimitarB-4 enters and tells the Reman guard that Shinzon wants the prisoner. As the guard releases Picard, B-4 — revealed to be Data posing as B-4 — gives the Reman a Vulcan neck pinch to incapacitate him.

After completely freeing Picard, Data tells Picard that Scimitar is, for all intents and purposes, an enormous thalaron generator. He also tells Picard that the information he as B-4 gave Shinzon was false, created by himself and La Forge. He offers Picard the prototype of the emergency transport unit that La Forge gave him. Since it will only work for one person, Picard says he and Data will find a way off together.

The viceroy comes to the bridge and tells Shinzon that it's time; Shinzon goes with him to the medical lab. Meanwhile Data, acting as B-4, has Picard cuffed and taken at gunpoint away as an act to fool any passing Remans. Eventually, when Shinzon and the Viceroy arrive at the medical lab, they find the doctor just waking up and Picard gone. The Viceroy kills the Reman doctor on Shinzon's order, and the alert is sounded. Picard is freed of his manacles and given a disruptor. Once they reach the shuttlebay, Data attempts to decipher the code while Picard holds off the Reman security force by himself.

Data does not have much luck initially, as Reman is a very complex and difficult language. Picard urges him on, telling him, " We really need that door open! He and Picard enter the shuttlebay, and Picard welds the bay doors shut with his disruptor rifle.

Data tells Picard that the shuttles on board are Scorpion -class attack fliers. While the Reman guards try to shoot through the door, Picard tries to become acquainted with the controls of the fighter. After being able to lift off, Data tells Picard that force fields have been erected around exterior portals, preventing them from leaving through the shuttlebay doors.

Picard has Data fire through the door from which they came, and flies the fighter through the Scimitar 's corridors. They finally return to the observation deck where Shinzon had initially received them, and fly out through the window. This causes a disruption in the cloaking field, revealing the location of the Scimitar. Shinzon notices the fighter flying toward the Enterprise and orders that it be caught in a tractor beam. At the same time on the Enterprisethey see the fighter flying toward them, and Riker has Worf transport the fighter aboard into a shuttlebay.

As transport completes, the Enterprise races away from Romulus at maximum warp. Commander Suran shortly thereafter calls Shinzon and tells him his patience is wearing thin, wondering why Shinzon continues to delay further after promising that it was time for action. Shinzon tells Suran that the Enterprise won't even make it out of the Neutral Zoneand that two days later, the Federation would be crippled beyond repair. Shinzon asks if that will satisfy Suran, who says it will, "for the moment.

He closes the channel. Tal'aura wonders what's happening to Shinzon's face. Before everyone leaves the Senate Hall, Donatra stops Suran and asks him if he's truly ready to have his hands drenched in blood, and explains that instead of trying to conquer Earth, Shinzon plans on annihilating it; that crime will dishonor and stain their hands with blood for many generations. Later, aboard the EnterpriseBeverly Crusher explains that Shinzon is dying from genetic degeneration because he was created with a temporal RNA sequence, which would allow him to skip thirty years of his life in order to reach Picard's actual age more quickly.

But since that wasn't activated, his body is beginning to break down and the only thing that will save him is a complete blood transfusion from Picard, which would kill him. Crusher says she doesn't know how long it will take for Shinzon to die, but knows that the effect is accelerating. With this information at hand, Picard realizes that Shinzon will come for him.

In Data's quarters, Data has B-4 restrained and activates only cognitive and vocal subroutines. Data tells B-4 that because he is a danger to the ship, he must be deactivated indefinitely. However B-4 does not understand and wishes to be released but Data cannot allow it. Data asks about Shinzon's plans, but B-4 doesn't have any useful First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS). B-4 asks how long "indefinitely" is, and after deactivating him, Data says it is a long time.

During a senior staff briefing, La Forge calls Shinzon's weapon a cascading biogenic pulse and that the properties of thalaron radiation allow the weapon to expand its radius enough to affect a ship, or even a planet. Picard realizes that the only reason Shinzon would have built such a weapon would be to destroy Earth.

If Humanity is destroyed, the Federation is crippled and would be an easy target for a Romulan invasion. La Forge also reluctantly tells Riker that there is no way to penetrate Shinzon's cloak.

Crusher notes that Shinzon will likely come after Picard before going to Earth, which is what Picard is counting on. He tells the crew they're being sent to Sector to meet Star Fleet Battle Group Omega ; hopefully the fleet will be able to stop the Scimitar. Picard stands and tells the staff that under no circumstances can Shinzon be allowed to use the weapon, and that all other concerns are secondary.

After Riker assures him they understand his order, Picard orders the ship to battle stations. On the Scimitarthe viceroy touches Shinzon's chest, and tells him that he only has a matter of hours and they must begin the procedure. As it turns out, the Scimitar is cloaked and right behind the Enterprise.

The viceroy tells Shinzon they will reach the Bassen Rift in seven minutes. In astrometricsPicard asks Data where their current position is. Data reports that they will reach the fleet in forty minutes. Picard remarks that Shinzon called himself a mirror of Picard, but Data disagrees, saying the events of Picard's life have created a unique individual. He compares Picard's situation with Shinzon to his situation with B-4; he says that while B-4 may be physically identical to Data aside from the former's less developed neural ability, B-4 would not be Data even if he did have equal mental powers.

Data explains that he aspires to be better than he is, as does Picard — but neither B-4 nor Shinzon share that trait. As they begin passing through the rift, their connection to Starfleet Cartography is interrupted, and Data explains that all long-range communication will be affected. As he does so, both he and Picard realize that this is what Shinzon has been waiting for. Picard taps his combadge and orders Riker to take evasive maneuvers, but it is too late, as Shinzon has already begun firing at them.

Shinzon orders his gunner to only target weapons and shields, as he doesn't want the Enterprise destroyed. The next shot knocks out the Enterprise 's warp drivecausing it to revert to impulse speed. The Scimitar is visible for the briefest moment as it too drops out of warp, disappearing completely as it turns about to resume the attack.

Picard and Data arrive on the bridge as disruptor blasts continue to impact the Enterprise. Riker reports that they cannot return fire while the Scimitar is firing through its cloak, and La Forge says their warp drive is inoperable. Picard orders Worf to fire a full phaser spread at zero elevation, with photon torpedoes ready to launch at any shield impact. The Enterprise looses a corona of phaser blasts, a few of which hit the Scimitar behind it, but it easily evades the volley of torpedoes.

On his bridge, Shinzon sneers, " You're too slow, old man, " and orders his crew to perform Attack Pattern Shinzon Theta. Passing overhead, the Scimitar rakes the Enterprise 's dorsal hull with disruptor blasts, almost draining its shields in that quarter.

Picard orders a full-axis rotation to port, and to fire all ventral phaser banks. The Enterprise scores several hits, but only causes minimal damage to the Scimitar. Riker orders evasive pattern Kirk Epsilon and Picard calls Troi to the bridge. Shinzon hails and asks to see Picard in his ready room. In the ready room, Picard encounters a holographic Shinzonwho tells him not to bother trying to trace the holographic emitters.

Shinzon wants Picard to surrender and to allow him to transport Picard aboard his ship. When Picard asks about the EnterpriseShinzon says he has little interest in it. Picard asks Shinzon to look at him; he says that Shinzon's heart, hands and eyes are all the same as his own, and that they all have the same potential. Picard tells Shinzon that using that potential to make yourself a better man is what it means to be Human. Shinzon dismisses all of this as childish dreams he lost in the brutality he experienced in the Reman mines.

Picard says that he knows that deep down, they are a better man than someone who would exterminate an entire planet's population. Picard asks if Shinzon will waste his life with in a blaze of hatred, and says he can make another choice. However, Shinzon says that he can't change what he is, and that he will show Picard their true nature; he says his voice will echo through time after Picard's fades to a dim memory.

With that, the hologram disappears. UK 48 Gold 13 Wo. CA 34 Gold … Wo. DE 79 7 Wo. CH 21 10 Wo. UK 36 Silber 3 Wo. DE 16 11 Wo. AT 5 14 Wo. CH 10 Gold 14 Wo. UK 26 Gold 4 Wo. US 3 Wo. CA 4 Platin 3 Wo. DE 19 5 Wo. AT 13 7 Wo. CH 13 6 Wo. UK 34 Silber 3 Wo. US 1 Wo. DE 4 Gold 12 Wo. AT 2 Gold 14 Wo. CH 2 Gold 17 Wo. UK 2 Gold 8 Wo. CA 1 Platin 13 Wo. DE 4 10 Wo. AT 1 Gold 16 Wo. CH 1 Gold 14 Wo. UK 5 Silber 12 Wo. US 15 5 Wo.

CA 1 Platin 10 Wo. You Want It Darker. DE 2 Gold 21 Wo. AT 1 Platin 19 Wo. CH 2 Platin 25 Wo. UK 4 Gold 13 Wo. US 7 10 Wo. CA 1 Platin 19 Wo. DE 5 13 Wo. If you can't join 'em, beat 'em. Yearbook superlative: Least likely to grow facial hair Required reading: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Nightthis goofy LOL-athon from back when Bynes had a grip on her marbles touches on many topics: sexism, repression and first love.

When her high school soccer team is cut, Viola Hastings is distraught. And when her request to play on the boys' team is denied, she's bloody fuming. But with the crafty use of some tit tape and a pair of Liam Gallagher sideburns, Viola makes the boys' team at an opposing school.

Putting a tall, handsome wrench in the works is Duke TatumViola's team captain, with whom she's totally obsessed. Splitting her time between kicking ass on the soccer field and wooing Duke off the grass turns out to be a tricky task and it's not long until her cover is blown. M's Michael Stipe, Saved! The film might climax with a typical prom showdown, but becuase it's set in an evangelical high school where the queen bee is a holier-than-thou virgin Moorethings are a bit more interesting.

She's on a mission to "save" Mary Malone who gets pregnant after having sex with her gay boyfriend in an effort to "cure" him. The movie's real highlight, though, is witty, wheelchair-bound rebel Roland played by Culkin. The Virgin Suicides Yearbook superlative: Most likely to leave town and never look back Required reading: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides Catty teenage life is full of insiders and outsiders, of people staring into the aquarium and those drowning inside.

Sofia Coppola's confident debut takes Jeffrey Eugenides's tender novel, a tragedy told from several haunted perspectives, and fills it with the keen details of '70s American girlhood: colored stickers, Todd Rundgren records, hair-braiding, swigs of peach Schnapps and a mysterious, doomed hush. A lesser director would have rested on the nostalgia but, as with Air's delicate soundtrack, this was a movie that evoked deeper feelings of sexual awakening and unexplainable detachment.

The blue mood is one that every former adolescent can recognize. Quadrophenia That's why I'm a mod, see? I mean, you gotta be somebody, ain't ya, or you might as well jump in the sea and drown. Yearbook superlative: Most likely to make you want to ride a scooter First it was a rock opera album by the Who, then in it became a film starring unpolished newcomer Daniels. Set inQuadrophenia tells of a young working-class Londoner, Jimmy Danielsdesperate to stand out from the crowd by being a mod, wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music and riding a scooter.

The film portrays him struggling with his identity, his parents and his heart. It all culminates with a big holiday showdown between mods and rockers on the British coast. It's not a musical, but songs from The Who figure prominently and look out for Sting in an early film role.

Napoleon Dynamite Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. Yearbook superlative: Best hidden talent Napoleon Hederour protagonist, is a weirdo teen from Idaho who also happens to be an expert milk tester and an FFA member who tends to the family llama. The low budget cult movie that almost broke Netflix is sort of about nothing at all, but it hits all the notes a teen movie should: a bizarre and vaguely disaffected youth, the all-important school dance, family quirks and a triumphant choreographed performance in which all the haters and disbelievers are proven wrong.

So few of them are about that time you found a time machine and hung out with Socrates. Stand By Me Yearbook superlative: Most likely to give you a lifelong fear of leeches As the script makes crystal clear, Stand By Me is about "the friends I had when I was twelve". American Pie Yearbook superlative: Most embarrassing to watch as a teenager with your parents Four teenage seniors make a pact to lose their virginity before they graduate, and what ensues is a raunchy comedy of adolescence.

All four friends are at different places in their lives, but still have the V-card in common. Jim accidentally sends a tape of his embarrassing sexual encounter with Nadia to the entire school, only to get her sent back home and leaving him, still, a virgin. He finally loses it to his classmate Hannigan who surprisingly teaches him and us a thing or two about sex—the humorous lessons throughout the film, including what the word MILF means, are what makes this a top teen movie that spurred several sequels.

Save the Last Dance It's the coolest 'boy teaches girls something new' scene out there. Yearbook superlative: Best looking couple on the dance floor A classic tale of rich-white-girl-meets-poor-black-boy, this flick centers around aspiring ballet dancer Sara Stiles falling in love with gang-dodging Derek Thomas.

But the story doesn't unfold into as big of a load of improbable mush as you'd expect. Having caught each others' eyes on the dance floor of a local club, Sara and Derek face relentless taunts from disapproving family members and public attacks from jealous peers. We give it a year, tops. Pleasantville Yearbook superlative: Most color-coordinated Nothing sends you back to the days of high school English class like a big helping of in-your-face symbolism. Their presence and knowledge of the outside world ignites a wave of long-delayed adolescence that ripples through the Pleasantville population as objects and people go from monochrome to technicolor.

A bit heavy-handed? Carrie As it turns out, the book tapped into something thick and primal: not just adolescent anxiety but the profound disorientation of becoming a woman. Young Carrie Spacekof course, develops other attributes as well, and director Brian De Palma at the peak of his stylishness makes a meal of her telekinesis.

But he never loses sight of the performances, nor King's secret conviction First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS), despite our main character's strangeness, the real monsters lurk in every high-school hall, laughing and scheming.

Dead Poets Society Yearbook superlative: Best use of expensive school fees This was always a joyous and sad film, but doubly so since the death of Robin Williams. He plays John Keating, an inspirational teacher at ultra-traditional private school Welton Academy in the late s.

Keating inspires free thinking in the minds of his all-male pupils, most of whom are already half-programmed to follow in the footsteps of their powerful fathers. The sloganeering—"Carpe diem! Hairspray All ratted up like a teenage Jezebel! Along the way, Tracy kickstarts a civil rights campaign. Can't Hardly Wait It just works in really fucked up ways sometimes. Though we're not surprised when Mike spurns William in front of his friends the very next morning. Yearbook superlative: Most likely to wear shirts Some characters feel overplayed at first, but let's be real, that's kind of what we were like back in high school.

Lovestruck, pre-hipster Preston an adorably young Embry finally has the chance to confess his feelings to Amanda an inexplicably big-haired Hewitt at the last big party after graduation. Meanwhile, her jock-bro ex Mike tries to convince his friends to dump their girlfriends, while the school nerd plots revenge that goes hilariously awry after one too many beers. Also, we get to see Seth Green lose his virginity in Jncos and rave goggles and Jenna Elfman espouse the film's central message in an angel stripper outfit.

So '90s. The Blows Sometimes I'd tell them First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS) truth and they still wouldn't believe me, so I prefer to lie. Zoom to a freeze-frame on a beach. The Blows is a great film about what it feels like to be a teenager—at war with your parents, misunderstood by your teachers and the rest of the world. Drop Dead Gorgeous Rose, First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS) solid Christian trunk, and long, leafy branches to provide shade for handicapped kids on a hot summer day.

Yearbook superlative: Most likely to wind up living in a trailer park Drop Dead Gorgeous may have been universally panned after its release, but this mockumentary about a group of Minnesota high-schoolers competing in the Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant has achieved cult-classic status since.

Pretty in Pink It did, however, come from his pen and starred Ringwald, the auteur's muse from Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Moreover, Pretty in Pink remains one of the most intimately bruising efforts to emerge from the Brat Pack movement, solidifying such essential components as the wacky best friend Cryerthe douchebag boyfriend Andrew McCarthy and the sweetly supportive dad Stanton who helps out with the prom dress.

Oh, and it features the best soundtrack in movie history, turning an angsty generation on to the Psychedelic Furs and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Weird Science Gimme da keys!

Yearbook superlative: Most likely to have a tech startup and a midlife crisis at 25 Required reading: Weird Science by EC Comics Two horny dweebs, Gary Hall and Wyatt it doesn't matter play Frankenstein and create a leggy D-cup supermodel with spank mag clippings, computers and black magic.

Of course, Lisa LeBrock turns out to be as much monster as sexpot genie, though she does educate the boys in the bewitching powers of electric blues, showering and sports cars. Lesson: Being a nerd isn't so hard when you're rich. Bill Paxton steals scenes as older brother Chet—but hey, he always shines as a mouthy dickhead. The Last Picture Show Many films treat the passage into adulthood with bittersweet ambivalence; Bogdanovich views it with utter horror, even outright anger.

These kids may be listless and miserable now, but wait until they turn into their desperate, lonely, First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS) fucked-up parents. Election Yearbook superlative: Most likely to become president Required reading: Election by Tom Perrotta Anyone who has ever been to high school will have met a Tracy Flick—the kind of girl with her hand obnoxiously stuck in the air during class, a know-it-all overachiever elected to every school committee.

Broderick Ferris Bueller himself, all grown up plays Mr. McAllister, the high school teacher irritated and obsessed by Tracy, who is running unopposed for president of the student body. Now all Mr. McAllister needs to do is bring her down a notch or two.

The Lost Boys Yearbook superlative: Most likely to leave a Jim Morrison quote in the yearbook Vampirism has always been a metaphor for sexual awakening, so why did it take so long to set Dracula in puberty? The film kickstarted the era of the Two Coreys, Haim and Feldman, who would turn out to be the real life Lost Boys, sucked dry by Hollywood.

Feldman became a budget Hugh Hefner in the Valley, while Haim's body finally gave out after decades of abuse. You only get to live forever in the movies. Ghost World Thing is, Rebecca and Enid are not visitors to the zoo so much as wild zebras well aware that they, too, are doomed to a life behind bars. Enid attempts to sell off her childhood totems in a yard sale but can't bear the emotional strain. Eventually, she gives in to the oblivion of maturity, like an old Skip James record at the end of its A-side, circling in an endless loop.

I hate the word. As I hate hell, and all Montagues. The fact that he pulled it off while keeping the original dialogue intact is almost as impressive as the film's soundtrack, which we still can't get enough of.

In this gritty, colorful take on Shakespeare's best-known play, Leo's voice continually cracks in a way that reminds us he's just a kid—a kid holding a pistol stamped "RAPIER" who's about to murder his new wife's cousin. Shit got real at a young age back in Will's day, and though most fans of this film can't totally relate to the drama, they can most definitely relate to acting dramatic.

When you're a teenager everything feels like love and hate, black and white, life and death. And teenagers loved this movie to death. Easy A With her shades on and chest out, the boys melt like butter. Yearbook superlative: Most wholesome use of a video camera by a high-school student Required reading: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne After lying to her big-mouthed best friend about losing her virginity to a college guy, high-school student Olive Penderghast Stone finds herself the subject of classroom gossip—she's branded "depraved" by the resident Christian group and a "dirty skank" by pretty much everyone else.

But instead of laying low, Olive embraces her new reputation: she splurges on a Wonderbra and, taking inspiration from her English lessons on Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letteremblazons a large red "A" you know, for adulterer on her chest.

But when her promiscuous reputation starts to sully plans with her clean-cut crush, the truth just has to come out. Via a live video stream on the internet, natch. Kids today…— Elizabeth Darke. Sixteen Candles Jake gives Samantha a pink cake lit with sixteen candles and asks her to make a wish; she replies that it's already come true. Yearbook superlative: Best reason to want to turn sixteen all over again The directorial debut of '80s teen movie master John Hughes, this film was pretty much destined to be a classic.

Meanwhile, she obsesses over Jake Ryan Michael Schoefflingthe most popular senior in high school, and is stalked by "the Geek," Hall self-proclaimed leader of the nerds. Samantha and the Geek eventually open up to each other about their insecurities, forming a sort of friendship. On leaving school at sixteen, he initially worked as an apprentice signwriter for a local painting and decorating firm. During the British pop music explosion of the mids, he sang with several local bands in Scunthorpe and then moved to London in the spring oftaking a job in a Carnaby Street shoe shop, Ravel.

In he formed a trio, The Pyramid later just Pyramida short-lived English surf music bandwith Al Jackson and Steve Hiett borndiedwho later became a renowned fashion photographer.

During the recording of Unhalfbricking inas Fairport increasingly drew their material from a traditional British folk repertoire, Matthews found out he had not been invited to a recording session and, after a short discussion with producer Joe Boyd and Ashley Hutchings, left the band and departed on a musical direction of his own.

In Matthews recorded his debut solo album, Matthews' Southern Comfortwhich was rooted in American country music and rockabilly. This was his first significant experience as a songwriter, although the band did also cover versions of Neil Young and Ian and Sylvia songs. He followed it up by forming a working band, Matthews Southern Comfort using the name of his first album, but without the apostrophereleasing two more albums in short succession, Second Spring — UK 52 [6] and Later That Same Year The band went through various different line-ups and toured extensively for the next two years.

They had one commercial success, a cover version of " Woodstock " by Joni Mitchell which was a number one hit single in the UK Singles Chart in October Afterwards, Matthews left Southern Comfort, who went on to release three albums of their own on Harvest Records. Matthews Southern Comfort was among hundreds of artists whose material was destroyed in the Universal fire.

The song is based on research that suggests that Earhart may have been spying on Japanese bases in the Pacific islands. None of these met with commercial success. This version became famous after being covered live by the Eagles on 28 July and released on Eagles Live.

With lack of success on his albums, Iain Matthews went from Elektra to Columbia Recordsto the small Rockburgh label, where he scored a hit single in with a cover of Terence Boylan 's " Shake It ", which reached No. When label-owner Shelly Siegel died inMatthews' association with that label came to an end. The song "Shake It" is heard at the beginning of the movie Little Darlings. It can also be heard on the radio in the game The Warriors from Rockstar Games. Matthews' official web site states that at this point he "had been struggling for nearly 15 years now and was still living hand to mouth, with nothing to show for his efforts but a string of out-of-print albums, and the loyalty of those musicians and fans who shared his vision.

Starting inFairport Convention held the annual Cropredy Festival. In the mids, there was interest in reviving the band and recording new material.

Dancing In The Street - Matt Bianco - Yeah! Yeah! (CD), Ofițerul Radu - Various - Cronica Cârcotașilor (CD), Tell Me Where - Jennifer Lara - Tell Me Where (Vinyl), Iki Çakal Tek Ses (Original Mix) - Various - 150 Best Of Drum & Bass Tracks 2017 (File, MP3), Layla - Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton - Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play The Blues - Liv, Comin Atcha Live / Truckin - Tesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam (CD, Album), Human Garbage - Napalm Death - MP3 Stereo (CD), I Cant Tell You Why - Eagles - The Very Best Of Eagles (Cassette), So Long, Marianne - Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen (VHS), When Youre Smiling/The Shiek Of Araby - Louis Prima - Capitol Collectors Series (CD)

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    Leonard Cohen wurde in eine wohlhabende, einflussreiche jüdische Familie in Westmount, einem englischsprachigen Vorort Montreals, geboren. Sein Urgroßvater Lazarus Cohen stammte aus Vilkaviškis, Litauen, wo er Lehrer an der örtlichen Jeschiwa (religiöse Hochschule) war. wanderte er nach Kanada aus, war als Unternehmer erfolgreich und wurde Präsident der jüdischen Gemeinde .

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    Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

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    Iain Matthews (born Ian Matthews MacDonald, 16 June ) is an English musician and was an original member of the British folk rock band Fairport Convention from to before leaving and forming his own band, Matthews Southern Comfort, which had a UK number one in with a cover version of Joni Mitchell's song "Woodstock".

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    "A generation's final journey begins." A coup d'état on Romulus brings a new praetor, Shinzon, to power. However, Shinzon is not a Romulan, but rather a genetic duplicate of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. After being banished to the planet Remus for years, he now plots to draw the Starship Enterprise and her crew into a deadly confrontation and destroy the Federation once and for all. On Romulus.

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    Neil Ellwood Peart OC (/ p ɪər t /; September 12, – January 7, ) was a Canadian musician, songwriter, and author, best known as the drummer and primary lyricist of the rock band earned numerous awards for his musical performances, including an induction into the Modern Drummer Readers Poll Hall of Fame in , making him the youngest person ever so honoured.

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    Mar 31,  · It’s , and just before life in sleepy St. Louis is about to get a little more exciting with the start of the first World’s Fair, Esther Smith’s (Garland) father announces that he’s.

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    Leonard Cohen wurde in eine wohlhabende, einflussreiche jüdische Familie in Westmount, einem englischsprachigen Vorort Montreals, geboren. Sein Urgroßvater Lazarus Cohen stammte aus Vilkaviškis, Litauen, wo er Lehrer an der örtlichen Jeschiwa (religiöse Hochschule) war. wanderte er nach Kanada aus, war als Unternehmer erfolgreich und wurde Präsident der .

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    Yellowstone: The First Three Seasons Gift Set Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Brecken Merrill, Gil Birmingham, Danny Huston, Josh Holloway DVD $ $ 99 $ $

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