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Wantoness - The Murder Squad T.O. - Fight Violence With Violence (File, MP3)

In pairs, explain the situation in the picture and in the poem. Say what the negative elements are associated Find the English equivalents to these French words. What is the effect produced? Observe the rhyme scheme les rimes. Discuss your own reaction to the song. Make a speech 8. It is based on a true story.

Observe the poster. Say what you can guess 7. Identify the orator you heard him in video Pick out the stressed words. In pairs, sum up 2. Read the caption of the portrait on the right what he says.

Point out the difficulty 9. Talk about the situation. Say how it relates to Ron Stallworth will probably come across. Guess why Ron Stallworth is not in the assembly. Define the situation: the place and the people. What shows that this movie is not a propaganda 4. Say who is speaking to whom on the phone. In pairs, explain Explain what Spike Lee wants to do. Expliquez quelles circonstances le justifient. We are burdened by a history of racial inequality and injustice.

It compromises us; it constrains us. Instead, it turned into with the legacy of slavery, and that legacy has created decades of terrorism and violence and lynching 5 a shadow that undermines so many of our best 20 that terrorized people of color.

Thousands of people efforts to get to something that looks like justice. To me, the Even during the Civil Rights era, we never great evil of slavery was the narrative of racial confronted all the pain and anguish that was 10 difference, the ideology of white supremacy that 25 created by decades of segregation. My parents were humiliated every 90 Art et pouvoir. We can shift they were assaults.

I tell you this because our history has 55 freer, more just, more motivated and more liberated scarred us, it has bruised us, and it has injured us, from our history. Present the author and the topic of the text. Say what his intention is and why he appreciates the opening of the museum he mentions.

Talk about the link between the audio on the left and the text. Subject A Write an essay. Women were sense of human dignity, but the journey also wiped commonly provided more liberties; typically left away the collective knowledge and cultural history of unchained, they were often allowed to remain those captured.

The slave trade was organized by rich and powerful 2 Traduisez les mots en gras. European individuals. Young girls were defenseless in their wretchedness. A hard and unpleasant task. To become smaller or more compacted. To work very hard. To plead in favor of something. Living conditions Feelings and attitudes Responsible for a crime. Art et pouvoir or corporate?

Glastonbury Festival UK. Reading Festival UK. Lollapalooza USA. Woodstock Festival USA. Big Day Out Festival Australia. SummerFest USA. Podcast 7 How music festivals have changed since the s audio 27 How music festivals became 1 Listen to the document and find information about a massive business in the 50 years festivals from the past. Time, Mahita Gajanan, August 3 In groups, discuss why so many people want to attend summer music festivals. NOW Getting ready for the festival 5 TIPS for surviving the festival season 1 2 3 Plan where to sleep Bring sunscreen BYO water Music festivals should be anything Most music festivals hold their Another important but stressful, but sometimes planning shows outside during the day.

Whether you to pack sunscreen. Also, a nice very draining choose a campground, a hotel or an hat and pair of sunglasses are because of the Airbnb, rates can get pretty expensive useful to help block the bright combination of sun, dancing or places can bet overbooked if they sunlight.

Many music festivals do not allow outside beverages due to safety 4 purposes, but they do offer water bottles and hydration stations. Music festivals you should establish a meeting place with tend to overlap really popular artists, your friends. Say which festival you have been to or would like to go to. Explain why and what you would do there.

Role play You are a reporter for a local radio. Report what you did, who you saw and how you felt. Give tips to spend a great festival.

Episode 7: Music festivals: rebellious or corporate? Another half million or so have left during the night. As I watch from the stage, I see more and more people wandering away. You can leave, or 10 you can clap. Those of us gathered around the perimeter of the 15 stage are transfixed by Jimi and his band of gypsies. Jimi, dirt under his fingernails, still looking regal in his white fringed leather shirt. And the around me.

I realize the national anthem will never phenomenal Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell, 50 be the same. Jimi has plugged into our collective in nearly constant motion.

His song takes laugh. Back again, focusing on are broken in our society. You have proven to the world what can happen with a little bit of love 1.

Say what you know or look for information about Woodstock Festival: dates, location, number of attendees, cost of the tickets, lineup. Imagine why Woodstock represented an ideal. Focus on the last paragraph. Explain what the final song is.

B1 students Go to Worksheet 13 for help. Analyse the metaphor Michael Lang uses. Take notes about the final set at Woodstock c. Festival: who played, when it was, the songs they played. Explain how they 7. Explain what the ideals represented by evolved during the concert. Woodstock were. Say how Woodstock represented counterculture. Say whether you think music can be life-changing. Give examples. Work on phrasal verbs. You are a reporter for a local paper near Woodstock.

Say what the following verbs originally mean and Write an editorial about the power of music. Say what the preposition or adverb particle changes. At night, if you stand at the back of the Green Fields, you can see 5 the festival stretching down, twinkling, filling the valley all the way to the lit-up cross. Our tent is small, and so are you. Teeny-tiny you is inside enormous Glastonbury, part of it at all times.

Each Glastonbury is 10 different. Mostly, you recall them by the mad things that happened […]. Sometimes, you remember the bands, but they tend to be the backdrop, rather than the action. Different people now, dressed differently, dancing 25 themselves to the action. They are the action. All 15 to different music. Or you could call it society. Into normal life.

Browse the Internet for information about 4. Say what makes the festival an unforgettable Glastonbury festival: place, dates, when it experience. Explain what effects the festival has on 2. Look at the source of the article and guess what festival-goers. Discuss how going to a festival makes you break B1 students Go to Worksheet 14 for help.

Find information about what goes on at 7. Say if it is only a music festival. Present the pitch to your festival. Imagine why the cost for festival-goers is so high.

Say whether everything they deal B1 students Go to Worksheet 15 for help. Explain how ticket prices have evolved. Imagine how costs for festival-goers could be 4. List what you should take into account when reduced. Explain what they say about the state of the music industry in general. Listen and write the numbers you hear. Your budget is tight, stressed syllables with 0 and the unstressed ones but you really want to attract a singer or band that you with o.

Explain what you notice. Convince their manager to join your event. Pronounce the following numbers. You are sensitive to Mind the stress. Give your conditions. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common. Expliquez le message du document. That could explain the gentrification of what T 15 he fact that the Coachella Music Festival is started as an alt-rock rebellion against the tyranny set in a polo club near Palm Springs should of ticket sellers — oh, the irony.

BAC was here to stay, giving millennials a taste of what it was like to grow up in a time when music symbolised freedom. But what does it symbolise now? Burning Man festival is an alternative art and music 50 some vague line about social justice, all in the hopes festival taking place in the Nevada desert in September of stumbling across Selena Gomez while queuing every year.

Say how this festival differs from others. Explain what the author means about Coachella festivalgoers. Subject A In your opinion, to what extent are music festivals nothing more than a business venture today? Les festivaliers voulaient partager un moment They wanted to stay there forever. La police ne voulait pas que le festival tourne au chaos.

Jimi Hendrix voulait jouer un bon concert pour les derniers spectateurs. I love going to concerts, Despite the bad weather and the mud, festival-goers prefers to listen to studio albums. Contrary to what usually happens, you can have headlining band. While fashion changes, music festivals remain an people, more and more families attend them. I try to attend as many festivals as I can People book their tickets in advance Tickets are more expensive than they used to be.

Small festivals are as tricky to organize as large year. Spectators are sometimes less interested in the music ones. Not officially recognized or accepted. A music festival is To play music together without a music part. What you remember from the past. Not organized by a large company.

Spectators, also called Festivals can e. Someone who attends or participates in a festival. A good festival without giving something worth in return. Right or Wrong? Discuss in pairs and decide. The UK has a constitution, like France. The United Kingdom has an absolute monarchy. The monarch passes and makes legislation. The monarch decides who will be Prime Minister.

Podcast 8 What is the role of the monarch? Her portraits reveal the varied facets of modern monarchy, from movie star 15 glamour to timeless duty and ideal motherhood. They have become recognised as ambassadors for the UK and the charities they support worldwide.

Bendigo art gallery, Queen Elizabeth II might be considering retiring so her son Prince Charles can assume the throne. Define the concept of your game and choose the topics you want to tackle kings and queens, rules, castles and royal palaces, history…. Create your board game. Episode 8: Dreams of thrones As the Pope refused to annul his marriages, he initiated the English Reformation, separating the Church of England from papal authority. Analyze the impact of what he is wearing clothes, jewels, etc.

Talk about the background. Say if the artist has managed to communicate his own feeling and what he makes you feel about the person. Say if the portrait tells a story and explain your idea. Present a portrait Prepare a presentation of the portrait on the right. Kingdom by Andy Warhol, Look at the picture and say what the culture tip relationship between these two people is.

Read the title and imagine who this The Crown is a historical woman is. Imagine what role prevails for this woman. Elizabeth II, produced by audio Netflix. Watch the video and write as many keywords as possible. Explain the conflict that exists for Elizabeth as a married woman and a monarch.

Do you think being a monarch is difficult? Prepare an interview and act it in front of on 9 january, Little Prince of Wales, on the left, is walking towards his three sisters: Victoria, Alice and infant Helena. Observe the painting by Franz Xaver 5. Focus on paragraph 3 and rephrase the Winterhalter.

Explain why photography is an advantage when wearing, their attitudes. Do you think royal members should behave 2. Observe the photograph by Max Mumby. Do you think they can post personal pictures? Compare the two pictures. Find the words corresponding to these definitions. Observe the following words. Explain how they are formed and guess their meaning.

Long before the Kardashians perfected the art of the image for their own financial benefit, another family introduced the very concept for propaganda and public relations purposes. They used portraits to arrange advantageous 10 marriages, impress foreign monarchs and dignitaries and evoke their own God-given right to rule. Queen Elizabeth I is shown at her full political powers replete with messages about her forgiving nature. That concept continues 25 political and personal, to be gleaned from these today, especially with princes William and Harry artworks.

Write a commentary to explain your choice and what it conveys. Post your royal Photo of the Week on your Instagram! It is and 15 actor Oscar for the role. But, afflicted by a 20 much as material to imitate, but because I saw stammer since childhood, his speech is a disaster. As the second son of observe about George VI is that if you read what George V, Bertie was not expected to ascend to the he wrote, this is a man with a subtle, elegant mind.

It is his wife, Queen There was a whole personality that was invisible to Elizabeth — the future Queen Mother played by the people around him. Present the source and the topic of the text. Explain the problem King George VI encountered. Talk about the link between the recording above and the text. That is a rare combination, and we should value it highly.

Elizabeth I b. An English version of the Bible was translated b. George I under King James I. George III c. Elizabeth I was called the Virgin Queen. William IV d. Edward VI f. I know you will be devastated when your father 2 Traduisez en anglais. The two Elizabeths will frequently be in conflict b. Votre peuple aura besoin de vous.

The Tudors used portraits as political tools. The style of portraits has changed. Portraits have become more casual. La phrase la plus longue et correcte- Word bank.

Henry VIII wanted to be The artist Princess Diana on a wall in The Tudors appeared as … monarchs. Try to give 2 Stumped? Then match the words and phrases a definition of the following words in 1. The science of projectiles and firearms. An unsolved criminal investigation. A crime inspired by a previous crime. The stiffness of the muscles and joints of a dead d.

An unidentified corpse. If not, say what the subject of the film really is. On a roadside, in a pond2, bundled Strike for the first time.

There are eulogies, an obit1 in the paper. Some get holy cards showing their 1. A woman boards a bus and never 4 Explain why Hazel Strike believes what they gets off? Stitcher, March 1 Look at the illustration and say what you can deduce about what you are going to hear. Explain what the mood of the podcast is. How is it created? Start your own true crime podcast IN PAIRS Make up an unsolved crime or find one online, and record a second trailer for a podcast about it: present the case, the name and goal of your podcast, and come up with a catchphrase.

Episode 9: Citizen sleuths Look at the illustration. Explain what the goal of this type of poster is. Find information about the methods he employs.

Show how they differ from traditional methods. Always fact-heavy, leading with focused on 5 heights and weights and age ranges, the bulletproof native language of unsolved murders and cops. I needed to tell a story. But after 17 years of writing hundreds of I selected eleven screenshots from the video — all different angles of the Man stories with no endings, he in the Green Hoodie.

And it worked. It was taken a. I am the man in the green solve ten homicides. The man who died is in the blue shirt. He just went to the store for some chips. If you know my name 15 or anything about me — anything at all — please message me here or leave a comment. His family desperately wants answers. Even if I had a million fans on my own personal page, I would never get the video in front of the people I needed to reach: the people from that neighborhood.

The right people. That meant I had to break out my credit card. Under the audience section, I entered the location of the incident — North State Street in Chicago — and drew a circle around it encompassing a two-mile radius. I kept the age range the boosted post would reach at eighteen to sixty-five plus. With a hundred bucks, I would reach 4, to 12, out of theFacebook users who lived or worked in the area. If I added more money, I could reach more people.

Look at the image. Describe what you see and 5. Do you understand why Carl Koppelman does explain what you think those pictures are. Is that something you could audio imagine doing? Present what he does in his spare time. Find elements that show whether it is useful or a waste of time. What do you notice? Example: I would need a forensic artist like Carl 3.

This means that if take crimestopping into their own hands. But where some people feel empowered by Olivia Carville, Bloomberg. Look at the image and say what you expect 5. Use the information you have compiled to Citizen to be. Present the app what it is, how it works. Find its advantages and drawbacks as presented in the document.

Identify the outlook of the document positive, negative, ambivalent Write a review Leave a consumer review for the Citizen in the app store of your choice. That's simply not true. April 3. An open letter to the Golden State Killer Michelle McNamara was a stay-at-home mom by day, citizen detective by night. She died in the middle of her pursuit of the Golden State Killer, leaving behind her an unfinished manuscript including this open letter to the killer about her obsession with the case.

E very investigation into an at-large1 violent offender is a footrace; you always maintained the lead. You were savvy. Some 5 houses or on a vacant lot, to avoid suspicion.

You think you died. Or went to prison. Not me. Paper your victims remained asleep. But technology improves. You were a scent and shoe impressions. You cut out when you looked over your shoulder 10 Bloodhounds4 and detectives tracked both. They and saw your opponents gaining on you.

They led nowhere. You were the observer They led into the dark. An initial setback7 came For a long time, you have the advantage […] on September 10,in a lab at the University Investigators follow leads using slowly dialed of Leicester, when the geneticist Alec Jeffreys 15 rotary phones5. When no one is home, the phone developed the first DNA profile. Another came just continues to ring. If they want to look up an old 35 inwhen Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal record, they dig through stacks of paper by hand.

The door is shut. Yellowing of algorithms that could help find you. The world hummed can feel it. BAC Optical-text-recognition technology. Customizable This is how it ends for you. Familial DNA. You, the master Open the door. Show us your face. The killer behind bars [The Golden State Killer] terrorized communities up and down California for more than a decade, raping and killing people in their own beds, before disappearing entirely in the mids, just before forensic science was revolutionized 5 by DNA.

But one of the DNA techniques of the 21st century has 1. Define the topic of articles 1 and 2. Describe the tone each writer adopts. Say what the aim of each text is. Summarize what Michelle McNamara says about the killer.

Explain how the two texts relate to Joseph James DeAngelo, now 72, became a suspect one another. DeAngelo was arrested outside his home Tuesday. Seth Augenstein, forensicmag. Write his speech. The very first reconstruction I did, I was on a. He was Then I put the Philadelphia Eagles jersey on him. Websleuths can really benefit What is it about? The hosts are two comedians who tell each other d.

When people ask a lot of other people to work on for years and I have no clue who the The killer took some things from the house to make b. The investigation of devices storing digital data in it look like a This is personal! The examination of the facts of a case before c. The police thinks my daughter is just a But sometimes I'm able to leave well enough alone, and I'm glad you thought I did a good job of it.

We are always our own harshest critics with a few exceptions to the rule to keep things interesting! Which makes having casual conversation about things like what you've read lately or the movie you saw or the restaurant you've gone to or just about anything where there is even the merest detail to relate a really fraught conversation for me to try to have.

At least when I'm writing I can pause and look things up when I'm not being too lazy, but in live conversation it's a real nightmare. MP3) have a book of Austen's letters which I look forward to reading, but I get the sense from Tomalin's comments on her correspondence that what remains is very far from giving us a complete picture of what a complex and perceptive kind of woman and great wit she was.

Painkillers: I keep thinking the ultimate painkiller will be the onset of menopause. I both look forward to it and dread it, as truly hope it won't bring on other kinds of complications, and finally give me the relief I so badly need. Thanks for the good wishes. I think I'll take one of those fioricet tablets now because the restless night has really done a number on me physically as well as mentally and the pain is becoming hard to bear.

But I should have a really tidy house soon, which is definitely something to look forward to! Total purchases to date: I'm not much in a reading mood these days though. Katherine, I'm really hoping I get to see that particular Peter Doig painting in person when I go to the show, or at least one in that series as it seems he did more than one with similar scenery and colours. Sorry reading isn't doing it for you lately. It'll come back, no sense in fighting it.

But have you tried reaching for old favourites or stuff which you've identified as comfort reading? I'm taking things slowly anyway so we won't finish till at least mid-April I don't think.

I have read all of them but some of the Miss Marples tend to merge into each other. I will have to put it on the WL called 'wish' for a reason these days Somehow your star became unstuck- so this is my first visit to this thread! My thread-tracking methods are very unsophisticated compared to other 75ers. I scroll down my starred list from time to time and if the person has a lot of posts, I think they must have a new thread by now, so un-star.

Anyway, just a howdy for now and a hug for your recent troubles. And just so's you know- I am on your side. Ilana - love the Isabelle Arsenault pictures on your thread. Such a great homage to the real Virginia Woolf.

I see we are entering a second month with our shared reads of Amos Oz and Henry Miller. I'm now about halfway through the Oz and will push on with the Miller, just finding it rather dense at present and still only about 50pgs down. Would love to read the Jane Austen bio though my focus currently has to be the Middle East due to Coursera. The Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration was announced this morning, it went to a Brazilian who isn't probably that well known outside Brazil and possibly Portugal, Roger Mello.

A Japanese writer, Nahoko Uehashiwon the writing award and I've enjoyed her two Moribito books that have been translated. Hello lovely lady! I can do spacey - beats pain any day. Amazing reviews - especially Native Son - not sure that it will be my cup of tea - I seldom enjoy those books where you know from the beginning that Everything Will End in Tears.

Then again, I loved Olive and thought she had many redeeming qualities. In fact, I quite liked her in spite of herself. Each to their own. Currently reading Still Life and imagining Canadian life.

Sounds rather beautiful to me! Loving your drawings, loving your postings - and always loving you, my dear! What Prue said. I think taking sides is a bad idea. I really never come here, but after the recent latest attack on my friend rd, I heard that sides were being taken. And as I have for years, I stand by Richard. Taking sides can be disruptive.

That being said, I must stand by Richard as well. I was only 13 I believe, and probably hadn't read murder mysteries before and thought she was the cleverest writer ever. Of course, revisiting her all these years later can only be a disappointment compared to that original impression, but she still remains the Queen and I'm determined to continue appreciating her work on its own merit.

My self-esteem is intact, thank goodness, but must say spirits could certainly better. Assertions of love and friendship are always helpful in that sense.

And thank you. I find Arsenault's work is always outstanding and a real pleasure to behold. I've been visiting your thread, but somehow missed that you were taking a Coursera course. Or maybe it just MP3) my mind?

But yes, I can see how that would determine your reading schedule for a while. It was the same for me when I took the "Fiction of Relationships" Course, also on Coursera, which I found fascinating. I'll have to look up the Hans Christian Andersen latest laureates. Always a breath of fresh air, you are. I wouldn't recommend Native Son willy-nilly, even though I did say it was essential reading. It took me a long time to work up the courage to dive into it, and somehow the timing worked, but I think the fact that it's written in such a taut noir thriller style also helped.

Must say I'm glad it's done with now. Haven't worked on my drawing for a few days now, and uncharacteristically long break. Will have to get literally back to the drawing table today. But don't have much more pills to cover the rest of the week. Will take a couple now and call my family doctor to ask that she prescribe me some too till the neurologist gets back PLUS three weeks more supply, since that's how long on average it takes him to return my calls.

Reading: really really really enjoying revisiting Sense and Sensibility in the context of this latest tutorial with Liz. But mostly I think due to all the other JA tutorials I've taken and followed with her till now, which have greatlly helped me appreciate her particular brand of humour. She has now become a comfort read for me, and I can see myself returning to her novels again and again and finding new reasons to delight in her clever wit.

Once again, it astounds me to see myself even writing this. Proves people can and truly do change. The Quick is delighting me in every way too, for different reasons of course. My only qualm is I won't be able to find the words to do this ARC justice when comes time to review it, because unlike other novels I've reviewed with relative ease, the review isn't exactly writing itself in my head as I read it. But if that proves to be my worst problem with this novel, it will certainly deserve a high rating.

Daughters of Mars : sadly, just not working for me. Though I couldn't say why. So I think I won't review that one, quite deliberately, because I wouldn't want to taint anyone's impressions with my incoherent reasons for not connecting with it as I should have, because I can very well see objectively that it's a very good novel.

On with the day! I hope today is migraine free! Thanks for all these lovely illustrations! Oh dear oh dear. I'm an abusive monster: things I did not know about myself. Live and learn. All this I must say, and for the last time: because of a misunderstanding wherein an casual comment was taken as an attack when there was no such intent.

I thought it was a shame for this misunderstanding to persist until all eternity, seemed unnecessarily hostile to me. I was obviously wrong. Hostilities do and must persist it seems, like the Arab—Israeli conflict, though I do believe there is more hope in that situation. How sad, but I am now properly chastened and promise I will not do it again. I'm just so sorry I've set off such an unpleasant chain of events, where people are apparently forced to take sides or suffer the consequences.

Seems unnecessary, but then, demands are being made, as I understand it. I think Jane Austen is what is needed here. She'd sure have fun with this material. That sounds so pathetic doesn't it?

Like one of those cautionary tales about chronic pain sufferers who become pain-killer addicts and end up stealing doctor pads to write out false prescriptions and then end up in jail for fraud. Then there's a TV miniseries about it, because someone, somewhere ends up murdered somehow, which makes for great entertainment of course.

But truly, I'm very careful when it comes to habit-forming medication, and only take it intermittently, to lessen the pain once in a while, just to vary the narrative a bit. Besides which, I've always hated taking pills. Doctor N. Which makes 18 for now, to be dolled out very slowly until I hear back from the neurologist. That's really uncalled for and very rude! I hope the other people that react to your add will be more civilized.

I'm glad that your meds are helping, Ilana. And I want to let you know I never choose sides. I've found in the past whenever I've wanted to sell something I've been an occasional seller on eBay for a good whilethere will always be the occasional "buyer" who seems to be looking for a reason to create a conflict more than actually trying to find a bargain.

But they're a small minority, and on the whole, I think most people are decent and just trying to get their money's worth. So far there is one man offering much less than my asking price, who has kept in touch with me with a few suggestions, but he's being very nice about it, and I've told him I'm grateful to him for giving me an option if I can't sell for what I think is a reasonable asking price basing myself on going prices on eBay. As for the other thing, I think that is very wise of you.

I've always preferred to stay on the fence and keep out of the fray myself, being born between two cultures and sometimes fighting factions. I'm not a frequent reader of YA novels, but I do enjoy them once in a while, and this one turned out to be a real treat. Fifteen year-old Penelope Lumley, just graduated from the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females sometime in the mid 19th century, is on her way to her first job interview as a potential governess.

The employers had asked for someone who gets along with animals, and as it happens she is a great animal lover and is very much looking forward to finding out what sort of creatures she will find at her potential employers'.

When she arrives at Ashton place with some trepidation, not being sure whether she will be able to call this place her home or be sent away, she is greeted with mysterious howling sounds, which everyone in the estate seems to be at pains not to hear. But inevitably, she is hired and comes face to face with her charges; three young siblings, two boys and a small girl, who have grown up wild in the local woods, seemingly having been raised by wolves.

Her mandate of teaching them French and Latin and Geography and Mathematics, will also have to include teaching them first to start talking like human beings and for the boys how to properly put a pair of pants on. Elements of Jane Eyre come into play when some of the mysterious howlings seemingly turn out to originate from a hidden portion of the attic. But the secret of this strange mystery will only be revealed in a further instalment in the series it seems, which is just as well because I will happily continue to follow along the adventures of Miss Lumley and the Incorrigibles.

I am reluctant to wade again into the land of YA novels, but this one sounds enjoyable. I say bring on the Jane Austen!! Take care, Ilana, and hang in there. I hope your week gets better. I'm reading Blonde which is quite good if not exactly uplifting! Just stopping by to send hugs. My only qualm is I won't be able to find the words to do this ARC justice" I know that feeling, but your enthusiasm for the book is already shining through from the little you've written.

Daughters of Mars: sadly, just not working for me Shoot. This one really was good fun, but then I also like governess stories and Jane Eyre happens to be a favourite. Consequently very tired today as did stay up very late nonetheless, but I should finish it either today or tomorrow.

I tried my best to keep an objective ear out and when I did, could see this story had a lot going for it and should definitely have appealed to me a lot more than it did. Maybe it was just a question of timing, and the narrator continually mispronouncing place names in France one place in particular being mentioned dozens of times did drive me nuts, though this would most probably go unnoticed by the average English-speaking listener. Probably one of those cases where I would have been better off reading the book in print or e-format.

When I finished The Daughters of Mars exactly at pm last night so it counts as my last March readI wanted to jump into The Prisoner of Zenda while out walking Coco, but my brain was so numb with fatigue I couldn't make heads nor tails of it, so decided to start it over again today.

I really like the narrator and the tone of it all, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it given half a chance. Temps above 0 C though, so that should be pleasant. Seeing my beloved psychologist today, Dr C, whom I hadn't visited in at least a year now, since I have the free occupational therapist provided by the hospital, but this lady is dear to me and I've always thought of her as the mother I wish I'd had.

A real lady, ever so kind and yet astute, and always able to put a positive spin on everything and make me feel like I'm a pretty decent person, actually.

Of course I pay her to say those nice things, but I really do think she means them! Hi Ilana, You know, I used to keep a bottle of ambien in my medicine cabinet. I cut them in half and tried not to take them too often, but sometimes one of those puppies was just what I needed. I am tempted to contact my doc and ask her to prescribe it again, but I think I'll see how the next few days go. Maybe getting out for a morning run tomorrow will do the trick.

I think my insomnia is made worse if I haven't gotten any exercise and, while I've been walking more lately, it's just not the same as that vigorous run. Also, my insomnia is very tied to anxiety - duh - and running eases that for me.

Wishing you good sleep tonight. I came within pages of finishing The Quick last night, but then I'd taken an extra-strong dose of Ativan to make sure I finally got a decent night of sleep and just. So will finish it this afternoon, as I plan on staking out on the couch and reading for the better part of the day. Whatever is left of the day, that is, because I couldn't rouse myself till extra late today, which is why I usually avoid sleeping pills to begin with.

I've always been very anxious, since early childhood, which is probably why I've always suffered from nightmares and the bad sleep that comes with that. Your plan to do vigorous exercise is a good one to counter all that.

If I had more common sense, I'd imitate you there. Ugh, on the sleeping problems. I'm having some too although much less severe. Work is rather busy and I get stressed about it easily so I'm suddenly having all sorts of strange dreams which is leaving me feeling unrefreshed when I wake up.

I don't think exercise makes any difference but I can't say I've really pushed vigorous exercise to the limit to find out! I rarely pay attention to book hype when it comes to new titles, but I must say I'm intrigued by The Bees by Laline Paull, which I just read about in a Shelf Awareness newsletter.

Paull's hive is a place of mystery and complexities, where religion holds sway with an array of strictly codified laws that coalesce around worship of the Queen, who sustains the hive with her Love.

Of the many laws dictating the lives of the bees, paramount is Only the Queen may breed--a law enforced with horrendous efficiency by the fertility police. Individuality is also forbidden, a principle encapsulated in the oft-repeated mantra Accept, Obey, and Serve. So when Flora, a despised sanitation worker bee, discovers her ability to lay eggs, her life is immediately placed in jeopardy.

Even more dangerous is Flora's determination to protect her offspring--at any cost. Something I rarely do, but the major advantage there is if I don't end up liking it, I can always get my credit back. My job used to be extremely stressful too, and I must say that when I was exercising regularly and vigorously, it did make a big difference in the quality of my sleep and how I was able to handle emergencies.

Of course my situation has changed now, but I'm obviously still suffering from plenty of stress, just for different reasons now. I just wish I could work up the motivation to exercise though Hi Ilana- Just checking in with my pal. I've been on a nice little "book roll" lately.

And I am continuing Agent Zigzagon audio, and it is also stellar. Have you read this guy yet? I will be looking for all of his books. Hope you are feeling well! Hi Mark, I've been lurking on your thread the last few times as I have on most threads lately and did see you were reading Blood Will Out.

I was under the mistaken impression this was the Upton Sinclair book which was called There Will Be Blood in the movie version actually called Oil! I'll have to move him up the stacks. Headache isn't too bad today so far, could be a decent night of sleep might have helped.

Ben Macintyre has pole-vaulted into my NF awareness. Powerful stuff! There's a gorgeous recent Folio edition I'm tempted to get. Better find out if it's something I'd want to reread first. I also noticed he included information that I didn't give him, such as the fact that I upgraded the memory myself, which I did tell someone else who wrote to me very nicely asking a few questions about the computer I thought were very normal, and has kept in touch with me all this time.

Now I'm starting to get paranoid am I? This has got to have been one of the worst weeks ever as far as online activity goes.

The pills for your migraine don't appear to be habit forming. At least, from my experience anyway! I've taken fiorocet for 20 years and I'm not addicted. I use this when I need it. Shaking head at wondering how the medical field became so unnecessarily complicated.

Craigslist have a way to report this sort of thing? There are so many wackos out there! I hope you find some way to have this nut case investigated without involving yourself. I hope your headache and sleeping problems stay away so you can enjoy this weekend. The new medicine sounds like a godsend. Dear Ilana I don't understand if you want to sell something and someone else want to buy how it could descend into such nastiness.

Wishing you a weekend free of such things. In the meantime, I had terrible insomnia Wednesday night so that I completely forgot I was supposed to call my neuro on Thursday because I was so out of it. Oh well. It's pretty much a free-for-all on there, so I don't expect much can be done. What I have done on my side though is I've added a note on my ad saying I was not, as another ad claimed, a scammer and a mere individual trying to sell my laptop to finance my new computer.

I've listen my computer on eBay meanwhile, and will just have to ignore any nonsense if any more comes my way. Some people really just don't know what to do with their spare time I guess.

Some people are apparently always out there looking to make trouble, and I guess posting on such public forums like Craigslist where there is no monitoring to speak of just leaves one open for this sort of attack, unfortunately.

It's always unpleasant no matter when, but I must say it's been all the harder to take this week in particular and I'm left wondering what I've done that is so terrible for me to deserve such awful karma.

Headache terrible too now as you can imagine, so I'm off to take some of my magic pills and hope to fly away for a while. It's been a very long time since I've felt quite this desperately hopeless.

I have been too lazy to ever sell on CraigsList I just donate anything that needs out of the house --now you've convinced me that's a good thing. What a drag! I hesitate to give medical advise, but reading your post about migraines made me wonder if birth control pills could help you. My daughter's doctor prescribed them for that reason, and for general moodiness. I was hesitant to have her on another medication; but they seem to be helping. Obviously--some people they probably wouldn't help at all.

Anyway, hope you have a better week! Hi Ilana- Just checking in. Sorry, you are having a bad day. I hope a good night sleep helps. Hugs, my friend. I like the sound of Frog Music but will probably wait for a few reviews from my trusted book recommenders on LT. I'm really sorry you're having such a bad week. I try very hard not to get angry about stuff, but when people hurt my friends' feelings, it's difficult not to get steamed.

Hope things are improving a bit for you, Ilana, and you're able to enjoy the weekend a bit. Lousy thing to happen on Craiglist; I'm always grateful that there's so little of that on Librarything, although occasionally some nastiness creeps in even here.

Sending positive thoughts your way for feeling well, migraine-free, and peaceful. We all have to go through our ups and downs, but you deserve a break, seems to me. Getting caught up Ilana. Sorry to see you have had such a nasty on-line resale experience. My other half upgrades and sells off our computer equipment from time to time and he has a couple of less than desirable 'interested' parties that don't like the answers they receive to their offers and inquiries. These personalities are most likely the same type that make for troublesome customers in traditional brick and mortar stores, it is just easier to unfortunately encounter them in everywhere from eBay to your encounter on Craiglist.

It is unfortunate that Craiglist doesn't seem to have a mechanism for you to request assistance. Hi Ilana, I am exercising my eyesight and catching up on threads at the same time.

So sorry to read of your troubles at Craig's List, there are some strange people out there and it's unfortunate that a weird one decided to answer you ad. Here's hoping that next week is a much better one for you. Took 3 sleeping pills yesterday, slept till 5 today.

Long walk with Coco. Two hours drawing. Was supposed to get together with a friend, but too depressed. Can't stop crying. Oh dear, Ilana. I'm so sorry you have had such a miserable week. I've been so tired and busy that I actually climbed under a blanket twice and just slept for two hours each time at odd times when I could. Just last night I started a new lifestyle So far, so Wantoness - The Murder Squad T.O.

- Fight Violence With Violence (File. I did it with Tylenol PM. Wasn't happy to get up atbut I was rewarded with seeing the most beautiful sky I felt like I was on another planet. I can't say Anyway, I am sad about everything that has been happening to you this past week or so. This kind of thing is where the expression "Life is a bitch!

It is NOT addictive. I take it when I need it and it works for me. I will say I never used to leave home without it - but not because I was addicted. I was afraid I would get a migraine out of nowhere and not have the medicine I needed to get rid of it. Now that I am getting fewer migraines, I'm not so obsessed with carrying it everywhere.

Doctors who are not primarily treating you for whatever ails you are always VERY reluctant to prescribe anything while you are waiting to get access to your physician of choice. In a way, I understand their reluctance because they don't really know all the details - but it gets ridiculous sometimes!

I had a really tough time getting pain meds for my broken shoulder between Canada and the US for a few days while waiting for my appt with the ortho surgeon back home. It drove Ron and I both nuts. Sorry you are experiencing this kind of thing too. Cry, if it helps. Sometimes I wish I could. I used to think it washed some kind of poison out of my system. Now, I just can't seem to cry anymore - much to my dismay. Hope you feel better today. I'll be thinking of you.

Hugs and more hugs. Dear Ilana, I was so pleased to see the lovely messages for you from Mark, Heather, Cee, Judy, Amber, Joe and others proof perfect that you have a smalle army here of people who care about you. I am, of course, another one of those people and when you are not having a good day it detracts from my own, when you are up, it makes me that bit brigher also. That is the biproduct of friendship. You don't need to be so low or feel so alone; can only send you virtual hugs but I hope a decent sleep helps some.

I read on Suz's thread that some of her medication seems to have helped immensely - don't know if it is different from yours? I am going to send you a PM also as I opened the mail box this evening. Of course Paul is right, it's downright ungrateful of me to wallow in my misery when I've been getting all these friendly messages. That's the problem with depression thought, as clinically proven: positive feedback gets downplayed and negative feedback takes centre stage and becomes an obsession.

Must say that some of the negative feedback this week was so incredibly vicious that something in the order of miracles would have been required for me to put it out of my mind, like winning the lotto jackpot or being hit by a bus or something. Falling in love maybe? Though being hit by a bus is more likely, seeing as I live right next to the bus terminal and there's no proper crossing in front of my street so I'm every day taking my life in my own hands when I dodge traffic to cross St-Jacques street.

My furry bundles of love are a constant comfort of course, but not having anyone in my immediate vicinity to talk things over with and get a fresh perspective from means I tend to stew too long in my own thoughts, however much I try to escape them by listening to audiobooks and keeping constantly busy.

Speaking of audiobooks, I finished Frog Music last night. Will write something about it soon, but I predict this one will be a big hit. After all, I've got a serious book addiction to finance, and given half those books end up being donated to the library, I need the funds to come from somewhere.

Meanwhile, I've advertised it on eBay too, so we'll see what comes of it. I've sold quite a few items over the years, and on the whole things have gone smoothly, thought there's always a joker or two out there who want to make things unnecessarily unpleasant.

This one this week definitely deserves a medal for going out of his way to make it so. I'll ask my neuro about birth control pills. Though given I'm probably getting close to menopause, I don't know how advisable those would be, but we'll see what he says, thanks for the tip.

I'm sure you'd love Frog Music. Don't hesitate to get your hands on it as soon as you can. I'm like you, and tend to wait for others to try out new publications and see what the feedback is. Once in a blue moon though, I do like to try brand new releases, and I'd been curious about Emma Donoghue 's new book for some time.

I haven't read Room yet mind you After hitting an all-time low these past couple of days, I think today should be much better by comparison, thanks. I'd steer clear of Craigslist if it wasn't for the fact that it's so popular and I've successfully sold several items there in the past. Thanks for the visit. Hopefully I'll get rid of the laptop soon so I can get off that particular platform and away from other potential troublemakers. Craig's List is notorious for wackos - there are, in the US some more local web places to use - Front Porch Forum - the very localness of it cuts down the wacko quotient.

Don't know if you have that? Of course, in the city you don't even necessarily know much about the people right around you, so maybe it is hopeless. I keep trying to get myself to go to bed earlier, and only meet with moderate success. Trouble is I've always been a night person, so it's hard to acquire different habits. Though that goes for everyone and any kind of habit of course. Still, there was a time a few years back when I was regularly going to sleep between 3 and 5 in the morning, so now having lights out at or every night is a vast improvement.

I'll keep working at it. Ideally I'd have lights out by 12, but that will force me to restructure my whole day so I can get in bed on time and still be able to fit in my hour to 90 minutes of bedtime reading. Very encouraging to hear that fiorinal is not addictive in your experience. It has been very helpful the times I've taken it so far.

There was one time it didn't make much difference, but on the whole it effectively got rid of what were really nasty migraines, which is in the order of miracles as far as I'm concerned. I'll do everything in my power to get my neurologist to give me a regular prescription for them. My friend K, who used to be a head nurse, said there are two schools of thought with doctors when it comes to treating pain, and those who are more "old school" are reluctant to prescribe pain killers as they believe they are problematic.

I'm just glad to know there's something out there that can take care of the pain for me, I was starting to think that wasn't possible! I've cried oceans in my lifetime, and then gone years without being able to shed a tear. The last few years I've felt mostly numb and frequently couldn't cry even when I wanted to, but I think I've made up for that these past couple of days.

I'm definitely not a 'pretty' cryer, and my face and eyes end up staying puffy for days afterward, so I look quite a frightening sight right now, though do admit the tears brought some measure of relief. Thanks for the hugs my darling. I've been quite good about combatting the worst effects of depression lately and not letting myself get carried too low, but once in a while, circumstances become too overwhelming for my nervous system to handle, and combined with difficulties getting a decent night's sleep and never mind dealing with constant headachesthis always spells major trouble for me mood-wise.

Thankfully I'm already on medication that helps me bounce back with a bit more ease than otherwise, and also have wonderful friends like you who are supportive and caring. Suz is taking something very different from me for her migraines, but I'll ask my neuro about her medication when I next speak to him. I'm already very glad the fiorinal has been so helpful, though a bit mystified as to why my neuro never thought of prescribing it to me before and only hope he isn't against it for some reason.

I suppose I could go put up ads in the universities on bulletin boards, though honestly I don't even know if anybody still looks at those anymore since all those students are online most of the time anyway. There are of course some other more local sites, and if there are still no takers from the three sites I've already posted on so far, I'll put up ads there too for a fee.

Hi Ilana- Glad you got a good nights sleep. Hopefully you are feeling a little better. I did request the audio of Frog Musicso lets hope I get it quickly. You're in for a treat! Hope you don't have to wait too long, though I'm not too worried, as I doubt you'll run out of reading or listening material while you wait!

Not a word coming out of my lips my dear implied or otherwise. Merely stating the fact that your friends love and care for you as I am pretty adept at stating the obvious. I didn't notice the interval if any between your friends messages and your replies. Already engrossed in "Slightly Foxed" which I am thrilled to see is printed in my home county of Yorkshire! I am the one hurling the accusation at myself in this case. Because I do wish when I'm down in the dumps I could focus on the light above and not be mesmerized by the darkness below instead.

I'll eventually send Slightly Foxed issues to all my friends. It's just too good to keep to myself and I want them to stick around for decades to come. I didn't mean at all to imply that you ought to donate your computer- it's just that I've always been leery of craig's list and your experience bolstered my fears! Good luck with your doctor's appointments.

My own migraines are infrequent, but when I get them I'd take anything to make it stop, addictive or not. I literally lie in bed and fantasize about chopping my own head off. The most effective thing for me was midrin, which worked like magic, but they took it off the market. But from what I see, people's migraines are really different and what works for one person doesn't work for another. There's no reason for you to chastise yourself for being ungrateful, Ilana.

It would be downright silly for us to be giving you the sentiments we're leaving here just because we want to be thanked for it! He also acquires a manservant, Makeli, and indigenous labourers for his plantation.

Engelhardt s affinity with nakedness, sunshine and the coconut is a philosophy: he has written a tract on the benefits of sun worship and cocoivorism, and he sends enthusiastic letters to vegetarians back home, encouraging them to join him.

His first visitor is a first-class villain, who rapes Makeli and winds up dead. Was he struck by a falling coconut, murdered by Makeli, Wantoness - The Murder Squad T.O. - Fight Violence With Violence (File did Engelhardt himself smash his skull? The truth vanishes in the mists of narrative doubt, but Makeli s devotion to his master is stronger than ever. By this point, Engelhardt is undernourished, covered in sores, suffering from leprosy and very likely insane. A sailor is hired by the German colonial governor to assassinate him, but cannot go through with it.

The First World War breaks out and the islands are occupied by the Australians. Engelhardt continues to live alone on Kakabon and is discovered decades later by American troops at the end of the Second World War. The story of Engelhardt is told by a narrator who hypothesises about his state of mind, informs us of the protagonist s thoughts, and looks backwards and forwards in history, linking Engelhardt s story to wider events and to other figures in twentieth-century history.

Kracht was charged in one review of right-wing sympathies in Imperium. This has unleashed a wave of critical voices in favour of the novel, arguing that to read it in this way is to miss the narrative s fundamental irony. The controversy continues. Kracht s Imperium is the great German novel of this spring. Uwe Timm Masterful Die Zeit What Daniel Kehlmann managed with Measuring the World, namely re-inventing the historical novel through language and irony, Kracht achieves here for the adventure story.

Its non-fiction subjects cover sociology, psychology, history and biography. Beck, Januarypp. Stein makes this kind of casual remark the basis for a darkly dystopian novel that offers a new take on ideas about freedom, slavery and electronic surveillance. Rosen, a software expert, tells the story of how he became the first person to receive the prototype of an electronic implant known as the UniCom.

The device can do more than any smartphone. It records a person s experiences and allows those memories to be played back and relived again and again. Those memories can also be manipulated, and shared with others.

Rosen is not the only one addicted to the pornographic potential of replay. And in time the makers are able to monitor and control the movements of the citizenry, becoming the ultimate power in the country. People who refuse to have the UniCom installed are known as the Anonyms and are forced to live in walled-off shanty towns, because they are not allowed to operate motor vehicles or take public transport without a UniCom in their heads.

Framing the narrative and woven through it is the image of the god Pan. The book begins with a Kafkaesque scene: Rosen wakes one morning to find a hoof sticking out from under his bedsheet, where his foot should be. Is it his? The narrator eventually explains that electronic images of Pan were inserted into Rosen s memories in the UniCom prototype as a kind of watermark, to indicate that a particular experience is not real but just a replay. As with Stein s last novel, The Canvas which appears in the USA in English translation this autumnthe narrative takes place entirely within the mind of the narrator.

There is no direct dialogue; all conversations are rendered through Rosen s consciousness. And what at first seems like a needlessly self-imposed limitation of the author proves to be the most effective way to capture the limitations of replay and drifting in this highly innovative new book. A parable of our Smart phone, Facebook and Google world.

Der Tagesspiegel Germany see page 44 Wolfgang Bayer Benjamin Stein was born in East Berlin in and has been publishing poems and short stories since His first novel, Das Alphabet des Juda Liva, appeared in Stein has worked as an editor and correspondent for various German and American computer magazines, and has been an information technology consultant since He heads the publishing house Edition Neue Moderne and has a literary blog: turmsegler.

His most recent publication with C. Beck is his novel Die Leinwand The Screen,which won several prizes. Beck is one of Germany s best known publishing houses. It deals with both books and magazines, employs a staff of over and has approximately 6, titles in print. It has a strong base in academic and specialised works on history, ethnology, philology, literary theory, religion and philosophy, politics, art and law. Its fiction list has grown steadily and is respected for the importance its editors place on the literary and artistic merits of its titles.

ISBN: Home from home The Thankless Stranger is an account of the immigrant experience, fuelled by autobiography, which succeeds in conveying a real sense of intimacy and authenticity regarding the immigrant experience.

The main storyline charts the struggle to come to terms with an alien culture a situation which is compared to being a young, passionate woman forced to endure an imposed marriage with a stern and much older man. However, as the narrator matures, she has a growing awareness of those aspects of her new homeland which are positive.

Interwoven with the main narrative are a series of mini-dramas arising from the narrator s experiences as an interpreter mediating between immigrants, medical and legal authorities, and social workers. These often very moving episodes highlight the tragedy and vulnerability of those who flee impossible conditions at home and hope, often against overwhelming odds, to make something of their lives in a new country.

And her moving depiction of the plight of other immigrants ensures that the serious underlying issues concerning poverty, exploitation and political persecution are not underplayed. She has been awarded multiple literary and media prizes for her autobiographically inspired novels and war reportage, such as the Theodor-Wolff Prize and the EMMA Journalist Prize.

Residenz Verlag, Augustpp. ISBN: The root of all evil Rosei s distinctive style is to allow the narrator s voice to seem unphased by his characters antics and fate. Often described as documentary-like, his writing is informed by a narrator who, more than anything else, observes. Andy Sykora comes from a family of working-class socialists, but personifies the new greed to a fault.

Hans Falenbruck, manager of a Caribbean hotel resort, was meant to take over the family business but chose instead to escape his father s outdated ethics and sense of social responsibility. Tom Loschek is quick-witted and ambitious, using his social skills to turn his unhappy start in life having grown up in a children s home to his advantage. Devoid of any sentimentalism, Loschek has learned how to use people to further his career as a banker. All three show the alarmingly shallow lives of those who helped lay the foundations of the current economic crisis.

Highly relevant in the current financial crisis, Rosei will reach a new audience with this highly topical and trenchant critique of the global economic system. Its non-fiction list includes books on contemporary history as well as monographs of nineteenth and twentieth century artists and books on music, theatre and architecture.

ISBN: Tie a dead man s legs up right away Camenisch, a superb performer of his own work, uses the characteristics of oral speech and storytelling to great effect. His prose, always rhythmic, is often poetic. The focus on voice and different forms of English in recent British and American fiction means that readers will quickly recognise and relish what this rising literary star is all about.

Last Last Orders is the third part of an award-winning trilogy set in the Swiss Alps. It is the final evening in the Helvetia bar, and the regulars sit around one last time to drink and talk before the bar closes for ever.

Characters familiar from book two of the trilogy villagers past and present, dead and alive gather at the table as tales from the world they inhabit, both tragic and hilarious, are shared and relished. Everything s coming to an end but as long as someone is still speaking, the last glass will not empty A quite brilliant scenario and Camenisch, a master storyteller, can be relied on to make similarly brilliant use of it.

Sez Ner, the first novel in the trilogy, is set during a single summer. The four main unnamed characters are the dairyman, his farmhand, the cowherd and the swineherd. Camenisch focuses on these four who live and work in close proximity but also introduces a host of memorable minor characters.

Equally striking are the wind and the weather and the cows, pigs, cats and dogs that inhabit this tale. Part two, Behind the Station, is written from the perspective of two young brothers growing up in a small village in a valley flanked by high mountains.

Camenisch uses miniatures c. Life is frequently as harsh as the surrounding landscape it is a life marked by hard graft, at times dangerous work, as well as by solitude, cruelty, alcoholism and sheer bloodymindedness but the author s handling of situations and everyday lives is characterised at all times by affection, humour and a great ear for the sounds of the setting.

Already established as one to watch on the international literary stage, Camenisch has read to audiences in many countries. Such is the power of his readings, he is often immediately invited back to the country in question. This young author would be a sound investment for any publisher of literary fiction. Critics outside Switzerland are enthused, because Camenisch addresses issues that are valid both at home and abroad.

He studied at the Swiss Literature Insitute in Biel, where he now lives. Camenisch has won multiple prizes for his poetry, prose and drama, which he writes in both German and Romansch. Extracts of his prose texts have been translated into fifteen languages, including English, and published in Best European Fiction Dalkey and Harper s magazine. Engeler Verlag Obere Steingrubenstrasse 50, CH Solothurn, Switzerland Tel: Contact: Urs Engeler Camenisch arranges the cacophony of voices into a poetic chamber orchestra Tages-Anzeiger Engeler Verlag Urs Engeler founded his eponymous publishing house in Basel in His list focuses on poetry and he has won several prizes for his publishing and cultural work.

Emphasis is placed on the careful promotion of poets and lovingly designed editions of their poetry and recordings of their work. The house also publishes the acclaimed poetry journal Zwischen den Zeilen. Fiction 9. The Witches Sabbath is her eagerlyawaited second novel. Each of the chapters is a story in miniature; they follow a diverse set of characters, revisiting them at different points of the day, while their paths cross at various points.

These precisely-narrated vignettes slowly interweave and reveal the connections and coincidences which constitute life in the city. A woman discovers that she is pregnant as the result of an affair; a young boy runs away from his alcoholic mother; a woman is found with total amnesia and signs of having been attacked; an old lady moves out of the house that holds all her memories.

Towards midnight, the strands begin to tie up: the woman with amnesia turns out to be the barmaid attacked in one of the earliest chapters; and a woman who has been stealing ID cards to hide her own identity encounters the woman whose identity she currently possesses. Wantoness - The Murder Squad T.O. - Fight Violence With Violence (File this isn t simply a social history, nor only focused on everyday minutiae: there is the touch of the surreal in the man who commits suicide by cryogenically freezing himself; in the scurrilous descriptions of a young girl working for a chat-line which specialises in Turkish women; and in a satire on apparently socially-aware performance art.

Suspense is built up through the fragmentary structure which creates tension as we switch from one strand to the next, not knowing what is going to happen. The sheer range of characters is striking: the sixty-year old vagrant with dreadlocks and a murky past in the GDR; the Romanian weightlifter without proper papers; the three tough-talking, wise-cracking old biddies with their dog Stalin; and the marauding trio of young Turkish-Kurdish schoolgirls who go by the misleadingly sweet nicknames of Sugar, Cakes and Candy.

The Witches Sabbath stands out as a novel of kaleidoscopic range and epic scope. A superb novel of Berlin. Der Tagesspiegel The multivocal murmurings of a Walpurgis Night become a symphony of the city. The firm also has an exquisite list of literary fiction. An endless abundance of the most varied characters of every origin and age.

Unmistakably Berlin. A distinctive milieu, an inexhaustible kaleidoscope of contemporaries and events Readers will not want to miss this captivating world. A great accomplishment. Die Welt 10 Fiction. I Called It a Tie centres on a chance encounter in a park: Hiro, a twenty-year-old Japanese recluse or hikikomorimeets a much older salaryman i. The setting itself marks them as outsiders, unlike others of their kind who keep to their rooms or offices.

Alongside their tentative, budding friendship, stories of what brought them there unfold. These are simultaneously stories of their bruised and damaged acquaintances and friends, in whose downfalls they are not entirely innocent parties relationships that have ultimately taught them that what you don t do in life can take on far more significance than what you do.

Common to each case is the pressure to succeed, to be perceived as average and not to stand out in the wrong way. Hiro s experiences have led to his current reclusive existence, while the salaryman cannot bring himself to tell his wife he has lost his job. Through his friendship with the salaryman, Hiro gradually becomes able not only to venture further afield but also to imagine entering society again.

Their last meeting ends with Hiro s promise to cut his hair and the salaryman s promise to tell his wife about his redundancy. Taking off the tie of the title which, for Hiro, wore him and not vice versa, he leaves. The novel has a delicately-woven, lyrical quality, and says a lot in a few words, allowing the reader to complete the story arcs and the unfinished sentences that increase in number towards the end.

While we know almost from the beginning that Hiro is a recluse and that the salaryman has lost his job, the narrative follows the notion that everyone is an accumulation of stories. The novel s pared-back style and universal themes mark it out as the potential breakthrough novel for this talented young writer. I Called It a Tie is not only a tale of modern Japan but also, and perhaps above all, of ordinary lives.

She lives as a writer in Vienna. In she was nominated for the Klaus-Michael-Kuehne-Prize. It is a story about illusions. Der Tagesspiegel A deeply moving story of a gentle friendship. Norddeutscher Rundfunk The ending is both conciliatory and moving. Even a hikikomori will find their way back into life sooner or later, if they find somebody who lends them an ear and a kind heart.

Der Tagesspiegel Verlag Klaus Wagenbach is an independent publishing house founded in in Berlin. Its programme comprises contemporary and twentieth-century literature, cultural history, the history of art, and politics. A particular area of interest is Italian literature, alongside translations from the French, Spanish and English and original German-language works.

Among its authors are A. The house has been called the independent publisher for wild readers. Fiction Telling the story from the perspective of Gerron, star of stage and screen in the pre-war years, Lewinsky keeps a balance between the gregarious cynicism of Gerron s legendary stage persona and an unflinching record of the horrific events unfolding around him. In this way, the author succeeds in viewing the Holocaust through a new and startling lens. Imprisoned in Theresienstadt, Gerron is asked to direct a propaganda film about this paradise ghetto.

He isn t accustomed to moral reflection and, to avoid the terrible choice he s been forced to make, he escapes into his memories. With gusto the entertainer recalls his youth, his rise and fall in show business, and the long, cruel sequence of events that have led to his imprisonment.

The horrific world of the concentration camp seeks to reduce him to nothing; he needs to remember that he was once someone, starring opposite Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel and premiering Mack the Knife in The Threepenny Opera. Eventually, he agrees to make the film, if only to save his wife and the participants in the film from deportation. Directing, he feels himself once again. But the entire process is full of macabre jokes, which Gerron notes with bitter irony; only, of course, there is nothing funny at all about Theresienstadt.

The film is never edited properly, and one day Gerron finds that he has been assigned to a transport: the comedy of his life will reach a horrific end. Gerron s voice is cynical, wry and warm. Lewinsky has chosen to dispense with the modernist aesthetics often thought appropriate for Holocaust literature in German, instead telling the story in a straightforwardly realist fashion through Gerron s acerbic voice, which is knowing while also being ignorant of the scale of the genocide around him.

As he is tugged back to the reality of his life in the concentration camp again and again, he draws cynical parallels between the scenes of his youth his snobbish mother, in the trenches, on the stage, performing cabaret in a transit camp and the bitter absurdities of his current existence.

His anecdotes are lively, scurrilous and rambling, and his remarks on Theresienstadt and Nazism perceptive and biting without ever deteriorating into pontification. A gripping and moving masterpiece. He has previously worked as a playwright, director and editor. Without question. Narrated by Lewinsky as if he were Kurt Gerron, that comedian of banality, standing at the abyss but then growing above and beyond it.

Die Welt A wonderful, moving, clever book. Norddeutscher Rundfunk Carl Hanser Verlag was established by its eponymous owner in in Munich, and its founder s interests in both literature and science have been maintained to the present day. The firm publishes fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children. ISBN: Not drowning but waving Already an established writer, Nadolny has a proper regard for the insubstantiality of life and a rare gift for recreating it.

Weitling s Summer Holiday is a deftly experimental and highly playful exercise in autobiography. Retired judge Wilhelm Weitling is alone in his holiday home. Undecided whether to get his boat out for an afternoon sail on the lake, he leaves it rather too late in the day and gets caught in a sudden storm. The boat capsizes and he is knocked unconscious by the swinging boom of the sail. As the first chapter ends, he appears on the point of drowning.

We already know that he had a similar sailing accident in the same boat as a sixteen-year-old, and before the accident, Weitling had been daydreaming about the possibility of revisiting his own youth. When the next chapter begins, it becomes evident that Weitling s daydream has become reality. The narrative perspective has shifted from the third to the first person: Weitling is no longer the observed, but the observer, transported back to his family home and his younger self.

So begins an account of Weitling s summer holiday time out from his real life as he takes on the guise of a spirit, revisiting his own past and shadowing himself, observing and recounting the life of the developing teenager that he once was, and the life of the family in which he grew up. Just as suddenly, the spirit Weitling is snatched back from his summer holiday. No longer the reckless teenager, he finds himself an old man, back in his sinking boat. When he is rescued and airlifted to hospital, he gradually discovers that he has lived a different life since his youth.

He is not a retired judge at all, but a writer; and here it becomes clear that the author has created a character with whom he shares key biographical elements and characteristics. The early career of Weitling the writer exactly mirrors Nadolny s own: both started as teachers before moving into the film industry.

In this enchanting, whimsical exercise in magical realism Nadolny is meditating on the course of his own life, and wondering why he is a writer, when he could so easily have taken a different course and become someone else.

The writing style is wonderfully clear and also very funny in its dry, wry humour. Following his literary debut Netzkarte, his novel Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit The Discovery of Slowness was published in It was translated into more than 20 languages and became a modern classic of German literature.

After the programme expanded to include philosophy and non-fiction. Piper Verlag is well known for its lists in German and international fiction and non-fiction. Piper Verlag has been part of the Swedish Bonnier Group since In the Piper publishing group acquired the imprint Malik Verlag literary travel writing, adventure, mountaineeringand now also publishes high-quality fantasy.

Through his imaginative forays into Europe s past, he narrates public history through private stories, and his sparse and pithy prose is enriched by an emotive intensity and humour. The second part, covering todescribes Voltaire s largely unhappy time at Frederick s court, and then his attempts to escape.

He quotes extensively from letters and other original sources, and there are many stretches where he adds very little embellishment of his own. Nevertheless, the use of passages from very forthright letters, as well as the quick bursts of dialogue, give the novel an intimate feel. The conflict between the idealistic philosopher and the supposedly enlightened man who, once he becomes leader of a nation, shows himself to be as ruthless in carrying out his will as any monarch, is well presented.

The characters and the issues addressed in the novel are compelling and very effectively presented. A remembrance of things past Kokoschkin s Journey is both leisurely and laconic. One of the joys of the book is that the history is neither forcefully condensed nor skimmed over. The novel is the tale of the ageing Kokoschkin s cruise to New York on the Queen Mary II in This often hilarious account of the staid and hypocritical middle classes, who gather for dinner onboard every evening, is overlaid with memories of Kokoschkin s numerous journeys across Europe during his young life as revolutionary and exile.

Having just journeyed across Europe for he suspects the last time, Kokoschkin recalls the significant sites on his life s journey, and so tells a personal history of twentiethcentury Europe: tumultuous times, from the rise of Bolshevism and Nazism to the crushing of the Prague Spring.

The calm ocean cruise is counterposed with these stormy memories. Throughout Wantoness - The Murder Squad T.O. - Fight Violence With Violence (File charming novel there is a sense of restraint, with little need to elaborate on any specific event or conversation. The self-control of the narrative reflects Kokoschkin s own attitude. He often cannot, or does not want to, get more than a passing glimpse of the stations of his past.

This publishing house with its various divisions is part of the Holtzbrinck group. Rowohlt publishes literary fiction, non-fiction and children s books. ISBN: Tales of the unexpected This refreshing collection of entertaining and witty moral stories offers pause for thought over the paths taken by our lives and our attempts to make sense of them.

Some stories clearly nod in the direction of Kafka. In Smokers Corner, a desire for a quick cigarette sends a smoker on a mysterious trail through a literal and metaphorical bureaucratic maze that is, we are led to believe, destined to change the course of his life. Other stories show elements of magical realism: in The President, the head of state in an unnamed, unstable country has his life saved, but in the process radically altered, by a stray cat that mysteriously attaches itself to him as a kind of talisman; after reading The Itch, the reader is left asking, what if itching did spread and threaten to bring the entirety of human progress to a halt?

An afternoon with Monsieur Rousseau is an entertaining one-sided dialogue between an eccentric art and music teacher and his sickly young pupil, the teacher eking out a living on the edge of respectable society. The Border and Bianca Carnevale are more conventional, well-paced narratives. The first traces the fate of a lone soldier patrolling the border between North and South Korea early one morning; and the second tracks the life of a musician determined to achieve lasting global success on her own emancipated terms not as a feted European concert performer, but as a nun who organises a sing-in to protest against the flooding of a valley in Latin America.

The collection s interlocking themes of consequences and chance moments, however, are most strikingly conveyed in the closing, eponymous tale The Stone. This narrative stretches right back to the dawn of time, when the earth s rocky crust was formed, through to the brief moment when a fourteenyear old boy seeks a quick thrill by joining in civil unrest on 1 May, picks up a stone and accidentally hits a girl on the head with it.

The third-person narrative remains neutral and detached, reflecting on the universal laws of physics and physical geography. The collection centres on the line between the real and the imaginary, the realistic and the fantastic, and manages to do so in a pithy, often humorous way.

This humour, and its faintly ambiguous moral undercurrent, make it an intensely pleasurable and thought-provoking read. Hohler has a gift for forming highly comic and thoughtful literary miniatures out of apparently modest material.

He lives in Zurich and is considered to be one of the country s most prominent revue performers and writers. Its list includes literary fiction and poetry as well as definitive editions of selected writers complete works. It is now part of the Random House Group.

Berlin, Novemberpp. ISBN: Wise and foolish builders Sand is an intriguing thriller from a master storyteller with a growing English-language readership. At the same time as the Palestinian terrorist attacks during the Munich Olympics, a local man from a North African desert town is accused of breaking into an oasis commune composed largely of hedonistic Western European ex-patriots, and murdering four people.

The crime has witnesses but is investigated by two bungling policemen who are tired of their monotonous roles and make only a limited effort.

In the meantime, we meet a man who is ostensibly suffering from amnesia. He becomes Herrndorf s hero in Sand, as he lurches from one mishap to the next, incurring injury both emotional and physical at every turn in a spate of torture and threats that he cannot comprehend. Though the overarching cause of his pain, and the innumerable groups on his tracks, remain ambiguous, the reader finds truth in his hapless scrapes and existential contemplation.

Herrndorf paints a vivid picture of a post-colonial society, highlighting the endemic corruption of the police, social prejudice and the decadence of an unfettered artistic class. At the same time he breaks new ground with this expansive, multifarious and scurrilous novel. He lives in Berlin. He was declared to be the Doyen of Pop Literature and awarded numerous prizes for his previous novel, Tschick. ISBN: Murder most foul A debut thriller from a celebrated writer of young adult fiction, this story full of mystery and suspense is built around the increasingly popular phenomenon of geocaching.

The novel begins with the discovery of a woman s corpse in a field of cows. A strange combination of letters and numbers has been tattooed on the soles of her feet.

Detective inspector Beatrice Kaspary from the local murder squad quickly identifies the digits as map coordinates. These lead to a series of gruesome discoveries as she and her colleague Wenninger embark on a bloody trail a modern-day scavenger hunt using GPS navigation devices to locate hidden caches. The owner of these unofficial, unpublished geocaches is a highly calculating and elusive fiend who leaves his victims body-parts sealed in plastic bags, complete with riddles that culminate in a five-stage plot.

Kaspary herself becomes an unwilling pawn in the perpetrator s game of cat and mouse as she risks all to uncover the motives behind the murderer s actions, and only narrowly escapes meeting her own macabre end as he turns the tables on her. Be warned this is definitely not a book for the faint-hearted. After the tremendous success of her young adult novel Erebos, she now dedicates much of her time to writing fiction. She lives with her family in Vienna. Five is her first thriller for adults.

The revelations, twists and turns of the tightly constructed plot are formidable and will bring goose pimples to even the most hardened reader. As war flared in the former Yugoslavia in the s, he became embroiled in politics, arms deals and active combat.

His family repeat a mantra about his death during the war, but several interested parties are determined to find or conceal the truth. In a brilliantly splintered narrative, Bottini shows how the effects of war erupted in various locations and at various times. The chapters shift between andbetween Hamburg and the site of Croatian atrocities against Serb civilians.

It becomes a race to the truth, and to the death. The Cold Dream unlocks recent secrets of European history and a conflict that shook the continent to its core. It extends the crime genre in a distinctive way, working in historical facts and novelistic subtlety.

The work of a master craftsman. He was nominated for the Friedrich Glauser Prize. Oliver Bottini lives in Berlin. ISBN: Environmental terror Metzner s gripping debut novel explores themes of crime, policing, security, nuclear energy and the environment, all familiar from the author s own investigative journalism.

Jonas Mondrian, a Hamburg-based reporter, is tasked with researching the activities of a terrorist group, the Green Army Faction, who have been linked to a number of violent acts that highlight their opposition to environmental policy.

Mondrian makes contact with the group, accompanying them on a protest against GM crops. He is captivated by their leader, known as Gypsy, and later sleeps with her, wondering at the same time if she is a murderer. Members of the group start to be arrested and taken into custody, but Gypsy remains at large. Mondrian discusses with her the evidence he has uncovered against the group. The novel s thrilling climax takes place in Hamburg s container port, when Mondrian realises that the federal Ministry of the Interior is behind the crimes and is planning a further bomb attack.

Green Army Faction is a brutally contemporary novel which draws on present-day concerns such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the future of atomic energy in Europe and the transport of nuclear waste. Metzner builds suspense wonderfully, and the conclusion comes as a truly shocking surprise. He writes about police procedures, criminal cases and security agencies but also about atomic industry and environmental protection groups. Today the company is market leader in the Regional Mystery sector, with 40 different series.

ISBN: On the outside looking in Refreshing, funny and moving, Steinbach s impressive novel evokes the life of a ten-year-old boy on the outskirts of Leipzig during the final year of World War Two. However, this is no run-of-the-mill childhood: Osvald Zeitler is the son of a bacteriologist whose scientific eminence he has twice been nominated for a Nobel Prize is the single and not wholly reliable factor protecting his Jewish wife and child from extermination.

As a Jew, Osvald has long since been barred from school and from society in general, and lives with his parents in a house beyond the pale, rented from an aristocratic landlady much given to whipping her Polish forced labourers. What with his hysterical mother, his distinguished but gross and philandering father, the few maverick outsiders that visit his family home, and his almost total exclusion from the abnormal normality of Naziland on the other side of the surrounding fields, Osvald s childhood perspective, and with it the perspective of the book as a whole, is emphatically that of an extreme outsider.

The main challenge facing any novelist seeking to portray Nazi Germany from the inside is to find a narrative perspective that is at once convincing and sympathetic. Steinbach succeeds in this by creating a narrator who was, so to speak, in it yet not of it: a witness of Nazism, but in no sense responsible for it. As a half-jewish child grudgingly permitted a tenuous existence on the fringes of mainstream society, Osvald meets this requirement perfectly.

A theninnocent child writing now as a knowing adult, he enables Steinbach to deliver a stream of graphic episodes in which Osvald is an observer but not a central participant, and as such both cameraman and commentator rolled into one. The main characters are unfailingly larger than life, and Steinbach skilfully endows them all with splendidly colourful and warmly comic attributes.

Many of the sequences are powerfully realised, such as the haggard wounded soldiers in the passing train; the depiction of the odious local Nazi big shot; and the desperate Russian escapees who so love and are loved by Osvald, but are then mercilessly hunted down and shot like rabbits. And Steinbach s inventive and energetic style gives his compelling subject matter considerable appeal. A sample translation of this title is available on the NBG website private Peter Steinbach was born in in Leipzig.

He was a photography teacher in Cologne, spent six years at sea as a ship s chef, and worked in the theatre and in the radio, to name a few of a variety of jobs. Since Steinbach has been a scriptwriter. He has written numerous screenplays, radioplays, works for the theatre and children s books. Steinbach has been based in Denmark for the past 34 years.

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