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Vampyre Love - Pentagram - When The Screams Come (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Day of Reckoning 2. Evil Seed 3. Broken Vows 4. When The Screams Come 5. Burning Saviours 6. Madman 7. Wartime Be Forewarned 1. Live Free and Burn 2.

Too Late 3. Ask No More 4. The World Will Love Again 5. Vampyre Love 6. Life Blood 7. Wolf's Blood 8. Frustration 9. Bride of Evil Nitemare Gown Petrified LP Timeless Heart Be Forewarned Review Your Choices 1.

Burning Rays 2. Change of Heart 3. Living In A Ram's Head 4. Gorgon's Slave 5. Review Your Choices 6. The Diver 7. The Bees 8. I Am Vengeance 9. Forever My Queen Mow You Down Downhill Slope Megalania Gilla Bedemon Bedemon is not a band in the normal sense of the word. Bedemon is seen by some as the pre-runner to, or an offshoot of, the legendary doom band Pentagram.

Members involved with Bedemon joined Pentagram and some Bedemon songs were re-recorded by Pentagram. The entanglement of both acts is hard to follow, and best explained on their official homepage. Bedemon made various recordings since but never released a full album. Most tracks got released on self-produced tapes. Musically Bedemon is influenced by bands like Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, and their music is best described as proto-doom or pre-doom.

Various original members decided to reunite in to re-record old work. Child of Darkness 2. Enslaver of Humanity 3. Frozen Fear 4. One Way Road 5. Serpent Venom 6.

Last Call 7. Drive Me to the Grave 8. Into the Grave 9. Skinned Through the Gates of Hell Touch the Sky Child of Darkness II Time Bomb Nightmare Killers Axe to Grind. Labels: Traditional. Friday, December 7, Candlemass. One of the most important early Doom bands around, Candlemass was hugely influential on the entire doom-metal genre and is perhaps the biggest doom band from the 80s and arguably the founding fathers of Epic Doom.

Some people believe their debut album contributed to the use of the term "Doom-metal" for this type of music. Candlemass plays mournful, heavy-for-its-time, yet epic sounding Doom-metal with clean vocals. The themes of early Candlemass deal often with the battle between good and evil. The band also gained fame for its vocalist, Messiah Marcolin, being quite the stage appearance with his huge afro and monk's frock.

Epicus Doomicus Metallicus 1. Solitude 2. Demon's Gate 3. Crystal Ball 4. Black Stone Wielder 5. Under the Oak 6. A Sorcerer's Pledge Nightfall 1. Gothic Stone 2. The Well of Souls 3. Codex Gigas 4. At The Gallows End 5. Samarithan 6. March Funebre 7. Dark Are The Veils of Death 8. Mourner's Lament 9. Album) Black Candles Ancient Dreams 1. Mirror Mirror 2. A Cry From The Crypt 3. Darkness in Paradise 4. Incarnation of Evil 5.

Bearer of Pain 6. Ancient Deams 7. The Bells of Acheron 8. Epistle No. Black Sabbath Medley Tales of Creation 1. The Prophecy 2. Dark Reflections 3.

Voices in the Wind 4. Under the Oak 5. Tears 6. Into the Unfathomed Tower 7. The Edge of Heaven 8. Somewhere in Nowhere 9. Through the Infinity Halls of Death A Tale of Creation Candlemass 1.

Black Dwarf 2. Seven Silver Keys 3. Assassin of the Light 4. Copernicus 5. Witches 7. Born in a Tank 8. Spellbreaker 9. The Day And The Night Mars and Volcanos. Labels: EpicTraditional. Wednesday, December 5, Saint Vitus. Saint Vitus was one of the first and greatest traditional Doom bands ever. And has acted as in inspiration for countless others. Together with giants like Candlemass they belong to the main bands representing Doom in the 80s, spawning countless bands in their wake.

Influenced by Black Sabbaththey created some ultra slow and heavy albums that dragged themselves Album) at an almost uncomfortably slow pace. A piece of Doomy history that one should hear at least once.

Saint Vitus 1. Saint Vitus 2. White Magic - Black Magic 3. Zombie Hunger 4. The Psychopath 5. War is Our Destiny 2. White Stallions 3. Mystic Lady 4. Hallow's Victim 5. The Sadist 6. Just Friends Empty Love 7. Prayer for the M asses 8. Outro 9. Darkness White Stallions Born Too Late 2. Clear Windowpane 3. Dying Inside 4. The Lost Feeling 6. The War Starter 7. Thirsty and Miserable Black Flag Cover 8. Look Behind You 9. The End of the End Mournful Cries 1. The Creeps 2.

Dragon Time 3. Shooting Gallery 4. Bitter Truth 5. The Troll 6. Looking Glass V 1. Living Backwards 2. I Bleed Black 3. When Emotion Dies 4. Patra Petra 5. Ice Monkey 6. Jack Frost 7. Angry Man 8. Mind-food Children of Doom 1. Children of Doom 3. Planet of Judgement 4.

Shadow of a Skeleton 5. I Am The Screaming Banshee 6. Plague of Man 7. Imagination Man 8. Fear 9. Get Away Bela A Timeless Tale Hallows Victim Exhumed Die Healing 1.

Dark World 2. One Mind 3. Let the End Begin 4. Trail of Pestilence 5. Sloth 6. Return of the Zombie 7. Relentless Vampyre Love Evil Seed The Ghoul Wolfs Blood Madman Death Row Live Free And Burn Total: First of all, Pentagram are veterans. A lot of catchy moments from Bobby, too. I'm a longtime Pentagram fan since mid 80's and it's great the band is finally getting its much deserved recognition.

Excelente, muito obrigado por compartilhar essa Album) Muito Obrigadoo!!!! Absolutely brilliant post! Can't thank you enough! Sadly I'm only now discovering Pentagram, I wish I was born earlier so I could have a broader experience, but you made the perfect introduction! Thanks a lot!

It was a promising project. I beg! Selamat promo, Ijin Post Yahh. Monday, August 29, Pentagram. Their second album handily avoids the common sophomore slump--probably not too difficult when they've still got piles of Death Row and 70's Pentagram material to choose from.

If anything, it's more consistent and a bit doomier than their first official outing. From the outset, the title track pushes the grim, hopeless atmosphere with Griffin's trademark guitar tone and downtuned riffs.

Meanwhile, "Broken Vows" is easily one of the best songs they've ever done, with its laid-back but nonetheless engaging riff. Album closer "Wartime" is another fantastic track and one of my favorite riffs the band's ever done if my affinity for Wartime and Broken Vows is any indication, I'm easily amused by hammer-ons.

Go figure. An excellent album overall. Maybe even better than their debut, Death Row and Sign of the Wolf alone give the debut a fighting chance in my book. I love it to death, although if I had one complaint, I'd like the bass to be a little higher in the mix; I'm a bassist and even I struggle to pick the thing out under the guitar overdubs. The album was originally released with Joe Hasselvander only playing on the track "Burning Savior" and another drummer named Stuart Rose playing on the rest of the tracks.

In addition, it had a slightly different track order. When the album was finally released on CD inHasselvander re-recorded all of Stuart's tracks. Usually I find that sort of thing unprofessional looking at you, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman reissuesbut since Hasselvander was really part of the "vintage" Pentagram lineup he's on the next album, tooI'm willing to make an exception here.

I'm not a drummer, so I can't really tell you what Album) of a difference it makes. But his cry only confirmed his fears. The village was exactly as he had left it a week ago. The ball the children played with was lying in a corner of the square. The basketball net set up in front of a stone house creaked in the mountain winds.

But they were gone. Every last one of them. The villagers were gone. After the trepidation came sadness. He did not know why they had disappeared. He did not know if they were even alive. Maybe everyone had Album) gone herb-picking together. But no reason could hold back the sadness welling up inside. People who should have been there were not.

Voices that he should have heard were gone. These two simple facts turned into a powerful sense of loss that engulfed his thoughts. The postman desperately searched through the village, trying to see if anyone was there.

And as he began to surrender, let down by the total stillness. He saw something moving out of the corner of his eye. The moment he spotted the figure, his mind went blank. It was one of the stone houses in the village. The old wicket gate opened, and emerged—. A terrified little girl. One he had seen often in the village. The pigtailed girl, her face streaked with tears, ran up to the familiar postman and clung to his leg, sobbing. Several days later, the incident made headlines in the newspapers.

The surviving girl testified that the village had been attacked, and the cluttered state of several houses added credibility to her claim. But the fact that fifty people disappeared overnight, without leaving so much as a drop of blood, led people to murmur that this was, perhaps, not the work of humans. They were abducted by aliens. They were sucked through a tear in space-time.

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  1. Daikasa says:

    Apr 18,  · When the Screams Come, an Album by Pentagram. Released 18 April on Metal Blade (catalog no. ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Doom Metal, Traditional Doom Metal/5(4).

  2. Fejin says:

    Apr 28,  · Profile Born in Arlington, Virginia, Pentagram dates all the way back to and is considered one of the first doom metal acts. Over the course of the years, frontman Bobby Liebling has presided over approximately 2 dozen line ups. The "classic" '70s line up consisted of Liebling, Vincent McAllister (guitar), Greg Mayne (bass) and Geof O'Keefe (drums) (with occasional appearances by Category: Music.

  3. Shagul says:

    Vampyre Love. Full moon on an endless night I can feel the change Clouds roar lightning strikes Time to break the chains Can't believe what you see Something tells you come to me I touch my lips to your breast My teeth pierce your flesh Vampyre love - vampyre love King of darkness Prince of the night - vampyre love Ruby tears like rain Flowing.

  4. Dull says:

    In , Pentagram released a live DVD recorded at Sonar, during the Maryland Deathfest VIII, at the end of the Liebling / Griffin reunion. Named after one of their most popular and oldest tracks, “When The Screams Come” will now (17th April, via Metal Blade Records) be released in vinyl, in three different versions – g black, clear/blue splatter and red.

  5. Gardami says:

    Mar 23,  · Sean Pelletier is a passionate metal music fan. In '94 he was part of the team label Relapse Records, then he got to work with Season of Mist, and now gives a helping hand to Phil Anselmo on Housecore Records, he is also the manager of the legendary band Pentagram, and the Swedish band in Solitude. All of us who love the music of the group.

  6. Gogul says:

    Fourth album with tracks covering love, loss, heartbreak, football (always football). >The Saints - Eternally Yours [Reissue/] LP (4 Men With Beards] HQ vinyl reissue of the second album from the legendary Brisbane punk band, originally released in

  7. Zulubar says:

    There are four different endings in Vampyr. It all depends on how many people Jonathan has "drank" during the game. On the following page of our guide you will find a list of endings with their descriptions. Ending #1 - Jonathan and Elisabeth travel the world. Ending #2 - .

  8. Goltigami says:

    The self titled Cortez album which was released on double vinyl LP in has been released on CD via Bilocation Records First ever PENTAGRAM DVD 'When The Screams Come' due August 26/ On October 23rd Bad Afro Records will re-issue the Baby Woodrose album 'Love Comes Down'. For many people this can be considered the “lost.

  9. Faujinn says:

    Oct 27,  · METAL VIDEO PENTAGRAM When The Screams Come Metal Blade new DVD 1 MOVIE DVD SLUGS Slugs Arrow Video new 1 MOVIE DVD VAMP Vamp Arrow Video new 1 NOISE LP CONTROLLED BLEEDING Distress Signals I Artdefact new Grey Vinyl 1 NOISE LP CONTROLLED BLEEDING Knees And Bones Artdefact new 1.

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