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The Promise - Bruce Springsteen - Do I Have To Say His Name? (Vinyl, LP)

Or the song about the evil small-town mayor who tricks his illegitimate son into hooking up with his half-sister. Harry Chapin is not kind to the characters in his songs. Of all the indelible classics that Roy Orbison graced us with before shuffling off this mortal coil innone feel more permanently etched into the shale of our collective psyche than this gorgeous heartbreaker that he released in Its power resides in its slowly stately build up with shuffling drums, a sly bit of marimba, and those weightless strings wafting through it all.

Stranded in the middle of this musical swirl stands Orbison, bleeding with emotion as he recounts all the reasons that his shattered heart is never going to heal and his tear-stained cheeks will never dry. Weddings are generally happy occasions—unless your true love is getting hitched to someone else. This is a song that more people should know, but that no one else should ever attempt to cover. So take R. Cohen has a way of invoking deep spiritual longing with Biblical references that turn extremely personal, and Buckley had a way of drenching it all in tremulous emotion.

The combination is transcendent. Leave it to the man who released 69 Love Songs to out-sad every other modern ode to heartbreak. With his deep, hang-dog voice, Stephen Merritt can no longer imagine that the sun would even bother to shine on a world where his love is gone. His wife, June Carter Cash, died six months later—followed four months after by Cash himself.

The sorrow behind this Hank Williams classic is heightened by the way each grief-stricken element of the song comes together.

The robin, the whippoorwill, the midnight train—they all mourn with him to meet his quavering drawl, the imagery paralleling the sonic atmosphere. There is one moment in one song in the world that gives me chills every time I hear it. When the narrator looks at the body of the girl he loves after she finally succumbs to cancer, he thinks for a moment that he sees her breathing. Even then, there are hidden tracks, audio pranks, temporal figure-eights, and unreleased songs galore.

For an artist who was happy to put eight or nine songs on an album and call it good, this behemoth offers a distressing glut of inessential lifestyle music.

You may remember this as the album that pissed off English record labels when Prince tried to give it away with copies of The Mail on Sunday.

A perfunctory release that was meant to help free Prince from his onerous Warner Bros. The title track is an example of its multiple-personality weakness, with solid melodies and performances but ill-considered production. Beaster was better. This album stings because should have been the year of Prince, given how much he owned the turn-of-the-millennium in song. Instead, Rave landed like a wounded bird, trying its best to look composed and alert while folding an injured wing under its body.

The disco affectations, tepid horns, and phoned-in lyrics are charming, at best. I wanted badly to embrace this album when it first came out, given that I was lucky enough to see Prince perform live the preceding year with 3rdEyeGirl as his backing band. This is an especially weird and divisive one, having been recorded in and rumored among fans and collectors to be any number of things it was unofficially known for awhile as The Funk Bible.

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January 14, Collection: — High Hopes American Beauty B [22]. Why They're Video Icons : As many of the great bands of '90s alternative struggled with the meaning of video stardom, Smashing Pumpkins rocketed past them with unapologetic ambition, executing highly inventive clips with some of the era's best directors. Worth YouTubing : Co-directed by frontman Billy Corgan and then-girlfriend Yelena Yemchuk, "Thirty-Three" was the least-accessible of the band's five hit videos from blockbuster double LP Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadnessbut also perhaps the loveliest -- an elliptical visual photo album of real, borrowed and imagined memories.

The MTV Classic : "Weapon of Choice" found Walken shimmying, shaking and occasionally sashaying through an empty hotel in an impeccable display of swagger and choreography that scored the Moonperson for best choreography at the VMAs, where the video also won five other awards. Why They're Video Icons : Red Velvet are of the most consistently imaginative music video acts in contemporary pop, with inspired and brilliantly executed concepts that prove quickly unforgettable.

The MTV Classic : "Red Flavor," a typically eye-popping clip with such loving reverence and almost interpersonal respect for fruit that it might even make you feel guilty the next time you add a couple strawberries or banana slices to your morning cereal. Worth YouTubing : "Wish Tree," a contest-winning, SM Entertainment-approved video submission for the group's soulful ballad, LP) which two young women enjoy an intense friendship that at least one seems to hope will become something more -- with a fairly tearjerking ending.

Why They're Video Icons : The college-rockers helped set the stage for and then heavily participated in MTV's '90s alt takeover, with some of the most challenging videos to still be unmissable in the channel's first decade-plus. Worth YouTubing : "Fall on Me," essentially the invention of the modern lyric video. Why They're Video Icons : Tom Petty left behind more than four decades of songs that were beautifully wide open in their music, lyrics and emotions -- but as a video artist he reveled in a less straightforward touch, creating clips packed with playful vignettes, animation, wacky perspectives and even a corpse or two.

Why She's a Video Icon: Eilish flawlessly interprets her dark imagination and lyrics into cinematographic fantasies, creating an enigmatic, twisted world of her own.

Why He's a Video Icon: Biggie's slick delivery and imaginative mind was amplified by his opulent, larger-than-life video persona. Blige, Aaliyah, Heavy LP) and many more. Worth YouTubing : "Sky's The Limit," a Spike Jonze-helmed visual filmed after Biggie's murder, was a brilliant re-imagination of his rags-to-riches come-up, starring kid actors playing the grown-up, living-large versions of Biggie, Puffy, Faith and countless other associates.

She's the leader of the '90s country-pop crossover stars for a reason. A full-length leopard print hooded cape. He received the video vanguard award in from Madonna, no less. Why They're Video Icons : Few acts inside or outside of hip-hop used MTV as a platform to spread a larger message the way Public Enemy did, with unignorable clips that satirized and lambasted societal ills and positioned the group as true prophets of rage. The MTV Classic : "Fight the Power," a staged protest rally to accompany the release of Spike Lee's incendiary race-relations drama Do the Right Thing that felt like history in the making -- and needless to say, feels even more vital than ever in Worth YouTubing : "Night of the Living Baseheads," a combined media parody and protest clip with fake PETV news broadcasts, fake "beeper tie" commercials, and very real concerns about the crack epidemic's impact on the Black community.

Why They're Video Icons : Before Blackpink and Red Velvet, there was Girls' Generation, who set the standard for impressively-choreographed Korean girl group videos as well as the importance of eye-catching outfits and props. Why He's a Video Icon : West's charisma and daredevil mentality always serves as the main ingredients for his thrilling, unpredictable videos.

But his entire catalogue will make you want to rock your body. Why She's a Video Icon : Miley has managed to make headlines with nearly every music video she drops -- especially when one ushers in a new look -- simultaneously inspiring spoofs and Halloween outfits for years to come. Why They're Video Icons : One of the first artists to create a thematic through-line in her videography, Annie Lennox -- from her time with Dave Stewart in the Eurythmics to her stunning solo career -- played with visual androgyny, period garb and Sirkian melodramatic kitsch over a series of clips that helped define MTV's first decade.

The MTV Classic : The corporate satire of "Sweet Dreams" might be a bit heavy-handed at points Dave Stewart punching away at a computer next to a herd of cows is embarrassingly obviousbut Lennox in her Wall Street suit, shooting piercing stares from beneath that blazing orange buzzcut, is one of the most memorable images of the era.

Why He's a Video Icon : Few stars of the s have realized the power of the event video as well as Drake, dropping an expertly crafted, headline-grabbing visual not just whenever he needs to promote a new single, but whenever he wants to change an inconvenient conversation.

The MTV Classic : As inspired and expansive as recent clips have been, it's still hard to beat Drake's neon-backdropped dance moves in the "Hotline Bling" clipthe only music video of the last decade to inspire an actually funny ugly Christmas sweater. But for high schoolers watching the video on loop, it played out the magical moment of finding out your crush likes you back.

Why They're Video Icons : Dre's visuals have helped define multiple generations of hip-hop videos, from the confrontational energy of N. A in the late '80s to the G-Funk cookout chill of The Chronic in the mid-'90s to the widescreen turn-of-the-century menace of Worth YouTubing : Gotta love N. Why She's a Video Icon: Expect the unexpected! British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved September 3, Official Charts Company. Retrieved June 5, Retrieved January 31, Hung Medien.

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    May 12,  · Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” isn’t just sad—it’s absolutely soul-crushing. A brief summary of its events: a teen couple in a dead-end town accidentally get pregnant.

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    Excludes carpet, self-adhesive and luxury vinyl click tiles. For full T&C's see here. †Finance Credit terms and conditions see here. Free delivery over £50 refers to standard home delivery orders placed on only. Charges refer to the value of goods being delivered and excludes delivery from stores or services. Excludes bulk, large and.

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    Born This Way is the second studio album by American singer Lady Gaga, released by Interscope Records on May 23, It was co-written and co-produced by Gaga with several producers, including RedOne and Fernando Garibay, who had previously worked with also worked with artists such as E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons and Queen guitarist Brian May.

  4. Nimuro says:

    Even if he'd rather not have a rest stop there with his name on it. Springsteen shows a surprising fondness for contemporary country singers in Volume 26, sifting some gold from not only Chief "Springsteen" singer Eric Church, but also Morgan Wallen, Kane Brown, and Dierks Bentley. Bentley's track, "Home," takes an even wider scope, as one.

  5. Julkis says:

    Jun 18,  · SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY, SET WING TO WING As Bruce Springsteen prepares for tonight's second show of his summertime residency, pro-shot video takes us inside the theater for a few minutes of Saturday's opening night — above, watch Bruce's first entrance on the St. James stage, a good chunk of "Growin' Up," and the curtain call with Patti Scialfa.

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    High Hopes is the eighteenth studio album by American recording artist Bruce Springsteen, released January 14, , on Columbia album was Springsteen's 11th #1 album in the United States, placing him third all-time for most No. 1 albums only behind The Beatles and Jay-Z. It was his tenth No. 1 in the UK putting him on par with The Rolling Stones and U2.

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    Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, ), known professionally as Eminem (/ ˌ ɛ m ɪ ˈ n ɛ m /; formerly stylized as EMINƎM), is an American rapper, songwriter, and record is among the best-selling music artists of all time, with estimated worldwide sales of over million is credited with popularizing hip hop in Middle America .

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    Seventeen Say Goodbye to Boyhood in Concept Trailer for 'Attacca' EP: Watch. Starr Bowenbank. 10 hours ago. Latin. SZA Sings in Spanish .

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