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Now Im Here - Queen - A Night At The Odeon (CD, Album)

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Vocabula ry Grammar Time twins Present simple 1 Match and a-f to form sentences. S I wonder 3 I not have any brothers or sisters, but 6 Paula works in a nursery my friend have two sisters.

Saturdays but I watch sports every day. There are some short answers. Hi, I'm Katy! We're lfJ,v 0. We go sentences. Use the verbs in Present simple brackets to complete the sentences about what Form the teenagers are doing. However, in present simple sentences the Tom and Frank V. I usually gQ swimming on Sundays We don't usually have breakfast together.

Does she usually catch the bus home? They drink coffee. Present continuous S Brian wait for a friend. Form 6 George go to the gym. A B 1 Kate is studying a lot this week. John l2. I have a very busy social life! At the weekend, we usually 2 the cinema.

We all love films! B: Dracula. Now Im Here - Queen - A Night At The Odeon (CD often 7 sport or. Of course, I sometimes - - - film. Use of the present simple what where when which who why how what kind.

A: Wh c. He plays football every Sunday morning. B: Ilike reggae. My mother doesn't speak German. B: I'm doing my homework. Use of the present continuous B: About fifty CDs. B: In Poland. The sun is shining. It isn't raining. B: About ten euros. I'm reading a fantastic book. I can't see. Questions and question words B: Jane.

Question word to ask about: B: I like them both! Then answer the questions. Which film do you want to see - the Brad Pitt one, or the horror film? Where do you come from? What time does your mother get home? What is his name?

Are you an only child? Talking teenagers 1 Complete the sentences with the words below. Simon always makes me laugh. S Do you have any brothers or sisters? They give me enough freedom. S There is a lot of at school. There are tests and exams every month. Choose the correct answer.

Family and relationships The two girls are 2 Complete the table with the words below. Match questions with Male Female the paragraph where you find the answer. Complete the sentences 3 D Does the hotline help with homework? Jana answers, 'Th is is Teens Talking to Teens. Young people in the city help at a telephone hotline for teenage rs with problems. What's so special about this hotline? Well, the people who answer the phones are fou rteen to eighteen-yea r-olds.

They aren't experts but they try to help. Two teenagers work every day from 3 p. They don't work at weekends or during holidays. Most teenage rs who ph one are high school students with problems. Teenagers today complain that their parents don't give them enough freedom. But the biggest problem is school. They worry about teachers, marks and exams, and there is a lot of exam pressure. Also, many kids are unhappy about their appearance.

We listen and try to help: e 'We're in the media, so everybody knows our phone number; says Tina,'even parents. Parents sometimes call us for support when they are having problems with their teenage daughter or son. They don't know what to do.

Kids call us because they find it difficult to talk to their mum or dad. Some kids even want to leave home but we ask them to think about it for a day or two. I think all the hotline helpers are good at listening, talking and giving advice and support to Listening 8 OJ Karen Klass is talking to Alan Lost about British teenagers' problems.

Which teenage problems do you think you are going to hear people in trouble; says Jana. Choose the correct answers. Where does Alan work? S Alan thinks. S D Teenagers worry about their school exams. Type of course 2-week course D A Put the day of the month first, then the month, 4-week course 0 then the year. Finally, put the town or city Postcode Wlt2tJ8 and the postcode.

House number and street lX. Postcode What is Kasia's full name? R 3 Where does she want to stay? Use the notes in box F to help you. Use the notes in box A to help you. Surname Place of birth Date of birth 6 Use the information below and the strategies Sex in exercise 5 to complete Kristof's application Nationality form for Kinglee School of English. Meeting and greeting Telephone number 7 Complete the mini dialogues with the email address expressions below. Nice to meet you.

Thanks, it's great to be here. Getting to know people Hi! I It was fine, thanks. How do you do? I'm fine, thanks. A: Hello! I'm Kristof. Oh, I'm from Budapest in Hungary. Where are you staying? B: D Hi, Kristof. I'm Kasia, from 3 A: This is my sister, Helen. B: D Yes, very much. It's a fantastic city. Which course are you doing? B: And you? D I'm doing the four-week English course. B: D Which part of Poland are you from?

D I'm staying with a really nice family. Are you B: enjoying London? Then write their past simple forms.

He From: Emily. On Friday, Clare and. The Amy not go with us - she S band travelled a lot. Hester wasn't happy when he be busy. We 6 not like the fil-m- -- because it 7 be boring! On Album) was away from home and he was often 8 -. Th-e- - band. He was only hamburgers 10 be great! How was your weekend? Past simple A: Where dId lrfv. B: He go to Mark's party.

They remembered the date. B: I be born at three o'clock in the morning. They didn't remember the date. He didn't buy a new watch. Did they remember the date? Did he buy a new watch? B: No, she. Short Yes, they did. B: They be twenty. B: She start six months ago.

Wh- questions Pete and Rita fv. What did she have for lunch yesterday? Ind Rrf? I phoned her yesterday evening. Time expressions 5 How many? Complete the sentences with the 5 d r e n t r j correct form of the verbs in brackets. Then look C e a h y t t 0 at the pictures and tick.! It wasn't very expensive. S Anna - - - - school when she was four 3 D Diane and Ann do their homework.

S D The food burn onthe cooker. Our son It because the dinner was burning. He to a friend on the phone. They some food. The past continuous is used for the action in progress or the background action and the past simple for the completed action. Sentences like this usually contain while or when. They got married inwhile they were living in New York.

Write the names of the professions using the words below. She is very 5 Newton discove ed the good. They were b the theory of Relativity. A few years ago nobody knew e the helicopter. She always wears g the army in battle. Then read the text and check your answers.

I true or cross X 4 When did Johnny Depp change his lifestyle? S Where was Ellen Page born? S D Ellen Page's parents are actors. Do you ever dream of being famous? Today, we look at three people who were rich and famous - before they were twenty-one years old! British actress Johnny Depp wanted Ellen Page was born Keira Knightley to be a rock star, but he in Nova Scotia, Canada, started acting when she became a famous fi lm in Her mother is a was very young.

Her father star. His family moved teacher and her father is is also an actor and her around the USA a lot a designer. When she was mother writes plays for when he was young and only ten years old she the theatre. When Keira he wasn't always happy. Six years later, she part in Star Wars. Three was still in his teens and made Mouth to Mouth, years later, she played the played the guitar with a a film set in Europe.

Her part of Jules, a football- band called the Rock City big break came in crazy teenager in Bend Angels. The critics thought film that made her really Jump Street, but his first her performance was famous. The next year she big film was Nightmare on fantastic. Teenagers and was the beautiful young Elm Street. When he was adults loved her next film, wife in Love Actually.

She was Then in she made of famous girlfriends and nominated for an Oscar the first of the Pirates of he often got into trouble. Although she didn 't the Caribbean films. She But when he met Vanessa win the award this timewas nominated for lots of Paradis, he changed his she's got lots of time to awards including Golden lifestyle. He now lives win one!

Reading 3 Read the second paragraph. All the underlined words refer to the same thing. What is it? Matching head ings w it h paragraph s Choose the best heading a-c for this paragraph. Itf'II 1 2 An appropriate heading of a paragraph must not Mount Everest 8, metres lies between be too general or too narrow.

Tibet and Nepal. It is called Chomolungma by the Tibetans and Sagarmatha by the Nepalese. Between andtwelve expeditions failed 1 Read the title and introduction to the text to to reach its top. Which statement do you think is true, a or b? There Now Im Here - Queen - A Night At The Odeon (CD one extra world's highest mountain, died on Fnday heading. Hillary helped prepare the climb when he took b The text is about a famous man who died. Then, on the morning of May 29,2 Read the first paragraph of the text and the he and the Nepalese climber Tenzing N orgay three headings.

Answer the questions. Interestingly, for many years both men refused to tell which of them was the first: 1 they always said they did it together. Hillary was born in New Zealand in As a 4 boy, he was rather shy and not very good at sports. After his great success, Hillary continued to climb He liked adventure books. During a school trip in the Himalayas. Hosts Tuff - Paris Vol. Hot stuff the Palais Royale.

Hot Stuff volume one - on stage Hot Stuff volume two - in studio Hours at the Hairdresser's Gone to Ruin. I'm living with these memories In Oakland On Mick's Birthday.

Just like a Beetle. Inglewood Forum, LA 69 2nd show. It's nice to be back It's Only Goat's Head Soup It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Outtakes. It's Only Rock'n Bowl Vol. Keith, Where's The Party Tonight? Kentucky Fried Rockers Vol. L'Olympia, Paris, April 17, Lacerated At The Cocktail Party. Ladies and Gentlemen The Rolling Stones.

North American Tour ' LeedsEngland, March 13, Leeds, Roundhay Park, July 25, Let The Airwaves Flow 5: Paris Lexington Kentucky Rupp Arena. Licks Europe Tour Utrecht. Listen Napoli and then Die The Lone Ranger. Live At Leeds Roundhay Park Live At Rose Garden Portland. Live at The Budokan Special Edition.

Live at the Double Door Chicago. Live at the Hollywood Bowl Live at the Hollywood Bowl First Night Live at The Honda Center Live at the L. Memorial Coliseum.

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