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JoJos Chillin - Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Presents - Gettin Sirius Vol. Double ] [Pitbull-M. Kelly - My Diary Import ] [R. C - Long Time Comin] [T. I - Featuring T. P-2CD] [T. I - Im serious] [T. E] [The Game - uknowwhatitis v. G] [The Notorious B. Posted by icey at AM 4 comments:. Labels: In Sebastian Carter's latest, "Shallow Waters," he is able to orchestrate a tapestry of vibrant sound and His synths are picked and painted with the precious of an artist creating a mosaic. BrainDead "The Power of Euphemism Comics Alliance - 8 Aug That all changes as early as tomorrow, Per the official description for Pretty Little Castle and Esposito, together again?

Jon Huertas will make a guest appearance in the second season of Con Man, the web-based Firefly sendup exec-produced by and starring his former Castle The previously confirmed crossover will bring together Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. That thought and a cup of coffee often gets my days started fairly well.

This quiet meditation, and the feelings that surround it, are the thesis of the new Teen Daze record, Morning World. Writing and recording a pinnacle metal album is not simple. Formerly of the bands Mazes and Veronica Falls, respectively, the gentlemen became fast friends when their bands went on tour with each other, Mazes opening for VF.

After bonding over musical tastes, as well as those of film and television, the pair began jamming together. The islander preformed top tracks from his two albums and a few from his upcoming release entitled Love Will Find A Way. This year-old family man is well grounded in his life and career sharing the stage with artist such as Nahko and Medicine For the People, Jack Johnson and the John Butler Trio.

Following the success of his debut effort Country Sleep, Yellen gathered his go to collaborators, many of which appeared on his debut. Though the credits on the record reach just over twenty, Yellen credits this small group as the core of the project. However, lead singer and founding member Adam Granduciel would rather have you focus on their progression as a band.

After a few lineup changes, they released their most recent album, Lost in the Dream, in Despite its name, The War on Drugs, in fact, does not have a war on drugs. Fort Collins, Colorado native Derek Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, started making beats in high school, but eventually found himself at the forefront of the electronic music scene. The year-old producer is once again on tour and ascends on the Red Rocks stage August 8 and 9.

He took some time to discuss the severity of drug use at EDM shows, the recording process and his outlandish height. Of all the musical instruments iconic to American music, the paramount would be the guitar. For Kurt Vile, Pennsylvania born indie rocker, the guitar is both the means and the end.

Being raised by two grandparents and a travelling mother, Gardot was rarely in one place for long, so when she began to take piano lessons at the age of nine, the blooming musician finally had something that was hers: music. At 16, she began playing in local bars two nights a week, and inafter being in a near fatal car accident, she coped with excruciating pain by teaching herself to play guitar.

This week, Folds released some of the first new material since his record, Way To Normal, which was followed with a college a-capella record, and a compilation album.

The band was formed inwhile SCI took a step back and Hollingsworth fronted his own solo career. BandWagon caught up with this down to earth creative at his birthday celebration earlier this year to talk skills in music and hops. Anyone who has seen Macfadden on the turntables knows he will be just fine.

The performance was nothing short of mind-blowing. Thankfully, Panama not only avoids mediocrity, but races forward with memorable energy. Far more than merely passable, the Always EP is just a great piece of alternative music. With extensive histories as professional drummers, it seemed only natural that members Michael Travis and Jason Hann would evolve to another level in their musical careers.

After all, they had mastered their percussion instruments and almost needed to embark on a new journey. During their days in the progressive bluegrass band, String Cheese Incident, Travis and Hann discovered a shared love of electronic music during late night jam sessions. The percent improvised sets Hann and Travis perform night after night are created without a script or prerecorded loops, lending their material a completely original feel.

With In Another Life, Bilal releases a collection of tunes ripe for the season. Then I met Tobin. The two began tooling around with the spare instruments Prinz had scattered about his flat, specifically the drum and bass.

The historic Bluebird in Denver is a blast, and these talented local bands delivered an epic performance. As Best Coast prepares to kick off another national tour, Cosentino opens up about body image issues, her not-so-secret love for Hillary Duff and California Nights. Even an entire …. Set against the 90 degree days and the blood orange sunsets of Colorado summer, Teen Men are a tall glass of cool, dry water.

The debut record is out now on most major music services, and look out for the vinyl on shelves July Yet Jones was always a bit of an anomaly and decidedly went a different route than his West Coast gangster rapping contemporaries.

He took a more tongue-in-cheek approach to hip-hop, sampled a lot of Parliament and it was obvious he was a having a lot of fun with it. It showcased a style that was unparalleled to what was coming out of the Bay at that time. No two people explore loss in the same way, particularly when it comes to musicians. Joel was kind enough to answer a few questions about the band and the album. Imagine Speed Racer has just collided with a cargo train full of toxic sludge and candy. Dead and injured are everywhere, fire wrecks the countryside, as a shambling, stumbling figure emerges from the carnage.

Candy coated and chaotic, Deerhoof is here to lay waste to your musical comfort zones. They come armed with a year discography, and minds that pump out frenetic, frenzied noise.

After some much needed down time the trio reformed with a new and refreshed outlook on the project and proceeded to lay down the most raucous addition to their discography yet. On February 17th, APTBS released their new album, a perfect representation of why we need pop music and all its predictability.

Transfixation exists, if only as a measuring post against the aural insanity that is Transfixation. The sounds present were mournful, bluesy, folkloric, and odiously recorded. Almost two years later Matsson released his full length debut, Shallow Grave, which traded in the Ozarkian twang for a sweeter folk bend, and redolent, flowering lyrics. The Providence, Rhode Island-native, former spoken word champion, seasoned emcee and founder of Strange Famous Records has built a comfortable career for himself over the last two decades, but he would rather stay under the radar.

Francis has never been one to seek out fame, it kind of found him. His incredible writing talent was undeniable. Coupled with a strong stage presence, it was only a matter of time before he attracted attention.

However, that all goes out the window when he takes his first step on stage; he explodes with confidence. There are several issues going on with the whole Smash Mouth incident that occurred over the weekend. Granted, they are one of the last bands on Earth that should have been booked, well, anywhere, but lead singer Steve Harwell should have been able to deliver his god awful music in peace.

For me, the best artists musical or not are the ones who are growing from project to project. It makes the music feel more genuine, more organic. Last year, when Sharon Van Etten released Are We There, we glimpsed into the gnarled and fraught mental scape of a woman on the edge of love.

Editors Note: The rest of our photos from the show are now up and can be found here! The sky was dark and the rain kept pouring down until the encore. Su gira Formula vol. Elvin Bishop has had a long and prolific career as a blues guitarist. Gearing up for the Greeley Blues Jam, we had a chance to sit down with Bishop to talk about the blues and his amazing career.

Like Kishi Bashi, Washington has supported many a musician. His first national tour was with Snoop Dogg, and he joined Raphael Saadiq for his first international tour. From the countless promoters, managers, photographers, press outlets, sound guys, door guys, bartenders, and not to mention all the artists putting everything out there every night just to scrape out a living, everything is a grind to have a seat at the table.

But then there are those people who walk in, step on stage and are just so talented that everything fits perfectly together before our eyes. What is The Social Experiment? Bones Muhroni drummer Ryan Wykert describes their music as a funky folk band, but Ryan was always a little weird. Now that I think about the time they lived in Greeley and we named them the winner of the BandWagon Battle of the Bands, all the guys in Bones Muhroni were pretty weird.

Now living in Los Angeles, the Muhroni boys have out done themselves with their latest release Maxwell and that weirdness has congealed into something special. Beginning her musical career in the band AwRY, Worden soon left the group, and began producing music under the moniker My Brightest Diamond.

Enrapturing fans with the deft composition and ghostly vocals of her debut record Bring Me The Workhorse, Worden would go on to release a her Shark Remixes EP series, as well as a handful of full length albums, including the ethereal and cheeky All Things Will Unwind. Demarco creates a lazy river with his melodies, which the listeners glide abidingly down.

Mumford may have gained their fame riding some say starting the wave of popularity for pop-folk music, but Wilder Mind finds the band ditching almost all of their familiarly twangy tunes for a fairly straight laced alternative rock sound.

In place of fever pitched banjos come shining, sometimes dry guitars. The resulting sound places them closer to War on Drugs, Ryan Adams, or Ben Howard than any of their pop-folk contemporaries. From Longmont, Colorado he was born into music. With releases stretch back to summer of with her first EP Panchito Blues, Hanlon dances the line between The Runaways and MC Chris, blending nerdcore sentiments with headbanging riffs.

If fans were worried about the band resting on laurels on their second time around, they need not be. Released in JanuarySave Me, the new EP from alternative-rockers Racing on the Sun, was the perfect way to kick off the new year for the Northern Colorado music scene. As big of a departure as Wolf was, Cherry Bomb is from Wolf.

Sequential is the brutal, five track EP released in December by progressive metalcore band The Panoramic. The band is comprised of four extremely talented musicians from around Colorado, with half of the band being Greeley residents, although they claim to be based out of Fort Collins. To keep things interesting, the band also draws from a multitude of different influences ranging from world music to spoken word. To dismiss Twin Peaks simply because they share a name with an old television show beloved by some and forgotten by others would be a mistake.

Indeed, the Chicago quartet is rudimentary at face value, but the second the disc starts spinning they reveal their true colors as something much more exciting and special. Their newest LP, Wild Onion, is an entertaining piece JoJos Chillin - Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music (Vinyl keeps things relatively grounded to huge success. The VJO have successively preserved the initiative of big band music against all popularity odds allowing their talent to transcend listeners back and forth through time.

From Kansas City, Missouri to the farthest borders of Indonesia, renowned jazz soul singer Deborah Brown has been establishing footholds in contemporary jazz for over thirty years. In May of last year, I was lucky enough to score some tickets to see one of my favorite bands in concert. The show was at the Pepsi Center not my first, second, or third choice in venue but the show was everything I hoped it would be.

It was raucous and colorful. I know the singer is typically the focus in band settings, but the energy coming off the tambourine man was inescapable. The music was his voice, and he screamed his throat raw every song.

The band was Arcade Fire, and the man was Will Butler. Growing up in San Diego, California made it easy to fall in love with reggae.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise they are the co-founders of the San Diego-based reggae band, Tribal Seeds. Much like their predecessors, which include Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, among others, reggae gives them a sense of peace unparalleled by other musical genres.

Chris Potter is no stranger to hard work and the nature of the beast that is the professional jazz world. With over fifteen album releases and guest spots on records of some of JoJos Chillin - Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music (Vinyl most prolific musicians in the industry a list that includes Steeley Dan for all you non-jazz heads out there Chris Potter sits in the top echelon of saxophonists in an ever changing and modernizing international scene.

The latter is a punk-rock band. It was the later days of her first project, and Connie Hong was LP to feel like it was time to move on. She approached friend and producer Chris Beeble about beginning a new project, and from those early days of collaboration, Ivory Circle was born. Now armed with three extra members and a clearer musical focus, the band finds themselves in the middle of an EP trilogy.

This month, the BandWagon caught up with Connie Hong to talk about the trilogy, and its process. On Full Nelson we hear In the Whale in full command of this wild animal of a band birthed out of a particularly grueling time in the Greeley music scene.

Since then they have clawed their way up the Colorado music latter with show after show, release after release, and now tour after tour. Full Nelson has them at their current best with five tracks of honest rock and roll. Expecting some sort of sloppy metal, I braced myself for what I might hear. I could not have been more wrong. Jalbert commands the mic from first to last.

The vocal that came as coy in Loyola loses the cuddle in favor of something more listless, lilting, and sardonic. The effect is something close to The Zombies meets Kimya Dawson, without any of the kitch. They are titled Equilateral, Isosceles, and Scalene, respectively. In the first two chapters, Hong and her cohorts have crafted a thrumming, vibrant collection of dream-pop tunes. Equilateral is out now, and Isosceles hits shelves April 14th.

Scalene is currently slated for a release. This is typical of Barnes. He loves to experiment with all types of music and often incorporates several genres into one track. The patently Australian chill that was present in her first album still rings true, while lazily wandering into new musical territory. George Lewis Jr. He misses the mark but the effort is not without a few solid jams.

Born in Long Beach, California and raised in Compton as the youngest of eight, J Boog worked to make his sound a collaboration of family influence and personal freedom. He continues to produce singles that make their way to the top charts for reggae and put out his latest EP Live Up in Growing up in Manhattan, he was enamored with hip-hop since the moment he heard it.

He met emcee Aesop Rock while attending Boston University in and it was on from there. Although Simon prefers rap music over instrumental music, he has a deep appreciation for all genres. Death Grips fans rejoice! After splitting up in July, the band promised the 2nd half of their final album by JoJos Chillin - Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music (Vinyl end of the year. After the release of the unexpected Fashion Week LP, and numerous release date changes, it appears as though Death Grips has finally settled on a release date, and they mean to keep it.

Jenny Death, the 2nd half of the powers that b, will be release March 17th. This Tuesday. Like I said, rejoice. Each member brings forth a unique musical background, ranging from jazz, to classical and metal. Only when the members of Aspen Hourglass combine these elements does something magical happen. Ethereal at first, but with time, and multiple listening sessions, the complexities of the music begin to reveal themselves.

The Hotboxed EP is intended to be a showcase of his abilities as a songwriter, producer, and performer. The album incorporates many reggae elements and features local reggae talent Bad Kat, President Destine, and Spellbinder. The album dropped while opening for Afroman last year at the Moxi Theater. This week, Purity Ring released another eternity, the 2nd studio release for the duo.

The digitized Megan James vocal is the perfect candy-coated counterpoint to the whomping, swirling bass. Each song is a druggy fever dream tumbling through your computer screen.

James and band mate Corin Roddick know their sound, and they do it well. Menciona una navaja y como el filo le corta el alma, continua a decir que el es mil pedazos de un amor. S real name Stefon Alexander was having severe health issues that caused him to lay low for the better part of three years.

Thankfully, that ordeal is over and he is now the proud owner of two new kidneys. At 15, when Aly Spralto began writing music of her own in the basement of a DVD rental she worked at, she grew into the habit of keeping a journal by her bed.

They would hold doodles, lyrical nuggets that begged to be written down, and figments of dreams. Sometimes, she would wake up to find a message written by her half-asleep self. This was the case LP her moniker. What she awoke to find scrawled on the journal page, would soon become the name on her debut effort, Ripley Pine, as well as her new album After, which hits stores March 3rd.

InSwedish singer-songwriter Kristian Mattson released his self-titled debut to overwhelmingly positive reviews under the moniker The Tallest Man on Earth.

Eight years later, and with 3 albums under his belt, The Tallest Man …. However, emcee Zumbi and producer Amp Live are on a mission to change that.

One is a powerful expression of minimalism that is highly technical and enveloping, the other is well, Neil Young hanging out on the beach. In our conversation, we talk about her creative process, touring, and the writing and recording of her new album After. Check out the March issue of BandWagon Magazine to see our review. Growing up on the Southside of Chicago, the now year-old artist was lacking a strong male role model in his life.

Raised Better Than This came out on October 7, after a much anticipated wait by local fans and the band. This quintet is usually known for being a Mile High punk band with occasional ska influences and the curveball bagpipe player. They have come a long way since their first self-titled album released in The twelve songs on their new album include several different influences that make this collection as incredible as the first two albums were. The noise-rock trio is based out of Brooklyn, and have just released their 4th studio album, Transfixation.

Transfixation comes out February 17th. Check out the March issue of the BandWagon Magazine for our full review. What began as a trickle, soon became an unstoppable waterfall of fandom for the band. The album snagged them a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, as well as a headlining spot at the awards in There are several tracks on the album where the use of the cello is abundantly clear and contributes a powerful element to already electric songs. Thankfully, as Cursive gets ready to reissue The Ugly Organ and head out on tour in support of the record, the group has decided to reintroduce the cello at each show.

Her lyrics are biting and sarcastic, and her deadpan sing-song can range from Mac Demarco to Johnny Rotten. Luckily, we have an amazing new single, and an accompanying music video. This is a band that left their label over disputes concerning the release of their fourth album, Government Plates for free to the public. When LP Andrew Heringer and Robbie Arnett started sending tracks to each other after they graduated, they soon discovered the hardships of booking their own gigs.

To address the issue, a fictional booking agent was invented. The character was British, well-read, confident, wore a monocle and three-piece-suit, and his name was Milo Greene. Think about classic country. What do you think of? Like it or not, country music is a big part of American culture and American music. When you do, you get people like Ryan Bingham. Billups and Sonke met during freshmen orientation at the University of Northern Colorado more than three years ago and formed Duchovny soon after.

Since then they have been grinding away at their live set with constant gigging and a series of small tours that honed their sound into a psychedelic ethereal dream pop. While their name might evoke images of seniors engaging in dangerous or illicit activities, the sounds from their previous records featured heavy, lush instrumentation, and a moody melody. Hailing from our beloved capital city, I am speaking, of course, of Shady Elders. Those qualities alone are the most refreshing about him.

In an industry supersaturated with massive egos, especially in the hip-hop world, humility is hard to find. Aesop Rock is like a breath of fresh air.

However, all coyness goes out the window when he grabs the mic and jumps on stage. Second only to folk music, hip-hop is the paramount storytelling genre of all time. It builds on the abilities of funk and blues, two great predecessors.

Most typically, we see it used as a poppy-hit-machine, though at its most realized, hip-hop is an outlet for feelings of rage, frustration, and oppression. While hip-hop stars are most often characterized as hyper-aggressive chauvinists, when used correctly the genre allows them to rise above and to tell their stories.

Born in Germany and raised in North Carolina, J. Cole grew up in a house with a folk-hippie mother and a hardcore gangsta rap loving father. As such, his sounds are blended and nuanced.

His new album, Forest Hills Drive, is without a shadow of a doubt, his best release yet. But he knows too many others might nod their heads and pump their fists but miss the message in his music. Or worse, some people might not even be listening. I make this shit you can play when you get up, through the day, when you go to bed. But so too were solo album delays, and one very public beef with his boss. So, he decided to start his own record label, Grind Time Official.

The independent move has been a good one for Mike.

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    Dec 28,  · Killer Mike's breakthrough LP, R.A.P. Music is the VMP Hip-Hop Record of the Month for January It's here on Big Beast splatter vinyl, and comes with an exclusive Killer Mike.

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    Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music Exclusive Big Beast Splatter 2xLP Vinyl Club Edition Record Tracklist Big Beast Untitled Go! Southern Fried JoJo's Chillin Reagan Don't Die .

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    Jun 26,  · - R.A.P. Music (Instrumentals) - El-P & Killer Mike - Run The Jewels (Album + Instrumentals & Vinyl 12" Bonus) - El-P & Killer Mike - Run The Jewels 2 (Album + Instrumentals) - Anger & Ambition: The Best Of Killer Mike (Mixtape) - Sunday Morning Massacres (Mixtape) Приятного прослушивания!

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    May 15,  · “JoJo’s Chillin'” is the fifth track off Killer Mike’s album R.A.P. Music. Produced by El-P, this album is the first full length collaboration between .

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