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Holding Steady - The Creeps (4) - Eulogies (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Over 40 years old, it is as fresh as if it had been recorded yesterday, underlining, I suppose, my premise that the s formed the wellspring for rock music which never runs dry.

Again, what makes Donovan the legend he is, is his determination to do his own thing. Here, for instance, the song starts with him humming, as only he can, the notes of the melody.

Then this is overlaid by strummed acoustic guitar, before the inimitable, reverberating Donovan vocals kick in. But what was the song about? Donovan was an elemental poet, and again he brings these factors to bear with great ingenuity. But more importantly, it is at the end of the first verse that the distinctive drumming and lead electric guitar, laced with feedback, are injected, giving this song the sort of impetus that few would be able to equal.

Wikipedia notes that Led Zeppelin-to-be John Bonham is credited on the album for percussion on this song, with Clem Cattini as the drummer. In my trawling through old CD and record shops, I found a Tring CD — never heard of before — called Donovan Greatest Hits no apostrophe swhich indeed, as noted earlier, has most of his greatest hits, but is in fact a live recording. And it may well be the live album, Live in Japan : Spring Tour Anyway it contains his story of how, while in Indian inGeorge Harrison came to contribute a verse to the song, Hurdy Gurdy Man, which he proceeds to then sing.

The Hurdy Gurdy Man album was released in October, I recall the cover well, with its lovely green background with a red bird flying over green, tufty reeds. We certainly had it at some point. In fact, it seemed to coincide with a visit we made to Port Elizabeth over the summer holidays, when we stayed in a rented house in Fordyce Roada few blocks from our grandparents at No Produced again by Mickie Most, this, his sixth studio album was again only available in the US and not the UKdue to contractual problems.

Again, many of the songs on Hurdy Gurdy Man have been shrouded for me by the mists of time. The River Song and Tangier ring loud bells, but these two songs, cannot be recalled. Indeed, neither can As I Recall It. Obviously, this is another Donovan album conspicuously missing from my collection. Again, the others would surge back if I heard them again. It seems the album was recorded between November and April and released in October in the US.

It was his sixth studio album and seventh overall. Wikipedia says Donovan wrote and recorded much of the album in latenot long after completing Gift. And the poor old Brits only finally got the album in Having given the title track a listen and been bowled over by it yet againwhat of the rest of the album? Again, banking on my memory banks to fill in the gaps, the next song was Peregrine.

And suddenly the world is made smaller — by migratory birds. I have become something of a bird-watcher, and have on occasion encountered the peregrine falcon though it has taken the astute eyes of my son Luke to make the final confirmation. Anyway, Donovan, up north, was also fascinated by this bird, it seems. But what of the next one? Will it too have fallen from memory? At it is also quite short. Will I have better luck with Get Thy Bearings? Was Donovan going through a barren patch here?

It was a lilting bit of fun, with Donovan back at the peak of his powers. What of the next verse? Dream on, mate! Well, the Oxford dictionary does say cod is British slang for a parody or hoax. The last track on the side is West Indian Lady, a title which rings no bells. Side 2 opens with the hit, Jennifer Juniper, which we looked at earlier.

Then flows The River Song. Surely it is one I remember. And indeed it is. Next up was that Gypsy Dave song, Tangier, which just has to be familiar. The verse is apparently repeated. And what of A Sunny Day? The verse, it seems, is also repeated. The title of the next song is uber familiar. Again, this Album) a rollicking ride, full of the joys of life. And I loved the next verse, for some reason. Finally, the album ends with Teas. My body remembers it, but only hearing the album again will return it to my conscious being.

Suffice to say, though, that even based on the few songs from here I did remember, this was one mighty fine album. Just how progressive Donovan was becoming is evident in his release, also in Mayof the freaky single, Goo Goo Barabajagal, which featured the likes of Jeff Beck on lead guitar, Ron Wood on bass and Nicky Hopkins on piano.

The anti-war sentiments in this song profoundly affected us, as we watched the mess that was going down in that war, and contemplated our own deteriorating situation, which would lead to all white males having to undergo military conscription.

They are: Superlungs My Supergirl which seems to refer to her breasts, if our teenage conflating of the two is any criterion, Where Is She?

Well, it was recorded between May and May and is classed, would you believe, as folk. Mickie Most was again at the production helm.

Other songs from the session went unreleased until they were used as bonus tracks on a UK reissue, says Wikipedia. We were among the receptive millions who lapped up the Barabajagal single, with Trudi on Side 2, when it was released in June in the UK and August that year in the US and no doubt in SA about the same time.

The rock world in those days was relatively small, so when Donovan got some backing vocals for the round on Happiness Runs, singing alongside him was none other than Graham Nash, along with Michael McCartney and Leslie Duncan. I had forgotten that I had picked up an el-cheapo Donovan CD, Collections, which includes the three hits from this album.

The verdict: Donovan was still at the height of his powers, bridging the folk and rock genres with consummate ease. I also detected the influence of the sort of studio sophistication that the Beatles were achieving, and especially a fresh emphasis on vocal harmonies.

So the tile track, Barabajagal Love Is Hotbacked as noted earlier by the Jeff Beck Group, starts with some serious Beck solo lead guitar, before it is joined by a strummed acoustic guitar Donovan, no doubt. Then the full rhythm section kicks in, followed by the chanting Donovan vocals.

How many women hoping for a mere man end up with an angel? The opposite is probably a more common experience. There are interesting backing vocals on this as the rhythm guitar and piano give it a lilting, jazzy quality.

It was not an unduly interesting song, but was certainly highly original. Like to hear it someday. The next track, Where Is She, remains a mystery.

Waking in the blue dawn, where is she? For me, the song may just as well not exist. And so it was on In Concert, I think, that Happiness Runs first made such an impact with its round sound. Remember that opening verse? Again, more highly original Donovan creativity. Probably not. The next verse deals with his jeans which he loves, even if they start to fray.

In fact, they look quite interesting one beneath the other. And that is how Side 1 ends. The second side starts with The Love Song, another to escape my attention at the time.

The song concludes with some of the opening lyrics repeated. From the hard rock of Barabajagal, suddenly a sublime folk song with a tinge of bass and organ to lift it. Interesting, too, is the use of female backing vocals on the chorus, which is a bit reminiscent of Leonard Cohen.

This is an intimate song; an exchange of letters between lovers — one of whom, Andy, is away in Vietnam fighting a war. And it LP easy to blame yourself if she decides to ditch you. Small wonder so many young soldiers care little for their own lives. Anyway, Donovan tries to capture something of that sense of separation. This song impacted on us big-time, that haunting chorus reminding us of the sort of future we faced.

Once you are physically in the army, in my case totally against my will as a conscript, you become locked into a process which renders you complicit in whatever horrors are executed. I failed to find a publisher for this book, despite trying several, including Penguin SA, who only deigned to look at my brief letter of motivation and then rejected it on the basis that it did not fit their portfolio, or words to that effect.

I am now considering putting it on the Net, much like this blog, so it can enjoy a wider audience than the 30 or so books I had self-published. What of the next song on Barabajagal? Well, it is a work for which Donovan became truly famous, and it deals with an ancient civilisation.

It also taught us a new word, antediluvian. Which songwriters today would dare use such a word? Anyway, Atlantis was an iconic work, showcasing the great Donovan voice to superb effect.

It starts with those famous opening strummed acoustic guitar chords was it C or D? Donovan clearly did, as a sense of urgency is injected ahead of the cataclysm. Here, instead, the ancient civilization was to be found on earth and, like the Twelve tribes of Israelit was forced to travel far and wide to save itself. Musically, the song then changes into a powerful rock anthem, as the chorus kicks in.

Finally, another song not heard off this album, Pamela Jo. Yet again, Donovan was never short on words. Donovan was a prolific songwriter. Wikipedia notes than on the EMI version of this album released in the UK, there were no fewer than 13 bonus tracks, none of which I am familiar with.

Donovan is credited on Wikipedia with guitar, harmonica and vocals. With Most producing the other part, Richie Podolor produced these songs. Open Road. Perhaps we had already started to tire of Donovan, given the wealth of work that had come before, and the new stars that were coming into their own in the firmament.

Oh and it seems Open Road was a band, and this was its debut album. Wikipedia says that after splitting from Most during the Barabjagal series, Donovan moved back to the UKdespite his management suggesting he remain in the US due to the lighter taxation regime and in order to remain in touch with that huge market.

However, once the album was out, Donovan quit the band, although other members later reformed it for another album. Wikipedia does not say how the album fared, but the CD was issued in Germany in Oh and I see from the tracklisting it does contain at least one recognisable song, Riki Tiki Tavi. It certain seems to be drawn from the wonderful Jungle Books of Rudyard Kipling. Riki becomes an emblem for a lost, pre-industrial nirvana. Of course today killing snakes, literally, is also frowned upon — unless a green mamba of puff adder happens to have got into your house!

The chorus is followed, says the lyric sheet, by a bar instrumental. HMS Donovan. Celia Of The Seals rings a bell. It was the only real hit from the album, apparently. While about half of the songs on this double album were Donovan orginals, many of the lyrics were poems by the likes of Lewis Carroll, Thora Stowell, Edward Lear and William Butler Yeats.

But it was not a commercial success, so he was forced to resume his hit-making relationship with Mickie Most. Classified as folk, it was produced by both Most and Donovan and, as a double album, runs to minutes.

It was only released in the UKin July Wikipedia notes that one Paul McCartney was present for some of the recordings. By the way, Sydney Carter was the name of my great uncle. It would be incredible to see both. I had forgotten. Till I read it on Wikipedia. Of course we had it. Yeah, there it is. What this album did was showcase a host of hits, many of them mentioned above, which had never made it onto albums in the UK due to those ongoing contractual problems.

Many of his other hits, like Colours and Catch The Wind were there too, helping it become the most successful album of his career. Released in March too soon to include AtlantisWikipedia said the album reached No 4 in the US, became a million-selling gold record, and stayed on the Billboard album chart for more than a year.

Also released as a successful single, the lovely acoustic ballad, Lalena, was a particular favourite. Another in a string of superbly crafted songs by this gifted artist it, like so many great songs of the era, was built around the adept use of idiomatic English. Here, again, that entrancing Donovan voice works its magic against subtle acoustic folk guitar backing.

Cosmic Wheels. Clearly, when Donovan and Mickie Most parted ways inthere was something of a hiatus, before they paired up again on the hit album, Cosmic Wheels, in Too many songs seemed to touch too many raw nerves for me at the time. This was a time when glam rock ruled the roost in Londonwhere the album was recorded, with the likes of David Bowie, Alice Cooper and T Rex making waves.

In fact, Donovan was roped in to sing joint lead vocals with Vincent Damon Furnier who later called himself Alice Cooper on the title track. That album shot to No 1 in the US. Cosmic Wheels would also do well for Dononvan, and saw him back in the Top 40 on both sides of the Atlantic. I remember this album being played at various jols we went to where much alcohol was consumed and the often eerie lyrics certainly toyed with my psyche. A song like Wild Witch Lady reinforced the sexual power of women over teenage boys.

It is as if all that came before was in preparation for something that is so strikingly original it almost defies description. Mickie Most clearly was a genius, helping to bring out the very best Donovan had to offer. Here was a songwriter and vocalist extraordinaire — and a producer who, like George Martin with the Beatles, was able to harness Album) talent and showcase it in some of the finest, gentlest, most understated rock music ever. That was the key element here.

There was no need for hard and heavy stuff, instead the effects are achieved through such devices as tonal contrasts, subtle time variations and all manner of other esoteric effects I hope to learn more about from dear old Wikipedia.

It notes that the album was recorded in and released in March, I was in my penultimate year of high school. Despite their earlier differences, Donovan and Mickie Most got together in Morgan Studios in London for the Cosmic Wheels sessions, well aware that glam rock was now ruling the charts, thanks to the likes of T Rex, Alice Cooper and David Bowie — many of whom had in turn been influenced by the early Donovan.

Was this relative veteran capable of competing in the fundamentally changed rock environment? With talents like his, that was hardly a question worth asking. One would have thought the change came earlier, given that the later Beatles albums, and so many others besides already covered in this blog, were often far more famous than individual songs off them. The album was released on CD inand again in along with Essence to Essence. Before getting into the songs themselves, it is worth observing the array of musicians brought in to make this album the delight that it is.

Donovan is, as usual, credited Holding Steady - The Creeps (4) - Eulogies (Vinyl guitar, vocals and harmonica. Ten backing vocalists are also listed, both male and female. Looking at that line-up, one aspect fascinates and that is that there is just one violinist.

Peter Halling must have worked his butt off to create the almost symphonic array of strings on some of these tracks. Some interesting plucked acoustic guitar and bass introduce the title track, Cosmic Wheels, which opens the album, and as the eerie female backing vocals kick in you know this is something completely different.

Still in folk-singer mode, singing to his acoustic guitar accompaniment, Donovan sets sail on his celestial journey. But it is so incredibly well done. I think it is that accordion which, alongside bass and drums, starts to flesh out the sound as Donovan broaches the chorus. But things return to an intimate folk realm as the second verse begins. All in all, this was an entirely unique departure, and it sets the tone for the rest of this incredible album.

An electric guitar, gentle plucked in a slow blues idiom, launches the second track, Earth Sign Man. Then Donovan blows a couple of bars of sublime blues harmonica and you know you are in for another bit of magic. The impetus comes as the vocals are unleashed, with bass, drums and piano propelling the thing forward. This is another sublime piece of music, with the vocal harmonies adding great depth. I've been collecting since early and hit DVDs at To celebrate this feat I am now taking upload requests.

A lot of items in this collection start with the the prefix A or the letter H because these are my fetishes most likely due to my childhood favorite band, A-Ha. All items are in "tolerable" quality I've listened to everything at least once, none are less than kbps and have a proper folder. I'll upload to mediafire as soon as possible and send you the link. A Liar. Armada - Anam Cara [] A. Newman - Get Guilty [] A.

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Online Dating Guide. No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: dating nowadays is hard. I couldn't not take a picture of this photographer's extension. A bit ridic but I'm sure it came in handy for him later. At Street Scene people brought their own mini ladders and shit for the big stages so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I'm gonna buy Natalie some stilts for Christmas so she can kick everyone's photo ass next year. We caught We Are Scientists on the mainstage and it was pretty clear my photographs were going to be lame but this maybe shows perspective for how massive the stage was. We did, however, see the singer stage dive into the crowd and get passed over them all the way to the sound board, Holding Steady - The Creeps (4) - Eulogies (Vinyl was enough evidence that I wanted to see them at HoB in the Delta Room.

These pics are really awful, but I heart Airborne Toxic Event. I think it is pretty funny that the entire crowd that was at their House of Blues show could've fit in the photo pit of this show.

If you used the whole width, 3 times the San Diego crowd could've probably fit. I love the band, but I wasn't really digging the main stage in the daytime.

The heat was much more noticeable there and as in most things, I prefer the most intimate stages I can have. Still, they're awesome, and the mostly Angelino crowd actually cheered when they said "We're from Los Angeles".

Not that San Diego boos, but usually the band will follow with, "you can boo if you want to. Jonathan wanted to see Silversun Pickups at their CD signing, so we bought copies of Swoon in the record store day tent. On this day, however, boy was lit.

I mean, I'm sure he was overwhelmed with all the station interviews, people, the signing, what have you, but the boy was stoned. Good for him, I suppose After the signing, we wandered around, grabbed some food and I got another shot of the mechanical hand. I ran into Xander from Run Run Run and Angela, a music rep I've worked with for a while, and it was nice seeing them out and about. I also ran into Carlos from The Moviegoers at that stage. I was actually a little surprised by how few people I actually bumped into at Coachella but it was all good.

I don't do well with herds of people anyway. So Conor was great. His voice kills me inside every time I hear it and this performance was no exception. After Conor, we stayed at the stage for Leonard Cohen. Jonathan and I found a spot that I thought strategically would work out for photos since the stage lacked video screens WTF?? I got excited when he was finally about to start because Conor was standing about 3 feet away from me in the photo pit area.

In fact, the pit was full of Leonard's guests, bands, VIPs, etc. I used to listen to Cohen a lot when I was in high school but haven't so much over the years, but his voice was amazing and I was completely overtaken with emotion from the very first song, and when he played Hallelujah?

Yes, I was there with tears streaming down my face. For as much as I dislike festivals, there is something to be said about thousands of strangers all singing along in unison, especially to a legend like Mr. Leonard Cohen.

My pics are pretty grainy, but not bad considering I was probably about 50 feet away from him. Leonard Cohen's set went LP 20 minutes over and there was penetration of Morrissey.

I would've hated to be the sound man that had to yell "you have to stop" at Leonard Cohen through his monitors. So I was utterly impressed. I wanna revisit the whole thing about Jonathan being my hero. From the moment he asked me if I wanted to go to Coachella with him, I tried to talk him out of going. I told him it was gonna be hot, miserable, crowded, loud, unorganized- pretty much everything to talk him out of it.

He insisted on going, that it would be great. I didn't decide officially until Thursday night about 6 pm that I was actually going to go. And all day I was proved wrong at every turn. Unfortunately, I don't know that any amount of arm twisting or bribery could get Jonathan to go back. His glasses got stepped on by some chick, no matter where he stood, people were trying to push in front of him, and at the end of Cohen, some assholes tried to rush the stage in anticipation of SSPU and kicked his shoes.

Then when he retaliated, some hippy dippy bitch told him some bullshit about the "loose ends" he was putting into the environment. He had a rough day. He decided to go watch Morrissey. I went with him to see where he'd be, but left to enjoy SSPU. I was really far from the stage for SSPU but they played a killer set with old favorites and new stuff from Swoon, and they were totally in awe of how many people were watching them.

They also commented on the Morrissey vs. Cohen awkwardness. There is so much to say about that performance, but I should start by saying I had no desire to see him. I know he's one fourth of The Beatles, I get that, but I just kinda thought he'd be cheesy.

I could not have been so wrong. Paul played about two and a half hours, an hour over the time Coachella was supposed to end. I mean, certainly there were some Wings songs I could've skipped, but the intensity and energy of the show were really like nothing I've ever seen. Plus, dude is a pro. He was engaging with the crowd, reading out signs that people were holding, and sharing that it was the 11 year anniversary of Linda's death, adding a heavy emotion to the night.

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    04 - Holding Steady 05 - Off My Guard 06 - Leave It To Me 07 - Cancer 08 - Wait A Minute 09 - So Long 10 - Reach Out. It's been thirteen years since Ottawa, Ontario's The Creeps released their first .

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    gram Vinyl. Originally released in B1 is mistakenly referred to as "The Creeps" on the label. Tracks B4 and B5 are indexed as one track in the record's grooves. SR on cover SR on label.

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    An uninhibited, unpretentious garage rock band, the Creeps were formed in Sweden in Taking as their principal starting point the work of the Animals, Robert Jelinek (vocals, guitar), Hans Ingemansson (Hammond organ), Anders Olsson (bass) and Patrick Olson (drums) have become something of a Scandinavian Hamsters via their hard-gigging schedule.

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    Sep 26,  · Interview: Skottie Lobotomy (The Creeps) “The Creeps are going, going to the gas chamber!”. But before that, Skottie Lobotomy lead singer of Ottowa punk rock band The Creeps answered a few questions about his time in the band so far, which is pertinent since they are about to play a local show celebrating 15 years as a band.

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    Creep Records Exclusive Alternate Art and White Vinyl limited to copies. The Districts will be releasing "You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere" on 3/13/ It is a deeply personal album for bandleader Rob Grote - all of the songs were written in his bed.

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    The Creep Outs began years and years ago in the small town of Bakewell, England. Nick Wheeldon and Andrew Anderson both grew up there, though they did not really speak whilst at school. They met in the local park through football, and found that they had a shared love of listening to records and playing [ ].

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    Of all of The Creeps' records I've heard, to me Eulogies is their best. The band has been around for a while and have been getting better and better with every record. They're reached the top of their game with this new album and it's been in heavy, heavy rotation for me since it arrived a few weeks ago.

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